Amelia Destombes

"What? You don't think I can kill you? Well, I can and I will."

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Look, I know I am not the world’s strongest person, nor am I the wisest. But you can trust me… Always.




Image ♔ Full Name ♔: Amelia Destombes

♔ Age ♔: 21

♔ Gender ♔: Female

♔ Race ♔: Human

♔ Sexuality ♔: Pansexual

♔ Nationality ♔: ½ Japanese, ½ French

♔ Face Claim ♔: Souryuu Asuka Langley, Neon Genesis Evangelion

♔ Weapon ♔: Compound bow

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔: Amelia has a heart-shaped birthmark on her right collarbone. She used this to tease her younger brother, Alex, all throughout their childhood. Her father has the exact same birthmark on the exact same spot as her. She took some joy seeing the distress in little Alex’ face when she would tell him stories that he was adopted and not really family.

Amelia also has a nasty looking scar above her left brow, caused by the very first demon she killed upon joining Flag. Although her usual hairstyle would cover the scar, she makes sure it's visible. It might seem very petty, but in a way she is proud of the scar and what it represents for her. Old-Amelia would have never in a million years dared to wear a scar so openly, too ashamed by it and what other people might think about her. But this world forces people to change in ways they never thought possible.

She has extremely small hands. They look rather odd on her body, and she definitely doesn’t try to cover them up by wearing long sleeved clothing. Not at all…

♔ Personality ♔: The past two years have been a real rollercoaster for Amelia, she didn’t just change on the outside. There seems to be a whole new person looking into the mirror. Some things will never change though. Amelia has always been a loyal friend. She will go above and beyond for her loved ones. This has always been her best trait. She doesn’t let people in that often, and once she does, she doesn’t let go of them easily either. This goes perfectly well with her stubborn streak. Her mother always said she must have gotten that one from her father, though her father claims otherwise.

She doesn’t like the stand out, preferring to stay behind the shadows. Most people perceive her as a cold person upon meeting her, she likes it that way. She doesn’t want to let her emotions rule over her, which is likely to happen if she tries to be more open. She is terrible with hiding her emotions, though. She has a remarkably short fuse, exploding without any warning. This usually causes her to say and do things she normally would not.

Amelia might try to act like an uncaring person, she doesn’t fool those who pay attention. She cares a little too much of what other people think of her and puts a bit too much thought about her appearance. Being a child of a mixed couple caused her some insecurities. She adores her mother, idolizes her even. But she doesn’t even remotely look like her, her appearance coming from her father’s side of the family.

Amelia’s worst enemy is herself and her self doubt. It doesn’t always really work, but at least she can bluff her way until then, right? … This new life has outwardly given her quite the confidence boost, inside though.. she still has hang-ups. Trying way too hard to prove herself, she is on a destructive path within Flag.

♔Bio ♔: Born on the fifth of August 2040, in a small village close to Bordeaux, France to parents Asami Yukishima and Henry Destombes, Amelia was the apple of the family. A very hyperactive kid-Amelia would get herself into trouble almost daily. Especially trying to climb the trees in her grandfather’s vineyard. She could play around the gardens for hours and not tire, needing no companionship. Her imaginary friends and the plants around her being enough.

Amelia didn’t stay single child for long, and in a cold winter day of 2046 her little brother Alexander was born. Suddenly stuck with the responsibility of being an older sister, Amelia turned into mother hen, following her little brother’s steps everywhere. Soon after she turned 10 her grandfather passed away. Her parents wanted their kids to grow up with family around so they decided to move back to Asami’s homeland, Japan.

Adapting to Japan was a struggle for Amelia, she couldn’t speak the language properly, she offended a lot of people with her manners and for god sake she couldn’t even eat properly with her chopsticks. Wanting to prove that she could be in touch with her Japanese roots she insisted on being enrolled in a private boarding school for girls throughout her middle school and high school years.

With the years progressing she became more distant with her sibling, whom used to be the center of her world. On the day it happened she was excited the semester had started. Amelia, now a university student, seemed to finally have found her place within Japanese society. She sometimes still has nightmares about the first couple of days of the disasters. Earthquakes were nothing new in Japan but what happened was not just an earthquake. The grounds under the lecture hall gave way creating a huge gap in the ground. Students, panicked, started to trample each other trying to get out.

It was chaos all over the city. The Japanese, people who were used to earthquakes and had a lot of experience dealing with them, seemed to have forgotten every rule and every guideline on that day. It was shaking so hard, Amelia remembers being sick to her stomach, the world spinning around her. It was with sheer luck that she even managed to get outside the campus. No one had any time to adjust though, because soon the alarms were ringing and what came after was only worse than the earthquakes.

Not even managing to contact her family, she was stranded in the city. Finding a small group of people who seemed to have the same plan as her, which was get the hell out of the city as soon as possible, she survived the first days in an old bunker. What followed after that first week took everyone by surprise. It seemed the Gods were sending a message, “You thought it couldn’t get worse, right? Well, guess again.” It was cruel and gut wrenching, these… things (she didn’t know what they were) and the way they hunted people like cattle was horrible.

Her plan to find her family as soon as possible, changed. In fact, she didn’t think she would survive to see the next day for a long time. The small group she was staying with was dwindling in numbers, they were on the move almost daily for the next four months. It was hard and unbearable at times but they pushed on. Not knowing if they could get a way or if there even was any hope of getting away, they kept going.

It wasn’t long before exhaustion, sickness and betrayal took place within the group. She couldn’t even remember how many days it had been since that day. There was no one left any more. Amelia was all alone, a shell of the person she used to be. This was it, the day she was going to die. Standing there face to face with those demons she prayed and closed her eyes, hoping her end would come swiftly. What happened after would change everything. Instead of waiting for death, she was given hope. That was the day she met a member of Flag and the day she was given the opportunity to make something of her life.

After a proper meal, a bath and a change of clothes, she approached the leader of Flag asking and almost begging permission to stay. Given her small stature and slim body she was given the bow as a weapon. She practiced every single day trying to get the target perfectly. A year went by, she improved her skills yet was still no master marksmen, however her drive never left her. She was going to hunt every damn demon there was out there until her dying breath. Really, she didn’t have anything else to live for and wasting the life given to her did not sit well with her.

♔ Other ♔: The queen of discipline has one weakness. You could say it’s her kryptonite… That is chocolate. Yes, Amelia has quite the sweet tooth. It’s actually one of the few material things she misses of the old world. That and hair conditioner. Being a demon hunter causes serious split hair issues, it appears..

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