Tiffany Coles

"I'm only human, right?"

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a character in “Powerful Five”, as played by Bella Enchated


Name: Tiffany Coles
Aka: Tiff

GENDER/AGE - TIffany Coles is a 17 year old female with an attidude.

APPERANCE - Tiffany has long beautiful, curly/wavy red hair. Her eyes are normally a light shade of brown but as she get's older and get's her powers they seem to, well change colors to blue, green, gold, silver, black, ect. She has a nice fit, slim body making her earn some stares every once in a while but she does her best to ignore them. She has a tattoo of a cross on the side of her left hand, a star on her ankle, her name on the back of her neck, and a odd design on the side of her neck.

PERSONALITY - Tiffany's personality normally can change in a matter of seconds. She can go from being an angel to being your worst nightmare. She isn't as much of a girly girl as she seems she is but more of a tom-boy who wears a dress and heels here and there, but she always cares for her hair.
Tiffany isn't a morning person, sleeping in till at least noon, sometimes later. In an instant, no matter her mood, she will care for anyone who happens to be hurt or upset. She is not the kind of girl who cares what people think of her, in her words; "if you like me, good. If you hate me, even better." She doesn't take bullying very lightly and will punch any bullies into another state who get anywhere near her firends.

POWERS - Her main power that no one els has is controling the weather. She also can use any of the basics, invisiblity, mind reading, voice mimic, and talking to animals, these are all the basics injected into the powerful five. She can handle her powers very easily and is doing a good job of keeping them to herself as she adapts to them and being in public. She is not too thirlled about her mother knowing nothng of how to control her powers, when she will get them all, or what they all are.

FEARS - Tiffany has a fear of a lot of things, well maybe not a lot but several. She has a fear of somehow dying at a young age, heights, poison, something going wrong with her powers, evil.

LIKES - She likes singing, reading, playing piano, being with friends, watching movies, going for walks, talking with new people, and much more.

DISLIKES - Tiffany dislikes anything to do with selfish, annoying, greedy people, slimy things, sea food, and many more things.

EXTRA - Tiffany always at some point in the day just writes, writes how shes feeling, how her days going, her thoughts, song lyrics, stories, whatever she possibly can. She has not been the same since she was 13, when her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. When she found out she almost lost evrything she ever knew, if she had gone through with her plans she would be stuck in jail behind bars for the rest of her life. Since then she has been on the search for the person she is meant to give her heart to.

So begins...

Tiffany Coles's Story