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Cato Park

"I will get out of here alive, no matter what the cost."

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a character in “Price of a Life”, as played by roomrider


Cato Park


I should be at home watching this disaster on CNN, instead I'm here enduring it.

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Full Name: Cato William Park

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Nationality: 50% South Korean, 50%American

Face Claim: Reiji from Phantom


Glock SX: The updated, and modified version of the original Glock that was so popular with law enforcement agencies. The new version has increased range, accuracy, clip capacity, reliability, and decreased weight. A new feature that has also been added is the fingerprint reader installed on the handle of the gun. Only registered persons may fire the weapon so that it cannot be used against it's owner. It also has a built-in sound muffler as to not cause damage to the user's ears.

Switchblade: The classic, it flips open with the push of a button and cuts through skin like a razor.

Appearance: Cato has Brown eyes and brown hair. He stands at 6'1 and has a lean structure. He is decently muscular and wears dogtags.

Personality: In a world that is a chess board, he is a Bishop. He slips through cracks and destroys anyone who is foolish enough to wander into his line of sight. Some are out of his reach however, but he will bide his time until they wander into his crosshair. After all that happened, Cato became a very multi faced character, acting the way he must to gain someone's favor. Therefore, his real personality seems to have been drowned by the many others he had created. He's mostly quiet and doesn't joke around much, but this can be changed if necessary. He really doesn't hold anyone's life above his, even many others' lives, he just cares about his survival but acts differently to gain others' trust and "friendship."


Bio: Cato was born on October 6th, 2043, he was born to two parents. His father was a co CEO of a successful Korean electronics company and his mother tended to go to places on her "mini vacations." He was often left home alone, and being an only child, he was often quite lonely in his enormous house. As a kid he always wished that he had a brother or sister, so that he wouldn't be so lonely all the time when his parents were gone, but his wish never came true. In school, he was quite the Ace, maintaining a 4.0 GPA average in high school. He wasn't very good at making friends and didn't really have any either. Therefore, Cato used most of his spare time to indulge in video games, preferably RTS or FPS. He became quite skilled and even made some money from online tournaments and such.

Cato was with his parents on a business trip to Japan when it happened. Apparently, his father had to work out some sort of business relationship tangle with a Japanese company. Cato's experience in Japan was not the best. During the short time that he attended school there, he was often picked on because of his lack of knowledge of Japanese. Knowing his father however, no one dared to touch him. But one day, a group of juniors decided to jump him when he was on his way back home. The struggle ended with Akio receiving multiple bruises, but the juniors barely escaped with quite a few moderately bleeding cuts. Yes, Cato was anticipating this and he carried a razor sharp 5 inch switchblade.

That day, Cato came back to an empty hotel room. There was a note left behind that told of his father attending a meeting of some sort and his mother going shopping. That was when the first earthquakes hit. The entire area where he was staying was reduced to rubble, and almost everyone in the vicinity was dead. Luckily Cato somehow survived and set out with all the food and drink he could carry. He also brang a pistol that is father had somehow managed to bring along, with the switchblade that had cut up those juniors so badly. Cato is just trying to find someone who can take him home, preferably a member of the army or law enforcement. He also hopes to find his parents, or more preferably, his parents find him, favorably in a rescue chopper that could take them all back to their beloved home in the U.S.


Other: Cato will do ANYTHING to get back to his home in America with his parents. That means he will deceive anyone, betray their trust, and ultimately take their life if necessary. He is not blinded by his goal however, and will bide his time.
Also, Cato believes that artificials have no value and are at the disposal of their creators. However, he does take interest in their mechanics and thinks that it would be interesting to interact with one.
Although it is a bit ironic because it's Japan, Cato doesn't really like Japanese people. He dislikes their ambitious nature, and had received some bad impressions first-hand.





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• Name: John Prescott

• Grade: Senior

• Gender: Male

• Nationality: American

• Appearance: John has blonde hair, along with eerie red eyes. He stands at 5'11, above average height.

• STATS: (Everyone starts with 10)
-Intellect: 4
-Physical/Sporting Ability: 2
-Charm: 4
-Popularity: -

• Your most important stat: Intellect
• Which stat appeals to you most: Intellect/Charm

• Secrets: (Could include phobias, crushes etc.)

John has a two faced personality, he acts very polite and likable in public. However, in reality, he is very cold and inconsiderate.

A genius in business John is confident he can rebuild Prescorp's reputation and profits with his leadership and knowledge.

The suspicion of dealings with gangs is actually quite true with Prescorp. It's just been hidden so intelligently and thoroughly it will never be more than a rumor.

Possibly from early exposure to the un-ethics and scandals of business, John's conscious is close to mute. He doesn't really see most people as...people, but classifies them. Whether they be consumers, retailers, rivals, enemies, or nobody's, John calculates and sizes them all. Much like examining an object.

John is currently looking for people who can help him financially with rebuilding Prescorp. This also means that John and his brother aren't doing so well financially at the moment.

• Family members and your relationship with them/Who you live with:

Father: Joseph Prescott (Deceased)


A once very well known business executive in the states, he broke off from his company and founded Prescorp in Japan. Most aren't sure why he did this, most likely because of a business opportunity of some sort. His business went well for a good 30 years before multiple scandals were uprooted connecting Prescorp to a notorious group of gangsters. Witnesses reported that Joseph was close with several suspected members of the gang. The company's stocks dived and Mr. Prescott was accused of many criminal charges which were all dropped on account of lacking evidence. However, almost all suspicion was erased when Mr. Prescott was found dead in his Cadillac sedan with a single gunshot wound to the head, along with the signature of the gang he was accused of conspiring with. When the murderers were caught, all evidence pointed to a paid execution.

Mother: (Deceased)


John's mother died when he was about ten years old. Her cause of death was a car accident, she was T-boned at an intersection at very high speeds. Her killer was never found.

Brother: James Prescott


James is John's older brother. However, very unlike his father, James was never really interested in business. He thought it was "Unethical." This didn't mean he wasn't intelligent though. James chose to take a path in justice, peculiarly enough, not forensics or law, but to become a hands on Police Officer. The two brohters get along alright, although the occasional clash cannot be prevented. They both live together.


Cousin: Dylan Sinclair


Actually John's father's cousin's son, Dylan is the solid criminal connection to the family. The Sinclairs also came to Japan for business opportunities, however they found that their profits lie in a different region...John's father was quite close with Dylan's but was intelligent enough to keep it secret. Due to his father's intelligence, John and Dylan can be seen together in public without any real worry. The two get along rather well and agree on most, if not all ideas.

Temporary CEO of Prescorp: Isaac R. Westcott


Mr. Westcott got along rather well with John's father. Despite Issac being quite a few years younger, they still managed to get along as well as John and Dylan do. Mr. Westcott shares similar business ethics and most importantly intelligence with Joseph Prescott.


"Time for school..."


So begins...

Cato Park's Story