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Pretty in Plaid

Aldridge, Alabama


a part of Pretty in Plaid, by (Irrelevant_Tea).


(Irrelevant_Tea) holds sovereignty over Aldridge, Alabama, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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It was an odd feeling, to have your world turned completely upside down. Harrison thought he had already felt that when his and Noah’s parents told them that they were moving to the United States. It was odd, everything was opposite, everything, these people drove on the wrong side of the road. Yet, Harrison thrived, to his mother’s displeasure. Harrison and his brother were living the life. They could have anything they wanted they could do anything they wanted. Money got to Harrison’s head, even more so than in Australia. He bought his own apartment within the first week of being in New York City. Soon he made new friends, met girls, and developed a love for skateboarding. He learned his way around the city and soon learned the ins and outs of the New York. His parents had said they moved there for their sons’ educations, but that was the last thing on Harrison’s mind.

He’d admit that he had went a bit too far with his use of money. His cell phone bills were through the roof with his international calls to Australia, not to mention the number of new phones he got within those few months from breaking old ones. This wasn’t the first time him and Noah had ran up the bill, but it was the worse. They had went all out, rented a limo and were going to party the night away. Everything was a blur, their fake ID’s had worked again and Harrison found himself sprawled spread-eagle out on the limo and as he leaned up a paper had slipped off his chest. He reached down and picked it up, squinting through his blurry vision to read the bar bill. He felt his chest clinch, it was a huge amount of money, the biggest him and Noah had ever spent. He glanced over, hitting his brother gently to wake him up. ”Shit dude, we’re in deep this time.” he grumbled, his voice rough and full of regret.

Harrison was right, they were in deep, yet he didn’t think his dad would actually punish them the way he did. Trudging into their dad’s office for the second time was still fresh on Harrison’s mind. The picture of Daniel Montgomery and the two blonde girls was still burned into his brain. How could his parents do this to him and his brother? Their world was turned completely upside down for real this time. This was no joking matter. He would be sent to some hick town in the middle of nowhere without his money. It made him light headed, but there he was standing in the dinning room of the ranch house with his two suitcases which even looked expensive, listening to the southern drawl of Daniel. Learning what him and Noah would be doing, how he was a preacher, and about the two young girls. He couldn’t honestly understand a word the man said, he was still in shock. He found himself surveying the surroundings, looking for the two little girls, wondering where all the dolls and stuff were. The house was neat..too neat to accommodate two little girls. He was brought away from his thoughts as Daniel cleared his throat. The preacher seemed a bit on edge. ”What’s wrong, mate?” Harrison asked, but before the man could answer the screen door slammed shut and the door behind Daniel opened. Harrison’s eyebrows shot up.

It must have been an old picture, cause this blonde didn’t look anything like a kid. He kept a sly grin from crossing his face as a second blonde walked in. He was not expecting this. But, apparently Daniel had. He understood why the poor man was on edge.


The day started out as any day did on the ranch, Raelynn cussed Loki as she rolled out of bed. ”Stupid chicken..stupid alarm clock wannabe. Can’t do anything right, but OH you can make a whole helluva lot of racket in the morning.” The grumbling continued as she went over to her dresser, snatching up a medicine bottle that rattled with the large pills inside. The bright blue pills caused Rae to scowl as she reached over for her water bottle, taking the two pills. She joined her dad and Pais at the table for breakfast, which was always fun and full of cheesy jokes. Then she had to race to the shower before her sister so she could have a hot shower. Then she dressed for her day. Today she was going to be working with Pongo for the rodeo that would be arriving later that summer, so her outfit was her black riding pants with her tight black boots with her yellow tie-dyed tank top with a horse on it. The tank top had long arm holes that showed off her bright blue exercise bra. She left her long blonde hair down, it actually having a bit of a crinkled look. Smiling as she took a deep breath of fresh air once outside. It may have been early, but the farm was quiet alive. Lil’ Holiday was moo’ing for her as she walked towards the barn, Thomas was on her heels purring loudly, and Vincent was barking at Loki who was up a tree.

The day was coming to an end as Raelynn drug the last barrel from her practice with Pongo back into the barn, a white truck catching her eye. She leaned on it for a few seconds as she caught her breath, then she went over to the bench to exchange her tight boots for a pair of blue vans that matched her exercise bra. As she sat there, her stomach grumbled. She had to go find Paisley, her stomach rumbling its agreement. She looked down at her watch, it was close to supper time which was Paisley’s specialty. Rae then started her search for her little sister. She wasn’t out in the field with the cows or Joey, she wasn’t in the stall with Cas, and Tibalt wasn’t anywhere to be found. That’s when the wagging tail of Penny caught Rae’s eye, grinning as the dog was curled up at the bottom of the ladder that led up to the hayloft. She grinned as she walked over, petting Penny before she set up the ladder. Half-way up something else caught her eye; a spider. She gave a little yelp, before she quickly flicked the spider away with a squeak before climbing the ladder a bit faster. She peaked her head in and a sly grin crossed her face. ”Mhmmmm, this sure does look like feeding the chickens.” She teased, propping herself on her arms as she rested her head on her hands, staying on the ladder to the loft. ”Finish that chapter, Pais. Then come to the house, it’s supper time and I’m starving!” she teased, smiling before she headed back down the ladder.

On the way to the house she saw the white truck leaving, sparking her curiosity, but it was soon overlooked as a patch of clovers caught the blonde’s attention. Not five minutes after plopping down beside the patch, Rae had three four-leaf clovers in her hand. Satisfied, Raelynn made her way to the house. Opening the door to the screened in porch and then the as she opened the one to the house she began to speak as she went in, ”Pongo did pretty well today, we knocked over the fourth barrel a few times but we can work on that. I’ll feed Lil’ Holiday after supper. Which reminds me! Pais should be coming soon, I’m not sure what she’s makin-” having been looking at the door behind her as she closed it, she stopped as she realized there was more than just her dad. Her head tilted as her brows furrowed. ”Oh! This is my eldest, Raelynn.” Her dad said, his voice a bit uneasy, which was understandable for what Rae was about to do. Her curiosity was replaced by a bit of anger, as she stood straighter and crossed her arms tightly. The long day had done a bit of a toll on her outfit and herself, her blonde hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail, a few sprigs left dangling around her ears, and she was a bit dusty, especially her face but the brown made her eyes pop. ”And they are? Raelynn spit. You see, she had noticed the expensive suitcases..well the expensive everything, but especially the suitcases which meant these two were staying awhile. She pushed the thought of them being attractive out of her head straight away. These couldn’t be the ranch helpers her dad had mentioned.

”Raelynn.” Her dad’s stern voice sounded, then another voice sounded, ”Ah, I see what’s wrong now, mate.” one of the “helpers” had said. This caused Raelynn to huff as her round nostrils flared, her annoyance causing her to overlook the Australian accent. ”These are our guests for the summer, Noah and Harrison Wellington.” Her father quipped, before Raelynn could say anything. She turned her glare onto the two Wellingtons. Not saying anything as she heard the screen door shut behind her, meaning Paisley was there. ”Ah, this is my youngest, Paisley. Paisley, this is Noah and Harrison Wellington.” Her dad introduced the two, again. Raelynn glanced back at her sister, ”Yeah Pais, these are the new helpers.” She grumbled, narrowing her eyes as she glanced back at the two. Her father cleared his throat, she knew what that meant, so her eyes softened slightly as she gave a forced smile.

”Welcome to Aldridge.” She grumbled, tilting her head slightly as she raised her eyebrows. With the signature Raelynn Montgomery smartass grin as she twirled the three four-lear clovers in her right hand as she uncrossed her arms.

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Fields and cows and barns and tiny, little houses. One after another. This is all that streaked by past the beat-up, old truck’s passenger side window. They had officially made it to hell. Hicktown. The Middle of Nowhere. Noah’s father’s words still rung in his ears. ”I thought you two would be responsible enough to live here and go to school. I THOUGHT your mother and I had raised you both right. But I believe I was wrong. No, I know I was wrong. Enjoy Aldridge, boys.” They didn’t deserve this, not at all. So what if they ran up a few bills? They had plenty of money! What was the big deal? The whole drive Noah Wellington huffed and puffed, glancing over at his brother, Harrison, shaking his head.

He’d would give anything to be back in New York City. They had everything they wanted there. His phone had been blowing up all day, yet he refused to answer any calls or texts. He wanted all his friends back in the city to sweat a little, he wanted to see how many times they’d text and such. Was he that important? Noah was naïve to the fact that, most of them, simply used him for his money. To him, they were all going to die that summer without him there. And yes, he might have been right- they might die without a way to get their booze and limo rides. . . And expensive gifts. As they pulled up to the ranch house, Noah scoffed, shaking his head once more. This was it. It was time to face the music, take his punishment like a man.

It wasn’t long until the two Wellingtons stood in the Montgomery’s small kitchen, listening to Daniel Montgomery drone in a thick, southern accent Noah could barely understand. Well, he could understand. . But Daniel talked sooo slooow. Noah looked over at Harrison, giving him a look as if saying, “Shoot me now, please, put me out of my misery.” Supposedly, Daniel was a preacher along with being the ranch owner. They were both expected to attend church each Sunday and Wednesday. That was rather humorous, yet Noah simply pressed his lips into a straight line to keep from laughing. Also, each morning they would be assigned things to do around the ranch.

”It should be enough to keep y’all both busy the whole day. Heaven knows we have enough to do around here.” Daniel stated, scratching the back of his head. It was the third time he’d done that since they had entered the kitchen. Did this guy have lice or something? Hillbillies. . . Noah thought, crossing his arms over his wide chest, glancing down at his suitcases at his feet. He kept waiting to hear the screaming of two little girls, but it never came. He supposed the two little brats were outside playing. He had dreaded the kids the most- little kids made him nervous, not to mention little girls. They whined and threw fits. . . It was too much.

Noah had ignored his brother’s question towards Daniel. It was obvious the man was on edge for some reason. Was he afraid they were going to from him steal or something? He’d have him know they could buy his silly, little ranch ten times over. However, when the screen door slammed he looked up, both his eyebrows raised out of curiosity. What savage was making its way into the house? When the door behind Daniel opened Noah was immediately struck with confusion. His brows furrowed and he cast a look at his brother briefly. That definitely was not a little girl. Looking at Daniel, he noticed that the ranch owner did look a little different from the picture they were shown. Now, he had a little gray hair and his face looked more worn than it did in said picture.

Looking back at the girl, he eyed her carefully as she spoke, lips twitching as he fought a grin when she trailed off, noticing him and his brother in the room.
”Oh! This is my eldest, Raelynn.” Noah arched an eyebrow, opening his mouth to speak to the oddly attractive redneck with dirt on her face. But, before he could let charming words slip past his lips, she spoke, acid dripping from her words as she asked who they were. Noah narrowed his blue eyes just a little, looking over at Harrison and snorting as he spoke about “seeing what was wrong now.” Noah had yet to really say anything. His eyes found the girl once as she huffed, unable to stop the abupt, humorless chuckle that pasted his lips just briefly before he silenced it. She was so angry at them being here and it was rather funny. Maybe this would make their being here worth the stay- making someone else miserable as well.

”These are our guests for the summer, Noah and Harrison Wellington.”
That’s right, your guest, little hick girl. Noah thought sarcastically, watching for the girl, Raelynn’s, reaction. Yet, the screen door slammed shut once more, causing Noah to look towards back door where the next person would enter. He guessed it was to be the other little girl who wasn’t really little anymore. An amused expression crossed his face when she entered, immediately spotting him and his brother as she made her way through the door. The girl stopped abruptly and when she did an awkwardly long-legged dog coming in behind her ran into her legs, causing her to stumble forward into her sister just barely.

Noah coughed to keep from scoffing, looking away briefly. ”Ah, this is my youngest, Paisley. Paisley, this is Noah and Harrison Wellington.” Noah looked back at her and Raelynn, nodding towards the one called “Paisley.” She was simply starring at them wide-eyed, reminding him of a deer caught in someone’s headlights.

”Yeah Pais, these are the new helpers.” Smirking slightly as the oldest spoke, sarcasm in her words, Noah cleared his throat, meeting her narrowed eyes. Oh, this was going to be interesting. Her words seemed to have shook the youngest out of her daze. The girl pressed her lips together a short moment, then said, ”I should start making dinner. For five, right daddy? Or will there be other surprise guests?”Her voice rung out with clear irritation, causing Daniel to sigh heavily. When Raelynn said “Welcome to Aldridge,” Noah just chuckled.

“Well, this helper is just pleased to meet you both.” he said, his deep voice still heavy with an Australian accent that had yet to die down. He did not hide his own sarcasm. Daniel then cleared his throat once more, his uneasiness apparent.
”Raelynn and Paisley will be in charge of you both during your stay. Since I will be most likely busy with other things, they will give you your tasks each day.”

Noah tried not to glare, looking over at the two girls. Really? Was he serious?? This. . . Was not going to end well.


The day started early for Paisley like it did practically every day. She was up twenty minutes before Loki began screaming and was downstairs, letting Penny out to use the bathroom. Once this task was done, she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. This morning, she had cooked scrambled eggs, with cheese of course, toast and oat meal. It was a bit of an odd combination, but they were in desperate need of a grocery store run. Once that was done she prepared the coffee for her dad, then waited for the dead to rise, aka both her sister and father to wake up. It did not take long once Loki started alerting everyone that the sun was indeed rising.

After breakfast Pais tried her hardest to get to the shower first, yet the dishes were not in her favor, being difficult to wash. ”Raelynn, you butt face! Save some hot water!!” she had shouted from the sink, up to her elbows in soapy water. Alas, her yelling didn’t work. One cold shower later, Paisley was standing in her room, shivering, as she snatched an outfit for the day. Today, she didn’t have much time for “play. . . “ she had a bunch of chores to do which consisted of mucking stalls, brushing the horses, cleaning their hooves, and feeding all the animals. It would literally take her all day. So, she opted for a pair of faded boot cut jeans, her dirty boots she worked around the ranch in, and a white tank top with her dark blue, worn flannel that was a little too big on her over it, unbuttoned. Pais went ahead and fixed her hair back in a loose braid, then set off outside to work.

Penny was right outside the door, waiting for her like always. Paisley smiled, glancing around the ranch that was full of life. She absolutely loved this place.
After a long, hard day Pais had crawled her way up to the hayloft. She was sweaty and dirty and tired. Sighing, she walked over and plopped down in a fluffy pile of quilts she had brought up there, snuggling into them. A ’meow’ to her right caused her to lift her head, eyeing Tibalt who lazed in a small pile of hay. ”Hey, lazy bones, what do you think you’re doing?” Pais teased, sitting up as she reached over and scratched him behind the ears. He simply began purring, closing his eyes.

Almost an hour later, Paisley was still up in the loft, her nose in a book. She had completely forgot about her last chore which was to feed the chickens. She heard Penny at the bottom of the ladder, barking and jumping around. ”I’ll be down in a little bit, Pen, I’m almost done with this chapter!” She called down to her dog, Penny falling silent not long afterwards. What caused Pais to lift her head was a yelp. Her eyes widened and a mischievous grin slowly crept across her lips. Raelynn. When her sister popped her head into the loft, she began laughing. ”I see you found the writing spider!” Pais joked, blue eyes dancing with amusement as her sister mentioned the chickens. Crap! ”I’ll feed them after dinner.” she mused, nodding at her sister’s comment about finishing up the chapter.

It didn’t take Pais long to finish the chapter, seeing as how she was a fast reader. Not fifteen minutes later and the youngest Montgomery was trekking towards the house, a smile on her face as Penny trailed her heels. She figured she’d make spaghetti for supper. It was quick and easy, and like her sister. . . She was starving. As she entered the screen door, she immediately kicked off her boots then pulled off her socks, wiggling her toes. Shoes are the devil. she thought sourly, glancing up as she then walked forward, pushing through the back door.

Paisley stopped swiftly halfway through the doorway, eyes tripling in size. She forgot about her little shadow behind her, her abrupt stop not slow enough for Penny who plowed into her calves, causing her to stumble forward. Pais grabbed hold of one of Raelynn’s shoulders, cheeks immediately staining themselves a red color.

”Ah, this is my youngest, Paisley. Paisley, this is Noah and Harrison Wellington.” Paisley kept her wide eyes on the two newcomers, confusion etched on her face. Their whole appearance shouted wealth and snobbiness. It almost smothered their good looks with Pais refused to acknowledge at the moment. She glanced over at her sister as she spoke, then looked back at the two guys. Her eyes were still the size of saucers. Say something, c’mon, speak you idiot! Paisley thought, kicking herself. She pressed her lips into a straight line momentarily, then gazed at her dad. ”I should start making dinner. For five, right daddy? Or will there be other surprise guests?” Pais could not keep the irritation out of her voice, no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t even bring herself to say anything to the two. She looked back at them as her dad sighed, simply making her way over towards the cabinets to grab up something to start boiling noodles in. Penny stayed on her heels, eyeing the newcomers wearily.

Pais listened as one of the guys, who she guessed was Noah, speak, brows furrowing at his accent. They were. . . Australian? The youngest Montgomery was so confused. When her dad spoke again, she had grabbed up a pot to fill with water, yet it slipped past her fingers, crashing to the ground at his words.
Her and Rae would be doing what?? Having to give these two chores? Paisley gazed over her shoulder at her sister, eyes wide once more as she crouched down, grabbing up the pot she dropped, red faced once more.

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Catching his brother’s look, a sly grin crept across Harrison’s face and he took advantage of the moment. Daniel wasn’t looking their way, he was looking over his shoulder into the kitchen, talking about what time breakfast and supper would be. Harrison made a fist, except he kept his pointer and middle finger out with his thumb up, his "fist" turning into a make-shift gun, in which he aimed at his brother. He acted like he shot him, then mouthed a, ”You’re welcome.” before putting the fake gun to his own head as he heard the news of them having to attend church. Daniel looked back, and Harrison’s “shooting” quickly turned into a simple gesture of running his hand through his unruly brown hair. There were so many things that were expected of him and his brother. This guy knew their dad, right? Had he heard stories of about them? Did he not know the Wellington boys weren’t much for rules let alone following them, yet Harrison had a feeling that if he wanted to get out of this hellhole he’ll have to follow the rules.

Then that thought was erased from his mind completely as the second “little” Montgomery came through the door. Well, she hadn’t completely come through the door, more like stopped in the doorway. He had to fight the urge to not grin when she looked at him and his brother with those widened blue eyes. He lost the battle when she blushed, a small grin slid across his face, his eyes darting to his brother when he scoffed, but they were quickly back on the blonde. He couldn’t help but to study her, with her long braid and shoeless feet. His mind went back to the picture. Daniel did seem to have gained a bit more gray hair, which was probably caused by the older daughter, and the two girls had lost their chubby cheeks but kept the dimples. He found it funny the younger one was taller, he found himself wanting to talk to her, but he kept his mouth closed. She didn't on the other hand, she had finally spoke, causing Harrison to tilt his head slightly. There he was thinking all southern accents were boring and a pain, but her’s didn’t cause him to suffer as much. He narrowed his eyes at her annoyance causing him to snort. Why were these two so upset that they were here? Harrison wasn’t use to people not needing him, not wanting him. Especially not girls.

He couldn’t help watching her walk into the kitchen, checking her out secretly. Then his gaze turned to the dog that was following the girl. Yet it didn’t stay on the long-legged dog for long as Harrison heard his brother speak. He nodded in agreement to the sarcastic statement, chuckling to himself mostly. He couldn’t hide the surprise on his face when the oldest one, Raelynn, replied. She really wasn’t happy about them being there. He had a feeling it was going to be a long summer.

That feeling was confirmed when, after having disciplined his daughter silently, Daniel told them that the two girls would be in charge of his “tasks” each day. He couldn’t help but groan which he received a glare from Raelynn, but his eyes raced to the kitchen when he heard the pot fall. He kept himself from laughing as he watched Paisley pick the pot up. He found it cut how clumsy she was. She was innocent and he was not expecting to find something like that in hick town. He looked at Noah when Daniel and smiling at Rae to see what he was thinking about the whole ‘girls running the show’ thing. He gave him a, ”What have we gotten ourselves into?” look. This all could have been prevented if they hadn’t have rented that limo.

Daniel started back again though, ”The tasks are pretty simple, just normal ranch chores. I’ll make sure that they won’t have you two doing all the work while they get to go up in that hayloft and lounge around. Your dad said ya’ll could be hard workers if ya’ll wanted to be, well I hope he’s right. I’m not a lying man, so I’ll tell you up front. It’s hard work here on the ranch, but it’s not too hard once you start enjoying it. It starts a bit early, but you’ll get use to it. I’m sure Raelynn and Paisley can show you around after supper.” Daniel looked towards Raelynn, but she didn’t seem to be paying attention. Neither was Harrison really, he had found himself looking around the house. He saw a lot of pictures. More than what they had at their house. He noticed one that looked a bit old, it had a young Daniel and a pretty blonde lady, which must have been the mother. He looked around, wondering where she was. That’s when he heard Raelynn talk again, but it wasn’t rude this time. It was genuine and polite. Maybe southern hospitality wasn’t dead.

That is until he noticed the exchange between her and Paisley and the look in her eyes. Daniel was wrong. These girls were going to make them do all the work. He was going to die out there doing disgusting ranch chores. He crossed his arms with a huff. Not saying anything cause he didn’t have anything to say. He was in for a long summer.


”Found?” The rhetorical question was proceeded by a loud, ’HA!’ as a shiver ran down the blonde’s spine. The grimace on Rae’s face was replaced by a grin when her sister realized she had forgot about the chickens. It was like Paisley to be found up in the hayloft with a chore or two left undone, if she didn’t do that Raelynn would be worried. Eyes scanning the hayloft as she began to speak again, ”Sounds good, I’ll come with ya. I have to give Lil’ Holiday her bottle after supper anyway.” She mused, eye falling back to her sister as she nodded. Rae gave a toothy smile towards her, ”You get first shower tonight, since I was a butt face and used all the hot water this morning.” Her voice teetering on nurturing as she spoke, winking at her sister. It was true, she felt bad for taking all the hot water, plus her sister deserved it. Pais had all the hard chores today, all she did was work with Pongo. She glanced at Pais once more, a bit out of habit, before she headed back down the ladder. Keeping an eye out for the wild Loki as she headed towards the house.

Now Raelynn had found something else. Intruders. She couldn’t help venomous tone, she didn’t take lightly to newcomers. Maybe it was a southern thing. The narrowing of eyes, snorting, and humorless chuckle was not winning them any points either as her eyes narrowed dangerously as she looked from the one called Noah to the Harrison one. Her posture a bit tense, but her gaze was nothing but disgusted. Yet right when she heard the door, and felt Paisley grab her right shoulder her expression softened completely as she glanced over her shoulder and held a protective arm out in case Paisley fell. Which she was prone to do. A little crooked half-smile appeared briefly on Rae’s face as well as her dimples when she studied her sister’s reaction to the two Aussies in front of them. She could almost hear Paisley telling herself to say something, and when she did it was Rae’s turn to have a humorless laugh as she turned her gaze back on the one who had cleared his throat, but it didn’t stay on him long.

Her eyes followed Paisley as she walked into the kitchen, eyeing Penny with a small glimmer of a grin. She moved her head back a little to watch what Pais was pulling out of the cabinets. Usually Rae could tell what her little sister was cooking just by what pot or pan she was using..if she was using one. Rae’s eyes lit up at the familiar red pot in her sister’s small hands. Spaghetti. Her stomach growled it’s agreement to the choice. Raelynn was getting a kick out of Penny’s odd looks towards the two guys, when one of them spoke.

”Well, this helper is just pleased to meet you both.” Raelynn could stop herself from snorting, ”Well, sadly, I can’t say the same.” She grumbled, then suddenly she realized what she had said. Her face became very child-like, much like a five year old who just got caught with their hand in a cookie jar. Her eyes darted to her father, his stern look making her swallow hard and look towards the floor, resembling a dog getting scolded. The oldest Montgomery didn’t dare look at the two guys, for she felt they hated her now. She would regret what she had said later, after supper, in her father’s “office.” It wasn’t new for Raelynn Montgomery to be called into her dad’s room to be given another punishment for her behavior or actions. People spoke about her inability to behave or have a filter of what she was saying. Multiple ladies at church had whispered about her being "the black sheep” of the family. Sadly, that just fueled her fire which shown clearly at the large tattoo that adorned her shoulder. She remembered the first Sunday she went after she had gotten it, there were multiple gasps from ladies in the pews and in the choir. Sure, Paisley had tattoos too, but she never flaunted hers like Rae did.

”Raelynn and Paisley will be in charge of you both during your stay. Since I will be most likely busy with other things, they will give you your tasks each day.”’ Caused Raelynn’s brows to furrow in confusion, yet they quickly jumped, much like her whole body when Paisley dropped the pot. She couldn’t stop the laugh that rumbled in her chest, as she looked at her father, her dimples a bit more prominent that before. He, too, have seemingly cracked a smile which caused his dimples to show only slightly. Her face went serious as she caught her sister’s gaze, ”You okay?” She mouthed, squinting to make sure she didn’t see any blood or anything. Maternal instincts kicking in. She had been paying such close attention to Paisley that she didn’t hear her dad.


”Huh? Yeah?” She mumbled looking a bit dazed towards her father, it was her turn to blush. ”I said you and Pais could maybe show the boys around after dinner. I’m sure both of you still have a few chores you left undone.” Rae gave her father a sheepish grin as she nodded, ”Yes sir.” She mumbled, her blue-green gaze back on the two Australians as tried to keep her grin from changing as she spoke towards them, ”We’ll be sure to give you the honorary tour after supper, and I’m sure, tomorrow, we’ll can find ya’ll both something to keep ya busy.” As she spoke, she tried to catch her sister’s gaze again, as she made her eyebrows jump, before looking back at the two. If you didn’t they didn’t see her eyes they would have thought what she said wasn’t so bad, but a mischievous spark had taken hold and it was clear these two were about to be in for a ride.