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Luo Qingzhao


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a character in “Princess of Massacre || Rebellion”, originally authored by Miss Nomer, as played by RolePlayGateway


"Luo [羅] Gatherer. Qingzhao [清照] Clear Understanding."
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

-Coco Chanel


[ Name ]
Luo Qingzhao [Luo: Surname, Qingzhao: given name]

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
Her Professional Name is Nüwa [女媧]

[ Age ]
Twenty-Six [26]

[ Gender ]

[ Race ]

[ Role/Occupation ]
Illegal Tech Dealer [Black Market], Inventor/Engineer, and Quest Companion

Image[ Hair Color ]
Dark Brown, easily mistaken for black

[ Eye Color ]
Pale Green [Perhaps Olive Green]

[ Skin Tone ]

[ Height ]
5'9" [ 1.75m]

[ Weight ]

[ General Description ]
There are very different sides to Qingzhao, and this is seen very clearly in how her appearance varies. However, there are of course the physical features, which do not change. Her face is heart-shaped, with a chin slightly pointier than average. She has a nose that turns upwards at the end slightly, but is rather slim, enough to to hide this little detail. Her eyes are almond shaped and a pale, olive-y sort of green, the shade being one inherited from her mother. Presumably her father had some sort of green eyed gene in him as well, given that it is recessive. She is relatively tall, standing at 1.75m, and only accentuates this by wearing heels whenever the occasion allows for it. Underneath her clothing are lean muscles that hold unexpected power, when she keeps her head.

Qingzhao has long, wavy dark hair that she refuses to cut, even if it is inconvenient at times. Her eyebrows are the same color, and are placed somewhat highly above her eyes. They appear to have a natural arch to them, conveying either amusement or skepticism.

The variations in her appearance exist in her dress. On one day, she might be found with black smudges on her cheeks, wearing baggy clothing that is comfortable and thick, providing protection from flames and sparks. The next, she wears a skirt and heels, and her lips are rouged. She dresses for the situation, with little sense of consistency in style.

[ Likes ]
Inventing ||An inventor's daughter, it only seemed natural that she began taking things apart and putting them back together at a young age. The girl continues to have a passion for creating new things, and improving old ones.
Speed ||Fast cars, fast minds, and fast fighters --all of these things have a special place in Qingzhao's heart. The only thing she seems to be willing to slow down for is inventing.
Money ||One side of her parentage might be an inventor, but the other is [or was] prominent in the smuggling world, and taught Qingzhao the value of coin. She has yet to find anything to disprove these childhood lessons.
Skepticism || A healthy dose of skepticism, sarcasm, and cynicism are things that Qingzhao appreciates in a person. Very rarely does she become close with people who do not have some or all of these traits.
Creativity || As an inventor herself, of course Qingzhao values creativity and resourcefulness in others. This hardly requires explanation.
Victory || Who does not like to win? That being said, Qingzhao's definition of winning fluctuates. If she loses a fight, but gains important ground from it, it is still a victory on her part.

[ Dislikes ]
xWasted Time || Qingzhao is very much in favor of only spending time on things that will further whatever her cause is, or that she enjoys. She has minimum self discipline when it comes to doing things she views as a waste of time.
xSweet Foods || As a child, her parents were very indulgent with their daughter, and gave her all the sweets she might have asked for. This led her to become sick of it, and overly sweet foods still make her feel slightly ill.
xMagic || As a child, Qingzhao always envied those who were in possession of magical artifacts and other such things. By now, she is simply bitter about it, and will stubbornly argue that her technology is superior to magical relics.
xDense People || As with many things, her definition of Dense varies. Generally, this applies to people who need something to be explained to them over and over, or can't read an atmosphere. Both irritate her.
xBroken Deals || Though she formerly dealt in the seedy underbelly of Irelia, Qingzhao is very set on the importance of upholding deals and contracts, as well as repaying debts. She holds up her side of everything, and will hunt down those who don't do the same.

[ Strengths ]
Resourceful || Many things have a million uses past their traditional ones, should a person stop to think about it. Makeshift tools and unorthodox materials are things that suit this woman quite well. She sees things not just as what they are, but as what they could be.
Redirecting Power || This refers to Qingzhao's manner of self defense. She does not hide some secret monstrous power, much to her dismay. Instead, she is an expert at using the force of her opponents against them.
Observant || A detail oriented person by nature, it makes sense that the young woman would have a gift for noticing things around her, even if they seem small and unimportant. A single frayed wire can cause a machine to malfunction, after all.

[ Weaknesses ]
Magic & Physical Strength || Part of the reason for Qingzhao's dislike of magic is her lack of capacity for it. She seems completely unable to use any relics. Similarly, she does not have much physical strength of her own. That's why she uses others'.
Impatient || Someone who prefers to do everything in a timely manner, and gets her kicks from fast cars and fast minds, Qingzhao is known to be rather impatient. This can cause her to rush through things, even her keen eye missing details when they become a blur.
Contracts/Deals || Qingzhao sees this as a strength, her loyalty to agreements, but has to admit that on more than one occasion, she has been left with less for it. She has fulfilled her end of the deal in situations where that meant hurting her own self, having not properly seen what might happen while entering the contract.
Stomach || Qingzhao is not simply a picky eater, but someone who is prone to terrible stomach aches. There is a long list of things she cannot eat without feeling as though she's being stabbed, and though she sometimes puts up with the pain for the flavor, it can leave her not exactly in prime condition for a fight.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
Engineering || Having grown up in a workshop, Qingzhao was raised learning how to create great things using her mind and the tools before her. She can create weapons, fix engines, and upgrade machinery with the best of them.
Self Defense || Qingzhao's primary skill may be building, but she can look after herself. Her abilities are only augmented by her tools, such as her favorite weapon: the electric glove.

[ Personality ]
To begin with the aspects of her personality which shine through in her professional persona, and thus the ones that are more readily observable to outsiders, Qingzhao is undeniably good at what she does. The young woman, who designs various technologies [occasionally illegal ones, which she gladly sells for a nice sum of money], has a keen eye for detail. This is necessary, of course, both in the workshop and on the blackmarket. Just as she can't afford to miss a small broken wire or misplaced part, she would certainly face unfortunate consequences should any hint that a person will betray her trust, or is in fact an under cover detective, slip beneath her radar. Much like her father before her, the woman is observant. She views the world around her as clearly as she can, and from it draws both important information, and inspiration for her next creation. Of course, she is much better at observing things than people, and she can hardly be mistaken for a psychologist. Still, she tends to be aware of her surroundings. She is on guard at most times. [wip]

Bewildered is the fox who lives to find that grapes beyond reach can be really sour
-Dorothy Parker


[ History ]
{2-4 Paragraphs}

[ Others ]


So begins...

Luo Qingzhao's Story


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#, as written by moahi

"I suppose all that we can do is wait for the dustlings to do something interesting. Funny, their time is fleeting yet they waste it by never doing anything interesting."

Aglaeca sat up from the ground, grinning slightly at the irritation evident in her voice. Agrona was never quite content with giving humans some time for their peace, and like him, she never quite understood how they could not tire of their constant activities. “But thats what makes them interesting, is it not?” he asked, a glint coming into his eyes. For once he looked closer to the creature that he was instead of a normal boy. However, it was gone as soon as it came, his attention directed to the rest of the group, the others who were carrying on in their usual ways, and Yuna, who was the only one wide awake, preparing the deer carcass for their breakfast. The idea of food sounded almost ludicrous to the young devil, whose favorite food used to be the souls of sinners, but he did need nourishment while he was in the over world, after all.

The sound from the undergrowth snapped him out of his thoughts as the princess appeared, leading the odd-looking horse. He had seen many monsters in his stay in the underworld, but none of them looked quite like the kelpie, both beautiful and chaotic. It was a very interesting creature to say the least, though he was sure to stay away from it. He could recover fine, but he did not fancy getting bitten the least.

The princess soon caught his attention as Agrona walked over to her, asking if she was alright. That wasn’t something you see everyday. It was not always that Adrienne appeared irritable and tense, seemingly disturbed by something, to the point that Agrona actually noticed it and was concerned for her. Something was not right this morning, and he could have sworn he saw shadows following the princess, flitting just out of sight whenever she tried to catch sight of them. It could be a part of his imagination though, but he narrowed his eyes at that nevertheless, before getting up and brushing himself off, heading toward Agrona and the Adrienne.

“Something is off today, did we get a few more observers?” He asked them, inclining his head slightly. He didn’t think it was quite a big problem, as the group was more than capable of finishing them off, but you can’t be too careful with things like that.