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Reina Lein

"I really wonder how selfish a human can possibly get..."

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a character in “Price of a Life”, as played by FuyuHana




No matter how powerful these creatures may be, I will become more powerful.


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♔ Full Name ♔: Reina Lein

♔ Age ♔: 21

♔ Gender ♔: Female

♔ Race ♔: Human

♔ Sexuality ♔: Heterosexual

♔ Nationality ♔: 3/4 British | 1/4 Japanese

♔ Face Claim ♔: Izumi Nase | Kyoukai no Kanata

♔ Weapon ♔: Polearm

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features/Physical Description ♔: Reina considers herself as a very flawed woman. She has three small birthmarks; one on her hip, another on her stomach, and one more on her left shoulders. She has piercings on her ears, but the gaps have already filled since the catastrophes. Reina has no tattoos, though she used to have thoughts about getting one, and has plenty of scars all over her body from fighting people and demons to keep herself and her group alive.

Reina has a very thin and feminine figure. She isn't too showy, thankfully, and has just the slightest curves in the right areas that portrays herself to show that she is young, but also still a grown woman. She is quite lean, but that relates nothing to the strength she carries, and is generally in good shape for someone her age.

Her noticeable features would most likely be her vivd blue eyes that is a rare combination with dull black hair. Her eyes tend to be the most captivating part of her compared to everything else. Second feature would be the ink from using her weapon on demons. She's killed many, and nearly her whole back has been covered in the black looking scar which is why she always tries to cover it with something as she only thinks of it as a horrible blemish on her fair skin.

ImageImageImageImage♔ Personality ♔: Reina is a very composed and calm young woman. She's not someone to worry too greatly or begin to yell and shout out of worry for something. She's very mature and much like a full grown adult already. She is generally kind and soothing, almost like a mother, and sometimes makes people wonder how she goes about killing humans and demons with such a caring and respectful personality. But its no false shell; Reina is a very generous and affectionate person, but killing someone who is not, or something that is not will make her feel no guilt of their death by her hands.

The most important aspect of Reina is that she believes many things, and when she believes something, she'll keep to it the rest of her life. She believes that if someone is far too selfish or does something incredibly irrational purposely, then it would have no consequences to kill them. She's very serious when it comes to a human life since she only hunts demons often, but if necessary, she won't hesitate to end it with one stroke of her polearm.

♔Bio ♔: Reina was actually born in Britain with only a mother and three other siblings. She, though, was the oldest of them all. Her father had died in a storm at sea, since he was a poor fisherman, so Reina's mother married a rich man instead so she could take care of her children, but only for that reason.

Reina, at school, studied hard and long, but because of this, she had little friends. Even her younger siblings didn't say much to her during their breaks. This went on until high school actually. Reina kept on being the quiet nerd that she was until her and her family, but not her step-father, moved to Japan. The technology fascinated her there and she couldn't help but feel as if she was being cheered on to try harder.

Reina learned more in the advanced schools of Japan and went on to an amazing college because of the potential she had in her studies. People began to open up more and talk to her. But then the three catastrophes came.

The black haired woman was nearly crushed underneath one of the falling buildings and drowned in the large tidal waves. It was a struggles, but she kept on telling herself that she wasn't going to die like that. She knew that her family was gone though, seeing no signs of them during the empty period before the demons, and when the did come, she was prepared after finding a polearm in a ruined building. That began her fight for survival, killing off these demons and seeing the black ink spread on her back.

She began to travel more, met a few other trustworthy people, and so they were called the Flag; the one group that only survived to kill the beasts that would one day kill them.

♔ Other ♔:
- Reina is not fond of killing people. She does hate many for their greedy intentions only for themselves, but doesn't kill them. When it comes down to it, she will still end their life if needed, but it does not mean it is something she likes.

- At some times, Reina can be quite emotionless and almost seem like an Artificial, though she is most definitely not.

So begins...

Reina Lein's Story