Katerina Power

"I may be treated like a puppet, but I have my own feelings.."( Work in progress)

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a character in “Power Surge”, as played by Ally-loves-you


Name-Katerina Power;


Role-Female Twin;


Personality-She is innocent and very soft.Sometimes she can be very weak but sometimes can hit you with her bare hands.Katerina doesn`t like crowds like noises, because she becomes very nervous.She can listen very loud just the music, though.She always loved her family, even if it wasn`t a normal one...And when her big brother and her young sister went away, she didn`t cry.Because she is strong and she doesn`t want the others to see that she can be sad too.Her attitude protects her ussualy, because her body isn`t that powerfull..She likes to smile and to laugh, so she can always come up with a good joke..

Likes-her family;music;singing;dancing;light;power;jokes;

Dislikes-the lab; night;crowds; crying; to be lonly; to die alone; nightmares;

Bio:She was born in a lab, raised in a lab, without other family than her brothers and sister.She never knew how was in the real world.When she was little she was so easy going and happy to do everything she was told to do.This lasted till she became more mature and she understood that they were used like lifeless dolls.But, to be safe, she continued to do everything, eben if the angry was growing in her..When her big brother walked away with her sister, she didn`t say anything but now that she found they have to bring them back she is not so sure anymore...

Power form-A dagger:
A gun:
Theme song-Owl City- Fireflies;

So begins...

Katerina Power's Story