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Bioshock Jack

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a character in “Press Start to Continue”, originally authored by Royalburden, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Bioshock Jack
Age: 23
Species: human
Place/Game of Origin: Bioshock Series Cannon (multiple universes and instances)
Back Story: Those who have played the Bioshock series to its end know of it's strange and confusing end story with the lighthouses and the many paths leading to other lighthouses. It was ultimately a way of saying that the characters, namely the protagonist was stuck in a sort of loop. Different times different names the same story over and over again always starting at the lighthouse.....always ending at the lighthouse, and always surrounding a godforsaken city. Jack has suddenly found himself cast outside of this loop and into this.....universe. Confused and wielding his faithful wrench as well as a body stuffed full of Adam, Jack begins a whole new story.
Powers if any: As long as he can find the eve he can use the 4 plasmids his universe has endowed him with.
Electro Bolt
Winter Blast

Other: Occasionally Jack will have instances when he forgets who he is. He will suddenly claim to be looking for "Elizabeth" and may even take a hostile attitude towards people around him. It's a side effect from living so many different lives and possibly, ingesting so much Adam. He is also prone to hallucinations and the deterioration of mental facilities the more he uses eve.

So begins...

Bioshock Jack's Story


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Images flashed before Jack's eyes as he lay in the grass god knows how far away. Electricity danced up and down his body but it wasn't what caused him to grimace painfully. It was the sensation of being trapped. In a flash he was standing in slick stairs at the foot of a lighthouse. There was someplace he needed to be. Through the lighthouse, the marker. Down.....or up the stairs it didn't matter he would burst through another door and arrive on the rickety wooden dock at the base of yet another lighthouse. He would glance down at different clothes from a different time and a different body. Still he had someone he needed to save, some place he needed to go the only place he could turn to was that lighthouse....Of course it wasn't the only lighthouse. There where thousands of them....trillions, each bright light at the very top a pinprick in the fog....a the nighttime sky. Jack's head throbbed angrily and electricity crackled, singeing the grass he lay in causing it to smoke beneath his clothes. Jack writhed and cried out in sheer pain before stopping completely, eyes wide open staring into the sky.

"Elizabeth?" The name faded from his memory about as quickly as it was put there and Jack sat up, electricity now just dancing along his left forearm, the hand of which trembled as if the conduit of a great amount of energy. His head continued to throb a steady beat and something warm and wet dribbled down his lip. He touched it and smeared a trail of blood. Frowning he wiped it away with his hand checking himself for stains, his forehead glistening in the bright sun.

Something strange was definitely going on. He had no idea where he was. The sensation seemed extremely alien to him and as he stood up his stomach lurched dangerously. He carefully observed his surroundings. Bright green grass, strange hovering platform blocks, shrubs with odd looking swaying fruits. Surely this was some kind of......fever dream. That's right, he must have been knocked silly by one of the Big Daddies or...having a bad overdose of Adam....if that was possible. He turned in place. In the distance he could see a.....a castle? Surely that was someplace he needed to be. A lighthouse flashed forefront in his mind's eye for a split second and he grimaced, simultaneously he felt his foot hit something hard and heavy on the ground. A wrench. A massive red wrench faded and scratched up. Weapon. Jack picked it up and swung a few times, a slight smile coming to his lips. Something about this wrench felt like it belonged in his hand. He could really tear apart baddies with it he felt. Even more effectively if he used a burst of Electro shock first to stun them. Jack nodded, the satisfied smile still on his face and he started making his way towards the castle in the distance. Whatever this was he was going to get to the bottom of it.


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Character Portrait: Bioshock Jack Character Portrait: Collin Nes
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As Collin made his way through the grass lands, he starts to get a weird vibe. Something wasn’t right. If this was the mushroom world, where are all the enemies? There wasn’t a goomba or koopa troopa in sight. That seemed incredibly odd. He was getting closer to the castle which was starting to look more and more like an abandoned fortress. There was a huge pit in the ground that went straight down forever, like a bottomless void. He looked across the void and saw that directly above the hole was a long row of blocks floating in the air. “There’s no way I can jump that high.” He looked around but didn’t see any other way to get across. He looked up at the blocks again. “Then again, gravity doesn’t exactly work the same way here.” He did a standing jump and it was almost twice his own height. “Okay this’ll work.” He said as he backed up to get a running start. He started barreling through the grass until he reached the edge of the hole and jumped. He soared easily to the blocks and landed on his feet. “That wasn’t so hard.” He snickered. He then jumped to the other side of the hole and walked up to the door of the castle.

He stood in front of the door and looked up at the castle. The door creaked open slowly. “Well I guess I know what happens now.” He muttered as he walked through the door. The interior was only lit by the glow of the lava pits and the fire bars rotating. He walked down the corridor and came across the first lava pit. There was a platform protruding from the center with a fire bar rotating in the center sweeping the entire circumference of the platform and a “?” block floating in the center. He jumped to the platform hit the block and a dried up leaf floated down from it. He grabbed the leaf and landed on the block. He looked in his hand and the leaf was gone, but he had grown a tail and a pair of raccoon ears. “Really?!”

He tried to wiggle it and flicked it around. He jumped to the next platform, then the next dodging jumping fireballs gliding across the lava. He finally landed at another corridor and saw a pile of bones that looked like they were from a giant tortoise. There was suddenly an eerie glow emanating from the eye sockets. “Oh shit!”
The bones came back together to form a giant skeleton turtle. He jumped on its head and it fell apart again. He followed the corridor to the end to find a door. He opened the door and found himself in a room with a checker board pattern on the floor. He knew there should be a boss in here, but all that was in the room was a ball with a “?” on it and a figure in the corner of the room in a hooded robe. He couldn’t see his face, but he didn’t think it was an enemy.

“So let me guess, my princess is in another castle?” He called to the hooded figure.