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a character in “Power Play”, as played by Jadebud98


Name: Hannah Dean
Nickname: Sickle, Diamond, Freedom's Vampire.
Age: 21

Hannah is a pale woman with long, straight black hair that extends down to a few inches above her waist. She has somewhat large hazel eyes and long black eyelashes. Her bangs drop down close to her eyes, covering her eyebrows and are somewhat shaggy. She stands at 5'6" and has a somewhat curvaceous body.

When out working a job for her night life she tends to wear dark, dramatic clothes, usually dresses and faux furs along with multiple bracelets that can be taken off quickly if needed to. However, when she doesn't need to make appearances she generally wears loose fitting shirts or casual ones with a jacket or oversized flannel with dark jeans and boots. She adorns a septum piercing that she sometimes doesn't wear and lip piercing. She is also fond of make-up, enjoying mascara, eyeliner, and dark red lipstick to highlight her eyes and full lips. Sometimes she finds herself wearing different colored eye contacts.

Powers: Hannah has the power of blood manipulation. She can shape and control free blood, primarily from her own body and solidify it to attack others. This allows her to project her blood to attack others or crystallize it into weapons to attack others. She can also increase the density of the blood inside her own body to increase her defense or offense. So, she primarily uses her blood manipulation for combat.

Her blood manipulation isn't that great yet though, as she has struggles with controlling blood that is currently within someone else's body. Not only that, but the major amount of blood loss that she undergoes while using her abilities for combat highly weakens her, especially when paired with the fact that she has anemia. Because of this she relies on using her powers for blood consumption as well, making her almost like a Vampire without the perks of immortality.

Hannah is a relaxed person, enjoying the company of others. She loves having a good time and is a bit of a party animal, she hates spending a second not having fun and likes pestering others in her free time. She enjoys getting drunk and sometimes finds herself smoking too, and loves flirting and generally dislikes commitment. However, at times she simply isn't in the mood for fun and games and is easily irritated when someone tries to mess around with her when she’s not in the mood.

She’s a bit sketchy, sometimes causing trouble and drama when it's not needed, and has problems keeping her mouth shut. She also can find herself turning on her friends if she feels as though they don’t like her or are going to leave her behind. She does this because she always eventually pushes people away because she doesn't want to get hurt, or to hurt them, thinking she’s toxic.

Hannah was born into a lower middle class family in Freedom, life was never that great due to the high crime rate of the city, and Hannah’s parents were caught up into trouble with a loan shark in their town. Eventually, the shark was threatening the lives of her parents and her own if they didn't pay their dues by the next week. Frantic and scrambling, her parents eventually basically sold Hannah to a Kingpin in the city who was looking for kids to work for him. They said they were doing it for her own protection and their own, but Hannah resented them nonetheless.

The mob boss took the thirteen year old Hannah in as if she were family, the deal was that she’d work for him and he’d supply her family with money and her with protection. She did some basic drug sales, nothing big, and it wasn't all that bad. But even though he treated Hannah as if she were his daughter at times, the Kingpin also treated her with major cruelty at others, beating her if she screwed up a job, marketing her as a prostitute, mocking and berating her in front of others, all the while keeping her wrapped around his finger by manipulating her and being kind at other times.

Eventually, when Hannah was 18 her powers began manifesting more apparently, and she eventually had an outburst that killed one of her clients she was forced to have sex with. When the Kingpin first found out he was initially angry and attacked her, until he realized what an asset she was to the family, and so he allowed her to do more violent jobs afterwards, like turf wars or robberies, getting her more situated to weapons and treating her with a lot more love and human decency, allowing her more freedom and standing in the family, allowing her to party and have fun, manipulating her even further until she heavily viewed him as a father.

Presently, she still has ties to her mob family and barely any ties to her biological one, but she’s being allowed to be a lot more free, as the Kingpin only contacts her when he really needs her, as she generally just does what he wants her to do without even realizing it.

So begins...

Sickle's Story


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Hannah sat in a lofty black limousine as she rode through the city, not exactly the smartest mode of transportation in a place with a crime rate higher than a mountain, but it Hannah was one to flirt with danger. She enjoyed the thrill, and she couldn't say she was scared of many of the "thugs" in the city.

However, she would admit that she was highly annoyed when the limo came to a stop. She had been out at a club the night before and was still recovering from a hangover after staying at an acquaintances place, so she was simply not in the mood for everyday annoyances. "What's the hold up?" Hannah barked to the driver. "Traffic jam..." the driver said before turning on the radio, there was talk of a gang war, a vegetation attack, and, to top it all off, a dinosaur spotting. All of which greatly peaked the excitement and interest of Hannah. "Now this, this is interesting," she said with a glow in her eyes. "I think I'll take the rest of this trip on foot," Hannah said, exiting the limo and running off through the traffic, towards the havoc, rather than away from it like many of the others were.

She continued running, noting vines and vegetation growing, and eventually as she ran quickly down a street, she saw...what appeared to be the dinosaur that she heard the radio channel broadcasting about. She put the hood of her black jacket up, a red smile on her face, as she hid, deciding it'd be interesting to stalk the monster and see where it went, and she could elect to take it on then. But the creature was running fast, and she was unsure if she'd be able to catch up, but she'd try her best, and would take drastic measures if she had to in order to see where the dinosaur looking creature originated.


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#, as written by DBN006
He ran for as long as he could, weaving through streets and back alleys in an attempt to escape attention. Easier said than done of course. He really needed to rethink the entire approach to doing superhero work inside of the city. This was clearly going to be a constant issue. In one last effort he ducked into a parking garage. By the time he was inside the small concrete structure he felt his body changing. He was still running but he was stumbling as he went, body taking on awkward shapes and angles as it tried to change back into a Human form.

By the time he was back to 'normal' the man was stumbling and shaking, holding the tattered remains of his clothing to his body for some amount of modesty. So he was back to normal. Now what? No change of clothes and a partly naked man of some good looks might still attract more attention than he wants. "Well dang, didn't think this through too well at all, eh Ulysses?"