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God of Survival, protection, harmony, and air. Leader of the raptors.

0 · 780 views · located in The Cove

a character in “Primal Rage: Battle for Urth”, as played by Juvenile-River



Alliance: Virtuous Beasts

Sex: Male

Height: 16 feet

Weight: 0.9 tons

Description: An orange velociraptor with dark purple stripes and feathers on the back of his head. He is vicious in combat.

God of: Survival, protection, harmony, air

Powers: Although he is the smallest of the gods, besides Slash Fang, he makes up for it in superior speed and agility. His razor sharp talons make deadly weapons.

Rules over: The Strip - What used to be Moturoa Island, it bonded with the supercontinent, on the upper half. The area is a vast rainforest filled with waterfalls and littered with wildlife.

National color: Gray

Motivation: Talon leads the last surviving raptors of the ancient times and wishes to provide a safe and happy environment for them. The humans are thought of more as a steady food supply.

Worshipers: The worshipers, though they are second to the raptors, have accepted their place under the god's rule. They are offered protection from outsiders, and are allowed to live very happily. The Avatar, Keena, gives them stability and leadership. The people are mostly dark-skinned, wear loose clothing, and are skilled hunters. The hunters provide the meat they capture to the raptors to prevent themselves form being eaten, and many are vegetarians.

Avatar: Keena - A blonde girl with a long ponytail and tan skin. She uses metal claws for weapons.

Played by: ragnorokhellfire

So begins...

Talon's Story