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Carmen Vasquez

She's not the villain of this story, but she's definitely bad

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a character in “Power”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway



Don't let my good looks fool you, I'm extremely clever and never do anything without a reason or ulterior motive. I may have the least experience with my powers, but they fit me just perfectly

So begins...

Carmen Vasquez's Story


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When I came back to College..I thought everything would be great, senior year I was gonna graduate move on with my life nice paying job! My last year at Miami with all my buddies Michael, Rory, Curtis, Tyrone, Ashley, Jada, Nicole, everyone. But then it happened the day I borrowed Ashley’s car Me, her, Michael, Rory, Curtis I was too intoxicated to be driving mistake number one. Drove off the road into that damn cave, at first I was just worried about getting back on the road but then I saw it that..light, and the others followed me, it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. A Fucking blue meteor rock glowing the shit started making some crazy loud noise my head felt like it was gonna explode, the light shown, BAM we ran, I hopped in the car and drove off I had no idea what happened. Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, The Second Coming, Monsters living underground, no what happened was much worst in a way. All of us changed we could all do different things. Ashley could make stuff bigger or smaller like Antman on steroids, Rory was like Professor X reading minds, controlling em, all of that, Michael was the master of energy kinetic, electric, if it was in a physics book it was under his command, Curtis I still don’t know ghost powers like Danny Phantom maybe casper who knows, but who am I to think a power is crazy when mine is the strangest of the bunch..fiction manipulation I might wake up in Grand Theft Auto 5 and go to sleep in the X Mansion or if I’m really unlucky wake up face to face with Freddy Kruger in my room.

Of course we didn't know what the hell was happening at first, the day after when these powers were just starting to hit was the day everything changed. College was already crazy alcohol, drugs, sex, parties, drama, the craziness only multiplied when you tossed our powers into the mix. A lot of it was my fault I mean when you can let people from Comics and movies roam around in the real world there’s bound to be chaos from explosions to Mcdonalds to drunk driving in the bat mobile. But there’s more Rory using his powers to help me rob drug dealers for money, Michael exposing his powers to a rival athlete on campus & starting beef with a local mafia family , Ashley making record amounts of people disappear unintentionally, Curtis exposing his powers to strippers at his job albeit to save them from a vicious human trafficking group, so you can see the blame isn't all mine. Not to mention the rock hadn't just granted us powers it had made us connected, an emphatic link. We were in tune to each other’s thoughts, emotions, state of being everything, if one of us was hurting we could all feel it. But we weren't the only ones who’d wandered into the cave, Nicole would be next to be granted a power, the ability to move objects with her mind more commonly known as telekinesis. And while we weren't the last people to see the cave, Nicole was due to her bringing the cave tumbling down smashing the rock probably for the better.

While we were all connected to the link even Nicole she was left to discover her ability mostly on her own, with Michael being the only one who suspected her of being different. And eventually shit started getting a little too crazy the mafia family tried to have Michael killed, and ended up killing a girl he’d been seeing named Barbara. The Drug dealers me and Rory robbed blew up our penthouse and opened fire on my friends leading to me retaliating with so much violence the Military intervened and put the city of Miami on lock down, Michael was under suspicion at work for being at the epicenter of so much of the shit going down to the point the CIA pulled him to the side, Ashley ended up killing people to protect her secret, and Nicole did her best to stay out of our drama only for me to send Rory to her. Of course that actually turned out best they hit it off really good mainly because they were the only two who hadn't got involved with the FBI, CIA, DEA, and several organized crime factions as a result of misusing their powers. And although we didn't know it there this was the beginning of our powers tearing apart our friendship. Rory and Nicole used their powers in the casino to get big money, and decided to run off to Vegas to really be set for life.

I used my own powers to support my previously lackluster music career and quickly get enough attention that people like Kanye West where hitting me up in a matter of weeks. Not to mention thanks to my powers I moved up from a low level street dealer to one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords. Michael was moving on up in his career in the military doing work for the CIA, & Ashley was using her powers to do whatever she wanted and get rid of anyone in her way. The Consequences of our actions quickly become apparent as Rory’s casino scams got my cousin hurt, and lead to us falling out, ending up with me leaving him broke and comatose for 10 days when he got back to Miami. Not to mention I fell off the deep end as I sought vengeance against the group who hurt my cousin using my powers to hurt, kidnap, and kill. In the end Nicole was among of my victims using a bolt of lightning to kill her for robbing me in retaliation for what I’d done to Rory. I literally got rid of my conscience and then worst things happened. Rory became hell bent on getting revenge for what I’d done to him and Nicole’s murder, Michael was in a full blown war against the Falcon Family, Ashley’s powers had led to her loosing the people closest to her causing her to slowly loose her sanity and become more and more of a monster, not to mention Carmen..another person with powers an accident caused by Michael. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I killed Nikki..I gave up my conscience and I formed the Greeks a ruthless criminal organization that the media says rivals the Cartels in terms of brutality all because of my lust for the Almighty Dollar. Rory left to Mexico to become powerful enough to get his revenge on me, Michael’s been abducted by the CIA to be put through a rigorous combat training program on Mount Rushmore called Mount Aegis, Curtis is in plain terms lost not even a member of this dimension anymore or our memories for that matter, Ashley’s lost her mind and will do anything to get what she feels she’s entitled to, Carmen’s dealing with the powers and how they’ve changed her life now without her mentor, & Nicole..well..turns out..she’s still alive..and she’s furious..and she’s gonna make us wish that she was really dead.


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Carmen smiled witn delight as she looked across the table at her date. She was wearing in a black dress that went over on shoulder and stopped at her mid thigh. She didn't enjoy wearing it, but she was due to do laundry. It was all she had left for a date. She couldn't complain too much though. A date at the classiest Italian restaurant in town with a stud who was going to pay for it all.

"How do you like it so far?" He asked her as wine was poured into their glasses. "Thank you sir."

"Well.... you know what? I love it!" Carmen exclaimed as she looked into his eyes. "Thank you. Guys never take me out, and my loser ex..." Carmen sighed. "All I got was the dollar menu at Mcdonald's." Carmen explained. Her date shook his head before sucking his teeth.

"You would think by being a soldier, Mike would have some damn manners, but he's a scumbag... I've seen him for what he really is. I'm glad you're not with someone like him anymore... You deserve the best."

"Yes... yes I do. I deserve the best... I deserve James Falcon." Carmen saidcharmingly before sipping her wine. The thoughts stirring in her head lacked a filter to save this young man from her scornful wrath.

"And you'll have all of me to yourself after this dinner."

"James you're too much." Carmen blushed. You're giving me exactly what I want.


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"Day 2 of Project Aegis." I heard as I woke up.

"Good morning to you too." I said with a tired look on my face. I squinted at the brightly lit room before sighing. "Same thing A's yesterday?"

"Negative. Your performance training has been altered according to yesterday's results." I raised an eyebrow at what Minerva stated. I wondered what that really meant.


James smiled darkly into the bathroom mirror after splashing some water on his face. His smirk was sinister and familiar. He had been staring at himself for several minutes, wondering about what he was going to do. His eyes darted down toward a pistol beside the sink. He grabbed the weapon and pressed it against his temple as he looked himself in the eyes. With his smile still intact, it was very clear to see that Carmen was possessing James' body. With a quick movement of his hand, James grabbed his phone and took a selfie before chuckling.

"Fuck, I don't even have the stomach for this shit." James said as he tucked the pistol M9 away in a conceal holster at his blazer's breast pocket. With a wink to his reflection, James exited the bathroom and called up his brother, Kevin. "Hey bro, where you at? Oh with Nora... my bad bro, I didn't mean to disturb pillow talk. Haha love you too.... Pussy." James said as he walked out of his own one story ranch styled house and headed to his all black camaro. Once he got in, he started up his vehicle and drove off. "Let's pay mi hermano an his novia a visit. No one fucks with my friends. You hear me James? And Mike warned you cabrón." James sucked his teeth before putting on the radio. Wicked Ways by Eminem played. So fitting.


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“Getting by with my wicked ways!” James shouted as he pulled into Kevin Falcon’s driveway. He hoped his brother heard him, but then again, hoped he didn’t. It was amusement versus trying to infiltrate. James brushed off his shoulders as he stepped out of his car before slamming the door shut. The woman inside him, really didn’t give damn about his property. It was his fault that Angelo was in the hospital, and his fault on why Michael was probably missing in action. There had been no effort to track down that new reporter girl, Jennifer, but Carmen had come up with a few theories as to why I was gone without a trace. One was Floyd being a dick, but he seemed to know nothing. The other was that he was hauled off to Guantanamo, but she wasn’t going nowhere near there, even if it was close to her native country. Then there was these wannabe Tony Montanas. They probably drugged him and then locked him up somewhere… Sure, Carmen still had distaste for Michael, but she was willing to make that go away by not only making him worship her for rescuing him, but for doing what he could not. And that was to stop this little circle of revenge and hatred.

With a sinister grin, James walked to the house and withdrew his pistol. He gave the weapon a good look before nodding at it before he placed the weapon off safe. Carmen couldn’t believe this was so easy. So many times had Michael told her to keep out of his affairs and how she wasn’t allowed to come with whenever he hit the Falcons. Now, she had two of the assholes who started this whole mess, in the bag. And now it starts.

James banged on the door with his free left hand. At first there was no answer, so James banged again. This time he did it harder.

“Alright! I’m fuckin coming.” James heard Kevin shout from inside.

“Come on, hurry!” James shouted, which seemed to confuse and piss off Kevin. He had had directed James not to come over because he was spending time with his fiancée.

“James, I told you to fuckin…” As soon as Kevin opened up the door, a gunshot sounded. Kevin yelled and fell to the ground holding his thigh in pain before being kicked in the face by his brother. The kick was hard enough to give James enough space to enter the house before closing and locking the door behind him. Nora was already screaming and running for the phone, but James pointed the pistol at Kevin.

“I will blow his fucking brains out! Stay still!” Nora stopped before going to her knees. “So you’re Nora? You got a nice face on you.” James complimented before firing at her, and hitting her left shoulder. She screamed in agony. James shook his head and leaned up against the wall. “You know… This could have all been avoided cringo. All you had to do was leave Mike alone, but you kept bothering him. You hurt his friends time after time, and killed a chica that didn’t have anything to do with your beef. Why couldn’t you just face him? Why couldn’t you leave the man alone if you were so afraid to step up to the plate.

“What the fuck is he talking about!?” Nora screamed. Kevin got ready to answer, but was shot in his groin… Oooh, I was aiming for your thigh… You know you could risk bleeding out, right?” James said before applying pressure on the wound by planting his foot on Kevin’s groin.

“Nora! Nora stop crying and get over here! Get over here or he dies!” James shouted. He enjoyed the power he had over them. Nora scurried over holding her bleeding shoulder as she cried. “Take off your shirt and apply some pressure to that nasty wound.” James demanded. Nora followed the instructions, and James spoke once more. “See, everyone wins here. Kevin doesn’t bleed out, you save Kevin, and I get to see you with just a bra on… Fuck the bra! Take that off. NOW!” James demanded before shooting one of Kevin’s arms, making him scream. “I don’t care if your shoulder hurts!” Nor screamed and cried wildly as she tried to take her bra off with one arm. She was so frightened, she broke the strap. “Now show me babe.” Nora turned slightly toward James who smirked. “How bout from the side?” James requested. Nora turned her body before James quickly shot at her breasts, which made her fall to the ground in agony as she cried.

“Stop!” Kevin roared before James crouched over him with the pistol aimed at his face.

“For you, I will. I’ll stop all of this. Your suffering, but I need to know one thing buddy, and I swear I’ll stop bro.” James bargained. “Where’s Mike?”

“Mike? Why? Why do you care about…”

“WHERE THE FUCK IS MIKE!?” James repeated as he placed the pistol against his brother’s forehead.

“I don’t know! No one knows! Please James! I’m serious! We don’t know!” Kevin shouted truthfully before James nodded.

“Alright, deal. No more suffering.” James said before pulling the trigger on Kevin. The blood splattered across James, and Nora’s scream echoed blocks uponblcoks away that matched the sirens that would arrive there shortly. Kevin shook his head and then placing the pistol to his temple. “Seeya Nora… That kinda sounds like sayonara… Hmm… So no one knows where the soldier is…”

“Weapons Range… failed.” Minerva stated as I looked at her with a mix of anger and confusion.

“What the fuck kind of range was that?! The targets were up for less than a second! It’s day fucking two! How do you go from single three second targets to multiple one second targets?! That’s not possible!” I shouted before slamming my weapon onto its platform.

“Michael Hayes… it is possible.”

“How? How can a person shoot three targets in a second with this fucking pistol?! That may work for a fucking robot, but not for a human.” I argued before a voice came over the comm that was not Minerva.

“If you think yourself a human… You shouldn’t even be here Hayes. I know you’re better than what you’re showing me. So… you either make it through this program and become the armor that protects this world… or give up and get the hell out of my facility. Don’t let your resolve go to waste…” A woman said bluntly before I looked around for the source. First, what the hell was she talking about? Second, who the hell was she? And lastly, did she know my powers?

“Second wave.” Minerva announced before the platform my weapon was on sunk beneath the floor before another platform rose with a brand new pistol. “Michael Hayes… are you ready?” Minerva asked. I shut my eyes before tapping into my nervous system. I opened my eyes with tenacity exuding on my face.

“Now I am.”


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Ashley was just pulling up luckily she’d avoided the police on her way over there, although she’d heard some sirens but that couldn’t be for her. Everyone was dead, and she doubted the mafia would call the police over stolen cocaine, they’d do everything in their power to get it back, of course their power was inferior to hers. She pulled up in the drive way seeing a car, and could hear screaming. “What the fuck..damn nobody better get the falcons I’m getting the damn falcons” She’d retrieved her gun with her ability before he left the hotel and checked to make sure she had as she left her vehicle heading to the house. She used her spatial vision to see everything around here three people inside one with a gun, she looked around again recognizing the one with the weapon.” James Bitch ass” She had her density hardened again just in case she was welcomed to a hail of gun fire like at the hotel. .” She focused on her power over spacing gathering kinetic energy and unleashing a blast of the concussive force on the door causing it to burst open as she stormed into the house only to see a wounded Nora holding Kevin’s bullet riddled body while James held a gun in his hand. The sight of everything caused her to lower her guard.” What the fuck.”

James turned to Ashley, expecting the police, but ashley was there insttead. James rose an eyebrow before shaking his head. "Who the fuck?" James said as he stood up from his deceased brother and fully turned to Ashley. He aimed the pistol at her and without hesitating, he fired.

Ashley didn’t know what was going on but she felt a connection to James, the link, but..that meant James had a power? Before she could ponder that a bullet flew at her and hit her in the stomach. Only thanks to her density the bullet crunched up against her skin.” OH yeah you thought that would work huh mother fucker!!!! I got sum for you.” She used her own power to reduce James in size of an ant then did the same to Nora and Kevin only to hire sirens coming outside due to the earlier shootings, two police cars. “Fuuuuck this shit!” She warped the police cars inside miniaturizing them as they appeared on the floor in front of Ashley as she stepped on both of them before making James appear in the palm of her hand.” You fucking shot me! You little piece of shit! “She gripped her hand around James body to squeeze to cause pain.” What the fuck is going on! TELL Me right now or you going end up like yo brother.”

James errupted in anger. Not only was his brother and borther's girlfriend on the floor, but the supposed culprit was standing right in front of him, Ashley Mok. He didn't know if he had fired the gun before or after he really came to, but he was glad he did, at least until he found himself miniaturized and being squeezed in Ashley's palm. "AAAAAAAAAH! FUCK YOU! LET ME GO YOU MONKEY!" James then groaned as slipped his hand out and fired, except this time, he was a lot more accurate and hit her in the forehead and then in her left nostril.

Ashley was getting tired of this, she didn’t give a damn if she felt a connection to him she was about to cut the chord.” YOU CALLING ME A FUCKING MONKEY! YOU LIL PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!” She tightened her grip until she heard something pop but decided she was done with the falcons. The bullets hit her but bounced off further irritating her as she swallowed James and pointed her gun to Nora’s head. “Fuck that hoe..and you, yo ass started all this shit!!!!”Yo ass coming with me, fuck you and the falcons.” She focused on Kevin’s body resizing it to normal size. Then focusing on Nora warping her into my hand.” Now you comin with me, you finna tell me everything you fucking know!”

A clapping was heard as Carmen slowly appeared out of thin air. Once she was fully physical, she shook her head. "Took you long enough. And what does she know, except that her tatas bleeding?" Carmen teased as she looked at the scene and nodded. "We should probably get out of here before more cops come." Carmen said as if she was talking to a child. "Now would be good."

Ashley heard the clapping only to see Carmen appear out of thin air, she’d never met her personally but Floyd had told her a little about her, just that she had powers like them but she mostly hung out with Mike. “You right stupid bitch don’t know shit.” She decided to just pocket Nora in her shirt pocket at least for now, Kevin was dead, James was dead, and there was an SUV full of cocaine in the drive-way, perfect. “Yeah leggo.” Ashley focused as she heard more sirens in the distance, and they reappeared at her penthouse suite. “So..I’m guessing yo ass was the reason Kevin dead, what the fuck did you do?” She was curious as she took Nora out of her shirt pocket and set her on her table, warping the mason jar from her room over Nora before taking the cap off so she’d have air for now.

"I controlled him with my mind." Carmen joked as she took a seat on the sofa and winked at Ashley. She noticed Nora being placed in a mason jar and raised an eyebrow. "You know you ruined my entire plan, right? Fuck, I should have killed him and left sooner... Mike was right about you." Carmen said as she sighed and thought about the scene they had left behind. "Fuck... Throw him up!" Carmen demanded. It didn't really hit her until now.

“Shit you probably did when I came in there I saw his ass holding a gun and his brother dead.” Ashley just laughed it was funny to think that Kevin might have been killed by his own brother. She herself took a seat she hadn’t gotten to Antonio but she’d killed a good deal of people, and gotten a lot of information from torturing all the people she encountered today. “Fuck you mean I ain’t know shit bout no plan I was just trying to get ridda the fucking Falcons, and if you killed Kevin then why the fuck you tripping” She didn’t comment on what she said about Michael, if he was still talking about her maybe she had to pay him a visit too, of course nobody knew where he was. “Throw..have you lost yo god damn mind?! I ain’t no white girl that shit nasty, if you wanna kill the rest of these fuckers then I’m down but I ain’t throwing people up.” She didn’t want James to live, not to mention he’d seen her use her powers so that was a definite reason to prevent the second coming of James Falcon, that and the other people that might come back with him.

"What? You tellin me that you eat these motherfucker, but you won't throw them up? I need his body since you couldn't just kill him with the gun you had in your fucking hand." Carmen got a little ticked off at Ashley. "Fuck it... Just bring him here with you power! Use your head. Mike said that you're the best when it comes to technique. It shouldn't be hard if he was telling the truth." Carmen said as she rememebered Michael just saying that Ashley had a lot more practice than the rest of the group... for obvious reasons.

“Hell yeah! The whole reason I do that shit no fucking evidence, can’t leave smashed bodies lying around everywhere especially the fucking mafia. “Ashley wasn’t about to get caught up anything else, ever since she’d been shot she was more cautious than ever. Thinking about them boiled her blood after she was done with the Falcons they were next on her hit list Cartels, Latin Kings, Cubans, all of them. “He the one that called me a fucking monkey I was going beat him to death but he had to be a smart ass about this shit!” Ashley was hesitant about her power, there was no way she was going to let James expose her not to mention he was already probably burning. Finding out what Mike had said about her heightened her a mood a little bit, at least it made her a little co-operative. She’d never practiced warping things into or out of herself, but she figured it was the same as anything else. She focused on James’s body only and then focused on normal size re-spawning him on the hard wood floor before tossing the gun to Carmen as the burned James was lying on the grond in agony blood coming out. “Ah now I gotta clean dis shit up, going kill dis fool?”

"Good job. And he's still gripping that pistol. You're the best chica." Carmen said with a smile before crouching in front of the gurgling James. "Aw poor baby." Carmen teased before touching his raw skin. "Ewww... It ain't too bad James. Those designer clothes are pretty tough in that stomach acid. Man up, because you have a killing spree to help me with buddy. Change of plans. You don't commit suicide." Carmen said before touching James again and assimilating into his body. "Fuck!" His skin burned like hell before the properties of the stomach acid abosrbed into James' pores. "That's better. Now hand me the girl and teleport us toooooo... It's only been a few minutes. Take us back. If I arrive before the cops come, I can kill both of them easily."

“no problemo” She had no problem doing anything that would fuck over the Falcons, as long as James was dead she didn’t care how it was, she just wanted to kill Antonio and the rest of them sooner rather than later. She got up from the sofa walking over to the jar picking up Nora and tossing her over to Carmen or James or whatever, before warping them back to the house it had only been a few minutes so like Carmen had predicted the cops hadn’t arrived just yet.

James smiled as he looked down at the wounded Nora. She was so weak... so vulnerable... yet she knew too much now thanks to a certain someone. Ashley really wanted Nora to remain alive to tell the story of the brother who went mad and killed other, but Carmen had to be as mentally flexible as she was physically. There was only one more round, ready to execute, but it wouldn't be wasted on Nora. James grunted as shit was going to get pretty bad now, but as the sirens were heard, an intricate idea came to mind. without wasting another moment, James walked over to Nora, and shot in the back of the skull before leaning up against wall that let him face the front door. He waited as he heard the cars come to a halt... He waited as he heard their doors shut... He waited as the front door with caution.

"Hey! What the fuck? Get down on the ground." James shook his head before walking forward. "STOP! I said stop!" With a swift move, James aimed his empty weapon at the officer who drew his gun in quickness and shot the college student down who continued to move forward until he stumbled to the floor and sank in a pool of his own blood that seemed to rush out of him like raging river that had just been freed by the destruction of a huge dam. Carmen wasn't taking any chances. She had finished what she felt needed to be done.
I had gotten to my destination a safe house were Joe was, after having Eric Northman save him, and give him some blood to heal his broken legs, I’d had him tied up and tortured for information. And now I was confronting him using Chameleon’s belt to disguise myself as a random greek of course. “So you’re Joe, I see you’ve been mighty co-operatie, so operative in fact my men think you might be telling us bullshit!”

“Why the fuck would I lie about these people, they fucking had me in a car, that bitch Angela Falcon put me in a car to drown, if it wasn’t for you motherfuckers I’d be with Nemo right now!” Joe seemed stress sure it usually took a lot more to break someone for information, but this was a special case. IT didn’t matter how many years he worked there, when you try to drown someone instead of letting htem live the rest of their life after working six years for them you tended to not care about them.

Of course I’d brought Emma Frost with me to confirm information so after a efw more minuts I was outside speaking to her, as she was lighting up a cigarette. “That shit’s bad for you Frost you can get cancer.”

“Says the pothead?”

“Weed dosen’t kill.”

“Cigs don’t get you arrested.”

“I rather be locked up then have dead anyway is what he saying true, all that shit I know he was in a car when my guy went to get him, he was minutes from turning up with Jaws.”

“Yeah I confirmed it and he ain’t got no blocks nothing, so how are you gonna bring the Falcon family down?”

“Simple” I reached in my extra pocket in my cargo’s for my blunt lighting it, it was a nice conflict marijuana and nicotine, one was healthy one was horrible, yet one was illegal and the other was legal, this just showed everything wrong with today’s society when nature was made out to be bad, but chemicals were praised. “I want information on all their illegal activities pull whatever you can then transfer the knowledge to me, then I’m going to the feds I’ll make a deal to keep me safe, unwatched all that, so managing the Greeks and my fame will be easier, but that’s not good enough I know someone who wants these motherfuckers to die, and has the power to make it happen, I got some knowledge I want you give that girl you manipulated..Ashley.”

IT wasn’t long before Emma gave me the knowledge, I knew what I had to do go to the feds and Ashley, and get the ball rolling for the end of the Falcon Family.
Buddah placed a hand on Rory’s shoulder. “I’d intending on you practicing the more advanced version of that ability which is basically the same thing, which involves you placing your mind in their body and gaining control of both the target’s body as well as yours, but let’s practice something else. The situation that just occurred could have been prevented had you delved into the more offensive nature of you ability.” As Rory was heading towards his hotel room two people were seen chatting Buddah decided they’d be the next targets for practice. “There are numerous ways the most common method is to assault the mind, you can control the ferocity of the attack ranging from giving someone a painful hair pulling headache to rendering them unconscious in a vegetative state or if too much power is used dead. Focus on the woman chatting with that man use it on her, try a headache at first then up the ante to a higher level.” This time Buddah would reverse any damage himself this was a more advanced technique and any mistake in healing could result in permanent brain damage in the victim.


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“Home sweet home!” Carmen said after being teleported to her apartment. She immediately headed to her bed. It wasn’t even noon, but she was exhausted and needed to sleep for a while. Using her powers like that, plus all that fun with James really tired her out. She was really enjoying her powers, and she do more tomorrow, or perhaps even tonight. She was very curious about the splicing aspect of her power. To share the traits on an animal seemed gross, but there were so many great things about it.

Jumping on her bed, she allowed herself to drift into what she thought was sleep. Instead she sank deep, very deep into the link. It was there that she found herself watching past events of not just any random figures, but us… the ones who came across the rock on the beach.


“Who… the fuck are you?” I asked as I stared at this complete stranger who was capable of accessing the link. A man who had been invisible to me all this time while he was able to watch every move I made. He just smiled before making the scenery around us change. Before I knew it, we were both standing on the ocean where I had frequently trained myself when I had my old powers.

“This is better. And apologies for not introducing myself Mr. Hayes. You can call me Homer, the man that pretty much has all the answers, but can’t do a god damn thing.” He said before sighing. “I sometimes wish I had powers like you and your friends… but then I wouldn’t be so adept with this link. Is that what you guys call it? So many names for it. The connection… the network… my past life… A lot of people thought it was that, especially the ones that gained their powers in solitude like me.”

“What… This isn’t possible. I’ve never seen you in the link, I have the ability to see anyone with powers, so how couldn’t I see you… Why don’t you have an aura? This…”

“Calm down Mike! Seriously… Listen, you couldn’t see me because I didn’t let you. You know how your buddy Floyd who blocked like a bitchy ex on Facebook? Now imagine me doing that with thousands of years of experience. Of course I didn’t want you to see me. It’s all part of the plan. I can’t have your super team gunning for me because I have a glow that give away my position.” Homer explained. I just stared, trying to take this all in. He was so laidback about this, and I was losing my mind. “You still don’t know who I am? Homer… The Iliad, the Odyssey, aw come on man! I worked hard on those!” Homer yelled as my stare remained the same. I couldn’t believe this. Homer, the epic poet… was alive with powers.

“How are you still alive… You lived…”

“Come on… Do I really have to answer that? I’m kind of immortal. I guess I could say that.” Homer said as he second guessed himself. “Can we talk about you now? Mr. Aegis.” Homer said with a chuckle. I just looked confused.

“What? What don’t you know?” I asked as I built up a little composure.

“How you went from this…” Homer looked in the direction of me picking on some dolphins in the ocean, then the scenery changed to me pinning Faora to a satellite in space, then to me single handedly destroying the kryptonian before warping back to the ocean again. “To what you are now.” The scenery changed to bleeding from nose in agony in front of the hospital, to beaten by Floyd, and then to Carmen using Floyd’s body to kick me through a window. “I simply can’t grasp it. You were so powerful, and so… I can’t find the word. You were proud, so proud of what you could do.”

“What do you mean? I lost my powers, and they came back like this! All because I kept the remnants of the meteor rock as a souvenir. It’s ironic that thing that reminded me of how powerful I was took away that very power… I’m still strong though.”

“Are you lying to me or yourself, boy? You know you miss being the top dog, because that’s what you were.”

“Rory was the strongest.”

“Not if you get your powers back to what they were… You didn’t lose your power, you just… Think of your power now as a machine that you made from leftover parts from the original version that was your power. You get me?” Homer said before I nodded. “These powers you have now, are just pieces of your power that were never important until you had to actually rely on them.”

“And you think I haven’t tried getting my powers back. I played the waiting game, charged my body up with enough energy to almost kill me, I tried converting, I tried expending it all! I tried everything. I went into the link to see what that rock did to me, and I still don’t know! I’m weak, and I’ll never be where I could have been. I just have to play catch up as long as I can before they leave me behind…” I sighed before he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“What if I told you that there was a way you haven’t tried yet.” Homer assured. “All I ask of you is to complete this program with flying colors, and keep your damn head up. You weren’t picked for this program for your profession. You were picked because you are capable of being the most powerful man granted with powers from the rock. Michael Hayes… if anything can drive you to getting through this, let the return of your true power be it. Without that… what are you really at the end of the day?” Homer said as we exited the link and appeared back in the Performance Room.


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Her Thoughts...

Carmen jogged lightly across the boardwalk of South Beach. She was wearing her sports bra and compression shorts that cut off at the mid thigh. As she moved along the wooden flooring, her ponytail bounced from side to side. She wished she had music, but decided it would be better to get lost in her own thoughts. She thought about hanging out with Floyd or Ashley, maybe even both, but she really needed to find this Jennifer girl. She took Nicole’s place for the university’s newspaper conveniently after the latter was suspended from writing. Jennifer had even wrote a story on Nicole Wilson’s reassignment and death. It seemed like she was either showing off or saw Nicole as a role model. Either way, it was weird. Carmen needed to know where Michael was, and why Michael didn’t say anything to her about his departure. The only good thing about all this is that she knows he’s most likely alive and safe.

She thought on how to track this woman down, but stopped in her tracks as she felt a wave of emotion hit her like a freight train. As Carmen stared blankly, a tear managed to roll down her face before grinding her teeth.

“What the…” Carmen shook herself out of the strange trance that she was in. She could feel Floyd and Ashley’s anger, and it wasn’t like it was big punch to the face. It felt like waves of continuous anger and despair were hitting her. She wiped the tear off her face before just deciding to walk. Images flashed momentarily, but remained mostly transparent. She thought she’d never experienced the link if she left it alone, but it seemed there was no escaping it. A flash of the brands left on Floyd’s friends showed up. This one was clear as day. She stopped her tracks once again, but she frowned at the sight. It was as if she was seeing it from his perspective. As he went from room to room. The last brand was probably the oddest. She recognized Rory’s name, but hadn’t met him. Not officially at least. Michael had told her plenty about him when speaking about the others with powers. Michael had said the guy was mostly harmless, but recently has a lot of issues with Floyd… well everyone had issues with Floyd. She knew he was pretty hell-bent on taking Floyd down a notch, while Michael had done the opposite and left Floyd to his own self destruction. At least that’s how Michael put it. He could be plotting against Floyd right now… You have to be close in order to stab…

With a sigh, she made the vision fade. She made it look entirely too easy, but she wasn’t in the mood for any child’s play. In her opinion, there was no point in targeting others without hitting the big guy. And if you can’t beat the big guy, get strong or move on, because you’re making yourself out to be exactly what you oppose… a big guy picking on those that are weaker than him. She kept moving before she heard a loud explosion. She was about to just head her own way back to her apartment, but an idea dawned on her… This… whatever it was… This would make a great story. Time to find that pretty newspaper girl.


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Carmen arrived at the scene that was just utter chaos. Hundreds of men wearing orange jumpsuits ran through the streets. Some managed to procure weapons, which seemed to cause panic throughout the streets. A month ago, Carmen might have steered clear of anything that appeared remotely like this, but now… Not only was her conscience gone, but she had so much worked up pride. She was tripping off the power, and it was going to be an endless fall in her eyes.

“I don’t care about this… I just… want…” Carman said to herself as she squinted at everyone around. Brave news crews tried to capture the event, while a rag tag group of police officers attempted to keep order. It was a battle the police were losing. Carmen smirked as she felt a gnat buzzing around her face. It ran into her cheeks a few times before she swatted it away. Why she was smirking was quite. The felt tiny folic hairs spout through her skin. It was barely even noticeable, and would be effective as well. As she pushed herself deeper into the crowd, the hairs, like they did for insects and arachnids, allowed herself to move fluidly past people without getting bumped. It sort of reminded her of what Spider-man could do, except she was a lot more aware of everything, and not just danger. Carmen’s eyes locked on a blonde several meters away who was holding up her phone to use as a camera. “…her.” She finally finished her sentence as she made her way over. There was no mistaking it. That was the girl she was looking for. Now it was time to just wait for the right moment. Carmen took a deep breath, before sprinting forward. She ducked under arms, side stepped the fleeing, jumped over the fallen, and in one quick collide, she knocked Jennifer over before sinking into her body… Becoming one.

Jennifer stood up, a bit dazed, shaking her head before looking confused.

“What happened?” Jennifer said before seeing the screen to her phone cracked as it lied on the sidewalk. “Fuck!” She exclaimed before picking up her phone. “No… Please work! Please!”

“Pleeeeeeeease! Haha, Please come with me!” An escaped inmate said in a crazed voice hitting her with the butt stock of his weapon, knocking her out cold. Everything faded to black, and nothing could be heard but a faint shouting.

“What the fuck!? Why am I not in control?! I need to take over… I…” Carmen’s voice faded as Jennifer became unconscious.


Upon walking into his home, Arthur Petrelli from the show Heroes was seen seated with an irritated look on his face as he looked at Floyd. His eyes were red and he looked like he needed five shots of five hour energy to stay awake. You’d think he smoked marijuana, but Arthur’s demeanor didn’t match up.

“What… What is he?” He asked Floyd as the sound of Kara, Clark Kent’s cousin from Smallville yelling was heard. Arthur didn’t bother to say much more before pointing at the older version of his son, Peter Petrelli who was lying on the ground in a deep sleep. There was little that was changed within the home, indicating that whoever had intruded, could take out people without moving a muscle. Upon going to the source of Kara’s voice coming from upstairs, Floyd would find Piccolo from Dragonball Z sprawled on the steps with purple blood dripping from his ears and nose. He was unconscious, but alive. Once at the top of the steps, Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom was on the ground knocked out in his human form, but there were no bruises or cuts on him. The television was on, playing the Maury show. Kara yelled out again, but this time she could clearly be heard as she sat on the couch. She was cuddled up with the intruder who just smirked at Floyd before nodding towards Floyd’s feet.

“Oh Floyd! Don’t step in that.” Kara warned as the remains appeared to be Eric Northman through assumption. “I tried to stop… ugh my head…” Kara complained as she held her head.

“You did try to stop me… I’m just too amazing, right Floyd?” I said as I chuckled and kissed Kara on the cheek. She just held me tighter and agreed.

“Floyd… He’s fucking amazing. He’s fucking back…”

“That’s right, and I need your help. I can see you’re trying to figure out how I curbed stomped your security team, but I need you to calm down and focus for a second.”


Homer grinned as he wandered through the link, only to come across my recent work. The training at the facility was really paying off, and I was only getting started. Ever since his talk with me, he discovered my motivation and my drive to go above and beyond. Everything was falling into play. Everything was becoming as he wanted it.

“Let’s this check this shit out…” He said as watched me knock on the door…


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At the Freedom Center on the University of Miami campus, Keith and Joseph sat comfortably as they both played Call of Duty: Ghosts together. This was a normal thing on a Saturday morning, especially since the campus was pretty much on lockdown. With the heightened gang activity and violence going on within Miami, the campus security emplaced random screenings for people entering campus. After 8:00pm, there were only two entrances on campus that were available that did 50% screenings on vehicles and persons. Keith and Joseph didn’t bother going out too much, but only because of how much traffic these new rules caused. They understood why it had to be done, they just wished it didn’t have to be.

“You hear from Mike at all?” Joseph asked Keith. Keith shook his head silently as he focused on the game.

“No one knows where he’s at. I asked Laura and Carmen. They don’t know.”

“Damn… You think something happened to him? I mean, just look at what happened to Angelo.” Joseph showed his concern and paused the game. Keith then gave his full attention to Joseph.

“I don’t know… I hope not. I don’t even know if I want to come back next semester man. You know how many people are transferring?! This place is ridiculous. It wasn’t heaven, but I might as well go to school back in the Bahamas.

“I feel you bro, but we just have one semester left until we’re out this bitch.” Joseph chuckled after saying this. “Besides, you already picked your damn classes nigga.” Joseph tried to lighten the mood before looking back to the television. “You ready?”



Jennifer, a fairly innocent female woke up to a nightmare as she found herself restrained with the hot breath of another hitting her face as he thrust his body against hers. His eyes looked manic as he grunted with each thrust, violating her on some alley floor behind a dumpster. A look of terror formed on her face immediately.

“Stop! Stop it!” She shouted as she tried to fight the man off her, but he was too heavy and strong. He held her arms down as he continued.

“Shut the fuck up! Shut up!” He yelled.

No… Stop! STOP! PLEASE No... Carmen tried to call out from inside the female’s body. She could see everything as if she was experiencing a horror movie in first person view. She didn’t know how this happened, but she needed to fix this. Jennifer cried as she found herself helpless. The man’s breathing was getting heavier as he got ready to reach his peak.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! No! Don’t…”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” He roared as he felt her give up. Her eyes shut before they shot open.

“You’re fucking dead puto! DEAD!” Jennifer yelled before the man started to become weak.

“What the fuck…” He said, but he was more focused with just getting himself pleasured. “Here it comes! Here it… What the…” He found it hard to breathe as Jennifer smiled at him.

“Yes… give it all to me! I’m gonna take everything! All of you…” Jennifer said sadistically as the man’s face began to wrinkle as the very life was drained from him…

Pierce was ready to leave Miami already. Everything going on was out of his jurisdiction, and he hated not being able to do much about the current situation. However, there were orders to be followed. He was stuck in Miami to make sure a terrorist threat wouldn’t ensue. At first it was annoying and seemed unnecessary, but after President Obama’s message to the Greeks, he had a real mission. The group was on the fence when it came to distinguishing them between a gang and domestic terrorists.

“Time to get this show on the road…” Pierce said as he headed towards the Metro West Detention Center in his all black Camaro that was followed by several other vehicles in matching color.


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“Come ON!” Carmen demanded as she helped Jennifer walk to the hospital. She wanted to be sympathetic, but her patience ran thin and very quickly. “Jenn! Ay!” Jennifer’s legs gave out as she started to cry harder. Carmen grunted before letting Jennifer fall to the sidewalk and curl with her troubled self. Carmen leaned up against the wall of the closest building, just trying to cool off and also to wait for Jennifer to calm down. Carmen remained silent for a moment before sighing. “I know what that guy did was fucked up. I hate him for it, but we have to get you to the hospital.” Carmen said, but Jennifer didn’t seem to listen or care. Carmen just sighed again. All she could hear were sirens and something horrible every now and then. A scream, a gunshot, a broken window… it was the music of these streets, and she was beginning to hate it. How all this happened was unknown to her. All she wanted was answers. “Can you at least tell me how you know Mike… Mike Hayes?” Carmen tried, but Jennifer just whimpered.

“What’s good?” I said as I stepped out from around the corner in full view. Carmen turned to me with a deer in headlights look, not being able to take in what was happening. “You look surprised.” I said with a smirk as walked up. My smirk was long lived as I saw Jennifer on the ground. “What’s going…” I dipped back as Carmen’s hand nearly slapped me in the face.

“You fucking pendejo!” Carmen shouted before swinging with her left to hit me, but I bobbed to my right and stopped her by affecting her nerves. She couldn’t even speak as she just grunted in anger.

“Listen!” I said assertively as I gripped her up and released my hold on her nerves. “I’m sorry I left without saying anything! I didn’t tell anyone… not even my family. Then they took my phone. I tried to call you with another phone, but you didn’t pick up… So I just watched you in the link…”

“And…” Carmen said as her face still showed the desire to hit me. “You’re mad because I did what I did?!” Carmen chose her words carefully out in public.

“No… You just didn’t need to…”

“Need to what?! They were hurting your friends regardless of what they knew what you could do to them! I just did what the rest of you putas couldn’t… I killed my enemy.” She said the last bit under her breath.

“I mean you didn’t have to do it for my sake.” I said as I found myself regretting not doing it myself. Maybe I didn’t want to consider myself a coldblooded killer. Maybe in the end, I wanted to say that I saved the day without casualties and without getting my hands dirty with blood.But fighting like that, was considered tip toeing around your enemy. Not hitting them directly. I had hurt so many other people, but hadn’t attacked the source. It was now that I realized that I was just as bad as everyone else who had gotten exposed to the rock. All they did was attack at thye limbs of their enemies, hoping to make them fall, but this didn’t stop the threat, especially when that threat was stubborn and ready to strike back for the blow you had just dealt. Then you’d be crippled with them… creating an endless cycle of misfire and collateral damage, so even at the end, when you win… you have nothing.

“Too late.” Carmen said as she gave me a hug and took a deep breath. “And, don’t worry. I don’t even feel bad about it. They deserved it, and I owed it to you.”

“No… You didn’t owe me anything.” I said before she broke away to look me in the face.

“Yes I fucking did! Alright, I’m not going to argue. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I wouldn’t be this strong! I... I feel like you never lost what you originally had…” Carmen said as she started to bite her lower lip to hide her emotions. “You just shared it with me.” Carmen said as she hugged me again, but much tighter this time. I hugged her too, and just looked down to the ground noticing Jennifer again. “I know you probably regret that day, because I’ve dreamed of the things you were able to do…”

“It was my fault though. I should have left rock alone… Now, are we gonna help your friend out or what?” I asked before Carmen let me go and looked down at Jennifer. She frowned as I ruined the moment.

“Sure.” She said with zero enthusiasm. “I’m not touching her.” Carmen said as I walked over and lightly put a hand on her to put her to sleep. It was easier this way. I didn’t really recognize the female, but she needed help. I put in a fireman’s carry before looking at Carmen. “So what just happened?” I asked as we both started walking.

“How about this? We trade questions and answers. I got shit to ask you too… I jumped in her body, she got knocked out by an escaped prisoner, she was raped, and I saved her.” Carmen spared the details. Now, where have you been?”

“I’ve been away. Basically, I’ve been training to get into an agency.” I said as Carmen smiled cheekly.

“Wow! Mike’s gonna be playing with the big boys now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m proud.”She answered.

“Thanks… My turn. Do you know who hurt Floyd’s friends?”

“Nope! I saw that though. I figured it was Rory since he put his name on the bitch!” Carmen chuckled before seeing me shake my head. “I don’t know for sure though. Are you gonna leave again?” Carmen added.

“Yeah, but I want you to open up your connection to the link. It always gets hazy when I try to connect with you. Last one from me… Do you wanna leave Miami once I get done with this training?” I asked as Carmen who stopped and looked at me with a smirk.

“I’ll think about it… My last one… Do you trust Floyd?” She asked as she looked away to hide her devious smile.

“Do I trust him?” I repeated the question as I found myself unsure. “Not always.” I answered truthfully as she simply nodded to make me feel like my answer didn’t sound crazy.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“I thought you ran out of questions?”

“Slut, no one ever runs out of questions.” She said with a smirk. We both eventually entered the hospital, checking Jennifer into the emergency room.


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0.00 INK

The threesome had been fun, not to mention all the drugs in me so I still felt invincible. After getting head from both of them I kicked them both out of my place, as well as Chris & Dj and them, even though we’d had a good smoke sessssion.

“Cmooon maaan I gotta go nooow???, we got moore weeed.”

“BRuh I have enough fucking weed to last me 20 life times, I’mma catch you later I’m leaning hard as fuck and shit.”

“Ight B easy man.” Chris let DJ out I guess it easier for him to dip since I’d helped him come up in a million, plus I agreed to be featured on two or three of his songs on his new mixtape. America’s most Savage, the thought had caused nostalgia as I went over to my laptop to look up my own song Mr. Savage I’d released in early September long before I thought to use Parkman to help me spread my mixtape, these powers had literally been key to my fame. Of course the quality of my music as well, but NZT combined with cannabis, the quality of my music was incredible, I was already planning on some studio time the next time I dropped acid or munched some mushies with Timmy, and maybe a couple others, for a short 4 song mixtape, probably with some trippy name I just had to think of it. I walked over to the room where Arthur was to look at the paintings I’d asked him to make.

“Mexico…” I smiled looking at the paintings things we’re going to be getting very good very soon. “Rory’s been a bad boy.” I laughed as I looked at the paintings diving into the link seeing images of the past, before pulling myself out and plopping down into a chair. “Holy shit” Diving into the link when you were already high as shit was fun, it was a similar rush to leaping into the deep end of the pool or dropping in from a slide then rushing back up to the surface. I chuckled as I reached for my laptop going to google apparently Florida was going to legalize recreational and medicinal maraijuana, I wonder who played hand in that. I smiled before scrolling to another article Floyd Banker: Man of Tomorrow, talking about my news interview, and all the good things I was going to be doing. I looked down at my rollex the first two where open today in Miami, and Atlanta. I had to make even more money now than ever to keep churning money away at the stations, publicity was everything. I wouldn’t stop until I was the next O.J Simpson..super saiyan one, then I’d transfer to the next level and reach Michael Jackson’s level of love and adoration from people minus the horrible law suits both of them had, ok..maybe they weren’t the best examples to follow.

I then got in contact with Fine.” Hello Fine, how’s your work with Molly been working out?”

“Very well, put everyone from Rory’s contacts aside from his family, and his auntie as you requested in the hospital, car accident, shot, fires, near fatal stabbing, beaten, I Did my best to be creative and try not to be fatal.”

I frowned as he said that but juts started laughing, I was too high not to laugh.” Damn I should have asked you to record it, then I could send the videos to Rory.”

“If you want I ca

“Naw it’s good man,” I focused on Molly returning her to Heroes her work was done, and I doubt I’d need her again.

“Alright then why’d you call?”

“You’ve infiltrated the FBI the constant stream of info your feeding me about our cases, and the Greeks and everything related to them is good, but I’m going to need other perspectives as well. DEA, and Department of Homeland Security, infiltrate them, find other targets that I can use influential and/or talented field agents, need that done by tomorrow, Monday morning at latest it’s imperative we make that move now, Rory’s gotten himself in some trouble, and I’m afraid it might blow back on me, the others, and everything I’m trying to do for the world.”

“Alright Floyd you got it, you took the girl right?”

“Of course, don’t know about any of the rest of us being fast, and besides they wouldn’t be faster then you could see, I’ll catch you later, get back to the feds.”
Fine hung up the phone to contact Frank again, as he made his way back into his vehicle, he was with the FBI investigating the Rory Lamb situation here. His mother’s house burned, there was yellow tape around the scene, and a local authorities were searching for Rory’s family, but since there was no proof they were kidnapped no actual road blocks had been set up by the police. “Hello?”

“What’s good any news on the Lamb family? We’ve got photo’s of his mother beaten and bruised of Rory’s phone, Homeland Security thinks he’s been radicalized, Feds nailed someone down in Mexico crane operator who he payed, struck a deal he’ll be doing a year in the U.S in exchange for the life saving information on the Greeks.”

“Great but you don’t sound too happy yourself why’s that?””

“Because where’s this shit leading us too? I don’t think we should have fucking got Lamb when we did, he could have lead us to some big shit maybe something connecting the Greeks to the Cartels either show how bad the conflict is or reveal a fucking temporary alliance? Instead he’s fucking insane he’s had his mother beaten, and presumably kidnapped with the rest of his folks, house burned down, it’s clear he’s in bed with the Greeks.”

“Damn, and from what we know about them, we can’t find shit about them disappearing. No traces, no leads nothing, these guys have come outta nowhere, and there almost better then anybody except the Cartels.”

“Yeah out of nowhere, look remember that lead I told you about that girl with the virus Ashley Mok? I know this sounds crazy but I got a tip from a rookie agent about something..else..that could be going down, I’m heading to her last known address right now to look into it. “

“Look into it?! Are you crazy, with everything going on Miami, you’re looking into that?”

“You think I don’t fucking know what’s happening?! I’m driving my car not the one feds gave me! Police Stations blown up, parking lots too, prisoners broke free, got their hands on military grade weaponry, it’s chaos in the streets, it’s like a buffet for injustice, people are robbing stores left and right, not even the inmates, people are trying to evacuate the city saying it’s a fucking terrorist attack, not to mention a lot of cops that didn’t get caught in the blast have disappeared , nobody can reach them, I’ve passed 5 empty fucking squad cars?!”

“And you think Mok has to do with that still? She’s not no innocent but I think her days of crime are over after the Cartel sent a hitman after her, that was almost successful!”

“Look we don’t have any other fucking choice the entire city has lost it’s mind, I’m following the lead I have!!!” Frank hung up and Fine sighed, going to message Floyd. While Frank drove through a red light ducking his head low as a spray of bullets tore through his glass, and he ended up running an inmate over as he kept moving getting faster. As he took his phone going through his contacts to dial a number. “Hello Amy?”

“Frnk you’.re..what.”

“Fuck what’s wrong what happened?!”

“I was at the station..remember..stopping by Bruce..I..cauht in the blast, but I was just outside the radius of the bomb got Bruce, and some others to the hospital ambulance’s are busy, it’s like a war-zone out here.”

“That thing you were telling me about, remember that girl, you saw a truck disappear into thin air right? Do you think it’ really possible that.”

“Frank look If you’re trying to fuck with me, I just put my friend in the fucking emergency room! I told what I believe, you want my fucking answer, maybe this bitch makes shit disappear, there laugh at me, get me fired get me sent to more psychiatric evaluations I’ve have lives to save.” Amy hung up the phone she didn’t need Frank taunting her about her belief that super powers had anything to do what was going on. She was limping out the hospital, she’d be fine though. She had some left-over vicodin from her surgery last year, and two of those pills had kept her stable enough for now. “Fucking Bruce” She groaned none of this made any sense, the hospital was busy, sirens were blaring, people were being rushed in, it made her think the Apocalypse was really happening.

She moved through the masses of people and paramedics rushing inside the hospital, as she got into her car checking to make sure she had her gun. She put her keys in the ignition and began backing out, hospital security was armed, and hopefully the National Guard’ would come in full force to help the city. The largest prison break in the history of the United States, every prisoner had been liberated, right now Miami had become a criminal paradise. Hell those that were trying to escape at this point where and probably had been successful so far, at least until there was a national response. She knew this had to be connected to everything going on, Bruce was right these people needed to die. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Perry. I need all the info on these people organized and on a USB drive now, stay alive, stay armed kiddo! I’ll be there try and get in contact with Troy.

She then went through her contact and found a number, someone she never thought she’d speak to again.” Amy? What a pleasant surprise, and here I thought you moving into the FBI meant we’d never talk again, but I guess it’s true the higher you go the more dirt you get.”

“Listen and listen good, I’m going to bring you $5 grand in cash, I need you to get me some things, I’ll be there in an hour or less.”

“Of course, tell me Amy what do you need?”
Frank was racing through traffic when he saw he’d reached a road black and turned round to avoid it only for his car to flip over turning and slamming into another vehicle. Frank’s entire life flashed before him before impact as Fine had moved so fast and flipped over the vehicle and was back at the crime scene before anyone could even notice he’d moved.

“The entire house blew up?! Secure the area Secure the mother fucking area now!!! You Agent the fuck are you doing?!!!!”

“Huh sorry I got it..this is just so insane..I mean..the family’s gone..but blowing up his auntie’s house, this mn I pure evil.”

“My Fist is gonna pure evil up your fucking ass if you don’t get to work DAMN!!!” Fine nodded leaving smiling, he was glad to work with someone like Floyd, just as ruthless as him. He’d put all his friends in the hospital, made the family disappear, and saved the best for last, blowing his auntie to smithereens. He loved his job.
I just smiled as I saw the explosion through Fine’s eyes, laughing I was high, but that was just hilarious, two people walking in the neighborhood on the opposite of the street there hearts nearly stopped, Iwas just laughing as he took out some chips to munch down on the BBQ lays, this was all hilarious, I’d was so busy being the hero, I never thought about how fun it would be the villain. “Oh my fucking god haha whoo this is fucking hilarious..I knew Ashley was pissed..but she musta jugged the whole family only one I got is the mama.” I shrugged as I dug into my snacks that’s all I’d promised Michael anyway, besides maybe Rory’s family went into hiding, or maybe Ashley had em in her in famous bowl. The Lamb family was none of my damn concern, maybe if Rory was still my friend but he wasn’t and I had other business matters to attend too.

People were fleeing to my community stations for support in Miami, I was already becoming a beacon of hope in the community. Not to mention my conscience was clean as I saw the video of the criminals that I’d investigated that turned out to deserve more then being locked up where micro-waved, and she’dleft a message 12 next, I was ready to see this show. I’d show up in person but Ashley sounded really fucked up, and when you were on xans you ain’t give a fuck who friend or foe you just get rid of em, and yeah I’m not trying to be micro-waved shit probably hurts.

I vanished appearing in Purgatory where I’d left sal who was screaming, he’d been having nightmares, confused he’d realized by now he was being hunted by monsters. I smiled as I appeared to him.” Hey Sal.”

“YOU FUCKING LET ME OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING” Sal rushed at me but I phased right through him before blasting him with electricity. Sal turned around with a makeshift axe only to stab Rory’s auntie in the chest. I made it so only you she could see me.

“Welcome to new home, umm honestly I coulda dropped you in thePhantom Zone with your sister but what fun is that, you’re dying now..but don’t worry you can’t die here, you keep coming back to life to be hunted, eaten, violated, ect by all the creatures here vampires, werewolves, wendigo’s, leviathans, flesh eating clowns, zombies, ghouls, you catch the drift if you seen Supernatutral up to season 8 you should know you’re way, ou’re lucy I didn’t give Sal this nmuch warning, and just because I’m in good mood” I turned to Sal and punched a hole in his chest as I made myself visible, and suddenly a pack of were-wolves where coming so I used my power to give them a command.

“EAT THEM ALIVE slowly…you’reluckyI don’thave Ashley’s power or else I’d dip you both in BBQ Sacue first, oh yeah auntie..umm..your boyfriend sort of died in the explosion..didn’t see a reason to grab him anyway CYA LATER” I laughed and vanished getting back to my apartment the fear o ntheir face I was just laughing for three minuts straightr.” OH my god when Sal saw me again HAHAHA and the auntie got stabbed by him “ I fell on the grounlaughing, being high as hell probably didn’t help, but the torture these people I had trapped in fiction where going through was hilarious, then I looked into fiction to see Elle being torn apart by Doomsday, while Doomsday was about to kill Roman I warped her into A series of fortunte events into the car that sunk into the water with the flesh eating eels laughing as she was eaten alive, barely able to contain my lughter.” HOLY FUCK JACK..what are you up LMFAO GODZILLA stepped on him hahahahahahaha,”

I got done laughing I decided it was time for some combat training, and I knew the perfect place to do that as I vanished reappearing in Heroes in Season 3 during fugitives inserting myself so that I Was born a special, and had a mysterious ability, but I’d managed to evade the Company I was a known upcoming producer in New York City, since that was the epicenter of so much shit going down during fugitives. I was just sitting down on my laptop reason was open and the beat that “I” had been working on was actually pretty nice.” This shti flows, I could make it a bonus song for Flight or something.” Just as I was getting into it my spider sense went off doors burst open Agents flew in guns raised, tasers going to hit me, and I yelled out as the lead agent of the operation was speaking into a walkie talkie as my body hit the ground.” Banker’s down, we’re gonna load em up bring him to the next flight, tell Danko right after I’ll get back to tracking down Parkman and Petrelli.”

I just lay on the ground face-first smilling before all their walkie talkies, and technology shut off and I slowly hovered raising to the ground as the agents took out their guns to use their tasers, I unleashed arcs of electricity on all the agents on the room except the lead agent who took out his gun after I unleashed enough voltages to burn the skin off the other agents. “Wow that was fun? I enjoyed that outing, I think I’m going to enjoy target practice. You people..hunt people we’re different hmmh”

“Stay BACK YOU FUCKING FREAK” The man opened fire, three bullets into my chest and suddenly his gun fell to the ground, then before he knew it I was in-front of him grabbing him and tossing him into a wall. “You fucked up my apartment, well buddy, you fucked up the wrong apartment, because..bad things happen to people who mess up my parents, bad thing number 1” I smiled as I raised my hand.
X was making his exit from the hospital, a simple visit, poison. The hospital would find out, but at that point what could they do? He was an expert there was no traces, he had an inside man in the hospital help him get in and out quickly, with surveillance blocked for the time being.

It was by luck that as he was getting into his vehicle with his business partner he saw another target and just smiled.” Drive around the block, we’re going up to the roof, I’m glad I have what I have in the trunk, business needs to be taken care f.”

The man did as instructed driving up behind the block and making his way into a parking lot near the hospital slowly edging his way into the upper levels before he felt a sense of unease.” Is this about the girl? I told you it was a mistake, if you’re taking me here eto kill me X pleas eI..”

X put his hand on his partner’s shoulder, “Now now’ve been doing business me with the past two weeks, and you really think I’m mad about some lady? I’m irate that you put a bullet in her before I could put something I wanted in her, but that’s alright I don’t hold grudges. Just Drive man.”

“Alright..” He seemed to be reassured a bit as they got to the floor above the top floor not under a roof, the businessman got out of the car and X handed him a picture. “That’s the man I’ll drive up to the entry, after you shoot, run, and then we’ll escape, car ready to go, sniper’s in the trunk.” X popped open the trunk and the guy got out and let X get in the driver’s seat getting the weapon making sure no one was around and shut the trunk, before X drove some more and the man got out. “Go on.”

As his partner got to the roof X smiled and just drove off, making his way to the lower levels while his partner called him.” Ok? You got him?”

“Yeah where you want the shot?”

“Anywhere fatal, it’ got a silencer on it, so you’ll be fine but you need to go regardless.” The Man peered into his weapon seeing Michael and put h is finger on the trigger, watching as he came outside with a female. He pulled the trigger the bullet flew forward and struck Michael in the upper chest.

“It’s done” The Shooter turned around to run only to be killed in an explosion as, X had planted a bomb on him, while X himself was outside the parking lot at a safe distance just smiling. “One Down, Two To Go.” He turned on his radio a CD still in, and Moonlight sonata began to play.
The men were killed in the microwave, and she warped the remains to elsewhere aka in the ocean, before going to the police officers, counting them out.” Daaaamn Miami finna ave hella less cops, trest yall mafuk shold be labu “ She was speaking worst because of the Xanax her words extremely slurred and she stumbled as she walked going to the fridge to get some yogurt she came back with that and h a gun shooting up the table using giant bullets to tear apart escaped mafia and cartel prisoners before laughing. “Shiddd..hadda hurt ight now for da mafucking cops, wait yall. “She turned to a small bubble of space had which had Rory’s fam and dropped them in a masjon jar which she reduced in size. “I’mma deal with yall later..Im on my Buddah shit so yall..going love f now..”

She warped the mason jar to the counter, and then warped the kidnapped police officers into the yogurt, while she warped some of the prisoners inside her blender then put in some fruits, she plugged it in then warped more of the prisoners the majority of them using space to cram them in her then ignoring screams pressed the button while taking a picture of the cops in the ice cream before eating the yogurt and starting the blender.” kill da…rest.” The Xans were already making her more and more less able to function so she decided to warp the majority of the rest into the yogurt and blender, while looking down at her phone to see what time she’d go to get tatted up. After that she made her bong appear hitting it a few times, while making the contents inside her blender vanish using her spatial sense she found another person in the apartment who had a slushie and put the contents of the grinded up human remains and fruits inside keeping watch of her with her spatial sense.” Oh dat shit..going be funny and the rest of yall I Got a few ways to kill yall fuks…but lemme send this to the 10g man “She sent the picture of the co ps to me, before going over to the others to finish the job.


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Now this' ll be a beautiful death...

As I exited the hospital with Carmen beside me, she froze the very momenti felt a piercing hot pain in my chest that knocked me me back. My eyes widened with shock as I found myself falling to my knees. It was ironic to be gunned down right in front of a hospital. A place where lives were saved, was the place my life was lost. As my body collapsed, my face smacked against the cold hard concrete. Carmen screamed at the top of her lungs before looking for thw shooter.Before she could even find any clue, an explosion went off at theupper level of the parking lot nearby.

"Mike! No please! Fuck no!" Carmen screamed as people panicked. Paramedics were already flying out of the hospital. I felt myself go into shock already as I felt the warm blood soak my shivering body beneath me. Could I call this deicide? The killing of a god... No, I was but a man. It was shown just from this instant. That's all I needed, was for my guard to be down. Carmen wanted to save me somehow, but the paramedics already came to roll me on my back. They kept my feet elevated, an attempted to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. It wasn't just the wound that would do me in today, but the shock as well. Arterial blood soaked through the pressure gauze that was pressed down on my wound. They checked for an exit wound, but seemed to lose morale when they discovered it to also be in my chest as well. I couldn't hear anything anymore, and then I couldn't see. The was unbearable, but that soon faded as well. There was no reason to fight. I couldn't change the world, hell I couldn't even change my friends. I was weak, pathetic, and living in the clouds. My disappointment would leave me too. Yeah, it was gone now. Then... then there was.... just nothing. Carmen screamed at the paramedics as the link made her unwillingly watch my aura fade. She shook her head as streams of tears flowed down her face. Her mind hit the breaking point... and that's when she did the unpredictable.

"Mike..." She uttered as she put her hand into left left of my jeans. She fused her hand into my leg, with some hope of doing something, only to feel the energy within my body dying out. "No!" It was hopeless. The defribulator was then brought out the paramedics hecticly yelled clear, and everyone moved a bit. Until one of them spotted Carmen's hand.

"Shit! Stop!" He yelled as the pads released volts of electricity into my body. With Carmen connected, she received the shock as well. Thr jolt was quick, but so was the nature of her powers. Carmen was seen knelt down with electricity surging across her skin like some kind of freak as my body just bobbed a few times from the electricity pulsing through my body that remained hopless of life. Everyone backed away in shock. Some people got out their phones, while others just stared at the girl who looked like a human taser.

Carmen... she just knelt there motionlessly at the sight of closest friend dead. She didn't care what anyone could see. All that mattered was what she was witnessing. First sadness came over her, but rage was quickly born in her heart and fed off her emotions to become a beast of chaos within her. Her anger caused more electricity to surge through her body until she converted into electricity. My body did the samebefore she absorbed me completely and darted away with a grunt as she cried in pain of her loss. At least in the end... she'd always have me... her closest friend, Michael Hayes.


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Carmen shut her eyes tightly as she laid on the rooftop of an apartment building. She was attempting to stop her tears, but was simply failing that task. She couldn’t believe what just occurred just moments ago. Michael was not only gone, but she could probably never show her face again. She had exposed hers abilities to the world. She wasn’t even stressing that part however. She would have done anything to save him, and in her eyes, it still wasn’t over. This hope she had would soon be crushed….

The link… Carmen thought as she left her eyes shut. She wanted to make herself focus, but was unsure if that would work. The link was alien to her and she had never accessed it voluntarily, but she’d try anything. It wasn’t until she felt a strange sensation that she opened up her eyes to see transparent wisps of blue floating in the air. This was child’s play compared to what Michael was capable of. She frowned before concentrating as she scowled at the sky.

“Come on…” She whispered to herself before the scenery around her darkened. “A little more…” Carmen said as she shut her eyes tight and got in tune with the link. The moment she opened her eyes, she found herself standing in a different plane of existence. She was unsure how she had sunk so deep, but it was a good thing.

“Welcome.” A voice said to Carmen as she jumped from being startled.

“What the fuck… Who are you?” Carmen asked as she looked around for the origin of the voice. To her surprise, no one was around.

“I’m a… I’m a friend.” The voice said as it sounded distorted.

“Mike? Mike is that you?!” Carmen yelled as she kept whipping her head around.

“I’m sorry for your loss… But I am here to somewhat celebrate this moment.”

“Celebrate? Celebrate?! Fuck you! You’re an asshole!” Carmen roared as tears streamed down her face. She screamed out into the depths of the link before the scenery went from a blue void, to pitch black with just a white aura encasing her body. “I hate…I hate you…” Carmen said as she dropped to her knees. “Why did you have to fucking die?! You just left me… and now I don’t have anything. Everyone knows I’m a freak… I can’t go to school, can’t get a job, I don’t know what the world will do with me…” Carmen cried harder than she ever had in years. The last being when her grandmother passed away in the hospital.

“You don’t understand… We needed Michael to die…”

“Shut up!” Carmen lashed out.

“He was broken and useless to us...”

“I said shut up! Do you not listen pendejo!”

“You’re much more feisty than the others… Stubborn, but hardened. I see why he recommended you to be the one to join him.”

“SHUT UP!” Carmen shouted. “Mike! Mike! You have to be in here… You’re a part of the link… even if you’re dead! Mike! Don’t let it take you! Come back!” Carmen cried before images of Michael appeared. One was of Michael squinting as the meteor rock contaminated him and the others with its power. Another showed me with electricity in one hand while I had light in the other. One showed me smiling as I played beer pong against Nicole. Then next with Michael burning down a small safehouse with police officers inside. Then showing him taking down Floyd on the beach. It showed the meteor rock as it activated in the palm of Carmen’s hands as he reached out towards her. Carmen watched as these scenes unfolded. Michael attacking Floyd, learning of Nicole’s death, being haunted by her memory, Halloween, their walk that just happened only minutes ago and finally… there was an image of Michael’s eyes widening as a bullet pierced through his chest. She shut her eyes again, weeping at the second sight of his death. “Are you happy? Are you fucking happy?” Carmen wept to the voice that only made her feel worse.

“I am… I am happy for Michael. He was a man who had put so much weight on his shoulders. Weight that he couldn’t bear with the weakened state he was in. He made for this by training himself and doing research into the science of his capabilities… Do you know the moment he tried to stop you from touching that rock, his powers readied themselves for shutdown. It was like pulling a hard drive from a computer. For a small while his powers were completely gone… It took some time, but he got himself plugged back in. Then he realized that something wasn’t right. He had… lost a few programs along the way. He could function, but not like before. It caused him to unwillingly be extremely connected to the link. Probably the strongest I’ve seen. Like an anomaly of its own… Carmen.” The distorted voice said as she looked up at the dark void.

“What could you possibly want?” She questioned.

“Allow me to show you something… Something very amazing.” The voice said as the scenery around Carmen changed from nothingness to a cave with a lit fire. Close to the flames was a man keeping warm in his temporary shelter. The man still shivered as cold air blew in from time to time, but he’d be safe from the cruelty of winter. He wore the furs of animal he had hunted down and sandals on his feet. His gray hair was long and ragged. “This man is a great man. He may not look it, but he is the man who believed in Michael.”

“He will… he will be amongst a powerful group rivaling my own… He shall be a man of justice. A man who aims to make right of what is wrong. His powers will grow fast with his sharp mind.” The man coughed as Carmen moved in closer. This was her first clear vision. “Then… no… a wretch will weaken him to nothing but a shell of his former prowess. He will always feel inferior to his peers and ashamed of his weakness.”

“You…” Carmen was speechless as she turned to look at the mouth of the cave. She was looking for whoever was showing her this, but he wasn’t present.

“Then… The young man will lose his life. Die like a mortal man with nothing but regrets…” The man continued.


“Yes, he was able to see things beyond what a normal man could see. He could peer into the future. He could see your friend’s demise. It was practically written in stone. Do you know what happens next, Carmen?” The voice asked as Carmen just stood there without speaking. The old man by the fire froze in place as did the flames. “Do you?”

“No.” She said as she felt guilt engulf her very heart.

“You let your friend go. You let him die so he can stop living in pain. As a shred of yourself. Let him finally have his peace!” Homer appeared in front of Carmen with a disapproving look on his face. The scene around them went from its frozen state and continued as Homer pointed his can toward the man by the fire

“It wasn’t until those regrets were left to die with him… It wasn’t until then that a new hero was born.” The man uttered before the scenery returned to nothingness.

“Michael had high hopes for you… Prove him right.” Homer said before Carmen found herself laying on the roof again. It was time to let go…


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Carmen sat down on the rooftop with her knees tucked up close to her chest. She knew what she had to do, but she didn't want to do it at all. It meant that she'd accept that Michael had died. Homer was right though... and technically it was her fault. She had touched the rock on his desk, and even if he claimed it to be his own mistake, Carmen would refuse to see it that way, especially after the experience in the link. She took a deep breath as Homer's last words echoed through her head. It was time...

"Mike... I'm going to make things right. I'm going to find who did this to you... then I'll make you proud. I'll make sure that the world has a sense of justice once I'm done taking it... I just wish you could be there to see it... Me as the new hero. You were the reason I got this power. You helped me understand it, and now..." Carmen's body converted in electricity. "I can do so much. So before I let you leave..." Carmen allowed herself to stand up. She paused, being reluctant. "I just want to say... Thank you. Gracias mi amor." Carmen said as she changed into her own form with tears ready to escape her eyes. With her eyes shutting in order to be the dam to block her tears, she started to release Michael's body from her own. She expected to hear a thud from his body hitting the floor, but a crackling was heard instead. Her eyes shot open to see what was going on before seeing a body of electricity lying on the rooftop. Carmen raised an eyebrow before the electricity began to go rampant. Carmen backed away before her vision flashed from normal vision to her now discovered ability of Beacon Vision through the link. She could see a golden glow where the electricity was, and it was glowing brighter! Her eyes widened as her vision switched back repetitively.

Throw dirt on me... grow a wildflower
Fuck the world... get a child out her
Yeah, my life's a bitch, but you know nothin 'bout her
Been to hell and back I can show you vouchers....

Carmen trembled as she backed away again. Those lines in the song, No Love fit nicely as the golden aura became too bright for Carmen to see... then she heard a scream that sent chills down her spine. It wasn't the nature of the scream, but the scream in general that startled her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!" The roar broke Carmen's connection to the link making her witness the body of electricity rise from the floor. The being that stood before Carmen examined itself. "Hmm..." It let out before converting into light, then fire. "Yes..."

"Mike?" Carmen questioned before the being turned its attention to her. It slowly shook its head in denial as it's body began to lose its flames. Carmen just stared in shock as thse being began to take on a familiar appearance. An appearance that would make its denial a lie. As the being became flesh and bone, its naked body stepped forward.

"I am Aegis..."