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ALL SOULS ARE REINCARNATED, time and time again; it's an ordinary affair. Typically, one remembers absolutely nothing from their past life; the identity of their soul's former owners have no significance or impact, and they reenter life with a blank slate. Some rare souls have moments carry over from their past life to their present; for instance, their new body may have a particular affinity for raisins or an extreme fear of fire due to their past existence. All of this is normal.

BUT EXCEPTIONS DO OCCUR. Sometimes, when people are truly exceptional, their soul remembers it. Then, in their next life, the soul's new body will be . . . special. Sometimes, the talents of a famous painter manifest into immense creative talent. The new body will carry a strange, unique feeling, like they are preordained for a certain fate. And for the truly exceptional, the soul's past life has such a strong presence that the new body may even have powers. It's never too extreme: perhaps the body may feel an uneasy sensation when the death of a close one approaches, or maybe they have an almost supernatural charisma.

WHEN MANY REINCARCANTED SOULS of exceptional humans collect into a certain time period, something unique is certain to happen. The Renaissance is a famous example of such an incident. But this time, it will not result in such fervent contributions.

THERE EXISTS A SOCIETY that wishes to harness the talents and genius of the past lives of souls. This society is the brainchild of two highly ambitious and intelligent people. One leader aims to create a society in which there is no "elite" class of exceptional reincarnations. They want a world where either all or none can have the talents of the geniuses from the past. The second joined the first under the ruse of supporting their partner’s vision for equality. However, their true goal is to utilize the resources and findings of their organization for their own gains. As someone who has spent their life learning about reincarnations, this person wants more. Instead of creating an equal society, they wish to fully access the abilities of these exceptional souls so they can be a genius as well.

THEIR FATES ARE PREORDAINED; as the reincarnations of past geniuses, it is an unspoken truth that they hold the responsibility of stopping this organization.

But sometimes, people would rather write their own destinies.

(private rp between fantaisie. and auriga.)

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