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Scorpius Malfoy

"Malfoy and Death Eater are no longer synonymous"

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a character in “Pretty Little M o n s t e r s”, as played by Ivisbo



"I know who I am, you don't need to remind me of my last name. Everything you hear about the Malfoys isn't entirely true- remember, history is written by the winners"


Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy
{ AGE & YEAR }
16, Sixth Year
{ WAND }
10' Ebony wood with a Unicorn tail hair core.



Historically, Scorpius is one of the most well behaved people you will ever meet. Charming, charismatic, a warm glow to everyone he greets- he is the poster child for gentlemanly behavior and good energy. Those that meet him are often left remarking on his good manners, sweet disposition, inviting conversation skills, and hilarious humor- "Sweet Scorpius with his glasses, bright smile, and sheepish good looks". His warmth always made people want to be around him, a popularity he has grown used to and relishes in. Despite all his seemingly openness and people skills though, Scorpius does not have many close friends. He talks to everyone that greets him, but he often walks to class alone, studies by himself, sits down to dine before anyone else. No one ever questions this though- his apparent aloof nice is always ignored due to his bright greetings and contagious smile's.

But all of that is the biggest lie in the world.

Scorpius is not sweet. He is not caring and loving and compassionate. His smiles are all fake, his jokes practiced, a mimic of social behavior he has spent his entire life copying. More so then the Malfoys before him, Scorpius is removed from normal human emotions, to the point where one could classify him as a sociopath. He was engineered from birth to be the perfect face of the family- to fix the Malfoy name and bring them back from the heel of the wizarding world. But there was something missing from Scorpius, a piece of humanity that never developed in him. Maybe it was because of his family name, maybe it was because of his strange upbringing, or maybe it had to do with the fucked up circumstances his father was going through during his most crucial years. Though sociopathic in his view of others, general disregard for human emotion, inability to understand even the basic actions people make around him, Scorpius has never done the one thing that would label him as a true sociopath- kill someone.

He's thought about it, many times, imagined different ways of torture and mayhem. When others are looking at him as Sweet Scorpius, he's really idling contemplating the best scheme for their demise. His attention shifts to sharp objects, eyes linger on the metallic curve of a knife, his throat runs dry when reading about killing curses. Sometimes his mind warps and bends thing around him- years of focus have allowed him to learn what is normal and what isn't. But the one thing that sets him apart from a common murderer or insane person is that Scorpius would never act on these urges. He is intelligent, cunning, and goal driven- all his actions are made according to his Plan and he rarely diverges from it.

The plan is simple; remove the tarnish on his families name.

He was born for the role and raised accordingly- devoting himself to charity work, magical creature care, and educational studies. He lives for social occasions, attends most galas along with his mother and father, keeps himself in the spotlight whenever he can. He enjoys it, lives for it, though he has only known that kind of life. Though his focus it to obtain a good social standing through doing good and blanking out the bad that has shrouded the Malfoy name, his ultimate goal and goal of his family is to regain high standing in the Ministry of Magic, taking on a political role at some point. He once thought about being an Auror, but realized he did not have that much interest in truly helping people without getting something in return.

Being that Patronus requires the emotional connection of happiness and good memories, Scorpius can not conjure one. This is not because he is an unhappy person, but his emotions are mostly just carefully constructed mimicry- and you can not fake the depth of emotion that is required to conjure a patronus.

Himself, locked in a straight jacket, why'd eyed and insane while the echoes of his peers laughter ring around him.

Dusky Barn Owl | Krusho


ImageImage{ HISTORY }


Astoria Greengrass | 39 years old | Leading Publisher of the Wizarding Decor Magazine
Astoria is a well mannered pureblood of the Greengrass family. She is loving and devoted, a trait she has passed on to her son and helped her husband to learn. Scorpius is a mommas-boy; he does everything to make his mother happy and and proud.

Draco Malfoy | 41 years old | Ministry of Magic

Albus Potter | 16 years old | Fellow Slytherin
One of the few that sees him for what he is, Albus is neither blessing nor curse.

So begins...

Scorpius Malfoy's Story