Justyn Arrington

A pale blonde guy with the power to turn into a Nin-ken.

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a character in “Problem Children”, as played by Number_16_Justyn


Pale Blonde hair.
Pale skin.
Black combats(Baggy Pants)
Dirty grey T-shirt.
Blue eyes with a strange amber ring around the pupal.


Loves to talk to his friends, because It fills the hole created when he became what he is. Do not ask him about his other friends, as it reminds him of has happened to his first friend after the incident.


A carbon crafted(Black bladed) Katana, with a gold rim around the blade.
A knapsack filled with throwing knifes.

His power is to turn into a Nin-Ken.
While into Nin-Ken form, he is faster and more perceptive, and can perform Better at Nin-Ken jutsu(Mastery of Katana)


Justyn was three months to his sixth birthday and was happy living with his Mom and having weekly visits from Dad. One day Dad gave him a bracelet and for a while, It seemed like he was being watched. Soon he just went to bed and wasn't there. Everyone thought he ran away or got lost.
When the Organization stormed the Law corp. , Justyn ran off with a friend from the labs. Little did he know, this young man was soon to be a Problem Child. When the Organization caught up with them and killed his friend. No, it was more than a friend. They were often paired in experiments and had identical abilities. They were like brothers. And when he was killed, Justyn had nowhere to turn. He could not go to his mother, he felt like could not burden her with this. So he took the offer and is now working with Mythos, trying to stop problem children without killing them, and even if he had to, kill them. He does not want others to feel the way he did.

So begins...

Justyn Arrington's Story