Price of a Life

The Ruined Desert


a part of Price of a Life, by FuyuHana.


FuyuHana holds sovereignty over The Ruined Desert, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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The Ruined Desert is a part of Price of a Life.

7 Characters Here

Anya Tahn [0] "Why rebuild the world for people who let it break?"
Zacharie Wolfe [0] "Don't consider my efforts a lost cause." (WIP)
Lacrimose [0] "I don't quite like you at all, human."
Sanji Senaka [0] {MWIP}
Cato Park [0] "I will get out of here alive, no matter what the cost."
Amelia Destombes [0] "What? You don't think I can kill you? Well, I can and I will."
Reina Lein [0] "I really wonder how selfish a human can possibly get..."

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