Zacharie Wolfe

"Don't consider my efforts a lost cause." (WIP)

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♔ Full Name ♔:
Zacharie Wolfe

♔ Age ♔:

♔ Gender ♔:

♔ Race ♔:

♔ Sexuality ♔:


♔ Nationality ♔:
1/2 American, 1/2 Arabian

♔ Face Claim ♔:
Kassim - Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

♔ Weapon ♔:
Clawed glove. As one of the weapons specifically made for destroying demons with, it is entirely lethal. It's simply a weapon that fits like a glove (laughter) with three sharp metallic claws extending from it. There are no claws attached to the pinky finger or the thumb for practical reasons. The claws are not detachable, so the glove must be removed. There's a small belt that tightens the glove around the wrist so it doesn't fall off in combat and can't be grabbed by the opponent and removed. Unfortunately, this also means if any of the claws get caught on any stray object, it can land the wearer in a bad situation, but Zacharie is usually more conscious of them than that. He rarely removs the glove. It's fitted for his right hand.

Etc. An experienced fighter never leaves home without a spare weapon to use as back up in case of emergency. Zacharie is well aware of this rule. He carries with him various small knives usually hidden on his person, some easier to get to than others. He also keeps small sparkler bombs. They aren't very useful in the ways of a weapon, but when thrown against something (preferably hard surfaces), they spark up. They are very simple objects that are kept on his person for the sake of a desperate need for a temporary distraction.

♔ Height ♔:

♔ Weight ♔:

♔ Noticeable Features ♔:


♔ Personality ♔:
-Lazy when it comes to himself
-Strict towards others

(WIP** WILL be written out!)

♔ Bio ♔:

♔ Other ♔:
Zacharie is ambidextrous, which means he's able to use both hands without issue. This is convenient because, when he's wearing his glove on his right hand, he doesn't need to remove it very often for every day things or simple tasks since he can just use his other hand.

So begins...

Zacharie Wolfe's Story