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Lu Fei and Shi Xin

A product of Irelian science, they are the living Variants.

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a character in “Princess of Massacre || Rebellion”, as played by Layla


They are the property of Irelia, weapons bred to wield weapons, subjects 5610 and 5611. The girl named the boy Lu Fei, meaning the "song lungs whisper" and he in turn called her Shi Xin, the "poetry of the heart." Just as one cannot survive without a heart, neither can one live without lungs, sustaining the same life.

"Dear Fei,
I liberated your diary and read this:
'In the breaths of wind I hear that Winter will be near, and soon only withered buds will blossom in the snow.'
Wow, Fei, could you be any more depressing?
Here, I left you some pickled octopus. It'll fix all your problems.
You're welcome."
- The best sister in all of Jeildae


ImageImage[ Names ]
Brother || Lu Fei
Sister || Shi Xin

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
The Two Suns || The most widely known name given to the notorious mercenaries. The phrase is derived of an old fable telling the story of the world's infant years, when two suns dominated the skies and a century-long drought withered the plants and animals. Renowned archers were brought forward to collapse one of the suns but all failed, until finally, by skill or chance, one managed to strike an arrow into the core of a twin sun, and only one remained.
"It's a pretty stupid name if you ask me. I would've preferred something like 'The Liberators of the Galaxy' or the 'Highly Aesthetically Pleasing Specimens of Humanity,' but I guess you can't always get what you want."

Fei || "Lungs"
"I'm tired of you mispronouncing my name."

Whisper || Fei's military alias
"I am apparently highly capable of stealth, although I find it has more to do with everyone's partial deafness. After all, silence is easy. All you have to do is shut up."

Xin || "Heart"
"I think I'll have yours instead."

Siren || Xin's military alias
"They lure you in with their loveliness before devouring you whole. Sounds about right."

[ Ages ]

[ Gender ]
Male || Female

[ Race ]

[ Role/Occupation ]
Military weapons || Variants

Reflected Image
"Have you heard that saying, Xin?
'A closed mouth gathers no foot.'"

Image[ Hair Color ]

[ Eye Color ]
Azure blue

[ Skin Tone ]
Warm, gold undertones

[ Height ]
Lu Fei || 6'3"
Shi Xin || 5'7"

[ Weight ]
Lu Fei || 162lbs
Shi Xin || 124lbs

[ General Description ]
You couldn't stare at them for too long. There was something... Unnerving about how utterly perfect, yet simultaneously mundane, they were. They burned like two suns, stunning, irresistible, demanding attention, but not. Just as the presence of the burning star was not often actively perceived, their absence was still widely noticed, their scathing gazes still felt. It was almost impossible to stare directly at them for too long - especially not if their eyes met yours and certainly not both at once - but still, it was incredibly hard to look away.

They stood like two flaming towers against the setting sun. Light danced upon their bodies, illuminating strands of rose gold, vermillion red, warm amber and even hints of soft pink. It was not hard to tell they were twins. They shared the same straight nose, the same inviting lips and parallel dimples - his on the left and hers on the right - set against skin burnt gold from the sun and blurred ancestry. But where her lips were quick to leap into a smile, his was pressed firmly shut, his eyes narrowed and calculating. And there it was - the eyes. Stunning blue eyes that gleamed like oceans made of liquid sapphire, its vivid turquoise undertones impossibly bright. They were almost... Unreal, As if an artist had carefully calibrated the exact shade of blue to make the eyes penetrating, irresistible, powerful, both assertive and gentle in one devouring gaze.

Their faces and bodies were remarkably symmetrical, their lack of imperfections almost eerie. There was not a single birthmark or freckle that stained their even skins. Were it not for their strange colouring, they might've looked more like composites of every member of the populace generated into two representatives of each gender. They looked like each other in that they looked like everybody else. You could easily find an aspect of your own face in them. But the combination of everyone's faces,,,

They moved apart and suddenly, it was like breath had returned to the audience's lungs. It was as if they'd previously be immaterial, but now their bodies solidified into something you could look at. Individually, they were undoubtedly pleasant-looking. The girl had hair that swept the base of her spine, cascading around her like a silk and liquid veil. She was lovely, with dainty features and soft curves, but it was her smile which was the most captivating. It seemed her smile could end a draught or feed thousands. The boy, too, was remarkable, with a strong jaw and features to rival that of the grandmaster's ancient sculptures. Broad shoulders narrowed into a slim waist, his pressed shirt stretched tight over lean muscles. His eyes could melt a woman's heart with a glance, they seemed to look into the deepest recesses of one's soul, seeing everything about a person with one look.

Inner Soul
"Congratulations, Fei!
You're cool by association."


Image[ Likes ]
ChallengesTasteful insults

[ Dislikes ]
x StupidityPeople who take things too seriously x
x Wasting timeDried fruits x
x People who say useless things (unless they're Xin)Boredom x
x Poor comebacksPity/any talk of her "condition" x
x Blind loyaltyWhining x
x Anybody who harms his sisterBeing ignored x

[ Strengths ]
Detecting liars || Perhaps it's the 22 years spent with the world's most accomplished liar, perhaps it is the military training. Either way, few, if any lies, will pass undetected by Fei.
Stealth || His alias "Whisper" is not unfounded although the name "Ghost" might be more applicable. He moves silently, being highly capable of surprise attacks as well
Patient || He would have to be, with Xin for a sister.
Technology || Fei is well versed in both new and old technology, and can repair to hack into just about anything. He has a significant arsenal of Irelian weaponry and technology, as well as innumerable contacts allowing him to procure the rarest and most expensive products.

Superior senses || Irelian military implants have given the twins a superior sense of smell, sight and so on.
Highly intelligent || Like brother, like sister, they have been genetically modified to have higher than average I'sQ and the ability to consolidate new information and skills at a faster rate than the ordinary human.
Powered by Sakuradite || Being Variants of sorts, the twins are able to gain greater power and essentially "recharge" by harvesting the Irelian energy source, although, at least for Fei, it is not a necessity.

Lying || When it comes to acting abilities, there are few who can surpass Xin. The majority of word she utters is laced with a dose of creativity, yet her deception is virtually undetectable, except by her twin brother. Sometimes.
Quick and agile || Xin is extremely quick, capable of manoeuvring sudden attacks and changing directions whilst hardly slowing down. She is both mobile and a fast runner.
Tracking || Whilst not a superhuman ability, Xin can find just about anyone and anything.
Humour/Resilience || Xin is not the sort to dwell on the bitterness life has to offer and very little bothers her for too long. She can be humorous regardless of context and is generally a cheerful, although snarky, person. She is strangely fond of tasteful insults and bitter people, finding them amusing, more than anything else.

[ Weaknesses ]
Allergic to seafood || "I love the ocean but I'm allergic to everything in it. Hilarious, I know."
Xin || "Nothing dissuades me and I can resist any temptation, but there's nothing she could ask that I would not give. She is the only person I love and I'm petrified - petrified - of losing her. I would do anything, give any part of my body and sacrifice every fragment of my soul if it could somehow bring her happiness."
Children || "They serve no purpose save to aggravate and serve as a transition between birth and usefulness."
Elderly || "They're like children... But less easily placated by candy."

Dilated Cardiomyopathy || "That's just a fancy way of saying I have an extraordinarily stupid heart. Something about a ventricle not pumping blood as well as a healthy heart which causes shortness of breath with exertion, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, palpitations, skipped beats, dizziness, fainting. death, umm, extreme hindrance to existence."
Narcissistic || "Some people think I'm narcissistic, but really, I'm just self-aware."
Chronic liar || "It's not my fault nobody is capable of grasping sarcasm."
Honest when she shouldn't be || "You know what's more fun than lying? Not."
Impulsive and irrational || "What's the point in living if you can't live it up?
Non-commital || "Ah, so many men, so many women, so many curious in-betweens. The beauty life has to offer is overwhelming, why restrict yourself to only one?"
Requires pure Sakuradite || "It does what my heart should be doing and keeps me from collapsing unappealingly. Sometimes. Too bad you can't just find pure Sakuradite in egg cartons, huh?"

[ Abilities/Skills ]
Variant: Khakkhara || Like his sister, Fei has been trained in the use of Variants since he could grasp with his hands. His personal Variant takes the original form of a Khakkhara, the design based on a twelve-ringed staff used both in prayer and combat. This coupled with his hairstyle often leads to him being mistaken for a servant of a deity or a monk of some sort. Each ring contains special Irelian technology that allows the Variant to be transformed into a different state, giving his Variant a total of twelve forms. Each of his Variations revolves around a different element. His staff can be split in half to become a two-handed weapon or reduced to the size and appearance of a slim pen.
Hand-to-hand combat || Fei possesses immense strength and skill in close-combat situations.

Gifts of genetic modification || Being Irelian products has its perks, including, but not limited to, the ability to jump higher, see further, hear better and learn faster than the average human. They have heightened survival skills and can survive extreme weather conditions, amongst other things. things.
Sakuradite manipulation || Essentially, they are able to "steal" or manipulate this energy source, allowing them to recharge themselves as well as disable or control external Variants to an extent. This ability is applied best to the purest form of Sakuradite and wanes with the amount of Sakuradite, or lack thereof.

Variant || Unlike her brother, Xin is not merely part Variant, she is perhaps, more Variant than human, being able to transform her own body into a weapon, rather than simply wield one. Her primary Variant, named "Houyi," which she uses to save her true power lies beneath her skin and can be brought forward with a single thought. At times, Xin's primary Variant takes the latent form of a circular necklace with twelve overlapping spokes inlaid with a clear diamond in its centre, resembling a small gold sun. It is able to be transformed into a myriad of weapons although she often gives it the form of a violet traditional umbrella. She is genetically superior to her brother, although this came at the cost of her heart disease, nonetheless, the advanced material makes the Variants she makes stronger and sharper than the average sword or arrow. Unlike Fei's variant which has precoded forms imbedded into the rings, Xin's Variant operates through the user's own discretion. It reflects, amplifies and directs the user's energy, allowing it to take any shape or form. This allows Houyi the possibility of being both immensely powerful or incredibly weak.
Weapons master || There is no weapon Xin is not equipped to use at a high level of expertise. She is one of the leading weapons experts in the Irelian government's employ.

[ Personality ]
Whilst they may look alike, their personalities could not be more different. Where Fei condemns humanity for their innate stupidity, Xin finds humour in such mortal flaws. Fei is incredibly cynical and believes all living beings to be motivated by self-interest, spurred by greed, fear and laziness. Nobody has been able to prove him wrong. He is also highly perceptive and a great judge of character. Very little slips by him unnoticed as his meticulous attention to detail ensures not even a pause in the flicker of an eyelash escapes his notice. It is this which makes him particularly good at detecting lies, although his sister's extraordinary capacity for deception escapes him at times.

Fei's blatant disinterest in people and disregard for such petty things as "feelings" does not dissuade the female populace from succumbing to his dark humour and blunt honesty, however, and he can often be found ignoring the crowd of women pining for his attention. Unfortunately for them, there is no woman except his sister who interests him. Whilst Fei is certainly not the warmest person, he is in no way quiet or incapable of human interaction. In fact, he can be quite charming when he wants to be, that is, when it serves his purposes to be so.

He is loyal to no one but his sister and possesses no fear for himself, only for the Xin's wellbeing. Everything he has ever done and will over do has been for his sister and he cares little for anything else, making his full attention a rare thing to grasp. Whilst Fei is in no way cruel or malicious, he does not actively try to do good or better the world or whatever other idealistic things attention-seeking do-gooders seek. As far as Fei is concerned, Xin is the only person in the world worth saving. She is both his weakness and his strength. He loves her. Perhaps too much.

Xin is a simple girl with very basic needs, or so she likes to think. She enjoys luxury, and believes she is the epitome of perfection. She loves beautiful things and has endeavoured to ensnare every man or woman worthy of her company who has crossed her path. So far, she has been successful. Her brother often criticises her for being noncommittal but she is of the belief that the human body is too fragile to be shattered by petty things such as heartbreak, and doubts her heart would be able to survive such a thing anyway. The world has much to offer but still Xin likes to think she has more to offer it, if the feminine curve of her hips and her full breasts are anything to go by. Xin is rather shameless, having seemingly no sense of personal boundaries or appropriate social etiquette. She does not expect anybody to be considerate to her feelings and likewise does not abide by anybody's rules but her own. She is not afraid to assert her beliefs, but neither does she particularly mind if you disagree. In fact, she finds conflict and people who think she's unbearable to be quite enjoyable at times.

Oftentimes her overwhelming zest and shallow preoccupations lead others to believe she is not the brightest tool in the shed. This is a costly mistake that has befallen many of her victims, the cost being significantly larger when they are targets of the Irelian government and she the undercover huntress. Xin is remarkably intelligent, regardless of her impenetrable facade. She is genuinely optimistic, but for the most part, she is a chronic liar and an expert in identity theft. Perhaps her greatest gift is not in acting, but in self-deception. She perhaps has the gift of selective memory or an astounding capacity to forgive and forget.

Xin views the world entirely differently from most, finding humour in the mundane and lessons in misfortune. She would be a great role model, if she were not so deeply submerged in her pursuit of pleasure and if she were miles less oblivious to social cues. She might even be the ideal woman not simply physically but mentally as well, if she were not so irrational and impulsive in her decisions, or blunt in her remarks. If she were even just a fraction more selfless or a tad more sensible in setting her priorities, she might even be normal. Might.

"I envy her, sometimes, for being the better soul.
She's the only one worth saving."

Image[ History ]
They were not the first to be made, but they were the first to survive.

Centuries prior to the birth and fall of the Princess of Massacre, Irelia had already endeavoured to possess strength and power unparalleled. The men and women and their children's children who would eventually become the leaders of the future capitalist nation sought to create an army to thwart all others, one that even the magic of Jin would succumb to. The leaders sought to create weapons that wielded themselves, these weapons being soldiers whose blood and bone hummed like machines. Using the same technology that allows Variant weapons to take alternate forms through the will of the user, the Irelian scientists underwent centuries of experimentation on adults, children and unborn infants, hoping to create living weapons capable of inhuman feats.

Thousands of test subjects perished over the years, each one born with fatal flaws that would consume their livelihoods within days, sometimes hours, of their birth. Meanwhile, the adults who underwent the procedures were made into set-smiling corpses, weapons without minds, limp things made of flesh and steel that could not act, much less think. The children with their growing, adaptive minds were not so lucky, existing trapped in a horrendous insanity that most often ended by their own hand. It seemed even Irelia, the nation of science, had its limits. That was, until the twins.

22 years ago, they achieved their first and since then, their only success. Perhaps it was their natural genetic predisposition which fused well with the artificial modifications woven into their genetic imprints, perhaps it was luck. Nonetheless, whilst the scientists are unsure why or how they survived, they will certainly endeavour to discover the reason so that more like them may be made. One success would've been a shock but for both fetuses to survive, it was an extreme anomaly.

They named the girl 5610, and the boy 5611.


[ Others ]

So begins...

Lu Fei and Shi Xin's Story


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#, as written by Layla


The sky fell everyday.

The sun sank beneath the horizon like a fickle limb evacuating the body when the miles stretched too far. Not tonight, it would say, and the clouds would mirror promises they would never keep, sweeping across the ceiling and abandoning the earth to brown into a crisp with crevices lining its brittle face like an ageing man. Rain fell, lightning fell and leaves fell from a million different branches to be trampled by the creatures that in turn hacked the trees to the ground. They fell like bodies or perhaps bodies fell like pieces of wood, but mother nature was unbiased. She embraced them all, pulverising them into dust particles that would one day shiver into diamonds. Perhaps there was beauty in death, but certainly, not in this.

The girl - if you could call this lump a girl - dangled from the statue with her limbs askew. Blood pooled on her fingertips to collapse onto the top of her head, her head which was not on top of her shoulders where it should have been. The corpse's vacant gaze was oblivious to the crowd that pressed around it in huddles, its ears deaf to the muttered prayers and trembling whispers. The sight of the gawking crowd with their faces ashen with disgust made Xin ache. Why was nobody lowering her body? Why were they prolonging her torture by leaving her there like a slab of meat at a butcher's window? Her family would arrive soon, and nobody deserved to see their daughter, sister or wife so brutally mutilated. Xin stepped forward.

"Don't." Fei's fingers curled around her wrist and jerked her backwards. She scathed him with a glare. "This isn't in our jurisdiction."

"Yeah, neither is clothes shopping so why don't we just run around naked?" She jerked her wrist. He tightened his grip. "Let go."

"Don't be rash."

"Oh, okay, give me a moment," she said sarcastically. "I'll just go ahead and find somewhere to die."

"Don't be absurd." Frustration escaped his lips in a long sigh.

"What, now you want me to kill myself twice? That is biologically impossible."

"So is reason, it seems," he said.

"Only on Tuesdays."

Movement in the crowd diverted their attention. The body was being lowered from its perch but the guards were struggling to grasp the fragments, what was left of her skin slippery with blood. Fei tugged her arm lightly and said in a gentler tone, "come on." This time she followed.

They'd been in Billarf's Tavern - what sorcery impelled a person to name their child Billarf? - when they heard the scream. Fei had been content to continue reading The Anthropological Treatises of Josëfaen Harchdenbraich but Xin insisted that they check that no one was being slaughtered by "intergalactic elvish priests," albeit somewhat reluctantly. She'd been playing Drunkard's Cards with a number of brutes the night before. The battle had been intense, lasting all through the night. It would've ended with her as the victor of a small fortune - the only reason Fei ever tolerated her "petty games" - had she not been such a selfless, beautiful soul. Alas, a hero of Jeildae could not rest when justice called.

They sighed through the streets now as the city ascended into the new day, dodging the cascading bucketfuls of murky water and the merchants shoving their wares at weary passer-bys. The twins stretched their consciousness in search of stolen and unregistered Variants, tendrils of an invisible sight passing over the vivid array of fruits and vegetables, through the cracks of uneven pavement, rummaging through the pockets of scrawny children. It was a natural instinct now. They'd recovered innumerable Variants in the last decade alone. Just last year they'd uncovered one of the Shadow of Airen's strongholds, returning dozens of rare Irelian artefacts hidden amongst other stolen goods to the Irelian government.

Finding lost Variants was the least unpleasant of their duties. Today their purpose was to "arrest and garner information from a suspected Irelian traitor and associate of the Shadow," but they knew better. There would be no trial nor polite inquiry, just the rattle of bones and steel, especially if the Irelian defence force believed them to be partners to the notorious Shadow, and certainly not if they were traitors. If there was nothing else Irelia condemned, it would be Irelians who betrayed the nation.

"You care too much," Fei stated abruptly.

"And you care too little," Xin replied, preoccupied with the glint of a silver clasp. Vines sprouted from the gleaming lily, swirling into an intricate bracelet that winked from the merchant's store.

"That is not untrue," he said, a whisper of a smile tugging at his lips. As they wandered away from the city centre, Fei's gaze drifted towards the forest that loomed behind the sprinkle of houses that dotted the areas sporadically. The number of people had waned considerably the further they'd traveled, the lovely cobblestone streets fading into patches of cracked cement that crept through the dirt paths. Fei rested a hand on his sister's arm, head tilted towards the trees. He stepped into the forest, gliding through the mess of wild flora like a silent ghost.

"Do you feel that?' Fei whispered, holding himself remarkably still between a thorny bush and poisoned mushrooms.

"Yeah, my breasts are aching too." Xin massaged her chest with the palms of her hands. "I think it's that time of the month again."

"Hilarious," Fei said drily.

"It really isn't. I wish these things lasted an hour instead of a week." She sighed. "I mean, okay, you've made your point. I'm not pregnant. You can go now."

"Shh." Fei stepped back, forcing her behind him.

A snarl jerked through the forest, distorted and unnatural. It nearly distracted Xin from the roaring hiss of the artefact. It was something other, not quite Variant but possessing an immense energy that was reminiscent of Sakuradite in its purest form, humming with the desire to act, alive.

"What the hell is that?" she gasped.

"I think they can hear us."

"They? Who's they? We're the only ones here. Gosh, Fei, you really need to learn to stop speaking in riddles because nobody understands y-"

"You're hungover," Fei admonished, a hint of surprise lacing his words as he looked at her, really looked at her. It was difficult to differentiate between the effects of alcohol and her personality when it came to whatever it was that made her say bizarre things most of the time, but why had he not realised? Of course. Of course she would be hungover.

"Of course I'm not hungover," she said, exasperated. "I'm still drunk."




"I can't, I'm wearing high-"

He threw his weight into her, snatching her arm as he dashed past. Xin stumbled behind him before finding her footing. Fei urged her forward, entirely prepared for her to outrun him as she always did, regardless of her footwear. She had to.

The Variant would have to wait, because whatever else was in the forest with them, it was not human.


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#, as written by [Akane]

"The hunt begins."

Intense emotions of hunger and murder washed over the Princess of Massacre and she froze. In the corner of her eye the shadow took form, a ghostly grin of razor sharp teeth stood out against the murky mess. Her attentions was soon preoccupied by the Kelpie's unnatural snarl, which she realized stemmed from the appearance of Aglaeca and Agrona. They appeared genuinely concerned due to her discomfort and Adrienne quickly slid back into her mask.

"It is nothing." She murmured monotonously and jerked the Kelpie towards her belongings. In a lower tone,"If you show your discomfort your enemy has won. They will continue to pester you relentlessly once they have discovered your weakness.". With that, Adrienne attached her heavy pack upon the water horse. What she deemed heavy would most likely be nothing this supernatural being. She knew full well some of the rumors and legend surrounding that of a Kelpie, one being that they had the strength of ten horses....perhaps more. However such matters did not interest the Princess for very long and she soon had her gaze return to the where she had previous emerged from. Something, or rather someone was there.

"Everyone prepare to leave in fifteen. Vern and Lyon, come with me." She commanded abruptly and drew her prized possession, a weapon of Irelian rarity, a giant cleaver. It's black blade gleamed wickedly in the sunlight as she strode back into the forest. A few more lengths away from the group and she was tearing after her prey with a dangerous glint in her eyes. Adrenaline was pumping through out her body, her blood was pounding in her ears, and those crystal eyes were searching. She did not care if Vern or Lyon would catch up, they were merely there to quell the Cripple's complaints about her actions. If the prey seemed to cause more trouble then expect the two could provide her with the necessary help. But for the time being she would pull ahead and see if she could have her fun with the prey first.

It did not take long to find the them. Out of the brightly haired duo, the female one was struggling with her shoes. High heels, Adrienne grunted her amusement at the idea of running with such footwear. But, all the more easier for her. With a burst of speed she effortlessly caught up with the pair and nodded in greeting. Time to decide if they were worth killing, her hand was slowly drifting to the cleaver sheathed across her lower back.

"Good morning, quite early for a run through the forest isn't it?"


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Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Yuna Ran Character Portrait: Audona Aislinn Caoimhe Character Portrait: Lu Fei and Shi Xin Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto
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Vern struck out at the tree with two quick left jabs, followed by a right cross. As his fist came back to its position, moving to just in front of his face, his chin tucked to keep it naturally protected by his raised fists, he was already shifting to the left as he swung is left in a tight hook which landed on the "body" of his imagined target. As the blow landed, he was already stepping back to create the distance he needed for the rest of his punches, throwing a quick jab out at the tree again to cover his retreat. He was still off at the angle of the tree, but he did not throw out another combination as he heard the cheery chirp of Yuna mentioning the food was ready.

Looking over towards the camp, he smiled as he lowered his hands, enjoying the clattering of the stone pieces as he released the magic on them and they fell off of his arms. He walked towards the camp, not paying attention to the stones as they seemed to meld back into the ground, the magic of the relic now having fully released its hold on them. Wiping his forearm across his forehead, using the sleeve of his jacket to wipe away the perspiration there, he then closed his eye as he took a good inhale of the food. Smiling, he then walked forwards to the stump which the elf has rested the food on.

"Goodie goodie, I am hungry and it smells good, Yunnie." He said as he scooped up two pieces. He popped both into his mouth, quickly covering his mouth with a hand to not spit them out reflexively as he hadn't really considered how hot they still were. He rolled them about in his mouth to not burn himself and give it a chance to cool off, before he actually began to chew it. It may not have had much for flavoring or anything fancy on it, but after a life of military rations and food, this was a good meal to him. With his mouth full, he didn't really have the ability to speak, so instead he simply directed a thumbs up in Yuna's direction.

He turned his head to the sound of a rather vicious snarl, followed by the stamping of hoofs as he looked to Kelpie with an eyebrow raised. He watched the horse...thing shift about in an agitated manner. "Ain't goin' near her today..." he muttered to himself as he watched the Princess chat a few moments with Aglaeca and Agrona before she began loading things onto Kelpie. She muttered something to the horse-thing, but it was too low for Vern to hear. Though it more seemed like the Princess talkin' to herself so it wasn't for his ears anyways.

Since it seemed she'd be ready to leave soon, Vern decided to double check his ruck and make sure his stuff was ready to go so the group wasn't left waitin' on him. He moved back over to it, doing another quick glance through it all while taking another quick sip from his canteen. As he put it away, he saw the green-black headband he'd occasionally wear. It was something he usually wore if he knew he'd be seeing some violence that day, as it helped to keep his hair back and out of his face. It wasn't usually a bother for him, but there was always a chance in a fight it could and so he always figured it best to ere on the side of caution. So far it's worked well for the one-eyed-pugilist. Pulling it from the bag, he decided today he'd just wear it for the hell of it; he slid it up along his forehead to push his hair back, making sure to the do the same towards the back as he tied it secure.

As he finished, he looked up towards Adrienne as she mentioned his name. "Everyone prepare to leave in fifteen. Vern and Lyon, come with me." She stated as he watched her grab hold of her weapon, starting to march towards the forest. Vern narrowed his eye as he watched her, but he didn't ask nor hesitate as he stood up and followed after her, not waiting to see if Lyon followed either. He knew to simply follow the order, especially when she used that tone. Somethin' was up, and it was not the time to hesitate questioning why she needed them.

She bolted off ahead, and Vern quickly followed behind her, albeit lagging behind some; he wasn't exactly known for his speed. He caught up to her a second or so later, long enough for her to have already engaged the people in a conversation with a simple statement, "Good morning, quite early for a run through the forest isn't it?" Clearly she hadn't decided yet if they were enemies, so Vern did not make a move to attack either. Rather, he kept his eye on the two individuals as he slowly began to circle around towards the right of the Princess and the two, choosing the side so he could keep them in sight of his good eye. He had no idea who these two were, though it made him worried about what they could do. The high heels gave the impression that the woman might be the lesser of the threats, as it was hardly a sane choice of footwear for a fight; he did not focus on either in particular though.

"Well for some the mornin' is the best time for a good run. Quiet, cool, and ya get to listen to songs of the mornin' birds." He said, smiling a bit as he continued his slow circling of them. Her statement may not have been directed to him, but sometimes he couldn't help but get a quip in here-or-there. He had the magic of the relic on hold, though he didn't draw up any stones yet. The beauty of it was that he could have the stone gauntlets and greaves on himself in a flash, ready to engage whomever was attacking him.


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#, as written by MeshET


At some point, he had already shifted complete attention to the group, nonchalantly holding his book. For some, it may seem as if he was reading the book, but Lyon just couldn't get any content into his brain any longer. His paranoia got to him. When the Princess was confronted by Aglaeca, Lyon finally decided to put his book down, placing his bookmark - a small strap of leather - on the page he stopped at. On the book cover was a picture of multiple female warriors clad in purple steel, charging towards a barren wasteland filled with soldiers. Their armors were battered badly and there was not one of them that wasn't without an injury. He took a look at it, slowly trying to use the picture to image the story he read. Definitely not a bad book... He thought to himself as he looked up again, facing the camp.

Vern appeared to have returned from a warm up, sweat covering his forehead. The fellow red hair's ability to fight unarmed was impressive, more so when he further enhances his style with stacking rocks on his arms to form gauntlets. While he may not be the smartest of person, Lyon could agree that Vern is a formidable fighter. When it comes to it, Lyon wasn't sure who will win in a spar, even if he might have an advantage what with a blade as Lyon's weapon. But there was one thing he could sure of; the two of them will definitely end up using more than they should be using when in a fight.

Lyon watched the red haired fighter approach Yuna as he helped himself to the food that she made for the group. A little after that, the horse that the Princess brought back with her started shifting around, like a horse when met with conditions or humans it didn't like. However, for that horse to move around in such a manner, it was normal. But maybe it was due to the two spiritual beings that approached it that may have caused it's agitated state this time. Nevertheless, Lyon ignored the horse. Something in him was tingling extremely wildly, like his senses was screaming at him about something. Then the next thing that happened confirmed his suspicions.

"Everyone prepare to leave in fifteen. Vern and Lyon, come with me." The Princess demanded from the red hair duo. It was tones such as these that the Princess had found something interesting. She probably called for the two as backup in case whatever she ran into proved to be more of a challenge than she could take on her own, if there was anything that needed so in this situation anyway. When there was something more powerful than the Princess herself, normally most of the group would already have noticed the presence. This time, it should be no different. Right after the Princess ordered for the group to prepare, she and Vern had already blasted off in the same direction, not wasting time with whatever she detected.

Lyon pushed himself off of the tree he leaned against, grabbing with him his lifelong companion, Xernier. Before leaving the area, he gave a last glance at the camp, making sure that everything and everyone was present. After that, he mimicked the two who went ahead and kicked off the ground, his quick agile movement apparent.

It wasn't far from the group as he had already reached where the Princess and Vern had intercepted two people. A male and female, both the exact same from each other. If anything, they were highly possible siblings. Or they could really be just two lovers who happened to look extremely similar. Because he took a slight different path into the forest instead of staying on the dirt road, he broke off from the general direction where the Princess had stopped her 'prey'. Without making as much as a sound, he crept his way to the left, opposite of where Vern was standing and essentially guarding the other side. Were they choose to run, they still had the option to run the opening behind, but either the Princess of Lyon himself can catch up to them without breaking a sweat. However, he didn't want to judge too much. They might be professional warriors despite the female was in a attire unsuited for combat. High heels never made fighting easy and it never will now.

So Lyon decides to hide away behind one of the trees, peeking out ever so slightly and creating as less presence as possible. If a fight breaks out, he will provide a surprise attack. That should be enough to grant him and his allies' the time to lay down the decisive strike in less than 5 minutes, depending on how their opponents will react. He held tightly onto his blade, ready to draw any moment.


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#, as written by Layla


The heels didn't bother her. She'd learned to walk when she was three months old, fumbling with the two legs that seemed like Variant weapons in and of themselves. They stuck her in stilettos by the time she was three years old, her body racing behind the mother duckling that was her mind, the mind which snarled and barked at its physical shell to grow faster, stronger, now. The scientists melded their bodies into ideal proportions, their faces to the micrometer of golden ratios so they possessed both an ethereal perfection and an uncanny normality. Eleven years ago, the Irelian government and its military research sector released their most remarkable and advanced products yet.

Eleven years ago, the twins stopped growing.

Xin eased her feet into an awkward stumble. She could feel the eyes, and she knew whoever - whatever - it was, felt her too. Their superiors had always taught her to be weaker than she was. They gave her eyes that oozed a doe-eyed naivety, a dimple that smiled in her cheeks and a slim build that was both feminine and frail. "Let #5610 lead," that was what her brother was to them, Subject #5610, "he is the smoke, you are the gun."

"Good morning, quite early for a run through the forest isn't it?" The voice belonged to a female. It sounded young, but time wove its path through the syllables and made it sound ancient. Tired. But amused. Fei whipped around, jerking to a stop. The creature was fast. They would never outrun it. He eased Xin behind him - "you are the shield, #5611 is the sword" - and stared defiantly at the creature who'd chased them with her inhuman speed. He was significantly taller and towered over the owner of the old voice, but it held itself with the grace of one who'd enjoyed countless bodies sprawled beneath it.

"Oh, you know," Xin chirped from behind him, teeth gleaming in a casual smile. "Burning calories."

The twins' eyes did not flicker towards the creature's hand as it inched towards the cleaver at its hip. Their peripheral visions were superior to any ordinary human's. Xin's dimples deepened with her grin. A lock of warm amber hair fell from Fei's braid, falling over his sapphire orbs which remained unwavering on the creature's pale eyes. He searched the countless files they'd been made to memorise, the textbooks of information on every single person, known spirit and criminal they'd had to learn, but the one before him was in none. It was a ghost, or... They'd heard the whispers echoing through the continent.

"She's back."

"People are dying."

He remembered the girl with her mutilated body dangling from the sacred statue like a slab of skinned meat. He saw the madness woven into calculating awareness in this creature's gaze, and he did not doubt that this thing or person was the Princess of Massacre, the Demon Queen, the Slaughterer. He did not have to spare his sister a moment in the edges of his vision to observe that she, too, knew who this was. He felt a ripple, a fractional tremor, truly, slithering across her skin. He tightened his grip on her wrist. "...side effects of procedure...volatile...obdurate...subject #5611 must..." He remembered begging them, pleading with whatever speckle of their consciences that believed them to be more than objects, and swearing that she would never collapse into her fury as she had then.

Xin did not reveal an ounce of her rage, her smile as unswerving as it had always been, but beneath the polite antics, she was livid. This was the woman who'd massacred innocents, the murderer who'd abandoned the young girl on the stone arm of the statue. She felt her Variant hissing beneath her skin, threatening to devour the human body it possessed. She was more Variant than human, more monster than her brother would ever be. She was 5611, who was sometimes Xin. Her brother's grip pressed bruises into her skin. A bead of sweat shivered at his left temple from forcing her in place. The three seemed to stare at one another for millenniums before another voice broke through.

"Well for some the mornin' is the best time for a good run." The voice was masculine and animated, sounding strangely comfortable in the green setting. He reminded Xin of lazy hills and roaring currents. "Quiet, cool, and ya get to listen to songs of the mornin' birds." His voice shattered something in her. Her lungs had been inflating with the endless supply of air being forced into it but now it popped and deflated, the tension seeming to evaporate from her body like a flock of birds leaping into flight all at once.

"I'd rather listen to you sing the day after, love," she purred. Fei loosened his grip, a nerve throbbing at his temple. He shared a glance with the creature, the "Princess," before glancing away at the man who'd broken through the leafy forage, keeping the girl in the corner of his vision. He narrowed his eyes at the man. They were even, two against two. But... No, there were more. He'd heard the trickle of voices humming in the distance when they'd been nearer. He eased his hand into his pocket, casually, bored, and gripped his Variant which was currently carrying the form of a nondescript gold pen.

"You have no idea how to be a gentleman." His sister snatched her hand from his grip, rubbing her aching wrist and drilling nails into his flesh with her glare. "This is why you're single, Fei." She sighed. "I will never have a niece or nephew."

"Neither will I," Fei replied automatically. Xin tilted her head to the side, tapping a manicured finger against her chin.

"Nonsense. There's a man right there." She nodded her head towards the creature's companion. "She's a pretty one, too." She lifted a delicately arched brow at the Princess of Massacre, seemingly oblivious to her prior rage. "Maybe you'll have a chance if she only cares for aesthetics." Fei did not have the capacity to joke at a life-and-death situation. Clearly, these people did not mean to introduce themselves and offer them cups of tea. He wondered, as he always did, if his sister had any capacity to read social cues, and as always, the answer was no.

"We're leaving," he said.

"Pardon our rudeness," Xin chirped, extending a hand to her likely enemies. "I'm Xin, and this stick in the mud is my distant relative, Ass."

"Fei," he corrected automatically, long accustomed to his sister's gags.

"That's what I said."


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#, as written by [Akane]

"Please explain what is this feeling is."

Adrienne watched with an impassive mask of confusion. One second the situation was dangerous and signaled an ensuing battle, now it was full of feelings of lust...Although it did not show the white haired woman was immensely bewildered by the change of events. Unconsciously her grip on her variant began to relax as the tense air dissipated, her mind so thrown off balance she barely registered the
amber haired female's introduction.

"I'm Xin, and this stick in the mud is my distant relative, Ass." The voice resounded in flawless tones, they were to perfect.

Adrienne's pale orbs rose to meet the girl's own azure ones. In the light something shifted beneath the surface of the iris, it was almost impossible to see to an untrained eye, but there was no doubt some sort of circuitry was working. Irelian Technology The corners of her mouth twitched upward into an almost smile as she extended her own hand and gripped this girl's hand. If her jigsaw pieced memory was right, Xin and this male named Fei were human variants. Adrienne cocked her head slightly to the left to once again inspect the girl's eyes feigning curiosity. There itwas...

"Mika, it means New Moon. My companion over there has quite a few names but you may call him Lazy Bum." She drawled, matching Xin's intro from earlier. It must be mock your traveling companion day. Then again she had always done that since the start. Abruptly, she snatched her hand back and returned it to her waist, setting herself into an confident stance. Her eyes quickly appraised both again, bringing an minuscule spark of recognition to her attention. Laughter and a budding friendship, then it was gone.

What was it?

"Before you take your leave, let me ask you one thing. Whom do you serve, 5610, 5611."


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#, as written by Layla


Silence screamed in the nanosecond following the Princess of Massacre's words before a series of deafening whistles devoured it whole. The twins hissed three notes that teased one another like static harmonies, sounding more like the wail of machines than humans or animals. The sound roared throughout the forest, its intangible fingers dancing through every nook and crevice, seeking its Sakuradite prey. Every Variant weapon within a one mile radius shivered so furiously smoke danced from the friction the vibrations caused, and nearly every, if not all the Variants jerked into flight, slicing through the forest like pack animals answering the call of their Alpha and Omega. They jerked to a stop around the two figures now poised for battle, hovering around them like obedient dogs in a circular formation, before pointing themselves at their masters' enemies. There was hardly a pause before they arched towards the Princess of Massacre and her male companion.

A simple gold pen slipped into Fei's palm, shimmering into a gold staff that was taller than even him. His Variant Khakkharra caught the morning sun and amplified it, jarring in its abrupt luminescence. He wasted no time as he lunged for the woman who'd known their identities, the deadly point of his spear arching over his head to slice into where the woman stood. He moved with a fluid grace reminiscent of sea creatures gliding through water as he held the woman's gaze with eyes that gleamed like sapphire gems, his features utterly devoid of emotion.

The welcoming smile Xin bore had bled into something eerie, a dimple that might've been adorable in any other circumstance decorating her feral grin. The delicate canines that echoed Fei's had lengthened to clang against her bottom teeth, alabaster metal colliding like the bite of swords as she bared her teeth at the man she'd playfully teased moments before. Still, she barely changed form, choosing instead to slip the straw-thin needles that held her hair between her fingertips. She swung her arms outward and released the needles at the two trees she'd carefully calibrated would fall where her enemies were. The needles gleamed, hissing and flattening into thin, razor sheets that sliced through the thick trunks of the old trees. There were a groan as the branches swayed before the trees toppled down like fallen beasts. She leaped backwards with an inhuman speed to avoid them, falling into a crouch that kicked smoke and embers into the air as she skidded to a stop.

Sakuradite pulsed in their bones and hummed in their veins, granting them impossible skill with their Variant weapons. No creature, no matter how skilled or experienced, should have been able to bend the will of a Variant, much less multiple. with such liquid grace and precision. Xin beamed, taunting, like a feline playing with its prey. They needed them alive, this she knew from the glare Fei lodged between her eyes. They needed one of them alive. The boy would have to do.

"Oh, just the Public Library of Airen," she replied to the earlier question. "You have an overdue book. I believe it was called 'Premeditated Murder Made Easy.'"


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#, as written by moahi

"Everyone prepare to leave in fifteen. Vern and Lyon, come with me." Agleacea held himself back from groaning with disappointment. Hardly anything came for him to actually have fun, and now she was going to hunt without him? There were souls, and he could sense it, a more primitive, demonic instinct to consume them, leaving them in darkness. Still, he held back the desire to destroy, and simply nodded, shooting a curious look at the kelpie. It never seemed to like it when the both of them were there, but most people didn’t, anyway. He was somewhat used to being hated and shied away from, so he stepped back, leaving the kelpie alone to her own private space.

“Be back soon!” He called after them as the princess went into the forest, along with Vern and Lyon. “Geez… and it was such a perfect opportunity to get my breakfast too…” he muttered under his breath as he looked at the forest. He could vaguely sense their souls, though they were different, somewhat. It was odd, but they didn’t feel like normal humans, or sinners by the looks of it. There was something off about them, like they were made that way, but again he might be too paranoid about it.

"So the Princess enters the dark woods with two men all on her lonesome, my, oh my, I can only imagine the sheer horror of a little Princess running around."
Aku spoke then, snapping him out of his thoughts, as he fixed his bright purple orbs on the crippled man, a mischievous smile dancing on his lips.“So… do you want to go after her on that horse thing? Because I am going in there, all right.” he asked, shooting a meaningful look at the kelpie. It would be rather funny to see how Audona reacts to that after all, a bit of amusement for him. Still the uneasy feeling nagged at him, and his curiosity to finding a new type of soul was far too much. “Yep, I’m going after them.” He said, again, as if testing and confirming that statement, before running off in all his demonic speed, like a child who was out to play. It would be fun watching them fight, and even joining in if he wanted to, the perfect thing for a morning exercise. If he was lucky, he might even get to eat the souls too. At least, that was what he thought when he tree almost fell on him.

“Whaa?!” He yelped, nimbly dodging aside as he grabbed the trunk and lifted it up, no problem at all. He could already see Adrienne’s silver hair, her back facing him along with Vern. Lyon was probably hidden somewhere, being the cautious person he was, and Aglaeca scanned the surroundings one last time, before focusing his attention on the enemies, one of which was pointing a weapon at the princess. A variant. The skill the boy was able to wield them with was brilliant, his actions almost perfect as he attacked, looking like a dance. Too perfect. It almost made him feel uneasy, but there were more serious things at hand.

“Hey Adrienne, Vern! You guys okay?” He called out, carefully leaving lyon’s name out in case they hadn’t noticed the man just yet. Though he was sure that they could dodge it, he still held the tree, ready to hurl it in case the princess or his companion can’t dodge the blows.


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"I'm not that lazy..." he muttered while crossing his arms in response to Adrienne's little crack. He had continued to quietly watch the two, observin’ them as he finished his little semi-circle. He raised his arms up behind his head, linking his fingers together so that his hands rested against his neck.

"Before you take your leave, let me ask you one thing. Whom do you serve, 5610, 5611." this made Vern cock his head to the side, confused. What in the hell was she talking about? He got something on an answer to his own question, but though he wasn’t happy that involved making him deaf.

Grimacing, he lowered his hands now to a more defensive position for a fight. “Fuckin’ell I’m already half blind, I don’t need ta be deaf too!” he shouted, though he went quiet as he saw a large number of variants move up around the Fei and Xin. “Oh…oh dear.” As they came flying towards him and Adrienne, Vern held his ground as he brought his arms up to his head, forearms facing out as if blocking his face from a punch. As he did so, two tall slabs of rock shot up out of the ground in front of him, forming in the shape of a wedge as the weapons collided with the outside of them. Metal scraped across stone as the weapons glanced off across the angled surfaces of the earthen shield, some variants with enough momentum managing to pierce through the stone so that their sharp blades rested not far from the body they had been trying to impale.

A moment later, he looked to the side to see tree falling towards his position. A smile crept on his face as he quickly slid his back foot along the ground, it not once liftin’ from its place on the earth as he spun his stance around so that he faced it. He went to throw a left hook towards the tree to hit it with some rock and knock it out of the way, but instead he got to see the small boy Aglaeca move up, catchin’ hold of the tree by its trunk and liftin’ it up over his head like it was simply a hollow foam structure. “Hey Adrienne, Vern! You guys okay?” he called out to the two of them. Vern just stared at the boy, somewhat dumbfounded for a moment before collecting his thoughts again and turning himself to face their opponents. He could see Adrienne having herself a fair duel with the man, though she knocked him away after a few blows, landing near Vern.

“Yeah, I’m good!” Vern said as he formed the earthen slabs he had used sink into the ground. He made sure that whatever variants were lodged into it sank back into the ground with them, burying them in hopes it’d hold them there. As he did so, he felt the stone beneath him rise up and begin to forms the gauntlets and greaves he used so much, adopting his fighting stance.

“Vern take over here.” Adrienne said, not even turning to look at Vern before she bolted off towards the female. He watched her go for a moment before nodding his head, turning towards the direction Fei had been sent.

He flexed his arms before raising them up about chin level, nodding his head with a smile on his face. “You folks seemed like such nice people too, but ‘ey I always like a good fight.” He then pushed off of the ground, sprinting towards Fei.

What he’d failed to notice though, due to his excitement and it having happened on his blindside, was The Princess get t-boned by another opponent. To Vern, he thought it was just the sound of Adrienne movin’ in to fight Xin, or perhaps the nice pair of boobs had just moved forwards to engage the nice pair of legs, Adrienne. Whatever it was, he figured Legs could handle herself while Vern had his fight with Fei. Not to mention he was sure Lyon was already movin' in to help with the fight, so Vern also figured The Princess would have assistance if she really needed it. He was stopped though when he to was tackled from the side, falling to the ground as he felt claws dig into his sides.

Shouting in surprise and a bit of pain, he reached up to grab hold of...whatever the hell it was that was over him.Not waiting to feel it scratch at him again, he thrust one of his rock covered hands up at it and into its chest. As his hand made contact, all the pieces of rock over his arm shot off into it at once like a blast of buck-shot from a shotgun, blasting it in the chest and launchin' it off of him. As it flew back, Vern got up to his feet, wincing and looking at the cuts that were on his sides. they didn't look too terrible, but damned did they hurt. He summoned up more rocks to cover his arm once more, but also several stones rose up out of the ground and pressed themselves over his flayed side; they stung as they were tightly pressed against his wounds to try and hold back the bleeding. He took his fighting stance, now trying to keep Fei in his sights but also noticing the other figures around the area. "Well fuck a duck and call me a monkey..."


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Yuna was delighted by the fact that the Kelpie had taken the offering; her smile widened in surprise and amazement. Perhaps the two could be a bit friendlier now? It was while she was waiting with her things that Aglaeca stood and announced he was taking his leave with the wondrous creature that had since turned her back on them all. . Yuna yawned and hugged her knees, she was sitting on the ground now having moved away from the horse since it no longer wanted anything to do with them. Consequently invading Yuna's mind were images of Adrienne being attacked and she winced, a splitting headache developing behind her eyes. She could see the Princess of Massacre in trouble, a pack odd dog like beasts approaching with the speed of a cheetah, snapping at anything that moved. The elf dropped her things, leaving her bag with the relic, her quiver of arrows, and bow before running, leaping over branches and avoiding trees; her elegant white wings tucked in as much as the bones would allow so that she could reach the Princess faster.

"BFNATEXTRA NITM!"(This is actual Elvish) She yelled, using two fingers to aim and shoot the Kagene away from Adrienne. "Are you alright?" Yuna asked, rushing to the Princess's side, her wings untucking flitting about nervously, as she looked over the woman. She noticed the bite marks in Adrienne's side but knew she couldn't use magic because the Adrienne had told her that she was immune to spells. Luckily there was a healing salve in Yuna's backpack, but she had left that back at the camp.

The pink haired female went to check on the others, knowing that her Princess was more capable and competent when it came to fighting then any of them. A loud crash brought her attention to the falling tree and Vern rolling right out from under it before Aglaeca caught it. Knowing that he had it under control, Yuna turned to face the opponents. One had legs that looked like they could cross whole lands in one stride, the other had hard, rugged features; both had faces any human could easily fall in love with. Luckily, Yuna was not human and so she was not affected by their stunning aesthetic and perfect symmetry. "So you're the ones I smelled earlier," she turned to them, knees bent in case she had to flee or dodge.

Yuna pushed her gloves up, wondering for a fraction of a second as to where Lyon had fled to. Yuna noticed Aglaeca hadn't called the man's name, perhaps he had died in the first few seconds of battle? No, Lyon was smarter then that. She wasn't going to make assumptions based on appearances. Just like these two, no doubt they were deadly, taking down a huge tree like that and letting Kagene loose? Where had they gotten that kind of summoning power, or had it merely been coincidence that the demon beasts appeared?


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#, as written by Layla


Fei sidestepped the creature’s kick, bringing his arms forward to trap its leg between his forearms. It was as if it had predicted such a manoeuvre as the leg was tucked safely behind it mere moments before his limbs could react. It thrust its weapon towards his abdomen. Fei swung his body away from the jab as he parried the variant’s attack with his own, its strength hissing through his bones. He did not doubt the jab would have fractured a few of his ribs had it met its mark.

“Vern, take over here,” it called from its crouch a distance away before bursting into a sprint towards – Xin. Fei made to attack the creature but its companion slinked towards him, blocking his path with his frivolous words. “You folks seemed like such nice people too, but ‘ey I always like a good fight.” Fei brought his variant forward to impale the one-eyed demon’s throat.

His staff sank into what was indisputably, not flesh. It felt like a rotting corpse. Fei jerked his variant from the inner burrows of the screeching mass, its limbs slinking towards him like inky shadows. The forest was engulfed in the mars black presence of madness and evil. They echoes of old tortures ripped from their shriveled bodies as they devoured the morning sun and the people beneath it.

“Xin!” he called, spinning to peak above the piles of rotting creatures who grappled for a taste of his human flesh. His variant had rippled into a circular shield, twelve spokes extending from its middle. The gold surface hissed with smoke, embers licking the heart of the variant sun before bursting into a revolving flame. The sun disk resting at its center spun with increasing speed and the creatures flinched from the heat or light before stalking forward, screams alive with fury. Fei searched for his sister as he unsheathed the blade at his back.

“Fei!” There was no humour in his sister’s voice now, only a crawling panic that kissed frost along her spine. She could not see her brother, barely grasped the low growl of his voice through the wailing of the tortured souls. She stared into the pulsing glass of the creatures’ eyes that threatened to burst from their sockets as whatever agony they had endured struggled to escape. A branch caught her ankle as she stumbled backwards and then it was not a branch at all, but the crackle of bones as the fingers dug crescent moons into her flesh. Pain leapt from her ankle to her mind as she jerked her leg free.

The stench of decay fingered in her hair of multitudinous horrors as the faceless creatures gasped. Hungry, they hissed. Hungry. The bark of the tree pressed splinters into Xin’s back. She hadn’t realised she’d been retreating. A creature lunged towards her.

“Xin, get up. The creatures grappled against the shield of flames he held before them. Xin pushed herself from the ground, clutching her hands in front of her to stifle the tremors that snaked through her veins.

“Okay,” she told Fei. “Okay,” she told herself.

Xin’s skin rippled.

“Split,” she hissed. Fei nodded, turning away from her to brace himself in front of the two women – the creature he’d fought against minutes before and a strange girl with a frailty that contradicted the fierceness of her gaze as she crouched in front of the Princess of Massacre.

"So you're the ones I smelled earlier," the little one growled. Fei turned his back on the two figures, bringing his sword and shield forward to defend them against the creeping monsters. He swung the blade across the abdomen of a dark one, eliciting a blood-curdling scream.

“We are not the enemy,” he said.

Meanwhile a light had unfurled in Xin’s chest, pushing past the walls of her skin to give her a faint luminescence that grew with each pulse of her heartbeat. A flame flickered in her gaze, but did not rise. She bared her open palms and a gleam of pearl white teeth at the dark creatures. “Catch me if you can,” she purred before throwing herself into motion.

The trees devoured her figure as she dashed through them like a glowing beacon, her high-heeled shoes abandoned on the forest floor. Gripping a low-hanging branch, she swung herself up onto a tree, leaping, swinging, taunting. Soon there was no other tree for her to swing towards as a clearing emerged, filled with the same manic beings. Xin watched as two shadowed beings crept towards a beast of unparalleled beauty. The fur on its back glistened as it reared backwards, muscles bulging in its hind legs. It was a stunning manifestation of pure grace. Xin chewed her lower lip.

You’re insane, a logical part of her growled, a part which slumbered more often than not. I know, she told it, and the branch dug into her feet as she propelled herself from it. In that moment of flight, something snaked beneath her skin and ripped through her arms. Two long, wicked blades sliced through her wrists until the pommel of the swords rested in her palms. The pain was a familiar companion, like the ache of her limbs after an intense run. The gaping slits sealed shut, threads of skin overlapping and returning to its seamless form.

Xin’s twin swords sank into the bodies of two shadow creatures as she landed on one knee. Blood like soiled ink splattered against her skin as she tore her weapons from their bodies and attacked.


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#, as written by MeshET


Lyon was used to watching battles erupt at sidelines. Whenever the Princess got into some sort of trouble, his role to ambush enemies always proved useless due to the powerful allies around the Princess of Murder. Whether they are forced to do so or is willing to for reasons not known to him, Lyon can guarantee that all of them are warriors and fighters on levels beyond even some of the most powerful mercenaries and bandits. While Lyon often lack behind when it comes to raw power or magical destruction, his disarming technique served its purpose and saved the group more so than he could count. This time however, it couldn't be done.

The two Variants, a male and a female named Fei and Xin respectively, was met with the Princess of Massacre. Though Lyon wasn't sure why they were here, it was definitely evident that they were trying to escape somehow. But now that the Princess caught up to them, along with Vern, there is no way they could just run away. Possibly because of the intense thirst for destruction that Lyon can always feel whenever the Princess gets into a battle-ready stance.

It only took minutes before it started. Something uttered by the Princess had triggered a ticking bomb. A change in instincts was apparent from the strange duo as immediately after, a head splitting scream resonated throughout the silent forest. For Lyon, who had slight improved hearing due to the loss of his sight, this high pitched note created a heavier effect on him. Nevertheless, he managed to resist the sound long enough to let it end. No sooner as that had happened, Variant weapons emerged from the forest, surrounding around its masters and pointing the sharp and blunt end of its form at its enemies; Vern and Adrienne. Sparing them no time to prepare at all, the Variants attacked in an instant and Fei simultaneously created a staff from nowhere and lunged towards the Princess, his staff raised high and shining bright.

His allies were able to evade the oncoming speeding projectiles with ease. Fei's attack was of no exception as well, with Adrienne quickly following up with a counterattack. But as it all happened, Lyon quickly realized he wasn't alone. A dark and ominous presence was slowly creeping up behind him. But it wasn't the only one. Two more presences was appearing and a few more near where the battle erupted. At that moment, the three presences behind him jumped at the same time, a murderous intent even stronger than the Princess' evoked.

Lyon rolled to the side, evading the sudden assault just in time. His attention switched to his attackers when he was surprised by their forms. They were coated in a deep black color, claws and teeth poking out of the shadowy mass. The emotionless white eyes among the black shadows turned at its prey and lunged forward again like a mindless beast. Lyon jumped backwards, drawing his blade and unleashing a single wide horizontal swing then sheathing it again, all while he was jumping backwards. The attacks connected as the blade sliced through the mass easily.

But that wasn't the end of it. Immediately after being sliced cleanly by Lyon's weapon, the black mass started regenerating. The upper half of the bodies started reconnecting with the lower half, reconstructing the original body all in mere seconds after his attack. That was when Lyon had remember reading about them in a book somewhere. However, it wasn't the time to try and recall information now as the three demons continued its assault again. One of them jumped towards Lyon, resulting a left sidekick to the face. It flew out towards the dirt path outside of the forest. Another tried directly running into him, only to be violently stabbed with the sheath of his weapon by Lyon. Taking only a split second, the last one moved right behind its ally and when Lyon launched his counterattack, it jumped at him.

Lyon's adrenaline was getting pumped up as the last attack immediately came at him. He had already came up with ways to counter the attack, however he went with the flow instead. He let go of his blade and drew his sheathed blade, jumping slightly to the side as he does so. The last demon jumped into the sheath now stuck onto its kin and was stopped in its path. Lyon then swung his sword vertically to the right, effectively slicing the two demons beside him in one go. But that was't enough. His last attempt at cutting them once proved that they had some sort of insane regenerative powers. The only way for Lyon to defeat the regeneration powers was to unleash never ending strikes until there's nothing for them to regenerate.

Following his last attack, Lyon turned and grabbed hold of his sheath, pulling it out from the demon. He then sheathed his blade to prepare for his attack when another demon, the one he kicked earlier, came back at him again, its claws open like a predator jumping onto a prey. Relying on his reflex muscles, his body moved on its own. He brought his sheathed blade up, stopping his approaching enemy's claw. He then jumped up and kicked the demon once more, towards the direction of where its allies were, already almost fully regenerating.

Figuring it was time to end it, Lyon got into his stance. He remained motionless for a few seconds before releasing a swing faster than the eye could see and sheathing immediately after. In an instant, streams of countless attacks were unleashed, causing tree trunks and grasses in front of his striking distance to be affected blade marks similar to wind blades. The three demons were slowly torn apart by the torrent of strikes and disintegrated in the end, leaving a trace of nothing but Lyon's destruction behind.

Lyon knows he had already caused a commotion, but whether the Variant girl named Xin or the new arrival of Aglaeca and Yuna had noticed th - Too late. The demonic beings that attacked him had already started their assault on the group in front too, as Xin and Fei broke up to fight against these things. Around him, he can feel the numerous same dark instincts floating and surfacing. He need to move ahead and join with the others. He won't be able to take them all down by himself no matter how powerful he could be. And if anything, he need to find Adrienne. She seems to be lost somewhere, possible fighting against the demons. He can however, still her presence. "I'll let someone else get her. For now, we need to stay together." They were multiplying as he speak. There was no time. Lyon dashes to Vern, aware that already some of the demons caught up to where they were.


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#, as written by moahi

Aglaeca was standing, slightly confused and amused by the buzz of activity going around him. After all, the others seemed to hold their ground rather well, none of them seemed to be in great need of assistance in their fighting. It seemed like one of the moments where he could just watch, and Aglaeca never did like violence. However, things changed, in the form of shadow creatures. He let out a almost feral hiss as one of them attacked Adrienne, biting her. Then, all hell broke loose. Many more creatures lunged out from their hiding places, attacking all his friends in that area. “What the-” he spun around, swinging the trunk of the tree as if it weighed nothing at all, before flinging it at the shadowy mass. It should successfully keep them at bay, to give him sometime to get his head around the things occurring around him. Those creatures… they did not possess any souls? The ones that had been crushed were already clawing their way out, as if they hadn’t been hurt at all. Were they demons like him? No, the aura they emitted was quite different from those of normal demons, temporarily stumping the little demon for a while. It was… dark magic, something that made him think that humans were much more dark and twisted than the ones of the demon race. “Poor, tormented souls.” he whispered under his breath, looking at the oncoming creatures with pity. They had been made to devour and kill everything, even though they weren’t even properly given life yet. Even so, they were a huge annoyance, something that hindered the group from their activities. And after all, why not kill two birds with one stone? It was more convenient that way, and they could get going without anymore distractions. Making sure that Adrienne and the others were in no particular danger themselves, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, reaching out with his mind. He could sense theirs, filled with dark thoughts and instincts, the raw instinct to kill, a hunger for destruction. Without opening them, he spoke “I command you to go after the twin pieces of technology. Do not continue your attacks on my comrades.” It was easier to voice out his commands, although he could use it without actually speaking, and he could feel their minds bending to his will.

His eyes opened, just in time to see a glowing beacon, lighting up some parts of the forest as it moved swiftly through the trees, with the shadow creatures hot on her heels. Was she heading toward camp? Without a second thought, he dashed after, her matching her speed with his as he concentrated on her glowing form, nearly reaching the clearing as soon as she did. However, before he attacked, the girl sank her blades into the shadow creatures in one fluid movement, splattering ink-like blood as she continued her attack. Once again, he was momentarily confused. “Hey, are you helping us? Weren’t you supposed to be the bad guys?” He asked the girl, forgetting to attack her in his curiosity.