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Michael Hayes

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a character in “Power”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Michael Hayes's Story


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When I came back to College..I thought everything would be great, senior year I was gonna graduate move on with my life nice paying job! My last year at Miami with all my buddies Michael, Rory, Curtis, Tyrone, Ashley, Jada, Nicole, everyone. But then it happened the day I borrowed Ashley’s car Me, her, Michael, Rory, Curtis I was too intoxicated to be driving mistake number one. Drove off the road into that damn cave, at first I was just worried about getting back on the road but then I saw it that..light, and the others followed me, it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. A Fucking blue meteor rock glowing the shit started making some crazy loud noise my head felt like it was gonna explode, the light shown, BAM we ran, I hopped in the car and drove off I had no idea what happened. Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, The Second Coming, Monsters living underground, no what happened was much worst in a way. All of us changed we could all do different things. Ashley could make stuff bigger or smaller like Antman on steroids, Rory was like Professor X reading minds, controlling em, all of that, Michael was the master of energy kinetic, electric, if it was in a physics book it was under his command, Curtis I still don’t know ghost powers like Danny Phantom maybe casper who knows, but who am I to think a power is crazy when mine is the strangest of the bunch..fiction manipulation I might wake up in Grand Theft Auto 5 and go to sleep in the X Mansion or if I’m really unlucky wake up face to face with Freddy Kruger in my room.

Of course we didn't know what the hell was happening at first, the day after when these powers were just starting to hit was the day everything changed. College was already crazy alcohol, drugs, sex, parties, drama, the craziness only multiplied when you tossed our powers into the mix. A lot of it was my fault I mean when you can let people from Comics and movies roam around in the real world there’s bound to be chaos from explosions to Mcdonalds to drunk driving in the bat mobile. But there’s more Rory using his powers to help me rob drug dealers for money, Michael exposing his powers to a rival athlete on campus & starting beef with a local mafia family , Ashley making record amounts of people disappear unintentionally, Curtis exposing his powers to strippers at his job albeit to save them from a vicious human trafficking group, so you can see the blame isn't all mine. Not to mention the rock hadn't just granted us powers it had made us connected, an emphatic link. We were in tune to each other’s thoughts, emotions, state of being everything, if one of us was hurting we could all feel it. But we weren't the only ones who’d wandered into the cave, Nicole would be next to be granted a power, the ability to move objects with her mind more commonly known as telekinesis. And while we weren't the last people to see the cave, Nicole was due to her bringing the cave tumbling down smashing the rock probably for the better.

While we were all connected to the link even Nicole she was left to discover her ability mostly on her own, with Michael being the only one who suspected her of being different. And eventually shit started getting a little too crazy the mafia family tried to have Michael killed, and ended up killing a girl he’d been seeing named Barbara. The Drug dealers me and Rory robbed blew up our penthouse and opened fire on my friends leading to me retaliating with so much violence the Military intervened and put the city of Miami on lock down, Michael was under suspicion at work for being at the epicenter of so much of the shit going down to the point the CIA pulled him to the side, Ashley ended up killing people to protect her secret, and Nicole did her best to stay out of our drama only for me to send Rory to her. Of course that actually turned out best they hit it off really good mainly because they were the only two who hadn't got involved with the FBI, CIA, DEA, and several organized crime factions as a result of misusing their powers. And although we didn't know it there this was the beginning of our powers tearing apart our friendship. Rory and Nicole used their powers in the casino to get big money, and decided to run off to Vegas to really be set for life.

I used my own powers to support my previously lackluster music career and quickly get enough attention that people like Kanye West where hitting me up in a matter of weeks. Not to mention thanks to my powers I moved up from a low level street dealer to one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords. Michael was moving on up in his career in the military doing work for the CIA, & Ashley was using her powers to do whatever she wanted and get rid of anyone in her way. The Consequences of our actions quickly become apparent as Rory’s casino scams got my cousin hurt, and lead to us falling out, ending up with me leaving him broke and comatose for 10 days when he got back to Miami. Not to mention I fell off the deep end as I sought vengeance against the group who hurt my cousin using my powers to hurt, kidnap, and kill. In the end Nicole was among of my victims using a bolt of lightning to kill her for robbing me in retaliation for what I’d done to Rory. I literally got rid of my conscience and then worst things happened. Rory became hell bent on getting revenge for what I’d done to him and Nicole’s murder, Michael was in a full blown war against the Falcon Family, Ashley’s powers had led to her loosing the people closest to her causing her to slowly loose her sanity and become more and more of a monster, not to mention Carmen..another person with powers an accident caused by Michael. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I killed Nikki..I gave up my conscience and I formed the Greeks a ruthless criminal organization that the media says rivals the Cartels in terms of brutality all because of my lust for the Almighty Dollar. Rory left to Mexico to become powerful enough to get his revenge on me, Michael’s been abducted by the CIA to be put through a rigorous combat training program on Mount Rushmore called Mount Aegis, Curtis is in plain terms lost not even a member of this dimension anymore or our memories for that matter, Ashley’s lost her mind and will do anything to get what she feels she’s entitled to, Carmen’s dealing with the powers and how they’ve changed her life now without her mentor, & Nicole..well..turns out..she’s still alive..and she’s furious..and she’s gonna make us wish that she was really dead.


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I breathed rather calmly as my combatives instructor walked away. He was an extremely skilled master, but I surprised even him. I was more swift, stronger, and could take on even his toughest of blows. He had taught me a few of the basics first, but he found my yawns to be quite agitating. A smirk was plastered on my face as I watched him go.

"See, Minerva. I don't need this training. I passed all of your tests, so how 'bout we make that hologram gold and I get out of this jail." I said this as I looked up for some kind of camera, but I couldn't spot one.

"I have no control over your training schedule or progress, but I assure you that your performance will be reviewed... Michael Hayes, you may now begin meditation."

"Bullshit..." I said as I looked around again. On the floor was a trail that led me out of the room. I was almost done, and all I had to do was sit down and go to sleep. I followed the red trail through the corridor of the Project Aegis facility. It led me down a long passage of steps, which made me feel like this meditation was going to be a big deal. I guess a regular human would need it after such a stressful training day. The thought made me snicker. The longer I was here, the more I forgot about my problems back home.

"Whoa..." I said as I reached the bottom of the steps and entered am area that was shaped like a dome with dim blue lights lighting the room. This free time to meditate could definitely be useful. The scenery had immediately reminded me of the link. "I guess I better get started." I said as I walked into the center of the room. Before I took a seat, something felt wrong. I looked around for a moment, using my energy vision, before seating myself. I couldn't detect anything. Perhaps it was link. "Here I go." I whispered to myself before I sunk into the link. I found myself waking up in a field where I had seen that mysterious looking acient greek who stood before three others. The world was as clear as day, as if I was actually flesh and bone in this long forgotten memory.

"So you want us to go venture and kill others like us?" One asked the mysterious man who appeared to be in charge.

"Yes, Prometheus. Uranus of the sky mistakenly granted these abominations with new life. You should be able to find them with ease Prometheus. Your brothers, Epimetheus and Atlas will obliterate them."

"As you wish Lord Cronus." The three brothers said as they bowed to the titan. My eyes widened in disbelief as I looked at the Titans. What were they doing? I walked toward them only for Prometheus to look my way for a moment. I stopped where I was as he looked me directly in the eyes. This couldn't be.

"What are you looking at brother?" Epimetheus asked before Prometheus shook his head.

""Nothing. I just received a vision... of what's to come. Let's find the others and take their lives in the name of the Titans." Prometheus said before Atlas levitated. He lifted both hands and made hos brothers rise as well. Cronus then cleared his throat.

"Destroy the other seeds of our 'father' as well. We don't need anymore... accidents." Cronus added before Prometheus nodded and pointed in a direction. Then the three took off.

"This... this shit is a lot more real..." I said to myself before taking a breath and appearing at the top of an Aztec pyramid. There was man with a multitude of piercings on his body with a huge head dress. I'd seen him once before... he was the mighty and divine Quetzalcoatl... the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs.

"It seems I have visitors." He said as three figures floated in the distance. Shit was about to go down.


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The pictures came through of Rory Lamb walking over to the damaged FBI van, and doing something to the injured agents. Eddie had the pictures he’d been following the van from a distance and as soon as the accident happened he was about to rush over there until he saw Rory going first. He’d sent them to Frank who was looking them over.

“Fuck..Matt..what the fuck did this bastard, what the crane operator say, did you guys nab em.”

“We got em, he don’t remember shit, like he blacked out, gave em lie detector tests and everything, we’re keeping him in custody, the others are hospitalized there not critical but there bad…heard one of em say who am I damage to the brain might be serious, if their bodies recover, their minds probably won’t, we gotta tail this guy from a distance. Still no word on Hayes, and we’re doing our best to keep tabs on Banker, and that chick Mok, you got anything from her.”

“We’ve got what we think might be a few drug deals, but it’s just for personal consumption, most likely marijuana but we’re not even concerned about that with her case. You tailed Lamb’s earlier to the same place Slim’s death was recorded, you think he’s the murderer.”

“He’s a top suspect but I Don’t think he killed him, I mean a few weeks ago I thought this kid was juts some college student who got involved with running big boy amounts of drugs with Banker now he shows up in Mexico, second richest man in the world’s dead, and some of our best agents hit with a crane, potentially got amnesia, something’s going on, this terrorist shit that started in Miami, I got homeland security still crawling all over that place, DEA too but maybe we need to stop focusing on drugs and bombs and o n the serious fucking picture, all this shit going on, there’s gotta be a epicenter some serious shit’s going on.”

.”Alright you’re right I’m going to look into those mafia leads informants gave us with the Falcons and Hayes.”

“If he’s missing, you think the Falcon’s might have had something to do it with it. Hit and Run type deal, or in this case Hit and Bury.”

“I dunno Eddie you stay focused in Mexico, Matt was more than a fucking partner, he was my friend.” Frank hung up the phone and shook his head, now Matt was down for the count. He hadn’t even been in the feds a year, and this happened to him. “Jesus why Matt..why. FUCK!” He slammed his foot into his car and just shook his head everything was going wrong, no leads on any of the people in Miami, everything terrorist related was null and void, and he was about to drop mOk when someone walked up to him with a papers.

“Sir the papers you wanted about the disappearances, everything you asked panned through. None of the people showed up ever again, no leads whatsoever, for all 647 victims, vehicles gone too ,first time we couldn’t recover everything no trace it’s like they just vanished into thin air like the rapture.” The lady walked away and Frank just held the folder, he couldn’t believe he was thinking about what Amy said, people with powers making people vanish, it wasn’t even like they stashed a super weapon away nope super human powers that was beyond ridiculous, but this amount of missing people and property with no hint of a trace was just as ridiculous and now the incident with Rory, the man crane operator claimed not to know anything like he just blacked out while it was happening almost as if..someone used him..someone ..controlled him.
I wished this was just some fucked up dream, but the Greek Titans were actually coming to face Quetzalcoatl. I backed away from the Aztec god as he stood from his throne in anger. The three titans landed on the pyramid with not a shred of fear in their eyes. Quetzalcoatl wasted no time as flames and light surged around his body. Prometheus nodded at Atlas before Quetzalcoatl fell to his knees. As Atlas moved closer, the Aztec god sank more as he felt an invisible force pull him down. Epimetheus just smirked before I paused the vision. My eyes darted towards Floyd.

Here I Was in an Aztech temple, the joint I’d smoked had really helped me get deeper into the link then I’d thought possible. I was literally within the past everything I’d just witnessed Cronus’s orders to his brothers, this was astounding to see history unfold in-front of my eyes I bet every historian was jealous of me right now. “Holy shit” I would have been amazed if I was sober the weed and the NZT just enhanced it making it even more surreal. “M..M..Mike?!” He was here too, I knew we had the same link but to be exploring the same region of the past at the same time, and just as I noticed him everything paused as I stepped forward to see my friend, well former friend if what Carmen said was true. “So you’re here too.”

I turned my full attention to Floyd and crossed my arms over my chest before a golden glow surrounded me. "I was about to say the same shit..." I said as I paced around Floyd. "Why are you here? What are you looking for?" I asked before he would ask me. The link wasn't just for entertainment. There were answers at every corner of it.

I was on my guard The last time I’d been calm around him I’d gotten beaten. As a golden glow surrounded him a crimson glow came around me. “Guess I beat ya too it didn’t I” I didn’t feel comfortable with Michael passing around me especially with that Aztec god getting pounded into the ground mere feet away in his own temple. “Same reason you are I want answers, I wanna see how it all started, how we become what we are.”

I stopped in my tracks after he answered before smirking. It seemed like I was stuck with him, but maybe this wasn't all bad. I might actually understand the reason behind his actions. It wasn't to just garner money. He was being too systematic with what I had seen on the news. "Then let's go... We need to go farther back." I said as the scene around us vanished and we appeared at some kind of tribal festival. It was there that I saw the familiar faces of the four titans I had previously seen. They were just having a good time and enjoying the night. It kind of reminded me of us... "What are you trying to accomplish? I know about the gang... and I know you don't need them to make money."

I was glad to see Michael slowing down, maybe it meant he wasn’t going to try to start a fight in the temple after all. “Sounds like a plan.” I was taking everything in, I’d remember all of it in great detail, I was thinking about starting to document all my experiences in the link. “What I’m trying to accomplish is something big, something great, greater then gangs, money, greater then us.” That was all I Was going to say on the subject for now, we may have cut the tension right now but I didn’t need him knowing the full truth, the full scope of my endeavors with the Greeks. It appeared many of the people present were enjoying themselves drinking, I recognized the face of Lord Cronus who appeared to be enjoying himself the most speaking.

“Cronus you seem to be enjoying yourself on this fine evening, I assume because you are with plan to deal with our neighboring enemies who have raided us for sustenance for a third time.”

“Yes Of course I have plan, drink and eat and when we are done pull a fine maiden to the side to dance with, and when the night darkens to fuck, that is my plan for the night Oceanus, what of yours to drink and sorrow and head into your quarters alone to whack your beast alone?”

“I apologize brother for not being a drunkard, as the eldest I have responsibility deserving of chief, yet somehow you have that title.”

“Perhaps you boys should stop arguing and pay attention to what comes from above? Krios you’ve always been obsessed with what those lights in skies above tell us o wise on what they be.”

“Welst what I happen to think about.” Krios paused as he noticed the light getting larger, and brighter at a rapid pace. Before long it had become much larger and much brighter until he realized too late the object was coming right towards them.” O’s coming in our direction?! Chief Cronus what do”

“RUN!” Cronus order was heard over the noise of the festival, mainly because of the silence that came with seeing the sky raining down on you, but unlike rain it was only one gigantic object hurtling down. Many turned to obey Cronus command to flee, but it did little within mere moments the meteor made it’s impact on the village, a massive explosion went off, radiation going everywhere, and just like that one of the most important rises to power in ancient history would began. I just watched everything unfold with Michael at my side.” So this is how it begins..”

I watched in awe as the Titans lay on the ground with the meteor rock becoming nothing but ash. This event not only explained the rise of the Titans, but it also explained the origins of these rocks. They fell from the sky... Uranus was the being that met with the earth and delivered the Titans to this world. Did they think these rocks came from just the sky? My mind was opened as I observed the vision. "Floyd... why are we different?" I asked vaguely as the vision fast forwarded to the pyramid with Epimetheus placing his hand on the flaming Quetzalcoatl who screamed in agony. In seconds, the Aztec god withered away before I stopped the vision again.

I wondered silently if because they’d been hit with the full power of the meteor to the point all that remained was dust if that’s why they were remembered as gods, had they gotten more power than us? “Different? The fuck do you mean..why didn’t our rock fall from the sky, what the hell do you mean?” I was curious by Michael’s question and what he meant by different, because besides discovering ours buried in the earth rather then it coming down from the sky I had no idea what he meant. We went back to the vision we were in the midst of before watching the Aztech god get destroyed.” The Titans..fuck..there vicious..there wiping out others like them.”

I turned to Floyd and shook my head. "No..." I said as I found his response unrelated to my question. "Look..." I said as the scene faded and everything went black. I pointed towards nothingness before an image of all of the titans appear. Besides them, the Aztec gods appeared amongst each other. After that, the Greek gods appeared in a similar fashion. The Salem witches followed... "Now look at us... We have all this power and we're not even using it right." I walked up to the witches and scowled at them. "They backstabbed each other for power... and they died off pretty quick. No empire... just faded away into nothing." I made their group vanish before having an image of Ashley,Carmen, Nicole, Rory, Floyd, and I. "We're just as bad... and I bet we all have the same endgame too. To change the world... make it better. Or am I wrong?"

“That’s why we’re different.” I only know began to understand what Michael was saying. United The Titans, Olympians, even the Aztecs were strong, they ruled. But separate like the witches they were weak, and they fell quickly. I’d already killed Nicole so there was only five of us left, much smaller then any of the groups that ruled but still powerful together. “We’re not working together, separate we’re weaker, but together we’re stronger. And’re not’re..definitely right, but ..Rory..If he keeps pushing I’m gonna push him into a fucking grave, I’m trying to give him another chance to live but If he can’t drop his beef with me then I’ll have to drop him, it’s not just me, he came after Ashley, warped her mind, she wasn’t even part of this shit, and she wanted to kill him, I had to get Emma Frost from the X Men to further fuck up Ashley’s mind to stop him from ending up like the people in that ice cream bowl. We need to came together so we end up like the Titans, like the Olympians, but if Rory keeps this up, goes after Carmen next too, then we might end up just like the witches dead before we rise.”

I winced at the series of events Floyd mentioned. I could not name him the victim in this entire ordeal, but I couldn't give the title to anyone else. Everyone was tense, and I could have probably stopped it. What if I would have told Floyd to just talk it out with Rory instead of having the two duke it out for amusement. As I thought this over, the images vanished leaving us to ourselves. "We..." I paused as Nicole's death came to mind. Everything had escalated so far, so just saying sorry was out of the question. "I don't know what to do man... Maybe if you..." Then it dawned on me. As the words of Zeus echoed in my mind followed by the words of Cronus when he first appeared to me. "Tell me Floyd... how bad do you want to fix things?" I asked as the image of Rory appeared with hate in his eyes and a dark blue aura surrounding him.

“Retallation has to happen, something has to be done.” I Said as Michael voiced his concerns over not knowing what to do, maybe I had to get rid of m problem once and for all which was fine with me. It would be thinning out the group, which meant less power, a useful one at that. “Depends on what you mean by fix things, I want us to be together, powerful so that we can’t be touched.”

I sighed at Floyd before the scenery changed to our old dorm room. It was a better setting that we were both familiar with. I took a seat on the couch and layed back. "Trick him... I've had enough time to watch you both go after each other through the link... at least until you blocked me out." I said as I made an image of Floyd and Rory face to face appear. "Let him get what he wants. And I'll make sure everything goes right for you... for us. You in? Because I have a plan." I was sure Floyd would find my words out of whack, but I wouldn't let us fall, not when we had so much potential.


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"Day 2 of Project Aegis." I heard as I woke up.

"Good morning to you too." I said with a tired look on my face. I squinted at the brightly lit room before sighing. "Same thing A's yesterday?"

"Negative. Your performance training has been altered according to yesterday's results." I raised an eyebrow at what Minerva stated. I wondered what that really meant.


James smiled darkly into the bathroom mirror after splashing some water on his face. His smirk was sinister and familiar. He had been staring at himself for several minutes, wondering about what he was going to do. His eyes darted down toward a pistol beside the sink. He grabbed the weapon and pressed it against his temple as he looked himself in the eyes. With his smile still intact, it was very clear to see that Carmen was possessing James' body. With a quick movement of his hand, James grabbed his phone and took a selfie before chuckling.

"Fuck, I don't even have the stomach for this shit." James said as he tucked the pistol M9 away in a conceal holster at his blazer's breast pocket. With a wink to his reflection, James exited the bathroom and called up his brother, Kevin. "Hey bro, where you at? Oh with Nora... my bad bro, I didn't mean to disturb pillow talk. Haha love you too.... Pussy." James said as he walked out of his own one story ranch styled house and headed to his all black camaro. Once he got in, he started up his vehicle and drove off. "Let's pay mi hermano an his novia a visit. No one fucks with my friends. You hear me James? And Mike warned you cabrón." James sucked his teeth before putting on the radio. Wicked Ways by Eminem played. So fitting.


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“Getting by with my wicked ways!” James shouted as he pulled into Kevin Falcon’s driveway. He hoped his brother heard him, but then again, hoped he didn’t. It was amusement versus trying to infiltrate. James brushed off his shoulders as he stepped out of his car before slamming the door shut. The woman inside him, really didn’t give damn about his property. It was his fault that Angelo was in the hospital, and his fault on why Michael was probably missing in action. There had been no effort to track down that new reporter girl, Jennifer, but Carmen had come up with a few theories as to why I was gone without a trace. One was Floyd being a dick, but he seemed to know nothing. The other was that he was hauled off to Guantanamo, but she wasn’t going nowhere near there, even if it was close to her native country. Then there was these wannabe Tony Montanas. They probably drugged him and then locked him up somewhere… Sure, Carmen still had distaste for Michael, but she was willing to make that go away by not only making him worship her for rescuing him, but for doing what he could not. And that was to stop this little circle of revenge and hatred.

With a sinister grin, James walked to the house and withdrew his pistol. He gave the weapon a good look before nodding at it before he placed the weapon off safe. Carmen couldn’t believe this was so easy. So many times had Michael told her to keep out of his affairs and how she wasn’t allowed to come with whenever he hit the Falcons. Now, she had two of the assholes who started this whole mess, in the bag. And now it starts.

James banged on the door with his free left hand. At first there was no answer, so James banged again. This time he did it harder.

“Alright! I’m fuckin coming.” James heard Kevin shout from inside.

“Come on, hurry!” James shouted, which seemed to confuse and piss off Kevin. He had had directed James not to come over because he was spending time with his fiancée.

“James, I told you to fuckin…” As soon as Kevin opened up the door, a gunshot sounded. Kevin yelled and fell to the ground holding his thigh in pain before being kicked in the face by his brother. The kick was hard enough to give James enough space to enter the house before closing and locking the door behind him. Nora was already screaming and running for the phone, but James pointed the pistol at Kevin.

“I will blow his fucking brains out! Stay still!” Nora stopped before going to her knees. “So you’re Nora? You got a nice face on you.” James complimented before firing at her, and hitting her left shoulder. She screamed in agony. James shook his head and leaned up against the wall. “You know… This could have all been avoided cringo. All you had to do was leave Mike alone, but you kept bothering him. You hurt his friends time after time, and killed a chica that didn’t have anything to do with your beef. Why couldn’t you just face him? Why couldn’t you leave the man alone if you were so afraid to step up to the plate.

“What the fuck is he talking about!?” Nora screamed. Kevin got ready to answer, but was shot in his groin… Oooh, I was aiming for your thigh… You know you could risk bleeding out, right?” James said before applying pressure on the wound by planting his foot on Kevin’s groin.

“Nora! Nora stop crying and get over here! Get over here or he dies!” James shouted. He enjoyed the power he had over them. Nora scurried over holding her bleeding shoulder as she cried. “Take off your shirt and apply some pressure to that nasty wound.” James demanded. Nora followed the instructions, and James spoke once more. “See, everyone wins here. Kevin doesn’t bleed out, you save Kevin, and I get to see you with just a bra on… Fuck the bra! Take that off. NOW!” James demanded before shooting one of Kevin’s arms, making him scream. “I don’t care if your shoulder hurts!” Nor screamed and cried wildly as she tried to take her bra off with one arm. She was so frightened, she broke the strap. “Now show me babe.” Nora turned slightly toward James who smirked. “How bout from the side?” James requested. Nora turned her body before James quickly shot at her breasts, which made her fall to the ground in agony as she cried.

“Stop!” Kevin roared before James crouched over him with the pistol aimed at his face.

“For you, I will. I’ll stop all of this. Your suffering, but I need to know one thing buddy, and I swear I’ll stop bro.” James bargained. “Where’s Mike?”

“Mike? Why? Why do you care about…”

“WHERE THE FUCK IS MIKE!?” James repeated as he placed the pistol against his brother’s forehead.

“I don’t know! No one knows! Please James! I’m serious! We don’t know!” Kevin shouted truthfully before James nodded.

“Alright, deal. No more suffering.” James said before pulling the trigger on Kevin. The blood splattered across James, and Nora’s scream echoed blocks uponblcoks away that matched the sirens that would arrive there shortly. Kevin shook his head and then placing the pistol to his temple. “Seeya Nora… That kinda sounds like sayonara… Hmm… So no one knows where the soldier is…”

“Weapons Range… failed.” Minerva stated as I looked at her with a mix of anger and confusion.

“What the fuck kind of range was that?! The targets were up for less than a second! It’s day fucking two! How do you go from single three second targets to multiple one second targets?! That’s not possible!” I shouted before slamming my weapon onto its platform.

“Michael Hayes… it is possible.”

“How? How can a person shoot three targets in a second with this fucking pistol?! That may work for a fucking robot, but not for a human.” I argued before a voice came over the comm that was not Minerva.

“If you think yourself a human… You shouldn’t even be here Hayes. I know you’re better than what you’re showing me. So… you either make it through this program and become the armor that protects this world… or give up and get the hell out of my facility. Don’t let your resolve go to waste…” A woman said bluntly before I looked around for the source. First, what the hell was she talking about? Second, who the hell was she? And lastly, did she know my powers?

“Second wave.” Minerva announced before the platform my weapon was on sunk beneath the floor before another platform rose with a brand new pistol. “Michael Hayes… are you ready?” Minerva asked. I shut my eyes before tapping into my nervous system. I opened my eyes with tenacity exuding on my face.

“Now I am.”


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My body moved too fluidly for my movements to be labeled as human. The veins throughout my body showed as if I had doing nothing but intense weight lifting. I shot every target with not just speed, but precision. This new shooting range was not meant for a man... It was engineered for a god. With battle drills, I had to dodge not just gunfire, but artillery as well. This training was practically screaming for me to use my powers or bite the dust. I wasn’t sure if live ammunition was being used, but I wouldn’t take any chances. I ducked, dodged, and assaulted using whatever I could.

“This ain’t half bad!” I shouted to Minerva as the training exercise ceased.

“Excellent work… Michael Hayes.” Minerva stated as the room started to revert back to its normal appearance.

“Thanks… Is it question time?” I asked.

“If that is what you call it. Ask away.”

“Who was that? The woman that spoke to me.”

“That is the director.” Minerva answered.

“What is known about me? Wait! What do you know that the CIA doesn’t about me?” I asked cleverly, especially since I knew how literal this AI would get.

“Michael Hayes… you are an individual with special talents who is currently undergoing the Project Aegis program. All other information can only be released by authorized personnel.”

“Fuck… Let’s hit the next exercise.”

“Not so soon... You have questions…” An older gentleman said as he entered the room with a black German Shepherd and a white cane. He wore an expensive suit, and smiled knowing he was looking good. Too bad, he appeared to be blind. I turned to him, from just his very words. “Well I have answers, boy.” The man said as he moved forward. He appeared to be in his fifties, but he was a lot livelier. A tile in the floor rose as a pillar, just high enough for the man to take a seat comfortably. This hadn’t been the woman who addressed me before, but if he had answers Minerva couldn’t tell me, he was worth putting my training on hold.

“What do you know?” I asked. He chuckled before answering.

“I know plenty of things.”

“Don’t be a dick. What do you about me.”

“Plenty. But wait! I’m going to tell you what I know… No, I’m going to show you. Brace yourself boy.” The man said before I instantly found myself within the link. It was just me and the old man. “Ah... Now I can see you.” He said as I just stared at him in shock. Images and scenes of me doing pretty much everything appeared all around us as he just grinned. “I know all of this at least…” He answered.

“You…” I couldn’t speak. What the fuck was going on?


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“Home sweet home!” Carmen said after being teleported to her apartment. She immediately headed to her bed. It wasn’t even noon, but she was exhausted and needed to sleep for a while. Using her powers like that, plus all that fun with James really tired her out. She was really enjoying her powers, and she do more tomorrow, or perhaps even tonight. She was very curious about the splicing aspect of her power. To share the traits on an animal seemed gross, but there were so many great things about it.

Jumping on her bed, she allowed herself to drift into what she thought was sleep. Instead she sank deep, very deep into the link. It was there that she found herself watching past events of not just any random figures, but us… the ones who came across the rock on the beach.


“Who… the fuck are you?” I asked as I stared at this complete stranger who was capable of accessing the link. A man who had been invisible to me all this time while he was able to watch every move I made. He just smiled before making the scenery around us change. Before I knew it, we were both standing on the ocean where I had frequently trained myself when I had my old powers.

“This is better. And apologies for not introducing myself Mr. Hayes. You can call me Homer, the man that pretty much has all the answers, but can’t do a god damn thing.” He said before sighing. “I sometimes wish I had powers like you and your friends… but then I wouldn’t be so adept with this link. Is that what you guys call it? So many names for it. The connection… the network… my past life… A lot of people thought it was that, especially the ones that gained their powers in solitude like me.”

“What… This isn’t possible. I’ve never seen you in the link, I have the ability to see anyone with powers, so how couldn’t I see you… Why don’t you have an aura? This…”

“Calm down Mike! Seriously… Listen, you couldn’t see me because I didn’t let you. You know how your buddy Floyd who blocked like a bitchy ex on Facebook? Now imagine me doing that with thousands of years of experience. Of course I didn’t want you to see me. It’s all part of the plan. I can’t have your super team gunning for me because I have a glow that give away my position.” Homer explained. I just stared, trying to take this all in. He was so laidback about this, and I was losing my mind. “You still don’t know who I am? Homer… The Iliad, the Odyssey, aw come on man! I worked hard on those!” Homer yelled as my stare remained the same. I couldn’t believe this. Homer, the epic poet… was alive with powers.

“How are you still alive… You lived…”

“Come on… Do I really have to answer that? I’m kind of immortal. I guess I could say that.” Homer said as he second guessed himself. “Can we talk about you now? Mr. Aegis.” Homer said with a chuckle. I just looked confused.

“What? What don’t you know?” I asked as I built up a little composure.

“How you went from this…” Homer looked in the direction of me picking on some dolphins in the ocean, then the scenery changed to me pinning Faora to a satellite in space, then to me single handedly destroying the kryptonian before warping back to the ocean again. “To what you are now.” The scenery changed to bleeding from nose in agony in front of the hospital, to beaten by Floyd, and then to Carmen using Floyd’s body to kick me through a window. “I simply can’t grasp it. You were so powerful, and so… I can’t find the word. You were proud, so proud of what you could do.”

“What do you mean? I lost my powers, and they came back like this! All because I kept the remnants of the meteor rock as a souvenir. It’s ironic that thing that reminded me of how powerful I was took away that very power… I’m still strong though.”

“Are you lying to me or yourself, boy? You know you miss being the top dog, because that’s what you were.”

“Rory was the strongest.”

“Not if you get your powers back to what they were… You didn’t lose your power, you just… Think of your power now as a machine that you made from leftover parts from the original version that was your power. You get me?” Homer said before I nodded. “These powers you have now, are just pieces of your power that were never important until you had to actually rely on them.”

“And you think I haven’t tried getting my powers back. I played the waiting game, charged my body up with enough energy to almost kill me, I tried converting, I tried expending it all! I tried everything. I went into the link to see what that rock did to me, and I still don’t know! I’m weak, and I’ll never be where I could have been. I just have to play catch up as long as I can before they leave me behind…” I sighed before he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“What if I told you that there was a way you haven’t tried yet.” Homer assured. “All I ask of you is to complete this program with flying colors, and keep your damn head up. You weren’t picked for this program for your profession. You were picked because you are capable of being the most powerful man granted with powers from the rock. Michael Hayes… if anything can drive you to getting through this, let the return of your true power be it. Without that… what are you really at the end of the day?” Homer said as we exited the link and appeared back in the Performance Room.


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(Michael) I found myself in the link on my free time between training before I used a new trick to force Floyd into the link. "Hey, we need to talk.” "I was thinking... I need you to do one more thing for me... If we're going to make everything right, I need you with your conscience.

(Floyd)I was just sitting in my car listening to Kendrick Lamar the spiteful chant a great song, I loved to listen to lyrical flows as much as I did trap music.It was surprised that I was forced into the link." new trick damn, what we need is for you to show me more tricks" So far the image thing was the only thing I'd got down. "Conscience..mhmm I guess that's probably annoying to about this..I'll reset myself to middle ground, basically my conscience and emotions dulled down so I still think logically buuuuuut I'lll still have a conscience."

(Michael)"Thanks man... I appreciate this... I'm about to go back in the hole. See you soon man!" I said as I faded away. That was... too easy.

(Floyd)“No problem homie glad you going be around again.” I said that I meant it glad to have company I enjoyed that wasn’t trying to ruin my life hanging around, it felt good to be on terms with everyone. After I was back I went back to Kendrick’s song, and drove back to my place. After parking my car in the garage, turning on my TV to cartoon network, and pouring up a glass of pink lemonade I went over to grab the helmet. “Time to reset everything emotions back conscience back sort of..whatever it’s a compromise, life’s full of em.” I put the helmet on and went to work with the reset today I was just gonna have some alone time on the laptop, computer, chill, probably sleep after my molly fueled sex marathon with Bella I hadn’t gotten much sleep today would fix that, ironic that my Thursday a been more hype then Friday.
Ashley was sitting in her room enjoying herself smoking her fifth blunt, life had been lonely without Ralph, and others but revenge on the Falcon Family was worth it. She was glad she acted when she did, getting Kelly, and several others that worked for the Falcon family. To have her own fun with them she’d gotten some supplies fort he finale for the Falcon family if you will. She’d heard on the news the FBI had taken Antonio Falcon into custody for intent to traffick and distribute large amounts of illegal narcotics, fire arms, as well as numerous prostitution rings including one with the Triads that supplied children at a particular brothel.

Ashley still wanted to kill him for what he did to Ralph but they were plenty of other people who could suffer. “Alright well I guess can tlel your small, look I coul let you guys get big but you’re only going to prison see this.” Ashley warped a TV over to them making it about as a big as a movie theater TV would be, it showed the arrest of Antonio Falcon, their facilities raided, the DEA-FBI joint operation confiscating large amounts of drug, guns, people being loaded in cars, the biggest mafia bust in the past 20 years is what CNN, ABC, Fox, and numerous others were calling it.

“Kelly your going to be save dfor last but don’tt hink your going to be comfortable for the itme being I’ve saved the best for last with you.” She picked up Kelly who was crying only for her to bend her arms back until a cracking sound was heard, before spitting on her and slamming her into the desk. “AS for the rest of you fucks you’re all going to fucking die!!!! At least your not going to prison.” She was just laughing as she hit her blunt again then grabbed the first tool a knife and stabbed one of the men with the knife then began stabbing others making a bloody shish-ka-bob, before going over to some condiments dipping it in ketchup and chewing the people up before spitting it on the table. “YOU FUCKWADS READY FOR ROUND 2 HAHAHAHA” The people were screaming but were encased in a wall of space while she grabbed a lighter ready for the next thing.

“Alright boys and girls, thank your boss Antonio falcon for this one. She started a small fire then teleported it inside the spatial cage and expanded it causing people to burn alive, but erected a second sphere of face around those burning so they could watch their friends burn in real time, before warping some of the fire onto Kelly’s hair causing it to burn before putting pressure on her body causing her legs to start breaking s Kelly screamed, she warped a blast of air over to her to blow the fire out but her hair and skul laws already burned and she was screaming. “This is only the beginning hahaha..HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FUCKING FUN!!!!” She was happier then a child waking up to a bunch of presents on Christmas, everything was delightful.

She left the room to get two things a bottle, and a bong. The fire in the sphere was starting to dissipate as everyone within was burned alive, and she just had more planned, more tools.” Ok I want you guys to fuck her both of you NOW! RAPE HER NOW”

“H..hey that’s fucked up that’s.” Both of ht emen were warped into the bowl packed full of weed, then four other people as well and she lit the bowl inhaling the smoke and breathing out as the people were burned alive in the weed. She exhaled the smoke and smiled setting the bong down.” TWO PEOPLE FUCKING RAPE HER NOW!!!!!!!!! “ She reached in through th e space using her nail to jam into one of the men’s miniaturized genitals, before tearing them off then grabbing his head and ripping it off opening a spatial vacuum to suck him in. Two people rushed over the screaming burned Kelly to do the deed while Ashley just started laughing, warping a camera inside already set to record.” GO ON MAKE THIS MOVIE HAHAHAH I need some fucking snacks!!!”

Ashley just laughed using her power to bring her bag of hot fries over to her munching on them before using her power to warp people from inside the barrier on the hot fries smashing them to death with her munchies, laughing s Kelly was violated on camera. “You guys are fucking done keep going now!!”

“We can’t we’re”

“Ok I understand.” She brought a water bottle over to her, and warped the man inside, before leaving and coming back.” Boiling hot water here we go more p oeple.” More people were teleported inside and she began pouring the hot water in as the people screamed being burned by the liquids before she closed the cap, shaking it up, soon the people would either die from the burning or drowning she didn’t care. She poked a hole into the cap with a knife, and went to create a make shift graity bong while the rmeianing people inside were weeping. “What the fuck are you waiting for everyone left with a D..go ham in her NOW ANYONE WHO DOSENT LINE UP RIGHT NOW IS GOING TO FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!” She laughed as people lined up to do the job one after another, while she took those that didn’t warping them into the palm of her hand.

“You people really fucking irritate me, spineless fucking bastards your all the useless motherfuckers left.” She balled her hand into the fist crushing the people into a muddle of blood and bones, before teleporting the remains ontop of Kelly’s body yelling at people to keep going as the camera was still rolling. “Now thennnn the rest of the women you don’t serve a fucking purpouse, your boss is in federal.”

“All of you massage my fucking feet, while I roll this fucking blunt and watch this movie.” Ashley put her feet up on the table warping them out while rolling another blunt. night. Getting high and killing people, just like back home with Jay, her father, and Shanika in the Bahamas. The people she’d pulled begrudgingly went to work and hse leaned back. “Fuck yes…..” She just laughed as Kelly screamed in more pain then she ever imagined crying, screaming, covered in blood, guts, and remains. “Alright shit rolled, time for bottles.”

Five shot glasses appeared, and she began pouring alcohol, while she lit the blunt and began to smoke getting higher then before. She was completely blazed up and about to become cross faded, it was time to celebrate the end of the falcon family. “Fuck YALL READY TO DIE” They were screaming and Kelly was bleeding, so she warped the camera over to her normal sized and then warped it over to the counter putting her feet down.” Alright Gucci yall mafukers ready to die first some shots.” She warped the majority of the remaining people inside the space in the shots, and took one shot after another until she had four down, and leaned back into her chair instantly as a feeling of drunkness hit her. Grey Goose was powerful as shit, and once you’d already smoked all day it tended to double in power.

“WHOO “ She warped her laptop opver to her to blast some music some Chief keef before warping the people from to the ground and getting up out the chair before crushing all of them slowly by stepping on them laughing. “The rest of you mother fuckers!!!” She made the space shield dissipate before warping the rest in the final shot glass, and reachin for the beaten, bruised, and violated Kelly gripping her causing her to scream.


“Enough BITCH” She bit her arm off chewing it and swallowing it causing her to scream before biting part of her legs off chewing.” Mhmmm Italian food hahahaha” She walked over to some BBQ sauce dropping Kelly in, then reaching in dragging her out and biting her slowly tearing her apart before chewing her up, then goin to take the final shot, then picking up the blunt and lighting it again.” Celebration Time.” She took her phone out of her pants pocket and decided to call up her friend ronee, it was time to get out and party and maybe even add some pills to her Friday night substance abuse.

You ever had the feeling that something wasn’t right? I had that feeling as I got up, I had no idea, the cannabis I consumed allowed for some good sleep, it almost felt like I’d sipped some Nyquil or lean the night before, but no syrup was involved with the heavenly sleep I had. This week had been one of the best of my lives, even the chill Friday I’d spent by myself online just watching Son of Anarchy, roleplaying, and eating pizza.

I went to brush my teeth, use mouth wash, shower, deodorant, all the hygenics I still hadn’t checked my phone I’d left it in another room for now. I decided what I Was going to wear an all black T shirt, my gold chain, ray Bands, and some military style camoflauge pants. I went to check my phone turning it off airplane mode.” Wonder who I’ll call today…hmm” I walked away my phone to get some fruit loops, always liked eating em raw. I heard my phone ringing and walkd over to it pick up.” Hello”

“BRUH What the fuck you ain’t pick up for holy shit” I was shocked to hear Curtis voice over the phone, I mean we chilled but he sounded different,.

“Man calm the fuck down.”


“Alright first off what the fuck is wrongw h




“FUCK-“ Before I could say anything the phone line went dead, I was irritated and more angry then I’d ever been in at a long time, I’d never had that serious of a falling out with any of my friends. I threw my phone across the room but quickly shot a web to grab it, hearing my phone ring again. I pulled my phone and my eyes widened in shock as I Saw numerous missed calls over 70 from several people, I Scanned them quickly reading through people who’d called me, I went through messages, just watching more and more, as my hear tugged at me. At first a mixture of emotions confusion, anxiety, then pure blazing white anger. I read message after message from people, I wondered what the hell was going on. I went over to facebook, and used Tyrone’s name, and password to log in. I didn’t have the best relationship with them since they banned me for life, but I had my best friend’s password and I Went over to his page, these days facebook was dead, if this was back in 2009 perhaps I could understand the situation a little better, but now this place was dead.

I was shaking this felt so un real like what was going on, everyone had texted me. People in the hospital, I got texts from Zane, Hector, Paris, Brianna, so many other people about people in the hospital. I had no idea what to think all my friends in the hospital, this had to be planned. It wasn’t the Greeks, I run the Greeks, unless someone had a change in heart about who should be in power. I was glad I was in the “middle” of the emotional/conscience spectrum and turned on the news, sure enough I saw Jay’s car crashed, the man was talking about a brutal crash into a tree last night, other things the news I was just shaking I knew I had to get to the hospital right now.

“Ma’am please there in critical condition, they might not make it please, you need to calm down you can’t see them please.

“THEY M FUCKING FAMILY GET THE FUCK OUT M WAY” Ashley grabbed the man and tossed him into a wall before kicking the doors open, alarms were going off, security was being called, as she barged into the room to see Jay on the table, she rushed over to her brother’s body caressing his arm, as tears welled up in her eyes, it only worsened when she saw the others people in the room where trying to get her to come out, as tears rolled down her eyes.”No..what the fuck..what the fuck…” As security came to get her she grabbed one of them and tossed him aside, while a taser hit her, the whole rom was in panic as she shoved another man aside walking over to Tyrone seeing the word branded in her chest. Greeks…

“Mother-fuckers…..MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAH ALL OF YOU GOING FUCKING DIE” She made her way out of the operating room as more armed security came, but she wasn’t in the mood, she caused a disturbance in space causing men to slip and fall while she went through a door going down the stairs running she knew her next target. She’d thought this was the Falcon Family, but after last night, and BBQ Kelly what was left.

She stormed to her car, and got in putting the keys in, alarms were blaring, security. She didn’t care if the police were involved, no police officer could stop her. She was fueled with rage, and she knew how to after the Greeks. Bella was involved with them, she’d done business for them, and the Falcons. She was struggling to not juts teleport to her location. The image was seared into her brain forever Jay, Ralph, Kawan, Tyrone all in the hospital, it was on the news as well their crash into a tree. She’d thought the Falcon Family migh have hired someone to ru n off the road, but she knew where to go. She took off outside of the hospital driving right through the barrier it wasn’t long before she was on the road getting into an ally and teleporting her vehicle elsewhere in Miami. Luckily no one was there as she pulled out of the new alley she was in emerging.

Bella was one place, but who was Bella’s boss, unlike the Falcons she knew the boss of the Greeks. She was speeding breaking every speeding law known to mankind she was going to the boss himself…Floyd. She pulled up in-front of his house, and stepped out the car her density hardened, she ha a mind to destroy the house but she wanted Floyd to explain himself why he went after his friends. She didn’t care that it didn’t make any sense. She walked over to the door and knocked before kicking the door clean off it’s hinges.

“FLOYD WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCH! COME TO THE FUCKING DOOR NOW!!!!!!!!!” She was ready only for an older gentleman to appear out of nowhere. Ashley instantly drew her gun only for Arthur to use telekinesis to move it out of her hand then walk over to her.

“Come on now dear, did you really think If I can appear out of thin air a gun will work, Floyd isn’t here, but you need to remove yourself becau-

BAM Without hesitation Ashley slammed her fist into Arthur’s neck ripping his head clean off she sucked the rest of his body up in a special vacuum then tossed his head into a wall. “FLOYD FUCK THESE FICTIONAL MOTHER FUCKERS BRING YO ASS OUT NOW” She felt herself about to grow from the sheer anger, he’d sent people to get her? Before she could even react another person jumped out X-23, onl for Ashley to warp her to another part of the earth.

Before she could know anything Kara sped into the room and tackled Ashley through te stair case before kicking her into a wall. Ashley reeled in pain before using a spatial sphere around Kara to try to crush her but she unharmed.

“You thought that would fucking work.” Kara was in-front of Ashley and slammed into the wall. Kara pulled her out and got ready to punch her only to get teleported into outer space. Ashley got up yelling she was tired of all these people, only for Piccolo to come down the stairs with ki blats unleashing it she formed a spatial warp only for Kara to fly in the house her clothes in tatrrs as she kicked Ashley around a couple times before slamming her into a wall knocking her unconscious. “Fucking bitch, Arthur’s gone, she took him out, tell Vlad or someone to call Floyd now!”

I was in the hospital shaking I saw so many people I knew there, Curtis, Paris, Brianna, Shae, Miah, Ronee, Lyric, Sam, Eva, Jordan, and others it was insane to see this, but it was good people had friends. I Was still reeling in shock but was glad I was in the position Damon helped me, other wise I’d be an emotional wreck. I had used my ghost powers to mask myself intangible, and invisible as usual as I made my way into the room seeing Kawan laying out. We’d never been best buddies, but through thick and thin we’d been there for each other then I saw Ralph.

“What the fuck..” I walked over to Jay next he’d been my friend the longest out of the three so far injud, and his head seemed to be most injured. “Why they had to hit you stupid ass fucking head.” I muttered to myself quietly as I looked at his head, the stupid short dreads he kept on him. The next one was the most painful to me, and tears mounted in my eyes. “Ty….no..” I rushed over to him phasing through him seeing the skin burned off his chest, he was brutally beaten the most it seemed. “Tyrone..!!!...” I was breathing heavy, my heart was racing.

“FUCK YOU BITCH! I FUCKING HATE YOU” Fifth grade in school, the new kid in the block , he tried to talk to my girl Mckenzei he thought he was all that. HE was darker then me, better at football then me, and he’d made Mckenzei squirt more then me when he fingered him in the bathroom. I felt like Goku when he met RAditz, so tha’s what lead to our fight in the cafeteria. The final straw had been when he’d gotten the last big piece of chicken on the lunch tray.” FUCK YOU YOU DARK BLACK BITCH” I smacked him with my tray, only for him to snatch it out my hand and kick me into the table.

“WHO THE FUCK you think you are hoe! I’ll beat your ass you fucking knocked my chicken over.” He ran over to me to kick me, before I grabbed him by his leg to pull him to the ground hten get up to kick him into the head.

“FUCK YOU” A few more blows were traded, before we were pulled apart. Next thing I knew my mom was showing up at school pissed, and I was getting suspended for three days, OSS. I Was always getting into fights ever since first grade when I’d punched that girl over my cookie that she ate. This guy was not gonna steal my popularity, I knew from the minute I Saw him I was gonna hate him forever or so I thought. Fast forward weeks later at my crib chilling, eating popcorn, talking about hoes, watching The Dragon Ball Z the History of Trunks.

“Hell yeahh bruh Jennifer’s chest fat as fuck maaan, I mean Mckenzei straight, but Scott got hat shit.”

“Hahaha yeah you know he be fiending for that bitch like no other.”

“Cause he can’t nothing, now see that’s why I wish I was fucking Goku, that dude gets all the hoes.”

“You kidding bruh Goku retarde,d now VEgeta ths’ an OG man, he be beating the hell outta people, and he fucking Bulma.”

“BRuhhhhh are you fucking crazy?! Bulma ‘s nasty ass.”

“You think Chi Chi sexy>”

“I’m juts saying come on brhhh.” Fast forward years later eigth grade summer smoking weed at Alex’s house before watching television and eating dry cereal, to hanging out at Jay’s house when his mom’s boyfriend had pounds of weed and we were selling by the daily with Jay making $500 a day sometimes. I remember being at summer camp when I had an allergic reaction from the fake pain pill I had, and Tyrone rushing me to the nurse’s room, I remember when Tyrone got jumped in the hallway and leapt forward to help beat that white boy’s ass who fucked with my friend. I remember the first time my mom caught us high as hell, and beat the shit out of us, I remember smoking in the back of Tyrone’s yard using cologne, gum, and everything else to mask the scent of marijuana and our highgness. Remember being there when Jay and everyone searched the couch and the whole house for change to buy a point 5 of some purple weed. Remember the time we rode bikes for two miles ditching the others the mall to run a train on a now older Mckenzei and her sister. Remember going to the pool to meet up with Abby, and other girls in hopes of getting head, getting picked up with Caleb to drive to fuck a prostitute in a motel by walmart, memories and memories flowed through my head, I barely even noticed the sign craved into his chest. “Greeks..” What the fuck… I remembered being in Florida the police car had me, Tyrone, Jay, and Curtis on the back we were being driven down for sneaking into the hotel to party, and have sex with the domican girls who invited us over to party. I had an eight of weed in my book bag, and we were pulling out of the gated community. This was it we were getting locked up, I leaned back in my chair at least we were already high. “Fuck…ayy bruh whatever happens bruh you my homie…for life.” The cop car sped up, we all looked each othe rand jumped out the moving vehicle hitting t he ground running past the hotel beaches splitting up in the sand getting separated..that memory caused tears to roll down my eyes as I thought about everything we’d been through in life, with my best friend, my brother.

I left that room phasing out trying to get my mind off everything going through rooms until I saw Jada, and my heart nearly stopped. “JAda.” I’d still had feelings for her, although they were dissipating over time. I’d been with her I’d loved her, and I couldn’t say that about a lot of the women I’d been with. I remembered my times with her. The day I met her when I Was on a date with Amber, I’d caused her to lose her best friend to go out with her. All the times we smoked, our trip to California, first trying a vaporizer, fighting off her ex boyfriend ,her trying to run me over with her cartel cousins when she thought I was cheating, the hallowen party we went too together when we were too insane, her staying with me during my DXM binge when everyone around me was dying, making out at the carnival for the first time, her rolling me a blunt when my hands were fucked up from fighting at the haunted mansion the night before, I walked over to her beaten body and felt wet tears on my face.”…” I Saw another message on her face Zeus..

I was shaking with anger, I was glad I wasn’t visible, I wanted to scream but still kept my emotions in check. I used the legion ring to stop time undoing the effects of my ghost powers so I could caress her face, and put my fingers through her hair “They branded you too..whoever fucking did this..Coul it be.” I had my suspiscions about who it could have been. Who knew about me being Zeus, could it have been enemies I made through crime?

Or was it one of my own others empowered? Michael, Rory, Carmen, Ashley. Ashley would have never done this to Jay or Ralph, I knew that without a doubt she’d no likely be searing with anger, once she found out. “She’s going to flip the fuck out.” I was scared of her reaction, with that level of anger, I didn’t know what she was capable of, who’d she blame, who’d she target who’ she come after. “Why God…Why.” I wanted answers from my heavenly father, all I was trying to do was do good in the world, save the world, and yet tragedy after tragedy.

Back when I was with Lisa everything was going right, everything was amazing, life was good, I Was on good terms with everyone, but then it seemed my life was on a downward spiral since then. I thought these powers would put me into high definition, make everything get better yet nothing had changed. Using the ring I resumed time, after reactiving ghost powers to maintain my animosity. I left into the other room and this was the worst.

“Bella.” Just the day before we’d ha a great morning, anda great Thursday, she’d helped me with the rise of my criminal empire, my finanes, this was it. The others I could understand but who. It wasn’t Ashley, that only left Michael, Rory, or Carmen. And the only one among them who was against me was Rory Lamb himself. But could he have done this, I mean Michael had asked me to restore my emotions I thought we were still on good terms, but perhaps I was wrong perhaps. Carmen I thought myself on good terms with her but I’d be a fool not to at least look into it, there was no way Michael was responsible. I refused to believe it, yet logic said he could have been an instrumental role, he certainly had the physical power. If Rory was behind this he had to have an ally and it might have been Michael or Carmen.

I walked over to bElla lookin at her brutalized face, she barely looked human anymore. “This is my fucking fault.” I looked at her anger was rising, but then it was over. I zoned out as I saw wha wa branded into her chest.” Rory’s Bitch.” I froze..everything happened in one night. All my friends happened in one night, Greeks, Zeus. .”This piece of shit…” Iwas shaking If I’d had any stimulants in my body I’d be on the verge of having a heart attack.

“Rory…..” I said the name silent face was composed, I used some electricity to burn the tears away a I stared at Bella’s chest. She had received the worst beating of all, Rory was responsible for this. For everything he’d pushed me too far, I’d kept trying to be good to him. I’d taken him into X Men to let Emma Frost help him master his powers, I’d saved him from being eaten alive in Savage Land, I’d had Tsunade awaken him from his coma, I’d saved him from being murdered by Ashley, I’d done so much good things for him, I’d been his friend, and even then I’d refused to kill him. Chance after Chance after Chance I’d warned him of the consequences but he wouldn’t listen. He’d hurt my friends, the law suit against me, went to the principle to get me expelled my senior year, everything was falling into place. I didn’t sense him anywhere near Miami, that’s why he left so Icouldn’t think it was him.

“You fucking idiot.” HE had the audacity, the pride to carve messages into the people closest to me Tyrone, Jada, and now Bella. They were all in these conditions, brutalized because of me, I looked outsie the window to see news crews wanting to the scoop most likely on Jada’s injury since that’s the one I Saw in the news.

Pure hot white rage unlike any I’d ever felt for any other human being on this planet surged through every pore in my body. I had one single though flowing through my head. Two words echoing over and over in my skull. Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory.

I was a machine and I had one mission Revenge on Rory Lamb. We were friends no longer, never again would I call that piece of shit my friend. “It’s over, it’s done, I’m sorry Mike” I stepped outside of Bella’s room seeing Ebony outside with her son sobbing, it seemed one giant toppled another had to be crushed as well. I knew my conversation with Michael but it meant nothing now Rory had crossed me for the last time, before it was just irritating breaks. What he’d done to my friends torn apart in the hospital well that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought back to this morning everything that happened this week, finally having Rory out of my hair, I Was so happy the final thing in my life that provided me stress had dipped, I hadn’t even used the link to see where as long as he was out of Miami I didn’t give a damn where he was. Next to me Castiel appeared of course he was invisible to everyone else, camera’ and all that.

“What do you need.”

“The people inside my friends hurt, heal them, fix Bella’s face, fix their injuries, now don’t make them perfect but make it a miraculous recovery, an act of God.”

“As you command. “Castiel phased through the door of Bella’s room to heal her first, before going to Jada, then going to the rest. I didn’t care about exposure, people would think it was God what else could they attribute it too? Invisible Alcoholic Terroristic Angels who where in love with Mcdonalds and Pizza Delivery Man porn, not likely. I didn’t give a shit anymore, recovery was done, now it was time for retribution.

“Did you see that bitch ?Ashley fucking went crazy, I Heard they called the fucking cops. She’s fucking pissed.”

“I feel bad for whoever did that her brother, there gonna get fucked up.”

“Are you fucking stupid, it was a damn car crash, what’s she gonna fuck up the damn trees.”

“SHiiid you ain’t seen Ashley man she’s crazy.”

Great so Ashley already figured out who it was, or did she? Once Castiel was done I’d sent him back to his regular mission I assigned him, before going into the stair way to bring in Emma Frost to me.” Look Frost my friends I need you to heal the mental trauma my friends are going through, go to their heads if you need too, I mean I already know what happened, I Don’t need to see any images that are juts going to make me not think clearly while I put an end to Rory. If anyone comes here, stop them, report it to me immediatenly I want to know.”

“Alright will do.” I was glad to have people like that on my side, even if they were from fiction, Ashley knew and she was dangerous. I was more worried about her then I was myself, maybe Rory knew about the defense mechanism I gave Rory. It was more likely he just went after my friends in the car, and had no idea how close they were to Ashley as well.

I left the hospital myself getting into my car and leaving into fiction. I knew where I wanted to go, I walked inside a room seeing Seth. His security guard was there but I used the ring to stop time, walking over to Seth and we both vanished reappearing in another room in a facility. “Look Seth your under my control and there’s a power I need you to give me, a power I need to understand everything going on, Sylar’s ability Intuitive Adaption.” If I was going up against a telepath as ruthless as Rory, I’d need his power to understand everything, we were in the hallways of the company facility in Season 3. The perfect time to snag the gift I wanted. “Perfect…”I said as I saw someone inside of the cell the person I was after.” Let’s go>” we phased through my cell and I looked at the man attached to a table all sedated, this man had exactly what I needed.” Take everything and put it in me now.”

Seth reached forward to grab the man digging his hand into his brown hair before a blue light was shown and he focused as he drained the power into himself. Then put his hand on my shoulder and the blue light came and suddenly I felt power rushing through my body. Knowledge, understanding, it was different from the revelations I had on high dosages of Shrooms and LSD, it made me think, it made me realize, I was connecting the dots. “Go home Seth to your business.” I sent Seth back to Misfits, then used the ring to reverse time so it was like my visit never occurred but I still had what I’d come to pick up. Everyone was okay, it may hae been fiction, but these were still people, people I cared about from watching Heroes.

I was back in the real world in my car, leaving the hospital when my phone was ringing. Kara picked up and as soon as she was talking and I was out of the hospital parking lot I Was speeding. I pulled up and saw my door ripped from it’;s hinges.” Fucking Ashley.”

I stormed into the house to see Kara sitting there, and saw a trail of blood and Arthur’s head.” Holy fucking shit.” I made his head vanish before resummoning Arthur now under my control.” You’re my slave work for me blah blah same orders I Gave you before Ashley ripped your head off but you don’t remember that ok.”

Arthur just seemed to take my orders, as I walked over to Ashley touching her as memories flowed into my mind. She didn’t know about Bella, and Jada which made a lot of sense, she didn’t know Rory was responsible. She saw Greeks carved into Tyrone’s chest, and came after me. I used my own power to have knowledge, memories flow into her. Before shaking her next thing I knew she punched me back ad got up but was calmer.

“What the mean fucking that FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!” Welp so much for calm but at least she didn’t want to destroy me anymore. “Hold up.” I used my power to someone Ed from Fullmetal alchemist.” Yo go fix my door and my stairs and everything else wrecked by the super cat fight.” ... 1388465429

“The fuck you talkinga botu this shit THIS MOTHER FUCKER”

“I KNOW what the fuck he did, Ashley calm the fuck dow.


“Good! But don’t listen to ur anger, this motherfucker did this to both of us, he’s going to fucking pay, we’re not just gonna kill him, we’re gonna make him want to die, then we’re going to put him through pain on every level, pure eternal torture.”

“Fuck torture I’m going to make him cry make him never want to take another breath, he’ll fucking beg me.”

“I know I fucking know, “ I picked up my phone to call Fine.” Hey man remember that information about Rory Lamb you had, and the stuff I sent you from his phone with Micah, organize it, gather intel now, I want it in five minuts organized. Me and Ashley got it “Everyone he loves is going to fucking suffer.” I was a literal killing machine now ready to end the lives of all those who’d ever wronged me. “I sent someone to the hospital to heal everyone, now we just need to focus on Rory it’s time to deal him blow after blow. It wasn’t but a minute or so before our phones buzzed, and I saw my laptop buzzing.

Ashley clenched her phone and just began to laugh, I smiled as well, it was time to spill blood.”You ready to fuck these mother fuckers up?”

We both vanished reappearing at our new location. The house of Rory’s mother. “Get the family Ash, take them back to my crib small on my table in the smoke room.”In my hand blue fire appeared and I smiled as Ashley used her spatial power to feel the presence of the people inside, before teleporting back to my house to the smoke room with the victims miniaturized. I unleashed the fire to set the house a-blaze, making myself invisible and intangible phasing outside and carving into the driveway Zeus’s Bitch Hahahahaha.

I took out my phone to take a picture of my message in the drive-way, then of the house on fire. I took out my phone to call Fine as I teleported to the roof of my beach house still masked by my ghost powers. “”Hey the people in his phone contacts, I’m sending a girl to your location named Molly, find the people and hut them, car accidents, fires, hurt them all..and enjoy yourself. One thing don’t target them all today just start with like 4 friends, then tomorrow 5, and keep going until their all in the hospital” I focused on making Molly real and near Fine, before phasing downstairs to see Ashley with the family and a lighter to burn them.

“Come on now Ashley don’t start the fun without me.” I just laughed as I used my power to form an illusion of Rory’s mother beaten and bleeding, then took a picture of it. I made the illusion vanish while Ashley appeared to have pure malice in her eyes, she wa eager to do more then torture, more pain then I thought possible out of her. “We’re not torturing them just yet send the others back, keep his mother here.”

“They going fucking see us and remember us, when the fuck do we get to kill them>”

“I’m not like Rory, I want to drag out his suffering, day by day, make his life fall apart piece by mother fucking piece, we’re going to make him cry tears of fucking blood. I went into their heads right quick” Ashley turned to see the miniaturized asleep, and she grumbled begrundingly sending them back into random spots of Rory’s city, except his mom whom was still sleep but wasn’t yet free captivity. “We’re going to have fun with her now, but first.”

I said as I took out my phone sending him a message of Bella beat up with Rory’s bitch carved into his chest and sent a simple message. Game on. Then I typed another message Thank Me Later. Then I sent him three messages following first was the message of Zeus’s bitch carved into his mother’s drive-way, then the image of her house in flames, and then image of his mother beaten and bleeding laying on the ground with tears running down her eyes. I smiled then pressed send.


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Her Thoughts...

Carmen jogged lightly across the boardwalk of South Beach. She was wearing her sports bra and compression shorts that cut off at the mid thigh. As she moved along the wooden flooring, her ponytail bounced from side to side. She wished she had music, but decided it would be better to get lost in her own thoughts. She thought about hanging out with Floyd or Ashley, maybe even both, but she really needed to find this Jennifer girl. She took Nicole’s place for the university’s newspaper conveniently after the latter was suspended from writing. Jennifer had even wrote a story on Nicole Wilson’s reassignment and death. It seemed like she was either showing off or saw Nicole as a role model. Either way, it was weird. Carmen needed to know where Michael was, and why Michael didn’t say anything to her about his departure. The only good thing about all this is that she knows he’s most likely alive and safe.

She thought on how to track this woman down, but stopped in her tracks as she felt a wave of emotion hit her like a freight train. As Carmen stared blankly, a tear managed to roll down her face before grinding her teeth.

“What the…” Carmen shook herself out of the strange trance that she was in. She could feel Floyd and Ashley’s anger, and it wasn’t like it was big punch to the face. It felt like waves of continuous anger and despair were hitting her. She wiped the tear off her face before just deciding to walk. Images flashed momentarily, but remained mostly transparent. She thought she’d never experienced the link if she left it alone, but it seemed there was no escaping it. A flash of the brands left on Floyd’s friends showed up. This one was clear as day. She stopped her tracks once again, but she frowned at the sight. It was as if she was seeing it from his perspective. As he went from room to room. The last brand was probably the oddest. She recognized Rory’s name, but hadn’t met him. Not officially at least. Michael had told her plenty about him when speaking about the others with powers. Michael had said the guy was mostly harmless, but recently has a lot of issues with Floyd… well everyone had issues with Floyd. She knew he was pretty hell-bent on taking Floyd down a notch, while Michael had done the opposite and left Floyd to his own self destruction. At least that’s how Michael put it. He could be plotting against Floyd right now… You have to be close in order to stab…

With a sigh, she made the vision fade. She made it look entirely too easy, but she wasn’t in the mood for any child’s play. In her opinion, there was no point in targeting others without hitting the big guy. And if you can’t beat the big guy, get strong or move on, because you’re making yourself out to be exactly what you oppose… a big guy picking on those that are weaker than him. She kept moving before she heard a loud explosion. She was about to just head her own way back to her apartment, but an idea dawned on her… This… whatever it was… This would make a great story. Time to find that pretty newspaper girl.


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I’d decided the best place to stash Rory’s mother was in fiction, just so that Ashley’s bloodlust did’t ever come, I thought o a bunch of places for her to be. But decided finally to stash her in the Phantom Zone in Smallville with Tessa so no matter how many times she died either from starvation or other aliens locked in the zone she’d still be alive when it was time. Plus I had the camera from Jak and Daxter on re to record and get pictures all that I could send to Rory, then again maybe I’d let him think his mother was dead I was going to destroy his entire life more so then I already have. Death was not the answer for a stubborn man like him, no matter what he refused to learn his place, the lesson I was trying to teach him to back down.

It was entertaining to view his mother completely confused about her surroundings, unless she watched Smallville and saw the episodes with the Phantom Zone she’d be dumbstruck about her situation. After moving quickly to stop at the other police station’s in Miami leaving a similar situation to the one that I initially visited before the prison it was complete and utter chaos In the streets of Miami. Police stations and their parking lots blown to smithereens, thousands of prisoners escaped with powerful weapons, pure anarchy people free to live as they choose, it was wrong for the corrupt to imprison the corrupt. Just as it was bad for hypocrites to call out hypocrites, I’d simply set things straight. I was walking the streets of Miami lighting up a 2 gram joint I’d brought along.

I loved being high in public and with all the chaos in the streets what police we’re gonna harass me over smoking. I’d had a filter in it as well I’d never liked them until Tyrone put me on them mainly because of Wiz Khalifa’s adoration for them. I lit it a few times before putting it in my mouth and inhaling the precious reefer smoke as I walked through the streets calmly. “Time to head back to the crib.” I said as I hopped into my sports car parked, continuing to smoke. Using my power I made YG Blunted start playing as I pulled out my parking spot.

“This shit is awesome.” Not only would this chaos be nice, there were plenty of criminals who’d want to buy guns, as well as people wanting to defend themselves with more than the hand gun they were registered. “I’m smoking on that ohhh weeee “ I laughed as I finished the joint, that’s what I didn’t like about joints they burned fast, but the good thing was they got you way higher then blunts because of how quick you could finish em. It wasn’t long before I was parking outside my house Ashley would evade capture easily, I got out my car rolling down my windows as I got out and made my way over to the front door only to see it cracked even though I left it locked. “What the fuck.” I gathered some electricity in my finger tips as I pushed open the door walking in.


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Carmen arrived at the scene that was just utter chaos. Hundreds of men wearing orange jumpsuits ran through the streets. Some managed to procure weapons, which seemed to cause panic throughout the streets. A month ago, Carmen might have steered clear of anything that appeared remotely like this, but now… Not only was her conscience gone, but she had so much worked up pride. She was tripping off the power, and it was going to be an endless fall in her eyes.

“I don’t care about this… I just… want…” Carman said to herself as she squinted at everyone around. Brave news crews tried to capture the event, while a rag tag group of police officers attempted to keep order. It was a battle the police were losing. Carmen smirked as she felt a gnat buzzing around her face. It ran into her cheeks a few times before she swatted it away. Why she was smirking was quite. The felt tiny folic hairs spout through her skin. It was barely even noticeable, and would be effective as well. As she pushed herself deeper into the crowd, the hairs, like they did for insects and arachnids, allowed herself to move fluidly past people without getting bumped. It sort of reminded her of what Spider-man could do, except she was a lot more aware of everything, and not just danger. Carmen’s eyes locked on a blonde several meters away who was holding up her phone to use as a camera. “…her.” She finally finished her sentence as she made her way over. There was no mistaking it. That was the girl she was looking for. Now it was time to just wait for the right moment. Carmen took a deep breath, before sprinting forward. She ducked under arms, side stepped the fleeing, jumped over the fallen, and in one quick collide, she knocked Jennifer over before sinking into her body… Becoming one.

Jennifer stood up, a bit dazed, shaking her head before looking confused.

“What happened?” Jennifer said before seeing the screen to her phone cracked as it lied on the sidewalk. “Fuck!” She exclaimed before picking up her phone. “No… Please work! Please!”

“Pleeeeeeeease! Haha, Please come with me!” An escaped inmate said in a crazed voice hitting her with the butt stock of his weapon, knocking her out cold. Everything faded to black, and nothing could be heard but a faint shouting.

“What the fuck!? Why am I not in control?! I need to take over… I…” Carmen’s voice faded as Jennifer became unconscious.


Upon walking into his home, Arthur Petrelli from the show Heroes was seen seated with an irritated look on his face as he looked at Floyd. His eyes were red and he looked like he needed five shots of five hour energy to stay awake. You’d think he smoked marijuana, but Arthur’s demeanor didn’t match up.

“What… What is he?” He asked Floyd as the sound of Kara, Clark Kent’s cousin from Smallville yelling was heard. Arthur didn’t bother to say much more before pointing at the older version of his son, Peter Petrelli who was lying on the ground in a deep sleep. There was little that was changed within the home, indicating that whoever had intruded, could take out people without moving a muscle. Upon going to the source of Kara’s voice coming from upstairs, Floyd would find Piccolo from Dragonball Z sprawled on the steps with purple blood dripping from his ears and nose. He was unconscious, but alive. Once at the top of the steps, Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom was on the ground knocked out in his human form, but there were no bruises or cuts on him. The television was on, playing the Maury show. Kara yelled out again, but this time she could clearly be heard as she sat on the couch. She was cuddled up with the intruder who just smirked at Floyd before nodding towards Floyd’s feet.

“Oh Floyd! Don’t step in that.” Kara warned as the remains appeared to be Eric Northman through assumption. “I tried to stop… ugh my head…” Kara complained as she held her head.

“You did try to stop me… I’m just too amazing, right Floyd?” I said as I chuckled and kissed Kara on the cheek. She just held me tighter and agreed.

“Floyd… He’s fucking amazing. He’s fucking back…”

“That’s right, and I need your help. I can see you’re trying to figure out how I curbed stomped your security team, but I need you to calm down and focus for a second.”


Homer grinned as he wandered through the link, only to come across my recent work. The training at the facility was really paying off, and I was only getting started. Ever since his talk with me, he discovered my motivation and my drive to go above and beyond. Everything was falling into play. Everything was becoming as he wanted it.

“Let’s this check this shit out…” He said as watched me knock on the door…


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I just looked at Michael..with the most shocked and confused expression. this motherfucker then I saw that I nearly stepped in Northman's remains." The fuck you killed Eric???" I just shook my head I as walked over what was left of the vampire. I sighed I had no idea what was wrong with Mike." Bruh what the fuck do you mean calm down? You broke into my fucking house, and fucked up my security, the hell do I need to focus on."

"Aw come on, Floyd. Why would you make Arthur doorman?" I thought of the other options and sighed. There weren't that many when he had to choose between a ghost and a green alien. "I was just trying to see if you were home. The doorknob was fucked up, so I broke a window... or two." I explained metaphorically. "Besides, I only really hurt two of them... And then made up for it by showing Kara a good time. Nice bed by the way." I said with a chuckle before moving myself away from Kara.

“To stop mother fuckers from breaking in!” I thought that part would be obvious, I wanted to be angry but he was my friend I was already dealing with so much anger. “Mane if I didn’t answer when you hit the door bell I’m not here could hit my phone or the link or something fuck!” I shook my head just thinking what I would have done if this was Rory as I took seat on the bed near them. “Yeah and it’s my bed man, so what is so urgent that you needed to break a window or two to come talk to me?”

"Oh yeah... Fuck." I didn't know how to even say this. "There's something wrong... I saw what happened to Tyrone... Jada... and whoever that other chick was. When I first saw, I came out of my cave as soon as possible. I don't know how to say this, but I don't think Rory did it. He's been in Mexico for past few days... trust me, I looked into it. I don't think it was one of us. You sure it's not the Falcons or some shit?"

I just groaned as I knew where this conversation was going but I was a little irritated when he reoffered to my girl as the other chick. “Her name’s Bella, she’s my manager, and that fuckwad carved Rory’s bitch into her fucking chest, and you’re telling me it’s not him?! Mexico? Bitch probably ran away he’s a fucking telepath he can plant commands in days in advance. I know it’s not the damn Falcons, or some shit because no one else knows about what’s going on between me and that stupid ass mind reader.” It was clear I had no sympathy for Rory, and didn’t care about whatever view point he was taking, in my eyes Rory wasn’t a prime suspect he was without a doubt the one responsible for what happened.

I sighed leaning forward, pulling myself from Kara. "You two. I'm so tired of this shit between you guys? First, you start breaking each others shit, and now you're both aiming to kill people..." The thought made me think about that night over three months ago. We were just a stupid group of friends that made the wrong turn. If it wouldn't have happened, then maybe we'd be hanging out right now. No issues, and no drama. And I thought these powers were going to enhance life. "All I'm asking you to do is get more evidence... I know you're fucking pissed off, but honestly think for a second..." And this is where my analytical side comes in. "If Rory did flee... If he's the coward you say he is. Why would he even brand his name on your girl?"

“Yeah I’m tired of the shit too man, but don’t worry it’s gonna be over and done with soon, no more breaking shit, no more bullshit, this shit gotta end. “ That was a fact whether I had to wipe out his entire bloodline to do it and leave him weeping and bleeding then so be it. “Ok I’ll go to CIa Miami grab the forensic team maybe see if I can find some of Rory’s hair follicies at the scene of the crime before I put him in urgent care if that’ll make you happy man. “ I did pause to consider what he was saying about Rory, but the whole nature of his power was indirect. “He’s a coward in the sense that he won’t fucking confront me because I’ll beat the shit out of him, he only acts as long as he’s not in the way when it’s time for the reaction. And why not I branded my name on his fucking chest when he came to my house trying to act all high and mighty, so who else could it be? Only you, Him, and Nikki know, and she’s dead, then again you been in a fucking “Cave” maybe you were lurking the streets putting my friends in the hospital!” I didn’t really suspect Michael but I was trying to prove a point about how limited the suspects where, and I knew he’d get that.

"Really? The difference between Rory and I is pretty huge... I'm smarter, more attractive, more than likely have a bigger... Listen, my point is... If I had beef with you... you wouldn't need to worry about your friends, because I'd just for you Mr. CIA Miami." I said with a chuckle as I poked his chest. "I'm impressed you're actually using your powers to..." I felt Carmen in some sort of trouble. "You've come a long way. It's not what I would of wanted, but at least you're not leaving it to waste. I need some competition."

“You ain’t never lied Rory is ugly as fuck” I said with a smirk never thinking I’d ever use a joke with the name Rory again, then again it was insulting so it made sense. “So you’re saying I go straight to the source go to mexico and beat the shit outta him, I mean I ain’t gotta problem with that it’s just he targeted people I cared about so I decided to return the favor. Maaaane fuck you CIA CDC whatever the fuck show it is you know what I’m talking about!” I laughed even though I moved to Miami I still didn’t give that show the time of day, it was just so ridiculous and I watched a lot of crazy shit. I briefly felt a sense of distress from Carmen but that nothing of it she was powerful enough to handle anything. “I Feel you on that bruh You probably the only competition I got Carmen’s new, and well I don’t need to mention the others, it’s like Goku and the Vegeta and everyone else is Krillin’s, course I’m Goku tho all the shit I’ve been learning, I got hella new tricks!” I oozed confidence as I spoke I was ready to show off my new skills if he asked, but I was also curious about what level Michael was on since I know his powers had sort of taken a drop in power.

"It's funny that you mention Carmen, because I think she actually was the only other person besides me that had you beat." I made fun even though he probably didn't even know what I was referring to. "New tricks? You mean you pull even more shit out your ass now? Or wait, do you get to borrow more stuff to keep you in my league?"

“HAH she’s my homie and all but I would rock her ass, like Superman against a lil baby.” I grinned at that as the conversation went exactly where I wanted it too. “I’d put you down too buddy but no worries we’re cool now. But I’m glad you asked as for your league I’ve long since departed from you and the other lil kids I’m on my own level now. Hold up shit’s too awesome to use in here, let’” I focused on both of us and we reappeared in Dragon Ball in Z in the rocky terrain where Goku faced Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga. “So you know my power’s making fiction real at first I thought that meant people, objects, but then I thought ya know I make music real too why be limited to juts those three..for example” I looked up and the sky and focusd on the movie 2012 and suddenly the entire area aroud us began to break apart a massive earth-quake, it began pouring down rain, and in no time flooding and giant waves were forming, I’d summoned the storm from 2012. “Remember 2012? Well…storm wanted to say wassup!” I just laughed as the storm began tearing apart everything around us, before just as quickly I un-summoned it and everything was back as it was. “And that’s just one thing I can do now.”

I couldn't lie, I was impressed with Floyd's progress. "Why'd you stop then? Keep the show going. What else can you do?"

“Didn’t want too much awe running through you at once, but let’s get this show on the road aside from weather I can make plots real..such as War of the Worlds.” All around us a lightning storm began, the ground was cracking, and martian tripods began emerging from the ground just like the movie, before waving my hand and then smiled. “But then I got an even better skill, summoning fiction and carrying around shit well some of it looks pretty fucking weird, so I was happy as hell when I got this power.” I bent down picking up a rock and threw it in the air, before grabbing Michael making us both intangible as the rock exploded wiping out the entire terrain around us. I then made everything rewind as if using the remote and we were back on the terrain we were standing on moments before the explosion.” And that my friend is the ability to give real objects fictional qualities, I made a piece of it antimatter Plus as you can see by the little stunt that wasn’t time manipulation I can control fiction if it’s a TV show I can rewind, fast forward, change language, video game control levels all that but I even took it a step further…inside fiction I can change us into anything in the fiction for example.” I focused on Michael changing him from an empowered human into a saiyan with a full grown tail, and power surging through his body.” How’s it feel to be a saiyan?”

I didn't think I could ever get used Floyd's power. It was strange, but it somewhat made sense. If he could manipulate fiction, then he was technically god here. This was his own personal dominion, and I was just a subject of it. "Feels..." I took a breath as I felt a massive amount of energy flow though my body. I felt much lighter on my feet than usual. "Pretty awesome." I said with a smile as I floated around before landing. "You're power is sick, but it was designed for kid." I joked as I crossed my arms over my chest. "How'd you end up figuring this all out? You seem like you'd be too overwhelmed or busy. It's not like this is a power you can train."

I was glad I Got to show off a few of my skills it was great, taking in his reactions to everything I could do. “Bet it does haha, I wish I could keep myself as a saiyan in the real world, but some of my powers are specific to fiction only.” I said with a little disappointment the amount of fun I could have if that wasn’t the case would be endless, of course there was still a lot I could do. “Shiid I Don’t care if this shit was designed for an infant, it’s fucking fun. And naw I’ve always made time to train practice makes perfect, and maybe not in the traditional sense but there’s a lot I can do. Our powers are like a muscle the more who use it the stronger we become, plus well I stopped by Primatech to grab a power that really helped me expand my finesse with this ability. “ I grinned as I summoned a soldier from a random ficition.” Alright so look I ne-“Bang Bang Bang three bullets the man shot me three times before I could talk and I stumbled back only for my body to push the bullets out as I healed instantly then looked at the man unleashing a blast of electricity to fry him alive. “And that’s it for demonstrations, so what all have you learned man?”

I raised an eyebrow at Floyd's last demonstration and the words that went along with it. If he had what I guessed, then no wonder he had advanced this far. It was like using a cheatcode to get a bunch of powerups at the start of the game. I found this to be clever, but I think I could get past that while staying in South Dakota. "Me? My powers are different, but pretty much the same. I'm kind of glad I was going for a bachelors in science my first two years at college, or this power would be pretty shitty... Besides, my powers are a little too hurtful to demonstrate." I said as made an orb of light appear in my hand.

I didn’t want the smell of burnt flesh in my nose so I Sent the soldier back to whatever fiction he was from. “Damn no new shit no new shit no new shit no no no stay down with my day 1 skillssss” I said in the same tone as Drake’s song no new friends before laughing.” Forreal tho yo ass lucky cuz if I had that shit, I wouldn’t know what the fuck to do I told you how I passed my physics class, but if you need sum to work yo magic on then…here..” I focused then summoned Claire Bennet to he rocky terrain who looked around shocked before seeing me then Michael with a tail backing.” What the hell! What’s going on?! Where’s Peter?!

"Wait Floyd! It's not like..." I moved extemely quickly in front of Claire and touched her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head before she dropped. "That's the other reason I came back to Miami. Remember that movie Limitless? I need that pill. Just once."

I just burst out laughing what happened.” Bruh you Roofied her ass “ I was trying to stop laughing as Claire had just hit the ground, good thing she could heal head injuries were no joke! I focused on Michael so that he was no longer a saiyan. “NZT..”I focused and made Eddie Moora’s favorite pill real in my hand before becoming intangible. “$5 hunna…dollars..and you can have it homie.”

I looked at Floyd as if he was crazy. Not because he was charging me, but because he made one pill appear. "Let me sample one, and I'll toss you 3 grand for 20 of them."

“MHmmmm Iight man just remember this shit powerful, it takes you brain to whole new fucking level, the shit you can do,.” I remembered my two NZT experiences I’d actually talked to Michael in the link during my last one, I wondered how I’d effect me now the thought sent chills down my back as I became tangible and tossed the pill to Michael. “Iggght bruh if you remember all that you all set, also don’t drink when you on this shit I mean I ain’t never done it but you seen the movie too.” Using my power again we were back in my room with Kara watching Love and Hip Hop.

"Thanks man..." I said with a smile as I appeared back at his crib. Now it was time to really use my powers. Sure, I didn't unveil the depth of my powers to Floyd, but there were so much technical skill I needed... I looked at Floyd before I took the pill without even drinking anything. "You know... you should probably start thinking more clearly about the stuff you're doing. Leave his mom out of this..." I said before my eyes began to gain a lot more clarity. They turned from the dull dark brown to a dark shade of amber. Then I felt it. I thought I had enhanced my mind before, but this was incredible. POWER by Kanye West began to play in my head. My mind drifted into the link where the highlights of my power were shown. All the things I had managed to accomplish and access. Then I fell from it as found myself still facing Floyd. A wicked smirk formed on my face. As Nicole Wilson entered the room from the bathroom. "Are you just going to kill another helpless bystander?" Nicole said as she crossed her arms and shook her head with distaste.

It felt good to be back home I saw Michael was eager to get his NZT as he hardly hesitated before he downed the pill, at least both times I did it I had something to drink whether it was water or lemonade. Only to be confronted by none other then Nicole Wilson. l. “ the fuck!...You’re fucking dead!” My head was spinning and I was in complete shock, how the hell did this happen? I was at her damn funeral saw her body take off in that plane on the laptop, hell I visited the hospital minutes after she died to confirm it.
Bruce felt his business with Anna was the right thing to do, Floyd, Michael, and Rory all needed to die. They were an imminent threat to society, their powers made them dangerous. He’d h oped they’d kill each other like Floyd killed Nicole, but apparently the remaining trio the Big three were getting along quite nicely. At least in the sense that they hadn’t killed each other yet. He’d managed to drunkenly drive to Anna’ residence stashing his squad car in her tool shed while he hid out drinking himself into a stupor before finally passing out. However after a day he’d turned himself in Friday evening to the station not wanting to jeopardize Anna’s freedom who’d mostly turned over a new life working for public relations for politicians, celebrities, and other individuals in high society. Hiding a drunken fugitive would be brutal to her career, especially since she was an Ex heroin junkie arrested for heroin and oxycodone possession as well as her ties to her ex boyfriend in the Russian Mob.

He was sitting in the station when he was confronted by Amy who’ taken him outside for private FBI questioning. “So this is what you’ve been fucking doing? Getting drunk and fighting your cousins, and getting arrested?”

“What fucking use was I anyway huh?! Nobody believes shit and for good reason, have you ever went through our notes or heard us talking, we sound like we’re on an unlimited acid trip. Besides all this shit my career’s going down the toilet, I’m not going anywhere, I’m trying to get out, maybe…be a teacher, fuck a lawyer or something fuck being a cop it’s over.”

“You’re really giving up?! Just cuz your family is a bunch of dirty potheads?! You’re better you respect the law you wanna help people, look you were right about not going to the Feds they didn’t shit, they think I was crazy, sent me to a mandatory psychiatric evaluation and.

“You fucking told them?!” Bruce got up that instantly brought the fire backin his eyes, the fact that Amy told them anything was irritable. “What the fuck where you thinking.”

“What the fuck was I thinking, I’m not the one undergoing a murder investigation for a fellow officer, you’ve got a fucking corruption case, internal affairs is on you, I guess we should just talk to dumb alcoholic college students instead of my superiors because that’s worked so well hasn’t it!”

“ Don’t fucking worry it’s being taken care a few days Floyd, Michael, Rory none of it will be a problem, they’ll be cleaned up, vacumned away.” Bruce knew Anna’s person would come through, he was a top notch assassin, and while she wasn’t involved with him, their relationship had went beyond wok years ago and he’d remained devoted to her, he was one of the best in his profession.

“Cleaned up fuck..Bruce what did you do..what

“I’m getting rid of the fucking problem so the Feds and whoever else dosen’t have to fucking get involved with this shit!”

“OH ok so now you’re going to have them fucking killed, a hitman really?! IS this how fucking low u sunk because I was gone for two days because you fucking threw a book at me?! This makes since to you? Or is this because I’m the greatest cop in the world, some sort of jealousy thing and you’r trying to make yourself look likea fucking hero!”

“You think this is about me looking..good.” Bruce got up from the bench he was sitting in now steaming.” I’m about to lose my fucking badge, no job means no money for my fucking bills there goes my house can’t pay the car note either, whole department thinks I’m a fucking woman beating alcoholic, whole family hates me even the one guy who hated the rest of my family for being Weed Heads, this shti with what we know about those kids I’ve been trying to find a solution, but shit is getting worst and worst! I’m TRYING TO SAVE LIVES, look at all the shit going on in Miami, before I go down, I’m taking htem down with me, I’m saving the fucking city, the fucking country!”

“That’s it I can’t letl this shit go on Bruce, I’m tellin the department you’r trying to fucking kill kids,come we’re going back inside.” Amy grabbed Bruce to bring him back inside only for Bruce to push her off and Amy quick to draw her gun.” Don’t make me fucking do this.”

“I can’t let you fucking tell, do you want this shit going on any more do you want this shit happening! LOOK AT ALL THIS FUCKING SHIT.”

“Enough stand down or I’ll “Bruce was quick punching Amy in the nose, causin her to stumble as he reached to grab her, she kneed him, and quickly kicked him back rushing inside while Bruce ran to the parking lot having snatched her keys & phone and putting them in her car quickly. He opened the door got in and started up the car.” Fuck FUCK HURRY UP” He slammed his foot into the gas pedal taking off from the police station and right as he did it happened a massive explosion the parking lot blown to smithereens as was the police station, the car spun out of control and slammed into a vehicle on the road, and everything went black. He came too plunged into the deployed air bag, with intense pain but nothing appeared broken. He let the air out of the cushion while looking at th chaos in the streets sirens blaring, ambulances firetrucks, but no police.


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(Floyd) It felt good to be back home I saw Michael was eager to get his NZT as he hardly hesitated before he downed the pill, at least both times I did it I had something to drink whether it was water or lemonade. Only to be confronted by none other then Nicole Wilson. l. “ the fuck!...You’re fucking dead!” My head was spinning and I was in complete shock, how the hell did this happen? I was at her damn funeral saw her body take off in that plane on the laptop, hell I visited the hospital minutes after she died to confirm it.

(Mike) "She is dead." I said as I sighed. The mirage of her vanished in thin air as I shook my head. "I was making a point. I don't care if you go after Rory personally, but leave his mother out of this. You don't even know if he did it for sure. How do you know it wasn't one of your fictions that slipped out? I don't even know why I'm even pleading a case. Just send her back home."

(Floyd) I let out a sigh of relief happy to know that Nicole was still a member of the deceased. "You not funny bruhh" I said with a hint of a smile that faded quickly I knew the subject was still sensitive to someone. "Man I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, 99% sure he did it unless it was you. Anyway I'll make a deal right now his mom is safe not in pain trust me, if you find out who did it, I let her go, if you don't...well tragic." I said copying one of my favorite phrases I picked up from Everybody Hates Chris.

(Mike) I didn't like the deal, especially since I wouldn't be staying in Miami long. "Fine, but don't harm her until you're 100% sure. I don't care who you kill, but if you fuck this up and Rory didn't do anything, don't expect me to be on your side when shit hits the fan between you two... Anyway, can I get the rest of the NZT? I gotta go see Carmen."

(Floyd) I was glad I wasn't challenged too much on the deal mainly because i was telling the truth. "Alright good job Mike, glad we could work this out, and no offense man but I don't need your help to deal with Rory." Maybe I was letting the power get to me head a little bit naww what am I thinking I'm near perfect. "Ummmm yea man just lemme see the cash." I summoned a random ziploc bag from fiction and then summoned 20 NZT pills in it." You want?"

(Mike) "Sure." I said as I grabbed the ziploc bag while pulling out a check without recipient's name on it for $3,000. On it, was a name that Floyd wouldn't find familiar. Homer Jones. "I'll see you in a couple of weeks. Or maybe I'll spend time in a city that hasn't gotten so hectic, instead." With that, I left Floyd with his check that he could cash to himself or anyone else on the planet. Why be enemies with the superior when you can just get close and use everything he has over you to help yourself. It was cowardly, but I could deal with it for a while until I was at full strength.

As I walked out of Floyd's place, I took deep breath of the fresh air before using beacon vision to spot Carmen who was currently helping some unfamiliar female walk through the streets. I zoomed out and raised an eyebrow. I wondered what she was up to before walking behind a palm tree and vanishing. I had bent the light around me to use as camouflage, much like the Predator in the movies. It would be easier to run at my near human pace if I couldn't be seen doing so. Besides, I didn't need any unwanted eyes spotting me while I was here.

"Nice work, boy. You are really turning out better than we expected." Homer said through the link.

"Does that mean I pass with flying colors?" I replied being unrealistic. I could hear him chuckle before seeing an image of myself running far faster than I could. "What was that?"

"That's the guy that's going to change the world..."

I grunted before picking up my speed a bit, but there was no way I could hit that kind of speed. At least not with my body as it is and these powers. I came to the conclusion that the image was a past one of me using kinetic energy, but who knows. Homer claimed he could get my powers back, but how?


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“Come ON!” Carmen demanded as she helped Jennifer walk to the hospital. She wanted to be sympathetic, but her patience ran thin and very quickly. “Jenn! Ay!” Jennifer’s legs gave out as she started to cry harder. Carmen grunted before letting Jennifer fall to the sidewalk and curl with her troubled self. Carmen leaned up against the wall of the closest building, just trying to cool off and also to wait for Jennifer to calm down. Carmen remained silent for a moment before sighing. “I know what that guy did was fucked up. I hate him for it, but we have to get you to the hospital.” Carmen said, but Jennifer didn’t seem to listen or care. Carmen just sighed again. All she could hear were sirens and something horrible every now and then. A scream, a gunshot, a broken window… it was the music of these streets, and she was beginning to hate it. How all this happened was unknown to her. All she wanted was answers. “Can you at least tell me how you know Mike… Mike Hayes?” Carmen tried, but Jennifer just whimpered.

“What’s good?” I said as I stepped out from around the corner in full view. Carmen turned to me with a deer in headlights look, not being able to take in what was happening. “You look surprised.” I said with a smirk as walked up. My smirk was long lived as I saw Jennifer on the ground. “What’s going…” I dipped back as Carmen’s hand nearly slapped me in the face.

“You fucking pendejo!” Carmen shouted before swinging with her left to hit me, but I bobbed to my right and stopped her by affecting her nerves. She couldn’t even speak as she just grunted in anger.

“Listen!” I said assertively as I gripped her up and released my hold on her nerves. “I’m sorry I left without saying anything! I didn’t tell anyone… not even my family. Then they took my phone. I tried to call you with another phone, but you didn’t pick up… So I just watched you in the link…”

“And…” Carmen said as her face still showed the desire to hit me. “You’re mad because I did what I did?!” Carmen chose her words carefully out in public.

“No… You just didn’t need to…”

“Need to what?! They were hurting your friends regardless of what they knew what you could do to them! I just did what the rest of you putas couldn’t… I killed my enemy.” She said the last bit under her breath.

“I mean you didn’t have to do it for my sake.” I said as I found myself regretting not doing it myself. Maybe I didn’t want to consider myself a coldblooded killer. Maybe in the end, I wanted to say that I saved the day without casualties and without getting my hands dirty with blood.But fighting like that, was considered tip toeing around your enemy. Not hitting them directly. I had hurt so many other people, but hadn’t attacked the source. It was now that I realized that I was just as bad as everyone else who had gotten exposed to the rock. All they did was attack at thye limbs of their enemies, hoping to make them fall, but this didn’t stop the threat, especially when that threat was stubborn and ready to strike back for the blow you had just dealt. Then you’d be crippled with them… creating an endless cycle of misfire and collateral damage, so even at the end, when you win… you have nothing.

“Too late.” Carmen said as she gave me a hug and took a deep breath. “And, don’t worry. I don’t even feel bad about it. They deserved it, and I owed it to you.”

“No… You didn’t owe me anything.” I said before she broke away to look me in the face.

“Yes I fucking did! Alright, I’m not going to argue. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I wouldn’t be this strong! I... I feel like you never lost what you originally had…” Carmen said as she started to bite her lower lip to hide her emotions. “You just shared it with me.” Carmen said as she hugged me again, but much tighter this time. I hugged her too, and just looked down to the ground noticing Jennifer again. “I know you probably regret that day, because I’ve dreamed of the things you were able to do…”

“It was my fault though. I should have left rock alone… Now, are we gonna help your friend out or what?” I asked before Carmen let me go and looked down at Jennifer. She frowned as I ruined the moment.

“Sure.” She said with zero enthusiasm. “I’m not touching her.” Carmen said as I walked over and lightly put a hand on her to put her to sleep. It was easier this way. I didn’t really recognize the female, but she needed help. I put in a fireman’s carry before looking at Carmen. “So what just happened?” I asked as we both started walking.

“How about this? We trade questions and answers. I got shit to ask you too… I jumped in her body, she got knocked out by an escaped prisoner, she was raped, and I saved her.” Carmen spared the details. Now, where have you been?”

“I’ve been away. Basically, I’ve been training to get into an agency.” I said as Carmen smiled cheekly.

“Wow! Mike’s gonna be playing with the big boys now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m proud.”She answered.

“Thanks… My turn. Do you know who hurt Floyd’s friends?”

“Nope! I saw that though. I figured it was Rory since he put his name on the bitch!” Carmen chuckled before seeing me shake my head. “I don’t know for sure though. Are you gonna leave again?” Carmen added.

“Yeah, but I want you to open up your connection to the link. It always gets hazy when I try to connect with you. Last one from me… Do you wanna leave Miami once I get done with this training?” I asked as Carmen who stopped and looked at me with a smirk.

“I’ll think about it… My last one… Do you trust Floyd?” She asked as she looked away to hide her devious smile.

“Do I trust him?” I repeated the question as I found myself unsure. “Not always.” I answered truthfully as she simply nodded to make me feel like my answer didn’t sound crazy.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“I thought you ran out of questions?”

“Slut, no one ever runs out of questions.” She said with a smirk. We both eventually entered the hospital, checking Jennifer into the emergency room.


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The threesome had been fun, not to mention all the drugs in me so I still felt invincible. After getting head from both of them I kicked them both out of my place, as well as Chris & Dj and them, even though we’d had a good smoke sessssion.

“Cmooon maaan I gotta go nooow???, we got moore weeed.”

“BRuh I have enough fucking weed to last me 20 life times, I’mma catch you later I’m leaning hard as fuck and shit.”

“Ight B easy man.” Chris let DJ out I guess it easier for him to dip since I’d helped him come up in a million, plus I agreed to be featured on two or three of his songs on his new mixtape. America’s most Savage, the thought had caused nostalgia as I went over to my laptop to look up my own song Mr. Savage I’d released in early September long before I thought to use Parkman to help me spread my mixtape, these powers had literally been key to my fame. Of course the quality of my music as well, but NZT combined with cannabis, the quality of my music was incredible, I was already planning on some studio time the next time I dropped acid or munched some mushies with Timmy, and maybe a couple others, for a short 4 song mixtape, probably with some trippy name I just had to think of it. I walked over to the room where Arthur was to look at the paintings I’d asked him to make.

“Mexico…” I smiled looking at the paintings things we’re going to be getting very good very soon. “Rory’s been a bad boy.” I laughed as I looked at the paintings diving into the link seeing images of the past, before pulling myself out and plopping down into a chair. “Holy shit” Diving into the link when you were already high as shit was fun, it was a similar rush to leaping into the deep end of the pool or dropping in from a slide then rushing back up to the surface. I chuckled as I reached for my laptop going to google apparently Florida was going to legalize recreational and medicinal maraijuana, I wonder who played hand in that. I smiled before scrolling to another article Floyd Banker: Man of Tomorrow, talking about my news interview, and all the good things I was going to be doing. I looked down at my rollex the first two where open today in Miami, and Atlanta. I had to make even more money now than ever to keep churning money away at the stations, publicity was everything. I wouldn’t stop until I was the next O.J Simpson..super saiyan one, then I’d transfer to the next level and reach Michael Jackson’s level of love and adoration from people minus the horrible law suits both of them had, ok..maybe they weren’t the best examples to follow.

I then got in contact with Fine.” Hello Fine, how’s your work with Molly been working out?”

“Very well, put everyone from Rory’s contacts aside from his family, and his auntie as you requested in the hospital, car accident, shot, fires, near fatal stabbing, beaten, I Did my best to be creative and try not to be fatal.”

I frowned as he said that but juts started laughing, I was too high not to laugh.” Damn I should have asked you to record it, then I could send the videos to Rory.”

“If you want I ca

“Naw it’s good man,” I focused on Molly returning her to Heroes her work was done, and I doubt I’d need her again.

“Alright then why’d you call?”

“You’ve infiltrated the FBI the constant stream of info your feeding me about our cases, and the Greeks and everything related to them is good, but I’m going to need other perspectives as well. DEA, and Department of Homeland Security, infiltrate them, find other targets that I can use influential and/or talented field agents, need that done by tomorrow, Monday morning at latest it’s imperative we make that move now, Rory’s gotten himself in some trouble, and I’m afraid it might blow back on me, the others, and everything I’m trying to do for the world.”

“Alright Floyd you got it, you took the girl right?”

“Of course, don’t know about any of the rest of us being fast, and besides they wouldn’t be faster then you could see, I’ll catch you later, get back to the feds.”
Fine hung up the phone to contact Frank again, as he made his way back into his vehicle, he was with the FBI investigating the Rory Lamb situation here. His mother’s house burned, there was yellow tape around the scene, and a local authorities were searching for Rory’s family, but since there was no proof they were kidnapped no actual road blocks had been set up by the police. “Hello?”

“What’s good any news on the Lamb family? We’ve got photo’s of his mother beaten and bruised of Rory’s phone, Homeland Security thinks he’s been radicalized, Feds nailed someone down in Mexico crane operator who he payed, struck a deal he’ll be doing a year in the U.S in exchange for the life saving information on the Greeks.”

“Great but you don’t sound too happy yourself why’s that?””

“Because where’s this shit leading us too? I don’t think we should have fucking got Lamb when we did, he could have lead us to some big shit maybe something connecting the Greeks to the Cartels either show how bad the conflict is or reveal a fucking temporary alliance? Instead he’s fucking insane he’s had his mother beaten, and presumably kidnapped with the rest of his folks, house burned down, it’s clear he’s in bed with the Greeks.”

“Damn, and from what we know about them, we can’t find shit about them disappearing. No traces, no leads nothing, these guys have come outta nowhere, and there almost better then anybody except the Cartels.”

“Yeah out of nowhere, look remember that lead I told you about that girl with the virus Ashley Mok? I know this sounds crazy but I got a tip from a rookie agent about something..else..that could be going down, I’m heading to her last known address right now to look into it. “

“Look into it?! Are you crazy, with everything going on Miami, you’re looking into that?”

“You think I don’t fucking know what’s happening?! I’m driving my car not the one feds gave me! Police Stations blown up, parking lots too, prisoners broke free, got their hands on military grade weaponry, it’s chaos in the streets, it’s like a buffet for injustice, people are robbing stores left and right, not even the inmates, people are trying to evacuate the city saying it’s a fucking terrorist attack, not to mention a lot of cops that didn’t get caught in the blast have disappeared , nobody can reach them, I’ve passed 5 empty fucking squad cars?!”

“And you think Mok has to do with that still? She’s not no innocent but I think her days of crime are over after the Cartel sent a hitman after her, that was almost successful!”

“Look we don’t have any other fucking choice the entire city has lost it’s mind, I’m following the lead I have!!!” Frank hung up and Fine sighed, going to message Floyd. While Frank drove through a red light ducking his head low as a spray of bullets tore through his glass, and he ended up running an inmate over as he kept moving getting faster. As he took his phone going through his contacts to dial a number. “Hello Amy?”

“Frnk you’.re..what.”

“Fuck what’s wrong what happened?!”

“I was at the station..remember..stopping by Bruce..I..cauht in the blast, but I was just outside the radius of the bomb got Bruce, and some others to the hospital ambulance’s are busy, it’s like a war-zone out here.”

“That thing you were telling me about, remember that girl, you saw a truck disappear into thin air right? Do you think it’ really possible that.”

“Frank look If you’re trying to fuck with me, I just put my friend in the fucking emergency room! I told what I believe, you want my fucking answer, maybe this bitch makes shit disappear, there laugh at me, get me fired get me sent to more psychiatric evaluations I’ve have lives to save.” Amy hung up the phone she didn’t need Frank taunting her about her belief that super powers had anything to do what was going on. She was limping out the hospital, she’d be fine though. She had some left-over vicodin from her surgery last year, and two of those pills had kept her stable enough for now. “Fucking Bruce” She groaned none of this made any sense, the hospital was busy, sirens were blaring, people were being rushed in, it made her think the Apocalypse was really happening.

She moved through the masses of people and paramedics rushing inside the hospital, as she got into her car checking to make sure she had her gun. She put her keys in the ignition and began backing out, hospital security was armed, and hopefully the National Guard’ would come in full force to help the city. The largest prison break in the history of the United States, every prisoner had been liberated, right now Miami had become a criminal paradise. Hell those that were trying to escape at this point where and probably had been successful so far, at least until there was a national response. She knew this had to be connected to everything going on, Bruce was right these people needed to die. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Perry. I need all the info on these people organized and on a USB drive now, stay alive, stay armed kiddo! I’ll be there try and get in contact with Troy.

She then went through her contact and found a number, someone she never thought she’d speak to again.” Amy? What a pleasant surprise, and here I thought you moving into the FBI meant we’d never talk again, but I guess it’s true the higher you go the more dirt you get.”

“Listen and listen good, I’m going to bring you $5 grand in cash, I need you to get me some things, I’ll be there in an hour or less.”

“Of course, tell me Amy what do you need?”
Frank was racing through traffic when he saw he’d reached a road black and turned round to avoid it only for his car to flip over turning and slamming into another vehicle. Frank’s entire life flashed before him before impact as Fine had moved so fast and flipped over the vehicle and was back at the crime scene before anyone could even notice he’d moved.

“The entire house blew up?! Secure the area Secure the mother fucking area now!!! You Agent the fuck are you doing?!!!!”

“Huh sorry I got it..this is just so insane..I mean..the family’s gone..but blowing up his auntie’s house, this mn I pure evil.”

“My Fist is gonna pure evil up your fucking ass if you don’t get to work DAMN!!!” Fine nodded leaving smiling, he was glad to work with someone like Floyd, just as ruthless as him. He’d put all his friends in the hospital, made the family disappear, and saved the best for last, blowing his auntie to smithereens. He loved his job.
I just smiled as I saw the explosion through Fine’s eyes, laughing I was high, but that was just hilarious, two people walking in the neighborhood on the opposite of the street there hearts nearly stopped, Iwas just laughing as he took out some chips to munch down on the BBQ lays, this was all hilarious, I’d was so busy being the hero, I never thought about how fun it would be the villain. “Oh my fucking god haha whoo this is fucking hilarious..I knew Ashley was pissed..but she musta jugged the whole family only one I got is the mama.” I shrugged as I dug into my snacks that’s all I’d promised Michael anyway, besides maybe Rory’s family went into hiding, or maybe Ashley had em in her in famous bowl. The Lamb family was none of my damn concern, maybe if Rory was still my friend but he wasn’t and I had other business matters to attend too.

People were fleeing to my community stations for support in Miami, I was already becoming a beacon of hope in the community. Not to mention my conscience was clean as I saw the video of the criminals that I’d investigated that turned out to deserve more then being locked up where micro-waved, and she’dleft a message 12 next, I was ready to see this show. I’d show up in person but Ashley sounded really fucked up, and when you were on xans you ain’t give a fuck who friend or foe you just get rid of em, and yeah I’m not trying to be micro-waved shit probably hurts.

I vanished appearing in Purgatory where I’d left sal who was screaming, he’d been having nightmares, confused he’d realized by now he was being hunted by monsters. I smiled as I appeared to him.” Hey Sal.”

“YOU FUCKING LET ME OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING” Sal rushed at me but I phased right through him before blasting him with electricity. Sal turned around with a makeshift axe only to stab Rory’s auntie in the chest. I made it so only you she could see me.

“Welcome to new home, umm honestly I coulda dropped you in thePhantom Zone with your sister but what fun is that, you’re dying now..but don’t worry you can’t die here, you keep coming back to life to be hunted, eaten, violated, ect by all the creatures here vampires, werewolves, wendigo’s, leviathans, flesh eating clowns, zombies, ghouls, you catch the drift if you seen Supernatutral up to season 8 you should know you’re way, ou’re lucy I didn’t give Sal this nmuch warning, and just because I’m in good mood” I turned to Sal and punched a hole in his chest as I made myself visible, and suddenly a pack of were-wolves where coming so I used my power to give them a command.

“EAT THEM ALIVE slowly…you’reluckyI don’thave Ashley’s power or else I’d dip you both in BBQ Sacue first, oh yeah auntie..umm..your boyfriend sort of died in the explosion..didn’t see a reason to grab him anyway CYA LATER” I laughed and vanished getting back to my apartment the fear o ntheir face I was just laughing for three minuts straightr.” OH my god when Sal saw me again HAHAHA and the auntie got stabbed by him “ I fell on the grounlaughing, being high as hell probably didn’t help, but the torture these people I had trapped in fiction where going through was hilarious, then I looked into fiction to see Elle being torn apart by Doomsday, while Doomsday was about to kill Roman I warped her into A series of fortunte events into the car that sunk into the water with the flesh eating eels laughing as she was eaten alive, barely able to contain my lughter.” HOLY FUCK JACK..what are you up LMFAO GODZILLA stepped on him hahahahahahaha,”

I got done laughing I decided it was time for some combat training, and I knew the perfect place to do that as I vanished reappearing in Heroes in Season 3 during fugitives inserting myself so that I Was born a special, and had a mysterious ability, but I’d managed to evade the Company I was a known upcoming producer in New York City, since that was the epicenter of so much shit going down during fugitives. I was just sitting down on my laptop reason was open and the beat that “I” had been working on was actually pretty nice.” This shti flows, I could make it a bonus song for Flight or something.” Just as I was getting into it my spider sense went off doors burst open Agents flew in guns raised, tasers going to hit me, and I yelled out as the lead agent of the operation was speaking into a walkie talkie as my body hit the ground.” Banker’s down, we’re gonna load em up bring him to the next flight, tell Danko right after I’ll get back to tracking down Parkman and Petrelli.”

I just lay on the ground face-first smilling before all their walkie talkies, and technology shut off and I slowly hovered raising to the ground as the agents took out their guns to use their tasers, I unleashed arcs of electricity on all the agents on the room except the lead agent who took out his gun after I unleashed enough voltages to burn the skin off the other agents. “Wow that was fun? I enjoyed that outing, I think I’m going to enjoy target practice. You people..hunt people we’re different hmmh”

“Stay BACK YOU FUCKING FREAK” The man opened fire, three bullets into my chest and suddenly his gun fell to the ground, then before he knew it I was in-front of him grabbing him and tossing him into a wall. “You fucked up my apartment, well buddy, you fucked up the wrong apartment, because..bad things happen to people who mess up my parents, bad thing number 1” I smiled as I raised my hand.
X was making his exit from the hospital, a simple visit, poison. The hospital would find out, but at that point what could they do? He was an expert there was no traces, he had an inside man in the hospital help him get in and out quickly, with surveillance blocked for the time being.

It was by luck that as he was getting into his vehicle with his business partner he saw another target and just smiled.” Drive around the block, we’re going up to the roof, I’m glad I have what I have in the trunk, business needs to be taken care f.”

The man did as instructed driving up behind the block and making his way into a parking lot near the hospital slowly edging his way into the upper levels before he felt a sense of unease.” Is this about the girl? I told you it was a mistake, if you’re taking me here eto kill me X pleas eI..”

X put his hand on his partner’s shoulder, “Now now’ve been doing business me with the past two weeks, and you really think I’m mad about some lady? I’m irate that you put a bullet in her before I could put something I wanted in her, but that’s alright I don’t hold grudges. Just Drive man.”

“Alright..” He seemed to be reassured a bit as they got to the floor above the top floor not under a roof, the businessman got out of the car and X handed him a picture. “That’s the man I’ll drive up to the entry, after you shoot, run, and then we’ll escape, car ready to go, sniper’s in the trunk.” X popped open the trunk and the guy got out and let X get in the driver’s seat getting the weapon making sure no one was around and shut the trunk, before X drove some more and the man got out. “Go on.”

As his partner got to the roof X smiled and just drove off, making his way to the lower levels while his partner called him.” Ok? You got him?”

“Yeah where you want the shot?”

“Anywhere fatal, it’ got a silencer on it, so you’ll be fine but you need to go regardless.” The Man peered into his weapon seeing Michael and put h is finger on the trigger, watching as he came outside with a female. He pulled the trigger the bullet flew forward and struck Michael in the upper chest.

“It’s done” The Shooter turned around to run only to be killed in an explosion as, X had planted a bomb on him, while X himself was outside the parking lot at a safe distance just smiling. “One Down, Two To Go.” He turned on his radio a CD still in, and Moonlight sonata began to play.
The men were killed in the microwave, and she warped the remains to elsewhere aka in the ocean, before going to the police officers, counting them out.” Daaaamn Miami finna ave hella less cops, trest yall mafuk shold be labu “ She was speaking worst because of the Xanax her words extremely slurred and she stumbled as she walked going to the fridge to get some yogurt she came back with that and h a gun shooting up the table using giant bullets to tear apart escaped mafia and cartel prisoners before laughing. “Shiddd..hadda hurt ight now for da mafucking cops, wait yall. “She turned to a small bubble of space had which had Rory’s fam and dropped them in a masjon jar which she reduced in size. “I’mma deal with yall later..Im on my Buddah shit so yall..going love f now..”

She warped the mason jar to the counter, and then warped the kidnapped police officers into the yogurt, while she warped some of the prisoners inside her blender then put in some fruits, she plugged it in then warped more of the prisoners the majority of them using space to cram them in her then ignoring screams pressed the button while taking a picture of the cops in the ice cream before eating the yogurt and starting the blender.” kill da…rest.” The Xans were already making her more and more less able to function so she decided to warp the majority of the rest into the yogurt and blender, while looking down at her phone to see what time she’d go to get tatted up. After that she made her bong appear hitting it a few times, while making the contents inside her blender vanish using her spatial sense she found another person in the apartment who had a slushie and put the contents of the grinded up human remains and fruits inside keeping watch of her with her spatial sense.” Oh dat shit..going be funny and the rest of yall I Got a few ways to kill yall fuks…but lemme send this to the 10g man “She sent the picture of the co ps to me, before going over to the others to finish the job.


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Now this' ll be a beautiful death...

As I exited the hospital with Carmen beside me, she froze the very momenti felt a piercing hot pain in my chest that knocked me me back. My eyes widened with shock as I found myself falling to my knees. It was ironic to be gunned down right in front of a hospital. A place where lives were saved, was the place my life was lost. As my body collapsed, my face smacked against the cold hard concrete. Carmen screamed at the top of her lungs before looking for thw shooter.Before she could even find any clue, an explosion went off at theupper level of the parking lot nearby.

"Mike! No please! Fuck no!" Carmen screamed as people panicked. Paramedics were already flying out of the hospital. I felt myself go into shock already as I felt the warm blood soak my shivering body beneath me. Could I call this deicide? The killing of a god... No, I was but a man. It was shown just from this instant. That's all I needed, was for my guard to be down. Carmen wanted to save me somehow, but the paramedics already came to roll me on my back. They kept my feet elevated, an attempted to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. It wasn't just the wound that would do me in today, but the shock as well. Arterial blood soaked through the pressure gauze that was pressed down on my wound. They checked for an exit wound, but seemed to lose morale when they discovered it to also be in my chest as well. I couldn't hear anything anymore, and then I couldn't see. The was unbearable, but that soon faded as well. There was no reason to fight. I couldn't change the world, hell I couldn't even change my friends. I was weak, pathetic, and living in the clouds. My disappointment would leave me too. Yeah, it was gone now. Then... then there was.... just nothing. Carmen screamed at the paramedics as the link made her unwillingly watch my aura fade. She shook her head as streams of tears flowed down her face. Her mind hit the breaking point... and that's when she did the unpredictable.

"Mike..." She uttered as she put her hand into left left of my jeans. She fused her hand into my leg, with some hope of doing something, only to feel the energy within my body dying out. "No!" It was hopeless. The defribulator was then brought out the paramedics hecticly yelled clear, and everyone moved a bit. Until one of them spotted Carmen's hand.

"Shit! Stop!" He yelled as the pads released volts of electricity into my body. With Carmen connected, she received the shock as well. Thr jolt was quick, but so was the nature of her powers. Carmen was seen knelt down with electricity surging across her skin like some kind of freak as my body just bobbed a few times from the electricity pulsing through my body that remained hopless of life. Everyone backed away in shock. Some people got out their phones, while others just stared at the girl who looked like a human taser.

Carmen... she just knelt there motionlessly at the sight of closest friend dead. She didn't care what anyone could see. All that mattered was what she was witnessing. First sadness came over her, but rage was quickly born in her heart and fed off her emotions to become a beast of chaos within her. Her anger caused more electricity to surge through her body until she converted into electricity. My body did the samebefore she absorbed me completely and darted away with a grunt as she cried in pain of her loss. At least in the end... she'd always have me... her closest friend, Michael Hayes.


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Combat training had been excellent and once again helped me get a grip on my abilities. I’d decided to take it to Building 26 itself since I was oh so interested in meeting Emile Danko in the flesh. I hated people like him so he’d been fun to experiment on different things before killing him. I got to face off against a few of my favorite characters Bennet, Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, and Peter, and I felt better after doing so. I started a fire in the building after I was done having fun, sure some agents would escape, but I’d spread the fire fast so a good bit of people inside would die. It was extremely entertaining to hear them screaming for help, burning alive. I was getting use to the smell of burnt flesh now, I was think ing about dropping by X Men or maybe Supernatural naw scratch that, maybe..mhmm..I dunno who else was next on my list for combat training?

I just sat on the burning Government Building, as the sound of blaring sirens we’re coming, and helicopters we’re coming. “Ah shit.” I quickly made myself invisible not wanting to be shot down, or hit with a missile. “Damn Danny could fuck Sam wherever he wanted, hell this motherfucker could cheat whenever he can’t ever get caught on camera.”

I was just laughing as more helicopters, and emergency personnel where arriving when it happened. I Felt a searing pain, this was different from any level of discomfort I experienced through the link from the others, except one other time. When..Nicole..had died, which meant. I felt it for an instant I wondered if Ashley had taken care of Rory, then I saw it. My eyes widened I wasn’t focused on anything around me, even though the amount of police around me matched Grand Theft 5 with 5 stars. Michael Hayes..shot..blood rushing out, his life ended. I was just in a state of shock, even with my emotions dulled he was one of my greatest friends in the world. Even though these powers had caused us to drift apart, in an instant I was in the real world. I felt the pain, his death, it was like a knife digging deep inside me, cutting me, taking out apart of me. I realized this link was truly a connection and it had to do with my emotions, when Nicole had died I hadn’t cared. In fact I’d celebrated somewhat considering what she’d done to me, but with Michael it was different.

“Fuck shit..god damn!” I peered deeper into the link seeing the scene at the hospital before seeing older images what happened just a few minute ago confronting him about breaking in, giving him the the past two conversations in the link that led to me regaining my conscience, showing up at his place unannounced on Halloween, when he broke into my house to attack me after I’d had Zach visit him, the attack at the hospital that was the origin of me ridding myself of my conscience, talking to him about what was going on when I was loosing my powers, and so many others. Tears formed in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away and left the link, coming to the surface as I was sitting on the floor. I got up and went over to my couch to just sit down, the combat training had amplified my highness but this had completely blown it in a way. I hadn’t sobered up from all the opiates in me, but it had pretty much eliminated any euphoria I was feeling.

I didn’t even bother to look any-more, I just sat still, I just needed to calm down. Michael’s death upset me, but not as much as it would without my emotions dulled. I just closed my eyes, and allowed myself to get some rest. My mind, my body, I needed to take a break from reality. Escape into my dreams, escape..from reality. I closed my eyes, and it wasn’t long until I was out. The next thing I knew I was running for my life, helicopters were in the sky with search lights, sirens we’re blaring as police cruisers and trucks we’re moving through the streets. I was moving calmly despite everything as I came to a ded end and just stared at the brick wall, I could hear screeching tires as an SUV pulled up blocking the exit. Two men emerged both dressed in classy business attire, and they began to approach as me as I turned around I stared. The two men stopped and looked at me.” We know who are, skip the formalities, do you accept our offer?” I just stared at the men a blank expression on my face before l eaning against the wall.” Do you accept..Floyd do you acc-

I heard knocking on my door, I awoke from my dream, I snapped back awake. The Dream was the last thing on my mind, it was night time outside. My TV was on and I was shocked as I saw the head line. Death Threat made against hip hop entrepreneur Floyd Banker, Drug Lord Accusation, Greek Ties. “What the fuck..” Before I could say anything I heard loud knocking again, I wanted to grab my laptop but I figured whatever was going on outside was more important. I rushed to the stairs going downstairs only to be blinded by flashes of blue, and the sound of sirens. My eyes widened, normally after passing out from a good sleep after nodding I Felt amazing, but now my heart was pounding.

“THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BANKER! LET US IN! WE HAVE A WARRANT!” I had no idea what happened on the news but I wasn’t good, what I was hearing now I was barely comprehending. Rory you slimy piece of shit, whatever was goig on it had to be Mr. Lamb. I just hoped I wasn’t taken down by the feds when I opened the door. I reached for the knob, and opened the door.

“So you finally opened the fucking door huh? “ I was looking at the agent I’d made a deal with, and instantly a scowl came to my face. We’d just made a deal literally it hadn’t even been a week, and the FBI “Mhmm whoo wee it smells in here, you must have yourself a good time Banker, lucky for you, your preferred method of celebration is legal now. Mind If I step in.”

I was irate a combination of things the feds had disturbed my lean sleep, I had no idea what was going on but it must have been big for the feds to show up despite the deal, and oh yeah one of my best friends we’re dead. “Yeah I fucking do, what’s so important you had to wake me up for?!”

“Well I Don’t give a fuck we need to talk now, and if I were you I’d watch you’re tone, and I hope you had a good dream, because if you don’t know what’s going on it’s about to become a nightmare.” Frank just smiled as if he was too eager to punish me. I was already beginning to regret going to the feds, and yup I was Right. The Feds sat me down to go over the death threat, of course me being in nap mode I Didn’t have anything. I was glad I’d finished the evidence from my recreational activities. I’d been sat down and watched the video..of the death threat. It started bad when I saw Travis, and two other members of the Greeks strapped to a chair, I thought the worst as soon as it began. And more continud to happen the torture, confessing that I was Zeus, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as the two greek’s heads exploded. At first I thought this had to be Rory, but it seemed force the stuttering it didn’t fit Rory, he was a telepath, of course he could just be making them look scared to simply tarnish my image even further.

I had a long conversation with the FBI before they left, but I knew the police would be all over me like white on rice. The Deal was null and void, a death threat with three people’s heads getting blown off on TV, not to mention the bodies were found in a burned building. They’d torn apart my reputation, but that was fine with me. I’d went on the news, but the news I’d saw was even worst. Taser-Girl, the headline, then what I saw, Carmen her face wasn’t clear but I got it. After watching herself expose, I went onto my laptop going to worldstar to see laser girl, and checked it on youtube before slamming my foot down.” FUCK FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! AAAH GOD DAMN MOTER FUCKER CUNT SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY! MIKE, TRAVIS, THE FUCKING NEWS, THE FEDS, NOW CARMEN’S FUCKING UP TOO FUCK FUCK!!!!!” I was ranting everything was falling apart, dead friends, exposure, more heat than when you started shooting at the prison in Grand Theft Auto Online. I just fell to my knees grabbing my head. I was pissed before my phone was ringing, I wondered what others news could be coming before picking up. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Mhmm..not the most pleasant tone is it?” Emma Frost was on the other line, I’d left her at the hospital all day to heal my friend’s mental trauma.

“Whatever you calling to tell me you did what you asked? What the fuck, they healed, they checked out, congrats, I got hella shit piling up on me.”

“IT’s more then that..I delved into their memories..”

“I don’t wanna heara bout the shit Rory fucking did! I saw the end results, that’s enough.”

“Well see..Floyd that’s why I wanted to talk to you…”

I was seen walking forward dressed in all black, including my Obey Beanie. I wore it a little loose so my dreads were exposed, and a huge blunt was seen in my hands. About a gram and a half were stuffed into it, and I was walking inside Mcdonalds. A light skinned lady was seen at the cash register looking down instead of meeting me in the eyes.” What do you want today>”

“Uhh…I’,mma get a big mac, big fries, big drink orange drink, yeah the whole meal.” She looked scared as she in the back ground on a TV it was showing the death threat that was made to me.

“Holy shit you’’ still”

“Gurl..what the fuck…” Right as I said that the music began to start before the scenery changed to me outside with a bic lighting up the rello and hitting it a couple times then exhaling the cannabis smoke.

“Fuck a death threat who these fools tryna threaten, Feds pulling up at my door asking hella questions, Police out front saying i need protection, Told Officers to hit the gas n stop fucking stresing, Still at the club with these bands flexing n finessin, Come at me and I put you in the ground that's my fucking response message!, How I'mma be scared of these bitches when I got all these weapons, I came along away from serving gas infront of 7-11, Now I'm fucking Persian MOdels no more sloppy seconds, asking for a loan saying u use to know me well this the past not the present, Any Drug from A to Z I can prolly sell it, And when I hit this dope I take off just like im Clark Kent, And I can fuck any bitch I want i don't need no consent, and if these mother fuckers do sum else my ak 47 going be unpleasant!!!! BOW BOW BANG BANG SKUTTER! SK SK SK SK SK SK SKUUUURT” The next montage just showed me rapping in various places before showing me in a hot tub with two ak 47’s an two girls one hugging me and the other her head underwater. The Video cut off and was getting to the ending credits before I was shown sitting in a chair in the barber shop smoking.” This for all you mother fuckers thinking I’m scared, fuck you HOES, I rap but I’m still strapped, fuck around with my patnas and get yo ass straight kidnapped!”

“PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN YO! FLOYD B DON’T GIVE NO FUCKS YO! HE REAL IN THIS BTICH! THE STREETS HEARING THIS SHTI! THIS HOW YOU KNOW HE STRAIGHT OUTTA DRILLINOIS N SHIT! CHIEF KEEF AND ALL GBE SHOUT EM OUT, SAYING THEY FINNA COLLAB HOLLOW ROUND! BUDDAH FEATURING CHIEF KEEF AND FREDO SANTANNA! THIS SHIT FINNA BE CRANK ITS GONNA BE THE HOTTEST HIT IN THE STREETS! YALL THINK GUCCI THE HOTTEST IN THIS SOUTH CAUSE HE GOT PATNAS GETTING BODIES BRUH THIS MOTHERFUCKER GOT PATNAS GETTING 9/11’D!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK WRONG WITH YALL LIKE I SAID PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!” The radio then went ahead to play the station again, my song Death Threats which I’d dropped yesterday already had millions of hits on worldstarhiphop, and youtube a combination of my existing popularity, and my death threat. I was infuriated with Travis’s death, but any publicity good or bad I used it to get more famous. I never thought the Greeks would amplify me, but now I Was more famous then ever. Being connected to one of the most infamous new criminal organization’s in the world, I’d gotten millions of more views, more followers on social media it was insane, I felt like J Cole..cause I was blowing up.
Monday was suppose to be a boring day wasn’t it? Not anymore, I mean what’s boring when you had super powers. Travis was dead, Michael was dead, two down, it was only me, Ashley, Carmen, and Rory left with powers. What Emma told me was impossible.

“It wasn’t Rory, it was a girl, who could move things with her mind.” I’d come to the hospital as soon as she said that. I’d let her touch me so I could see her memories. I was watching but none of it made any sense. Jada being confronted by some girl I never seen before, but the voice was one I recognized. She was beaten and branded. Then the memories of Bella, being beaten, the conversation the happened I’d watched. I could still remember everything vividly I overheard Jada’s confession to the authorities, they assumed it was a combination of shock and the drugs. While Bella had just said she didn’t remember but I knew she was lying, she knew something, hell I hadn’t even driven her home from the hospital I’d just had some members of the Greeks do it.

I walked over to Jay’s car in ghost form while keeping myself invisible. I walked over to the car touching it, instantly memories fluttered through my mind.” What the fuck “ I saw it from the car’s point of view a lady, then the car rolling down the street into a tree smashing, Jay’s head being maneuvered by an invisible force slamming into the car seat. “No fucking way” My head was spinning she was dead, it was impossible. This girl sounded like her in the memories, but it couldn’t be her. “She’s fucking dead…She’s fucking dead..I fucking killed…her”

I focused barely reappearing at my next location still in ghost form Bella’s place, and with one step memories flooded into me of Antonio Falcon speaking to Bella. But that’s not what I wanted, I thought back to where the confrontation had taken place in Bella’s memories hovering over there and bending down to touch the ground to see the most recent memories, more specifically from Friday.

“I don’t deserve this,” she cried out as she huddled up in a ball.


I just looked as images played themselves out in real time, before I got off my knees, and clenched my fists. “This fucking cunt…..” I was shaking and was just glad I was invisible, next thing I knew I Was back at my own place my heart was pounding. Two red rings came around as me as I left my ghost mode entering my human form and I just shook my head. “It’s fucking impossible…the lightning..I was in the room when she fucking died..I..I..I felt it..I fucking felt it..I.” I walked over to the counter and took a seat at the stool, looking at Kara my bar tender.

“Pour me a shot, some fucking clear.” Kara moved at her usual speed so the drink was served at it’s usual pace, and I just downed it, wincing at the taste and burning sensation in my throat. “Fuck this shit.” I looked at a bottle of Bombay on the encounter and it flew over to me and I grabbed it. I tore the cap off and began drinking from the bottle chugging before setting it down on the counter. “Fuck..if she’s really..back..this fucking..bitch..God…let you live, and you come back swinging on my homies..fuck it..fuck it..” The Alcohol had served not only to energize me but to irritate me. I didn’t get it, none of it made sense. She was back, I was connecting dots everything made sense. Rory’s Bitch being carved into Bella, Jada being attacked, the heads exploding. “Fuck..” The weight of everything was just starting to hit me like the alcohol, Rory wasn’t responsible, she’d played me.

“Ah shit!!!” I took out my phone and quickly contacted Ashley. The phone began ringing before I heard a click. “Hullo.”

“Ashley! You know Rory’s fam missing right and”

“The fuck do you giv ea fuck, don’t worry bout them motherfuckers, you still tryna look for them motheruckers?””

“Look you remember that shit he did to Jay, and them? What if he didn’t d it, what if it’s another mother fucker, with powers! I think>”

“Naw Look I’mma stop you right there, you on some guilt shit, you on some mother fucking pussy shit! We know who it fucking was, grow a fucking pair, he put yo fucking best friend in the fukin hospital!”

“Look I’m just saying, Ion know if you took his fam or not but if you did..he not guilty..I know who did it, remember that girl who died, she came back to life forreal like Jesus and.”

“DON’t Come at my fucking phone on some stupid shti! I should fucking slice yo fucking neck, you just tryna take his fucking side and

“FUCK! Look I Got a special plan for his family ight don’t fucking go after e might can you juts agree fuck.”

“Ight whatever Fine Fuck!!!!”

“Thank you Shit!” I hung up the phone, I’m glad I’d left Rory’s mother, and auntie in fictional dimensions. At first I’d thought Rory had simply implanted the memory of Nikki’s brutality It made sense, she was dead, it was the perfect cover up because he knew it would irritate me. But he couldn’t alter the memory of a machine or a floor, I had Mr. Gray to thank for that. I’d already retaliated I could just return

Rory was in a heap of trouble, and he was going to be furious. And among the people I knew with powers he was the hardest to reason with, having some people he cared about as playing cards in my corner would help me, because I had a feeling that Ashley may have eliminated the rest of my bargaining chips.
Ashley just shook her head thinking about the day before. She was thinking about what to do with her life, she had a million in the bank, her own barber shop, she was free to have sex with whoever she wanted, and she was invincible. After Floyd wrote her a check for 10,000 dollars she felt even more happy, that was just spending money. She had Rory’s family in the a jar two brothers, sister, grandmother, uncle, and decided to drop them in a shot glass filled with tussionex. “Oh shit I had to make this shit extra sweet.”

She was already pretty gone off the xans, but it was always good to mix opiates. I mean what was the worst that could happen besides respiratory depression and death? She took the shot downing the family, before licking her lips to get the remaining syrup off. “Damn..” It had taken a few blunts later before she decided she’d do what she’d always wanted. Killing the cops she’d felt better then she’d felt in a long time, she hated police almost as much as she hated the majority of caucaisan people. With her powers she could make her dreams come true, make the world how she’d wanted it to be for a long time.

“I’m finna fixxxxx diss shit.” It wasn’t long before she left her home to teleport to Alabama. Thirty minutes later she was back at her place with a table full of people she’d managed to snatch with her power. “So yall..motehr fuckers..I ain’t eve ngoing explain shit, lemme see if I’m counting yall right ok..ok.. I’m finna try sum new shit..I been learning…isss..called da ASS SMASH” With tha she hopped on the table sitting on and the sound of bones crushing was heard as she just started laughing.” Ah shit..I kilt dem mafukers..wit my ass..hahaha” She juts started laughing before getting up ,going over to her bong to hit it again.

In the present she was watching television while hitting her bowl. Floyd’s conversation had irritated her, it was taking everything in her not to go after Rory herself and put an end to that piece of shit. “ start..catching feelings for this hoe..I’m finna just kill him myself, and the rest of the vanillas.” She shook her head while looking at the news she wondered when Alabama would report missing people, while her stomach began to growl. “Mhmm..shiid..I need sum food….chinse yuh!” She grabbed her phone, and went through her contacts before making the call.
Bruce sat up in his hospital room, he was about to get discharged later today. And Amy was suppose to be picking him up, he felt like his head was spinning. HE thought he’d been wasting time, but the news had proved he wasn’t. Floyd Banker had made the news with the death threat, heads exploding, he knew that had to be someone’s ability. Then the human taser girl, he had no idea who that girl was at least until Troy stopped by, some girl named Carmen, who’d been hanging out with Michael. And if she was with him, she had to be part of the crew. Then there was the person who flipped over Frank’s car, or at least who Amy assumed did it Ashley Mok. She’d apparently been under investigation by the FBI for connection to the disappearances, and they’d seen a car disappear into thin air.

“I’m fucking close..”
“Alright look man these are the people you need to protect.” I had people on the wall board, personal friends and people I cared about that I wanted protected. Major Zod just looked at everyth8ing as I handed him a folder as well.

“That’s your job here, man go on you got work to do in the city, remember no lacking, BDK, well no no BDK but protect these mother fuckers you got speed, you got hearing, if they get fucked up, I will have kryptonite shards jammed into your fucking lungs, while having some gay hookers rape the shit outta you understood!”

“Yes Sir.” The Major took the folder and sped off, and I shook my head before going over to a brown box I had and opening up to look at what was inside before closing it, I was gonna have a lot of fun.


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"Due to recent circumstances, Project Aegis has been redone to meet your standards... Michael Hayes." Minerva said as I watched the pistol appear like usual. "Please grab the weapon."

"Not this time." I said with a smile as electricity crackled in my palms. I was back, and I didn't mean here by Mount Rushmore or even me being alive. I had my powers back... no, I had all of my power to be exact. My body waa already using absorbed energy from the UV lights that were set in the room I could no longer sleep in anymore. I think that's what I might miss about my previous skill set. It allowed me to think a lot more and even get some extra training in with my old powers. I couldn't understand this level of power I was on. I used bio electricity to enhance myself even more. "I'm a fucking god!"

"Target practice will now commence."

"Bring it!"