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Sebastian Kaine(Delirium)

"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher"

0 · 393 views · located in The Underworld

a character in “Prisoners of Madness”, as played by Vizcious


Sebastian Kaine(Delirium)

Name(Real name of the character):
Sebastian Kaine
Fake Name(Your new name)
Loki Vellacroft
Numeral/Zodiac and Placement of Tattoos on Body
His number is located just below his navel
His zodiac symbol covers his entire back

Weapon Specialization:
Martial Arts/Hand to hand/Combat combined with light and dark based energy projectiles
[i]Loki is a very manipulative and conniving person. He has a strange fondness of butterflies which is puzzling given his immense desire to ruin and destroy everything, yet many say butterflies represent life. While his demeanour may appear very calm and collected he is liable to erupt in a fit of madness at any moment. These states of madness do not resemble anger or hatred but he enters a rather serene state. It is unknown what goes through his mind in these moments but he has been know to perform unspeakable acts during them. He is always scheming and plotting avenues to take advantage of every situation.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 169
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: White

Supernatural Powers:
1. Ability to manipulate light and darkness elements. May be used for attacks by firing pulses and energy waves, but more commonly to create illusions and apparitions.
2. Mass Hysteria: Summons monstrous illusions, apparitions, and visual effects too distort and confuse enemies. This attack has no physical effect other than the ability to camouflage his movements but the mental stress can cause havoc on weak minded individuals and distract or disorient others.
3. Eternal Psychosis: Summons large sigil beneath the caster that spreads out within a 200 meter radius. The sigils envelop the area within and all the casters attacks from mass hysteria perform physical damage and are able to harm enemies. Eternal Psychosis is a channelled attack that takes a massive amount of time to prepare. While eternal psychosis is in effect the caster cannot move but controls the summons from mass hysteria and can see everything within the sigil.
4. Lunacy: Uses lights and illusions to force an enemy or ally to enter a berserk state. While in this state the enemy or ally cannot detect the presence of the caster. While in this state, the inflicted individual will be bestowed with increase stamina, power, and might but lose all mental acuity. The inflicted flow enters a psychotic state and attacks everything and anything nearby.

Manipulation, Scheming, Butterflies, Engineering/Tinkering, Knowledge, Dissecting/Experimenting
Authority, the elderly, weakness, happy families
1. Stealth
2. Agility/Acrobatics
3. Manipulation/Coercion
4. Keen perception and intellect

Early Childhood:
Loki was the fourth child born to a wealthy aristocratic family. His father was a well renowned businessman. He had two older brothers and a sister that were following in their father's footsteps within the business world. Loki's mother was a genius inventor, athlete, and scholar. During Loki's birth, his mother suffered an extreme case of eclampsia. This condition caused Loki to poison his mother while he was in her womb. She managed to cling to life for three years before her star finally faded from the sky. His elder brothers and father harbored a great animosity and resentment toward Loki after the passing of his mother. His sister was the only shield of compassion keeping Loki from the rising hostility and hatred aimed towards him from his family. Loki inherited his mother’s intellect and athleticism. As a child he would stand helplessly as she suffered all types of beatings and abuse to protect him. He strived to achieve perfection in every task to appease his father and protect his sister. One fated night his brothers managed to separate him from his guardian. His sister was to spend a week visiting colleges and locations to further her education. Loki's siblings took this opportunity to inflict as much agony on the brother as possible. Loki's mind faded in and out due to the immense torture inflicted upon him. He would awaken to lucid moments of agony only to feint due to the pain. His body was bloodied, bones were broken, mind was ravaged, and his soul began to descent into madness. Seconds turned to minutes, to hours, then days. His sister returned early to find his brittle body beaten and bloodied. She pleaded with her father to call the authorities and have her brothers arrested. Her father simply smiled and muttered, "The little bastard got what he deserved." Infuriated by her father's lack of concern she grabbed Loki's and attempted to run away. Loki wakes to a loud shriek too see his father grabbing her by her hair and slamming her head against the table. Her body fell motionless to the floor. Her crying stopped and there was a bone chilling silence. Loki crawled over his own blood and vomit to reach her lifeless body and lets out a loud piercing shriek. Neighbors hear the frantic scream and call the police. As they arrive they are spun a web of lies and given a bundle of cash to interpret the facts and the wealthy businessman dictates. Loki is blamed for the murder of another loved one. Due to his age he is unable to be sent to prison. His father convinces a judge to send him to the Vellacroft Insane Asylum.
Vellacroft Insane Asylum:
The Vellacroft Insane Asylum is a mental institution owned and ran by Dr. Elizabeth Vellacroft. She is a wealthy doctor that has had numerous dealings with Loki's father. The Asylum is known to perform various experiments in the treatment of mental disorders. The collaboration and scheming between her and his father are as visible as the sun or moon in the clear sky. Bound in shackles and wrapped in a straight jacket, Loki is placed within a small room with on large window high overhead. His mind ravaged with thoughts of revenge, hate, and the amount of suffering he would inflict on everyone if he only had the power. He watches the butterflies through the windows as he slowly loses his grip on reality. At night he hears the cries and laughter of patients in their individual cells. Late one night Loki is taken from his cell and brought to a dimly lit room. Inside the room Dr. Vellacroft prepares various instruments on the table. With Loki's mind slipping between reality and a world of his own creation the instruments vary distinctly. At one point in time they appear to be medicine, needles, syringes, and other treatment materials. Then in a mild flash they transform into large spike chains, serrated blades, and hacksaws. Loki's restraints are loosened as his reality shifts back and forth. Dr. Vellacroft whispers to Loki in a sweet, seductive voice, "I'll take care of you." As Loki's reality shifts back and forth her faces turns from a beautiful woman to a hideous creature. She injects him with a syringe and he begins to drift off and dream. First heavenly visions of his mother and sister. Next monstrous scenes of their corpses. Just before he drifts off to sleep he gets a rapid surge of energy. With a maniacal grin on his face he leaps out and wraps his hands around the doctor’s throat. Tears flowed from his eyes as he smiled. The gargled sound of the doctor’s life leaving her body bestowed him with immense pleasure. Loki grabs several sharpened objects and wanders the Asylum. Guards try to confine him only to be stabbed repeatedly. Nurses and orderlies are cut open and their insides experimented with as a child would play with a toy. Even the patients are slaughtered for amusement. As the living flee from the asylum Loki drags the doctors lifeless body back to his cell. Carving symbols of butterflies on her corpse as he peers out the window. While his descent into madness ensued, a small note fluttered through the window like a butterfly. It landed just above Loki's artistic masterpiece that he carved into the doctor's corpse. With the grin still on his face he opened the note and began to read.
(Anything else?)

So begins...

Sebastian Kaine(Delirium)'s Story


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Ace Evander(Aviditas)

Ace was already awake and on his way to the Krux Headquarters. He decided to take the scenic route, that is if anything could be scenic in the underworld. The route Ace took had more prostitutes but less Murder, slavery, and worst of it all child sex slaves. He hated Child Sex Slaves, if he could get away with it he would slaughter every person that forced a child to have sex for money. As he started walking looked up at the dark red sky, it's as if the sky was blended with blood to create a beautiful Permanent Hazy Sunset. Prostitutes looked at Ace as he wore his suit. He didn't look back but something caught the corner of his eye. Behind one prostitutes' legs was a small little girl, only about eight. He stopped and walked over to her mother. He handed her some money and left. "That wasn't for you, that was for her...that be enough to start moving out of these slums. Oh and if I will be coming back..." He smiled at the young girl and continued along his path.

He made it to a cafe, the scent of blood and other spices mixing in the air made a beautiful smell. All the seats were full and he was the only one actually standing. He has been to this cafe before, it was always full. Today a blonde male about 4'8" was working. "I would like The Green Tea Chai Latte Oh by the way Please no blood I don't want my coworkers to murder me over a simple drink." The man went in the back and within three minutes brought out the drink. He handed Ace the drink and Ace smiled. "Why thank you, I'm quite in a rush so I will come back and pay you later." He simply walked out knowing no one could stop him even if they wanted to.

He looked up, this time not at the sky but at the buildings, he noticed the Krux building tower out all of the others. He took an alleyway that eventually led to the Krux building. He walked into the main lobby and he stuck his tongue out to the women at the counter, it wasn't an insult it was his way of checking in. "Ah Ace the others are waiting for you, Swain has yet to come but don't worry he will arrive." she smiled and pointed to the elevator. Ace nodded and walked inside, he was pretty sure he knew which floor it was. He pressed the button and elevator music played, surprisingly it was Jazz. Swain probably doesn't know about this. Ace snickered as the elevator doors opened. He could make out the others in the room ahead. He continued walking and looked at everyone else. He sat down on the leather couch opposite of Nyx. He stayed quiet for awhile and sipped his tea. He finally spoke. "Anyone know when Swain is coming?"


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Loki Vellacroft(Delirium)

Loki stared vacantly at the open window in the pitch black room filled with darkness, hoping to see butterflies. One small flutter of a wing flying with the cool breeze to signify a new beginning. He peered out the window as if he was looking for something. A sign, a vision, or some reason for being. He looked down at the note he received... "go to the waiting room on the top floor immediately. Swain wishes to meet you." Numerous thoughts ran through his mind. In the 5 years he had been in the underworld he had never met Swain. Loki had all but convinced himself that the man was a myth constructed to feed the delusional fantasies madmen. No one had ever seen the puppet master except his trusted pet guard Gullies. There was a time when Loki though Gullies was actually Swain. What better to control the uncontrollable then by giving them an unknown mysterious leader. If it was known that he was Swain one of the harvesters would have surely tried to kill him for entertainment. Loki's thoughts then shifted to the reason the harvesters were here in the first place. Summoned to the depths of hell to fight an unknown enemy for unknown purpose. He chuckled softly as he thought to himself "only a lunatic would accept such a task. Ahh well, I guess it's time to go meet the wizard."

Loki took the note and cut out the shape of a butterfly. He then left his room talking to himself in a low pitch voice. He entered the elevator and began to ride to the meeting room floor. The sudden sound of jazz music made him lose his train of thought as he began to speculate wildly in his mind regarding the reason he was summoned. The doors opened and he could see he was the last to arrive. His piercing eyes scanned the room cautiously as if he was expecting a trap. He noticed a large skinny window overlooking the underworld. Loki quickly identified this as his escape route if something were to occur. Not only did he have a common mistrust of Krux, or any authority whatsoever, but he always stayed on guard when surrounded by the other harvesters. The only thing that is certain with madmen is that sooner or later they will go mad. Loki stepped off the elevator with his eyes keen on Gullies. His mind became congested with numerous scenarios that may occur next. He walked into the room, all the while keeping an eye fixed on Gullies and stood in the corner close to the window.


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#, as written by zody
Lance Quinn (Reaver)

The temperature in the room increased, and Lance opened his eyes to look around. He immediately noticed that Elissa and Feng were close... closer than Feng would normally be, especially since the person she was close to was Elissa. Lance eyed the two with mild interest, also noting that Faust had arrived. The tall man stood close to the doorway, and Lance noticed that he was looking slightly disgruntled. Maybe he'd gotten into a scuffle, which was a fifty-fifty chance, of course. Faust had a habit of being kind to some, and a demon in human skin to others. Rumors of the rogue Priest had reached his Mansion, which was located all the way in Australia. Lance's Mistress certainly knew a lot of things, and a lot of people. Lance sometimes even questioned her humanity. Lance once again surveyed the room, this time actually noticing who had arrived properly.

There were a few faces that he knew, one was Insanity, or Frankenstien Brokenheart. One had to wonder about the mans name. Sure, his first name spoke for itself, but 'Brokenheart'? Maybe he changed it after a relationship went sour, or he just had the same loathing of general humanity that Lance had inside of him. Maybe he felt sad because of the fact that he couldn't socialise with people much, due to his.... well, Insanity, obviously. Still, Lance wasn't in a position to judge or criticize the man, and Lance didn't really want to. Sure, his Insanity was uncommon, but Lance had had to deal with his Mistress' younger sister, and what's worse than her? Being locked in a Basement which doubled as your everything room must suck, and your psyche would probably crack. In fact, Lance might've been the only one who ever bothered to visit her, and since he was barely around any more....

A pang of guilt hit Lance like a shockwave. He realised that he wanted, no, needed to see her again. He had other things to do on the surface as well, so when he was up there next time, he might go visit them or something. And maybe his Mother's Grave as well.

Lance covered his mouth and coughed. It was fairly loud, and when he realised a few people had turned to stare he apologised and bowed his head. How had his thought train crashed right then? How had it gone so off of the Rails? Lance shook his head and returned to what he was previously thinking about.

Lance surveyed the room, taking in more faces. Richard... Yes, Richard. Possibly the only person in the room that still held on to the values of Loyalty and trust, even if it was only slightly. Lance wanted to fight him someday, actually, he wouldn't mind taking on Faust or Feng either, maybe even Insanity or the Drunk man, but he wouldn't voice his opinions. Lance looked over the others, his focus finally re-landing on Faust. The man was tall, yes, but how would he fair against Lightning and Knives that can defy time itself? Sure, that Maul of his was big, and even if it only hit Lance once, it could probably break a few bones and ribs, maybe even knock him out cold. He liked Faust though, and if they ever did fight, Lance hoped it wouldn't be to the death, because even though Lance would, undeniably, enjoy shedding his opponents blood, he still slightly respected the older man.

Faust was a holy man, a roving Priest, a 'Father' of the Light. Lance never did believe in God, or any religions, a true Atheist, that he was, but something about the way Faust seemed so sure about what he was doing was right, Lance would tag along any time. As long as it was kept under control. Faust's fighting style, in essence, rushing in and breaking things with his giant Hammer, was fairly convenient, albeit fairly unnecessary, and the funny thing was that his abilities and skills complemented Lance's fairly well.

Lance looked around, a slight smirk on his face. He almost forgot about one of the last times he'd used his Electricity powers. He thought back to it, his eyes widening in ecstasy, he had to bite his lip to stifle a giggle, or moan, whatever it was. He felt the cool trickle of blood flow down his chin, dripping onto his jacket and staining a small patch crimson. His fingers crackled with electricity, letting the sparks sizzle in the air slightly, surrounding him with little sparks of energy, like little Will-O-the Wisps, rotating, circling around him and snapping in the air. They were perfectly harmless, unless Lance wished for them to harm others, of course. Suddenly, they all condensed into a ball that floated just in front of Lance, who at this time had closed his eyes.

The ball twisted, slightly like a small twister, the center of a Maelstrom, just like the Maelstrom inside Lance. It just stayed there, and didn't stop moving around, even when Lance stopped controlling it manually. Lance didn't even have to use hand actions to control Electricity any more. Lance cocked his head to the side slightly, never opening his eyes. His face maintained a peaceful composure as he turned to the newly entering Loki. "Nice of you to join us, Mr. Delirium. How has you day been so far?".


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Frankenstein Brokenheart (Insanity)

Frankenstein was...bored out of his mind. His mind had wandered on its own as he listened to the others exchanging conversations. His attention span was never a long one anyway. He sat down on the ground, ignoring everything around him as he poked the couch like a curious cat and giggled every once in a while. He mumbled between each giggle "...the table is being a meanie to you? Don't worry...I shall make the table regret it...right table?...wait...why do you break up with me chair? I'm sorry for not talking to you..." His face had a disappointed look on it as his mouth curls into a dark scowl " chair, bad...I won't let you break up with me...the sink said he would kill you if you did so..." He punched the couch and began to wail ", I don't like it...I don't like dare you break up with me?...I don't like it!" He slammed his fists repeatedly to the couch with an angry look on his face. However, it disappeared as quickly as it came and he giggled again "...just kidding...I love you...yeah, I know you love me, too...chair..." He chuckled and stood up, stretching his entire body as he began to bounce again. His patience was rapidly reaching its limit as Swain still refused to come.

"...It's no fun...I want to play...not waiting...this is no fun..." He pouted as he walked behind Richard. Wrapping his arms around the young man's neck, Frankenstein giggled again as he purred "...fight me, Richardkin...I want to play...I wanna see blood...I want to be bloody Frankenstein..." He clapped his hands together childishly and said in a faked high pitched voice "...maybe Fengkin will want to play with us, too...we can play doctors..." He pressed his index finger to his mouth and whispered hastily like he had some kinds of super secrets " know what, Richardkin...I saw something interesting just a moment before...I saw a child! How nice is that? We can play with him...I can let you cut him if you want to...he he he..." He looked around and whispered again "'re not supposed to tell anyone about that, 'kay?"

Frankenstein didn't release Richard as he tapped his cheek with his finger and looked at Loki as the man walked into the room "...ah! Mister BUTTERFLIES!....He he he..." He called out excitedly and smiled brightly, continued after a small pause "...I saw some hell butterflies yesterday so I captured one for you!...he he he...I put her inside a cage...he he have to play with me to get her though...she's pretty..."

Looking around, Frankenstein became impatient...again "...where's Swaine Swaine...I hate waiting..." He whined and gave them a sad expression, looking like a kicked-puppy.


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((Sorry Haze, but I must borrow Havok. Oh and your partner assignments are listed in the OOC.))

Rose Ceilmarz(Nyx) and Swain

Rose protested and pleaded with Feng to rethink her actions as she shoved her scythe away. "Tai! You can't be serious... Don't give into Charlotte's demands! You underestimate her! You have no idea the kinds of things... she'll DO to you..." She shivered as she recalled an obviously disturbing memory. She was about to let loose another stream of protests when she noticed how restless everyone was getting. Having all thirteen, including both twins, Harvesters in one room was probably not a wise decision.

Luckily, it seemed as if everyone wouldn't have to wait for much longer. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as Gullies did a silent headcount and followed it with a satisfied nod. No one else seemed to notice as he walked over to the large red wall and lean against it. Rose couldn't quite make out what he did exactly, but whatever he did, the wall began to pull apart to unveil a large dark hallway. Everyone silenced their mindless chatter to stare at the new hallway.

Havok motioned with his head for everyone to follow him. Rose stood their for a moment just staring at the hallway then proceded to be the first one to enter. The hallway was long and twisted and seemed to go on forever. Perhaps it did. It finally came to abrupt halt to a door. Gullies opened the door and revealed a large room with a meeting table in the center. It had a total of sixteen chairs around the table and each gothic-style chair had a numeral marked on the back. Except for two. One of which Gullies took beside.... a taken chair. There, at the very end of the table, was him. Swain. He gave off every vibe as being a very important and a very shrewd business man. Although, he didn't seem very old. Only in his thirties, if that. He had long white hair that ended at his shoulder and was very tall. Even when seated. He was adorned in a pure white suit with gold trimmings. Very flamboyent and gaudy. There was also one more detail that caused Rose to frown when she laid eyes on him. He was wearing a carnival mask that covered only the upper portion of his face.

For five long years, they hadn't even heard a direct word from him and even now he wouldn't show his face to them? The more she thought about it, the more it caused her to frown. Even so, she still took her seat towards the middle of the table. The chair labled, "VII." Rose propped her head up with one arm while the other drummed her slender fingers against the mahogany table. As the first one to sit down, Swain turned to smile at her beneath his shrowd of mystery. She gave him a half smile and then proceded to frown again at her thoughts.

As soon as everyone proceded to sit in their assigned seats, Swain stood up and cleared his voice. Just as Rose thought, he was a very tall man and towered over the table.

"Good evening to all of you. As all of you know, my name is Swain." He said as an almost purr. His voice sent shivers down Rose's spines. His voice was beautiful and hypnotic, but was completely unhuman. His voice wasn't like anything she'd ever heard before.

"Now, first of all, I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm wearing this mask... As much as I'd love to share my identity with you all, I cannot at this point in time. Why? Because we've been infiltrated." Rose's eyebrows raised at the comment. Infiltrated? How is that possible?

"You fourteen, including Gullies, are the last people I can trust. However, before I can get into that matter, I'd like to show you some things first."

He gestured towards the wall behind him as a screen lit up. On the screen were a couple charts. The title was, "Krux's Monthly Profit Compared To Rival Companies." On the very top of the chart was Krux highlighted in red. On the bottom, were a whole rainbow of lines that weren't even close to Krux. However, as you looked thorough the months, you'll notice in the last year one dark blue line that dramatically sky-rocketed up the chart right below Krux. During a couple months, the line was even above Krux's.

Rose was fairly certain she was voicing everyone's opinions when she said, "Well so? Every company has to deal with competition. No big deal."

"Ah, yes, as right as you are, Nyx, it wouldn't be any concern of the Harvesters.... if an incident hadn't occured yesterday. It was quickly covered up, so no one would learn of it. Now, I'd like you to pay very close attention to the next picture..."

A new picture appeared on the screen and Rose raised her eyebrows. Now, a normal person would probably either pass out, vomit, or scream, but the Harvesters were quite used to this kind of thing. Even so, it did mildly surprise Rose.

On the screen was a brutal homocide of a woman. Not just any woman either. She was known as Swain's secretary, Nira. Rose often saw her running about the building taking care of things that needed to be done. She was a thin lady with sleak blonde hair. She reminded Rose of a fox. Now, she lay on the ground maliciously ripped and torn to pieces. She was barely recognizable. The only thing left in tact was her head with a look of pure horror etched into her face. The rest of her body was scattered about. Some of her organs were cruelly sown back together in unnatural positions. However, the detail that really left an impression was the message. Written beside the gory mess was a short sentence typed out in..... bones. Nira's bones specifically. It said, "STEP DOWN." Rose was sure to take in one more insignificant detail before Swain took the picture down. A medium-sized black feather lying next to Nira's head.

"So, as you all can see, we have reason to believe this rival company was the one who organized this distasteful show of aggression. However, we have no clue what this organization's name even is. Out in the market, they're simply known as Company X. Because of all this secrecy, it's very difficult to track them. We do believe that there's evidence somewhere. In fact, we believe that a few of their followers are still hanging around in the building. Which leads me to give you your first assignment as full-fledged Harvesters. Investigate any evidence, destroy the spies, and bring your findings. Also one more thing, absolutely NO killing of any other individuals other than the spies. If you kill an innocent, you will severely punished."

Swain put an emphasis on 'severely punished', which sent yet another chill down Rose's spine. This man was extremely powerful. You could feel it coming off of him in waves.

"Final note. I'm assigning you into pairs. None of you are to go without your partners." He waved his arm and a stack of black letters flew out. One landing in front of each person.

"Each has your partner along with the sector you will be investigating. Good luck to you all." With that, the meeting was over and we were free to go. As she strolled out, she carefully opened the letter. She nearly screamed when she saw who her partner was. This can't be..... how can I be stuck with HIM! she ranted in her head. She crumbled the letter in her hand and collapsed on the waiting room couch while hitting her head against a sofa cushion.

The letter simply stated Zehn as her partner, that they were to investigate Nira's room, and that they believed there were seven spies in total in the building somewhere. However, Rose couldn't get over the fact she was paired with a man...


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Richard Istophon (Zehn)

Richard was observing the ever entertaining Frankie. It wasn't overly surprising that the boy... erm man would be hopping around like a crazed bunny on steroids. The only odd thing that, even after years of witnessing, even remotely creeped Richard out was the man's manic one sided conversations. "Frankie... I, forget it..." Richard figured that Frankenstein wasn't listening, like always. Richard also assumed that Frankenstein was probably the furthest gone of all the Harvesters, except maybe Elissa, but she was just a sex crazed love muffin. Either way, Richard was usually the man stuck babysitting Frankenstein, which wasn't all too bad, but it ended up being a pain in the ass moreover. He could remember one time when the two went out and Frankie had his first taste of blood in days... He essentially became a whole different person, rampaging like a rabid tasmanian devil. It literally took Richard's full strength just to restrain him and calming him was a whole different story.

As Richard returned to the situation at hand, Frankenstein appeared to be talking to him. "Hm?" He realized that Frankenstein was talking about fighting... again. "No Frankie. We will not fight, at least not now..." He listened as Frankenstein continued to ramble about his usual habit of playing doctor with anyone he could find. "You will NOT be playing doctor, now sit patiently and wait for the meeting to begin." As soon as the words left his mouth Richard knew Frankenstein would 1. whine like a four year old that's fallen on the ground and 2. begin rambling again claiming that Richard was stupid and such. Thankfully Havok had opened a a passageway leading through a dark hall where the meeting was presumably held. 'Saved by the Bell.'

Richard made sure to be the tenth person to enter the hall and the tenth person to sit, like always. His little incident in the waiting room was terrible but it seemed that nobody noticed his folly. He sat with the lovely X branded on the backrest. "Ah thy lovely ten." Richard cracked a smile of pure elation at his success, proceeding to lean on his elbows that rested on the tabletop. He looked down at Swain noticing the tacky mask covering the upper half of his face. "Not revealing your identity, huh..." He spoke quietly as the remaining Harvesters fumbled around, sitting in their seats. He watched the excruciatingly boring presentation on the large screen, seemingly not amused. 'Why is this so pointless.' He listened as Rose commented, "Ah, good point Mistress Obvious." He listened in further, trying to appear interested, but then... a new picture was shown. Richard knew the face, he knew the women... His eyes widened, heart cracked and brain went blank. "NIRA!" He couldn't restrain himself, he immediately drew his sword slamming it on the table while arising from his previous posture. "SWAIN! WHO DID THIS?!?!?!" Richard was not only floored, but enraged, depressed and more importantly... losing his self control. He attempted to regain his composure but couldn't take the sight of the women he actual gave a damn about, dead... gruesomely tortured, mutilated. "I sincerely apologize... I, uh, lost my cool for a moment..." Richard returned to his seat as Swain distributed the black envelopes. He almost felt as though it wouldn't matter who he was paired with, they wouldn't understand his personal connection to the case. Either way, he opened the envelope to read the name of his partner and there location of investigation... 'Nyx and Nira's room.' The room he visited many times in his leisure.


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Loki Vellacroft(Delirium)

As Loki entered the meeting hall he heard Reaver’s voice "Nice of you to join us, Mr. Delirium. How has your day been so far?” Loki responded all the while his eyes fixated on Gullies every action. “Unsurprisingly boring as usual.” His curiosity peaked as Gullies started mentally counting all everyone in the room. Loki’s eyes were locked on Gullies like a hawk tracking its prey. His every movement analyzed, every notion or remnant of body language was dictated in Loki’s mind. Just as Gullies began to walk in the direction of a large read wall, Loki heard an exited voice. “ah Mister BUTTERFLIES!..... He he he… I saw some hell butterflies yesterday so I captured one for you!... I put her inside a cage…he he he… you have to play with me to get her though… she’s pretty…” At that moment all of Loki’s attention shifted. In a childlike state his piercing eyes instantly turned to the Frankenstein. His temperament turned from a cautious serious nature to a childlike frenzy filled with excitement and anticipation. “Where, is she here, can we cut off her wings, where did you see them at, how many where there, can we go get more? ……” His eyes grew wide as he looked at Frankenstein while asking a flurry of questions. Before Frankenstein could respond, Havok motioned his head for everyone to follow him.

Loki looked over at Gullies and he was standing in front of a long twisted hallway that seemed endless. Loki then snapped out of his child like state and looked franticly around the hallway entrance. He thought to himself, “Was there a lever, retinal scan, palm print or fingerprint analysis? Damn you Frankie for distracting me. How did he open the hallway?” As everyone began to enter the hallway he noticed Zehn lurking around as usual waiting to be the tenth person to enter. He then wondered what his reaction would be if he jumped in at the tenth spot. It could cause a little chaos. I’m sure Frankie would appreciate it. Then his curiosity regarding Swain got the better of him so he entered the hallway eager to meet the mysterious leader. As he entered the room an extravagant figure sat at the end of the table. “Finally” he thought as he peered at the man across the distance. His excitement quickly faded as he noticed the man was wearing a mask. "How pointless to hold a meeting if you are not going to reveal yourself. I could be chasing butterflies or torturing old people" he thought to himself."

The meeting went on with pictures of a mutilated corps and Swain spinning tales of a hidden organization rising up to challenge Krux. Loki was disinterested with the boring speech. He surmised it was all some sort of elaborate plot or test by the powers that be to challenge their loyalty or obedience. He began to zone in and out of reality and dreams until a certain phrase spoken by Swain peaked his curiosity. "Also one more thing, absolutely No killing of any other individuals other than spies. If you kill an innocent, you will be severely punished." Loki thought to himself, "how could you punish a lunatic that loves to be punished." Swain then mentioned he would be assigning everyone into pairs. Loki realized this would be a chance to cause a little chaos within the system. If he could convince his partner to go on a killing spree it would be the perfect opportunity to evaluate the leaderships reactions and control measures. In order for his scheme to succeed he needed the right partner. He glanced at Frankenstein, Charlotte, and Shallow and uttered to himself. "One of them would be the perfect partner. I could convince, manipulate, or bribe them into slaughtering the entire town with minimal ease. Although one of the others might be a little too grounded." Loki enthusiastically turned to look at Swain awaiting to find out who his partner would be. As soon as his gaze returned to the front he could see Swain staring intently at him. His eyes seemed to pierce his soul as though he knew what Loki was plotting. A small grin came over Loki's face as he became consumed with an odd sense of excitement. Swain waved his arm and a stack of black letters flew out. Loki opened the letter in front of him and read the name........ (Lux)