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God of hunger, thirst, eternity, and water. Cursed with an insatiable appetite.

0 · 833 views · located in The Ruins

a character in “Primal Rage: Battle for Urth”, as played by Juvenile-River



Alliance: Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 20

Weight: 2.5

Description: A yellow tyrannosaurus with purple markings. He is the largest and physically the strongest of the beasts.

God of: Hunger, thirst, eternity, water

Powers: Sauron can create a small shield to damage enemies attacking from above or the side, stomp the ground to knock enemies off balance, fire a ball of ultrasonic energy that damages and stuns enemies, and can ram his head into enemies for heavy damage. His mouth can bite with tremendous force.

Rules over: The Cove - At the very Southern tip of the supercontinent, the temple Parthenon sits partially swallowed by the beach. Large, jagged rocks dot the lands.

National color: Purple

Motivation: As the god of hunger, Sauron must eat constantly to keep his immortality, and he is never satisfied. As a result, Sauron requires a steady supply of human flesh to consume. To avoid eating his own followers, Sauron must attack his rivals and consume their people. In order to try to earn his favor, other gods sometimes send their undesired citizens or prisoners for him to eat, but it's never enough.

Worshipers: To his followers, Sauron is both their great protector and their greatest fear. No one want to end up next in line for his dinner. If you break the laws of the land, that is likely where you will end up. The people have formed their society to emulate the ancient Greeks. In reverence to Sauron, the people fast on occasion so they can sympathize with his insatiable hunger.

Avatar: Arik

Played by: ZeroNeonix

So begins...

Sauron's Story