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God of decay, power, evolution, earth. A victim of a gene experiment gone wrong.

0 · 767 views · located in The Cove

a character in “Primal Rage: Battle for Urth”, as played by Juvenile-River



Alliance: Destructive Beasts

Sex: Male

Height: 17 feet

Weight: 1.1 tons

Description: A giant ape with dark skin and red fur. He is often seen with toxic puke dripping out of his mouth. Chaos used to be a human scientist and witch doctor, but one of his experiments went wrong and turned him into a disgusting beast.

God of: Decay, power, evolution, earth

Powers: Chaos uses his bodily functions as weapons. His toxic vomit, his poisonous farts clouds, and his acidic urin. He also possesses a lot of physical strength.

Rules over: The Ruins - Cities of skyscapers from the old world are here, but nature has completely taken over them. Streets became rivers, buildings shifted due to the changes in the earth below them, plants have grown all over them, and newly evolved creatures live in the buildings.

National color: Yellow.

Motivation: Shortly after the Cataclysm, Chaos attempted to use his knowledge of science and magic to harness power over evolution. But his genetic experiment went horribly wrong, causing him to be transformed into his current ape form. But the god Throshti offered him a chance at redemption. If he could kill all the other beast rulers, he would be given his old body back.

Worshipers: To avoid passing out from Chaos' odor, his closest worshipers have their noses sealed shut. Others train their noses to become tolerant of foul smells by forgoing baths for indefinite periods and constantly surrounding themselves with bad smells. Chaos enjoys the company of beautiful women, and has a selection of favorites prepared for if/when he gets his body back. The laws of the land are simple: An eye for an eye, finders keepers, etc. Because Chaos is a fan of evolution, the most talented and the most attractive men have multiple wives, and the least attractive are scorned. Women have few rights, and rape is rarely punished. Some of the more intelligent people have become scientists and witch doctors, much like the original Chaos was, and they have been working to recover Pre-Cataclysm technology.

Avatar: Shank - A man who willingly cursed him body to connect with his god. His skin is dark gray, his eyes completely white, he is very muscular, and he has a strange extensions coming out of his head and wrapping around his neck that look like red vines. He wears nothing but chains and a green skull buckle. He uses a lead pipe as a weapon.

Played by:

So begins...

Chaos's Story