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God of honor, culture, storms, and lightning.

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a character in “Primal Rage: Battle for Urth”, as played by Juvenile-River



Alliance: Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 15 feet

Weight: 0.8 tons

Description: An orange and white sabertooth tiger with black stripes and markings. He is even shorter than Talon, but does not lack in muscular strength. He stands upright, unlike normal tigers. He will staunchly defend his own lands, however, and when he senses the new threat coming from the ocean, he joins the fight.

God of: Honor, culture, storms, lightning

Powers: Slash Fang's powerful jaws and claws can tear through pretty much anything. He is both fast and strong, able to even lift Sauron over his head. In a tornado-like wind, he can spin and tear at his opponent rapidly with his claws. Additionally, he can fire bolts of lightning from his mouth.

Rules over: Slash Fang (sometimes spelled without a space: "Slashfang"), lived peacefully in a large island separated from the supercontinent. Asian styled buildings were recently created for the people to live in.

National color: Orange

Motivation: Originally, believing himself to be superior to the other beasts, he chose not to involve himself in the war. He will only battle opponents who he considers his equals. The others, he believes, lack skill and rely too much on brute strength to win battles.

Worshipers: Although the people originated from all areas of the pre-Cataclysmic world, they have built a society around ancient Eastern cultures such as Japan's and China's. They practice a fighting style that has been forgotten by the rest of the world: martial arts.

Avatar: Xiao Ming - A master martial artist, with black hair formed into a crazy hardo with some long strands over his face and with what looks like wings at the sides. He has dark circles around his eyes as a testament to his determination to be the very best. He wears orange pants with a yellow belt, some sandals, and an oval gold and orange amulet.

Played by:

So begins...

Slashfang's Story