"I don't quite like you at all, human."

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♔ Full Name ♔: Lacrimose | Her given name was La Prim Rose, but due to her suffering memory loss after the three catastrophes, she belives it to be Lacrimose

♔ Age ♔: She's assumed to be around 40 years old, but appears to be 16-19

♔ Gender ♔: Female

♔ Race ♔: Artificial

♔ Sexuality ♔: Asexual

♔ Nationality ♔: N/A (Originally developed by the French)

♔ Face Claim ♔: Tsukumo | Karneval

♔ Weapon ♔: Lacrimose uses two weapons actually, both which are identical small knives, though she prefers to hardly use them unless its as defense from demons

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔: Lacrimose was made to be perfect. She has no birthmarks as she is an Artificial, but does have a few flawed areas on her 'skin' from her scientists messing up, usually looking like grey blemishes, or a bruise. Definitely no piercings, and the only 'tattoo' she has is the mark of a rose on her shoulder, something her scientists put on every Artificial they had made; their trademark. Due to her skin being nearly perfect, besides the blemishes, there are no scars. Perhaps her noticeable features would be her multi-colored eyes and oddly styled blonde hair.

♔ Personality ♔: Lacrimose, being an Artificial, has little emotion or much of a personality. She was designed to serve a small group or a single person, being almost like a servant, so any excess personality wasn't needed. Though, since she never got to serve anyone before the demons came, she, over time, developed some sort of personality. Lacrimose likes to be independent mostly, and still has that stereotypical robotic emotionless face and voice. Though Lacrimose surely does display some sort of curiosity for things, perhaps not a whole lot, but enough to make her expressions change in the slightest, since things like that are hard to find on a face like hers.

Although, since she was designed to serve, Lacrimose does show an amazing amount of loyalty to someone, or anyone. While she is an independent and isolated person, when she does meet other people, she will easily attach herself, in a way, to them with her loyalty, but it male or female or young or old.

No one, including herself, really knows how she'd act if she were a human and capable or using her emotions properly. After all, she's only a robot.

♔Bio ♔: Lacrimose was created in France by a Japanese scientist who moved away from Japan at a young age. He was an old man who was only investing his life into the research of an artificial human, and tried creating many before the blonde Artificial. Finally, at an old age of 75, he had made her and called her La Prim Rose.

She was meant to serve a family or person, not in a slave or maid way, but sort of as a companion somewhat. Most of his co-workers in the fields of science found him to have gone mad since he was fascinated over Lacrimose when she was made. She couldn't talk and could hardly even move, knowing very little about knowledge.

That is why he taught her. Over the following three years, the old man scientist began to teach the blonde robot how to read, write, sing, draw; anything you could imagine, and she learned at an incredibly fast pace. Something the old man didn't expect was her curiosity. Over time, some sort of virus developed him her and she began to wonder more about things, life outside France, other people, what is beyond the sky and universe...

So the scientist decided it was time to take her back home to Japan, but just as they were flying there, their plane crashed into a building. Her scientist was dead, right in front of her, but Lacrimose had no idea what to think of this. She couldn't cry, she couldn't feel; nothing. All she did was look at his body for over a whole day without moving or making any signs of emotion. Then the tsunamis came, and washed it all away, including herself.

While Lacrimose was built to withstand intense weather, going into water was something completely different, and most of her functions began disabled. Her memory chip was malfunctioning and she had troubling times trying to remember anything before the flood currently. Then there were demons all of a sudden, everywhere. Most seemed to ignore Lacrimose at first, but once she was in their sight, they began to attack. Lacrimose learned the hard way. She struggled to fight at first, but luckily, thanks to her fast learning, she began to fight back, and after finding her alternated weapon, the two knives meant to deal with demons, she lived on much easier.

Lacrimose no longer knows her purpose though. She's conflicted to what she should do next. Her curiosity can't be satisfied and so all she does is keep on walking to some place new with more people to learn more things, although she really is beginning to think that there is nothing else to learn and that her purpose was never going to be completed.

♔ Other ♔:
- One function that Lacrimose cannot do is lift her right arm above her head.

So begins...

Lacrimose's Story