Nikki Mai Stone

" You bite me I might bite back. "

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Name: Nikki Mia Stone
Age: 19

5ft 9, Nikki has long slightly curly red hair and pale skin that makes her hair look brighter. Her eyes are strange through they are blue they have a light green out line to them.
When Nikki hunts she wears black flat boots,Black jeans,A gray tanktop and a leather jacket. Nikki always has one dagger starpped to her thighs in case she needs it but that's not her main weapon. Nikki always has a long pole strapped to her back but it can shrink down to the the size of some ones finger but when it open it open up to be a Scythe. she never wears much make up other then lip stick or eye liner.
When around the Vampires are around she keeps her hair down so they cant really see her neck but when not around them she might have her hair up. While working she wears a wight dress and wight pants that cling to her other times she wears a black top of gray pants and decent shoes.


Nikki is a kind person through she likes to sleep alot ( Can be lazy :p ) When stressed Nikki might snap at someone to let her think but that is never often. She likes to have some quiet time some times so she can think right and make plans of what to do next but other times she likes to be around people. Nikkis quoet is " Keep your friends close and your enemys closer. "
Nikki's goal is have revenge for her parents and to do that she has to get close to the Prince and princesses closer then she would ever want to be. Nikki dose not care what happens in the end of this all her main goal is to get the other hunters out alive no matter what. Once Nikki says she doing something she sticks to it,She never gives up and that's just how she is. Nikki will not and will never bow to anyone through ( Ex- Not to Vampire other Hunters ect ect... )
she'll fight if needed.

Night time
Full Moons
Some vampires..

Loud Nosies
Dark places
Small palces..
Power hungry hunters..


Nikki is kinda scared of Thunder and Thunderstorms.. only cause there was thunder the night her family died..


Image((the past Nikki)History:

When Nikki was younger her parents were killed by a Vampire,They had been hunters and left often leaving Nikki and her younger brother on there own..One day they never came back so Nikki ( only being 11 ) and her younger brother ( only being 9 ) went to find them.
Wen they found them they were both dead and the vampire was waiting for them..she rembres it like a bad dream..he moved so fast,Right away Nikki had jumped in front of her brother and screamed to him to run but he had been frozen with fear. The man knocked Nikki out of the way and went right for her brother. When she came through her parents were still dead and the man and her brother and the vampire were gone.
Nikki searched for her parents killer and her brother for years but never found them so she trained herself infighting and vowed yo find her brother and her parents killer no matter what.
When Nikki searched for here weapon and it came to her right away which she was happy about. She soon became hunters like her parents still vowing to find their killer and her brother she took on this mission with another group of Hunters..so matter what she has to live this and get everyone else out alive.
Nikki dose not hate all Vampires just the vampire that killed her family. she dose not mind Vampires really she just had to take over for her parents..but the one thing is- when Nikki's parents died and her brother was stolen away the vampire had bitten her giving her a strange power that she hates.....

(( she is not a power hungry hunter in fact she hates those who only kill vampires for power. Nikki belivies that Vampires are people and she'll only kill them if they've done wrong. ))


strange power-
Nikki can sometimes walk into other peoples dreams and talk to them through these dreams or just watch them from the side lines. or there was times she can see the past present and future but each seem like a big curse to her...


Nikki's mother gave her a cross necklace that she never takes off and her father gave her a older cross necklace that she wears as a bracelet.

Her moms necklace- Image

Her father necklace/bracelet- Image

(( No she's not a big cathlic she just had them cause they were her parents. ))

Nikki carrys long sharp daggers in each of her boots.

So begins...

Nikki Mai Stone's Story