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Layla Mathers

"I'm all dainty for your eyes, but you should see what I'm capable of."

0 · 491 views · located in Skyline City, California

a character in “Power House”, as played by Gentletouchxox


Name: Layla Jade Kent
Nicknames: Lala
Role: The Prom Queen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual

Layla has long, blonde hair, and light hazel eyes. Her eyes will sometimes change to a brilliant blue. Her cheek bones are high, her nose is small and petite, and her lips are shaped like a bow and the color of a bright pink. Her smile is unmistakable, and so is her shape.

Alter-ego: Fury
Disguise: Image
Layla wears a black latex suit when she is in disguise.


Personality: Layla is your average prom queen. She's the gorgeous, preppy, always happy, cheery girl. She is constantly smiling, laughing, living her life to the fullest. She rarely get angry, and when she does, she always reminds herself to keep her temper in control. When she's in her outfit, she's a completely different person. She's strict, she does laugh a little, but usually she keeps her thoughts straight and on task.
Likes: Love, happiness, survival, her powers, and good people.
Dislikes: Evil, meanness, tragedies, hate, and fake people.
Hobbies: Cheerleading, dancing, singing, and gymnastics.
Crush: TBD
Theme Song: Who's That Chick?- David Guetta ft. Rihanna


Powers: Layla can fly extreme heights, and when she does so, she can turn invisible at times.
Weaknesses: A spot on her neck is very fragile, and if hit to hard, can make her crumble. She is not the strongest person on the earth, though she isn't the weakest. She also can be seized when she is invisible if someone grabs at air, it might be her.
Weapons (if any): None


Layla was born into a happy household, with two beautifully striking parents, who happened to be Superwoman and Superman. She inherited her mothers blonde hair, and her fathers blue eyes (at times). Her parents made sure to keep their 'business' lives away from her, trying to protect the innocence of her mind. Layla was 2 when her parents first realized that their daughter might have inherited some of their extraordinary talents. Layla was sitting on the floor, holding one of her rattles and smiling and laughing like a happy little girl. She started to flap her arms from happiness, and her parents were smiling down at her. She started to lift herself off of the ground a little, using no hands or feet. Layla's mother quickly walked over and lowered her back to the ground, but Layla kept floating up. The next time her parents noticed her powers were when she was 6, and she got angry with one of her Bratz dolls and threw it against the wall. It burned through at the speed it was doing, moving straight though the foundation. She panicked that they would get angry with her, and curled herself up into fetal position. Little did she know, she had turned invisible. Her parents made sure that no one else would see the things that Layla could do, so no one would become suspicious. When they finally told them who they were, Layla was 7 years old. She looked at both of them and nodded, taking it all in calmly.
"I know." She had said with a smile.
It wasn't until Layla turned 10 that her parents finally told her about her powers. Layla was overjoyed and couldn't wait to use them, but they firmly warned her about the consequences of others knowing her powers. She took in the rules, and still followed them to this day.

So begins...

Layla Mathers's Story