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Yuzuki Armanago

"Nothing to see here, keep moving. Dont try my patience, you'll lose that gamble"

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a character in “Princess of Massacre || Rebellion”, originally authored by Ashmotal, as played by RolePlayGateway


Born and bred in a family of Warriors and Shadow Arts
I give my Heart, and my Soul for the people who need it


Image[ Name ] Yuzuki Armanago

[Nicknames/Aliases]Rogue,Red Death,Yuzu,Armana

[ Age ] 29

[ Gender ] Female

[ Race ] Human

[ Role/Occupation ] By day she poses as the Captain of the guard in her home town, by night she is an renown assassin that goes under the alias "Rogue". She tries to keep her work for the betterment of the peoples lives, but recently has sort of working with the wrong employers without realizing it.

[ Hair Color ] Dark red

[ Eye Color ] Chestnut Brown

[ Skin Tone ] A lightly tanned Caucasian.

[ Height ] 5'6

[ Weight ] 143lbs

[ General Description ] Yuzuki as a woman is harsh, ungentle, but still fragile. Raised in a family of warriors, this woman is built to last. Her noticeably broad shoulders, and toned arm and leg muscles are what make this woman truly dangerous. The shorter woman always using her height, and agility to her advantage in any fight. Though she held the face of a gentle woman, it was usually formed into a scowl making it less attractive to most men. The Chestnut brown eyes that sit on her face, never shaking, and never showing fear. She held a rounded jaw upon her small circular face. Her body was slender, excluding her arms and legs which held powerful muscles from long years of training. Her chest held an ample amount of breast, a 34c was enough to hold the womans tender bosoms.

Yuzuki held tattoo's on her chest, ankles, arms, and neck. On her chest was her family crest, the symbol of an armored fox. Big enough to notice if she was sporting any amount of cleavage. On her arms she held chains, that went from started from the center of her shoulder blade. The sleeves fell to her wrists, but most of the time were hidden under armor, and clothing. Her ankles were each tattoo'd with two chains around them. Making it seem as if something was weighing her down. Yuzuki's neck held a tattoo of a rusted collar, with a lock at the front of her neck. The lock itself looked to be in pristine condition, but the band image circling her neck was in shambles. Looking as if it was barely clinging on. This is one most people notice first. Yuzuki was bound by her duties, and her tattoo's spoke those words for her.

[ Likes ]
✔Protecting others
✔Sweets(But tells no one)
✔Teaching others to fight

[ Dislikes ]
xCocky soldiers
x Small brained men.
xTrouble, but she still welcomes it.

[ Strengths ]
☯Using a Katana she is well versed in these arts.
☯Using daggers, and short swords she is formidable in the shadows.
☯ She is quick, so she is one to go for a quick finish in a fight.
☯Tactics in battle
☯ Cooks very well, was taught because she is a woman.

[ Weaknesses ]
☠Prolonged combat.
☠She is not an extremely powerful woman, any normal man could easily bear more strength than her.
☠ She is terrible at acting her gender. She would much rather be a man, and assert herself.
☠Fighting against ranged opponents.
☠She has troubles expressing herself, so she bottles up her emotions. This leads to many dangerous, and awful situations.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
✶Good with certain blades
✶ Trained in moving silently, as well as charging an enemy.
✶She is faster with two blades, then any sword. She prefers Katanas most of the time.
✶She practices her precision when dealing with the art of weapons. She's very tactical on the battle field, especially when its needed.

[ Personality ] Yuzuki was born into a respected, and feared family. The Armanago was known for their fiersome warriors, and beautiful daughters. The daughters were always raised to become perfect brides, but that is not what Yuzuki wanted. Yuzuki's father saw the look the young girl always held. He gave her a chance, she didnt waste that chance. Letting her father mold her into the cold, powerful woman she is today. Yuzuki approaches most troublesome things with a negative attitude, but when it comes to pleasing the people she is always the first to smile. She asks tough on the outside, but on the inside is just a woman who wants to do as much as she can to help.

Yuzuki's mother wanted some say in how she was raised, so she tried her best to show Yuzuki the better aspects of becoming a bride. She was taught how to cook, properly clean, and be submissive. This was not Yuzuki's nature, so she rejected all but the cooking. She viewed herself as a much of an equal as a man in her mind, but in certain situations she knew when it was okay to, and not to speak out. Yuzuki is usually very outspoken in her opinion.

In battle Yuzuki becomes a murderous, cold blooded fighter. She says forget the honor, and fairness in a fight. She becomes someone who can kill anyone, be it man, woman, child. She is quite frightening when you get on her bad side.

[ History ] Yuzuki was born to a powerful, revered, and respected family in the Jin country. When she was born she was almost tossed out, for being a female. Her mother was the only thing that saved her from that fate. She was always viewed as a mistake to keep in her fathers eyes. This is what made her grow up at first to be submissive, to please her father. Her submissive life carried on for many years until she saw her father conversing with one of the strongest female samurai in the country. Yuzuki was impressed by the complete lack of submission, the power the woman exuberated. This is what brought Yuzuki out of her shell of submission, listening to this woman speak was all it took. It was the night that the woman left that Yuzuki stomped over to her father and stared up at him as a little Six year old. She shouted at him, demanding to become a soldier, and someone daddy could rely on. The look in her eyes was feirce enough to make her father wince. That is what convinced him of her worth.

Years passed and she was trained well in the ways of the katana, already having won several tourneys disgracing many men in the process. Yuzuki ended up being able to join the guard because of her fathers legacy. Yuzuki's father proprosed to her something incredible once she became of age. He offered her a spot on his special team of fighters, she would become one who was trained in the workings of the shadows. At first she resented the idea of hiding in the shadows, but soon came to learn of the power it held. So she trained, she picked up most of the skills she fairly quickly. Mastering it only a year to current time. Yuzuki realized that these skills, and strengths should be used to protect. Not kill on random missions, she declined her father when he brought it up again. Telling him why she would use the skills. He laughed at her for being Naive, but Yuzuki remained strong in her resolve. She still tries to use her shadow arts for protecting when she can. She has made her way to guard captain recently, but most of the men dont respect, or agree with her simply because she is a woman. She will put them in their places, she must.

[ Others ]

So begins...

Yuzuki Armanago's Story


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"Yuna, kill him!" Her body moved on its own, Yuna had no control; if her Master ordered it, it would be done. The Elf's marks glowed with the radiance of a thousand suns, the world lit up in colors that belonged to otherworldly beings. Yuna's hand had gone through his chest, his blood dripping from her fingertips. The female collapsed with the body, tears stinging her eyes. The pure white elf marks on her body slowly began to change color, staining a permanent red. "You did well Yuna," his hand pat her head, like a loyal dog that had killed the annoying squirrel that was eating the plants in her Masters garden. Is that what she had become... A dog? Barking when he said speak, rolling over to her Masters every whim.

A new character arrived on the grassy plains of the meadow. Her Master was dead, his heard severed, his appendages spilled. The Elf's eyes were wide with both horror and awe. The sword wielder held out her hand, crimson glistening in the low light. "Join me and you will never be controlled by these monsters again."

Yuna awoke with a gasp, every night was the dream. She was free, at least, she had been, however Yuna pledged her alliance to the Princess until Adrienne reached her goal. Speaking of which, where was the Mistress? Yuna arose from the collection of bushes she had been camping out under and raked her hands through her hair. The sun had not yet risen and Adrienne was already on the move. "I should prepare tea... And ointment in case she's injured." Mused the elf quietly, she didn't want to wake anyone up.

She searched through her bag of meager belongings and pulled out a small pot and some bandages, Yuna was just about to do something else when her ears twitched, a stick had broken somewhere close by. She grabbed her bow and quiver, a weapon she had been using since she could walk, and slowly began to make her way towards the disturbance. Walking on silent booted feet across the dead foliage, the only light in the early morning came from her markings which were glowing softly. Her feathers ruffled as a cool breeze passed through them. Yuna folded her wings as much as she could against her back in order to keep them from hitting trees.

She knocked an arrow, searching for the thing that had made the noise. Yuna was deep in the forest now and was keeping a vigilant eye out for anything. She pulled back the bow string, something had moved to her left. Quickly Yuna turned and let the arrow fly, hitting the deer in the chest. Breakfast was going to be great this morning! She marched over to the animal and pulled out the arrow, wiping the blood off on her skirt. "Thank you for your life." Yuna grabbed the thing by the horns and began to pull, tripping over herself and landing in the mud. Whimpering softly Yuna stood and straightened her gloves, grabbing the buck by the head once more and pulling with all her strength back in the direction of the camp.

When she arrived Adrienne had returned, wearing her favorite color; blood. "Oh, good morning Mistress!" Yuna bowed quickly, wiping her dirty hands on her skirt. "I wanted to have breakfast ready when you returned from your trip, but I was a bit held up." She tugged on one of her ears with her right hand, a bad habit she had developed when she was nervous, and with the other gestured towards the animal. "Are you injured? I have ointment and bandages ready." She carefully made her way around the sleeping bodies, keeping her voice and footsteps low. It was only when Yuna reached the other side that she tripped over her foot and face planted in the dirt. "Ow, ow, ow." Yuna spit out a few dead leaves and moved to sit upright. "Oh, good morning Aku!" She said, seeing the older man was awake and teasing Adrienne.