Barras 'Full Stop' McCoy

A highly dangrous hypermorph; cannot be injured.

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a character in “Powers: The Awakening”, as played by Screedle


You are considered a public menace. Something you have done has angered the government to the point that you are now a priority target.


Age: 25. Height: 6"1. Weight: 177 lbs.
Appearance; White male, black hair, greyed eyes.
Country of Origin; Pangolia.

Barras McCoy was a wanted criminal.
At the time of his power development, he was wanted for fraud, possession of contraband, and assault upon various people, as well as a variety of minor offenses such as drinking in public.
Details of Mr McCoy's life are kept on a need-to-know basis; he has been officially removed from the public view, so to speak. To summarise the various steps taken to control is presence in the country, he was publically declared to be in prison for an indefinite length of time.
Mr McCoy is missing the first, second and third fingers on his left hand; this injury proved that he could, in fact, be harmed. He is currently contained within the Hypermorph Containment Force's headquarters, and is being used to further the study on the relatively unseen sub-group of Hypermorph that allows for passive abilities to continue functioning over a long period of time.


Taken from the HCF's 'summary of containment' document.

Advance warning to all personnel; this individual is highly dangerous. Do not attempt to anger the subject. Do not attempt to interact with the subject without express permission. If the subject escapes, protocol 102-A is to be activated as soon as possible.

The subject has had their ability defined as 'Indestructibility', although that term is considered a simplification. The subject's skin hardens, to a very extreme extent, every time they suffer damage; unusually for a Hypermorph, their ability seems to be continuous, taking effect as the damage is dealt over time - a result of his is that if one part of the body is attacked more than another, that side of the body will become more resistant to damage than the other half. In essence, it makes the subject extremely resilient to all forms of known damage, up to and including;
  • Explosive damage, including possible injury caused by fragmentation of a grenade.
  • Piercing, scratching and high impact resistance.
  • Heat, namely extreme temperatures - see limitations.
  • Torsion, that is to say twisting of the individual's limbs.

There are, however, limitations on the user's ability. The most prominent one is that the extreme hardening of the skin that occurs after the subject is attacked causes the subject's flesh to become brittle, similar to the way in which metal may become work hardened. As they do not seem to possess regenerative abilities, the danger of having limbs snapped is enough of an incentive to coax the subject back into containment.


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