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Sauron's avatar and a brave gladiator.

0 · 379 views · located in The Tomb

a character in “Primal Rage: Battle for Urth”, as played by Juvenile-River


Name: Arik

Avatar of: Sauron

Picture: ... 2/arik.jpg

Appearance: A big man with large muscles. He has blue hair that is spiked up. His boots and the cloth around his waist are yellow with purple stripes. His body is covered in purple stripes as well.

Weapons/Armors: He prefers not to wear armor because it limits his movement and slows him down. He also likes to show off his muscles. As a weapon, he carries a two-handed sword with teeth-like ridges in the middle. He calls it "Thirio Donti," or "Beast Tooth."

Personality: A man who delights in battle. He is fearless and talented. He is prideful, yet not too full of himself to consider the needs of others. There are few things he appreciates more than a good meal.

Bio: Growing up in a village near The Cove, he was raised by his mother and older brothers. His father died in an arena battle, when he was defeated by an opposing gladiator. Since he was young, he had wanted to become a strong gladiator like his father was. He found a mentor in a retired gladiator, who taught him how to fight with a sword. When his training was over, the man gifted Arik his sword, the Thirio Donti. After a few months fighting in the arena, Arik proved to be virtually unstoppable. The then avatar of Sauron, Tothus, took notice of Arik's skills and offered him a place beside him as his general, and Arik graciously accepted.

Arik and Sauron easily won their first battle against Chaos, and he witnessed for the first time Sauron's beastly gluttony. He saw Sauron eating innocent people, including women and children. He was bewildered at first, then driven to rage. He placed himself in front of one of Chaos' women before Sauron could devour her, and he chastised the god, calling him a coward. Sauron was about to make a meal of Arik instead when Tothus grabbed him and moved him away. Arik was taken prisoner and left in a dungeon where he was left to starve. About once a week, someone would come and give him food, and his only water was from the rain that trickled down his cell window. This treatment went on for several weeks. He began to capture rats and eat them just to try to keep himself alive. He found himself with a new found understanding of Sauron, the god of insatiable hunger, and Sauron himself could sense that.

Sauron had Arik released from his prison. With Tothus slain and no male heir left to take his place, Arik was named the new avatar.

So begins...

Arik's Story