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The World


a part of Power, by Chulance.


Chulance holds sovereignty over The World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The World



The World is a part of Power.

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Floyd Banker [19] Buddah, The Black Zeus, yup that's me. I'm a musician and thanks to my powers I'm finally big in the industry. These powers are insane controlling fiction I mean not that I don't mind playing spades with Superman or robbing the bank with Goku.
Michael Hayes [19] How could I ever rest in peace... Is this how Jesus felt?
Rory Lamb [18] Unstable mind. Silent but deadly. Kind.
Carmen Vasquez [15] She's not the villain of this story, but she's definitely bad
Ashley Mok [11] What the fuck do you wanna know!?
Emily Black formerly known as Nicole Wilson [4] They are going to wish I was really dead when I'm done...
Curtis [0] The enigmatic figure of mysterious knowledge.

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I was meditating with Buddha, he said that learning to meditate and calm my mind would help me out in the long run. Everything was going fine until someone kicked open my door. I already knew it was Homeland Security, I could sense them as they were coming up the building. When they broke open the doors my eyes were closed so the flash didn't effect me as bad but I could still see light through my eye lids. The ringing in my ears was terrible but I wasn't going to put up a fight. None of this was necessary and I was quite upset that they felt the need to use this amount of force. The ringing in my ears messed with my head but I sensed something coming my way, or about to. With the slightest movement the two tasers fired at me missed. Before I could get on the ground I was kicked off of the bed and then kicked again. Why were they doing this. What had I done to them. What had I done to ANYONE. This was all based on the fact that I was associated with all of these explosions which were ALL Floyd's fault. Floyd fucked with me for the last time, and now homeland security had me. Or did I have homeland security? I felt another person kick me then hand cuff me. This was all unneeded force they were using and hell would be raised for it. Floyd, the Homeland security, the feds, everyone who fucked with me would be done. I was a peaceful guy and often I would remark about how violence is never the answer. But all of this was because of Floyd. And now I had access to any information I could want. Names of family members, names of friends, names of anyone I could possibly want. I would destroy Floyd's world from inside of these walls they were going to put me in. I would make him come to me. And then I would destroy him. His family. Anyone that got in my way.


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I’d decided the best place to stash Rory’s mother was in fiction, just so that Ashley’s bloodlust did’t ever come, I thought o a bunch of places for her to be. But decided finally to stash her in the Phantom Zone in Smallville with Tessa so no matter how many times she died either from starvation or other aliens locked in the zone she’d still be alive when it was time. Plus I had the camera from Jak and Daxter on re to record and get pictures all that I could send to Rory, then again maybe I’d let him think his mother was dead I was going to destroy his entire life more so then I already have. Death was not the answer for a stubborn man like him, no matter what he refused to learn his place, the lesson I was trying to teach him to back down.

It was entertaining to view his mother completely confused about her surroundings, unless she watched Smallville and saw the episodes with the Phantom Zone she’d be dumbstruck about her situation. After moving quickly to stop at the other police station’s in Miami leaving a similar situation to the one that I initially visited before the prison it was complete and utter chaos In the streets of Miami. Police stations and their parking lots blown to smithereens, thousands of prisoners escaped with powerful weapons, pure anarchy people free to live as they choose, it was wrong for the corrupt to imprison the corrupt. Just as it was bad for hypocrites to call out hypocrites, I’d simply set things straight. I was walking the streets of Miami lighting up a 2 gram joint I’d brought along.

I loved being high in public and with all the chaos in the streets what police we’re gonna harass me over smoking. I’d had a filter in it as well I’d never liked them until Tyrone put me on them mainly because of Wiz Khalifa’s adoration for them. I lit it a few times before putting it in my mouth and inhaling the precious reefer smoke as I walked through the streets calmly. “Time to head back to the crib.” I said as I hopped into my sports car parked, continuing to smoke. Using my power I made YG Blunted start playing as I pulled out my parking spot.

“This shit is awesome.” Not only would this chaos be nice, there were plenty of criminals who’d want to buy guns, as well as people wanting to defend themselves with more than the hand gun they were registered. “I’m smoking on that ohhh weeee “ I laughed as I finished the joint, that’s what I didn’t like about joints they burned fast, but the good thing was they got you way higher then blunts because of how quick you could finish em. It wasn’t long before I was parking outside my house Ashley would evade capture easily, I got out my car rolling down my windows as I got out and made my way over to the front door only to see it cracked even though I left it locked. “What the fuck.” I gathered some electricity in my finger tips as I pushed open the door walking in.


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Carmen arrived at the scene that was just utter chaos. Hundreds of men wearing orange jumpsuits ran through the streets. Some managed to procure weapons, which seemed to cause panic throughout the streets. A month ago, Carmen might have steered clear of anything that appeared remotely like this, but now… Not only was her conscience gone, but she had so much worked up pride. She was tripping off the power, and it was going to be an endless fall in her eyes.

“I don’t care about this… I just… want…” Carman said to herself as she squinted at everyone around. Brave news crews tried to capture the event, while a rag tag group of police officers attempted to keep order. It was a battle the police were losing. Carmen smirked as she felt a gnat buzzing around her face. It ran into her cheeks a few times before she swatted it away. Why she was smirking was quite. The felt tiny folic hairs spout through her skin. It was barely even noticeable, and would be effective as well. As she pushed herself deeper into the crowd, the hairs, like they did for insects and arachnids, allowed herself to move fluidly past people without getting bumped. It sort of reminded her of what Spider-man could do, except she was a lot more aware of everything, and not just danger. Carmen’s eyes locked on a blonde several meters away who was holding up her phone to use as a camera. “…her.” She finally finished her sentence as she made her way over. There was no mistaking it. That was the girl she was looking for. Now it was time to just wait for the right moment. Carmen took a deep breath, before sprinting forward. She ducked under arms, side stepped the fleeing, jumped over the fallen, and in one quick collide, she knocked Jennifer over before sinking into her body… Becoming one.

Jennifer stood up, a bit dazed, shaking her head before looking confused.

“What happened?” Jennifer said before seeing the screen to her phone cracked as it lied on the sidewalk. “Fuck!” She exclaimed before picking up her phone. “No… Please work! Please!”

“Pleeeeeeeease! Haha, Please come with me!” An escaped inmate said in a crazed voice hitting her with the butt stock of his weapon, knocking her out cold. Everything faded to black, and nothing could be heard but a faint shouting.

“What the fuck!? Why am I not in control?! I need to take over… I…” Carmen’s voice faded as Jennifer became unconscious.


Upon walking into his home, Arthur Petrelli from the show Heroes was seen seated with an irritated look on his face as he looked at Floyd. His eyes were red and he looked like he needed five shots of five hour energy to stay awake. You’d think he smoked marijuana, but Arthur’s demeanor didn’t match up.

“What… What is he?” He asked Floyd as the sound of Kara, Clark Kent’s cousin from Smallville yelling was heard. Arthur didn’t bother to say much more before pointing at the older version of his son, Peter Petrelli who was lying on the ground in a deep sleep. There was little that was changed within the home, indicating that whoever had intruded, could take out people without moving a muscle. Upon going to the source of Kara’s voice coming from upstairs, Floyd would find Piccolo from Dragonball Z sprawled on the steps with purple blood dripping from his ears and nose. He was unconscious, but alive. Once at the top of the steps, Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom was on the ground knocked out in his human form, but there were no bruises or cuts on him. The television was on, playing the Maury show. Kara yelled out again, but this time she could clearly be heard as she sat on the couch. She was cuddled up with the intruder who just smirked at Floyd before nodding towards Floyd’s feet.

“Oh Floyd! Don’t step in that.” Kara warned as the remains appeared to be Eric Northman through assumption. “I tried to stop… ugh my head…” Kara complained as she held her head.

“You did try to stop me… I’m just too amazing, right Floyd?” I said as I chuckled and kissed Kara on the cheek. She just held me tighter and agreed.

“Floyd… He’s fucking amazing. He’s fucking back…”

“That’s right, and I need your help. I can see you’re trying to figure out how I curbed stomped your security team, but I need you to calm down and focus for a second.”


Homer grinned as he wandered through the link, only to come across my recent work. The training at the facility was really paying off, and I was only getting started. Ever since his talk with me, he discovered my motivation and my drive to go above and beyond. Everything was falling into play. Everything was becoming as he wanted it.

“Let’s this check this shit out…” He said as watched me knock on the door…


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I just looked at Michael..with the most shocked and confused expression. this motherfucker then I saw that I nearly stepped in Northman's remains." The fuck you killed Eric???" I just shook my head I as walked over what was left of the vampire. I sighed I had no idea what was wrong with Mike." Bruh what the fuck do you mean calm down? You broke into my fucking house, and fucked up my security, the hell do I need to focus on."

"Aw come on, Floyd. Why would you make Arthur doorman?" I thought of the other options and sighed. There weren't that many when he had to choose between a ghost and a green alien. "I was just trying to see if you were home. The doorknob was fucked up, so I broke a window... or two." I explained metaphorically. "Besides, I only really hurt two of them... And then made up for it by showing Kara a good time. Nice bed by the way." I said with a chuckle before moving myself away from Kara.

“To stop mother fuckers from breaking in!” I thought that part would be obvious, I wanted to be angry but he was my friend I was already dealing with so much anger. “Mane if I didn’t answer when you hit the door bell I’m not here could hit my phone or the link or something fuck!” I shook my head just thinking what I would have done if this was Rory as I took seat on the bed near them. “Yeah and it’s my bed man, so what is so urgent that you needed to break a window or two to come talk to me?”

"Oh yeah... Fuck." I didn't know how to even say this. "There's something wrong... I saw what happened to Tyrone... Jada... and whoever that other chick was. When I first saw, I came out of my cave as soon as possible. I don't know how to say this, but I don't think Rory did it. He's been in Mexico for past few days... trust me, I looked into it. I don't think it was one of us. You sure it's not the Falcons or some shit?"

I just groaned as I knew where this conversation was going but I was a little irritated when he reoffered to my girl as the other chick. “Her name’s Bella, she’s my manager, and that fuckwad carved Rory’s bitch into her fucking chest, and you’re telling me it’s not him?! Mexico? Bitch probably ran away he’s a fucking telepath he can plant commands in days in advance. I know it’s not the damn Falcons, or some shit because no one else knows about what’s going on between me and that stupid ass mind reader.” It was clear I had no sympathy for Rory, and didn’t care about whatever view point he was taking, in my eyes Rory wasn’t a prime suspect he was without a doubt the one responsible for what happened.

I sighed leaning forward, pulling myself from Kara. "You two. I'm so tired of this shit between you guys? First, you start breaking each others shit, and now you're both aiming to kill people..." The thought made me think about that night over three months ago. We were just a stupid group of friends that made the wrong turn. If it wouldn't have happened, then maybe we'd be hanging out right now. No issues, and no drama. And I thought these powers were going to enhance life. "All I'm asking you to do is get more evidence... I know you're fucking pissed off, but honestly think for a second..." And this is where my analytical side comes in. "If Rory did flee... If he's the coward you say he is. Why would he even brand his name on your girl?"

“Yeah I’m tired of the shit too man, but don’t worry it’s gonna be over and done with soon, no more breaking shit, no more bullshit, this shit gotta end. “ That was a fact whether I had to wipe out his entire bloodline to do it and leave him weeping and bleeding then so be it. “Ok I’ll go to CIa Miami grab the forensic team maybe see if I can find some of Rory’s hair follicies at the scene of the crime before I put him in urgent care if that’ll make you happy man. “ I did pause to consider what he was saying about Rory, but the whole nature of his power was indirect. “He’s a coward in the sense that he won’t fucking confront me because I’ll beat the shit out of him, he only acts as long as he’s not in the way when it’s time for the reaction. And why not I branded my name on his fucking chest when he came to my house trying to act all high and mighty, so who else could it be? Only you, Him, and Nikki know, and she’s dead, then again you been in a fucking “Cave” maybe you were lurking the streets putting my friends in the hospital!” I didn’t really suspect Michael but I was trying to prove a point about how limited the suspects where, and I knew he’d get that.

"Really? The difference between Rory and I is pretty huge... I'm smarter, more attractive, more than likely have a bigger... Listen, my point is... If I had beef with you... you wouldn't need to worry about your friends, because I'd just for you Mr. CIA Miami." I said with a chuckle as I poked his chest. "I'm impressed you're actually using your powers to..." I felt Carmen in some sort of trouble. "You've come a long way. It's not what I would of wanted, but at least you're not leaving it to waste. I need some competition."

“You ain’t never lied Rory is ugly as fuck” I said with a smirk never thinking I’d ever use a joke with the name Rory again, then again it was insulting so it made sense. “So you’re saying I go straight to the source go to mexico and beat the shit outta him, I mean I ain’t gotta problem with that it’s just he targeted people I cared about so I decided to return the favor. Maaaane fuck you CIA CDC whatever the fuck show it is you know what I’m talking about!” I laughed even though I moved to Miami I still didn’t give that show the time of day, it was just so ridiculous and I watched a lot of crazy shit. I briefly felt a sense of distress from Carmen but that nothing of it she was powerful enough to handle anything. “I Feel you on that bruh You probably the only competition I got Carmen’s new, and well I don’t need to mention the others, it’s like Goku and the Vegeta and everyone else is Krillin’s, course I’m Goku tho all the shit I’ve been learning, I got hella new tricks!” I oozed confidence as I spoke I was ready to show off my new skills if he asked, but I was also curious about what level Michael was on since I know his powers had sort of taken a drop in power.

"It's funny that you mention Carmen, because I think she actually was the only other person besides me that had you beat." I made fun even though he probably didn't even know what I was referring to. "New tricks? You mean you pull even more shit out your ass now? Or wait, do you get to borrow more stuff to keep you in my league?"

“HAH she’s my homie and all but I would rock her ass, like Superman against a lil baby.” I grinned at that as the conversation went exactly where I wanted it too. “I’d put you down too buddy but no worries we’re cool now. But I’m glad you asked as for your league I’ve long since departed from you and the other lil kids I’m on my own level now. Hold up shit’s too awesome to use in here, let’” I focused on both of us and we reappeared in Dragon Ball in Z in the rocky terrain where Goku faced Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga. “So you know my power’s making fiction real at first I thought that meant people, objects, but then I thought ya know I make music real too why be limited to juts those three..for example” I looked up and the sky and focusd on the movie 2012 and suddenly the entire area aroud us began to break apart a massive earth-quake, it began pouring down rain, and in no time flooding and giant waves were forming, I’d summoned the storm from 2012. “Remember 2012? Well…storm wanted to say wassup!” I just laughed as the storm began tearing apart everything around us, before just as quickly I un-summoned it and everything was back as it was. “And that’s just one thing I can do now.”

I couldn't lie, I was impressed with Floyd's progress. "Why'd you stop then? Keep the show going. What else can you do?"

“Didn’t want too much awe running through you at once, but let’s get this show on the road aside from weather I can make plots real..such as War of the Worlds.” All around us a lightning storm began, the ground was cracking, and martian tripods began emerging from the ground just like the movie, before waving my hand and then smiled. “But then I got an even better skill, summoning fiction and carrying around shit well some of it looks pretty fucking weird, so I was happy as hell when I got this power.” I bent down picking up a rock and threw it in the air, before grabbing Michael making us both intangible as the rock exploded wiping out the entire terrain around us. I then made everything rewind as if using the remote and we were back on the terrain we were standing on moments before the explosion.” And that my friend is the ability to give real objects fictional qualities, I made a piece of it antimatter Plus as you can see by the little stunt that wasn’t time manipulation I can control fiction if it’s a TV show I can rewind, fast forward, change language, video game control levels all that but I even took it a step further…inside fiction I can change us into anything in the fiction for example.” I focused on Michael changing him from an empowered human into a saiyan with a full grown tail, and power surging through his body.” How’s it feel to be a saiyan?”

I didn't think I could ever get used Floyd's power. It was strange, but it somewhat made sense. If he could manipulate fiction, then he was technically god here. This was his own personal dominion, and I was just a subject of it. "Feels..." I took a breath as I felt a massive amount of energy flow though my body. I felt much lighter on my feet than usual. "Pretty awesome." I said with a smile as I floated around before landing. "You're power is sick, but it was designed for kid." I joked as I crossed my arms over my chest. "How'd you end up figuring this all out? You seem like you'd be too overwhelmed or busy. It's not like this is a power you can train."

I was glad I Got to show off a few of my skills it was great, taking in his reactions to everything I could do. “Bet it does haha, I wish I could keep myself as a saiyan in the real world, but some of my powers are specific to fiction only.” I said with a little disappointment the amount of fun I could have if that wasn’t the case would be endless, of course there was still a lot I could do. “Shiid I Don’t care if this shit was designed for an infant, it’s fucking fun. And naw I’ve always made time to train practice makes perfect, and maybe not in the traditional sense but there’s a lot I can do. Our powers are like a muscle the more who use it the stronger we become, plus well I stopped by Primatech to grab a power that really helped me expand my finesse with this ability. “ I grinned as I summoned a soldier from a random ficition.” Alright so look I ne-“Bang Bang Bang three bullets the man shot me three times before I could talk and I stumbled back only for my body to push the bullets out as I healed instantly then looked at the man unleashing a blast of electricity to fry him alive. “And that’s it for demonstrations, so what all have you learned man?”

I raised an eyebrow at Floyd's last demonstration and the words that went along with it. If he had what I guessed, then no wonder he had advanced this far. It was like using a cheatcode to get a bunch of powerups at the start of the game. I found this to be clever, but I think I could get past that while staying in South Dakota. "Me? My powers are different, but pretty much the same. I'm kind of glad I was going for a bachelors in science my first two years at college, or this power would be pretty shitty... Besides, my powers are a little too hurtful to demonstrate." I said as made an orb of light appear in my hand.

I didn’t want the smell of burnt flesh in my nose so I Sent the soldier back to whatever fiction he was from. “Damn no new shit no new shit no new shit no no no stay down with my day 1 skillssss” I said in the same tone as Drake’s song no new friends before laughing.” Forreal tho yo ass lucky cuz if I had that shit, I wouldn’t know what the fuck to do I told you how I passed my physics class, but if you need sum to work yo magic on then…here..” I focused then summoned Claire Bennet to he rocky terrain who looked around shocked before seeing me then Michael with a tail backing.” What the hell! What’s going on?! Where’s Peter?!

"Wait Floyd! It's not like..." I moved extemely quickly in front of Claire and touched her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head before she dropped. "That's the other reason I came back to Miami. Remember that movie Limitless? I need that pill. Just once."

I just burst out laughing what happened.” Bruh you Roofied her ass “ I was trying to stop laughing as Claire had just hit the ground, good thing she could heal head injuries were no joke! I focused on Michael so that he was no longer a saiyan. “NZT..”I focused and made Eddie Moora’s favorite pill real in my hand before becoming intangible. “$5 hunna…dollars..and you can have it homie.”

I looked at Floyd as if he was crazy. Not because he was charging me, but because he made one pill appear. "Let me sample one, and I'll toss you 3 grand for 20 of them."

“MHmmmm Iight man just remember this shit powerful, it takes you brain to whole new fucking level, the shit you can do,.” I remembered my two NZT experiences I’d actually talked to Michael in the link during my last one, I wondered how I’d effect me now the thought sent chills down my back as I became tangible and tossed the pill to Michael. “Iggght bruh if you remember all that you all set, also don’t drink when you on this shit I mean I ain’t never done it but you seen the movie too.” Using my power again we were back in my room with Kara watching Love and Hip Hop.

"Thanks man..." I said with a smile as I appeared back at his crib. Now it was time to really use my powers. Sure, I didn't unveil the depth of my powers to Floyd, but there were so much technical skill I needed... I looked at Floyd before I took the pill without even drinking anything. "You know... you should probably start thinking more clearly about the stuff you're doing. Leave his mom out of this..." I said before my eyes began to gain a lot more clarity. They turned from the dull dark brown to a dark shade of amber. Then I felt it. I thought I had enhanced my mind before, but this was incredible. POWER by Kanye West began to play in my head. My mind drifted into the link where the highlights of my power were shown. All the things I had managed to accomplish and access. Then I fell from it as found myself still facing Floyd. A wicked smirk formed on my face. As Nicole Wilson entered the room from the bathroom. "Are you just going to kill another helpless bystander?" Nicole said as she crossed her arms and shook her head with distaste.

It felt good to be back home I saw Michael was eager to get his NZT as he hardly hesitated before he downed the pill, at least both times I did it I had something to drink whether it was water or lemonade. Only to be confronted by none other then Nicole Wilson. l. “ the fuck!...You’re fucking dead!” My head was spinning and I was in complete shock, how the hell did this happen? I was at her damn funeral saw her body take off in that plane on the laptop, hell I visited the hospital minutes after she died to confirm it.
Bruce felt his business with Anna was the right thing to do, Floyd, Michael, and Rory all needed to die. They were an imminent threat to society, their powers made them dangerous. He’d h oped they’d kill each other like Floyd killed Nicole, but apparently the remaining trio the Big three were getting along quite nicely. At least in the sense that they hadn’t killed each other yet. He’d managed to drunkenly drive to Anna’ residence stashing his squad car in her tool shed while he hid out drinking himself into a stupor before finally passing out. However after a day he’d turned himself in Friday evening to the station not wanting to jeopardize Anna’s freedom who’d mostly turned over a new life working for public relations for politicians, celebrities, and other individuals in high society. Hiding a drunken fugitive would be brutal to her career, especially since she was an Ex heroin junkie arrested for heroin and oxycodone possession as well as her ties to her ex boyfriend in the Russian Mob.

He was sitting in the station when he was confronted by Amy who’ taken him outside for private FBI questioning. “So this is what you’ve been fucking doing? Getting drunk and fighting your cousins, and getting arrested?”

“What fucking use was I anyway huh?! Nobody believes shit and for good reason, have you ever went through our notes or heard us talking, we sound like we’re on an unlimited acid trip. Besides all this shit my career’s going down the toilet, I’m not going anywhere, I’m trying to get out, maybe…be a teacher, fuck a lawyer or something fuck being a cop it’s over.”

“You’re really giving up?! Just cuz your family is a bunch of dirty potheads?! You’re better you respect the law you wanna help people, look you were right about not going to the Feds they didn’t shit, they think I was crazy, sent me to a mandatory psychiatric evaluation and.

“You fucking told them?!” Bruce got up that instantly brought the fire backin his eyes, the fact that Amy told them anything was irritable. “What the fuck where you thinking.”

“What the fuck was I thinking, I’m not the one undergoing a murder investigation for a fellow officer, you’ve got a fucking corruption case, internal affairs is on you, I guess we should just talk to dumb alcoholic college students instead of my superiors because that’s worked so well hasn’t it!”

“ Don’t fucking worry it’s being taken care a few days Floyd, Michael, Rory none of it will be a problem, they’ll be cleaned up, vacumned away.” Bruce knew Anna’s person would come through, he was a top notch assassin, and while she wasn’t involved with him, their relationship had went beyond wok years ago and he’d remained devoted to her, he was one of the best in his profession.

“Cleaned up fuck..Bruce what did you do..what

“I’m getting rid of the fucking problem so the Feds and whoever else dosen’t have to fucking get involved with this shit!”

“OH ok so now you’re going to have them fucking killed, a hitman really?! IS this how fucking low u sunk because I was gone for two days because you fucking threw a book at me?! This makes since to you? Or is this because I’m the greatest cop in the world, some sort of jealousy thing and you’r trying to make yourself look likea fucking hero!”

“You think this is about me looking..good.” Bruce got up from the bench he was sitting in now steaming.” I’m about to lose my fucking badge, no job means no money for my fucking bills there goes my house can’t pay the car note either, whole department thinks I’m a fucking woman beating alcoholic, whole family hates me even the one guy who hated the rest of my family for being Weed Heads, this shti with what we know about those kids I’ve been trying to find a solution, but shit is getting worst and worst! I’m TRYING TO SAVE LIVES, look at all the shit going on in Miami, before I go down, I’m taking htem down with me, I’m saving the fucking city, the fucking country!”

“That’s it I can’t letl this shit go on Bruce, I’m tellin the department you’r trying to fucking kill kids,come we’re going back inside.” Amy grabbed Bruce to bring him back inside only for Bruce to push her off and Amy quick to draw her gun.” Don’t make me fucking do this.”

“I can’t let you fucking tell, do you want this shit going on any more do you want this shit happening! LOOK AT ALL THIS FUCKING SHIT.”

“Enough stand down or I’ll “Bruce was quick punching Amy in the nose, causin her to stumble as he reached to grab her, she kneed him, and quickly kicked him back rushing inside while Bruce ran to the parking lot having snatched her keys & phone and putting them in her car quickly. He opened the door got in and started up the car.” Fuck FUCK HURRY UP” He slammed his foot into the gas pedal taking off from the police station and right as he did it happened a massive explosion the parking lot blown to smithereens as was the police station, the car spun out of control and slammed into a vehicle on the road, and everything went black. He came too plunged into the deployed air bag, with intense pain but nothing appeared broken. He let the air out of the cushion while looking at th chaos in the streets sirens blaring, ambulances firetrucks, but no police.


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At the Freedom Center on the University of Miami campus, Keith and Joseph sat comfortably as they both played Call of Duty: Ghosts together. This was a normal thing on a Saturday morning, especially since the campus was pretty much on lockdown. With the heightened gang activity and violence going on within Miami, the campus security emplaced random screenings for people entering campus. After 8:00pm, there were only two entrances on campus that were available that did 50% screenings on vehicles and persons. Keith and Joseph didn’t bother going out too much, but only because of how much traffic these new rules caused. They understood why it had to be done, they just wished it didn’t have to be.

“You hear from Mike at all?” Joseph asked Keith. Keith shook his head silently as he focused on the game.

“No one knows where he’s at. I asked Laura and Carmen. They don’t know.”

“Damn… You think something happened to him? I mean, just look at what happened to Angelo.” Joseph showed his concern and paused the game. Keith then gave his full attention to Joseph.

“I don’t know… I hope not. I don’t even know if I want to come back next semester man. You know how many people are transferring?! This place is ridiculous. It wasn’t heaven, but I might as well go to school back in the Bahamas.

“I feel you bro, but we just have one semester left until we’re out this bitch.” Joseph chuckled after saying this. “Besides, you already picked your damn classes nigga.” Joseph tried to lighten the mood before looking back to the television. “You ready?”



Jennifer, a fairly innocent female woke up to a nightmare as she found herself restrained with the hot breath of another hitting her face as he thrust his body against hers. His eyes looked manic as he grunted with each thrust, violating her on some alley floor behind a dumpster. A look of terror formed on her face immediately.

“Stop! Stop it!” She shouted as she tried to fight the man off her, but he was too heavy and strong. He held her arms down as he continued.

“Shut the fuck up! Shut up!” He yelled.

No… Stop! STOP! PLEASE No... Carmen tried to call out from inside the female’s body. She could see everything as if she was experiencing a horror movie in first person view. She didn’t know how this happened, but she needed to fix this. Jennifer cried as she found herself helpless. The man’s breathing was getting heavier as he got ready to reach his peak.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! No! Don’t…”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” He roared as he felt her give up. Her eyes shut before they shot open.

“You’re fucking dead puto! DEAD!” Jennifer yelled before the man started to become weak.

“What the fuck…” He said, but he was more focused with just getting himself pleasured. “Here it comes! Here it… What the…” He found it hard to breathe as Jennifer smiled at him.

“Yes… give it all to me! I’m gonna take everything! All of you…” Jennifer said sadistically as the man’s face began to wrinkle as the very life was drained from him…

Pierce was ready to leave Miami already. Everything going on was out of his jurisdiction, and he hated not being able to do much about the current situation. However, there were orders to be followed. He was stuck in Miami to make sure a terrorist threat wouldn’t ensue. At first it was annoying and seemed unnecessary, but after President Obama’s message to the Greeks, he had a real mission. The group was on the fence when it came to distinguishing them between a gang and domestic terrorists.

“Time to get this show on the road…” Pierce said as he headed towards the Metro West Detention Center in his all black Camaro that was followed by several other vehicles in matching color.


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Rory had been moved to an interrogation cell, since he was terrorist material, he was top priority for Department of Homeland Security. DHS was handling his transportation and imprisonment rather then the FBI. Robert walked in with two agents one who had a bucket full of water, Rory was hand cuffed to the table. And the temperature in the room was very cold the agent then dumped the cold water onto Rory in the already cold room before smacking him. “Fucking piece of terrorist shit! “

“You people are the worst. “Robert started off cutting off his agent, he was very passionate about the mission to stop terrorism.” You’ve been connected to quite a lot of shit. You’re penthouse you shared with Floyd Banker that was targated by radical Islamic terrorist Travyon Rice, your hotel room that burned, and numerous other incidents, not to mention that mysterious money you came into possession of quite a large sum Secret Service sent someone to your house but they didn’t report back with adequate information, not to mention feds been trailing you turns out you visited Carlos Slim the day we found him dead quite the co-incidence not to mention this.” Robert reached into his jacket pocket to take out photo’s taken of Rory walking over to the FBI agents in the van and everything he did which Eddie had got pictures of.

“We took the crane operator in for questioning, the one who convinently crashed into the van tailing you. Lucky for you we keep more then one tail at a time for prime suspects. So you better explain what the fuck is going on these pictures or get use to living here until the day you die. Because buddy terrorists don’t get no kinda fucking trial aand even if they DO who’s to say you didn’t die in Mexico. The crane operator claims he dosen’t no shit, but aiding and abetting a terrorist on a near fatal assault on federal agents that’s life.” Robert grinned before spitting in Rory’s face and slapping him. “So I want mother fucking answers you piece of shit!I’d threaten your family but I see you have no boundaries considering you burned her house down, and we went through your phone, the messages your anonymous friend sent you your house burned down, Zeus’s bitch drawn into your drive way, and your mother beaten and bleeding, you’re a rare breed of sick fucks, got a search team looking for the rest of your family, but if you’re in bed with the Greeks, I know you’ve got everything arranged nicely, so think about that for a while Mr. Lamb, we’ll speak with you in an hour.” Roebrt then left with the other two agents, while about fourty minuts later a woman slipped in, Diana and took a seat.

“Hello Rory, we need to talk.”


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How rude of them. Not even allowing me the chance to speak. Not realizing that they've already solved the case they just needed to open their eyes everything that they said connected to Floyd as well as me. But where was Floyd? He probably summoned god out of some fiction to handle that for him. I was being spit on, slapped, drenched in cold water in a cold room, could life get any worse? As I sat there being yelled at and humiliated I couldn't help but just take it. I was exhausted, it seemed that no matter how hard I try I could never get what I wanted. There always stood one thing in my way. Floyd... A constant fuck up. Then the people who had kidnapped me started talking about photo's of my mother, her house, Zeus's Bitch written in the gravel at my house. It was all so... Unreal. How pleasant. Now with nothing left in this world what could hold me back. But then again, with nothing left in this world, what was there to fight for... What was there to survive for. I thought back to beating after beating after beating I took from Floyd. Time after time I went after him but to no avail because he was constantly protected by people from fiction.

I sit in my seat as I think back to all of the fun times I had my senior year in college. Being murdered for 3 days, being left in a coma for 10, losing my hair, losing a close friend after only knowing her for a short time, getting kidnapped twice, losing all of my family, and losing all of my money and property. Everything was because of these damned powers. I thought life would be fun having powers that nobody would have ever even imagined were real. But I was wrong, in fact I was on the other end of the spectrum. Nothing good was coming out of these powers. We had been given the ability to change the world for the better, and what have we done? Floyd has done nothing but crimes doing no good for anyone. I've spent my entire time trying to get revenge on Floyd. Nikki had passed away, and I was unsure of what happened to Mike. And now after everything that happened some time later before they came back for more questioning a lady came in. I sat in my chair in silence for a moment before responding. "You come here to beat me to?" I asked looking up at the lady.

Diana sighed as she looked at Rory such a depressed man. "If I wanted to lay hands on you I'd have done so by now, besides it looks like you've had your fair share of beatings, why is that Mr.Lamb, can I call you Rory?" She spoke plainly with a pleasant smile as if talking to an old friend.

"Call me whatever. It doesn't really matter right now." I said, she seemed nicer than the others but it was obviously just a good cop bad cop kind of deal. "I have been kidnapped and beaten because I was friends with the wrong person."

"Alright then Rory it is." She was glad because she would have called him by his first name regardless of what he said. "Wrong answer. You're in here because you didn't kill Floyd Banker, I thought I told you to kill him."

"That's what this is about? I guess you'll have to kill me and then go take care of Floyd yourself. I can't get anywhere near him and it's bull shit I have to kill him in the first place. I have fucking nothing!" I shouted at her trying to get out of my seat. "I have fucking nothing, no family no friends no money I am barely surviving and you want me to kill this man when you have so many more resources than me..." I said calming down and relaxing as much as I could in my seat

Diana looked at Rory with a frown on her face. "Do you think I'm part of the FBI or Department of Homeland Security? You have your mind and the things you can do it with it, you, him, Michael, and the rest of you. Rory it's only going to get worst from here you wanna see your mother." Diana reached into her pocket to take out a piece of paper printed from the phone showing his mother beaten and bloody. "And buddy all this is being pinned on you, because those people out there they don't know what you guys can do, and I'd advise you to keep it that way if you don't want to end up in an underground lab for the rest of your lives. Kill Floyd!."

"Who are you even and why are you doing this to me! How do you even know if anything you assume is true! You come into my life tell me to kill Floyd, which since my life is on the line I don't have a fucking choice, and now this? What do you want from me!"

"My name is Diana and I'm trying to save your life if you will let me. Nothing I'm saying is an assumption if you want to play that game then fine I'll leave you here to rot because the United States has no tolerance or mercy for terrorists, I want you to get rid of the biggest threat to humanity listen I'm my own boss. I'm willing to help you if you help me deal with Banker, eliminate those expensive hospital bills, help you get a semi fresh start in society, now then you'll be transported to Miami where your interrogation will continue, don't say shit about Floyd or anything to do with your capabilities. I'll do what I can from my side to get you released at least temporarily, from'll be recruited to Project Aegis, and then you can receive all the answers you want."

After thinking about it for a few seconds I had decided that it was better than dying. "Fine get me out of here and I'll do what I can, but I can't promise you anything."

Diana looked at him with a smile. "Perfect if they ask any questions about what I said, just come up with a smart ass remark. Nice talking to you Mr. Lamb." She got up and left the room closing the door behind her leaving him in his own thoughts as it was almost an hour meaning homeland security would continue their interrogation soon. I simply sat in my seat and waited for homeland security to come.

Robert walked back in the room ready for round 2 and tossed the photo of Rory hovering over the feds. "Ok then, Lamb, explain that shit now, then i wanna know everything about you and your terrorist buddies the Greeks."

"What the fuck are you talking about! You have a picture of me grabbing one of those unfortunate bastards phones and calling the emergency number for them, because obviously they couldn't. So you're welcome for stopping at a freak accident and calling the authorities." I said in remarks to that photo. What a stupid lead, how could they even do this to me based on that. "And about my so called 'Buddies' the Greeks, I don't even know who they are. Well I do I heard that message they played over the tv but that's all I know about them. So now tell me why you brought me out here to falsely accuse me on such bull shit terms!"

"I see you're still not ready to the tell truth, get use to being locked up, you're getting transported to the states tonight." Robert grinned and then left.


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(Floyd) It felt good to be back home I saw Michael was eager to get his NZT as he hardly hesitated before he downed the pill, at least both times I did it I had something to drink whether it was water or lemonade. Only to be confronted by none other then Nicole Wilson. l. “ the fuck!...You’re fucking dead!” My head was spinning and I was in complete shock, how the hell did this happen? I was at her damn funeral saw her body take off in that plane on the laptop, hell I visited the hospital minutes after she died to confirm it.

(Mike) "She is dead." I said as I sighed. The mirage of her vanished in thin air as I shook my head. "I was making a point. I don't care if you go after Rory personally, but leave his mother out of this. You don't even know if he did it for sure. How do you know it wasn't one of your fictions that slipped out? I don't even know why I'm even pleading a case. Just send her back home."

(Floyd) I let out a sigh of relief happy to know that Nicole was still a member of the deceased. "You not funny bruhh" I said with a hint of a smile that faded quickly I knew the subject was still sensitive to someone. "Man I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, 99% sure he did it unless it was you. Anyway I'll make a deal right now his mom is safe not in pain trust me, if you find out who did it, I let her go, if you don't...well tragic." I said copying one of my favorite phrases I picked up from Everybody Hates Chris.

(Mike) I didn't like the deal, especially since I wouldn't be staying in Miami long. "Fine, but don't harm her until you're 100% sure. I don't care who you kill, but if you fuck this up and Rory didn't do anything, don't expect me to be on your side when shit hits the fan between you two... Anyway, can I get the rest of the NZT? I gotta go see Carmen."

(Floyd) I was glad I wasn't challenged too much on the deal mainly because i was telling the truth. "Alright good job Mike, glad we could work this out, and no offense man but I don't need your help to deal with Rory." Maybe I was letting the power get to me head a little bit naww what am I thinking I'm near perfect. "Ummmm yea man just lemme see the cash." I summoned a random ziploc bag from fiction and then summoned 20 NZT pills in it." You want?"

(Mike) "Sure." I said as I grabbed the ziploc bag while pulling out a check without recipient's name on it for $3,000. On it, was a name that Floyd wouldn't find familiar. Homer Jones. "I'll see you in a couple of weeks. Or maybe I'll spend time in a city that hasn't gotten so hectic, instead." With that, I left Floyd with his check that he could cash to himself or anyone else on the planet. Why be enemies with the superior when you can just get close and use everything he has over you to help yourself. It was cowardly, but I could deal with it for a while until I was at full strength.

As I walked out of Floyd's place, I took deep breath of the fresh air before using beacon vision to spot Carmen who was currently helping some unfamiliar female walk through the streets. I zoomed out and raised an eyebrow. I wondered what she was up to before walking behind a palm tree and vanishing. I had bent the light around me to use as camouflage, much like the Predator in the movies. It would be easier to run at my near human pace if I couldn't be seen doing so. Besides, I didn't need any unwanted eyes spotting me while I was here.

"Nice work, boy. You are really turning out better than we expected." Homer said through the link.

"Does that mean I pass with flying colors?" I replied being unrealistic. I could hear him chuckle before seeing an image of myself running far faster than I could. "What was that?"

"That's the guy that's going to change the world..."

I grunted before picking up my speed a bit, but there was no way I could hit that kind of speed. At least not with my body as it is and these powers. I came to the conclusion that the image was a past one of me using kinetic energy, but who knows. Homer claimed he could get my powers back, but how?


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Everybody was fixed up and healed, Northman was back to life and Mr. Fantastic had strangely been un-touched. I was downstairs with him having went to the Baxter Building to get some equipment from his lab for him.” Yeah I need a better security system I want it done in a few hours. A field yeah like it prevents people from getting in my house without being registered/approved by me, and if they breach it I want them getting a heavy dose of some bad ass poison, monitoring system connected to my phone, I want laser weapons built into garden knomes and shit like Invader Zim, underground bunker with hella more protection, weapons, food all that good shit, you know all that good shit you got it Reed?”

“Hmmm I mean yeah it gives me something to do now that I’m doing with 4D for movies, and video game consoles, so this’ll give me something to do for a little while don’t think It’ll take me hours though.”

“Ight Mr. Science man, good job I like that confidence quick working and shit, this place finally be impossible to bust into.” I left going up the stairs leaving Reed in the lab quarters, heading upstairs I had a double cup times two, with four Styrofoam cups packed into each other, jolly ranchers, Sprite, pink lemonade and a pint of promthezine/codeine as well as tussionex. “Ight let’s get it!” I said copying one of Michael’s phrases I was glad I’d gotten the biggest cups I could have got. I quickly went into street pharmacist mode as I poured in the sprite before dropping in several grape, cherry, and blue jolly ranchers, the opiate syrups, then the soda, & pink lemonade. “Mhmm “ I tasted the beverage even though I wasn’t even mixed yet.

“Shit is gonna be delicious.” I got up I’d let that beverage simmer. I put everything back in the fridge then went into my smoke room to start grinding and preparing my ganja for consumption. As I was doing that my phone began ringing and I took it out looking at the caller Id.” Pops.” I set it down then answered it going to voice mail.” Wassup Old Man.”

“Oh YU disrespectful now cause of the money?”

“Mhmmmmm……..What you calling about?”

“I call to talk about de business.”

“Ight so here’s what it is, my El Dorado business, you know it’s going international, I’ll give you 40%, eep 60% so you can quit the shitty job you hve that I know you prolly quit anyway soon as I get signed, then you going be bringing yo own bank, and you can use that money for whatever, starting your own business, I mean I think 60%’s fair cause it’s mine, yu ain’t helped me…,and I’m sure once you come up on some mills you can start your own.

“OK……I do not like yo tone tho.”

“Ight I’m sorry.” I Rolled my eyes as I finished rolling my third blunt, and packing my one hitter bong. “It was nice catching up with you, but I sent you and moms a mill in the bank a few weeks ago, and new cars, I’m busy doing millionare shit I’ll call you back.” I hung up the phone it was easy to get irritated. Alright I looked at my TV and it went on and suddenly Juicy J Zip and a Double cup began playing. “Perfect.” The Lean appeared in-front of me on table and I picked it up to sip it.” Delicious… now then one more call before the fun begins. I still had to get something to Ashley information on all the Falcon family members in custody as well as Cartels I didn’t care why she wanted it, I mean I knew why SHE wanted it, but whatever it was better her targets where people society didn’t care about. I’d done some wor on what I was about to send her adding my own special interest people including some police officers in Miami that I remember harassing me for drugs and speeding, as well as some really nasty people from the prison that escaped with the rest. I sent the information then a text. If you do that special people’s list first, I’ll toss you 10 G, hmu when your done. Sent!

“ARTHUR need some paintings done of my dearest mental “Friend” see what he’s up too.”

“Gotcha!” Arthur responded and then some fire appeared in my hand as I lit the bong and began inhaling. I was just listening to music, smoking, and drinking until I got a text from Paris that my interview was on the news from the day before, I was glad to get good publicity.

“Floyd Banker. Rising hip hop star who’s fame originated from controversial mixtape Lockdown, which he claimed was inspired by the events occurring in Miami during the terrorist incident spawned by Tyrayvon Rice, and other radicals whom many claim Floyd had a connection to formerly. What makes him unique you say? Aside from refusing to sign a major record label despite offers up to $20 million he’s still managed to do features with several known artists, used his newfound fame to start numerous successful business ventures including El Dorado’s jewelry chain and a series of clubs in populated party cities known as Zooted, but he’s won the mega million lottery as well, I mean how much more lucky can I guy be, now where coming to the man himself.”

“First off it ain’t luck, it’s God, you know my mamma, my grandma they church folk, they instilled a certain set of ideals in me, one of them mainly being always put Jesus and family first, and I think that’s one reason I’m successful.”

“Hmm Jesus and family first, would you say that reflects in your lyrics? I mean when I was in the club last week I ain’t hear nothing about Jesus.” The female reporter said with a smirk. She was a white woman in her late 20’s, brown hair, a physique that had to come from hours in the gym, brown eyes, white teeth, bright orange lipstick, dressed in business attire no less. Of course being on the news I wasn’t sporting camo’s or even True’s I had on the same kind of clothing except more expensive since I was sporting an Armani suit that cost almost $2,000.

“Shit I ain’t one of them people who a stickler for rules, I think as long as you believe and got a private relationship with the Lord you good, sides when Jesus came up in the party he turned water to wine, that means the Big Man is good for partying, I mean shit who don’t like to party.” I flashed a smile on television I was ready for whatever they’d asked me.

“Well there you have it, some questions we’d like to ask you Floyd. Rumor has it your businesses’ have been providing a lot of jobs to..people of questionable morale, some even say you have a preference for hiring ex-cons.”

“Well this relates back to my religion again but I’m a believer in second chance, a good deal of people with felonies, ex-cons, they got dragged back into the life that got em locked up in the first place just cause no one’s willing to give em a second chance, and then it just becomes a self perpetuating cycle of hate, and poverty. It’s not that I prefer people with records over people without em, I’ll give anyone a chance for some mullah, but it’s just the kind of people I’ve been helping get work shit no one else is, I’m trying send a message out to the community, people mess up, some mistakes people get locked up for, but prison’s there to let them think about what they did and come out better, problem with our society is where not letting them prove there better.”

“Giving back to the community, some people question whether you’re doing that out of the goodness of your heart or people of the crowd people suspect you’re running around with, after all you do reference selling drugs a lot in your lyrics.”

I smirked I was ready for this question. “My lyrics reflect my life, my experiences, and what I say, that’s as far as I’ll go with that on here, but I’m not using my business’s for any illegal actions, and my nickname as Black Zeus has nothing to do with the Greeks if that’s what you’re trying to imply as a lot of people are on twitter, tumblr, and other social media. That being said I would like to explain something I am doing with my business. I’m opening something I’m calling Community Stations. Places to provide free food for the hungry, not only that to provide lodging for people without homes or who just need somewhere else to stay for the night, it’ll offer counseling for almost anything from addictions to abuse, provide tutors for kids who need help outside of school, free medical treatment, and other things, and it’s all free. I know there’s homeless shelters but this community station’s there better, because there not just gonna help people without homes or people in financial crisis’s, they’re gonna help people get back into their homes, and the first two open tomorrow in Atlanta and Miami respectively, I’m asking all other people in upper class for support fellow movie stars, singers, rappers, businessmen, whoever has the money to help, help.” Community stations it was time to put an end to starvation, first I’d start these off in America, then they’d spread first to Africa, and where-ever else they were needed, I’d be regarded as one of the most generous men in history, plus the way I was making money I could easily support this stuff and still make lots of money.

“Wow someone to use their money so selflessly…you hear that America, second chances, feeding the hungry, and speaking of movies rumor is your getting involved with the side of the entertainment business well specifically the movie being made about music legend Michael Jackson.”

I smiled on screen.” Yeah I’ve always had a passion for movies as well as music so I was thrilled when I got to hop on the King Project which is coming out next year, I got to work on the script, work with actors, everything it’s gonna be great. Can’t really say much about that how about.”

“You’re all over the place, getting money from all different evenu’s, and you’re even getting a talk-show from BET, Mornings with Floyd, what’s the next the cure for cancer.”

I chuckled at that.” I’m working on it, but the last business venture I’d want to mention is my own head-phones called Audios, they’ve got everything. I’d compare em to the quality of Dr. Dre’s headphones or the iphone 5 headphones but I’d be underplaying them. There’s so many features, you can slow or speed any song, hear individual instruments or parts of a song, Chop and Screw a song, There’s a concert option that completely immerses you in the music so it makes you feel like you’re actually present, I can’t explain but Perhaps I don’t need to know because everyone in this room is getting free pair of Audio’s!!!!!!!!

I was just high and leaning good, it felt good to see my interview on the news, I knew my mom would be proud to see how far I’d come. I’d been at the edge before these powers kicked in still serving narcotics, trying to push my music, trying to stay up financially, but now I was beyond financially stable. Plus the Greeks business was doing incredible as well, business was booming. Our reputation for quality drugs, prostitutes, and weapons had only served to help put more illegal money in my pocket. I took another sip and then hit the blunt again, I was feeling extremely good, so I decided to get up and go to my medicine cabinet to grab some 10 milligram vicodin’s, popping three after pouring some more pink lemonade in a green cup. “Delciious pillsZZZQ! PILLS WEED AND PUSSY AND PUSSY MAAAYNE”It was only twenty minutes before the pills were kicking in, my whole body felt light, gravity didn’t mean shit, I Was so damn high from the opiates and weed, as I’d packed a .5 of Kief into my one hitter.” Fuck..I can’t believe I’m doing this shit.” I sent forth a blast of fire ighting the hit burning the weed as I hinhaled the entire hit, and my eyes rolled back and I stumbled back the combination of intoxicants in my body.” Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees..I…yeahhh.” I’d raided my cabint for more pilsl, and poured up more line, as I was working on rolling a 3 gram cigarillo, while also texting two porn stars to come over who I knew both loved drugs. I picked up my phone to call Chris, I had 60MG of Vicodin, god knows how much syrup in me, and I Was too high to function, as I’d sent Kara to get my Rig It was time to add dabs to the equation,

“Mah niggzuh..wazzz happening indis binnicih WE TOO TURNT UPP LIKE WOOOOOAH KEMOSABEEEE Big ballin is my hobby BOW BOW”

“Aha bruhh you texass screwwwwwwwed wasss happening patna.”

“Man I know I know I know I’m videoing, got the pornstars on the way, come thru with ya thottttttttttttttzziieeees, I got da Khalifa, and da Pimp C!!! We Finn make a fucking movie, we going call it Zips and Pints!!!!!”

“Zips and Pints???! That… got the studio in ya crib,and shit.”

“Man I got the pussy, and pills, come the fuck on homiiiie WOOOAH im feeling like a fire in a fire.”

“Aha hell yeah I need come through and get that shit, finna get a lift from DJ.”

“DDDDJ! MAH MAH HOMEZZ, ight tell him come thru, I’m finna tell the thots to bring thots, thots on THOTS on thots, but we don’t fuck with fuck with rockssss.” I hung up as I rapidly rolled the rest of the blunt and raced outside leaping into my pool I was ready to make some music.


“ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS ZIPS PINTS!” It showed everyone in the video, me, Chris, and DJ rapping, and pouring lean, rolling blunts, packing bongs, hitting 6 foot gravity bong, jars of weed seen, bottles of Bombay, Sky Vodka, and other things where in seen, and in short the video had been 3 minutes and 40 seconds I had no idea how much time was passing out, I was leaning hard as fuck barely wake with two European pornstars, just enjoying life.
“IT ain’t no fucking Greeks that hit Jay, the car ran off the fucking road, are you fucking stupid?!”

“OH FUCK NO WHO THE FUCK U CALLING STUPID YOU MOTERFUCKING HOE” SHanika lunged at Ashley, but Ashley juts elbowed her causing Shanika to hit the dresser, they’d started a fight in the middle of the hotel room. Ashley had come to the visit trusting Floyd, but she didn’t know what was going on outside the walls of Holiday Inn.
“The fuck you calling stupid?! Yo ass who been locked up 3 fucking years caling ME stupid, You see my ass only been in a cell couple weeks, mama get this bitch.

“Don’t call your sister a fucking bitch?! Both of you stop it STOP IT STOP IT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW” Erica was practically yelling she was tired of the fighting between them but Shanika grabbed Ashley’s leg slamming her into the bed then got up to start punching her only for Ashley to kick her into the mirro, glass shattered, Eric was yelling, Ashley got up to grab Shanika by her head increasing her density and as a result her strength before slamming her head into the dresser breaking it.

“Oh shit”

“AAH SHANIKA LOOK WHAT THE FUCK YALL FIGHTING DID YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!! “ Erica rushed over to Shanika who’d been slammed into the now broken dresser groaning, blood coming from her mouth, while Erica slapped Ashley hard. She’d ended up hurtin her own hand due to Ashley’s durability but that didn’t surpress her anger, it was only the explosion that they heard outside. Ashley rushed to the window to see the police station in flames. “Floyd..You fucking…idiot..” She whispered seeing the destruction, this would help her get away from cops for sure, she’d be the last thing they were worrying about.


“SHUT THE FUCK UP MAMA SHUT THE FUCK U{“ She pulled SHanika out the rubble and tossed her body on the bed and rushed out the hotel room, she wondered if that was all Floyd did, he was an extremist but she smiled it was high time some-body messed with cops. She rushed into her vehicle, and began heading towards her pent-house. Since Floyd kicked her out she’d been reviewing her options about where to stay either with her family, at a hotel outside of Miami, or maybe even campus despite heightened security. She was driving as her phone was ringing, it was Ronee. “WAssup?!

“WASSUP? Girl you fucking alive, I saw that shit on the news, you ain’t hear that shit? Shit’s blowing up, it’s fucking Bin Laden’s Squad up in Miami I’m trying to get the fuck out, everybody bust out the fucking jail, shit crazy, it’s.” Before she could talk the line went out, and a spray of bullets tore through her window, causing Ashley to drop her phone and drive off road slamming into breaks as drove over the side-walk and nearly hit the side of a building. “Fuck what the..”

People with orange jump suits ran past her inside the story while two ran up to her car both with AK 47’s as one got in the passenger seat, and the other got in the back-seat they both put their guns to her head.” Bitch listen up you going fucking drive now!!!!” Ashley was just using her spatial vision to see everything going on pure chaos in the streets, sirens blaring, she remembered what Ronee said before the line cut off. “Evryone’s busting outta jail.

“You stupid mother..fuckers!!!!!!”

“THE FUCK YOU SAY BLAST THIS BITCH” The man pulled the trigger bullets tore through and hit Ashley’s head but crumped as they hit, while she turned around opening up a spatial cut to chop the man’s arm off causing blood to rush out before the cut became a vacumn suckin the man and his arm into as he reappeared in the middle of the ocean submerged in shark infested waters, with the creatures quickly attracted to him because of the blood, the other man wanted to get out of the car only for a sphere of space to form around his head tightening causing him to scream, while Ashley too the ak shrinking it and warping it inside the space sphere putting it in his throat and enlarging it until it burst through his neck, blood splattering, as she warped the injured man into an ally. “Fucking piece of shit!!!! Damn it Floyd!? She backed up and slammed her foot on the gas she didn’t care who she hit as she raced to her place. It wasn’t long before she was parked and up the elevator her suite, turning on the news where it was a scene of panic. The largest prison break in the history of the United States, all the weapons the prisoners acquired, police station and parking lot bombings.

“This dumb mother fucker, the whole city finna have 5 stars!!!!!” She settled into her crumb, everything going on was stressing her out. Rory putting Jay, Ralph, and the others in the hospital, her family in Miami and having to be with them, Floyd doing whatever it took to keep his money flowing, no telling if the others could be trusted, the combination of everything blew her high. These powers had helped her do something she’d have never done without them, become a millionaire. Aside from Mike and maybe Carmen, the rest of them had used their powers to cash out getting big bucks. The only way she could get that kind of money was by robbing the bank or people themselves, and with the way she did it, that meant killing them. “Fuck all this bull-shit..I gotta get lit.!” She looked down into the streets below, everything was going crazy in this city, it was becoming more and more like the Bahama’s every day.

She thought about life if she hadn’t got these powers. She’d have started selling marijuana like her ex, while working her way into joining the military so her college tuition could be payed, while also taking out her aggression on people she’d be payed to kill. Then finish college, and start her career as a hair stylist, become financially stable, she’d had a plan but these powers had changed everything. The party that was coming to a close suddenly had no end, she could do as much drugs and drinking as she pleased for the rest of her life. Going to the military didn’t matter anymore she had enough money to pay off her student loans hell she already had started, she just had to make it look like the money came from Cut for Bucks, instead of financially stable she was richer then she’d ever imagined she could be unless Jay went to the NFL or Ralph got signed by a major record label, and finally instead of legally taking out her aggression as a soldier her powers had fueled her violence to beat and murder everyone that got in her way. She took a seat in-front of her bong and warped some weed into it, before making her lighter appear and hitting it inhaling the cannabis smoke. Her bottle of Xanax and her jug of Ginger ale appeared, bringing a red solo cup over to the table she poured the drink in, then took out two bars swallowing them one after another with the aid of the soda.

“Fuck..I can do..whatever.” People outside where getting mugged by prisoners, but the whole confrontation made her think. Her, Michael, Floyd, Rory, Carmen, and that chick before she died, they were the most powerful people on the planet. She never had to worry about being locked up again by The Boys, she was fucking invincible, it was just starting to hit her now. She never had to listen to nobody else again not the police, not the feds, The Government, her family, nobody she was a free agent, the military, college, even her career not if it mattered because she..was a god, a goddess. She made the Ziploc bag full of weed she kept in her drawer appear as well as a pack of rello’s .She tore open the rapper, before carely extracting the blunt, splitting it down from the middle and making the tobacco disappear sending it to the ocean. She took out a couple big nugs and began rolling the blunt, as her laptop began buzzing. She picked up the laptop in a sphere of space bringing it in-front o her seeing it was the information and she just smiled.

She was suddenly feeling extremely good as the 4mg of Xanax was kicking in more hard as hell, as her worries melted away, as she completed rolling the blunt just in time as she was going to be far too fucked up to roll another. “Oh shit..Imma do whatever!” She smiled picking up her phone to hit her up Tat man.” Hell yeah I got bands on that shit I’m tryna get tatted like Wiz, yuh..I’m on my rich shit yuh..whateve shut da fuck up and do it motherfucker!” After the conversation was done she was sparking the blunt and looking over the information I sent her while the xanax kicked in harder and more powerfully. “Oh..uh..yuh..all…deze..fuckers finna die.” It was time to try something she hadn’t done before, she used her spatial sense but began expanding it so she could see more then juts her room, the entire hotel, and then farther and farther and farther pushing herself, before focusing on several targets. “turn upppp” of another people began appearing on the table in-front of her miniaturized people from the Falcon family that escaped, as well as the Cartels. She put a wall of space around the table to contain the people in jump-suits. She formed a smaller box of space for the special interest people I sent in the text after all that was 10 grand. She pointed at the smaller box causing it to lift up as an invisible appendage of space lifted it up. “OK the got someone tryna cop 10 g’s for yall mother fuckers..umm..damn yall yelling and confused and shit, especially the cops..ok..the nasty motherfuckers..come with me..12..I just want yall to watch wass going on ight.”

She reached into the box forming a “Carpet of space” That stretched out the feet of the inmates in the jump-suit, and he went over to her kitchen dropping them in a bowl and putting it in the micro-wave then pressed then 3. She took out her phone going to Floyd, and then went to video and raised it to the microwave, pressed red for record then start.


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“Come ON!” Carmen demanded as she helped Jennifer walk to the hospital. She wanted to be sympathetic, but her patience ran thin and very quickly. “Jenn! Ay!” Jennifer’s legs gave out as she started to cry harder. Carmen grunted before letting Jennifer fall to the sidewalk and curl with her troubled self. Carmen leaned up against the wall of the closest building, just trying to cool off and also to wait for Jennifer to calm down. Carmen remained silent for a moment before sighing. “I know what that guy did was fucked up. I hate him for it, but we have to get you to the hospital.” Carmen said, but Jennifer didn’t seem to listen or care. Carmen just sighed again. All she could hear were sirens and something horrible every now and then. A scream, a gunshot, a broken window… it was the music of these streets, and she was beginning to hate it. How all this happened was unknown to her. All she wanted was answers. “Can you at least tell me how you know Mike… Mike Hayes?” Carmen tried, but Jennifer just whimpered.

“What’s good?” I said as I stepped out from around the corner in full view. Carmen turned to me with a deer in headlights look, not being able to take in what was happening. “You look surprised.” I said with a smirk as walked up. My smirk was long lived as I saw Jennifer on the ground. “What’s going…” I dipped back as Carmen’s hand nearly slapped me in the face.

“You fucking pendejo!” Carmen shouted before swinging with her left to hit me, but I bobbed to my right and stopped her by affecting her nerves. She couldn’t even speak as she just grunted in anger.

“Listen!” I said assertively as I gripped her up and released my hold on her nerves. “I’m sorry I left without saying anything! I didn’t tell anyone… not even my family. Then they took my phone. I tried to call you with another phone, but you didn’t pick up… So I just watched you in the link…”

“And…” Carmen said as her face still showed the desire to hit me. “You’re mad because I did what I did?!” Carmen chose her words carefully out in public.

“No… You just didn’t need to…”

“Need to what?! They were hurting your friends regardless of what they knew what you could do to them! I just did what the rest of you putas couldn’t… I killed my enemy.” She said the last bit under her breath.

“I mean you didn’t have to do it for my sake.” I said as I found myself regretting not doing it myself. Maybe I didn’t want to consider myself a coldblooded killer. Maybe in the end, I wanted to say that I saved the day without casualties and without getting my hands dirty with blood.But fighting like that, was considered tip toeing around your enemy. Not hitting them directly. I had hurt so many other people, but hadn’t attacked the source. It was now that I realized that I was just as bad as everyone else who had gotten exposed to the rock. All they did was attack at thye limbs of their enemies, hoping to make them fall, but this didn’t stop the threat, especially when that threat was stubborn and ready to strike back for the blow you had just dealt. Then you’d be crippled with them… creating an endless cycle of misfire and collateral damage, so even at the end, when you win… you have nothing.

“Too late.” Carmen said as she gave me a hug and took a deep breath. “And, don’t worry. I don’t even feel bad about it. They deserved it, and I owed it to you.”

“No… You didn’t owe me anything.” I said before she broke away to look me in the face.

“Yes I fucking did! Alright, I’m not going to argue. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I wouldn’t be this strong! I... I feel like you never lost what you originally had…” Carmen said as she started to bite her lower lip to hide her emotions. “You just shared it with me.” Carmen said as she hugged me again, but much tighter this time. I hugged her too, and just looked down to the ground noticing Jennifer again. “I know you probably regret that day, because I’ve dreamed of the things you were able to do…”

“It was my fault though. I should have left rock alone… Now, are we gonna help your friend out or what?” I asked before Carmen let me go and looked down at Jennifer. She frowned as I ruined the moment.

“Sure.” She said with zero enthusiasm. “I’m not touching her.” Carmen said as I walked over and lightly put a hand on her to put her to sleep. It was easier this way. I didn’t really recognize the female, but she needed help. I put in a fireman’s carry before looking at Carmen. “So what just happened?” I asked as we both started walking.

“How about this? We trade questions and answers. I got shit to ask you too… I jumped in her body, she got knocked out by an escaped prisoner, she was raped, and I saved her.” Carmen spared the details. Now, where have you been?”

“I’ve been away. Basically, I’ve been training to get into an agency.” I said as Carmen smiled cheekly.

“Wow! Mike’s gonna be playing with the big boys now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m proud.”She answered.

“Thanks… My turn. Do you know who hurt Floyd’s friends?”

“Nope! I saw that though. I figured it was Rory since he put his name on the bitch!” Carmen chuckled before seeing me shake my head. “I don’t know for sure though. Are you gonna leave again?” Carmen added.

“Yeah, but I want you to open up your connection to the link. It always gets hazy when I try to connect with you. Last one from me… Do you wanna leave Miami once I get done with this training?” I asked as Carmen who stopped and looked at me with a smirk.

“I’ll think about it… My last one… Do you trust Floyd?” She asked as she looked away to hide her devious smile.

“Do I trust him?” I repeated the question as I found myself unsure. “Not always.” I answered truthfully as she simply nodded to make me feel like my answer didn’t sound crazy.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“I thought you ran out of questions?”

“Slut, no one ever runs out of questions.” She said with a smirk. We both eventually entered the hospital, checking Jennifer into the emergency room.


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0.00 INK

The threesome had been fun, not to mention all the drugs in me so I still felt invincible. After getting head from both of them I kicked them both out of my place, as well as Chris & Dj and them, even though we’d had a good smoke sessssion.

“Cmooon maaan I gotta go nooow???, we got moore weeed.”

“BRuh I have enough fucking weed to last me 20 life times, I’mma catch you later I’m leaning hard as fuck and shit.”

“Ight B easy man.” Chris let DJ out I guess it easier for him to dip since I’d helped him come up in a million, plus I agreed to be featured on two or three of his songs on his new mixtape. America’s most Savage, the thought had caused nostalgia as I went over to my laptop to look up my own song Mr. Savage I’d released in early September long before I thought to use Parkman to help me spread my mixtape, these powers had literally been key to my fame. Of course the quality of my music as well, but NZT combined with cannabis, the quality of my music was incredible, I was already planning on some studio time the next time I dropped acid or munched some mushies with Timmy, and maybe a couple others, for a short 4 song mixtape, probably with some trippy name I just had to think of it. I walked over to the room where Arthur was to look at the paintings I’d asked him to make.

“Mexico…” I smiled looking at the paintings things we’re going to be getting very good very soon. “Rory’s been a bad boy.” I laughed as I looked at the paintings diving into the link seeing images of the past, before pulling myself out and plopping down into a chair. “Holy shit” Diving into the link when you were already high as shit was fun, it was a similar rush to leaping into the deep end of the pool or dropping in from a slide then rushing back up to the surface. I chuckled as I reached for my laptop going to google apparently Florida was going to legalize recreational and medicinal maraijuana, I wonder who played hand in that. I smiled before scrolling to another article Floyd Banker: Man of Tomorrow, talking about my news interview, and all the good things I was going to be doing. I looked down at my rollex the first two where open today in Miami, and Atlanta. I had to make even more money now than ever to keep churning money away at the stations, publicity was everything. I wouldn’t stop until I was the next O.J Simpson..super saiyan one, then I’d transfer to the next level and reach Michael Jackson’s level of love and adoration from people minus the horrible law suits both of them had, ok..maybe they weren’t the best examples to follow.

I then got in contact with Fine.” Hello Fine, how’s your work with Molly been working out?”

“Very well, put everyone from Rory’s contacts aside from his family, and his auntie as you requested in the hospital, car accident, shot, fires, near fatal stabbing, beaten, I Did my best to be creative and try not to be fatal.”

I frowned as he said that but juts started laughing, I was too high not to laugh.” Damn I should have asked you to record it, then I could send the videos to Rory.”

“If you want I ca

“Naw it’s good man,” I focused on Molly returning her to Heroes her work was done, and I doubt I’d need her again.

“Alright then why’d you call?”

“You’ve infiltrated the FBI the constant stream of info your feeding me about our cases, and the Greeks and everything related to them is good, but I’m going to need other perspectives as well. DEA, and Department of Homeland Security, infiltrate them, find other targets that I can use influential and/or talented field agents, need that done by tomorrow, Monday morning at latest it’s imperative we make that move now, Rory’s gotten himself in some trouble, and I’m afraid it might blow back on me, the others, and everything I’m trying to do for the world.”

“Alright Floyd you got it, you took the girl right?”

“Of course, don’t know about any of the rest of us being fast, and besides they wouldn’t be faster then you could see, I’ll catch you later, get back to the feds.”
Fine hung up the phone to contact Frank again, as he made his way back into his vehicle, he was with the FBI investigating the Rory Lamb situation here. His mother’s house burned, there was yellow tape around the scene, and a local authorities were searching for Rory’s family, but since there was no proof they were kidnapped no actual road blocks had been set up by the police. “Hello?”

“What’s good any news on the Lamb family? We’ve got photo’s of his mother beaten and bruised of Rory’s phone, Homeland Security thinks he’s been radicalized, Feds nailed someone down in Mexico crane operator who he payed, struck a deal he’ll be doing a year in the U.S in exchange for the life saving information on the Greeks.”

“Great but you don’t sound too happy yourself why’s that?””

“Because where’s this shit leading us too? I don’t think we should have fucking got Lamb when we did, he could have lead us to some big shit maybe something connecting the Greeks to the Cartels either show how bad the conflict is or reveal a fucking temporary alliance? Instead he’s fucking insane he’s had his mother beaten, and presumably kidnapped with the rest of his folks, house burned down, it’s clear he’s in bed with the Greeks.”

“Damn, and from what we know about them, we can’t find shit about them disappearing. No traces, no leads nothing, these guys have come outta nowhere, and there almost better then anybody except the Cartels.”

“Yeah out of nowhere, look remember that lead I told you about that girl with the virus Ashley Mok? I know this sounds crazy but I got a tip from a rookie agent about something..else..that could be going down, I’m heading to her last known address right now to look into it. “

“Look into it?! Are you crazy, with everything going on Miami, you’re looking into that?”

“You think I don’t fucking know what’s happening?! I’m driving my car not the one feds gave me! Police Stations blown up, parking lots too, prisoners broke free, got their hands on military grade weaponry, it’s chaos in the streets, it’s like a buffet for injustice, people are robbing stores left and right, not even the inmates, people are trying to evacuate the city saying it’s a fucking terrorist attack, not to mention a lot of cops that didn’t get caught in the blast have disappeared , nobody can reach them, I’ve passed 5 empty fucking squad cars?!”

“And you think Mok has to do with that still? She’s not no innocent but I think her days of crime are over after the Cartel sent a hitman after her, that was almost successful!”

“Look we don’t have any other fucking choice the entire city has lost it’s mind, I’m following the lead I have!!!” Frank hung up and Fine sighed, going to message Floyd. While Frank drove through a red light ducking his head low as a spray of bullets tore through his glass, and he ended up running an inmate over as he kept moving getting faster. As he took his phone going through his contacts to dial a number. “Hello Amy?”

“Frnk you’.re..what.”

“Fuck what’s wrong what happened?!”

“I was at the station..remember..stopping by Bruce..I..cauht in the blast, but I was just outside the radius of the bomb got Bruce, and some others to the hospital ambulance’s are busy, it’s like a war-zone out here.”

“That thing you were telling me about, remember that girl, you saw a truck disappear into thin air right? Do you think it’ really possible that.”

“Frank look If you’re trying to fuck with me, I just put my friend in the fucking emergency room! I told what I believe, you want my fucking answer, maybe this bitch makes shit disappear, there laugh at me, get me fired get me sent to more psychiatric evaluations I’ve have lives to save.” Amy hung up the phone she didn’t need Frank taunting her about her belief that super powers had anything to do what was going on. She was limping out the hospital, she’d be fine though. She had some left-over vicodin from her surgery last year, and two of those pills had kept her stable enough for now. “Fucking Bruce” She groaned none of this made any sense, the hospital was busy, sirens were blaring, people were being rushed in, it made her think the Apocalypse was really happening.

She moved through the masses of people and paramedics rushing inside the hospital, as she got into her car checking to make sure she had her gun. She put her keys in the ignition and began backing out, hospital security was armed, and hopefully the National Guard’ would come in full force to help the city. The largest prison break in the history of the United States, every prisoner had been liberated, right now Miami had become a criminal paradise. Hell those that were trying to escape at this point where and probably had been successful so far, at least until there was a national response. She knew this had to be connected to everything going on, Bruce was right these people needed to die. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Perry. I need all the info on these people organized and on a USB drive now, stay alive, stay armed kiddo! I’ll be there try and get in contact with Troy.

She then went through her contact and found a number, someone she never thought she’d speak to again.” Amy? What a pleasant surprise, and here I thought you moving into the FBI meant we’d never talk again, but I guess it’s true the higher you go the more dirt you get.”

“Listen and listen good, I’m going to bring you $5 grand in cash, I need you to get me some things, I’ll be there in an hour or less.”

“Of course, tell me Amy what do you need?”
Frank was racing through traffic when he saw he’d reached a road black and turned round to avoid it only for his car to flip over turning and slamming into another vehicle. Frank’s entire life flashed before him before impact as Fine had moved so fast and flipped over the vehicle and was back at the crime scene before anyone could even notice he’d moved.

“The entire house blew up?! Secure the area Secure the mother fucking area now!!! You Agent the fuck are you doing?!!!!”

“Huh sorry I got it..this is just so insane..I mean..the family’s gone..but blowing up his auntie’s house, this mn I pure evil.”

“My Fist is gonna pure evil up your fucking ass if you don’t get to work DAMN!!!” Fine nodded leaving smiling, he was glad to work with someone like Floyd, just as ruthless as him. He’d put all his friends in the hospital, made the family disappear, and saved the best for last, blowing his auntie to smithereens. He loved his job.
I just smiled as I saw the explosion through Fine’s eyes, laughing I was high, but that was just hilarious, two people walking in the neighborhood on the opposite of the street there hearts nearly stopped, Iwas just laughing as he took out some chips to munch down on the BBQ lays, this was all hilarious, I’d was so busy being the hero, I never thought about how fun it would be the villain. “Oh my fucking god haha whoo this is fucking hilarious..I knew Ashley was pissed..but she musta jugged the whole family only one I got is the mama.” I shrugged as I dug into my snacks that’s all I’d promised Michael anyway, besides maybe Rory’s family went into hiding, or maybe Ashley had em in her in famous bowl. The Lamb family was none of my damn concern, maybe if Rory was still my friend but he wasn’t and I had other business matters to attend too.

People were fleeing to my community stations for support in Miami, I was already becoming a beacon of hope in the community. Not to mention my conscience was clean as I saw the video of the criminals that I’d investigated that turned out to deserve more then being locked up where micro-waved, and she’dleft a message 12 next, I was ready to see this show. I’d show up in person but Ashley sounded really fucked up, and when you were on xans you ain’t give a fuck who friend or foe you just get rid of em, and yeah I’m not trying to be micro-waved shit probably hurts.

I vanished appearing in Purgatory where I’d left sal who was screaming, he’d been having nightmares, confused he’d realized by now he was being hunted by monsters. I smiled as I appeared to him.” Hey Sal.”

“YOU FUCKING LET ME OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING” Sal rushed at me but I phased right through him before blasting him with electricity. Sal turned around with a makeshift axe only to stab Rory’s auntie in the chest. I made it so only you she could see me.

“Welcome to new home, umm honestly I coulda dropped you in thePhantom Zone with your sister but what fun is that, you’re dying now..but don’t worry you can’t die here, you keep coming back to life to be hunted, eaten, violated, ect by all the creatures here vampires, werewolves, wendigo’s, leviathans, flesh eating clowns, zombies, ghouls, you catch the drift if you seen Supernatutral up to season 8 you should know you’re way, ou’re lucy I didn’t give Sal this nmuch warning, and just because I’m in good mood” I turned to Sal and punched a hole in his chest as I made myself visible, and suddenly a pack of were-wolves where coming so I used my power to give them a command.

“EAT THEM ALIVE slowly…you’reluckyI don’thave Ashley’s power or else I’d dip you both in BBQ Sacue first, oh yeah auntie..umm..your boyfriend sort of died in the explosion..didn’t see a reason to grab him anyway CYA LATER” I laughed and vanished getting back to my apartment the fear o ntheir face I was just laughing for three minuts straightr.” OH my god when Sal saw me again HAHAHA and the auntie got stabbed by him “ I fell on the grounlaughing, being high as hell probably didn’t help, but the torture these people I had trapped in fiction where going through was hilarious, then I looked into fiction to see Elle being torn apart by Doomsday, while Doomsday was about to kill Roman I warped her into A series of fortunte events into the car that sunk into the water with the flesh eating eels laughing as she was eaten alive, barely able to contain my lughter.” HOLY FUCK JACK..what are you up LMFAO GODZILLA stepped on him hahahahahahaha,”

I got done laughing I decided it was time for some combat training, and I knew the perfect place to do that as I vanished reappearing in Heroes in Season 3 during fugitives inserting myself so that I Was born a special, and had a mysterious ability, but I’d managed to evade the Company I was a known upcoming producer in New York City, since that was the epicenter of so much shit going down during fugitives. I was just sitting down on my laptop reason was open and the beat that “I” had been working on was actually pretty nice.” This shti flows, I could make it a bonus song for Flight or something.” Just as I was getting into it my spider sense went off doors burst open Agents flew in guns raised, tasers going to hit me, and I yelled out as the lead agent of the operation was speaking into a walkie talkie as my body hit the ground.” Banker’s down, we’re gonna load em up bring him to the next flight, tell Danko right after I’ll get back to tracking down Parkman and Petrelli.”

I just lay on the ground face-first smilling before all their walkie talkies, and technology shut off and I slowly hovered raising to the ground as the agents took out their guns to use their tasers, I unleashed arcs of electricity on all the agents on the room except the lead agent who took out his gun after I unleashed enough voltages to burn the skin off the other agents. “Wow that was fun? I enjoyed that outing, I think I’m going to enjoy target practice. You people..hunt people we’re different hmmh”

“Stay BACK YOU FUCKING FREAK” The man opened fire, three bullets into my chest and suddenly his gun fell to the ground, then before he knew it I was in-front of him grabbing him and tossing him into a wall. “You fucked up my apartment, well buddy, you fucked up the wrong apartment, because..bad things happen to people who mess up my parents, bad thing number 1” I smiled as I raised my hand.
X was making his exit from the hospital, a simple visit, poison. The hospital would find out, but at that point what could they do? He was an expert there was no traces, he had an inside man in the hospital help him get in and out quickly, with surveillance blocked for the time being.

It was by luck that as he was getting into his vehicle with his business partner he saw another target and just smiled.” Drive around the block, we’re going up to the roof, I’m glad I have what I have in the trunk, business needs to be taken care f.”

The man did as instructed driving up behind the block and making his way into a parking lot near the hospital slowly edging his way into the upper levels before he felt a sense of unease.” Is this about the girl? I told you it was a mistake, if you’re taking me here eto kill me X pleas eI..”

X put his hand on his partner’s shoulder, “Now now’ve been doing business me with the past two weeks, and you really think I’m mad about some lady? I’m irate that you put a bullet in her before I could put something I wanted in her, but that’s alright I don’t hold grudges. Just Drive man.”

“Alright..” He seemed to be reassured a bit as they got to the floor above the top floor not under a roof, the businessman got out of the car and X handed him a picture. “That’s the man I’ll drive up to the entry, after you shoot, run, and then we’ll escape, car ready to go, sniper’s in the trunk.” X popped open the trunk and the guy got out and let X get in the driver’s seat getting the weapon making sure no one was around and shut the trunk, before X drove some more and the man got out. “Go on.”

As his partner got to the roof X smiled and just drove off, making his way to the lower levels while his partner called him.” Ok? You got him?”

“Yeah where you want the shot?”

“Anywhere fatal, it’ got a silencer on it, so you’ll be fine but you need to go regardless.” The Man peered into his weapon seeing Michael and put h is finger on the trigger, watching as he came outside with a female. He pulled the trigger the bullet flew forward and struck Michael in the upper chest.

“It’s done” The Shooter turned around to run only to be killed in an explosion as, X had planted a bomb on him, while X himself was outside the parking lot at a safe distance just smiling. “One Down, Two To Go.” He turned on his radio a CD still in, and Moonlight sonata began to play.
The men were killed in the microwave, and she warped the remains to elsewhere aka in the ocean, before going to the police officers, counting them out.” Daaaamn Miami finna ave hella less cops, trest yall mafuk shold be labu “ She was speaking worst because of the Xanax her words extremely slurred and she stumbled as she walked going to the fridge to get some yogurt she came back with that and h a gun shooting up the table using giant bullets to tear apart escaped mafia and cartel prisoners before laughing. “Shiddd..hadda hurt ight now for da mafucking cops, wait yall. “She turned to a small bubble of space had which had Rory’s fam and dropped them in a masjon jar which she reduced in size. “I’mma deal with yall later..Im on my Buddah shit so yall..going love f now..”

She warped the mason jar to the counter, and then warped the kidnapped police officers into the yogurt, while she warped some of the prisoners inside her blender then put in some fruits, she plugged it in then warped more of the prisoners the majority of them using space to cram them in her then ignoring screams pressed the button while taking a picture of the cops in the ice cream before eating the yogurt and starting the blender.” kill da…rest.” The Xans were already making her more and more less able to function so she decided to warp the majority of the rest into the yogurt and blender, while looking down at her phone to see what time she’d go to get tatted up. After that she made her bong appear hitting it a few times, while making the contents inside her blender vanish using her spatial sense she found another person in the apartment who had a slushie and put the contents of the grinded up human remains and fruits inside keeping watch of her with her spatial sense.” Oh dat shit..going be funny and the rest of yall I Got a few ways to kill yall fuks…but lemme send this to the 10g man “She sent the picture of the co ps to me, before going over to the others to finish the job.


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Now this' ll be a beautiful death...

As I exited the hospital with Carmen beside me, she froze the very momenti felt a piercing hot pain in my chest that knocked me me back. My eyes widened with shock as I found myself falling to my knees. It was ironic to be gunned down right in front of a hospital. A place where lives were saved, was the place my life was lost. As my body collapsed, my face smacked against the cold hard concrete. Carmen screamed at the top of her lungs before looking for thw shooter.Before she could even find any clue, an explosion went off at theupper level of the parking lot nearby.

"Mike! No please! Fuck no!" Carmen screamed as people panicked. Paramedics were already flying out of the hospital. I felt myself go into shock already as I felt the warm blood soak my shivering body beneath me. Could I call this deicide? The killing of a god... No, I was but a man. It was shown just from this instant. That's all I needed, was for my guard to be down. Carmen wanted to save me somehow, but the paramedics already came to roll me on my back. They kept my feet elevated, an attempted to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. It wasn't just the wound that would do me in today, but the shock as well. Arterial blood soaked through the pressure gauze that was pressed down on my wound. They checked for an exit wound, but seemed to lose morale when they discovered it to also be in my chest as well. I couldn't hear anything anymore, and then I couldn't see. The was unbearable, but that soon faded as well. There was no reason to fight. I couldn't change the world, hell I couldn't even change my friends. I was weak, pathetic, and living in the clouds. My disappointment would leave me too. Yeah, it was gone now. Then... then there was.... just nothing. Carmen screamed at the paramedics as the link made her unwillingly watch my aura fade. She shook her head as streams of tears flowed down her face. Her mind hit the breaking point... and that's when she did the unpredictable.

"Mike..." She uttered as she put her hand into left left of my jeans. She fused her hand into my leg, with some hope of doing something, only to feel the energy within my body dying out. "No!" It was hopeless. The defribulator was then brought out the paramedics hecticly yelled clear, and everyone moved a bit. Until one of them spotted Carmen's hand.

"Shit! Stop!" He yelled as the pads released volts of electricity into my body. With Carmen connected, she received the shock as well. Thr jolt was quick, but so was the nature of her powers. Carmen was seen knelt down with electricity surging across her skin like some kind of freak as my body just bobbed a few times from the electricity pulsing through my body that remained hopless of life. Everyone backed away in shock. Some people got out their phones, while others just stared at the girl who looked like a human taser.

Carmen... she just knelt there motionlessly at the sight of closest friend dead. She didn't care what anyone could see. All that mattered was what she was witnessing. First sadness came over her, but rage was quickly born in her heart and fed off her emotions to become a beast of chaos within her. Her anger caused more electricity to surge through her body until she converted into electricity. My body did the samebefore she absorbed me completely and darted away with a grunt as she cried in pain of her loss. At least in the end... she'd always have me... her closest friend, Michael Hayes.


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Joseph had gotten in contact with Javier, it was time to keep the Cartels in control. He believed in the term Status Quo was God, and the Greeks were interfering with that. Joseph knew Gary was on rampage he knew the Greeks kidnapped his daughter, and he wanted everything to be done to deal with them. He’d been called with one of the most high ranking officers in the CIA, as well as one of the most payed Adrian Thompson. Adrian was a man who could be described in his late 40’s not yet in mid life crisis, all brown hair, a confident smile, all white teeth, dressed in the finest of business attire, it was clear he enjoyed the benefits of his occupation. “Sit will you Joseph we need to talk, you’re business in Miami it’s..concerning.”

Joseph was reluctant to take a side, a few other CIA agents where in the room, he tried to ease himself I the leather chair but his anxiety wasn’t letting him. “Look Adrian, I’m sorry, the Greeks, the situation we’ll handle it, everything’s going on that.”

“Enough Joseph, The Greeks are a delicate situation, and it’s obvious their a far greater threat then we estimated initially, as you know we’ve kept up a steady alliance with Cartels over the past few decades in an attempt to control the drug trade, because eliminating it know what that would mean for business. “

“Of course I was in contact with Javier about supplying him with anything he needs to wipe the Greeks off the map, they’re worst then the Cartels. Gary, they stabbed his wife, kidnapped his daughter they’re.”

“Powerful, long reaching, attacking a CIA agent like that it’s never been done, and the fact that we still haven’t got anything on them, it’s been making me wonder, have we put all our eggs in the wrong basket? Maybe the Greeks are the solution, the key to control instead of the Cartels. Their reputation aside, the Greeks are fresh, new, organized, mysterious.”

“That’s exactly why it’s wrong to hop into bed with them, they’ve only been organized publically for as little as 3 months at most, and you’re talking about ditching the Cartels? The level of information, good publicity we’ve got taken out Cartels, the media thinks we’ve been more effective than ever, Obama rewarded us in a speech, we sign up with something new what do you think happens.”

“It’s dangerous territory, I’m not saying we just dive in, but the flood-gates have been broken, it’s open waters, what we need to do is divert Department of Homeland Security away from Greek operations, this shit in Miami take care of it, we’ll provide whatever resources we need to make it look like terrorist shit, luckily the Greek’s have helped out a couple terrorists ourselves, got public optioning shifting about them, as vigilante’s rather then monsters, if it turns out it’s true, they’ll be a lot easier to work with then Cartels, and provide hella a lot better information then the Cartels ever have.”

“So we’re jst signing off on Javier and them after all these years, all the money flowing into our pockets, we’ve made this drug shit work, this gun shit work, we’ve dealt with the ones who traffick American citizens, at least the people we’re with now they only traffick their own people and others, they’ve left us alone.”

“And where has just staying with Mexico gotten us Joseph? It’s a test run for the next couple months perhaps to see how much the Greeks advance, if we have reason to believe that they will eventually surpass or replace the Cartels as the number one crime faction we will gradually shift our alliances with them, and work on establishing a relationship with Zeus. The Cartels have gotten old, increasingly violent, and increasingly hard to stomach their presence, these Greeks don’t seem much better, but that’s because their picking up turf, initial rise.”

“What the hell you’re really fucking.”

“I’ve already been in contact with the people amongst the DEA who are on-board, you need to get to Miami and fix this shit, Pierce isn’t on board, you work with him, solve this Terroist shit, we’ll demote him make you hero of Florida, hero in D.C, then not only do you get more legal money it’ll be easier to get your illicit money as well, more money in your pocket and continue to keep it in ours, handle Homeland Security, I’ll deal with DEA, and keep tabs on the feds, godspeed, funny because we may soon be working with a self proclaimed god.”

Joseph just looked at Adrian, as the agents escorted him from the room. Gary was his friend, and now the CIA we’re signing thinking off shifting their illicit alliance to the Greeks, because they we’re proving superior. They were increasingly gaining more power in the United States, it was the most rapid rise a criminal organization ever had in America. These mother-fuckers have no idea what we’re getting into. Trafficking American citizens, Gary’s fucking daughter, murdering police officers and bragging about it, but because they fucking get rid of some terrorists their innocent?! Joseph stormed out of Adrian’s office after being escorted to his vehicle, starting it up he got a call from Susan.


“Mhmm Bad Time..I can call back later.”

“NO Fuck I’m sorry it’s not you, what is it.”

“Update on the Greeks’s…”HEroric” Activities if you will.”

“Oh fucking great what are they doing now, pulling kitten’s out of tree’s, donating money to charity, or did the prevent the President from being assassinated, A,B,C, or D: All of the above, which is it Susan?”

“Well..apparently they’ve busted some more child prostitution rings down in Vegas, and New York I know that’s the last thing you want to here, but there’s more down in Miami they’re helping civilians get to safety be it in their home’s or Banker’ Community Stations, they’ve even gunned down some of the violent prisoners.”

“What the fuck…WHAT THE F” Joseph slammed his phone into glove compartment and then banged his head against the steering wheel a few times causing the horn to go off before taking a deep breath and pulling out of the parking lot as he picked up his phone to make sure it wasn’t shattered.” Hello Asam we need to talk, those explosives you wanted I can get em, I’ll be in Miami, I’ll be in touch, you were right, America…they’ve gone too far, they need to suffer.”


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Carmen shut her eyes tightly as she laid on the rooftop of an apartment building. She was attempting to stop her tears, but was simply failing that task. She couldn’t believe what just occurred just moments ago. Michael was not only gone, but she could probably never show her face again. She had exposed hers abilities to the world. She wasn’t even stressing that part however. She would have done anything to save him, and in her eyes, it still wasn’t over. This hope she had would soon be crushed….

The link… Carmen thought as she left her eyes shut. She wanted to make herself focus, but was unsure if that would work. The link was alien to her and she had never accessed it voluntarily, but she’d try anything. It wasn’t until she felt a strange sensation that she opened up her eyes to see transparent wisps of blue floating in the air. This was child’s play compared to what Michael was capable of. She frowned before concentrating as she scowled at the sky.

“Come on…” She whispered to herself before the scenery around her darkened. “A little more…” Carmen said as she shut her eyes tight and got in tune with the link. The moment she opened her eyes, she found herself standing in a different plane of existence. She was unsure how she had sunk so deep, but it was a good thing.

“Welcome.” A voice said to Carmen as she jumped from being startled.

“What the fuck… Who are you?” Carmen asked as she looked around for the origin of the voice. To her surprise, no one was around.

“I’m a… I’m a friend.” The voice said as it sounded distorted.

“Mike? Mike is that you?!” Carmen yelled as she kept whipping her head around.

“I’m sorry for your loss… But I am here to somewhat celebrate this moment.”

“Celebrate? Celebrate?! Fuck you! You’re an asshole!” Carmen roared as tears streamed down her face. She screamed out into the depths of the link before the scenery went from a blue void, to pitch black with just a white aura encasing her body. “I hate…I hate you…” Carmen said as she dropped to her knees. “Why did you have to fucking die?! You just left me… and now I don’t have anything. Everyone knows I’m a freak… I can’t go to school, can’t get a job, I don’t know what the world will do with me…” Carmen cried harder than she ever had in years. The last being when her grandmother passed away in the hospital.

“You don’t understand… We needed Michael to die…”

“Shut up!” Carmen lashed out.

“He was broken and useless to us...”

“I said shut up! Do you not listen pendejo!”

“You’re much more feisty than the others… Stubborn, but hardened. I see why he recommended you to be the one to join him.”

“SHUT UP!” Carmen shouted. “Mike! Mike! You have to be in here… You’re a part of the link… even if you’re dead! Mike! Don’t let it take you! Come back!” Carmen cried before images of Michael appeared. One was of Michael squinting as the meteor rock contaminated him and the others with its power. Another showed me with electricity in one hand while I had light in the other. One showed me smiling as I played beer pong against Nicole. Then next with Michael burning down a small safehouse with police officers inside. Then showing him taking down Floyd on the beach. It showed the meteor rock as it activated in the palm of Carmen’s hands as he reached out towards her. Carmen watched as these scenes unfolded. Michael attacking Floyd, learning of Nicole’s death, being haunted by her memory, Halloween, their walk that just happened only minutes ago and finally… there was an image of Michael’s eyes widening as a bullet pierced through his chest. She shut her eyes again, weeping at the second sight of his death. “Are you happy? Are you fucking happy?” Carmen wept to the voice that only made her feel worse.

“I am… I am happy for Michael. He was a man who had put so much weight on his shoulders. Weight that he couldn’t bear with the weakened state he was in. He made for this by training himself and doing research into the science of his capabilities… Do you know the moment he tried to stop you from touching that rock, his powers readied themselves for shutdown. It was like pulling a hard drive from a computer. For a small while his powers were completely gone… It took some time, but he got himself plugged back in. Then he realized that something wasn’t right. He had… lost a few programs along the way. He could function, but not like before. It caused him to unwillingly be extremely connected to the link. Probably the strongest I’ve seen. Like an anomaly of its own… Carmen.” The distorted voice said as she looked up at the dark void.

“What could you possibly want?” She questioned.

“Allow me to show you something… Something very amazing.” The voice said as the scenery around Carmen changed from nothingness to a cave with a lit fire. Close to the flames was a man keeping warm in his temporary shelter. The man still shivered as cold air blew in from time to time, but he’d be safe from the cruelty of winter. He wore the furs of animal he had hunted down and sandals on his feet. His gray hair was long and ragged. “This man is a great man. He may not look it, but he is the man who believed in Michael.”

“He will… he will be amongst a powerful group rivaling my own… He shall be a man of justice. A man who aims to make right of what is wrong. His powers will grow fast with his sharp mind.” The man coughed as Carmen moved in closer. This was her first clear vision. “Then… no… a wretch will weaken him to nothing but a shell of his former prowess. He will always feel inferior to his peers and ashamed of his weakness.”

“You…” Carmen was speechless as she turned to look at the mouth of the cave. She was looking for whoever was showing her this, but he wasn’t present.

“Then… The young man will lose his life. Die like a mortal man with nothing but regrets…” The man continued.


“Yes, he was able to see things beyond what a normal man could see. He could peer into the future. He could see your friend’s demise. It was practically written in stone. Do you know what happens next, Carmen?” The voice asked as Carmen just stood there without speaking. The old man by the fire froze in place as did the flames. “Do you?”

“No.” She said as she felt guilt engulf her very heart.

“You let your friend go. You let him die so he can stop living in pain. As a shred of yourself. Let him finally have his peace!” Homer appeared in front of Carmen with a disapproving look on his face. The scene around them went from its frozen state and continued as Homer pointed his can toward the man by the fire

“It wasn’t until those regrets were left to die with him… It wasn’t until then that a new hero was born.” The man uttered before the scenery returned to nothingness.

“Michael had high hopes for you… Prove him right.” Homer said before Carmen found herself laying on the roof again. It was time to let go…


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I yawned before throwing another punch at the homemade boxing bag. “Bullshit…” I had barely gotten any sleep last night. My mind and that bloody link wouldn’t shut off. Every few minutes I would see snap shots of what Floyd and Ashley were up to. Even though their reactions were just as I hoped and amused me it wasn’t long before that anger built itself up again. The main reason for my irritation was that Floyd had gotten one of his fiction buddies to heal his mates. All the hard work and effort I had put in was basically for nothing and what made it worse was that he was making such a big deal over it. Crying like a fucking baby over spilt milk…more like chucking a tantrum like a spoilt brat. Sure they received quite a beating but they barely suffered more than a few hours of pain whereas I was out for at least four days from what I could recall. But I guess my life meant nothing to him or any of them...after all I am nobody! I clenched my fist tightly as I right hooked the boxing bag. He should be grateful he isn’t digging them a grave.

“Excuse me. Miss Emily…I have some…in-information for you Miss.”

My train of thought was cut short seeing one of José men standing in the doorway. “Yeah what you got for me Samuel?”

“T2 Miss Emily…he is now with two guys…only two…real close…best time to get him.” He nodded his head as he beamed with excitement. Immediately a mischievous smile spread across my lips.

“Oh really…how interesting? Well then, we better head off…go round up two of your friends and meet me at the car.” Round two. I didn’t bother getting all dressed up and just threw on a black hooded jumper over my sports bra and black leggings. I slipped into some boots and then dashed out the door to the garage. However, on my way I snatched myself one of José wife’s homemade cinnamon buns. Yummm! With some hell of a lot of rearranging and shoving the four of us finally managed to squeeze ourselves and our equipment in the Cadillac. We immediately drove off knowing that it wouldn’t be long before José would be back. After my little meltdown last night there was no way he would let me continue this mission of mine but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

We arrived at our destination in less than 15 minutes. Although it was close we seemed to be constantly turning left and right to the point that I thought we were lost. Well, I was for sure but it looked like my partners knew where we were going. My eyes kind of widened. “In there?” Samuel nodded. Wow, what classy men to hanging out at a strip club during the day. “Okay here’s how it’s going to go down. I’m going to go inside and lure them out the back were you guys will be waiting with the car…we knock them out and take them to that abandoned marketplace downtown and start the show.” They didn’t have to be told twice and immediately drove off as soon as I hopped out of the passenger seat. I couldn’t help but smirk at how well they were following orders. José must’ve said something.

I managed to enter the strip club without too much of a hassle. I did however get a few strange looks from the bouncers which I think was due to my sex after all this was a gentlemen’s club. I took my seat a few booths away from my targets. They seemed to be rather enjoying themselves throwing bill after bill at the half naked girl dancing on the pole. I don’t why men find this appealing, the girls weren’t even attractive. Yes you get to see their boobs and privates part but is it worth wasting your hard earned cash on mosquito bites and cellulite. You can get better views down at the beach. I shook my head to clear my mind as I began to focus on Floyd’s friend Travis and two members of the Greeks. I motioned one of them to stand up but I seemed to have missed calculated and accidently forced the man sitting next to them to stand up. I quickly let go of him cursing before focusing back on my targets. With another quick wave of my right hand I managed to get all three standing. I could feel them push against my hold but as I moved closer towards them they became weaker. I slowly began to puppeteer them out the back door and into the alleyway. I followed them outside and immediately let them go seeing my colleagues standing there tasers in hand. My associates jumped on them before any of the three could open their mouth. Within seconds they dropped to the ground like flies. We tied them up, threw them in the trunk and drove away.

A couple hours later….

After a good old fashion beating we finally managed to strap our three victims into their designated wooden chairs. As my colleagues began to set up the cameras and lights I started to right a script. It took me a little longer than I had planned because I had to stop every few minutes to rub my knuckles and sooth the throbbing pain I was feeling from throwing so many punches. “Okay listen up!” I grabbed Travis by the back of the head to force him to look at me while I spoke. “You are going to read this to the camera word for word…if you say anything other than what’s on here its bye bye to your friends and bye bye to you…” Even though I could quite easily force him to say it I rather he do it himself only so that it looks more realistic in a sense. I placed today’s newspaper on his lap for that extra effect before taking one last look at them. I couldn’t help but smirk at their bloody faces and wet pants. I guess we went a little too hard….shit happens. “Lights. Camera. Action!”

I took my seat next to my colleagues behind the camera making sure to remain out of frame. Sure it would be nice to parade around in front of the camera but I was still a little worried about getting recognised and doing it this way would be far more mysterious and daunting. Who are these people? Are they good or bad? The thought made me smirk as I gazed towards Travis noticing he wasn’t speaking. I knocked his chair with my tk to wake him up. Travis immediately straightened himself up as he stared down the barrel on the camera. “Hello….la-ladies and gentle-gentlemen…” he stuttered. “We are…the Gr-Greeks….some of you might have seen our…our fierce leader on the news recently…for those who don’t know he is…his name…” Travis suddenly paused as his eyes became watery. I signalled Samuel to stop recording and immediately rose to my feet.

I grabbed Travis’ around the throat and bent down so that our eyes were level. “OI!...This ain’t live so we can stop record stop record as many times as we have to. However the more times we stop the more aggravated I will get and when I am aggravated this happens…” I pulled out a switchblade and jammed it straight down into his knee. He cried out as I twisted it slightly. “You understand?” He nodded his head as I yanked the blade back out and walked away. “Continue were we left off.” The camera switched back on.

“He is known as…Z-Z-Zeus…but some might know him better as…F-F…” I twirled the blade around in my hands and Travis quickly cleared his throat. “Floyd Banker,” he spoke the name rather fast but it didn’t really matter as long as it was said I was happy. After all what was coming next would be far more interesting to the public. “He claims to be a Christian yet associates himself with a group that…uh…that have been involved in kidnapping, burglary, manslaughter, grand theft auto, disorderly conduct, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of an illegal substance, arson, aggravated assault, terrorism, drug cultivation and manufacturing, drug trafficking and…and hu-hu-human trafficking.” That will surely make them listen. What low life traffics other human beings? I shook my head in disgust before signalling Travis to continue.

“A jury would find us guilt…but…he-he claims to be a man of God…so let’s…ask God….G-g-god do you forgive us?” Suddenly the two Greeks’ head that were seating either side of him exploded. Blood and brains spattered across the room and all over Travis who immediately began to scream and weep like a baby. “What the fuck….you crazy…” I shut his mouth and gave him a stern look which said ‘you sure you wanna say that.’ We kept the camera rolling whilst we waited for Travis to calm down and continue on. He was making quite a scene but the more he freaked out the more it will alarm people and not to mention it was kind of amusing seeing him loose his shit like that. He continued on for quite some time so I decided I had enough and we would just finish it. I grabbed another piece of paper and scribbled some words on it before holding it up to him. His teary eyes gazed towards me, “FUCK YOU I AIN’T READING SHIT….JUST FINISH ME ALREADY YOU…” I grabbed hold of his throat with my tk to shut him up. His eyes widened as I tightened my hold so he couldn’t breathe. The camera turned off as I walked back towards.

“What did I say before about having to stop the camera?” All of the sudden there was this dripping sound and as I looked down I noticed that Travis has pissed himself. “Are you fucking kidding me? Again…jeez.” I let go of him and he immediately gasped for her.

“You’re going to die for this….” He uttered.
“I already did,” I smirked as I walked back out of frame. “I was reborn as God’s cleanser.” I chuckled as I took my seat and held up the words. “Just say these damn words and then we are done…then you can go back to your fierce leader and tell him all about me.”

The camera switched back on. “There is a no hero in town and you better watch your back…” Seeing him hesitated again I decided to just do it myself and so I used my tk to make him talk. “Watch your back because they are coming for you, Floyd Banker. No one is safe.” As soon as his said that last word his headed exploded and the camera stopped. I could tell my colleagues were a tad suspicious of how their heads exploded but I explained to them that I implanted a small explosive into the back of their head. They seemed to believe me or at least pretended that they did because they were too afraid to find out the truth.

“Okay let’s grab our gear and torch this place.” Once we left the building we threw a couple of Molotov cocktails inside to set the place on fire. I just smirked as I stared out the passenger seat window watching the building get engulfed by flames. On the way home we stopped off at a news station and left our tape at the front desk for them to find. Just keep chipping away on the outside…if its support is gone the structure won’t stand much longer.


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Carmen sat down on the rooftop with her knees tucked up close to her chest. She knew what she had to do, but she didn't want to do it at all. It meant that she'd accept that Michael had died. Homer was right though... and technically it was her fault. She had touched the rock on his desk, and even if he claimed it to be his own mistake, Carmen would refuse to see it that way, especially after the experience in the link. She took a deep breath as Homer's last words echoed through her head. It was time...

"Mike... I'm going to make things right. I'm going to find who did this to you... then I'll make you proud. I'll make sure that the world has a sense of justice once I'm done taking it... I just wish you could be there to see it... Me as the new hero. You were the reason I got this power. You helped me understand it, and now..." Carmen's body converted in electricity. "I can do so much. So before I let you leave..." Carmen allowed herself to stand up. She paused, being reluctant. "I just want to say... Thank you. Gracias mi amor." Carmen said as she changed into her own form with tears ready to escape her eyes. With her eyes shutting in order to be the dam to block her tears, she started to release Michael's body from her own. She expected to hear a thud from his body hitting the floor, but a crackling was heard instead. Her eyes shot open to see what was going on before seeing a body of electricity lying on the rooftop. Carmen raised an eyebrow before the electricity began to go rampant. Carmen backed away before her vision flashed from normal vision to her now discovered ability of Beacon Vision through the link. She could see a golden glow where the electricity was, and it was glowing brighter! Her eyes widened as her vision switched back repetitively.

Throw dirt on me... grow a wildflower
Fuck the world... get a child out her
Yeah, my life's a bitch, but you know nothin 'bout her
Been to hell and back I can show you vouchers....

Carmen trembled as she backed away again. Those lines in the song, No Love fit nicely as the golden aura became too bright for Carmen to see... then she heard a scream that sent chills down her spine. It wasn't the nature of the scream, but the scream in general that startled her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!" The roar broke Carmen's connection to the link making her witness the body of electricity rise from the floor. The being that stood before Carmen examined itself. "Hmm..." It let out before converting into light, then fire. "Yes..."

"Mike?" Carmen questioned before the being turned its attention to her. It slowly shook its head in denial as it's body began to lose its flames. Carmen just stared in shock as thse being began to take on a familiar appearance. An appearance that would make its denial a lie. As the being became flesh and bone, its naked body stepped forward.

"I am Aegis..."


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Robert walked back in with anther folder ready for round 2 with the terrorist before opening it one was a picture of Bella with the word's Rory's bitch carved into her chest then pulled up Floyd's ex Jada with the word Zeus brnaded into her, then pulled in Floyd's best friend Tyrone branded the word Greek. "I've seen this a thousand times before, friends involved in the same shit, one pulls away, one gets mad? Or are you telling me there's another Rory who had his name branded into his girlfriend's chest? From the stand point I see, and what Info I've got from the feds, he's been clean for more then a minute while you've been getting dirtier, You're a fucking terrorist who had the Greeks hit these people and you're own mother, TELL ME the FUCKING TRUTH NOW!" Robert took out his gun pointing it at Rory's head. "Don't lie."

I looked at the pictures and was absolutely shocked. Before I could say anything else a gun was pointed at my face. "Surely killing someone who already wants to die isn't any fun" I said putting my mouth over the end of the gun. I looked up at him for a moment then leaned back into my chair. "Look I don't know anything about this. You come in here you show me that someone has attacked my family and you expect it's me? I'm sorry but obviously I'm the the sick demented man who attacks his family WHILE HE WAS IN FUCKING MEXICO!" I shouted. "I have been in Mexico for the past few days visiting their great country, and now I'm sitting here answering useless questions that I myself would like answered." I sat there and tried thinking who this could be. As far as I knew me and Floyd were the only ones who knew about the burn in my chest. Floyd was bad but I didn't think he would do this to his friends. But then again I was his friend once, so I couldn't put it pass him that he would fuck up his friends. But even if something happened why would he mark "Rory's Bitch" in her chest. It didn't make any sense. I used my telepathy to try out one of my newly learned abilities, emotion manipulation. I used it to give him the smallest sense of trust in me. Enough to maybe calm things down but not enough to raise suspicions.

Robert saw the shock on Rory's face when the picture was presented either he was the perfect actor or he was really shocked, and with the few options he had the latter option made no sense. "Oh I don't want you dead I want fucking information." I've dealt with a lot of terrorists, radicals, once you've been radicalized your family means nothing, and I'm convinced these Greeks there fucking radicals. Location is a factor, you're people are all over the fucking country, it' funny how you mention being in Mexico because the Greeks just have recently been expanding their business to here as well. So tell me what was your fucking reason for vising Mexico, does it have to do with the fact that my people tailing you found you leaving Carlos Slim office when Mexican authority found him dead?! You're gonna fucking tell me what the fuck I wanna know or I swear to fucking god!!!!" Robert grabbed his pistol and went to hit Rory across the head with it going to hit him again before a sense of trust was instilled with him, but other agents rushed in to tackle Robert." Get the fuck out GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!"

Eddie looked at Robert as he was drgged out by two agents, leaving him in the room with one other FBI Agent and another from Department of Homeland Security. "Good news for you Rory, you're being taken back to Miami, the crane operator we pressed he made a deal confessed you were gonna pay him $15 grand because you knew you were under surveillence. You're gonna he held for 4 counts of assault on federal agents, get ready for transfer, and get cells cause you're gonna be in ones for a long ass time, and I Don't know what kinda sick game you're playing, but you're whole family is missing and none of their bodies were found in the fire." Eddie just looked at Rory like he was disgusted like e was looking at vomit on the floor or something. "You're a sick man, I almost feel like I should have let Robeet beat the shit out of you."

"I'm a sick man? You think that I'm a sick man. You take a man who has just lost EVERY FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD! And you beat him, and you put him in this cold ass room. And you pour cold water on him. Point a gun at him spit on him show him pictures of his mother beaten and his family's home burned and you call me the sick man? Well take a look in the fucking mirror! I'm a fucking clueless, helpless, poor bastard you picked up off the street and FUCKED. Now may I make a suggestion and heat up this room and dry me off before I die from hypothermia, or get frozen in ice. Whichever comes first." I said sitting there shivering in my seat.

Eddie looked at Rory as he ranted on and on and just shook his head. "The only thing you've lost is your humanity, You terrorist types you have no mercy or regard for human life including blood, so don't try me with that shit Lamb. If you're helpless and poor, then I work for the Cartels. And don't worry as much I want to kill you, I can't, you're getting transported to Miami first thing tomorrow morning." He walked out the room and yelled." HEAT UP Mr. Lamb's room 100 degrees, he's cold so I figure we'll warm him up." He smiled as the heat was turned on the room, soon it would be an inferno.He turned to face him. "We're going to find out everything about your business with the Greeks, confessing just makes it alot easier." Then he shut the door and left.


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Combat training had been excellent and once again helped me get a grip on my abilities. I’d decided to take it to Building 26 itself since I was oh so interested in meeting Emile Danko in the flesh. I hated people like him so he’d been fun to experiment on different things before killing him. I got to face off against a few of my favorite characters Bennet, Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, and Peter, and I felt better after doing so. I started a fire in the building after I was done having fun, sure some agents would escape, but I’d spread the fire fast so a good bit of people inside would die. It was extremely entertaining to hear them screaming for help, burning alive. I was getting use to the smell of burnt flesh now, I was think ing about dropping by X Men or maybe Supernatural naw scratch that, maybe..mhmm..I dunno who else was next on my list for combat training?

I just sat on the burning Government Building, as the sound of blaring sirens we’re coming, and helicopters we’re coming. “Ah shit.” I quickly made myself invisible not wanting to be shot down, or hit with a missile. “Damn Danny could fuck Sam wherever he wanted, hell this motherfucker could cheat whenever he can’t ever get caught on camera.”

I was just laughing as more helicopters, and emergency personnel where arriving when it happened. I Felt a searing pain, this was different from any level of discomfort I experienced through the link from the others, except one other time. When..Nicole..had died, which meant. I felt it for an instant I wondered if Ashley had taken care of Rory, then I saw it. My eyes widened I wasn’t focused on anything around me, even though the amount of police around me matched Grand Theft 5 with 5 stars. Michael Hayes..shot..blood rushing out, his life ended. I was just in a state of shock, even with my emotions dulled he was one of my greatest friends in the world. Even though these powers had caused us to drift apart, in an instant I was in the real world. I felt the pain, his death, it was like a knife digging deep inside me, cutting me, taking out apart of me. I realized this link was truly a connection and it had to do with my emotions, when Nicole had died I hadn’t cared. In fact I’d celebrated somewhat considering what she’d done to me, but with Michael it was different.

“Fuck shit..god damn!” I peered deeper into the link seeing the scene at the hospital before seeing older images what happened just a few minute ago confronting him about breaking in, giving him the the past two conversations in the link that led to me regaining my conscience, showing up at his place unannounced on Halloween, when he broke into my house to attack me after I’d had Zach visit him, the attack at the hospital that was the origin of me ridding myself of my conscience, talking to him about what was going on when I was loosing my powers, and so many others. Tears formed in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away and left the link, coming to the surface as I was sitting on the floor. I got up and went over to my couch to just sit down, the combat training had amplified my highness but this had completely blown it in a way. I hadn’t sobered up from all the opiates in me, but it had pretty much eliminated any euphoria I was feeling.

I didn’t even bother to look any-more, I just sat still, I just needed to calm down. Michael’s death upset me, but not as much as it would without my emotions dulled. I just closed my eyes, and allowed myself to get some rest. My mind, my body, I needed to take a break from reality. Escape into my dreams, escape..from reality. I closed my eyes, and it wasn’t long until I was out. The next thing I knew I was running for my life, helicopters were in the sky with search lights, sirens we’re blaring as police cruisers and trucks we’re moving through the streets. I was moving calmly despite everything as I came to a ded end and just stared at the brick wall, I could hear screeching tires as an SUV pulled up blocking the exit. Two men emerged both dressed in classy business attire, and they began to approach as me as I turned around I stared. The two men stopped and looked at me.” We know who are, skip the formalities, do you accept our offer?” I just stared at the men a blank expression on my face before l eaning against the wall.” Do you accept..Floyd do you acc-

I heard knocking on my door, I awoke from my dream, I snapped back awake. The Dream was the last thing on my mind, it was night time outside. My TV was on and I was shocked as I saw the head line. Death Threat made against hip hop entrepreneur Floyd Banker, Drug Lord Accusation, Greek Ties. “What the fuck..” Before I could say anything I heard loud knocking again, I wanted to grab my laptop but I figured whatever was going on outside was more important. I rushed to the stairs going downstairs only to be blinded by flashes of blue, and the sound of sirens. My eyes widened, normally after passing out from a good sleep after nodding I Felt amazing, but now my heart was pounding.

“THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BANKER! LET US IN! WE HAVE A WARRANT!” I had no idea what happened on the news but I wasn’t good, what I was hearing now I was barely comprehending. Rory you slimy piece of shit, whatever was goig on it had to be Mr. Lamb. I just hoped I wasn’t taken down by the feds when I opened the door. I reached for the knob, and opened the door.

“So you finally opened the fucking door huh? “ I was looking at the agent I’d made a deal with, and instantly a scowl came to my face. We’d just made a deal literally it hadn’t even been a week, and the FBI “Mhmm whoo wee it smells in here, you must have yourself a good time Banker, lucky for you, your preferred method of celebration is legal now. Mind If I step in.”

I was irate a combination of things the feds had disturbed my lean sleep, I had no idea what was going on but it must have been big for the feds to show up despite the deal, and oh yeah one of my best friends we’re dead. “Yeah I fucking do, what’s so important you had to wake me up for?!”

“Well I Don’t give a fuck we need to talk now, and if I were you I’d watch you’re tone, and I hope you had a good dream, because if you don’t know what’s going on it’s about to become a nightmare.” Frank just smiled as if he was too eager to punish me. I was already beginning to regret going to the feds, and yup I was Right. The Feds sat me down to go over the death threat, of course me being in nap mode I Didn’t have anything. I was glad I’d finished the evidence from my recreational activities. I’d been sat down and watched the video..of the death threat. It started bad when I saw Travis, and two other members of the Greeks strapped to a chair, I thought the worst as soon as it began. And more continud to happen the torture, confessing that I was Zeus, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as the two greek’s heads exploded. At first I thought this had to be Rory, but it seemed force the stuttering it didn’t fit Rory, he was a telepath, of course he could just be making them look scared to simply tarnish my image even further.

I had a long conversation with the FBI before they left, but I knew the police would be all over me like white on rice. The Deal was null and void, a death threat with three people’s heads getting blown off on TV, not to mention the bodies were found in a burned building. They’d torn apart my reputation, but that was fine with me. I’d went on the news, but the news I’d saw was even worst. Taser-Girl, the headline, then what I saw, Carmen her face wasn’t clear but I got it. After watching herself expose, I went onto my laptop going to worldstar to see laser girl, and checked it on youtube before slamming my foot down.” FUCK FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! AAAH GOD DAMN MOTER FUCKER CUNT SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY! MIKE, TRAVIS, THE FUCKING NEWS, THE FEDS, NOW CARMEN’S FUCKING UP TOO FUCK FUCK!!!!!” I was ranting everything was falling apart, dead friends, exposure, more heat than when you started shooting at the prison in Grand Theft Auto Online. I just fell to my knees grabbing my head. I was pissed before my phone was ringing, I wondered what others news could be coming before picking up. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Mhmm..not the most pleasant tone is it?” Emma Frost was on the other line, I’d left her at the hospital all day to heal my friend’s mental trauma.

“Whatever you calling to tell me you did what you asked? What the fuck, they healed, they checked out, congrats, I got hella shit piling up on me.”

“IT’s more then that..I delved into their memories..”

“I don’t wanna heara bout the shit Rory fucking did! I saw the end results, that’s enough.”

“Well see..Floyd that’s why I wanted to talk to you…”

I was seen walking forward dressed in all black, including my Obey Beanie. I wore it a little loose so my dreads were exposed, and a huge blunt was seen in my hands. About a gram and a half were stuffed into it, and I was walking inside Mcdonalds. A light skinned lady was seen at the cash register looking down instead of meeting me in the eyes.” What do you want today>”

“Uhh…I’,mma get a big mac, big fries, big drink orange drink, yeah the whole meal.” She looked scared as she in the back ground on a TV it was showing the death threat that was made to me.

“Holy shit you’’ still”

“Gurl..what the fuck…” Right as I said that the music began to start before the scenery changed to me outside with a bic lighting up the rello and hitting it a couple times then exhaling the cannabis smoke.

“Fuck a death threat who these fools tryna threaten, Feds pulling up at my door asking hella questions, Police out front saying i need protection, Told Officers to hit the gas n stop fucking stresing, Still at the club with these bands flexing n finessin, Come at me and I put you in the ground that's my fucking response message!, How I'mma be scared of these bitches when I got all these weapons, I came along away from serving gas infront of 7-11, Now I'm fucking Persian MOdels no more sloppy seconds, asking for a loan saying u use to know me well this the past not the present, Any Drug from A to Z I can prolly sell it, And when I hit this dope I take off just like im Clark Kent, And I can fuck any bitch I want i don't need no consent, and if these mother fuckers do sum else my ak 47 going be unpleasant!!!! BOW BOW BANG BANG SKUTTER! SK SK SK SK SK SK SKUUUURT” The next montage just showed me rapping in various places before showing me in a hot tub with two ak 47’s an two girls one hugging me and the other her head underwater. The Video cut off and was getting to the ending credits before I was shown sitting in a chair in the barber shop smoking.” This for all you mother fuckers thinking I’m scared, fuck you HOES, I rap but I’m still strapped, fuck around with my patnas and get yo ass straight kidnapped!”

“PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN YO! FLOYD B DON’T GIVE NO FUCKS YO! HE REAL IN THIS BTICH! THE STREETS HEARING THIS SHTI! THIS HOW YOU KNOW HE STRAIGHT OUTTA DRILLINOIS N SHIT! CHIEF KEEF AND ALL GBE SHOUT EM OUT, SAYING THEY FINNA COLLAB HOLLOW ROUND! BUDDAH FEATURING CHIEF KEEF AND FREDO SANTANNA! THIS SHIT FINNA BE CRANK ITS GONNA BE THE HOTTEST HIT IN THE STREETS! YALL THINK GUCCI THE HOTTEST IN THIS SOUTH CAUSE HE GOT PATNAS GETTING BODIES BRUH THIS MOTHERFUCKER GOT PATNAS GETTING 9/11’D!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK WRONG WITH YALL LIKE I SAID PLAY THAT SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!” The radio then went ahead to play the station again, my song Death Threats which I’d dropped yesterday already had millions of hits on worldstarhiphop, and youtube a combination of my existing popularity, and my death threat. I was infuriated with Travis’s death, but any publicity good or bad I used it to get more famous. I never thought the Greeks would amplify me, but now I Was more famous then ever. Being connected to one of the most infamous new criminal organization’s in the world, I’d gotten millions of more views, more followers on social media it was insane, I felt like J Cole..cause I was blowing up.
Monday was suppose to be a boring day wasn’t it? Not anymore, I mean what’s boring when you had super powers. Travis was dead, Michael was dead, two down, it was only me, Ashley, Carmen, and Rory left with powers. What Emma told me was impossible.

“It wasn’t Rory, it was a girl, who could move things with her mind.” I’d come to the hospital as soon as she said that. I’d let her touch me so I could see her memories. I was watching but none of it made any sense. Jada being confronted by some girl I never seen before, but the voice was one I recognized. She was beaten and branded. Then the memories of Bella, being beaten, the conversation the happened I’d watched. I could still remember everything vividly I overheard Jada’s confession to the authorities, they assumed it was a combination of shock and the drugs. While Bella had just said she didn’t remember but I knew she was lying, she knew something, hell I hadn’t even driven her home from the hospital I’d just had some members of the Greeks do it.

I walked over to Jay’s car in ghost form while keeping myself invisible. I walked over to the car touching it, instantly memories fluttered through my mind.” What the fuck “ I saw it from the car’s point of view a lady, then the car rolling down the street into a tree smashing, Jay’s head being maneuvered by an invisible force slamming into the car seat. “No fucking way” My head was spinning she was dead, it was impossible. This girl sounded like her in the memories, but it couldn’t be her. “She’s fucking dead…She’s fucking dead..I fucking killed…her”

I focused barely reappearing at my next location still in ghost form Bella’s place, and with one step memories flooded into me of Antonio Falcon speaking to Bella. But that’s not what I wanted, I thought back to where the confrontation had taken place in Bella’s memories hovering over there and bending down to touch the ground to see the most recent memories, more specifically from Friday.

“I don’t deserve this,” she cried out as she huddled up in a ball.


I just looked as images played themselves out in real time, before I got off my knees, and clenched my fists. “This fucking cunt…..” I was shaking and was just glad I was invisible, next thing I knew I Was back at my own place my heart was pounding. Two red rings came around as me as I left my ghost mode entering my human form and I just shook my head. “It’s fucking impossible…the lightning..I was in the room when she fucking died..I..I..I felt it..I fucking felt it..I.” I walked over to the counter and took a seat at the stool, looking at Kara my bar tender.

“Pour me a shot, some fucking clear.” Kara moved at her usual speed so the drink was served at it’s usual pace, and I just downed it, wincing at the taste and burning sensation in my throat. “Fuck this shit.” I looked at a bottle of Bombay on the encounter and it flew over to me and I grabbed it. I tore the cap off and began drinking from the bottle chugging before setting it down on the counter. “Fuck..if she’s really..back..this fucking..bitch..God…let you live, and you come back swinging on my homies..fuck it..fuck it..” The Alcohol had served not only to energize me but to irritate me. I didn’t get it, none of it made sense. She was back, I was connecting dots everything made sense. Rory’s Bitch being carved into Bella, Jada being attacked, the heads exploding. “Fuck..” The weight of everything was just starting to hit me like the alcohol, Rory wasn’t responsible, she’d played me.

“Ah shit!!!” I took out my phone and quickly contacted Ashley. The phone began ringing before I heard a click. “Hullo.”

“Ashley! You know Rory’s fam missing right and”

“The fuck do you giv ea fuck, don’t worry bout them motherfuckers, you still tryna look for them motheruckers?””

“Look you remember that shit he did to Jay, and them? What if he didn’t d it, what if it’s another mother fucker, with powers! I think>”

“Naw Look I’mma stop you right there, you on some guilt shit, you on some mother fucking pussy shit! We know who it fucking was, grow a fucking pair, he put yo fucking best friend in the fukin hospital!”

“Look I’m just saying, Ion know if you took his fam or not but if you did..he not guilty..I know who did it, remember that girl who died, she came back to life forreal like Jesus and.”

“DON’t Come at my fucking phone on some stupid shti! I should fucking slice yo fucking neck, you just tryna take his fucking side and

“FUCK! Look I Got a special plan for his family ight don’t fucking go after e might can you juts agree fuck.”

“Ight whatever Fine Fuck!!!!”

“Thank you Shit!” I hung up the phone, I’m glad I’d left Rory’s mother, and auntie in fictional dimensions. At first I’d thought Rory had simply implanted the memory of Nikki’s brutality It made sense, she was dead, it was the perfect cover up because he knew it would irritate me. But he couldn’t alter the memory of a machine or a floor, I had Mr. Gray to thank for that. I’d already retaliated I could just return

Rory was in a heap of trouble, and he was going to be furious. And among the people I knew with powers he was the hardest to reason with, having some people he cared about as playing cards in my corner would help me, because I had a feeling that Ashley may have eliminated the rest of my bargaining chips.
Ashley just shook her head thinking about the day before. She was thinking about what to do with her life, she had a million in the bank, her own barber shop, she was free to have sex with whoever she wanted, and she was invincible. After Floyd wrote her a check for 10,000 dollars she felt even more happy, that was just spending money. She had Rory’s family in the a jar two brothers, sister, grandmother, uncle, and decided to drop them in a shot glass filled with tussionex. “Oh shit I had to make this shit extra sweet.”

She was already pretty gone off the xans, but it was always good to mix opiates. I mean what was the worst that could happen besides respiratory depression and death? She took the shot downing the family, before licking her lips to get the remaining syrup off. “Damn..” It had taken a few blunts later before she decided she’d do what she’d always wanted. Killing the cops she’d felt better then she’d felt in a long time, she hated police almost as much as she hated the majority of caucaisan people. With her powers she could make her dreams come true, make the world how she’d wanted it to be for a long time.

“I’m finna fixxxxx diss shit.” It wasn’t long before she left her home to teleport to Alabama. Thirty minutes later she was back at her place with a table full of people she’d managed to snatch with her power. “So yall..motehr fuckers..I ain’t eve ngoing explain shit, lemme see if I’m counting yall right ok..ok.. I’m finna try sum new shit..I been learning…isss..called da ASS SMASH” With tha she hopped on the table sitting on and the sound of bones crushing was heard as she just started laughing.” Ah shit..I kilt dem mafukers..wit my ass..hahaha” She juts started laughing before getting up ,going over to her bong to hit it again.

In the present she was watching television while hitting her bowl. Floyd’s conversation had irritated her, it was taking everything in her not to go after Rory herself and put an end to that piece of shit. “ start..catching feelings for this hoe..I’m finna just kill him myself, and the rest of the vanillas.” She shook her head while looking at the news she wondered when Alabama would report missing people, while her stomach began to growl. “Mhmm..shiid..I need sum food….chinse yuh!” She grabbed her phone, and went through her contacts before making the call.
Bruce sat up in his hospital room, he was about to get discharged later today. And Amy was suppose to be picking him up, he felt like his head was spinning. HE thought he’d been wasting time, but the news had proved he wasn’t. Floyd Banker had made the news with the death threat, heads exploding, he knew that had to be someone’s ability. Then the human taser girl, he had no idea who that girl was at least until Troy stopped by, some girl named Carmen, who’d been hanging out with Michael. And if she was with him, she had to be part of the crew. Then there was the person who flipped over Frank’s car, or at least who Amy assumed did it Ashley Mok. She’d apparently been under investigation by the FBI for connection to the disappearances, and they’d seen a car disappear into thin air.

“I’m fucking close..”
“Alright look man these are the people you need to protect.” I had people on the wall board, personal friends and people I cared about that I wanted protected. Major Zod just looked at everyth8ing as I handed him a folder as well.

“That’s your job here, man go on you got work to do in the city, remember no lacking, BDK, well no no BDK but protect these mother fuckers you got speed, you got hearing, if they get fucked up, I will have kryptonite shards jammed into your fucking lungs, while having some gay hookers rape the shit outta you understood!”

“Yes Sir.” The Major took the folder and sped off, and I shook my head before going over to a brown box I had and opening up to look at what was inside before closing it, I was gonna have a lot of fun.


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The past two days had just been buckets of fun for the FBI. Everything in Miami was insane, a majority of the police officer’s had either died in the bombings or simply went missing from their vehicles. Rory was still in custody because he was yet to confess to his crimes with the Greeks, and now they had additional charges on him as Eddie came into the room. Frank was at the hospital after being brought into critical condition two days ago, he walked in with another agent who merely looked and shook his head.

“So this is the guy after his own family.”

“Stop, don’t even try that ploy..he’s a radical. Mr. Lamb, it seems some contingencies you had arranged in case of your arrest have come to past. As you know from yesterday you’re auntie’s house blew up, we’ve found DNA evidence of you being the one who planted the explosive in her house.” Eddie smiled he was always happy when he finally had proof against the criminals. “You’ve got a lot of charges man. Conspiring to kill Federal agents, using a crane operator to assault FBI agents, bombing your auntie’s house, the acquisition of 60 Grand Illegally, information has come out from a prior investigation that you ran a series of casino scams starting from Miami and ending in Vegas also during the time of the city’s lock down meaning you illegally escaped, and there was only one case of an escape, luckily we’ve brought in that specific air traffic control person know for interrogation to see if he was on your pay roll, it’s easy to see how he could since your scheme would have left you a millionare. There’s a lot more on your plot, so you want to fess up now or do you want me to leave me in you’re cell to reflect how fucked up you are. It’s only a matter of time before we find out what you did to the rest of your family.


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"Due to recent circumstances, Project Aegis has been redone to meet your standards... Michael Hayes." Minerva said as I watched the pistol appear like usual. "Please grab the weapon."

"Not this time." I said with a smile as electricity crackled in my palms. I was back, and I didn't mean here by Mount Rushmore or even me being alive. I had my powers back... no, I had all of my power to be exact. My body waa already using absorbed energy from the UV lights that were set in the room I could no longer sleep in anymore. I think that's what I might miss about my previous skill set. It allowed me to think a lot more and even get some extra training in with my old powers. I couldn't understand this level of power I was on. I used bio electricity to enhance myself even more. "I'm a fucking god!"

"Target practice will now commence."

"Bring it!"