Elvira Tenebris

"What's life without a little pain?"

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a character in “Prison Academy”, as played by dreammuffin



Elvy, Vira




College Freshman

Eye Color:
Deep Violet

Hair color:
Obsidian Black


128 lbs

Skin Tone:

Elvira an emotional disconnect to her, so to everyone, she seems cold and dismissive. She carries herself with a powerful demeanor. To most, she can be quite intimidating, and she enjoys that. She is also very calculating and clever. Given any situation, her mind furiously works out every possible outcome, and the best course of action. It's frightening how clever she is, and once her mind locks on a target, even heaven and hell can't stop her. Elvira is incredibly guarded towards others, never sharing her feelings. Not a shred of what's going on inside her ever breaks through to the surface. To her, surrendering to one's emotions or talking about them is a sign of weakness. She's an impenetrable fortress, and I'm not sure people want to know what lies inside. Manipulation is but one of the arrows in her quiver. She can get people to do anything she wants, like puppets on her twisted string. She's also very good at masking herself, turning into any kind of person she desires. Despite that, she is still affectionate in her own, unnoticeable way.
Dismissive || Intimidating || Clever || Guarded || Manipulative || Affectionate

Major || Psychology
Minor || Dance


✔ Her Sword || Fighting || Weapons || Killing || Dancing || Swimming || Reading || Rain || Storms || Nighttime || Darkness || Manipulating People || Chocolate || Intelligence || Solving puzzles || Working hard ✔


✘ Failure || Arrogance || Nonfiction books || Rejection || Messy Crimes || Being sick || Being Underestimated || Crowds || Going out of control || Prison Academy || Peppers || Weakness || Sound of knuckles cracking || Clowns || Bees || Stupidity || Being interrupted ✘

At the time of her arrest, Elvira had already killed over 35 people in her short life. She worked as a hitman/assassin for an international crime syndicate.



Elvira had a rough upbringing, if you could even call it an upbringing. Her parents were killed during a robbery when she was 7, and was taken by the thieves. The thieves belonged to a branch of an international crime syndicate. In short, the Italian mob. It turned out her dad borrowed money from them that he never payed back, resulting in her parents' demise. She was raised in the mafia's harsh clutches, and was taught how to handle weapons and kill. Soon, she became a master, her favorite weapon being the long sword for it's finesse and grace. She was instated as a hitman, killing whoever the boss needed to kill, no questions asked. Then one day, the police raided the mafia's headquarters, and she was arrested for over 30 murders.

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