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Rory Lamb

Unstable mind. Silent but deadly. Kind.

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a character in “Power”, as played by Polyurethane


Just a normal guy trying to live a normal life with abnormal abilities. The gift of telepathy. The ability to control all who surround me, what more could I want? Nothing because I already had everything the moment I was given this ability.

Mind reading, mind control, dabbled in illusions haven't used them much, knowledge absorption, emotions, Binding, Memories, Telepathic Prediction, Audible Inundation, Omniligualism, Mind Exchange, Psionic Inundation

So begins...

Rory Lamb's Story


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When I came back to College..I thought everything would be great, senior year I was gonna graduate move on with my life nice paying job! My last year at Miami with all my buddies Michael, Rory, Curtis, Tyrone, Ashley, Jada, Nicole, everyone. But then it happened the day I borrowed Ashley’s car Me, her, Michael, Rory, Curtis I was too intoxicated to be driving mistake number one. Drove off the road into that damn cave, at first I was just worried about getting back on the road but then I saw it that..light, and the others followed me, it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. A Fucking blue meteor rock glowing the shit started making some crazy loud noise my head felt like it was gonna explode, the light shown, BAM we ran, I hopped in the car and drove off I had no idea what happened. Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, The Second Coming, Monsters living underground, no what happened was much worst in a way. All of us changed we could all do different things. Ashley could make stuff bigger or smaller like Antman on steroids, Rory was like Professor X reading minds, controlling em, all of that, Michael was the master of energy kinetic, electric, if it was in a physics book it was under his command, Curtis I still don’t know ghost powers like Danny Phantom maybe casper who knows, but who am I to think a power is crazy when mine is the strangest of the bunch..fiction manipulation I might wake up in Grand Theft Auto 5 and go to sleep in the X Mansion or if I’m really unlucky wake up face to face with Freddy Kruger in my room.

Of course we didn't know what the hell was happening at first, the day after when these powers were just starting to hit was the day everything changed. College was already crazy alcohol, drugs, sex, parties, drama, the craziness only multiplied when you tossed our powers into the mix. A lot of it was my fault I mean when you can let people from Comics and movies roam around in the real world there’s bound to be chaos from explosions to Mcdonalds to drunk driving in the bat mobile. But there’s more Rory using his powers to help me rob drug dealers for money, Michael exposing his powers to a rival athlete on campus & starting beef with a local mafia family , Ashley making record amounts of people disappear unintentionally, Curtis exposing his powers to strippers at his job albeit to save them from a vicious human trafficking group, so you can see the blame isn't all mine. Not to mention the rock hadn't just granted us powers it had made us connected, an emphatic link. We were in tune to each other’s thoughts, emotions, state of being everything, if one of us was hurting we could all feel it. But we weren't the only ones who’d wandered into the cave, Nicole would be next to be granted a power, the ability to move objects with her mind more commonly known as telekinesis. And while we weren't the last people to see the cave, Nicole was due to her bringing the cave tumbling down smashing the rock probably for the better.

While we were all connected to the link even Nicole she was left to discover her ability mostly on her own, with Michael being the only one who suspected her of being different. And eventually shit started getting a little too crazy the mafia family tried to have Michael killed, and ended up killing a girl he’d been seeing named Barbara. The Drug dealers me and Rory robbed blew up our penthouse and opened fire on my friends leading to me retaliating with so much violence the Military intervened and put the city of Miami on lock down, Michael was under suspicion at work for being at the epicenter of so much of the shit going down to the point the CIA pulled him to the side, Ashley ended up killing people to protect her secret, and Nicole did her best to stay out of our drama only for me to send Rory to her. Of course that actually turned out best they hit it off really good mainly because they were the only two who hadn't got involved with the FBI, CIA, DEA, and several organized crime factions as a result of misusing their powers. And although we didn't know it there this was the beginning of our powers tearing apart our friendship. Rory and Nicole used their powers in the casino to get big money, and decided to run off to Vegas to really be set for life.

I used my own powers to support my previously lackluster music career and quickly get enough attention that people like Kanye West where hitting me up in a matter of weeks. Not to mention thanks to my powers I moved up from a low level street dealer to one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords. Michael was moving on up in his career in the military doing work for the CIA, & Ashley was using her powers to do whatever she wanted and get rid of anyone in her way. The Consequences of our actions quickly become apparent as Rory’s casino scams got my cousin hurt, and lead to us falling out, ending up with me leaving him broke and comatose for 10 days when he got back to Miami. Not to mention I fell off the deep end as I sought vengeance against the group who hurt my cousin using my powers to hurt, kidnap, and kill. In the end Nicole was among of my victims using a bolt of lightning to kill her for robbing me in retaliation for what I’d done to Rory. I literally got rid of my conscience and then worst things happened. Rory became hell bent on getting revenge for what I’d done to him and Nicole’s murder, Michael was in a full blown war against the Falcon Family, Ashley’s powers had led to her loosing the people closest to her causing her to slowly loose her sanity and become more and more of a monster, not to mention Carmen..another person with powers an accident caused by Michael. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I killed Nikki..I gave up my conscience and I formed the Greeks a ruthless criminal organization that the media says rivals the Cartels in terms of brutality all because of my lust for the Almighty Dollar. Rory left to Mexico to become powerful enough to get his revenge on me, Michael’s been abducted by the CIA to be put through a rigorous combat training program on Mount Rushmore called Mount Aegis, Curtis is in plain terms lost not even a member of this dimension anymore or our memories for that matter, Ashley’s lost her mind and will do anything to get what she feels she’s entitled to, Carmen’s dealing with the powers and how they’ve changed her life now without her mentor, & Nicole..well..turns out..she’s still alive..and she’s furious..and she’s gonna make us wish that she was really dead.


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I had seen a lot that there was to see in mexico, now it was time to have some fun. I hadn't been drinking in a while, and I have heard pretty sweet stories about getting drunk in mexico. I looked around until I saw a club that was open. I walked in and looked around at the crowded club full of people dancing, fancy lights, and the smell of smoke and alcohol. I was going to start off hard! "10 shots of the strongest liquor you got!" I said to the man behind the counter. He nodded and took out ten shot glasses and started pouring a clear liquid into each one of them.

I didn't ask what this was I just wanted to get fucking drunk! I grabbed the first shot and downed it. Unfortunately it felt like I had just swallowed fire. I took the second shot and the same thing. Oh god it burned. I bought them I had to finish them. I grabbed two and downed one after the other. Four down six more to go. I could already feel this shit hitting me. I took another one then sat down. Fuck what was this shit. It was the strongest shit I had ever had. But I heard people chanting for me to finish it. They knew what it was. Well I couldn't let the crowd down. I grabbed two more shots and downed them one after another. Oh god I felt like puking now, and I was hiccuping out of control. I grabbed the last three shots awkwardly then placed my mouth around all of them and tipped my head back taking all three at once.

I stood up and raised my hands in victory and heard them cheer me on. I smiled as I slowly started leaning back then fell down. On the way down I felt something hard hit the back of my head. I had hit the table on the way down and knocked myself out cold. I opened my eyes to see some people standing above me. I stand up and wobble a little then put my hands in the air again "I'm ok!" I shouted. The cheering started again. I looked to the bartender and asked what I was given. "Everclear" the man said. "Let's dance!" I said as I made my way to the dance floor. Not very long passed before I had to throw up and rushed to the bathroom, but then I went back onto the dance floor afterwards.

After quite some time of dancing I finally got exhausted and left to head home. As I was stumbling down the street making my way towards the bus stop I bumped into this small group of mexicans. "Hey uh, sorry guys. Porqueee" I said with a little laugh at the end. I went to walk past them but one of them stood in front of me. "Yo what's wrong with you, you drunk ass bum!" he shouted. "Look man I'm just tryina get to the bus stop to get home ight you leave me alone I leave you alone" I said trying to get around again. "Hahaha what the fuck are you thinkin!" The entire group started laughing at me. Then the man in front of me shoved me back. Being in the extremely drunken state that I am in I fell to the ground again, this time hitting my head on the cement. "Ah fuck you dick!" I shouted.

I stood up and faced him again. "Just let me go to the fucking bus stop." I said holding my head. "Man fuck you!" the mexican in front of me said as he took a swing at me. Without realizing it I made one drunken movement and dodged the punch. It was odd it felt like I could totally feel it coming. I kind of smiled as I waited for him to try again. Then I felt and heard the crack of wood on the back of my head. "fuck... Not again" I said as I began to pass out. I was going to be dumber than a nigger when I woke up. All the alcohol in my system to all these blows to the head.

I began to slowly open my eyes. Where was I? How long had it been? I started to look around when I heard a voice. "Hey, calm down you need to rest." she said. "Where am I?" I mumbled. "Mi Casa. Now rest I'll explain when you wake up" I just closed my eyes and fell asleep. All I knew is my head was killing me and I needed to rest like she said. Death... That's all I saw now when I closed my eyes. Death after death after death. And once every death had happened it all started over again.

I sat up suddenly with sweat running down my body, I looked around at my surroundings and tried searching for a mind to read. I found one and started searching it but started getting a head ache so I stopped. All I knew was that there was someone there. "Hello?" I said. I shrugged off the headache as being part of a hangover and all the bangs on the head and paid it no mind. "Hey there, how are you feeling?" a lady asked as she walked around the corner. I got a better look and noticed a smoking hot not mexican lady. "Whoa uh hey. I'm feeling fine, a little bit light headed. head ache you know from bash on the head... Uh so yeah what happened?" I asked. "Well you were knocked out cold by the cartel. Of course the amount of alcohol in your system didn't help either." she said handing me a glass of water.

I drank up quickly due to my horrible case of dehydration from drinking so much. God this water was amazing. "And how did I go from being beat by the Cartel to here?" I asked. "I told them the police were nearly there. Gangs don't like getting involved with the law, obviously." She said as she pulled a chair up and sat next to me. "Well reasonable enough. Why am I in your home and not the hospital?" I asked. "Well I wanted to ask you some questions before the hospital could call the police and charge you with public intoxication and investigate the battery. I'm a reporter, my name's Angela. So may I ask how you're involved with the once great Cartel?" she questioned.

Great a reporter here to question me. "I don't I was just stumbling my way down the street to the bus stop and I accidentally bumped into those guys. What did you mean by once great? Are they not still like the biggest gang in North America or something like that?" I asked, that's what I had last heard of them but I don't usually keep tabs on gangs or organizations like that. "They were but then this other organization came out of no where! The Greeks, they're called. They popped up out of now where and took no time at all over throwing the Cartels."

I laughed as soon as she said the Greeks, god that would never get old what a gay ass name. "What's so funny?" she said glaring at me as if I was laughing at her. "Nothing, nothing sorry it's just 'The Greeks'? Come on, you can't say that's a good name for a criminal organization of this size." She simply smiled and laughed a little herself. "Yeah you're right, not the best name for a criminal Organization. But I guess when you have that kind of power you can do whatever you want. But enough of this for now, I guess you don't have as much info as I would have liked but oh well. Would you like some shroom tea? The tea will help hydrate you and the shrooms help repair brain damage caused by trauma." She said as she stood up from her chair.

"Yeah I guess, might as well give it a try." I said. I tried reading her mind again but my head started aching so bad I had to quit. Again I shook it off as being from the brain damage I took today, maybe after some of this tea I would feel better. Angela left the living room and went into what appeared to be the kitchen. I closed my eyes for a moment while I waited for her to brew this tea. After a few minutes I woke up to her setting down a cup of tea next to me. I grabbed the cup and downed it probably faster than I should have.

After about 15 minutes it started to hit me. I didn't really think I would get high from the tea. I laid on the couch and just began laughing, at what I didn't know. I started looking around, everything seemed brighter and I couldn't help but smile. From there it only got worse and I was now tripping on shrooms. About half way through the trip I saw Buddha, which for a second I thought was weird but I just passed it off as tripping. Hours later I started coming down from my trip. "As much as I'd like to stay I must be going. It was a pleasure making your acquaintance." I said as I sat up off the couch for the first time in god knows how many hours.

"Hey, if you have any questions give me a call" she said as she pulled a card out of her pocket and handed it to me. "Thanks, I'll do that." I said smiling as I stood up. Now it was time to go home and call it a day. Holy fuck this day had been more eventful than I intended. I was going to become a billionaire but that didn't work out. He commited suicide but I feel like it wasn't him, from what I researched he was a pretty happy fellow. But oh well I could do more tomorrow.

I couldn't do anything until the children claim their inheritances. Once they inherited the money and company I'd be able to visit them and get the money AND the company. Once I was in control of the company I would sell it and have Billions upon billions of dollars. Once I had the money to finance myself I would go after the presidency. Get close to the president so I could soon take over. Although I had to get good at manipulating large groups of people so I could get congress to pass my bill. So much was on my mind but right now I just wanted to go to sleep. I made it back to the hotel without incident and then went to bed. Let the nightmares ensue


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The pictures came through of Rory Lamb walking over to the damaged FBI van, and doing something to the injured agents. Eddie had the pictures he’d been following the van from a distance and as soon as the accident happened he was about to rush over there until he saw Rory going first. He’d sent them to Frank who was looking them over.

“Fuck..Matt..what the fuck did this bastard, what the crane operator say, did you guys nab em.”

“We got em, he don’t remember shit, like he blacked out, gave em lie detector tests and everything, we’re keeping him in custody, the others are hospitalized there not critical but there bad…heard one of em say who am I damage to the brain might be serious, if their bodies recover, their minds probably won’t, we gotta tail this guy from a distance. Still no word on Hayes, and we’re doing our best to keep tabs on Banker, and that chick Mok, you got anything from her.”

“We’ve got what we think might be a few drug deals, but it’s just for personal consumption, most likely marijuana but we’re not even concerned about that with her case. You tailed Lamb’s earlier to the same place Slim’s death was recorded, you think he’s the murderer.”

“He’s a top suspect but I Don’t think he killed him, I mean a few weeks ago I thought this kid was juts some college student who got involved with running big boy amounts of drugs with Banker now he shows up in Mexico, second richest man in the world’s dead, and some of our best agents hit with a crane, potentially got amnesia, something’s going on, this terrorist shit that started in Miami, I got homeland security still crawling all over that place, DEA too but maybe we need to stop focusing on drugs and bombs and o n the serious fucking picture, all this shit going on, there’s gotta be a epicenter some serious shit’s going on.”

.”Alright you’re right I’m going to look into those mafia leads informants gave us with the Falcons and Hayes.”

“If he’s missing, you think the Falcon’s might have had something to do it with it. Hit and Run type deal, or in this case Hit and Bury.”

“I dunno Eddie you stay focused in Mexico, Matt was more than a fucking partner, he was my friend.” Frank hung up the phone and shook his head, now Matt was down for the count. He hadn’t even been in the feds a year, and this happened to him. “Jesus why Matt..why. FUCK!” He slammed his foot into his car and just shook his head everything was going wrong, no leads on any of the people in Miami, everything terrorist related was null and void, and he was about to drop mOk when someone walked up to him with a papers.

“Sir the papers you wanted about the disappearances, everything you asked panned through. None of the people showed up ever again, no leads whatsoever, for all 647 victims, vehicles gone too ,first time we couldn’t recover everything no trace it’s like they just vanished into thin air like the rapture.” The lady walked away and Frank just held the folder, he couldn’t believe he was thinking about what Amy said, people with powers making people vanish, it wasn’t even like they stashed a super weapon away nope super human powers that was beyond ridiculous, but this amount of missing people and property with no hint of a trace was just as ridiculous and now the incident with Rory, the man crane operator claimed not to know anything like he just blacked out while it was happening almost as if..someone used him..someone ..controlled him.
I wished this was just some fucked up dream, but the Greek Titans were actually coming to face Quetzalcoatl. I backed away from the Aztec god as he stood from his throne in anger. The three titans landed on the pyramid with not a shred of fear in their eyes. Quetzalcoatl wasted no time as flames and light surged around his body. Prometheus nodded at Atlas before Quetzalcoatl fell to his knees. As Atlas moved closer, the Aztec god sank more as he felt an invisible force pull him down. Epimetheus just smirked before I paused the vision. My eyes darted towards Floyd.

Here I Was in an Aztech temple, the joint I’d smoked had really helped me get deeper into the link then I’d thought possible. I was literally within the past everything I’d just witnessed Cronus’s orders to his brothers, this was astounding to see history unfold in-front of my eyes I bet every historian was jealous of me right now. “Holy shit” I would have been amazed if I was sober the weed and the NZT just enhanced it making it even more surreal. “M..M..Mike?!” He was here too, I knew we had the same link but to be exploring the same region of the past at the same time, and just as I noticed him everything paused as I stepped forward to see my friend, well former friend if what Carmen said was true. “So you’re here too.”

I turned my full attention to Floyd and crossed my arms over my chest before a golden glow surrounded me. "I was about to say the same shit..." I said as I paced around Floyd. "Why are you here? What are you looking for?" I asked before he would ask me. The link wasn't just for entertainment. There were answers at every corner of it.

I was on my guard The last time I’d been calm around him I’d gotten beaten. As a golden glow surrounded him a crimson glow came around me. “Guess I beat ya too it didn’t I” I didn’t feel comfortable with Michael passing around me especially with that Aztec god getting pounded into the ground mere feet away in his own temple. “Same reason you are I want answers, I wanna see how it all started, how we become what we are.”

I stopped in my tracks after he answered before smirking. It seemed like I was stuck with him, but maybe this wasn't all bad. I might actually understand the reason behind his actions. It wasn't to just garner money. He was being too systematic with what I had seen on the news. "Then let's go... We need to go farther back." I said as the scene around us vanished and we appeared at some kind of tribal festival. It was there that I saw the familiar faces of the four titans I had previously seen. They were just having a good time and enjoying the night. It kind of reminded me of us... "What are you trying to accomplish? I know about the gang... and I know you don't need them to make money."

I was glad to see Michael slowing down, maybe it meant he wasn’t going to try to start a fight in the temple after all. “Sounds like a plan.” I was taking everything in, I’d remember all of it in great detail, I was thinking about starting to document all my experiences in the link. “What I’m trying to accomplish is something big, something great, greater then gangs, money, greater then us.” That was all I Was going to say on the subject for now, we may have cut the tension right now but I didn’t need him knowing the full truth, the full scope of my endeavors with the Greeks. It appeared many of the people present were enjoying themselves drinking, I recognized the face of Lord Cronus who appeared to be enjoying himself the most speaking.

“Cronus you seem to be enjoying yourself on this fine evening, I assume because you are with plan to deal with our neighboring enemies who have raided us for sustenance for a third time.”

“Yes Of course I have plan, drink and eat and when we are done pull a fine maiden to the side to dance with, and when the night darkens to fuck, that is my plan for the night Oceanus, what of yours to drink and sorrow and head into your quarters alone to whack your beast alone?”

“I apologize brother for not being a drunkard, as the eldest I have responsibility deserving of chief, yet somehow you have that title.”

“Perhaps you boys should stop arguing and pay attention to what comes from above? Krios you’ve always been obsessed with what those lights in skies above tell us o wise on what they be.”

“Welst what I happen to think about.” Krios paused as he noticed the light getting larger, and brighter at a rapid pace. Before long it had become much larger and much brighter until he realized too late the object was coming right towards them.” O’s coming in our direction?! Chief Cronus what do”

“RUN!” Cronus order was heard over the noise of the festival, mainly because of the silence that came with seeing the sky raining down on you, but unlike rain it was only one gigantic object hurtling down. Many turned to obey Cronus command to flee, but it did little within mere moments the meteor made it’s impact on the village, a massive explosion went off, radiation going everywhere, and just like that one of the most important rises to power in ancient history would began. I just watched everything unfold with Michael at my side.” So this is how it begins..”

I watched in awe as the Titans lay on the ground with the meteor rock becoming nothing but ash. This event not only explained the rise of the Titans, but it also explained the origins of these rocks. They fell from the sky... Uranus was the being that met with the earth and delivered the Titans to this world. Did they think these rocks came from just the sky? My mind was opened as I observed the vision. "Floyd... why are we different?" I asked vaguely as the vision fast forwarded to the pyramid with Epimetheus placing his hand on the flaming Quetzalcoatl who screamed in agony. In seconds, the Aztec god withered away before I stopped the vision again.

I wondered silently if because they’d been hit with the full power of the meteor to the point all that remained was dust if that’s why they were remembered as gods, had they gotten more power than us? “Different? The fuck do you mean..why didn’t our rock fall from the sky, what the hell do you mean?” I was curious by Michael’s question and what he meant by different, because besides discovering ours buried in the earth rather then it coming down from the sky I had no idea what he meant. We went back to the vision we were in the midst of before watching the Aztech god get destroyed.” The Titans..fuck..there vicious..there wiping out others like them.”

I turned to Floyd and shook my head. "No..." I said as I found his response unrelated to my question. "Look..." I said as the scene faded and everything went black. I pointed towards nothingness before an image of all of the titans appear. Besides them, the Aztec gods appeared amongst each other. After that, the Greek gods appeared in a similar fashion. The Salem witches followed... "Now look at us... We have all this power and we're not even using it right." I walked up to the witches and scowled at them. "They backstabbed each other for power... and they died off pretty quick. No empire... just faded away into nothing." I made their group vanish before having an image of Ashley,Carmen, Nicole, Rory, Floyd, and I. "We're just as bad... and I bet we all have the same endgame too. To change the world... make it better. Or am I wrong?"

“That’s why we’re different.” I only know began to understand what Michael was saying. United The Titans, Olympians, even the Aztecs were strong, they ruled. But separate like the witches they were weak, and they fell quickly. I’d already killed Nicole so there was only five of us left, much smaller then any of the groups that ruled but still powerful together. “We’re not working together, separate we’re weaker, but together we’re stronger. And’re not’re..definitely right, but ..Rory..If he keeps pushing I’m gonna push him into a fucking grave, I’m trying to give him another chance to live but If he can’t drop his beef with me then I’ll have to drop him, it’s not just me, he came after Ashley, warped her mind, she wasn’t even part of this shit, and she wanted to kill him, I had to get Emma Frost from the X Men to further fuck up Ashley’s mind to stop him from ending up like the people in that ice cream bowl. We need to came together so we end up like the Titans, like the Olympians, but if Rory keeps this up, goes after Carmen next too, then we might end up just like the witches dead before we rise.”

I winced at the series of events Floyd mentioned. I could not name him the victim in this entire ordeal, but I couldn't give the title to anyone else. Everyone was tense, and I could have probably stopped it. What if I would have told Floyd to just talk it out with Rory instead of having the two duke it out for amusement. As I thought this over, the images vanished leaving us to ourselves. "We..." I paused as Nicole's death came to mind. Everything had escalated so far, so just saying sorry was out of the question. "I don't know what to do man... Maybe if you..." Then it dawned on me. As the words of Zeus echoed in my mind followed by the words of Cronus when he first appeared to me. "Tell me Floyd... how bad do you want to fix things?" I asked as the image of Rory appeared with hate in his eyes and a dark blue aura surrounding him.

“Retallation has to happen, something has to be done.” I Said as Michael voiced his concerns over not knowing what to do, maybe I had to get rid of m problem once and for all which was fine with me. It would be thinning out the group, which meant less power, a useful one at that. “Depends on what you mean by fix things, I want us to be together, powerful so that we can’t be touched.”

I sighed at Floyd before the scenery changed to our old dorm room. It was a better setting that we were both familiar with. I took a seat on the couch and layed back. "Trick him... I've had enough time to watch you both go after each other through the link... at least until you blocked me out." I said as I made an image of Floyd and Rory face to face appear. "Let him get what he wants. And I'll make sure everything goes right for you... for us. You in? Because I have a plan." I was sure Floyd would find my words out of whack, but I wouldn't let us fall, not when we had so much potential.


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I spent the night back at the hotel watching tv until i fell asleep. The next day I awoke naturally at about 9:30 in the morning. Luckily the hotel I chose had a good complimentary breakfast going on, once I finished breakfast I went back to my room and laid on my bed while watching tv. While I laid there I pulled out my phone and was messing around on it when I decided to check my text messages. Nothing new. I started scrolling through my old texts and stopped at Nikki's number. It had been a few weeks since Nikki died. I noticed something though, I don't remember the last text it showed. I opened it up to read more of the text. It wasn't me who had sent this text message, is was Michael. What was he doing there... Before I could think too much about it I heard something. "Hello Rory..." I looked around but didn't see anyone at all. I tried searching the hotel room for life but found none and just got a headache again. Why was it so hard to search for a mind to fuck now? And who was this voice speaking to me?


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A feeling of calmness and serenity came over Rory and the surrounding area. As a man materialized out of what appeared to be thin air. A man who looked like he was at the gym everyday yet his face was completely calm and peaceful.” Do not be alarmed Mr. Lamb, I am not here to hurt you, in-fact It is quite opposite, you reached out to me during your enlightened state yesterday. “ The man walked over to Rory and took a seat next to him of course he wasn’t physically there. “It has been many years since I have been a guide to anyone, my name is Buddah.”
“Really Michael let Rory have what he wants, fuck that shit, I Don’t give a damn what that bald motherfucker wants, I ain’t giving him shit.” I was rambling on to myself thinking about my conversation with Michael, I was glad I had established a relationship with him. Carmen, and him we were all on good terms, all I needed to talk to was Ashley. If I was on good terms with everyone except Rory, then I only had one person to worry about, and right now I was feeling confident in my ability to confront him. Aside from Rory my mind was still reeling from everything I’d seen the day before the origins of the Titans, and Olympians I felt more and more knowledgeable. After spending some more time with Michael I was back, and decided to abstain from cannabis, NZT or any other substance. Michael had showed me a lot with the link that I needed a sharp sober mind to practice.

“Let’s see image projection..” I focused on the link projecting an image of Ashley and a bowl of ice cream and dumping people inside who’d vanished at the store, then I saw something else Barbara dead Michael snapping on the people who killed her using his abilities, before seeing myself then myself in space surrounded by the energy of the ring heading towards to the sun. I stopped as I snapped back to reality I never knew of all the things I could do with the link, not only could I delve into it, I could selectively view it like a movie, it reminded me of how my powers of fiction worked within actual fictions.

“This shit is so fucking amazing.” I didn’t think I could ever get amazed again, outside of things related to my power, but the link had just proved me wrong. My phone was going off it was Bella texting me asking if I was still coming. “Shit I gotta go.” I leapt into the air summoning the Surfer’s board from the movie and going ghost with the board both becoming invisible as I took off at supersonic speeds in no time I was outside of Bella’s office, hoping off the board levitating I stored the board in my designer belt which I’d influenced with Brainiac’ belt’s properties. I flew over into some bushes going human form and becoming visible as I walked to the front doors . I love my fucking powers.

I made my way through the front door where I saw Ebony up-front crying. I knew her a little bit she was a friend, I knew Miguel had killed her brothers. Before I could question she got up and ran over to me.” It’s YOUR FUCKING FAULT! MY SON! THEY TOOK MY SON YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE ALL CAUSE OF UR FUCKING GREEKS YOU” Ebony started slamming her fists on my chest as tears ran down her chest, but before I could respond security had hit her with a taser. “GET OFF Mr. Banker now! Sit the fuck down” The guard went over to grab her but I stopped him. “It’s ok Ebony look SHUT THE FUCK UP when ur done spazzing sit the fuck down, you hit me like that again and I’ll break your neck, find your son microwave him, then let you watch, you got a problem you address me in a civilized fucking way, alright security you can take care of her.”

“A…alright..she’s in her office.”

“Perfect.” I just shook his head I knew Ebony and Bella were close friends, hell her brothers murders where part of the reason I’d even gotten my whole cocaine business started up. So In retrospect I should have been grateful to Ebony but I didn’t appreciate people coming up to me like that. As I stepped in the office I saw Bella sitting down with Zane. A bottle of champaign was open and they’d both had cups half full.

“So I’m guessing this has something to do with your friend’s son missing”

“AS if you care you just threatened to fucking microwave her son, but whatever that ruthless is what makes you attractive, however it’s starting to get us in trouble Zeus.”

“Mhmmm ok baby, Zane I’d like you to explain what the hell is going on, is this about the video,it proved a point I didn’t think Obama would get involved..”

“That’s the problem he did, and unless we wage war with criminal enterprises across the planet, the whole import business becomes increasingly hard. Hector’s having a grand ole time with his unlimited methamphetamine and coke, feeding all the junkies in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and the rest of the South or at least trying too, so he’s absent from this meeting, but even he said after Obama’s threat my aspect of the Greeks will be even harder to do.”

“My Suggestion is to issue an apology to the President himself, another video I assume you can use your same connections to make it the same untraceable, no prints all of that, say we’re only after the Black Market and will refrain from violence against law enforcement and innocents..”

“Snitches still have to die we can’t have operations getting exposed,” I saw Zane getting to ready to say something and stopped. “But we can have people believe or at least claim we’re not going after them for now..I’ll get the video in works ASAP, get it to CNN, ABC, as many news stations as I can reach, as for the import business focus on Mexico we’ve got tunnels now that should keep your money rising, Europe has a huge market but if Obama is cracking down then it’s not smart, at least we’ll have to use our ocean connections, so for now our method of getting product to Europe will be much slower, do the same for Africa, as for everyone else keep up the regular methods especially the Middle East they’ve brought in big bucks surprisingly I guess oppression dosen’t work, does that work.

“Mhmm that works, still my own personal funds will be impacted.”

“Damn bruh stop whining I’ll toss you $5 mill compensation for whatever you want.”

“Perfect then and the trafficking aspect of our businsss is running smoothly as well, as long as we keep bringing in potent sedatives, that’ll probably be easier then the drugs, wht about weapons,that’ll be th hardest?

Bella intervened at this point.” Weapons are the most important for us, but we’ve got hundreds thousands probably close to a million or more in states, we need to get as many weapons to Mexico sinc the Cartels are heavily armed, unless you’ve already got the information on where various cartel factions store their weapons, and can start sending in A teams to bring them down, exposing them to local law enforcement, as well as confiscating a good bit of them.”

“We can do both Zane get as many as you can to Mexico, but I’m trying to get the Greeks to China that child labor will reel in big money at least until I shut it down.”

“Hmm mso Mr. Protect the children is going to use them? At least I’m happy to know your morals won’t get in the way of good business Zeus.” Zane stood up satisfied with everything before pourin himself more champaign.

“Keep the bottle if you want Zane, I know my man over here has more bottles then every liquor store in America, and I have my own personal stash as well.”

“Very well, I’ll be in your debt, and thank you in advance for the money Banker it’ll greatly help get as many boys and girls to the Middle East, and China as possible.” Zane stood up and left, while I shook my head hopefully Crowley’s power was still helping so far it appeared, but I knew it had limits. He had some influence, but it wasn’t like I’d made a deal with Scarlet Witch I couldn’t be too aggressive and expect positive results. As Zane left I went over to Bella taking a seat next to her.

“Now that we’re done with that, what about our plans for tonight. I came into possession of some 100% Molllyyyyy.”

“I see someone’ been looking back into my college days? Well if you want anything to go down..then Ebony’s son recovered is a must, I don’t care how, if it wasn’t for her none of this would have happened…”

“So much for turning me on” I said with sarcasm as I got up I had to find this damn kid if I wanted to roll with my girl, and have MDMA sex, not a bad trade off considering my powers. “Alright consider it done come over at 8…I mean I dunno why I’m excited nothing special not like your good at sex, you just going lay there even ON Molly.”

“Mhmm okaaaayyy Imma remind you of that when you tap out in an hour.”

“Wuuuuteverr” I slipped out of the room seeing Ebony sitting in the chair she looked up at me with hate in her eyes but seemed to remember my threat because she didn’t say anything. “Ebony.yooo I’m sorry about the microwave shit..I’m going to get your son, and fucking eradicate the Falcon family from the face of the earth.” I finally got to test out these rings.” I said aloud as I made my way outside of the room and began walking now it was time to get this kid. Arthur I need you to find somebody. I told him Ebony’s son name, but I had other plans as I entered my ghost form once I was hidden from sight. I became pure electricity and headed into the phone lines Antonio Falcon had been untouchable for too long but I had a different target. I was almost there soon I’d be at my destination.

“Hello Angela Falcon with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”
Ashley was ready she had a transaction to intercept which would lead her to the head huncho, hopefully Antonio Falcon. She remembered his name vaguely apparently he was suppose to be running for Mayor or something. She didn’t care if he was runner up for President of the United States, she’d taken her life apart, and now he was going to suffer. She didn’t just want to kill Antonio, she wanted him to live every waking minute of his life in pure fear, and paranoia. She wanted him to sit tight in his office while his entire empire crumbled with unexplained disaster one after another. She didn’t know how Michael had let this escalate so far, especially if Barbara was dead because of these guys.

She’d never been close to her, but she’d hung out with her last year and part of sophomore year, so that was just another thing that irritated him. These big crime families felt like they were untouchable, maybe they were but as long as they were apart of space she could get to them. Finally she arrived at the hotel quickly parking .Using her power again she felt the space of the surrounding area, unlike back in her room there was thousands more thigns to feel. So many objects, people, animals, plant life, everything it was so insane to be able to observe it all and focus on what she wanted too. It wasn’t long before she felt it inside an SUV full of cocaine, two men inside on the phone speaking and another man a valet parker coming in an even bigger vehicle. “Hmmm I could be a fucking bad ass fed with this power but fuck 12 tho.”

She still had her enhanced durability up thanks to her density powers but she needed to move in obscurity the two vehicles were converging on a lower level of parking. She left her own vehicle checking to make sure she still had her own gun. She ducked between two cars and phased through the ground she warped to the level of parking where the vehicles where about to meet, there didn’t appear to be anyone around, it didn’t long for her to see a sign that said restricted access, which meant Antonio probably had influence in this building, wouldn’t be surprising.

The van was pulling up to the valet vehicle, so Ashley teleported Into the vehicle of the vallt parker before he could scream she shrank him and put him in the cup holder erecting a shield of space around him. Sure he was still yelling but who could hear him even the sound of the vehicle was larger. She teleported into the driving seat and drove over to the SUV full of product parking near it. Two men got out. The man walked over to the car to see Ashley and frowned.” Kevin sent you? Hmm not even using the same people as Antonio, whatever.”

“Y..yeah.” Kevin..sent me? Hmm so everyone ain’t working together. “ Ayy look..umm that’s alota fucking coke and all, but I ain’t with Kevin.” She came out the car taking out her own gun, only for the second person to shoot her gun out of her hand. She responded with her spatial powers using a spatial slash to tear the man’s body in half, the other men draw his weapon to fire only for Ashley to shrink it until it wasn’t seen .She then formed a cylinder of space around him and expanded it so it was around her as well.

“What the fuck h.”

“Don’t ask too many questions, I’ll be quick you seen X Men, I’m like them motherfuckers, and I wanna know more about Kevin now, you don’t tell me fuck it.” She used her power to at the same time reduce his size and put him in the palm of his hand. She grabbed his left arm and smushed it crushing it causing screaming to be heard.” GOooooooood boy now then what do I wanna know c;mon…Kevin Falcon’s usinesss .”

“He he.” She reached for his right arm placing pressure on it.


“NO! Kevin falcon’s business!!! He’s trying to take oer from Antonio, he’s at his own place with his girlfriend Nroa, he wanted u to start moving Cocaine for him instead of Antonio, because Antonio is paying the Greek tax to keep business going by usual, but it meant we’d all get cuts in our checks nad >” He continued rambling on through the pain while Ashley took this in. “Perfect perfect..see how easy it is to co-operate, anyway your useless now no need for evidence.” She popped the man like a pill and made the cylinder of space disappear before focusing on the SUV she’d taken from the valet. She made it small then stepped on it before heading to the SUV full of cocaine. “Alright then time to go meet Kevin Falcon.” She put the keys in the SUV and left the parking lot, driving with pounds of cocaine was dangorus but when you could make it smaller then a grain of rice it reduced the worry factor by 10. It wasn’t long before she was outside in the open and heading towards Kevin’s place, she’d have to come back for her car later.


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When I saw this man just appear out of no where I was astonished and probably would have shat myself if it wasn't for this feeling of peace and calm that fell over me. "Buddha?" Is all I managed to say. "Guide? Guide to what?" I asked unsure of what he was talking about. Was I still tripping on shrooms?

"Yes Buddah all the years passed I assumed my message of peace would have spread but apparently I am wrong and this is saddening." He frowned all he'd wanted was peace fro the world and he could sense this man was filled with revenge, a nd other such hateful things."Guide to the gift the light has granted you, dominion over the mind. I can see your progress if you can call it that, Psillocybin helped expand my mind as well, you are powerful but there is much you can do that you have not yet learned."

I totally understood this guy. That's all I wanted for the world, was peace and happiness. Unfortunately some people had different Ideas for the world. Such as Floyd... I lingered on the thought before continuing. "It's hard to expand my use of this ability without practice, and the only way to practice is on people. What else can I do?" I asked

Buddah could sense despite the negativity flowing through someone he had a desire to bring peace to the world. ."In today's world where knowledge is readily available? It is simply a matter of Rory. "Unfortunately with our power we must experiment on other people, however that is not always a bad thing for by delving into the minds of other people we can understand them, what motivates them, and figure out how to better them and everyone else. An ability you need to learn is implantation. A talent I advise against using unless absolutely necessary. You can implant false memories, thoughts or emotions in other individuals. I once misused this power myself to try and force peace upon people, a grave mistake true change is done voluntarily now then go into the hallway there is a lady outside, 21 on vacation with her friend, start there I can fix any damage you do to her mind."

Buddah could sense despite the negativity flowing through someone he had a desire to bring peace to the world. ."In today's world where knowledge is readily available? It is simply a matter of Rory. "Unfortunately with our power we must experiment on other people, however that is not always a bad thing for by delving into the minds of other people we can understand them, what motivates them, and figure out how to better them and everyone else. An ability you need to learn is implantation. A talent I advise against using unless absolutely necessary. You can implant false memories, thoughts or emotions in other individuals. I see you've already tampered with the memory aspect of this power but emotions and thoughts will prove more complex. I once misused this power myself to try and force peace upon people, a grave mistake true change is done voluntarily now then go into the hallway there is a lady outside, 21 on vacation with her friend, start there I can fix any damage you do to her mind."

"Alright. I'll try my best." I said as I stood up and opened my door a crack. to see where she was then concentrated on implanting a happy feeling into her head. I saw her face instantly light up.This girl looked a little bit like Nikki. I started to think back to the recent events that happened. Without realizing I was still connected and these emotions were being implanted into her mind. Her smile faded and a look of depression crossed her face. And as I thought back more her frown turned into a look of horror as the emotions I was feeling were slowly implanted into her head. Then I saw her face and realized what I was doing and stopped immediately. "How was that?" I asked turning to Buddha

"Hmm I'd say well done because it is I just feel bad for the pain that you've dealt her however I can heal her or can." Buddah knew what he said about being able to fix any damage but it was better Rory learned." You can heal emotional trauma or damage, you can control the level of healing either stabilize someone or completely heal to them to the point they've most passed the damage, I want you to get her to that point, then reverse the implantation remove the false emotions you should be able to sense what thoughts, and emotions are implanted or tampered with and which ones are genuine, ."

I opened the door again and reached out to fix my mistake. I could sense the healing process and used my power to speed it up. Once the mind seemed to be in good shape I started feeling around for any altered or false emotions. When I found them I started gently picking them out then left and implanted feeling of happiness in her mind. "Ok there, everything is fixed and I left her with an implanted feeling of happiness

Buddah nodded happy with Rory's progress he was doing well with the power and there was much more to teach, he felt good to be back teaching. "Good good, you can leave that implant people now a days need to be happy." "now then this is an advanced skill I sense you'll need mins transfera, frogive me but I believe in learning through action so." Buddah placed hsi hand on Rory taking over and accessing his power using mental transferal to switch Rory's mind with that of another person standing in the hallway a depressed janitor Rory was in his body while the janitor wa sin Rory's body." Now then try to get back into your own body Rory time is ticking."

I looked down at this nasty ass non sexy body of mine and panicked for a second. Ok think think think, how the fuck am I going to do this. Ok first I need to get back into my body. I did what I knew how which was to reach out with my own mind. I reached out and was in the head of my own body which had the mind of this suicidal janitor but I was still connected to the janitors body. I left the mind inside of my body and reached out for Buddha. "Buddha I don't know how to do this! You've gotta give me some instruction before you just put my mind into some suicidal janitor that's about to jump out of the 32nd story window" I said trying to figure out what I needed to do to be able to switch our minds.

Buddah was disappointed in Rory’s judgmental behavior of this suicidal man. “To exchange your mind you need to as you’re doing now focus on his mind then imagine a chord attaching your mind to his, imagine pushing your consciousnesses along that chord into his while simultaneously moving his consciousness to the other end of the chord, and that’s an exchange, you are capable of exchanging one mind to another as well as actually using your mind to overpower us so you can have full control of his mind while retaining control of yours that’s a more advanced skill which requires pushing him in the back-seat of his own body, as soon as you master this aspect then you can try that, and then…start experimenting on animals, you never know when the situation arises that you’ll need this, anyway it’ll take a few tries start.” “Right as he was speaking two mexican men burst through the door with knives.” Fucking puta! You owe us peso’s and you yet to produce! We kill you and your fucking daughter!>” The men began to get over to Rory while the janitor in Rory’s body fled. While one of the men with the knives slammed Rory into a wall pressing the knife against his neck.” WHERE IS MI PESO’S!”

“What the fuck” The man had no idea one minute he was worrying about how he’d pay back the Cartels the money he borrowed to pay for his daughter’s schooling in the United States, the next he was someone else. Everything he wanted youth, Caucasian color, and now the same people had come, he had no idea how he’d switched bodies but he knew he was getting away quickly. He finally had a chance to start over and he knew exactly what he was going to do with it. He reached in his pocket and sure enouh this man had a cell phone he began dialing a number. “Emilia? Yes this is Pero’s body guard, yes where are you, Federales incoming tell me ok good.” The man rushed over to his car but he didn’t have keys. Luckily he kept a spare taking it he put it in the ignition and began taking off he had a pick up to make.

I looked at the man and caused him to fall asleep then the other two pulled their guns on me then fell to the ground asleep. I ran out of the building following myself just to see me get into some car and leave. Fuck where was he going! Luckily in Mexico City Mexico traffic was heavy and he couldn't get far. I ran over to a cab and managed to persuade the person in to allow me to ride instead. "Follow the guy right up there" and I gave him a description of the car that was in front of us. "Try not to get too close I don't want to scare him." I said. After a while of driving we pulled up to a corner which he had recently turned at and saw a rather large and seemingly empty warehouse. "Right there go go go!" I shouted. The man sped up and stopped close to the sexy beast who was heading towards the warehouse. I jumped out and ran after him. "STOP!" I shouted. Instantly he stopped. "Good, now come back here." He started walking over to me. "Get in the fucking Taxi." I commanded. We both got back into the cab and I ordered the man to take me back to the hotel.

Once we got back I sat in the back of the cab and started concentrating on what Buddha had told me about. Our minds are linked. I could feel that. Now I needed to pull in his mind at the same time as transferring my mind. Slowly I felt our minds moving across the link, soon enough we had passed each other. Next thing I know I opened my eyes and was in my own body. I took a deep breath and sighed that was a lot of work for something I probably wouldn't use that much. But oh well it was something new. Although I hadn't mastered it yet, I had just understood the basics of it. I got out of the cab and started walking back to my hotel room. "Now what Buddha..."


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Ashley was just pulling up luckily she’d avoided the police on her way over there, although she’d heard some sirens but that couldn’t be for her. Everyone was dead, and she doubted the mafia would call the police over stolen cocaine, they’d do everything in their power to get it back, of course their power was inferior to hers. She pulled up in the drive way seeing a car, and could hear screaming. “What the fuck..damn nobody better get the falcons I’m getting the damn falcons” She’d retrieved her gun with her ability before he left the hotel and checked to make sure she had as she left her vehicle heading to the house. She used her spatial vision to see everything around here three people inside one with a gun, she looked around again recognizing the one with the weapon.” James Bitch ass” She had her density hardened again just in case she was welcomed to a hail of gun fire like at the hotel. .” She focused on her power over spacing gathering kinetic energy and unleashing a blast of the concussive force on the door causing it to burst open as she stormed into the house only to see a wounded Nora holding Kevin’s bullet riddled body while James held a gun in his hand. The sight of everything caused her to lower her guard.” What the fuck.”

James turned to Ashley, expecting the police, but ashley was there insttead. James rose an eyebrow before shaking his head. "Who the fuck?" James said as he stood up from his deceased brother and fully turned to Ashley. He aimed the pistol at her and without hesitating, he fired.

Ashley didn’t know what was going on but she felt a connection to James, the link, but..that meant James had a power? Before she could ponder that a bullet flew at her and hit her in the stomach. Only thanks to her density the bullet crunched up against her skin.” OH yeah you thought that would work huh mother fucker!!!! I got sum for you.” She used her own power to reduce James in size of an ant then did the same to Nora and Kevin only to hire sirens coming outside due to the earlier shootings, two police cars. “Fuuuuck this shit!” She warped the police cars inside miniaturizing them as they appeared on the floor in front of Ashley as she stepped on both of them before making James appear in the palm of her hand.” You fucking shot me! You little piece of shit! “She gripped her hand around James body to squeeze to cause pain.” What the fuck is going on! TELL Me right now or you going end up like yo brother.”

James errupted in anger. Not only was his brother and borther's girlfriend on the floor, but the supposed culprit was standing right in front of him, Ashley Mok. He didn't know if he had fired the gun before or after he really came to, but he was glad he did, at least until he found himself miniaturized and being squeezed in Ashley's palm. "AAAAAAAAAH! FUCK YOU! LET ME GO YOU MONKEY!" James then groaned as slipped his hand out and fired, except this time, he was a lot more accurate and hit her in the forehead and then in her left nostril.

Ashley was getting tired of this, she didn’t give a damn if she felt a connection to him she was about to cut the chord.” YOU CALLING ME A FUCKING MONKEY! YOU LIL PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!” She tightened her grip until she heard something pop but decided she was done with the falcons. The bullets hit her but bounced off further irritating her as she swallowed James and pointed her gun to Nora’s head. “Fuck that hoe..and you, yo ass started all this shit!!!!”Yo ass coming with me, fuck you and the falcons.” She focused on Kevin’s body resizing it to normal size. Then focusing on Nora warping her into my hand.” Now you comin with me, you finna tell me everything you fucking know!”

A clapping was heard as Carmen slowly appeared out of thin air. Once she was fully physical, she shook her head. "Took you long enough. And what does she know, except that her tatas bleeding?" Carmen teased as she looked at the scene and nodded. "We should probably get out of here before more cops come." Carmen said as if she was talking to a child. "Now would be good."

Ashley heard the clapping only to see Carmen appear out of thin air, she’d never met her personally but Floyd had told her a little about her, just that she had powers like them but she mostly hung out with Mike. “You right stupid bitch don’t know shit.” She decided to just pocket Nora in her shirt pocket at least for now, Kevin was dead, James was dead, and there was an SUV full of cocaine in the drive-way, perfect. “Yeah leggo.” Ashley focused as she heard more sirens in the distance, and they reappeared at her penthouse suite. “So..I’m guessing yo ass was the reason Kevin dead, what the fuck did you do?” She was curious as she took Nora out of her shirt pocket and set her on her table, warping the mason jar from her room over Nora before taking the cap off so she’d have air for now.

"I controlled him with my mind." Carmen joked as she took a seat on the sofa and winked at Ashley. She noticed Nora being placed in a mason jar and raised an eyebrow. "You know you ruined my entire plan, right? Fuck, I should have killed him and left sooner... Mike was right about you." Carmen said as she sighed and thought about the scene they had left behind. "Fuck... Throw him up!" Carmen demanded. It didn't really hit her until now.

“Shit you probably did when I came in there I saw his ass holding a gun and his brother dead.” Ashley just laughed it was funny to think that Kevin might have been killed by his own brother. She herself took a seat she hadn’t gotten to Antonio but she’d killed a good deal of people, and gotten a lot of information from torturing all the people she encountered today. “Fuck you mean I ain’t know shit bout no plan I was just trying to get ridda the fucking Falcons, and if you killed Kevin then why the fuck you tripping” She didn’t comment on what she said about Michael, if he was still talking about her maybe she had to pay him a visit too, of course nobody knew where he was. “Throw..have you lost yo god damn mind?! I ain’t no white girl that shit nasty, if you wanna kill the rest of these fuckers then I’m down but I ain’t throwing people up.” She didn’t want James to live, not to mention he’d seen her use her powers so that was a definite reason to prevent the second coming of James Falcon, that and the other people that might come back with him.

"What? You tellin me that you eat these motherfucker, but you won't throw them up? I need his body since you couldn't just kill him with the gun you had in your fucking hand." Carmen got a little ticked off at Ashley. "Fuck it... Just bring him here with you power! Use your head. Mike said that you're the best when it comes to technique. It shouldn't be hard if he was telling the truth." Carmen said as she rememebered Michael just saying that Ashley had a lot more practice than the rest of the group... for obvious reasons.

“Hell yeah! The whole reason I do that shit no fucking evidence, can’t leave smashed bodies lying around everywhere especially the fucking mafia. “Ashley wasn’t about to get caught up anything else, ever since she’d been shot she was more cautious than ever. Thinking about them boiled her blood after she was done with the Falcons they were next on her hit list Cartels, Latin Kings, Cubans, all of them. “He the one that called me a fucking monkey I was going beat him to death but he had to be a smart ass about this shit!” Ashley was hesitant about her power, there was no way she was going to let James expose her not to mention he was already probably burning. Finding out what Mike had said about her heightened her a mood a little bit, at least it made her a little co-operative. She’d never practiced warping things into or out of herself, but she figured it was the same as anything else. She focused on James’s body only and then focused on normal size re-spawning him on the hard wood floor before tossing the gun to Carmen as the burned James was lying on the grond in agony blood coming out. “Ah now I gotta clean dis shit up, going kill dis fool?”

"Good job. And he's still gripping that pistol. You're the best chica." Carmen said with a smile before crouching in front of the gurgling James. "Aw poor baby." Carmen teased before touching his raw skin. "Ewww... It ain't too bad James. Those designer clothes are pretty tough in that stomach acid. Man up, because you have a killing spree to help me with buddy. Change of plans. You don't commit suicide." Carmen said before touching James again and assimilating into his body. "Fuck!" His skin burned like hell before the properties of the stomach acid abosrbed into James' pores. "That's better. Now hand me the girl and teleport us toooooo... It's only been a few minutes. Take us back. If I arrive before the cops come, I can kill both of them easily."

“no problemo” She had no problem doing anything that would fuck over the Falcons, as long as James was dead she didn’t care how it was, she just wanted to kill Antonio and the rest of them sooner rather than later. She got up from the sofa walking over to the jar picking up Nora and tossing her over to Carmen or James or whatever, before warping them back to the house it had only been a few minutes so like Carmen had predicted the cops hadn’t arrived just yet.

James smiled as he looked down at the wounded Nora. She was so weak... so vulnerable... yet she knew too much now thanks to a certain someone. Ashley really wanted Nora to remain alive to tell the story of the brother who went mad and killed other, but Carmen had to be as mentally flexible as she was physically. There was only one more round, ready to execute, but it wouldn't be wasted on Nora. James grunted as shit was going to get pretty bad now, but as the sirens were heard, an intricate idea came to mind. without wasting another moment, James walked over to Nora, and shot in the back of the skull before leaning up against wall that let him face the front door. He waited as he heard the cars come to a halt... He waited as he heard their doors shut... He waited as the front door with caution.

"Hey! What the fuck? Get down on the ground." James shook his head before walking forward. "STOP! I said stop!" With a swift move, James aimed his empty weapon at the officer who drew his gun in quickness and shot the college student down who continued to move forward until he stumbled to the floor and sank in a pool of his own blood that seemed to rush out of him like raging river that had just been freed by the destruction of a huge dam. Carmen wasn't taking any chances. She had finished what she felt needed to be done.
I had gotten to my destination a safe house were Joe was, after having Eric Northman save him, and give him some blood to heal his broken legs, I’d had him tied up and tortured for information. And now I was confronting him using Chameleon’s belt to disguise myself as a random greek of course. “So you’re Joe, I see you’ve been mighty co-operatie, so operative in fact my men think you might be telling us bullshit!”

“Why the fuck would I lie about these people, they fucking had me in a car, that bitch Angela Falcon put me in a car to drown, if it wasn’t for you motherfuckers I’d be with Nemo right now!” Joe seemed stress sure it usually took a lot more to break someone for information, but this was a special case. IT didn’t matter how many years he worked there, when you try to drown someone instead of letting htem live the rest of their life after working six years for them you tended to not care about them.

Of course I’d brought Emma Frost with me to confirm information so after a efw more minuts I was outside speaking to her, as she was lighting up a cigarette. “That shit’s bad for you Frost you can get cancer.”

“Says the pothead?”

“Weed dosen’t kill.”

“Cigs don’t get you arrested.”

“I rather be locked up then have dead anyway is what he saying true, all that shit I know he was in a car when my guy went to get him, he was minutes from turning up with Jaws.”

“Yeah I confirmed it and he ain’t got no blocks nothing, so how are you gonna bring the Falcon family down?”

“Simple” I reached in my extra pocket in my cargo’s for my blunt lighting it, it was a nice conflict marijuana and nicotine, one was healthy one was horrible, yet one was illegal and the other was legal, this just showed everything wrong with today’s society when nature was made out to be bad, but chemicals were praised. “I want information on all their illegal activities pull whatever you can then transfer the knowledge to me, then I’m going to the feds I’ll make a deal to keep me safe, unwatched all that, so managing the Greeks and my fame will be easier, but that’s not good enough I know someone who wants these motherfuckers to die, and has the power to make it happen, I got some knowledge I want you give that girl you manipulated..Ashley.”

IT wasn’t long before Emma gave me the knowledge, I knew what I had to do go to the feds and Ashley, and get the ball rolling for the end of the Falcon Family.
Buddah placed a hand on Rory’s shoulder. “I’d intending on you practicing the more advanced version of that ability which is basically the same thing, which involves you placing your mind in their body and gaining control of both the target’s body as well as yours, but let’s practice something else. The situation that just occurred could have been prevented had you delved into the more offensive nature of you ability.” As Rory was heading towards his hotel room two people were seen chatting Buddah decided they’d be the next targets for practice. “There are numerous ways the most common method is to assault the mind, you can control the ferocity of the attack ranging from giving someone a painful hair pulling headache to rendering them unconscious in a vegetative state or if too much power is used dead. Focus on the woman chatting with that man use it on her, try a headache at first then up the ante to a higher level.” This time Buddah would reverse any damage himself this was a more advanced technique and any mistake in healing could result in permanent brain damage in the victim.


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"I thought you were supposed to be the peaceful guy" I said with a chuckle. It was kind of ironic that Buddha was sitting here telling me to fuck with peoples heads. I sat down in front of the hotel and concentrated on the lady. I concentrated on her for a moment. I remember reading about this ability online. Psionic inundation - The ability to launch psi-bolts to cause mental damage. I imagined shooting a bullet from my mind to hers. Next thing I know she fell to the ground. My jaw dropped astonished at what I had just done. Apparently psionic bullets were too much. Can you fix that Buddha? I asked trying to act nonchalant as the guy knelt down next to her confused as to what just happened to her.

Buddha nodded glad of Rory's progress using his power through Rory to heal the woman's mental damage and command her to awaken the guy glad she was ok. "To know peace one must also know how to utilize force as well, that is a power you shouldn't experiment with, use it only for self defense, another less offensive technique you can use is you can manipulate the perceptions of others, you could manipulate the perception of everyone on this floor to make it appear that time stopped so they'd be immobilized of course you can't truly manipulate anything temporal, but this would be very useful you could use it in a more vague manner so that your adversaries see you slower, by manipulating perceptions you'd be a ready for any combat situation."

"Listen I really appreciate you helping me train, I wouldn't be anywhere near as far as I am now without you, but I need to learn some things that are specific to a certain situation I'm in. There are others who have powers" I said sharing my memories of them with Buddha "Being the great telepath you are you probably already knew this. But one of them is out of control, and I need to stop him. Unfortunately he has mental Blocks put on his mind by a stronger telepath from another universe. How can I combat this?" I asked. I wanted to practice what he was teaching me but I needed techniques specific to my scenario.

Buddha nodded he knew well of Rory's current situation although he didn't approve of revenge or the need for continuing a cycle of hate. "What you need to know for that particular situation is nothing, a cycle of vengeance can only be ended by forgiveness. Retaliation breeds further retaliation. I do not advise continued conflict with this man, but I doubt you will take this advice to heart so I will give you the necessary tools to survive another encounter. The ability to manipulate perceptions is one of the abilitis you have blocks can't defend against."

"So just like you were saying before? Manipulate the time right? So how do I alter perceptions?" I asked. I had an Idea of how but I had no clue what I had to do in order to alter the perceptions of everyone on the bottom floor.

"Manipulate people's perception of time to slow it down, instead of manipulating what people see with illusion, manipulate how they see it, slower, faster, black and white, then focus on how people perceive the world around them how fast, or slow, focus on just the people int he hallway, focus on slowing down how they see everything play a prank or something of the sort to see if if you've been successful and if you have then you're one step closer to surviving an encounter with your adversary."

I sought out those who were in the hallway with my mind. Once I found a small group together I imagined time moving slower for them. I opened the door to the hotel and walked in so I could see what was happening. They were looking at their hands and moving them around as if something weird was happening. Like they were moving in slow motion. Hows that Buddha I spoke in my mind.

"Perfection, you'll need something else to aid you in combat pure telepathic prediction will not aid you, but remember there is more to the brain then just the mind. Aside from reading brain waves to read people's body language, and anticipate their actions, another form of prediction if you will, this is a power you'll have to learn from experience, don't us brain waves, analyze his body." Budah focused on one of the people in the hotel room returning his perception to normal and having him charge Rory to kick him into the wall. "Come on Rory body movements, predict them, know them, and defeat him."

I watched as the man charged me. I read into his body movements and watched as he stopped on his left foot and instead of stepping forward began to draw his leg back for a kick. There it was, I saw it. I stepped to the side and his foot went straight into the wall. I had dodged his attempt at kicking me now I just needed to defeat him. With or without telepathy? Buddha hadn't been specific on the defeating him part. Screw it, Buddha can undo the stuff I do might as well utilize it while I can. The man fell backwards having fallen asleep. "Sorry I didn't know if you wanted me to use telepathy to defeat him or not... But uh yeah. That was ok." I said looking down at the unconscious man.

"Violence never the answer except in terms of desperate need anyway another ability you may find useful is emotions, in my opinion that ability is even more potent then most if not all aspects of our ability. Mind control is the ability to change a person's thought, while emotions allow you to change how a person perceives a thought. You have a plethora of options at your disposable from making people feel relaxed and calm like I do or agitated, anxious, paranoid, really a limitless number of options. You can control how strongly a person's emotions are about a certain thing or everything, you could incite a riot or get a crowd to sing together about world peace. Fear, Desire, Hope, Hate, Greed, Lust, Pain, and so many others, this power has many applications that you need to delve into, all will be useful tools to combat one who's psychic blocks are formed by a more powerful telepath then yourself."

"So I can mess with the emotions of someone with psychic blocks?" I asked as I watched someone at the little snack machine get some candy. As the candy fell to the bottom of the machine I made her a little extra happy. Another man was at the check out counter unhappy about the service and was raising quite a ruckus. I looked to him and calmed him down. There was so much to do with this power. So much to do with my power in general. "Buddha. How would I go about increasing my range of control, so that I can control or push thoughts into a larger group of people."

"Yes a psychic block prevents basic mental intrusion and manipulation, however they are various aspects of our ability, emotions is one of those many aspects." Buddah was interested in the way Rory used his power basic uses for now, but these powers were just being put into play he was sure their usages would continue to expand."That my friend is the easiest question of all and very self explanatory. The way these powers work is the same as using a muscle, the more you use it the more adept you become, however as far as raw power every day we grow more powerful, the more you live the more powerful you become, by this point in time you should be able to command a small crowd or army with ease."

I smiled at the thought of this. This would make things much easier when needed. I went back to my room and continued training with Buddha, but I was focusing on Emotion Manipulation. That's what I needed to win. The rest of the Thursday went by training with Buddha since I had nothing better to do.


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(Michael) I found myself in the link on my free time between training before I used a new trick to force Floyd into the link. "Hey, we need to talk.” "I was thinking... I need you to do one more thing for me... If we're going to make everything right, I need you with your conscience.

(Floyd)I was just sitting in my car listening to Kendrick Lamar the spiteful chant a great song, I loved to listen to lyrical flows as much as I did trap music.It was surprised that I was forced into the link." new trick damn, what we need is for you to show me more tricks" So far the image thing was the only thing I'd got down. "Conscience..mhmm I guess that's probably annoying to about this..I'll reset myself to middle ground, basically my conscience and emotions dulled down so I still think logically buuuuuut I'lll still have a conscience."

(Michael)"Thanks man... I appreciate this... I'm about to go back in the hole. See you soon man!" I said as I faded away. That was... too easy.

(Floyd)“No problem homie glad you going be around again.” I said that I meant it glad to have company I enjoyed that wasn’t trying to ruin my life hanging around, it felt good to be on terms with everyone. After I was back I went back to Kendrick’s song, and drove back to my place. After parking my car in the garage, turning on my TV to cartoon network, and pouring up a glass of pink lemonade I went over to grab the helmet. “Time to reset everything emotions back conscience back sort of..whatever it’s a compromise, life’s full of em.” I put the helmet on and went to work with the reset today I was just gonna have some alone time on the laptop, computer, chill, probably sleep after my molly fueled sex marathon with Bella I hadn’t gotten much sleep today would fix that, ironic that my Thursday a been more hype then Friday.
Ashley was sitting in her room enjoying herself smoking her fifth blunt, life had been lonely without Ralph, and others but revenge on the Falcon Family was worth it. She was glad she acted when she did, getting Kelly, and several others that worked for the Falcon family. To have her own fun with them she’d gotten some supplies fort he finale for the Falcon family if you will. She’d heard on the news the FBI had taken Antonio Falcon into custody for intent to traffick and distribute large amounts of illegal narcotics, fire arms, as well as numerous prostitution rings including one with the Triads that supplied children at a particular brothel.

Ashley still wanted to kill him for what he did to Ralph but they were plenty of other people who could suffer. “Alright well I guess can tlel your small, look I coul let you guys get big but you’re only going to prison see this.” Ashley warped a TV over to them making it about as a big as a movie theater TV would be, it showed the arrest of Antonio Falcon, their facilities raided, the DEA-FBI joint operation confiscating large amounts of drug, guns, people being loaded in cars, the biggest mafia bust in the past 20 years is what CNN, ABC, Fox, and numerous others were calling it.

“Kelly your going to be save dfor last but don’tt hink your going to be comfortable for the itme being I’ve saved the best for last with you.” She picked up Kelly who was crying only for her to bend her arms back until a cracking sound was heard, before spitting on her and slamming her into the desk. “AS for the rest of you fucks you’re all going to fucking die!!!! At least your not going to prison.” She was just laughing as she hit her blunt again then grabbed the first tool a knife and stabbed one of the men with the knife then began stabbing others making a bloody shish-ka-bob, before going over to some condiments dipping it in ketchup and chewing the people up before spitting it on the table. “YOU FUCKWADS READY FOR ROUND 2 HAHAHAHA” The people were screaming but were encased in a wall of space while she grabbed a lighter ready for the next thing.

“Alright boys and girls, thank your boss Antonio falcon for this one. She started a small fire then teleported it inside the spatial cage and expanded it causing people to burn alive, but erected a second sphere of face around those burning so they could watch their friends burn in real time, before warping some of the fire onto Kelly’s hair causing it to burn before putting pressure on her body causing her legs to start breaking s Kelly screamed, she warped a blast of air over to her to blow the fire out but her hair and skul laws already burned and she was screaming. “This is only the beginning hahaha..HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FUCKING FUN!!!!” She was happier then a child waking up to a bunch of presents on Christmas, everything was delightful.

She left the room to get two things a bottle, and a bong. The fire in the sphere was starting to dissipate as everyone within was burned alive, and she just had more planned, more tools.” Ok I want you guys to fuck her both of you NOW! RAPE HER NOW”

“H..hey that’s fucked up that’s.” Both of ht emen were warped into the bowl packed full of weed, then four other people as well and she lit the bowl inhaling the smoke and breathing out as the people were burned alive in the weed. She exhaled the smoke and smiled setting the bong down.” TWO PEOPLE FUCKING RAPE HER NOW!!!!!!!!! “ She reached in through th e space using her nail to jam into one of the men’s miniaturized genitals, before tearing them off then grabbing his head and ripping it off opening a spatial vacuum to suck him in. Two people rushed over the screaming burned Kelly to do the deed while Ashley just started laughing, warping a camera inside already set to record.” GO ON MAKE THIS MOVIE HAHAHAH I need some fucking snacks!!!”

Ashley just laughed using her power to bring her bag of hot fries over to her munching on them before using her power to warp people from inside the barrier on the hot fries smashing them to death with her munchies, laughing s Kelly was violated on camera. “You guys are fucking done keep going now!!”

“We can’t we’re”

“Ok I understand.” She brought a water bottle over to her, and warped the man inside, before leaving and coming back.” Boiling hot water here we go more p oeple.” More people were teleported inside and she began pouring the hot water in as the people screamed being burned by the liquids before she closed the cap, shaking it up, soon the people would either die from the burning or drowning she didn’t care. She poked a hole into the cap with a knife, and went to create a make shift graity bong while the rmeianing people inside were weeping. “What the fuck are you waiting for everyone left with a D..go ham in her NOW ANYONE WHO DOSENT LINE UP RIGHT NOW IS GOING TO FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!” She laughed as people lined up to do the job one after another, while she took those that didn’t warping them into the palm of her hand.

“You people really fucking irritate me, spineless fucking bastards your all the useless motherfuckers left.” She balled her hand into the fist crushing the people into a muddle of blood and bones, before teleporting the remains ontop of Kelly’s body yelling at people to keep going as the camera was still rolling. “Now thennnn the rest of the women you don’t serve a fucking purpouse, your boss is in federal.”

“All of you massage my fucking feet, while I roll this fucking blunt and watch this movie.” Ashley put her feet up on the table warping them out while rolling another blunt. night. Getting high and killing people, just like back home with Jay, her father, and Shanika in the Bahamas. The people she’d pulled begrudgingly went to work and hse leaned back. “Fuck yes…..” She just laughed as Kelly screamed in more pain then she ever imagined crying, screaming, covered in blood, guts, and remains. “Alright shit rolled, time for bottles.”

Five shot glasses appeared, and she began pouring alcohol, while she lit the blunt and began to smoke getting higher then before. She was completely blazed up and about to become cross faded, it was time to celebrate the end of the falcon family. “Fuck YALL READY TO DIE” They were screaming and Kelly was bleeding, so she warped the camera over to her normal sized and then warped it over to the counter putting her feet down.” Alright Gucci yall mafukers ready to die first some shots.” She warped the majority of the remaining people inside the space in the shots, and took one shot after another until she had four down, and leaned back into her chair instantly as a feeling of drunkness hit her. Grey Goose was powerful as shit, and once you’d already smoked all day it tended to double in power.

“WHOO “ She warped her laptop opver to her to blast some music some Chief keef before warping the people from to the ground and getting up out the chair before crushing all of them slowly by stepping on them laughing. “The rest of you mother fuckers!!!” She made the space shield dissipate before warping the rest in the final shot glass, and reachin for the beaten, bruised, and violated Kelly gripping her causing her to scream.


“Enough BITCH” She bit her arm off chewing it and swallowing it causing her to scream before biting part of her legs off chewing.” Mhmmm Italian food hahahaha” She walked over to some BBQ sauce dropping Kelly in, then reaching in dragging her out and biting her slowly tearing her apart before chewing her up, then goin to take the final shot, then picking up the blunt and lighting it again.” Celebration Time.” She took her phone out of her pants pocket and decided to call up her friend ronee, it was time to get out and party and maybe even add some pills to her Friday night substance abuse.

You ever had the feeling that something wasn’t right? I had that feeling as I got up, I had no idea, the cannabis I consumed allowed for some good sleep, it almost felt like I’d sipped some Nyquil or lean the night before, but no syrup was involved with the heavenly sleep I had. This week had been one of the best of my lives, even the chill Friday I’d spent by myself online just watching Son of Anarchy, roleplaying, and eating pizza.

I went to brush my teeth, use mouth wash, shower, deodorant, all the hygenics I still hadn’t checked my phone I’d left it in another room for now. I decided what I Was going to wear an all black T shirt, my gold chain, ray Bands, and some military style camoflauge pants. I went to check my phone turning it off airplane mode.” Wonder who I’ll call today…hmm” I walked away my phone to get some fruit loops, always liked eating em raw. I heard my phone ringing and walkd over to it pick up.” Hello”

“BRUH What the fuck you ain’t pick up for holy shit” I was shocked to hear Curtis voice over the phone, I mean we chilled but he sounded different,.

“Man calm the fuck down.”


“Alright first off what the fuck is wrongw h




“FUCK-“ Before I could say anything the phone line went dead, I was irritated and more angry then I’d ever been in at a long time, I’d never had that serious of a falling out with any of my friends. I threw my phone across the room but quickly shot a web to grab it, hearing my phone ring again. I pulled my phone and my eyes widened in shock as I Saw numerous missed calls over 70 from several people, I Scanned them quickly reading through people who’d called me, I went through messages, just watching more and more, as my hear tugged at me. At first a mixture of emotions confusion, anxiety, then pure blazing white anger. I read message after message from people, I wondered what the hell was going on. I went over to facebook, and used Tyrone’s name, and password to log in. I didn’t have the best relationship with them since they banned me for life, but I had my best friend’s password and I Went over to his page, these days facebook was dead, if this was back in 2009 perhaps I could understand the situation a little better, but now this place was dead.

I was shaking this felt so un real like what was going on, everyone had texted me. People in the hospital, I got texts from Zane, Hector, Paris, Brianna, so many other people about people in the hospital. I had no idea what to think all my friends in the hospital, this had to be planned. It wasn’t the Greeks, I run the Greeks, unless someone had a change in heart about who should be in power. I was glad I was in the “middle” of the emotional/conscience spectrum and turned on the news, sure enough I saw Jay’s car crashed, the man was talking about a brutal crash into a tree last night, other things the news I was just shaking I knew I had to get to the hospital right now.

“Ma’am please there in critical condition, they might not make it please, you need to calm down you can’t see them please.

“THEY M FUCKING FAMILY GET THE FUCK OUT M WAY” Ashley grabbed the man and tossed him into a wall before kicking the doors open, alarms were going off, security was being called, as she barged into the room to see Jay on the table, she rushed over to her brother’s body caressing his arm, as tears welled up in her eyes, it only worsened when she saw the others people in the room where trying to get her to come out, as tears rolled down her eyes.”No..what the fuck..what the fuck…” As security came to get her she grabbed one of them and tossed him aside, while a taser hit her, the whole rom was in panic as she shoved another man aside walking over to Tyrone seeing the word branded in her chest. Greeks…

“Mother-fuckers…..MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAH ALL OF YOU GOING FUCKING DIE” She made her way out of the operating room as more armed security came, but she wasn’t in the mood, she caused a disturbance in space causing men to slip and fall while she went through a door going down the stairs running she knew her next target. She’d thought this was the Falcon Family, but after last night, and BBQ Kelly what was left.

She stormed to her car, and got in putting the keys in, alarms were blaring, security. She didn’t care if the police were involved, no police officer could stop her. She was fueled with rage, and she knew how to after the Greeks. Bella was involved with them, she’d done business for them, and the Falcons. She was struggling to not juts teleport to her location. The image was seared into her brain forever Jay, Ralph, Kawan, Tyrone all in the hospital, it was on the news as well their crash into a tree. She’d thought the Falcon Family migh have hired someone to ru n off the road, but she knew where to go. She took off outside of the hospital driving right through the barrier it wasn’t long before she was on the road getting into an ally and teleporting her vehicle elsewhere in Miami. Luckily no one was there as she pulled out of the new alley she was in emerging.

Bella was one place, but who was Bella’s boss, unlike the Falcons she knew the boss of the Greeks. She was speeding breaking every speeding law known to mankind she was going to the boss himself…Floyd. She pulled up in-front of his house, and stepped out the car her density hardened, she ha a mind to destroy the house but she wanted Floyd to explain himself why he went after his friends. She didn’t care that it didn’t make any sense. She walked over to the door and knocked before kicking the door clean off it’s hinges.

“FLOYD WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCH! COME TO THE FUCKING DOOR NOW!!!!!!!!!” She was ready only for an older gentleman to appear out of nowhere. Ashley instantly drew her gun only for Arthur to use telekinesis to move it out of her hand then walk over to her.

“Come on now dear, did you really think If I can appear out of thin air a gun will work, Floyd isn’t here, but you need to remove yourself becau-

BAM Without hesitation Ashley slammed her fist into Arthur’s neck ripping his head clean off she sucked the rest of his body up in a special vacuum then tossed his head into a wall. “FLOYD FUCK THESE FICTIONAL MOTHER FUCKERS BRING YO ASS OUT NOW” She felt herself about to grow from the sheer anger, he’d sent people to get her? Before she could even react another person jumped out X-23, onl for Ashley to warp her to another part of the earth.

Before she could know anything Kara sped into the room and tackled Ashley through te stair case before kicking her into a wall. Ashley reeled in pain before using a spatial sphere around Kara to try to crush her but she unharmed.

“You thought that would fucking work.” Kara was in-front of Ashley and slammed into the wall. Kara pulled her out and got ready to punch her only to get teleported into outer space. Ashley got up yelling she was tired of all these people, only for Piccolo to come down the stairs with ki blats unleashing it she formed a spatial warp only for Kara to fly in the house her clothes in tatrrs as she kicked Ashley around a couple times before slamming her into a wall knocking her unconscious. “Fucking bitch, Arthur’s gone, she took him out, tell Vlad or someone to call Floyd now!”

I was in the hospital shaking I saw so many people I knew there, Curtis, Paris, Brianna, Shae, Miah, Ronee, Lyric, Sam, Eva, Jordan, and others it was insane to see this, but it was good people had friends. I Was still reeling in shock but was glad I was in the position Damon helped me, other wise I’d be an emotional wreck. I had used my ghost powers to mask myself intangible, and invisible as usual as I made my way into the room seeing Kawan laying out. We’d never been best buddies, but through thick and thin we’d been there for each other then I saw Ralph.

“What the fuck..” I walked over to Jay next he’d been my friend the longest out of the three so far injud, and his head seemed to be most injured. “Why they had to hit you stupid ass fucking head.” I muttered to myself quietly as I looked at his head, the stupid short dreads he kept on him. The next one was the most painful to me, and tears mounted in my eyes. “Ty….no..” I rushed over to him phasing through him seeing the skin burned off his chest, he was brutally beaten the most it seemed. “Tyrone..!!!...” I was breathing heavy, my heart was racing.

“FUCK YOU BITCH! I FUCKING HATE YOU” Fifth grade in school, the new kid in the block , he tried to talk to my girl Mckenzei he thought he was all that. HE was darker then me, better at football then me, and he’d made Mckenzei squirt more then me when he fingered him in the bathroom. I felt like Goku when he met RAditz, so tha’s what lead to our fight in the cafeteria. The final straw had been when he’d gotten the last big piece of chicken on the lunch tray.” FUCK YOU YOU DARK BLACK BITCH” I smacked him with my tray, only for him to snatch it out my hand and kick me into the table.

“WHO THE FUCK you think you are hoe! I’ll beat your ass you fucking knocked my chicken over.” He ran over to me to kick me, before I grabbed him by his leg to pull him to the ground hten get up to kick him into the head.

“FUCK YOU” A few more blows were traded, before we were pulled apart. Next thing I knew my mom was showing up at school pissed, and I was getting suspended for three days, OSS. I Was always getting into fights ever since first grade when I’d punched that girl over my cookie that she ate. This guy was not gonna steal my popularity, I knew from the minute I Saw him I was gonna hate him forever or so I thought. Fast forward weeks later at my crib chilling, eating popcorn, talking about hoes, watching The Dragon Ball Z the History of Trunks.

“Hell yeahh bruh Jennifer’s chest fat as fuck maaan, I mean Mckenzei straight, but Scott got hat shit.”

“Hahaha yeah you know he be fiending for that bitch like no other.”

“Cause he can’t nothing, now see that’s why I wish I was fucking Goku, that dude gets all the hoes.”

“You kidding bruh Goku retarde,d now VEgeta ths’ an OG man, he be beating the hell outta people, and he fucking Bulma.”

“BRuhhhhh are you fucking crazy?! Bulma ‘s nasty ass.”

“You think Chi Chi sexy>”

“I’m juts saying come on brhhh.” Fast forward years later eigth grade summer smoking weed at Alex’s house before watching television and eating dry cereal, to hanging out at Jay’s house when his mom’s boyfriend had pounds of weed and we were selling by the daily with Jay making $500 a day sometimes. I remember being at summer camp when I had an allergic reaction from the fake pain pill I had, and Tyrone rushing me to the nurse’s room, I remember when Tyrone got jumped in the hallway and leapt forward to help beat that white boy’s ass who fucked with my friend. I remember the first time my mom caught us high as hell, and beat the shit out of us, I remember smoking in the back of Tyrone’s yard using cologne, gum, and everything else to mask the scent of marijuana and our highgness. Remember being there when Jay and everyone searched the couch and the whole house for change to buy a point 5 of some purple weed. Remember the time we rode bikes for two miles ditching the others the mall to run a train on a now older Mckenzei and her sister. Remember going to the pool to meet up with Abby, and other girls in hopes of getting head, getting picked up with Caleb to drive to fuck a prostitute in a motel by walmart, memories and memories flowed through my head, I barely even noticed the sign craved into his chest. “Greeks..” What the fuck… I remembered being in Florida the police car had me, Tyrone, Jay, and Curtis on the back we were being driven down for sneaking into the hotel to party, and have sex with the domican girls who invited us over to party. I had an eight of weed in my book bag, and we were pulling out of the gated community. This was it we were getting locked up, I leaned back in my chair at least we were already high. “Fuck…ayy bruh whatever happens bruh you my homie…for life.” The cop car sped up, we all looked each othe rand jumped out the moving vehicle hitting t he ground running past the hotel beaches splitting up in the sand getting separated..that memory caused tears to roll down my eyes as I thought about everything we’d been through in life, with my best friend, my brother.

I left that room phasing out trying to get my mind off everything going through rooms until I saw Jada, and my heart nearly stopped. “JAda.” I’d still had feelings for her, although they were dissipating over time. I’d been with her I’d loved her, and I couldn’t say that about a lot of the women I’d been with. I remembered my times with her. The day I met her when I Was on a date with Amber, I’d caused her to lose her best friend to go out with her. All the times we smoked, our trip to California, first trying a vaporizer, fighting off her ex boyfriend ,her trying to run me over with her cartel cousins when she thought I was cheating, the hallowen party we went too together when we were too insane, her staying with me during my DXM binge when everyone around me was dying, making out at the carnival for the first time, her rolling me a blunt when my hands were fucked up from fighting at the haunted mansion the night before, I walked over to her beaten body and felt wet tears on my face.”…” I Saw another message on her face Zeus..

I was shaking with anger, I was glad I wasn’t visible, I wanted to scream but still kept my emotions in check. I used the legion ring to stop time undoing the effects of my ghost powers so I could caress her face, and put my fingers through her hair “They branded you too..whoever fucking did this..Coul it be.” I had my suspiscions about who it could have been. Who knew about me being Zeus, could it have been enemies I made through crime?

Or was it one of my own others empowered? Michael, Rory, Carmen, Ashley. Ashley would have never done this to Jay or Ralph, I knew that without a doubt she’d no likely be searing with anger, once she found out. “She’s going to flip the fuck out.” I was scared of her reaction, with that level of anger, I didn’t know what she was capable of, who’d she blame, who’d she target who’ she come after. “Why God…Why.” I wanted answers from my heavenly father, all I was trying to do was do good in the world, save the world, and yet tragedy after tragedy.

Back when I was with Lisa everything was going right, everything was amazing, life was good, I Was on good terms with everyone, but then it seemed my life was on a downward spiral since then. I thought these powers would put me into high definition, make everything get better yet nothing had changed. Using the ring I resumed time, after reactiving ghost powers to maintain my animosity. I left into the other room and this was the worst.

“Bella.” Just the day before we’d ha a great morning, anda great Thursday, she’d helped me with the rise of my criminal empire, my finanes, this was it. The others I could understand but who. It wasn’t Ashley, that only left Michael, Rory, or Carmen. And the only one among them who was against me was Rory Lamb himself. But could he have done this, I mean Michael had asked me to restore my emotions I thought we were still on good terms, but perhaps I was wrong perhaps. Carmen I thought myself on good terms with her but I’d be a fool not to at least look into it, there was no way Michael was responsible. I refused to believe it, yet logic said he could have been an instrumental role, he certainly had the physical power. If Rory was behind this he had to have an ally and it might have been Michael or Carmen.

I walked over to bElla lookin at her brutalized face, she barely looked human anymore. “This is my fucking fault.” I looked at her anger was rising, but then it was over. I zoned out as I saw wha wa branded into her chest.” Rory’s Bitch.” I froze..everything happened in one night. All my friends happened in one night, Greeks, Zeus. .”This piece of shit…” Iwas shaking If I’d had any stimulants in my body I’d be on the verge of having a heart attack.

“Rory…..” I said the name silent face was composed, I used some electricity to burn the tears away a I stared at Bella’s chest. She had received the worst beating of all, Rory was responsible for this. For everything he’d pushed me too far, I’d kept trying to be good to him. I’d taken him into X Men to let Emma Frost help him master his powers, I’d saved him from being eaten alive in Savage Land, I’d had Tsunade awaken him from his coma, I’d saved him from being murdered by Ashley, I’d done so much good things for him, I’d been his friend, and even then I’d refused to kill him. Chance after Chance after Chance I’d warned him of the consequences but he wouldn’t listen. He’d hurt my friends, the law suit against me, went to the principle to get me expelled my senior year, everything was falling into place. I didn’t sense him anywhere near Miami, that’s why he left so Icouldn’t think it was him.

“You fucking idiot.” HE had the audacity, the pride to carve messages into the people closest to me Tyrone, Jada, and now Bella. They were all in these conditions, brutalized because of me, I looked outsie the window to see news crews wanting to the scoop most likely on Jada’s injury since that’s the one I Saw in the news.

Pure hot white rage unlike any I’d ever felt for any other human being on this planet surged through every pore in my body. I had one single though flowing through my head. Two words echoing over and over in my skull. Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory Revenge Rory.

I was a machine and I had one mission Revenge on Rory Lamb. We were friends no longer, never again would I call that piece of shit my friend. “It’s over, it’s done, I’m sorry Mike” I stepped outside of Bella’s room seeing Ebony outside with her son sobbing, it seemed one giant toppled another had to be crushed as well. I knew my conversation with Michael but it meant nothing now Rory had crossed me for the last time, before it was just irritating breaks. What he’d done to my friends torn apart in the hospital well that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought back to this morning everything that happened this week, finally having Rory out of my hair, I Was so happy the final thing in my life that provided me stress had dipped, I hadn’t even used the link to see where as long as he was out of Miami I didn’t give a damn where he was. Next to me Castiel appeared of course he was invisible to everyone else, camera’ and all that.

“What do you need.”

“The people inside my friends hurt, heal them, fix Bella’s face, fix their injuries, now don’t make them perfect but make it a miraculous recovery, an act of God.”

“As you command. “Castiel phased through the door of Bella’s room to heal her first, before going to Jada, then going to the rest. I didn’t care about exposure, people would think it was God what else could they attribute it too? Invisible Alcoholic Terroristic Angels who where in love with Mcdonalds and Pizza Delivery Man porn, not likely. I didn’t give a shit anymore, recovery was done, now it was time for retribution.

“Did you see that bitch ?Ashley fucking went crazy, I Heard they called the fucking cops. She’s fucking pissed.”

“I feel bad for whoever did that her brother, there gonna get fucked up.”

“Are you fucking stupid, it was a damn car crash, what’s she gonna fuck up the damn trees.”

“SHiiid you ain’t seen Ashley man she’s crazy.”

Great so Ashley already figured out who it was, or did she? Once Castiel was done I’d sent him back to his regular mission I assigned him, before going into the stair way to bring in Emma Frost to me.” Look Frost my friends I need you to heal the mental trauma my friends are going through, go to their heads if you need too, I mean I already know what happened, I Don’t need to see any images that are juts going to make me not think clearly while I put an end to Rory. If anyone comes here, stop them, report it to me immediatenly I want to know.”

“Alright will do.” I was glad to have people like that on my side, even if they were from fiction, Ashley knew and she was dangerous. I was more worried about her then I was myself, maybe Rory knew about the defense mechanism I gave Rory. It was more likely he just went after my friends in the car, and had no idea how close they were to Ashley as well.

I left the hospital myself getting into my car and leaving into fiction. I knew where I wanted to go, I walked inside a room seeing Seth. His security guard was there but I used the ring to stop time, walking over to Seth and we both vanished reappearing in another room in a facility. “Look Seth your under my control and there’s a power I need you to give me, a power I need to understand everything going on, Sylar’s ability Intuitive Adaption.” If I was going up against a telepath as ruthless as Rory, I’d need his power to understand everything, we were in the hallways of the company facility in Season 3. The perfect time to snag the gift I wanted. “Perfect…”I said as I saw someone inside of the cell the person I was after.” Let’s go>” we phased through my cell and I looked at the man attached to a table all sedated, this man had exactly what I needed.” Take everything and put it in me now.”

Seth reached forward to grab the man digging his hand into his brown hair before a blue light was shown and he focused as he drained the power into himself. Then put his hand on my shoulder and the blue light came and suddenly I felt power rushing through my body. Knowledge, understanding, it was different from the revelations I had on high dosages of Shrooms and LSD, it made me think, it made me realize, I was connecting the dots. “Go home Seth to your business.” I sent Seth back to Misfits, then used the ring to reverse time so it was like my visit never occurred but I still had what I’d come to pick up. Everyone was okay, it may hae been fiction, but these were still people, people I cared about from watching Heroes.

I was back in the real world in my car, leaving the hospital when my phone was ringing. Kara picked up and as soon as she was talking and I was out of the hospital parking lot I Was speeding. I pulled up and saw my door ripped from it’;s hinges.” Fucking Ashley.”

I stormed into the house to see Kara sitting there, and saw a trail of blood and Arthur’s head.” Holy fucking shit.” I made his head vanish before resummoning Arthur now under my control.” You’re my slave work for me blah blah same orders I Gave you before Ashley ripped your head off but you don’t remember that ok.”

Arthur just seemed to take my orders, as I walked over to Ashley touching her as memories flowed into my mind. She didn’t know about Bella, and Jada which made a lot of sense, she didn’t know Rory was responsible. She saw Greeks carved into Tyrone’s chest, and came after me. I used my own power to have knowledge, memories flow into her. Before shaking her next thing I knew she punched me back ad got up but was calmer.

“What the mean fucking that FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!” Welp so much for calm but at least she didn’t want to destroy me anymore. “Hold up.” I used my power to someone Ed from Fullmetal alchemist.” Yo go fix my door and my stairs and everything else wrecked by the super cat fight.” ... 1388465429

“The fuck you talkinga botu this shit THIS MOTHER FUCKER”

“I KNOW what the fuck he did, Ashley calm the fuck dow.


“Good! But don’t listen to ur anger, this motherfucker did this to both of us, he’s going to fucking pay, we’re not just gonna kill him, we’re gonna make him want to die, then we’re going to put him through pain on every level, pure eternal torture.”

“Fuck torture I’m going to make him cry make him never want to take another breath, he’ll fucking beg me.”

“I know I fucking know, “ I picked up my phone to call Fine.” Hey man remember that information about Rory Lamb you had, and the stuff I sent you from his phone with Micah, organize it, gather intel now, I want it in five minuts organized. Me and Ashley got it “Everyone he loves is going to fucking suffer.” I was a literal killing machine now ready to end the lives of all those who’d ever wronged me. “I sent someone to the hospital to heal everyone, now we just need to focus on Rory it’s time to deal him blow after blow. It wasn’t but a minute or so before our phones buzzed, and I saw my laptop buzzing.

Ashley clenched her phone and just began to laugh, I smiled as well, it was time to spill blood.”You ready to fuck these mother fuckers up?”

We both vanished reappearing at our new location. The house of Rory’s mother. “Get the family Ash, take them back to my crib small on my table in the smoke room.”In my hand blue fire appeared and I smiled as Ashley used her spatial power to feel the presence of the people inside, before teleporting back to my house to the smoke room with the victims miniaturized. I unleashed the fire to set the house a-blaze, making myself invisible and intangible phasing outside and carving into the driveway Zeus’s Bitch Hahahahaha.

I took out my phone to take a picture of my message in the drive-way, then of the house on fire. I took out my phone to call Fine as I teleported to the roof of my beach house still masked by my ghost powers. “”Hey the people in his phone contacts, I’m sending a girl to your location named Molly, find the people and hut them, car accidents, fires, hurt them all..and enjoy yourself. One thing don’t target them all today just start with like 4 friends, then tomorrow 5, and keep going until their all in the hospital” I focused on making Molly real and near Fine, before phasing downstairs to see Ashley with the family and a lighter to burn them.

“Come on now Ashley don’t start the fun without me.” I just laughed as I used my power to form an illusion of Rory’s mother beaten and bleeding, then took a picture of it. I made the illusion vanish while Ashley appeared to have pure malice in her eyes, she wa eager to do more then torture, more pain then I thought possible out of her. “We’re not torturing them just yet send the others back, keep his mother here.”

“They going fucking see us and remember us, when the fuck do we get to kill them>”

“I’m not like Rory, I want to drag out his suffering, day by day, make his life fall apart piece by mother fucking piece, we’re going to make him cry tears of fucking blood. I went into their heads right quick” Ashley turned to see the miniaturized asleep, and she grumbled begrundingly sending them back into random spots of Rory’s city, except his mom whom was still sleep but wasn’t yet free captivity. “We’re going to have fun with her now, but first.”

I said as I took out my phone sending him a message of Bella beat up with Rory’s bitch carved into his chest and sent a simple message. Game on. Then I typed another message Thank Me Later. Then I sent him three messages following first was the message of Zeus’s bitch carved into his mother’s drive-way, then the image of her house in flames, and then image of his mother beaten and bleeding laying on the ground with tears running down her eyes. I smiled then pressed send.


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As I was training with Buddha suddenly I got some text messages. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that it was Floyd and decided to ignore them. Instead I continued my training. I had been working fully on emotion manipulation every waking hour I had, because I didn't have anything else to do until the will is read. If I could manipulate his emotions then I could get him to lower his guard and get a chance at his mind. All I needed is one second to take control of his mind. I turned my phone off and left it on the night stand, choosing not to read the grave messages Floyd had sent.


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I had given Ashley a tobacco pipe I packed with two grams of weed it was good to be fast, so she could toke while I awaited Rory’s response to my message. Sadly there wasn’t one, of course it was possible he was still sleep or wasted or on drugs or just incapable of getting to his phone, hell it could be stolen. “The fuck this bitch ain’t respond yet, let’s just start fucking his mama up?” Ashley had teleported a mason jar without a top over to my place putting his mom inti, and now she was awake. I ddin’t hadn’t spoken to her I’d used some electricity in the jar to hurt her a few times but that was it, nothing like the illusion I’d texted to Rory at least not yet.

“So you wanna fucking kill her before he responds, everyone loves they mama’”

“Shit not everyone.” Ashley spoke, I knew about her relationship with her own mother, very violent, it was almost as bad as the one they had with her father.

“Ight look if we don’t then fuck we killing her for anyway?”

“What if he fucking fronting?!!!!?” Ashley was getting irritated, she was starting to think I was on Rory’s side, and I didn’t need that because I had no sympathy for this guy at all.

“You know what I don’t give a shit, he targated us, we going kill her ass and the rest of his family death by mother fucking association. Everybody whether he gives a shit our not, I Give a shit about who he fucked with, there dying, not to mention what we’re gona fuckign o thim, and once we’re done then you can do whatever you want with the mother fucker.”

“Shit ight now you talking right hl up fuck my phone ringing…ah hell no.” Ashley took out her phone to see who was calling.” Mama…”

“Great.” I shook my head, I hoped Ashley didn’t let the power eat up her brain to the point she’d use it on her mom and inadvertently end up killing her. I knew Ashley’s kill streak was really high by now but as long as she avoided the people I cared about or people that were completely innocent then I didn’t care, I mean getting rid of scum was better than putting them in jail anyway. Ashley picked up the phone and started talking, while I was debating about whether I wanted to smoke or not. I worked extremely effectively when I was high, and it would give me a lot more ideas on how to go about my revenge against Rory. I went over to my smoking tools and found my glass gravity bong, walking over to a jar to get a sativa strain and packing the bowl heavy ripping it a few times while Ashley was on the phone I could her yelling and thought any minute she’d teleport her mom in her and smash her under her foot or break her bones.

After I was done exhaling smoke I walked in and say Ashley throwing her phone so I shot a web to grab it causing a zip line effect as it snapped into my hands. She didn’t even seem to comment on my spider powers so I knew something as wrong as I tossed the phone in her lap. “Wha’d yo moms say?”

“She ain’t the on that fucking pissed me off! 12 Tryna nab me cause of that shit at the fucking hospital!!!! “

I groaned I saw her memories of what she’d done at the hospital attacking medical personnel, barging into the hospital, attacking security, now the police would be on her, and her car was parked outside my place the day after my deal with the FBI to get them to leave me alone. “Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck this!” I was irritated partially at Ashley but more so at Rory. I mean I couldn’t blame her for getting as mad as she did she didn’t have Damon’s power to help stabilize her emotions not to mention she thought it was me at first.

“You gotta go, and your car.”

“WHAT THE FUCK!? You scred of fuckign cops, you fucking hypocrite motherfucker.”

“NO LISTEN, I worked with the feds so I look clean and fucked over the Falcon Family, if they see I’m helping someone get duck from the cops, shit’s going go wack, fucking Antonio might get out, and who knows else.”

Ashley was just getting more mad by the second.” So you went and signed a fucking deal to clear yo ass, but when I had that a warrant I Was ducking, back when 12 was after yo ass in Atlanta you ain’t sign no fucking deal even ole boy snitched on you over them pills!”

“This is fucking different now! I have a fucking career, I’m about to get hella money, more money then we’ve ever seen, I can put everyone on you, Tyrone, Jay, take us all to the fucking top, I’m talking about big money Hollywood money the kind that comes from music lil kids can bump in the car with they mama’s and watch movie’s with, BET is going to give me a fucking talk show, no more of this stupid ass show I do on my laptop, we’re all going to be fucking rich!!! I’m not going to let the fucking cops get you, I’m going to help you.”

“How the fuck you going help me, with yo Hollywood money in the future, post my fucking bail in the future?!

“No shut the fuck up, just go duck off somewhere, link up with yo fam for a minute, and if you see 12 duck off, but they about to be fucking busy, the Falcons pissing me off, but I’m more worried about Rory, we can’t do shit to his mama so how about this I’m about to give you an opportunity to kill a lot of those motherfuckers, hell anyone around here you itching to kill you about to have a big ass opportunity, I’mma keep yo posted but first dip.”

Ashley begrudgingly agreed, loyalty was something that was hard to build, but so far I hadn’t betrayed her yet over the years. She left going to her car and leaving, no it wa time for me to do my own part. I wanted some time to myself to truly enjoy Sylar’s gift just being able to understand so much from fiction, the legion ring for example finally made sense, chameleon’s belt, just expanding my knowledge, not to mention the effects on my innate powers. I looked at the window as Ashley drove of and saw that Ed had fixed everything up. “Perfect here’s the Philosoher’s stone JK you don’t need that shit.”I snapped my fingers and my matter manipulating construction worker was gone.

The cops were going to be looking for Ashley, I wanted to give her one of my own cars but that would be aiding and abetting. I didn’t want any more charges against me especially with Todd and his brother’s murder against me, of course there was no proof but I was a black man in America with dreads, tattoo’s, and did drugs I was the perfect target, if you fit all those criteria police didn’t need any proof to arrest you.

“It’ll be good to hav ea little fucking fun for once.” I grinned knowing my idea of fun would probably upset most people. I became invisible and vanished reappearing near the local police station. I held out my hand extending my invisibility to the next person I summoned Solf J Kimblee.” Kimblee! My patna! Ight bet we finna turn TFFFF up, come on fuck the police ok and you got yo stone. I need you to blow some shit up for me.”

“Blow shit up? You called the right guy man what do you need.”

“See the police cars parked outside the station, AND I want you to set something up inside the station as well, let them both go off at the same time, the more bodies that get caught in the blast the better. The familiar alchemic energy flowed into the parking lot, and also into the building and I smiled. “Fuck the police.”

Moments later it went off two explosions several police cars in the parking lot exploded, the police station half of it blown up, yelling. Then my next step to ensure things we’going to happen as I vanished going to 30 minutes back arriving at the prison. With me I had Kimblee, but someone else from X Men Empath. “OK plan is simple Emmet get all the prisoners and cops super fucking pissed, Kimblee set off explosions make openings for escape, it’s time for the biggest prison break Miami, well America’s eve seen haha, final thing armored trucks knocked over filled with weapons perfect.” I went to summon the last step as Empath began altering the emotions of the people in the facility and Kimblee was discharging alchemic energy. About ten minutes later the explosions went off, with all these inmates running wild, the police station exploded, authorities would be crippled, overflow with criminals, and Ashley could kill more of the Falcon family, they didn’t deserve to be locked up they deserved to be tortured, burned, torn apart, killed and whatever else Ashley’s psychotic high mind had in store for them.
"OK...we're here." Robert was in Mexico, Department of Homeland Security. This Rory Lamb guy was running out of luck, he was linking up with his old buddy in the feds Eddie. A joint operation between the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. They were moving in disguise they'd been monitoring him well the feds at this hotel, and now it was time to make their move. Eddie was just shaking hi head." This mother fucker..I'm ready for him."

"Don't let your emotions about what he did to your friends get in the way, don't kill this mother fucker we need him breathing, if we want to find out his connection to Banker, HAyes, and whoever else is connected to this shit going on."

"I know I know." Eddie spoke with sincerity but his lust for vengeance was high, While Matt wasn't a close friend, two of the other people in the surveillance van where. Eddie gripped his AK-47, and followed Robet as well as Department of Homeland SEcurity as they rushed into the hotel and headed to Rory's room it wasn't long before Robert and Eddie kicked in the door tossing in flash grenades, and opening fire on Rory with tasers.

"GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND YOU PIECE OF SHIT GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND RORY LAMB DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY YOU'RE UNDER FUCKING ARREST YOU TERRRORIST FUCK WAD" The Flash grenade alone would be enough to temporarily blind and deafen Rory not to mention excessive noise and light was a natural weakness to telepathic users, but the taser was an extra step Eddie did. He rushed over to Rory kicking him to the ground then kicking him again before Robert pushed him aside to take out a pair of cuffs." ANYTHING YOU FUCKING SAY WILL BE USED AGIANST YOU SHIT STAIN! COME ON COME ON GETT HE VAN READY we're transporting this piece of shit!


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Her Thoughts...

Carmen jogged lightly across the boardwalk of South Beach. She was wearing her sports bra and compression shorts that cut off at the mid thigh. As she moved along the wooden flooring, her ponytail bounced from side to side. She wished she had music, but decided it would be better to get lost in her own thoughts. She thought about hanging out with Floyd or Ashley, maybe even both, but she really needed to find this Jennifer girl. She took Nicole’s place for the university’s newspaper conveniently after the latter was suspended from writing. Jennifer had even wrote a story on Nicole Wilson’s reassignment and death. It seemed like she was either showing off or saw Nicole as a role model. Either way, it was weird. Carmen needed to know where Michael was, and why Michael didn’t say anything to her about his departure. The only good thing about all this is that she knows he’s most likely alive and safe.

She thought on how to track this woman down, but stopped in her tracks as she felt a wave of emotion hit her like a freight train. As Carmen stared blankly, a tear managed to roll down her face before grinding her teeth.

“What the…” Carmen shook herself out of the strange trance that she was in. She could feel Floyd and Ashley’s anger, and it wasn’t like it was big punch to the face. It felt like waves of continuous anger and despair were hitting her. She wiped the tear off her face before just deciding to walk. Images flashed momentarily, but remained mostly transparent. She thought she’d never experienced the link if she left it alone, but it seemed there was no escaping it. A flash of the brands left on Floyd’s friends showed up. This one was clear as day. She stopped her tracks once again, but she frowned at the sight. It was as if she was seeing it from his perspective. As he went from room to room. The last brand was probably the oddest. She recognized Rory’s name, but hadn’t met him. Not officially at least. Michael had told her plenty about him when speaking about the others with powers. Michael had said the guy was mostly harmless, but recently has a lot of issues with Floyd… well everyone had issues with Floyd. She knew he was pretty hell-bent on taking Floyd down a notch, while Michael had done the opposite and left Floyd to his own self destruction. At least that’s how Michael put it. He could be plotting against Floyd right now… You have to be close in order to stab…

With a sigh, she made the vision fade. She made it look entirely too easy, but she wasn’t in the mood for any child’s play. In her opinion, there was no point in targeting others without hitting the big guy. And if you can’t beat the big guy, get strong or move on, because you’re making yourself out to be exactly what you oppose… a big guy picking on those that are weaker than him. She kept moving before she heard a loud explosion. She was about to just head her own way back to her apartment, but an idea dawned on her… This… whatever it was… This would make a great story. Time to find that pretty newspaper girl.


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I was meditating with Buddha, he said that learning to meditate and calm my mind would help me out in the long run. Everything was going fine until someone kicked open my door. I already knew it was Homeland Security, I could sense them as they were coming up the building. When they broke open the doors my eyes were closed so the flash didn't effect me as bad but I could still see light through my eye lids. The ringing in my ears was terrible but I wasn't going to put up a fight. None of this was necessary and I was quite upset that they felt the need to use this amount of force. The ringing in my ears messed with my head but I sensed something coming my way, or about to. With the slightest movement the two tasers fired at me missed. Before I could get on the ground I was kicked off of the bed and then kicked again. Why were they doing this. What had I done to them. What had I done to ANYONE. This was all based on the fact that I was associated with all of these explosions which were ALL Floyd's fault. Floyd fucked with me for the last time, and now homeland security had me. Or did I have homeland security? I felt another person kick me then hand cuff me. This was all unneeded force they were using and hell would be raised for it. Floyd, the Homeland security, the feds, everyone who fucked with me would be done. I was a peaceful guy and often I would remark about how violence is never the answer. But all of this was because of Floyd. And now I had access to any information I could want. Names of family members, names of friends, names of anyone I could possibly want. I would destroy Floyd's world from inside of these walls they were going to put me in. I would make him come to me. And then I would destroy him. His family. Anyone that got in my way.


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Rory had been moved to an interrogation cell, since he was terrorist material, he was top priority for Department of Homeland Security. DHS was handling his transportation and imprisonment rather then the FBI. Robert walked in with two agents one who had a bucket full of water, Rory was hand cuffed to the table. And the temperature in the room was very cold the agent then dumped the cold water onto Rory in the already cold room before smacking him. “Fucking piece of terrorist shit! “

“You people are the worst. “Robert started off cutting off his agent, he was very passionate about the mission to stop terrorism.” You’ve been connected to quite a lot of shit. You’re penthouse you shared with Floyd Banker that was targated by radical Islamic terrorist Travyon Rice, your hotel room that burned, and numerous other incidents, not to mention that mysterious money you came into possession of quite a large sum Secret Service sent someone to your house but they didn’t report back with adequate information, not to mention feds been trailing you turns out you visited Carlos Slim the day we found him dead quite the co-incidence not to mention this.” Robert reached into his jacket pocket to take out photo’s taken of Rory walking over to the FBI agents in the van and everything he did which Eddie had got pictures of.

“We took the crane operator in for questioning, the one who convinently crashed into the van tailing you. Lucky for you we keep more then one tail at a time for prime suspects. So you better explain what the fuck is going on these pictures or get use to living here until the day you die. Because buddy terrorists don’t get no kinda fucking trial aand even if they DO who’s to say you didn’t die in Mexico. The crane operator claims he dosen’t no shit, but aiding and abetting a terrorist on a near fatal assault on federal agents that’s life.” Robert grinned before spitting in Rory’s face and slapping him. “So I want mother fucking answers you piece of shit!I’d threaten your family but I see you have no boundaries considering you burned her house down, and we went through your phone, the messages your anonymous friend sent you your house burned down, Zeus’s bitch drawn into your drive way, and your mother beaten and bleeding, you’re a rare breed of sick fucks, got a search team looking for the rest of your family, but if you’re in bed with the Greeks, I know you’ve got everything arranged nicely, so think about that for a while Mr. Lamb, we’ll speak with you in an hour.” Roebrt then left with the other two agents, while about fourty minuts later a woman slipped in, Diana and took a seat.

“Hello Rory, we need to talk.”


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How rude of them. Not even allowing me the chance to speak. Not realizing that they've already solved the case they just needed to open their eyes everything that they said connected to Floyd as well as me. But where was Floyd? He probably summoned god out of some fiction to handle that for him. I was being spit on, slapped, drenched in cold water in a cold room, could life get any worse? As I sat there being yelled at and humiliated I couldn't help but just take it. I was exhausted, it seemed that no matter how hard I try I could never get what I wanted. There always stood one thing in my way. Floyd... A constant fuck up. Then the people who had kidnapped me started talking about photo's of my mother, her house, Zeus's Bitch written in the gravel at my house. It was all so... Unreal. How pleasant. Now with nothing left in this world what could hold me back. But then again, with nothing left in this world, what was there to fight for... What was there to survive for. I thought back to beating after beating after beating I took from Floyd. Time after time I went after him but to no avail because he was constantly protected by people from fiction.

I sit in my seat as I think back to all of the fun times I had my senior year in college. Being murdered for 3 days, being left in a coma for 10, losing my hair, losing a close friend after only knowing her for a short time, getting kidnapped twice, losing all of my family, and losing all of my money and property. Everything was because of these damned powers. I thought life would be fun having powers that nobody would have ever even imagined were real. But I was wrong, in fact I was on the other end of the spectrum. Nothing good was coming out of these powers. We had been given the ability to change the world for the better, and what have we done? Floyd has done nothing but crimes doing no good for anyone. I've spent my entire time trying to get revenge on Floyd. Nikki had passed away, and I was unsure of what happened to Mike. And now after everything that happened some time later before they came back for more questioning a lady came in. I sat in my chair in silence for a moment before responding. "You come here to beat me to?" I asked looking up at the lady.

Diana sighed as she looked at Rory such a depressed man. "If I wanted to lay hands on you I'd have done so by now, besides it looks like you've had your fair share of beatings, why is that Mr.Lamb, can I call you Rory?" She spoke plainly with a pleasant smile as if talking to an old friend.

"Call me whatever. It doesn't really matter right now." I said, she seemed nicer than the others but it was obviously just a good cop bad cop kind of deal. "I have been kidnapped and beaten because I was friends with the wrong person."

"Alright then Rory it is." She was glad because she would have called him by his first name regardless of what he said. "Wrong answer. You're in here because you didn't kill Floyd Banker, I thought I told you to kill him."

"That's what this is about? I guess you'll have to kill me and then go take care of Floyd yourself. I can't get anywhere near him and it's bull shit I have to kill him in the first place. I have fucking nothing!" I shouted at her trying to get out of my seat. "I have fucking nothing, no family no friends no money I am barely surviving and you want me to kill this man when you have so many more resources than me..." I said calming down and relaxing as much as I could in my seat

Diana looked at Rory with a frown on her face. "Do you think I'm part of the FBI or Department of Homeland Security? You have your mind and the things you can do it with it, you, him, Michael, and the rest of you. Rory it's only going to get worst from here you wanna see your mother." Diana reached into her pocket to take out a piece of paper printed from the phone showing his mother beaten and bloody. "And buddy all this is being pinned on you, because those people out there they don't know what you guys can do, and I'd advise you to keep it that way if you don't want to end up in an underground lab for the rest of your lives. Kill Floyd!."

"Who are you even and why are you doing this to me! How do you even know if anything you assume is true! You come into my life tell me to kill Floyd, which since my life is on the line I don't have a fucking choice, and now this? What do you want from me!"

"My name is Diana and I'm trying to save your life if you will let me. Nothing I'm saying is an assumption if you want to play that game then fine I'll leave you here to rot because the United States has no tolerance or mercy for terrorists, I want you to get rid of the biggest threat to humanity listen I'm my own boss. I'm willing to help you if you help me deal with Banker, eliminate those expensive hospital bills, help you get a semi fresh start in society, now then you'll be transported to Miami where your interrogation will continue, don't say shit about Floyd or anything to do with your capabilities. I'll do what I can from my side to get you released at least temporarily, from'll be recruited to Project Aegis, and then you can receive all the answers you want."

After thinking about it for a few seconds I had decided that it was better than dying. "Fine get me out of here and I'll do what I can, but I can't promise you anything."

Diana looked at him with a smile. "Perfect if they ask any questions about what I said, just come up with a smart ass remark. Nice talking to you Mr. Lamb." She got up and left the room closing the door behind her leaving him in his own thoughts as it was almost an hour meaning homeland security would continue their interrogation soon. I simply sat in my seat and waited for homeland security to come.

Robert walked back in the room ready for round 2 and tossed the photo of Rory hovering over the feds. "Ok then, Lamb, explain that shit now, then i wanna know everything about you and your terrorist buddies the Greeks."

"What the fuck are you talking about! You have a picture of me grabbing one of those unfortunate bastards phones and calling the emergency number for them, because obviously they couldn't. So you're welcome for stopping at a freak accident and calling the authorities." I said in remarks to that photo. What a stupid lead, how could they even do this to me based on that. "And about my so called 'Buddies' the Greeks, I don't even know who they are. Well I do I heard that message they played over the tv but that's all I know about them. So now tell me why you brought me out here to falsely accuse me on such bull shit terms!"

"I see you're still not ready to the tell truth, get use to being locked up, you're getting transported to the states tonight." Robert grinned and then left.


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The threesome had been fun, not to mention all the drugs in me so I still felt invincible. After getting head from both of them I kicked them both out of my place, as well as Chris & Dj and them, even though we’d had a good smoke sessssion.

“Cmooon maaan I gotta go nooow???, we got moore weeed.”

“BRuh I have enough fucking weed to last me 20 life times, I’mma catch you later I’m leaning hard as fuck and shit.”

“Ight B easy man.” Chris let DJ out I guess it easier for him to dip since I’d helped him come up in a million, plus I agreed to be featured on two or three of his songs on his new mixtape. America’s most Savage, the thought had caused nostalgia as I went over to my laptop to look up my own song Mr. Savage I’d released in early September long before I thought to use Parkman to help me spread my mixtape, these powers had literally been key to my fame. Of course the quality of my music as well, but NZT combined with cannabis, the quality of my music was incredible, I was already planning on some studio time the next time I dropped acid or munched some mushies with Timmy, and maybe a couple others, for a short 4 song mixtape, probably with some trippy name I just had to think of it. I walked over to the room where Arthur was to look at the paintings I’d asked him to make.

“Mexico…” I smiled looking at the paintings things we’re going to be getting very good very soon. “Rory’s been a bad boy.” I laughed as I looked at the paintings diving into the link seeing images of the past, before pulling myself out and plopping down into a chair. “Holy shit” Diving into the link when you were already high as shit was fun, it was a similar rush to leaping into the deep end of the pool or dropping in from a slide then rushing back up to the surface. I chuckled as I reached for my laptop going to google apparently Florida was going to legalize recreational and medicinal maraijuana, I wonder who played hand in that. I smiled before scrolling to another article Floyd Banker: Man of Tomorrow, talking about my news interview, and all the good things I was going to be doing. I looked down at my rollex the first two where open today in Miami, and Atlanta. I had to make even more money now than ever to keep churning money away at the stations, publicity was everything. I wouldn’t stop until I was the next O.J Simpson..super saiyan one, then I’d transfer to the next level and reach Michael Jackson’s level of love and adoration from people minus the horrible law suits both of them had, ok..maybe they weren’t the best examples to follow.

I then got in contact with Fine.” Hello Fine, how’s your work with Molly been working out?”

“Very well, put everyone from Rory’s contacts aside from his family, and his auntie as you requested in the hospital, car accident, shot, fires, near fatal stabbing, beaten, I Did my best to be creative and try not to be fatal.”

I frowned as he said that but juts started laughing, I was too high not to laugh.” Damn I should have asked you to record it, then I could send the videos to Rory.”

“If you want I ca

“Naw it’s good man,” I focused on Molly returning her to Heroes her work was done, and I doubt I’d need her again.

“Alright then why’d you call?”

“You’ve infiltrated the FBI the constant stream of info your feeding me about our cases, and the Greeks and everything related to them is good, but I’m going to need other perspectives as well. DEA, and Department of Homeland Security, infiltrate them, find other targets that I can use influential and/or talented field agents, need that done by tomorrow, Monday morning at latest it’s imperative we make that move now, Rory’s gotten himself in some trouble, and I’m afraid it might blow back on me, the others, and everything I’m trying to do for the world.”

“Alright Floyd you got it, you took the girl right?”

“Of course, don’t know about any of the rest of us being fast, and besides they wouldn’t be faster then you could see, I’ll catch you later, get back to the feds.”
Fine hung up the phone to contact Frank again, as he made his way back into his vehicle, he was with the FBI investigating the Rory Lamb situation here. His mother’s house burned, there was yellow tape around the scene, and a local authorities were searching for Rory’s family, but since there was no proof they were kidnapped no actual road blocks had been set up by the police. “Hello?”

“What’s good any news on the Lamb family? We’ve got photo’s of his mother beaten and bruised of Rory’s phone, Homeland Security thinks he’s been radicalized, Feds nailed someone down in Mexico crane operator who he payed, struck a deal he’ll be doing a year in the U.S in exchange for the life saving information on the Greeks.”

“Great but you don’t sound too happy yourself why’s that?””

“Because where’s this shit leading us too? I don’t think we should have fucking got Lamb when we did, he could have lead us to some big shit maybe something connecting the Greeks to the Cartels either show how bad the conflict is or reveal a fucking temporary alliance? Instead he’s fucking insane he’s had his mother beaten, and presumably kidnapped with the rest of his folks, house burned down, it’s clear he’s in bed with the Greeks.”

“Damn, and from what we know about them, we can’t find shit about them disappearing. No traces, no leads nothing, these guys have come outta nowhere, and there almost better then anybody except the Cartels.”

“Yeah out of nowhere, look remember that lead I told you about that girl with the virus Ashley Mok? I know this sounds crazy but I got a tip from a rookie agent about something..else..that could be going down, I’m heading to her last known address right now to look into it. “

“Look into it?! Are you crazy, with everything going on Miami, you’re looking into that?”

“You think I don’t fucking know what’s happening?! I’m driving my car not the one feds gave me! Police Stations blown up, parking lots too, prisoners broke free, got their hands on military grade weaponry, it’s chaos in the streets, it’s like a buffet for injustice, people are robbing stores left and right, not even the inmates, people are trying to evacuate the city saying it’s a fucking terrorist attack, not to mention a lot of cops that didn’t get caught in the blast have disappeared , nobody can reach them, I’ve passed 5 empty fucking squad cars?!”

“And you think Mok has to do with that still? She’s not no innocent but I think her days of crime are over after the Cartel sent a hitman after her, that was almost successful!”

“Look we don’t have any other fucking choice the entire city has lost it’s mind, I’m following the lead I have!!!” Frank hung up and Fine sighed, going to message Floyd. While Frank drove through a red light ducking his head low as a spray of bullets tore through his glass, and he ended up running an inmate over as he kept moving getting faster. As he took his phone going through his contacts to dial a number. “Hello Amy?”

“Frnk you’.re..what.”

“Fuck what’s wrong what happened?!”

“I was at the station..remember..stopping by Bruce..I..cauht in the blast, but I was just outside the radius of the bomb got Bruce, and some others to the hospital ambulance’s are busy, it’s like a war-zone out here.”

“That thing you were telling me about, remember that girl, you saw a truck disappear into thin air right? Do you think it’ really possible that.”

“Frank look If you’re trying to fuck with me, I just put my friend in the fucking emergency room! I told what I believe, you want my fucking answer, maybe this bitch makes shit disappear, there laugh at me, get me fired get me sent to more psychiatric evaluations I’ve have lives to save.” Amy hung up the phone she didn’t need Frank taunting her about her belief that super powers had anything to do what was going on. She was limping out the hospital, she’d be fine though. She had some left-over vicodin from her surgery last year, and two of those pills had kept her stable enough for now. “Fucking Bruce” She groaned none of this made any sense, the hospital was busy, sirens were blaring, people were being rushed in, it made her think the Apocalypse was really happening.

She moved through the masses of people and paramedics rushing inside the hospital, as she got into her car checking to make sure she had her gun. She put her keys in the ignition and began backing out, hospital security was armed, and hopefully the National Guard’ would come in full force to help the city. The largest prison break in the history of the United States, every prisoner had been liberated, right now Miami had become a criminal paradise. Hell those that were trying to escape at this point where and probably had been successful so far, at least until there was a national response. She knew this had to be connected to everything going on, Bruce was right these people needed to die. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Perry. I need all the info on these people organized and on a USB drive now, stay alive, stay armed kiddo! I’ll be there try and get in contact with Troy.

She then went through her contact and found a number, someone she never thought she’d speak to again.” Amy? What a pleasant surprise, and here I thought you moving into the FBI meant we’d never talk again, but I guess it’s true the higher you go the more dirt you get.”

“Listen and listen good, I’m going to bring you $5 grand in cash, I need you to get me some things, I’ll be there in an hour or less.”

“Of course, tell me Amy what do you need?”
Frank was racing through traffic when he saw he’d reached a road black and turned round to avoid it only for his car to flip over turning and slamming into another vehicle. Frank’s entire life flashed before him before impact as Fine had moved so fast and flipped over the vehicle and was back at the crime scene before anyone could even notice he’d moved.

“The entire house blew up?! Secure the area Secure the mother fucking area now!!! You Agent the fuck are you doing?!!!!”

“Huh sorry I got it..this is just so insane..I mean..the family’s gone..but blowing up his auntie’s house, this mn I pure evil.”

“My Fist is gonna pure evil up your fucking ass if you don’t get to work DAMN!!!” Fine nodded leaving smiling, he was glad to work with someone like Floyd, just as ruthless as him. He’d put all his friends in the hospital, made the family disappear, and saved the best for last, blowing his auntie to smithereens. He loved his job.
I just smiled as I saw the explosion through Fine’s eyes, laughing I was high, but that was just hilarious, two people walking in the neighborhood on the opposite of the street there hearts nearly stopped, Iwas just laughing as he took out some chips to munch down on the BBQ lays, this was all hilarious, I’d was so busy being the hero, I never thought about how fun it would be the villain. “Oh my fucking god haha whoo this is fucking hilarious..I knew Ashley was pissed..but she musta jugged the whole family only one I got is the mama.” I shrugged as I dug into my snacks that’s all I’d promised Michael anyway, besides maybe Rory’s family went into hiding, or maybe Ashley had em in her in famous bowl. The Lamb family was none of my damn concern, maybe if Rory was still my friend but he wasn’t and I had other business matters to attend too.

People were fleeing to my community stations for support in Miami, I was already becoming a beacon of hope in the community. Not to mention my conscience was clean as I saw the video of the criminals that I’d investigated that turned out to deserve more then being locked up where micro-waved, and she’dleft a message 12 next, I was ready to see this show. I’d show up in person but Ashley sounded really fucked up, and when you were on xans you ain’t give a fuck who friend or foe you just get rid of em, and yeah I’m not trying to be micro-waved shit probably hurts.

I vanished appearing in Purgatory where I’d left sal who was screaming, he’d been having nightmares, confused he’d realized by now he was being hunted by monsters. I smiled as I appeared to him.” Hey Sal.”

“YOU FUCKING LET ME OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING” Sal rushed at me but I phased right through him before blasting him with electricity. Sal turned around with a makeshift axe only to stab Rory’s auntie in the chest. I made it so only you she could see me.

“Welcome to new home, umm honestly I coulda dropped you in thePhantom Zone with your sister but what fun is that, you’re dying now..but don’t worry you can’t die here, you keep coming back to life to be hunted, eaten, violated, ect by all the creatures here vampires, werewolves, wendigo’s, leviathans, flesh eating clowns, zombies, ghouls, you catch the drift if you seen Supernatutral up to season 8 you should know you’re way, ou’re lucy I didn’t give Sal this nmuch warning, and just because I’m in good mood” I turned to Sal and punched a hole in his chest as I made myself visible, and suddenly a pack of were-wolves where coming so I used my power to give them a command.

“EAT THEM ALIVE slowly…you’reluckyI don’thave Ashley’s power or else I’d dip you both in BBQ Sacue first, oh yeah auntie..umm..your boyfriend sort of died in the explosion..didn’t see a reason to grab him anyway CYA LATER” I laughed and vanished getting back to my apartment the fear o ntheir face I was just laughing for three minuts straightr.” OH my god when Sal saw me again HAHAHA and the auntie got stabbed by him “ I fell on the grounlaughing, being high as hell probably didn’t help, but the torture these people I had trapped in fiction where going through was hilarious, then I looked into fiction to see Elle being torn apart by Doomsday, while Doomsday was about to kill Roman I warped her into A series of fortunte events into the car that sunk into the water with the flesh eating eels laughing as she was eaten alive, barely able to contain my lughter.” HOLY FUCK JACK..what are you up LMFAO GODZILLA stepped on him hahahahahahaha,”

I got done laughing I decided it was time for some combat training, and I knew the perfect place to do that as I vanished reappearing in Heroes in Season 3 during fugitives inserting myself so that I Was born a special, and had a mysterious ability, but I’d managed to evade the Company I was a known upcoming producer in New York City, since that was the epicenter of so much shit going down during fugitives. I was just sitting down on my laptop reason was open and the beat that “I” had been working on was actually pretty nice.” This shti flows, I could make it a bonus song for Flight or something.” Just as I was getting into it my spider sense went off doors burst open Agents flew in guns raised, tasers going to hit me, and I yelled out as the lead agent of the operation was speaking into a walkie talkie as my body hit the ground.” Banker’s down, we’re gonna load em up bring him to the next flight, tell Danko right after I’ll get back to tracking down Parkman and Petrelli.”

I just lay on the ground face-first smilling before all their walkie talkies, and technology shut off and I slowly hovered raising to the ground as the agents took out their guns to use their tasers, I unleashed arcs of electricity on all the agents on the room except the lead agent who took out his gun after I unleashed enough voltages to burn the skin off the other agents. “Wow that was fun? I enjoyed that outing, I think I’m going to enjoy target practice. You people..hunt people we’re different hmmh”

“Stay BACK YOU FUCKING FREAK” The man opened fire, three bullets into my chest and suddenly his gun fell to the ground, then before he knew it I was in-front of him grabbing him and tossing him into a wall. “You fucked up my apartment, well buddy, you fucked up the wrong apartment, because..bad things happen to people who mess up my parents, bad thing number 1” I smiled as I raised my hand.
X was making his exit from the hospital, a simple visit, poison. The hospital would find out, but at that point what could they do? He was an expert there was no traces, he had an inside man in the hospital help him get in and out quickly, with surveillance blocked for the time being.

It was by luck that as he was getting into his vehicle with his business partner he saw another target and just smiled.” Drive around the block, we’re going up to the roof, I’m glad I have what I have in the trunk, business needs to be taken care f.”

The man did as instructed driving up behind the block and making his way into a parking lot near the hospital slowly edging his way into the upper levels before he felt a sense of unease.” Is this about the girl? I told you it was a mistake, if you’re taking me here eto kill me X pleas eI..”

X put his hand on his partner’s shoulder, “Now now’ve been doing business me with the past two weeks, and you really think I’m mad about some lady? I’m irate that you put a bullet in her before I could put something I wanted in her, but that’s alright I don’t hold grudges. Just Drive man.”

“Alright..” He seemed to be reassured a bit as they got to the floor above the top floor not under a roof, the businessman got out of the car and X handed him a picture. “That’s the man I’ll drive up to the entry, after you shoot, run, and then we’ll escape, car ready to go, sniper’s in the trunk.” X popped open the trunk and the guy got out and let X get in the driver’s seat getting the weapon making sure no one was around and shut the trunk, before X drove some more and the man got out. “Go on.”

As his partner got to the roof X smiled and just drove off, making his way to the lower levels while his partner called him.” Ok? You got him?”

“Yeah where you want the shot?”

“Anywhere fatal, it’ got a silencer on it, so you’ll be fine but you need to go regardless.” The Man peered into his weapon seeing Michael and put h is finger on the trigger, watching as he came outside with a female. He pulled the trigger the bullet flew forward and struck Michael in the upper chest.

“It’s done” The Shooter turned around to run only to be killed in an explosion as, X had planted a bomb on him, while X himself was outside the parking lot at a safe distance just smiling. “One Down, Two To Go.” He turned on his radio a CD still in, and Moonlight sonata began to play.
The men were killed in the microwave, and she warped the remains to elsewhere aka in the ocean, before going to the police officers, counting them out.” Daaaamn Miami finna ave hella less cops, trest yall mafuk shold be labu “ She was speaking worst because of the Xanax her words extremely slurred and she stumbled as she walked going to the fridge to get some yogurt she came back with that and h a gun shooting up the table using giant bullets to tear apart escaped mafia and cartel prisoners before laughing. “Shiddd..hadda hurt ight now for da mafucking cops, wait yall. “She turned to a small bubble of space had which had Rory’s fam and dropped them in a masjon jar which she reduced in size. “I’mma deal with yall later..Im on my Buddah shit so yall..going love f now..”

She warped the mason jar to the counter, and then warped the kidnapped police officers into the yogurt, while she warped some of the prisoners inside her blender then put in some fruits, she plugged it in then warped more of the prisoners the majority of them using space to cram them in her then ignoring screams pressed the button while taking a picture of the cops in the ice cream before eating the yogurt and starting the blender.” kill da…rest.” The Xans were already making her more and more less able to function so she decided to warp the majority of the rest into the yogurt and blender, while looking down at her phone to see what time she’d go to get tatted up. After that she made her bong appear hitting it a few times, while making the contents inside her blender vanish using her spatial sense she found another person in the apartment who had a slushie and put the contents of the grinded up human remains and fruits inside keeping watch of her with her spatial sense.” Oh dat shit..going be funny and the rest of yall I Got a few ways to kill yall fuks…but lemme send this to the 10g man “She sent the picture of the co ps to me, before going over to the others to finish the job.


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Robert walked back in with anther folder ready for round 2 with the terrorist before opening it one was a picture of Bella with the word's Rory's bitch carved into her chest then pulled up Floyd's ex Jada with the word Zeus brnaded into her, then pulled in Floyd's best friend Tyrone branded the word Greek. "I've seen this a thousand times before, friends involved in the same shit, one pulls away, one gets mad? Or are you telling me there's another Rory who had his name branded into his girlfriend's chest? From the stand point I see, and what Info I've got from the feds, he's been clean for more then a minute while you've been getting dirtier, You're a fucking terrorist who had the Greeks hit these people and you're own mother, TELL ME the FUCKING TRUTH NOW!" Robert took out his gun pointing it at Rory's head. "Don't lie."

I looked at the pictures and was absolutely shocked. Before I could say anything else a gun was pointed at my face. "Surely killing someone who already wants to die isn't any fun" I said putting my mouth over the end of the gun. I looked up at him for a moment then leaned back into my chair. "Look I don't know anything about this. You come in here you show me that someone has attacked my family and you expect it's me? I'm sorry but obviously I'm the the sick demented man who attacks his family WHILE HE WAS IN FUCKING MEXICO!" I shouted. "I have been in Mexico for the past few days visiting their great country, and now I'm sitting here answering useless questions that I myself would like answered." I sat there and tried thinking who this could be. As far as I knew me and Floyd were the only ones who knew about the burn in my chest. Floyd was bad but I didn't think he would do this to his friends. But then again I was his friend once, so I couldn't put it pass him that he would fuck up his friends. But even if something happened why would he mark "Rory's Bitch" in her chest. It didn't make any sense. I used my telepathy to try out one of my newly learned abilities, emotion manipulation. I used it to give him the smallest sense of trust in me. Enough to maybe calm things down but not enough to raise suspicions.

Robert saw the shock on Rory's face when the picture was presented either he was the perfect actor or he was really shocked, and with the few options he had the latter option made no sense. "Oh I don't want you dead I want fucking information." I've dealt with a lot of terrorists, radicals, once you've been radicalized your family means nothing, and I'm convinced these Greeks there fucking radicals. Location is a factor, you're people are all over the fucking country, it' funny how you mention being in Mexico because the Greeks just have recently been expanding their business to here as well. So tell me what was your fucking reason for vising Mexico, does it have to do with the fact that my people tailing you found you leaving Carlos Slim office when Mexican authority found him dead?! You're gonna fucking tell me what the fuck I wanna know or I swear to fucking god!!!!" Robert grabbed his pistol and went to hit Rory across the head with it going to hit him again before a sense of trust was instilled with him, but other agents rushed in to tackle Robert." Get the fuck out GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!"

Eddie looked at Robert as he was drgged out by two agents, leaving him in the room with one other FBI Agent and another from Department of Homeland Security. "Good news for you Rory, you're being taken back to Miami, the crane operator we pressed he made a deal confessed you were gonna pay him $15 grand because you knew you were under surveillence. You're gonna he held for 4 counts of assault on federal agents, get ready for transfer, and get cells cause you're gonna be in ones for a long ass time, and I Don't know what kinda sick game you're playing, but you're whole family is missing and none of their bodies were found in the fire." Eddie just looked at Rory like he was disgusted like e was looking at vomit on the floor or something. "You're a sick man, I almost feel like I should have let Robeet beat the shit out of you."

"I'm a sick man? You think that I'm a sick man. You take a man who has just lost EVERY FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD! And you beat him, and you put him in this cold ass room. And you pour cold water on him. Point a gun at him spit on him show him pictures of his mother beaten and his family's home burned and you call me the sick man? Well take a look in the fucking mirror! I'm a fucking clueless, helpless, poor bastard you picked up off the street and FUCKED. Now may I make a suggestion and heat up this room and dry me off before I die from hypothermia, or get frozen in ice. Whichever comes first." I said sitting there shivering in my seat.

Eddie looked at Rory as he ranted on and on and just shook his head. "The only thing you've lost is your humanity, You terrorist types you have no mercy or regard for human life including blood, so don't try me with that shit Lamb. If you're helpless and poor, then I work for the Cartels. And don't worry as much I want to kill you, I can't, you're getting transported to Miami first thing tomorrow morning." He walked out the room and yelled." HEAT UP Mr. Lamb's room 100 degrees, he's cold so I figure we'll warm him up." He smiled as the heat was turned on the room, soon it would be an inferno.He turned to face him. "We're going to find out everything about your business with the Greeks, confessing just makes it alot easier." Then he shut the door and left.


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The past two days had just been buckets of fun for the FBI. Everything in Miami was insane, a majority of the police officer’s had either died in the bombings or simply went missing from their vehicles. Rory was still in custody because he was yet to confess to his crimes with the Greeks, and now they had additional charges on him as Eddie came into the room. Frank was at the hospital after being brought into critical condition two days ago, he walked in with another agent who merely looked and shook his head.

“So this is the guy after his own family.”

“Stop, don’t even try that ploy..he’s a radical. Mr. Lamb, it seems some contingencies you had arranged in case of your arrest have come to past. As you know from yesterday you’re auntie’s house blew up, we’ve found DNA evidence of you being the one who planted the explosive in her house.” Eddie smiled he was always happy when he finally had proof against the criminals. “You’ve got a lot of charges man. Conspiring to kill Federal agents, using a crane operator to assault FBI agents, bombing your auntie’s house, the acquisition of 60 Grand Illegally, information has come out from a prior investigation that you ran a series of casino scams starting from Miami and ending in Vegas also during the time of the city’s lock down meaning you illegally escaped, and there was only one case of an escape, luckily we’ve brought in that specific air traffic control person know for interrogation to see if he was on your pay roll, it’s easy to see how he could since your scheme would have left you a millionare. There’s a lot more on your plot, so you want to fess up now or do you want me to leave me in you’re cell to reflect how fucked up you are. It’s only a matter of time before we find out what you did to the rest of your family.