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Emily Black formerly known as Nicole Wilson

They are going to wish I was really dead when I'm done...

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a character in “Power”, as played by sweet_angle66


Telekinesis...because bending spoons with your hands is so last year!

So begins...

Emily Black formerly known as Nicole Wilson's Story


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When I came back to College..I thought everything would be great, senior year I was gonna graduate move on with my life nice paying job! My last year at Miami with all my buddies Michael, Rory, Curtis, Tyrone, Ashley, Jada, Nicole, everyone. But then it happened the day I borrowed Ashley’s car Me, her, Michael, Rory, Curtis I was too intoxicated to be driving mistake number one. Drove off the road into that damn cave, at first I was just worried about getting back on the road but then I saw it that..light, and the others followed me, it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. A Fucking blue meteor rock glowing the shit started making some crazy loud noise my head felt like it was gonna explode, the light shown, BAM we ran, I hopped in the car and drove off I had no idea what happened. Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, The Second Coming, Monsters living underground, no what happened was much worst in a way. All of us changed we could all do different things. Ashley could make stuff bigger or smaller like Antman on steroids, Rory was like Professor X reading minds, controlling em, all of that, Michael was the master of energy kinetic, electric, if it was in a physics book it was under his command, Curtis I still don’t know ghost powers like Danny Phantom maybe casper who knows, but who am I to think a power is crazy when mine is the strangest of the bunch..fiction manipulation I might wake up in Grand Theft Auto 5 and go to sleep in the X Mansion or if I’m really unlucky wake up face to face with Freddy Kruger in my room.

Of course we didn't know what the hell was happening at first, the day after when these powers were just starting to hit was the day everything changed. College was already crazy alcohol, drugs, sex, parties, drama, the craziness only multiplied when you tossed our powers into the mix. A lot of it was my fault I mean when you can let people from Comics and movies roam around in the real world there’s bound to be chaos from explosions to Mcdonalds to drunk driving in the bat mobile. But there’s more Rory using his powers to help me rob drug dealers for money, Michael exposing his powers to a rival athlete on campus & starting beef with a local mafia family , Ashley making record amounts of people disappear unintentionally, Curtis exposing his powers to strippers at his job albeit to save them from a vicious human trafficking group, so you can see the blame isn't all mine. Not to mention the rock hadn't just granted us powers it had made us connected, an emphatic link. We were in tune to each other’s thoughts, emotions, state of being everything, if one of us was hurting we could all feel it. But we weren't the only ones who’d wandered into the cave, Nicole would be next to be granted a power, the ability to move objects with her mind more commonly known as telekinesis. And while we weren't the last people to see the cave, Nicole was due to her bringing the cave tumbling down smashing the rock probably for the better.

While we were all connected to the link even Nicole she was left to discover her ability mostly on her own, with Michael being the only one who suspected her of being different. And eventually shit started getting a little too crazy the mafia family tried to have Michael killed, and ended up killing a girl he’d been seeing named Barbara. The Drug dealers me and Rory robbed blew up our penthouse and opened fire on my friends leading to me retaliating with so much violence the Military intervened and put the city of Miami on lock down, Michael was under suspicion at work for being at the epicenter of so much of the shit going down to the point the CIA pulled him to the side, Ashley ended up killing people to protect her secret, and Nicole did her best to stay out of our drama only for me to send Rory to her. Of course that actually turned out best they hit it off really good mainly because they were the only two who hadn't got involved with the FBI, CIA, DEA, and several organized crime factions as a result of misusing their powers. And although we didn't know it there this was the beginning of our powers tearing apart our friendship. Rory and Nicole used their powers in the casino to get big money, and decided to run off to Vegas to really be set for life.

I used my own powers to support my previously lackluster music career and quickly get enough attention that people like Kanye West where hitting me up in a matter of weeks. Not to mention thanks to my powers I moved up from a low level street dealer to one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords. Michael was moving on up in his career in the military doing work for the CIA, & Ashley was using her powers to do whatever she wanted and get rid of anyone in her way. The Consequences of our actions quickly become apparent as Rory’s casino scams got my cousin hurt, and lead to us falling out, ending up with me leaving him broke and comatose for 10 days when he got back to Miami. Not to mention I fell off the deep end as I sought vengeance against the group who hurt my cousin using my powers to hurt, kidnap, and kill. In the end Nicole was among of my victims using a bolt of lightning to kill her for robbing me in retaliation for what I’d done to Rory. I literally got rid of my conscience and then worst things happened. Rory became hell bent on getting revenge for what I’d done to him and Nicole’s murder, Michael was in a full blown war against the Falcon Family, Ashley’s powers had led to her loosing the people closest to her causing her to slowly loose her sanity and become more and more of a monster, not to mention Carmen..another person with powers an accident caused by Michael. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I killed Nikki..I gave up my conscience and I formed the Greeks a ruthless criminal organization that the media says rivals the Cartels in terms of brutality all because of my lust for the Almighty Dollar. Rory left to Mexico to become powerful enough to get his revenge on me, Michael’s been abducted by the CIA to be put through a rigorous combat training program on Mount Rushmore called Mount Aegis, Curtis is in plain terms lost not even a member of this dimension anymore or our memories for that matter, Ashley’s lost her mind and will do anything to get what she feels she’s entitled to, Carmen’s dealing with the powers and how they’ve changed her life now without her mentor, & Nicole..well..turns out..she’s still alive..and she’s furious..and she’s gonna make us wish that she was really dead.


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I stood in the midst of the road, arms by my side as I waited patiently for them to arrive. Oh this is going to be so good.... A wicked smile spread across my lips as I heard the vehicle roar around the first corner. I held my position and started to concentrate although my aim was to harm them to the point that they are hanging on for dear life I didn't technically want to kill them. I still morals...even though José has been pushing me towards the edge lately. I shook my head. I was no least not yet The only reason I am standing here in the first place was because one of their dearest friend acted like he was God and stole my life. If he wants to be God then so be it, I have no problem with that. I just hope for their sake he knows how to save lives and not just take them away.

Their life is in their own hands if they can't fight for it then they are not worthy of it. José words echoed in my mind. He had a point. They always claimed they were tough guys at university so let's see how tough they really were. The thought made the corner of my lips extend further upwards. But my mischievous smirk didn't stay long as I became blinded by the headlights. "Here we go..." The driver hit his horn violently to get my attention but I just held my ground and concentrated on my powers. I only had few seconds to configure and release the correct amount of force. Too much and the impact could kill them. Too little and I would get flattened by the car. I already died once and I wasn't ready to die so soon again. I could hear the tyres screech and that's when I knew it was time to act. My eyes shot wide open as an immense unseen force collided with the side of the vehicle "pushing" it off the road. The driver slammed his foot of the brake trying to gain control of the vehicle whilst it plummeted down the small incline and into a tree. I made sure to slow down the momentum of the car so impact wouldn't be fatal. However the collision still had enough force behind it to cause the airbags to be deployed.

"Hmm..." I scoffed flicking my hair over my shoulder before turning and following the fresh skid marks to the wreckage. As I approached the car my eyes quickly shifted through the shattered windows making sure I had hit the right vehicle. Jay. Ralph. Kawan....and Tyrone. A sinister smile spread across my lips as my eyes locked onto Floyd's best friend. Images of the pair partying hard and having a good time popped to mind, but as swiftly as those memories arose they vanished as I heard a faint groan coming from the backseat. Suddenly Jay's head thrust forward and slams up against the passenger seat knocking him conscious. As long as they had a pulse my hands would be clean...truthfully at this moment in time I couldn't really care less whether they were alive or dead. My mind had subconsciously opened up the link and was recapping the damages caused by their powers...the innocent bystanders...the personal properties. It was almost like this so called "link" that we all shared wanted me to take vengeance. Is it trying to corrupt me? Or is it motivating me to bring justice? My mind was too muddled up to fight against the I just went with it.

I ripped Tyrone from the passenger seat and tossed him on the ground like a rag doll. He groaned as his mind struggled against the pain to remain conscious.Tonight was definitely my lucky night because Tyrone hates riding with other people and would usually just drive his own car. However, unfortunately a certain someone had sliced all of Tyrone's tyres when it was parked outside of Jay's house, which meant they all had to ride in the one car to the gas station to buy a box of rello's and other stuff...maybe even pick up some hoes on the way, I think that's how the conversation went if I remember correctly. My hand wrapped around Tyrone's throat as I sat myself down on his stomach. "Stop squirming!" I ripped open his shirt with my free hand revealing his naked chest. "Mhmmm..." I pulled out a branding iron and lighter from my backpack. Even though my hand had disappeared from around his throat I still had a firm "hold" on him.

I casually began to heat up the iron whilst I sat on top of his immobilised body cross legged. I waited until the iron was hot enough before slamming it down on Tyrone's chest and branding him just like Floyd had done to Rory. "Whose bitch are you?" I couldn't help but use my abilities to push the iron further in creating a nice deep burn. As I pulled of the iron a thick layer of skin peeled off with it. I just smirked as I rose to my feet seeing Tyrone unconscious. I guess pretty boy couldn't handle the pain. My eyes shifted to his chest as I admired my handy work. Greeks...that will surely ruffle a few feathers. I chuckled to myself whilst pulling out my phone and dialling a private number. "How's T2 looking?"

"Still surrounded by friendlies."

"Hm...send through the ex details." I hung up and made my way back up the small incline and to the road not hesitating the slightest about leaving Floyd's mates in a ditch to die. It was a pretty common stretch of road so someone will come across them eventually. And after all Floyd was a hero so he should be able to sense that his friends are in danger. I scoffed as I pulled off my black leather gloves and shoved them in my bag. Just as I reached the top my ride pulled up. I quickly jumped into the passenger seat before we took off into the night.


It didn't take us long to arrive at the location where my next victim was at. "Down there..." The driver pointed in the direction of a narrow alleyway next to a rather lively and busy nightclub. This wasn't going to be as easy as the last one. Not only did I have to keep the noise down but I also have to ensure that no one follows us into the alleyway. I exhaled deeply whilst I pushed open the passenger door. You got this. I pulled my hood down over my face as I crossed the street and proceeded down the dimly lit alleyway. A few feet inside I spotted the light skinned African American girl leaning up against the wall lightening up a blunt. "That's a hard habit to kick."

"Huh?" Jada turned towards me only to be greeted with an elbow to the face. She cursed and dropped to her knees, "what the fuck is your problem?" I noticed her hand clenching up in a fist but instead of blocking her feeble counter attack I let her swing. I could see the smirk already appearing on her face as she thought she had me but to her shock her fist stopped inches away from my cheek. Her eyes widened in bewilderment as she tried to push against the pressure but her hand wouldn't budge.

"Having some trouble?" I snickered before kneeing her in the stomach and shoving her into the wall. A few cracks could be heard as Jada's body smacked itself against the cement. She instantly fell to the ground cringing as tears began to sweep down her face. "I haven't even started and you're already crying..." I uttered coldly as I picked her up by her long black hair.

"Please don't hurt me...what you want? A smoke?" She pleaded as I dragged her into the middle of the alleyway. "Why are you doing this?" I stop mid-stride still holding onto her hair. Jada instantly sighed in relief thinking that I was taking pity on her but in actual fact I was pondering her question. There was no way I was going to take pity on her. I don't recall anyone feeling sympathetic towards me when I was laying on my deathbed. Apparently homelessness isn't a big enough punishment for me. I am such a big threat to them that I need to cease to exist. No amount of pleading and crying is gonna save you.

"Same reason your man destroyed my stuff....BECAUSE I CAN!" I hollered enjoying how my voice echoed. I pulled her up onto her feet getting ready to deliver another blow, however she must've knocked her head pretty hard on the concrete because she couldn't seem to stand straight. I decided to give her some assistance so to speak. Jada's body slowly rose of the ground and within seconds I had her levitating half a foot of the ground. I must say whilst I stood there staring at her floating motionless body I felt proud of myself. I had come a long way since my first no hands push. That skill seems so basic now compared to all the new stuff I could do; force field generation, enhanced strength, levitation, choking, manoeuvring, compression, telekinesis knife and even combustion. I haven't fully grasped the ins and outs of combustion but apparently when I concentrate really hard on an object I can make it explode It's a little frightening to think I could make objects explode without even blinking. I shook my head realising I was getting caught up in my own thoughts.

I pulled out a new branding iron from my backpack. Noticing her opening her mouth to most likely scream I quickly forced it shut. "Ah...ah..ah no more talking!...can I borrow your lighter please?" Even though I was asking for her permission I didn't wait for a response and just pulled the lighter out of her pant pockets and had it float into my hand. "Pretty cool huh?.." I chuckled to myself whilst I began heating up the iron. I could feel her try to break free from the invisible restraints but no matter how hard she struggled she remained immobile. "You should save your energy for what's coming wanna survive don't you?" And with that I shove the hot iron against her chest. Jada tried to scream out in agony but her lips were shut tight. I let go of her once I pulled the iron off causing her fall to the floor instantly. She broke out in a hysteric scream and so I quickly generated a force field around us to suppress her cries for help. "Hush, hush don't be such a drama queen." I spoke mockingly as I gazed upon her burnt chest. Zeus...mhmm that's going to look real nice in the morning. I don't know what had come over me but the more she cursed at me and screamed the more pleasure I felt.

I just smirked as I watched her crawl around on the floor helplessly. I didn't quite understand why she was making such a big fuss All she got was a name branded to her chest. That's nothing compared to the shit her ex Floyd had put me through. She should be grateful I didn't just slice her throat and shove her in the gutter. "You psychopathic bitch..." She cussed me out and then spat at my feet like the degenerate she was. My amusement instantly vanished as I used the so called 'force' to choke her just like Dark Vader would do in Star Wars. I raised her body off the ground and began to tighten my hold. She violently thrust her arms and legs about trying to break free. It wasn't long before her stopped squirming and her face started to turn a light shade of blue. Her eyes kept rolling back into her head as she started to loss consciousness from the lack of air.

"Having trouble breathing sweetheart?" I chuckled whilst I let her go. However I couldn't resist and with one last push I threw her up against the wall like it was nothing. I stared at her mangled up body as it laid motionless in the dirty. If it wasn't for the occasionally faint rise of her chest one would think she was dead. "Nobody spits on my new boots.." I uttered as I turned and strutted out of the alleyway.


"How could I miss seeing my Cunnlingus Connoisseur on stage."

I felt as though I was about puke when I heard that foreign money laundering bitch's voice echo in my mind. "I'll get his sorry ass another day. We will hit the girl next...she means more to him." Suddenly I felt a cold hand grab my shoulder I swiftly turned my head in the seat. It was José, he had a rather concerned look on his face.

"Vengeance doesn't always bring happiness." I rolled my eyes at him.

"That's rich coming from you old timer, but if you haven’t noticed by now I got this!”

"Watch it! You’re not invincible and…"

"Yeah...yeah...I'll call you when I'm done," I quickly jumped out of the car before anyone could say anything else. I took a quick glance around to make sure none of Floyd’s fiction buddies were around. I couldn’t afford to get caught at least not this early. I made my way to the door feeling rather confident with myself as I rang the bell and knocked two times.

"Who is it?"

"Girl Scouts.” Before she could respond I kicked the door in. Unfortunately I used a little too much power and kicked the door right off its hinges. I almost hit the brunette but sadly she was too quick and managed to move out of the way. My eyes shifted down to her hands hearing what sounded like a bullet being loaded into its chamber. I just smirked as I stared down the barrel of her glock, “Nice piece! Too bad it won’t be much use to you.” Her hands began to tremble as I immobilized her body. “Pardon me? Did you want to say something? Are you having trouble with the trigger?...let me have a look.” I instrumented her to hand over the glock and as soon as the weapon reached my grasp I turned it back towards her. Her eyes instantly widened in terror. “Hmm…. " I fiddle around with the gun for a few second before I very casually pulled the trigger almost like it was an accident. There was a loud bang followed by hysteric scream as the girl instantly dropped to the floor. “My bad,” I uttered bluntly seeing blood gushing out of her knee.

I bent down next to her and pulled her head up towards me so her ear was right next to my lips. “Bella, isn’t it?” She grunted. “Thought so…how about we move this party into the living room.” I picked her up around the back of her neck and with a little help of my tk I dragged her European ass into the living room. I sat her up against the sofa. Noticing her loosing consciousness I gave her a quick smack. “OI! I would appreciate some attention.” Bella rolled her head back so our eyes were level and then pursed her lips before spiting in my face. She hit me on the cheek. I scoffed as I wiped the spit from my face and straightened myself up. “Wow Floyd has an interesting taste in women.” I pulled out the last branding iron. “The last girl who spat on me is fighting for her life in a dirty alleyway…I hope they find her soon because she could be suffering from brain damage…she hit her head pretty hard on the concrete.” I gave her a sarcastic worried look whilst pulling out Jada’s lighter from my pocket. Bella recoiled as she watched me heat the iron. “Don’t worry he loves you more than any of the others so I’m sure he will come save you.” There was no way he was coming I made sure of it. I choose a night where he was busy obsessing with himself which apparently is most nights. The thought made me smirk. I ripped open her shirt and I bent down next to her. She kind of looked like a rag doll just sitting there motionless only her eyes moving. “Now don’t be a stupid and struggle because not only will that piss me off but if you squirm the name isn’t going to come out nice...Now if I had to get a brand I would like for it to be readable and at look as nice as a brand can look.” I then pressed the burning hot iron against her chest. The smell of burnt skin tickled my nostrils as I pushed against it harder. She tried to scream out but I kept her mouth shut until I was done.

“That’s the best one yet,” I cheered as I pulled the iron off and read the words ‘Rory’s Bitch.’ “His going to love this for sure….mhmm.” I nodded in agreement with myself. Again that strange feeling of amusement and pleasure swept over me as she began to weep in agony.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Why? Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s kind of hard to take vengeance on your lover because he somehow seems invincible…I wonder if it is the same reason I can do this.” Using my TK I generate an invisible knife which slowly cut from her knee up to her thigh. It wasn’t a very deep cut but it still inflicted enough pain for her to scream out which is what I wanted. “Anyway, back to the story. Since I can’t go after him I thought I would just punish his friends and the people he loves..”

“Seems like a pussy move to me,” she bluntly interrupted me. The amusement vanished as I jammed the invisible knife down into her thigh. She was about to cry out in pain but I delivered a harsh blow to her jaw to shut her up.

“It’s funny how you can talk shit in your predicament…” My right hand lashed out towards her throat as I lifted her up before slamming her down onto the ground. Chokeslam! Bella groaned rolling to her side to reveal a number of shattered tiles.

“I don’t deserve this,” she cried out as she huddled up in a ball.

“YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS? YOU? I DON’T DESERVE THIS!” I parted and pulled back parts of my dyed black hair to reveal a rather large scar on the top of my head. “I DON’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS…I DID NOTHING TO HIM…ABOSULTELY NOTHING…AND HE JUST TAKES EVERYTHING AWAY FROM ME…MY ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE…DESTROYS ALL MY BELONGINGS…YOU THINK THIS IS SOME FUCKING FAIRYTALE, WHERE EVERYTHING IS FAIR?! WHAT HE DID TO ME WASN’T FUCKING FAIR! IF ANYTHING IS FAIR, IT’S THIS!” I was going to go at her again, but something stopped me dead in my tracks. It was Floyd, he seemed to have taken Bella’s spot on the floor. He just stared at me…smiling.

I stood there in shock for just a second before rage flooded my mind. It was all his fault. He did this to me! He made me like this! I was starting to lose it, but what made me break was when he slyly winked at me. It was if he had single handily lifted the gates that kept my sanity. “FUCK YOU!” I pounced on her and began to throw punch after punch. I just kept hitting her face that reflected his image. The man who truly deserved this. My hands and face become splattered with blood but I didn’t stop. All I could think about was wiping that stupid smile of his face.

"EMILY!" José voice roared throughout the house as three of his men rushed into the living room and grabbed me by the arms and legs to try and pull me off Bella.

“LET GOT OFF ME!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I kept on swinging at her face.

“STOP! THAT’S ENOUGH!” They finally managed to drag me off her but not before I gave her one last hard kick in the head. “EMILY, I SAID THAT’S ENOUGH!....OUTSIDE NOW.” I spat out some of my own blood on the ground near Bella before turning around to glare at José as I walked passed him and out the door. “You’re better than this," he followed me out into the front yard.

“He deserved it.”

“But she doesn’t.”

“He took everything I had…” I could feel my throat tightening up. “My parents think I’m dead…” My fingers unclenched themselves as the tears began to stream down my cheek. “I have nothing left…” I fell to my knees. Within seconds José was by side, he wrapped his arms tightly around my body as I wept into his chest. “You have us…we’re your familia now.”


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Her Thoughts...

Carmen jogged lightly across the boardwalk of South Beach. She was wearing her sports bra and compression shorts that cut off at the mid thigh. As she moved along the wooden flooring, her ponytail bounced from side to side. She wished she had music, but decided it would be better to get lost in her own thoughts. She thought about hanging out with Floyd or Ashley, maybe even both, but she really needed to find this Jennifer girl. She took Nicole’s place for the university’s newspaper conveniently after the latter was suspended from writing. Jennifer had even wrote a story on Nicole Wilson’s reassignment and death. It seemed like she was either showing off or saw Nicole as a role model. Either way, it was weird. Carmen needed to know where Michael was, and why Michael didn’t say anything to her about his departure. The only good thing about all this is that she knows he’s most likely alive and safe.

She thought on how to track this woman down, but stopped in her tracks as she felt a wave of emotion hit her like a freight train. As Carmen stared blankly, a tear managed to roll down her face before grinding her teeth.

“What the…” Carmen shook herself out of the strange trance that she was in. She could feel Floyd and Ashley’s anger, and it wasn’t like it was big punch to the face. It felt like waves of continuous anger and despair were hitting her. She wiped the tear off her face before just deciding to walk. Images flashed momentarily, but remained mostly transparent. She thought she’d never experienced the link if she left it alone, but it seemed there was no escaping it. A flash of the brands left on Floyd’s friends showed up. This one was clear as day. She stopped her tracks once again, but she frowned at the sight. It was as if she was seeing it from his perspective. As he went from room to room. The last brand was probably the oddest. She recognized Rory’s name, but hadn’t met him. Not officially at least. Michael had told her plenty about him when speaking about the others with powers. Michael had said the guy was mostly harmless, but recently has a lot of issues with Floyd… well everyone had issues with Floyd. She knew he was pretty hell-bent on taking Floyd down a notch, while Michael had done the opposite and left Floyd to his own self destruction. At least that’s how Michael put it. He could be plotting against Floyd right now… You have to be close in order to stab…

With a sigh, she made the vision fade. She made it look entirely too easy, but she wasn’t in the mood for any child’s play. In her opinion, there was no point in targeting others without hitting the big guy. And if you can’t beat the big guy, get strong or move on, because you’re making yourself out to be exactly what you oppose… a big guy picking on those that are weaker than him. She kept moving before she heard a loud explosion. She was about to just head her own way back to her apartment, but an idea dawned on her… This… whatever it was… This would make a great story. Time to find that pretty newspaper girl.


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Combat training had been excellent and once again helped me get a grip on my abilities. I’d decided to take it to Building 26 itself since I was oh so interested in meeting Emile Danko in the flesh. I hated people like him so he’d been fun to experiment on different things before killing him. I got to face off against a few of my favorite characters Bennet, Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, and Peter, and I felt better after doing so. I started a fire in the building after I was done having fun, sure some agents would escape, but I’d spread the fire fast so a good bit of people inside would die. It was extremely entertaining to hear them screaming for help, burning alive. I was getting use to the smell of burnt flesh now, I was think ing about dropping by X Men or maybe Supernatural naw scratch that, maybe..mhmm..I dunno who else was next on my list for combat training?

I just sat on the burning Government Building, as the sound of blaring sirens we’re coming, and helicopters we’re coming. “Ah shit.” I quickly made myself invisible not wanting to be shot down, or hit with a missile. “Damn Danny could fuck Sam wherever he wanted, hell this motherfucker could cheat whenever he can’t ever get caught on camera.”

I was just laughing as more helicopters, and emergency personnel where arriving when it happened. I Felt a searing pain, this was different from any level of discomfort I experienced through the link from the others, except one other time. When..Nicole..had died, which meant. I felt it for an instant I wondered if Ashley had taken care of Rory, then I saw it. My eyes widened I wasn’t focused on anything around me, even though the amount of police around me matched Grand Theft 5 with 5 stars. Michael Hayes..shot..blood rushing out, his life ended. I was just in a state of shock, even with my emotions dulled he was one of my greatest friends in the world. Even though these powers had caused us to drift apart, in an instant I was in the real world. I felt the pain, his death, it was like a knife digging deep inside me, cutting me, taking out apart of me. I realized this link was truly a connection and it had to do with my emotions, when Nicole had died I hadn’t cared. In fact I’d celebrated somewhat considering what she’d done to me, but with Michael it was different.

“Fuck shit..god damn!” I peered deeper into the link seeing the scene at the hospital before seeing older images what happened just a few minute ago confronting him about breaking in, giving him the the past two conversations in the link that led to me regaining my conscience, showing up at his place unannounced on Halloween, when he broke into my house to attack me after I’d had Zach visit him, the attack at the hospital that was the origin of me ridding myself of my conscience, talking to him about what was going on when I was loosing my powers, and so many others. Tears formed in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away and left the link, coming to the surface as I was sitting on the floor. I got up and went over to my couch to just sit down, the combat training had amplified my highness but this had completely blown it in a way. I hadn’t sobered up from all the opiates in me, but it had pretty much eliminated any euphoria I was feeling.

I didn’t even bother to look any-more, I just sat still, I just needed to calm down. Michael’s death upset me, but not as much as it would without my emotions dulled. I just closed my eyes, and allowed myself to get some rest. My mind, my body, I needed to take a break from reality. Escape into my dreams, escape..from reality. I closed my eyes, and it wasn’t long until I was out. The next thing I knew I was running for my life, helicopters were in the sky with search lights, sirens we’re blaring as police cruisers and trucks we’re moving through the streets. I was moving calmly despite everything as I came to a ded end and just stared at the brick wall, I could hear screeching tires as an SUV pulled up blocking the exit. Two men emerged both dressed in classy business attire, and they began to approach as me as I turned around I stared. The two men stopped and looked at me.” We know who are, skip the formalities, do you accept our offer?” I just stared at the men a blank expression on my face before l eaning against the wall.” Do you accept..Floyd do you acc-

I heard knocking on my door, I awoke from my dream, I snapped back awake. The Dream was the last thing on my mind, it was night time outside. My TV was on and I was shocked as I saw the head line. Death Threat made against hip hop entrepreneur Floyd Banker, Drug Lord Accusation, Greek Ties. “What the fuck..” Before I could say anything I heard loud knocking again, I wanted to grab my laptop but I figured whatever was going on outside was more important. I rushed to the stairs going downstairs only to be blinded by flashes of blue, and the sound of sirens. My eyes widened, normally after passing out from a good sleep after nodding I Felt amazing, but now my heart was pounding.

“THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BANKER! LET US IN! WE HAVE A WARRANT!” I had no idea what happened on the news but I wasn’t good, what I was hearing now I was barely comprehending. Rory you slimy piece of shit, whatever was goig on it had to be Mr. Lamb. I just hoped I wasn’t taken down by the feds when I opened the door. I reached for the knob, and opened the door.

“So you finally opened the fucking door huh? “ I was looking at the agent I’d made a deal with, and instantly a scowl came to my face. We’d just made a deal literally it hadn’t even been a week, and the FBI “Mhmm whoo wee it smells in here, you must have yourself a good time Banker, lucky for you, your preferred method of celebration is legal now. Mind If I step in.”

I was irate a combination of things the feds had disturbed my lean sleep, I had no idea what was going on but it must have been big for the feds to show up despite the deal, and oh yeah one of my best friends we’re dead. “Yeah I fucking do, what’s so important you had to wake me up for?!”

“Well I Don’t give a fuck we need to talk now, and if I were you I’d watch you’re tone, and I hope you had a good dream, because if you don’t know what’s going on it’s about to become a nightmare.” Frank just smiled as if he was too eager to punish me. I was already beginning to regret going to the feds, and yup I was Right. The Feds sat me down to go over the death threat, of course me being in nap mode I Didn’t have anything. I was glad I’d finished the evidence from my recreational activities. I’d been sat down and watched the video..of the death threat. It started bad when I saw Travis, and two other members of the Greeks strapped to a chair, I thought the worst as soon as it began. And more continud to happen the torture, confessing that I was Zeus, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as the two greek’s heads exploded. At first I thought this had to be Rory, but it seemed force the stuttering it didn’t fit Rory, he was a telepath, of course he could just be making them look scared to simply tarnish my image even further.

I had a long conversation with the FBI before they left, but I knew the police would be all over me like white on rice. The Deal was null and void, a death threat with three people’s heads getting blown off on TV, not to mention the bodies were found in a burned building. They’d torn apart my reputation, but that was fine with me. I’d went on the news, but the news I’d saw was even worst. Taser-Girl, the headline, then what I saw, Carmen her face wasn’t clear but I got it. After watching herself expose, I went onto my laptop going to worldstar to see laser girl, and checked it on youtube before slamming my foot down.” FUCK FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! AAAH GOD DAMN MOTER FUCKER CUNT SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY! MIKE, TRAVIS, THE FUCKING NEWS, THE FEDS, NOW CARMEN’S FUCKING UP TOO FUCK FUCK!!!!!” I was ranting everything was falling apart, dead friends, exposure, more heat than when you started shooting at the prison in Grand Theft Auto Online. I just fell to my knees grabbing my head. I was pissed before my phone was ringing, I wondered what others news could be coming before picking up. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Mhmm..not the most pleasant tone is it?” Emma Frost was on the other line, I’d left her at the hospital all day to heal my friend’s mental trauma.

“Whatever you calling to tell me you did what you asked? What the fuck, they healed, they checked out, congrats, I got hella shit piling up on me.”

“IT’s more then that..I delved into their memories..”

“I don’t wanna heara bout the shit Rory fucking did! I saw the end results, that’s enough.”

“Well see..Floyd that’s why I wanted to talk to you…”

I was seen walking forward dressed in all black, including my Obey Beanie. I wore it a little loose so my dreads were exposed, and a huge blunt was seen in my hands. About a gram and a half were stuffed into it, and I was walking inside Mcdonalds. A light skinned lady was seen at the cash register looking down instead of meeting me in the eyes.” What do you want today>”

“Uhh…I’,mma get a big mac, big fries, big drink orange drink, yeah the whole meal.” She looked scared as she in the back ground on a TV it was showing the death threat that was made to me.

“Holy shit you’’ still”

“Gurl..what the fuck…” Right as I said that the music began to start before the scenery changed to me outside with a bic lighting up the rello and hitting it a couple times then exhaling the cannabis smoke.

“Fuck a death threat who these fools tryna threaten, Feds pulling up at my door asking hella questions, Police out front saying i need protection, Told Officers to hit the gas n stop fucking stresing, Still at the club with these bands flexing n finessin, Come at me and I put you in the ground that's my fucking response message!, How I'mma be scared of these bitches when I got all these weapons, I came along away from serving gas infront of 7-11, Now I'm fucking Persian MOdels no more sloppy seconds, asking for a loan saying u use to know me well this the past not the present, Any Drug from A to Z I can prolly sell it, And when I hit this dope I take off just like im Clark Kent, And I can fuck any bitch I want i don't need no consent, and if these mother fuckers do sum else my ak 47 going be unpleasant!!!! BOW BOW BANG BANG SKUTTER! SK SK SK SK SK SK SKUUUURT” The next montage just showed me rapping in various places before showing me in a hot tub with two ak 47’s an two girls one hugging me and the other her head underwater. The Video cut off and was getting to the ending credits before I was shown sitting in a chair in the barber shop smoking.” This for all you mother fuckers thinking I’m scared, fuck you HOES, I rap but I’m still strapped, fuck around with my patnas and get yo ass straight kidnapped!”

“PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN YO! FLOYD B DON’T GIVE NO FUCKS YO! HE REAL IN THIS BTICH! THE STREETS HEARING THIS SHTI! THIS HOW YOU KNOW HE STRAIGHT OUTTA DRILLINOIS N SHIT! CHIEF KEEF AND ALL GBE SHOUT EM OUT, SAYING THEY FINNA COLLAB HOLLOW ROUND! BUDDAH FEATURING CHIEF KEEF AND FREDO SANTANNA! THIS SHIT FINNA BE CRANK ITS GONNA BE THE HOTTEST HIT IN THE STREETS! YALL THINK GUCCI THE HOTTEST IN THIS SOUTH CAUSE HE GOT PATNAS GETTING BODIES BRUH THIS MOTHERFUCKER GOT PATNAS GETTING 9/11’D!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK WRONG WITH YALL LIKE I SAID PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!” The radio then went ahead to play the station again, my song Death Threats which I’d dropped yesterday already had millions of hits on worldstarhiphop, and youtube a combination of my existing popularity, and my death threat. I was infuriated with Travis’s death, but any publicity good or bad I used it to get more famous. I never thought the Greeks would amplify me, but now I Was more famous then ever. Being connected to one of the most infamous new criminal organization’s in the world, I’d gotten millions of more views, more followers on social media it was insane, I felt like J Cole..cause I was blowing up.
Monday was suppose to be a boring day wasn’t it? Not anymore, I mean what’s boring when you had super powers. Travis was dead, Michael was dead, two down, it was only me, Ashley, Carmen, and Rory left with powers. What Emma told me was impossible.

“It wasn’t Rory, it was a girl, who could move things with her mind.” I’d come to the hospital as soon as she said that. I’d let her touch me so I could see her memories. I was watching but none of it made any sense. Jada being confronted by some girl I never seen before, but the voice was one I recognized. She was beaten and branded. Then the memories of Bella, being beaten, the conversation the happened I’d watched. I could still remember everything vividly I overheard Jada’s confession to the authorities, they assumed it was a combination of shock and the drugs. While Bella had just said she didn’t remember but I knew she was lying, she knew something, hell I hadn’t even driven her home from the hospital I’d just had some members of the Greeks do it.

I walked over to Jay’s car in ghost form while keeping myself invisible. I walked over to the car touching it, instantly memories fluttered through my mind.” What the fuck “ I saw it from the car’s point of view a lady, then the car rolling down the street into a tree smashing, Jay’s head being maneuvered by an invisible force slamming into the car seat. “No fucking way” My head was spinning she was dead, it was impossible. This girl sounded like her in the memories, but it couldn’t be her. “She’s fucking dead…She’s fucking dead..I fucking killed…her”

I focused barely reappearing at my next location still in ghost form Bella’s place, and with one step memories flooded into me of Antonio Falcon speaking to Bella. But that’s not what I wanted, I thought back to where the confrontation had taken place in Bella’s memories hovering over there and bending down to touch the ground to see the most recent memories, more specifically from Friday.

“I don’t deserve this,” she cried out as she huddled up in a ball.


I just looked as images played themselves out in real time, before I got off my knees, and clenched my fists. “This fucking cunt…..” I was shaking and was just glad I was invisible, next thing I knew I Was back at my own place my heart was pounding. Two red rings came around as me as I left my ghost mode entering my human form and I just shook my head. “It’s fucking impossible…the lightning..I was in the room when she fucking died..I..I..I felt it..I fucking felt it..I.” I walked over to the counter and took a seat at the stool, looking at Kara my bar tender.

“Pour me a shot, some fucking clear.” Kara moved at her usual speed so the drink was served at it’s usual pace, and I just downed it, wincing at the taste and burning sensation in my throat. “Fuck this shit.” I looked at a bottle of Bombay on the encounter and it flew over to me and I grabbed it. I tore the cap off and began drinking from the bottle chugging before setting it down on the counter. “Fuck..if she’s really..back..this fucking..bitch..God…let you live, and you come back swinging on my homies..fuck it..fuck it..” The Alcohol had served not only to energize me but to irritate me. I didn’t get it, none of it made sense. She was back, I was connecting dots everything made sense. Rory’s Bitch being carved into Bella, Jada being attacked, the heads exploding. “Fuck..” The weight of everything was just starting to hit me like the alcohol, Rory wasn’t responsible, she’d played me.

“Ah shit!!!” I took out my phone and quickly contacted Ashley. The phone began ringing before I heard a click. “Hullo.”

“Ashley! You know Rory’s fam missing right and”

“The fuck do you giv ea fuck, don’t worry bout them motherfuckers, you still tryna look for them motheruckers?””

“Look you remember that shit he did to Jay, and them? What if he didn’t d it, what if it’s another mother fucker, with powers! I think>”

“Naw Look I’mma stop you right there, you on some guilt shit, you on some mother fucking pussy shit! We know who it fucking was, grow a fucking pair, he put yo fucking best friend in the fukin hospital!”

“Look I’m just saying, Ion know if you took his fam or not but if you did..he not guilty..I know who did it, remember that girl who died, she came back to life forreal like Jesus and.”

“DON’t Come at my fucking phone on some stupid shti! I should fucking slice yo fucking neck, you just tryna take his fucking side and

“FUCK! Look I Got a special plan for his family ight don’t fucking go after e might can you juts agree fuck.”

“Ight whatever Fine Fuck!!!!”

“Thank you Shit!” I hung up the phone, I’m glad I’d left Rory’s mother, and auntie in fictional dimensions. At first I’d thought Rory had simply implanted the memory of Nikki’s brutality It made sense, she was dead, it was the perfect cover up because he knew it would irritate me. But he couldn’t alter the memory of a machine or a floor, I had Mr. Gray to thank for that. I’d already retaliated I could just return

Rory was in a heap of trouble, and he was going to be furious. And among the people I knew with powers he was the hardest to reason with, having some people he cared about as playing cards in my corner would help me, because I had a feeling that Ashley may have eliminated the rest of my bargaining chips.
Ashley just shook her head thinking about the day before. She was thinking about what to do with her life, she had a million in the bank, her own barber shop, she was free to have sex with whoever she wanted, and she was invincible. After Floyd wrote her a check for 10,000 dollars she felt even more happy, that was just spending money. She had Rory’s family in the a jar two brothers, sister, grandmother, uncle, and decided to drop them in a shot glass filled with tussionex. “Oh shit I had to make this shit extra sweet.”

She was already pretty gone off the xans, but it was always good to mix opiates. I mean what was the worst that could happen besides respiratory depression and death? She took the shot downing the family, before licking her lips to get the remaining syrup off. “Damn..” It had taken a few blunts later before she decided she’d do what she’d always wanted. Killing the cops she’d felt better then she’d felt in a long time, she hated police almost as much as she hated the majority of caucaisan people. With her powers she could make her dreams come true, make the world how she’d wanted it to be for a long time.

“I’m finna fixxxxx diss shit.” It wasn’t long before she left her home to teleport to Alabama. Thirty minutes later she was back at her place with a table full of people she’d managed to snatch with her power. “So yall..motehr fuckers..I ain’t eve ngoing explain shit, lemme see if I’m counting yall right ok..ok.. I’m finna try sum new shit..I been learning…isss..called da ASS SMASH” With tha she hopped on the table sitting on and the sound of bones crushing was heard as she just started laughing.” Ah shit..I kilt dem mafukers..wit my ass..hahaha” She juts started laughing before getting up ,going over to her bong to hit it again.

In the present she was watching television while hitting her bowl. Floyd’s conversation had irritated her, it was taking everything in her not to go after Rory herself and put an end to that piece of shit. “ start..catching feelings for this hoe..I’m finna just kill him myself, and the rest of the vanillas.” She shook her head while looking at the news she wondered when Alabama would report missing people, while her stomach began to growl. “Mhmm..shiid..I need sum food….chinse yuh!” She grabbed her phone, and went through her contacts before making the call.
Bruce sat up in his hospital room, he was about to get discharged later today. And Amy was suppose to be picking him up, he felt like his head was spinning. HE thought he’d been wasting time, but the news had proved he wasn’t. Floyd Banker had made the news with the death threat, heads exploding, he knew that had to be someone’s ability. Then the human taser girl, he had no idea who that girl was at least until Troy stopped by, some girl named Carmen, who’d been hanging out with Michael. And if she was with him, she had to be part of the crew. Then there was the person who flipped over Frank’s car, or at least who Amy assumed did it Ashley Mok. She’d apparently been under investigation by the FBI for connection to the disappearances, and they’d seen a car disappear into thin air.

“I’m fucking close..”
“Alright look man these are the people you need to protect.” I had people on the wall board, personal friends and people I cared about that I wanted protected. Major Zod just looked at everyth8ing as I handed him a folder as well.

“That’s your job here, man go on you got work to do in the city, remember no lacking, BDK, well no no BDK but protect these mother fuckers you got speed, you got hearing, if they get fucked up, I will have kryptonite shards jammed into your fucking lungs, while having some gay hookers rape the shit outta you understood!”

“Yes Sir.” The Major took the folder and sped off, and I shook my head before going over to a brown box I had and opening up to look at what was inside before closing it, I was gonna have a lot of fun.