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Sibyl Andres

the wolf

0 · 410 views · located in Caribou, Maine

a character in “project cryptid”, originally authored by SpiritDancer, as played by RolePlayGateway


XXSIBYL ANDRES XXI do all this alone, everything I achieve, I achieve alone, because it’s my head I’m locked into, and I share this space no one else.


ImageImagexxN I C K N A M Ex x x x x x x x x x x x xxxxx
xxG E N D E R
xxS E X U A L I T Y
xxS P E C I E S
xxA G E
xxD I A L O G U E
xxT H O U G H T
Syb, 001.

xH A I R
xE Y E S
xM I S C

xS T Y L E
70in | 177.5cm
short, curly, black (dyed).
Riddled with its fair share of scars and bruises, Sibyl's body is often put through the stress of transforming into a more wolfish likeness, whether it be a complete or partial transformation. To stay in peak condition, she maintains a lean body type, added on to the fact that she's already quite slender to begin with. Because of this, she is able to remain agile and perform at her best whenever the time arises, which is a lot more often than she'd like to admit.

She's more into fashion than most with expect of her, being a huge fan of excessive layers and sometimes goes as far to have multiple outfits planned in advance. Sibyl prefers to wear neutral or warm colors, and will general try to cover up as much as her skin that she can in attempt to hide her prevailing scars from curious eyes. This remains true even when the temperature outside is scorching, much to the horror of others.

She's also a fan of wearing absurd amounts of accessories. This includes rings, watches, and she even has seven piercings in each of her ears. Even though they look nice, they are made of rather cheap material, given that they tend to get lost any time that she transforms and she can't afford to be buying pure golden jewelry every other day.

Sibyl rarely puts time into styling her hair, running some gel through it is the most attention she'll ever afford to its maintenance. She's often seen wearing some hat or another anyways, so she's under the impression that how her hair looks doesn't matter very much.

LIKES; Sybil enjoys eating food in general, and while she at times she is just a little bit of a food snob, she does little to stop herself from eating junk food if it is an option available. Going along with that, she's also a fan of alcohol even though she doesn't drink it often. She keeps herself preoccupied with video games or puzzles, and enjoys staying awake into the later hours of the night, even if she suffers for it in the morning. Whenever time allows for it, she does enjoy exercising from time to time in order to keep herself in shape. She also has a notebook for drawing interesting strangers she comes across, just in order to remember them.

DISLIKES; She isn't a big fan of warm weather, given that she likes to wear layered clothing, and whenever Sybil transforms, the heat tends to get rather uncomfortable with all the fur involved. When it comes to food she doesn't like overwhelming flavors or ungodly food combinations like dipping fries in milkshakes. Disorder always leads to irritation, whether it's in life or in her surroundings, so she avoids it when she can. She likes to know what to expect out of every situation, so pranks and surprises are a "No." Even though she's a tad sarcastic herself, she finds those who use it as a shield to hide behind to be cowards.


Sybil comes in a variety of mix-matched parts, a shattered stain glass window that was put back together with a lot of duck-tape and glue. She's inconsiderate of those around her, acting in her own best interest, sometimes lacking the awareness to know she's doing so. A simple result of growing up outside of a pack, and generally never being a position where she's had to look out for others or make decisions that affected anyone other than herself.

In spite of this, she's quite good at defusing tense situations; a hidden conciliatory nature that even she didn't know she had. And perhaps a little bit of basic werewolf instinct to be protective of friends and family, even if the thought of caring about someone that much makes Sybil gag just a little.

Rarely will she ever act without thinking through a clear and concise plan, being quite reflective even in areas where it doesn't really matter. The future is a vague, abstract creature that has the tendency to catch one off-guard, Sybil simply likes to lessen the chances of that happening. She is also very organized in her professional and personal life, valuing the peace of mind that order brings.

She's observant by nature alone, possessing the tendency to simply watch others in silence, probably completely unaware of how uncomfortable the subject of her attention might be. None of this is influenced by her own feelings, as she tries to remain as impersonal as she possibly can, a neutral party in life who tends to just watch from the sidelines. This doesn't mean she's passive, and she certainly does have her own competitive streaks though.

There are times were someone truly peaks her interest, and then her more provocative nature comes out. Almost as if she's conducting an experiment, she likes to press and prod at people and purposely get them irritated just to see how long it takes for them to finally snap.

Would it be accurate to call her a jackass? Yes, and she does it more for her own entertainment rather than anything else. She's a lot more amiable with someone once she gets to know them, though that is assuming that they can even stand to be around her for long. Sybil doesn't always find herself in the company of those who can stand her, or those who she can stand, so it's not a wonder that she can come off as possessive from time to time.

Her friends will also find that she's a lot more eloquent with words than she lets on. Words are just a tool in the end, and that tool can often be used to get people on your side more often than not. If you asked her, she'd simply call herself persuasive. Manipulative is too dirty of a word when she's not truly doing anything morally corrupt or illegal...most of the time.

Sybil doesn't believe that anyone would do an act of kindness out of the grace of their own hearts. More often than not, there's a catch, something that you'll have to give them in return for their "good deeds." To the more unkind folk in the world, she's smart. To those with purer intentions, they probably see her as unappreciative. Because of this, she doesn't find herself relying on others for anything more than simple favors from time to time.

When it comes to her general demeanor, she comes off more serious than she tends to actually be. She's generally a "No nonsense" type of person, and it takes more than a little pressuring to get her to let loose every once and a while.

For all of her faults, Sibyl has a very earnest way of expressing herself. She has a intense conviction about everything she does in life, and tries her best to remain principled and true to her own values, but she doesn't accomplish that as much as she'd like to.

A werewolf's most obvious ability is shifting. Their bodies quickly grow more wolfish characteristics; in the case of a partial shift, the werewolf in question simply grows ears, claws, fangs and their eyes turn yellow. This is the quickest shifting that's available to them, and type of shifting that Sybil will often resort to if the situation arises. On the opposite hand, a complete shift turns them into an anthropomorphic wolf, as one would expect.

Besides this, there is the inherent gift of enhanced senses and enhanced physical and healing capabilities which apply to any and all werewolves that have ever been born. Werewolves are also generally more feral and prone to aggression, and it wouldn't be too far fetched to say that some of them truly act like wild dogs. Unfortunately, werewolves aren't immortal. It is possible for them to die of old age, but they do have a expanded lifetime. Typically, they live around two or three hundred years longer than humans.

In the hierarchy of werewolves, Alpha is less of a title and more of a condition that a werewolf is born with, which comes with a few perks of its own like having temporary control over other werewolves. Alphas are respected by other werewolves, unless they're packless.

The main weaknesses of werewolves are silver and wolfsbane. When they enter the blood stream it corrupts a werewolf's blood, forcing them to slowly shift, and the strain on their body eventually kills them. The silver hinders their ability to think clearly, forcing them to become more aggressive. It also causes wounds to heal much, much slower than they normally would. Wolfsbane simply acts as a potent poison when consumed.

To those who didn't know any better, Sybil looks and has the mannerisms of a regular human. And who would expect otherwise? She grew up near Salem, Massachusetts, among society along with her parents who were werewolves themselves. She never had any pack to speak of, and so she lived as any normal child did at the time.

It was a freeing existence to say the least, being able to actually live in the world she was born into without having to hide away in the woods. Of course, it was unspoken that no one could know about her supernatural nature.

The most her parents ever talked about werewolves was when they were answering her occasional inquiry. They were her only real source of information, as there weren't any other werewolves around them for miles, as far as she was aware of at the time.

One thing they failed to get across was just how painful it would be whenever she shifted for the first time, or the new responsibilities she would be burdened with. From that moment she'd also have to defend their territory along with her parents from any other supernaturals who wondered too close causing trouble. It wasn't a problem that arose very often, and Sybil can only remember a few specific situations in which she'd actually have to partially shift.

Besides these events, life was uneventful for the most part. She remained a relatively normal life as she passed as a human and she recently graduated from college at the age of twenty-two. Her condition as an Alpha didn't arise until later, but it didn't hold much weight, given that there was no pack to back her up. She has little experience with what being an Alpha actually entails, as she is still growing into her powers.

For her parents, it was an event that was worth celebrating, however, it would prove to be more of a problem that anything else. Sybil has no idea of who found out and how, but news did spread among werewolves about a packless Alpha. It wasn't a common occurrence, but it was one that many were eager to take advantage of.

One wayward werewolf from a far off pack challenged her to a fight for her families territory, and it was during this very fight fight that she was captured by the government who had been tailing the other werewolf, who had managed to slip away while they captured Sybil.


sheet by: solarflare
filled out by: spirit dancer
faceclaim: sija titko

So begins...

Sibyl Andres's Story


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"Code Orange. Code Orange. There has been a breach in Sector 25. All personnel are to be on the look out and cautious at all times. Prisoners 001 through 006 are considered highly dangerous and immediate capture is necessary. Code Orange. Code Orange." The long and dark hallways of the facility were lit by the flash of the red emergency lights and the occasional flashlight attached to the large gun of a guard. While the facility was rather quiet at night, it was now littered with the thundering sound of the footsteps of guards, their shouts of who went where, and an alarm that echoed through the halls.

The majority of the staff was shocked they had done it. They had spent years making sure an escape was entirely impossible. They had managed to do it in about a month. While, half the staff at the hospital were frankly terrified with how they had underestimated them, the others were pissed. To them it was like a slap in the face.

"I don't care what the fuck you have to do, just bring them back, now". The head of security, General Williams, but most called him Captain due to the patch that covered his right eye. A werewolf had clawed it right out when he was twenty, and let's just say it was the fire in his veins. "Dead or alive. Just intact." He eyed each of the most qualified, skilled men and women in the facility. "Now get the hell out of my sight, and don't come back until you have each of those fuckers in front of me". With that he stormed out of the room.




kheelan wattyr

005 | fae | #4C763F

32 days. 32 days he had spent locked away being poked and prodded, by people he thought were just a myth a month ago. He had spent the days aimlessly awaiting each next horror, like a sitting duck. His only moments with a free mind spent thinking of his family. Aelfric, his father, probably trying to keep the family from falling apart with his sudden dissapearance. His father was always the one that kept them above the water, and Khee could only hope that he hadn't finally cracked. Tianna, his mother, god he missed her, he knew she was a mess. His mother was very passionate and strong, but she loved her children more than she loved herself. Finally, Rhoswen, his white rose, his little sister, the thought of her was the only thing that kept him alive in that hellhole. She was the light in his life, a pure, innocent fae with a heart of gold.

The second his hands shoved the door into the outside world, it took everything for him not to fall to his knees in overwhelming joy. The cool breeze and light from the moon, things he would've never given a second thought, suddenly felt like the greatest things the world had to offer. He couldn't believe they had pulled it off, the plan was simplistic, yet calculated. Each of them played a small part in their escape, which had started with a pact that they'd help each other get home. Kheelan couldn't deny that together, they were a force to reckon with.

The sudden sounds of gunshots and yelling forced his legs to move, as he dashed out the door taking off for the woods that surrounded the facility. He had no idea where they were and where he was going. As long as he was very, very far away from that place. He could hear the others running, but he couldn't spare a second to see which of them were behind him. "Don't stop running!"
He yelled at the others as he neared the edge of the forest.

Just as his outstretched hand brushed the first bush at the start of the vast forest, a sharp pain suddenly struck the back of his right thigh and he let out a startled cry as he tripped, tumbling face first through the bush and into the forest. He scrambled to his feet, his thigh throbbing in pain, he could barely see his leg as he touched the wound, his hands coming back with blood. "Damnit" He'd been shot. I don't have time. I have to keep moving. Keep moving. He repeated the phrase over and over in his hand as he picked up his pace and began to run again through the woods.

The sound of soldiers got increasingly closer, and the fact that for one he couldn't see five feet in front of his face and he had a bullet lodged in his leg, didn't really help him out. His leg suddenly felt as if it had been dipped in liquid flame and he inhaled sharply at the pain, biting his lip to hold back a cry. In a last ditch effort he ducked behind a tree, 32 days shackled in iron cuffs made him forget that he was a magical being. He squeezed his eyes shut and took a rather shaky deep breath, trying to concentrate. His form rippled a little, before blending completely into the tree. He let out a very quiet breath of relief, and not a minute later a flurry of soldiers ran past the tree, completely oblivious to his concealed form. When he was sure they had all passed, he sunk to the ground his illusion slowly fading as he became visible.

He gently grabbed his leg and pressed slightly on the wound, crying out softly. Silver. Of course they had shot him with a silver bullet. He closed his eye and took a deep breath before pressing his fingers into the wound again, trying to get the bullet out. It took everything for him not to scream, what came out was a quiet guttural noise of pain, his hands trembled. "Thes, thes thes. Tysti ol, Khee ber kaer air or". He muttered quietly in Krim as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead. The longer the silver stayed in his system the weaker he got.

He finally realized his efforts of getting the bullet out were futile, and at this point he was merely wasting time. He needed to keep moving, find one of the others, find some place to hide. He gradually pushed himself off the ground and began to slowly limp forward, trying to block out the pain in his mind. He had escaped, they'd done it, and he wasn't going to let a gunshot wound put him right back in.


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T. Tango Greeves
]xxxxxxxxxxxHuman | Hunter | #8B4513

All someone could hear around Tango was gunfire, the sound of weapons charging, and magazines hitting the floor. Tango couldn’t sleep so he decided to let off some steam at the gun range. But what happened next caught him slightly off guard. The lights suddenly went off, and replaced with the flashing emergency lights, and the alarm sounded. “Code Orange? No…” Tango said in disbelief, picking up his rifle off the counter and running down the hall way towards Captain's office.

Tango weaved through other guards that were heading in all directions and scientists scrambling, Tango was the last to enter the conference room where General Williams and other skilled guards and agents were, catching just the end of the conversation, saying to get them back dead or alive and to leave, before he stormed out. Well, let’s see who is gonna end up dead and who is gonna end up staying alive. Tango thought to himself as he was the first out of the room. They have to be heading towards the front door. He thought as he took the shortest route to it, pushing past freaking out scientists.

The super naturals were barely here for a month, and yet, here they were escaping. Tango was surprised that it took this long for anyone of them to even attempt an escape, but ALL of them actually being loose at the same time? No this wasn’t just an impulse attack and try to escape, this had to be planned.

Most of the other guards were going through all rooms to make sure they were clear, but Tango knew better. The super naturals wouldn’t hide in the place they hated, they would want to get out and go somewhere that wasn’t here. As he rounded a corner he found a couple of guard’s bodies on the ground. “Yeah, they went through here.” Tango said to himself outloud as he went around the bodies, some still dripping with fresh blood. He may not be able to catch them at full speed, but all the fighting they were doing, and other guards were slowing them down. Plus, Tango doubted they would get out with no wounds, if they manage to get out at all.

Tango rounded the last corner just to look down the long hallway to see the super naturals pushing open the front door, usually it would have an electronic lock to open, but with the power out and the back-up generators not on yet, it was just a regular heavy door at this point. Tango sprinted down the hallway, almost tripping over knocked over tables, chairs, and even more bodies. The door closing behind the super naturals in his sight.

The door flew open as Tango pointed his rifle towards the forest, seeing the super naturals about to make it in. “Hey!” Tango shouted, but doubtful they would stop at his shouts, but then he saw Prisoner 002, the Vampire. “Colette!” He yelled, and she stopped for a second while the other super naturals continue to run. She had turned and faced Tango, his rifle pointing right at her. He could take the shot right now, silver bullets and all, but Tango just stood there.

Tango was staring at Colette down his sights, hesitating to pull the trigger. Before anything else could happen the front door flew open and Colette darted off. Gun fire erupted into the woods from the other guards in the door way, just trying to hit anything and shredding into the bushes. Tango quickly went back inside to gather his items while other guards rushed into the woods after the escaped prisoners. Tango had to gear up if he was going to chase them down, it wasn't going to be easy.

Pouches of salt for the Demon and Angel, silver ammunition for the Fae, Werewolf and Vampire, a silver knife incase his firearms don’t work out, and some enhanced hearing protection for the Siren. The Siren didn’t have much of a weakness that they were able to discover, but her fragile bones would still be susceptible to bullets, just would have to watch out for her talons. Tango threw on his lightweight armor, knowing when he caught up to them, he would need more than regular clothes, and headed out of his office. Tango stopped by the lab to grab a couple syringes to sedate the super naturals, along with a couple other syringes filled with different liquids, and then headed back out into the dark woods with a small group of about five guards with him. "Some blood trail in this direction, lets go." Tango said as the others followed him with their flashlights on.


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sibyl andres

005 | fae | #A15E5E

She shifted on pure instinct. Finger nails sprouting into claws, eyes fading to a bright yellow; it wasn't a full shift, it was absurd to even attempt such a thing, but she was sure she'd need to use her powers if they were going to escape succesfully. As soon as they were outside, they all disappeared into the forest. It was a momentarily freeing experience, but she kept her head. They weren't in the clear yet, and all the soldiers the government had available would be on their heels.

Though she couldn't see the others, their scents gave a decent idea of where they were. It was a fragile alliance that they had formed between the six of them, but it seemed to be working out in the favor so far. Sybil only hoped it wouldn't get them all killed.

Even with as far she'd run, she could still hear the distant shouts of the soldiers frantically searching for them. One would think that the government would want to keep them alive, considering how much money has probably been spent on the project, but there were numerous gun shots going off. They weren't holding anything back. They're not really concerned about losing all six of their investments, are they?

That thought only pushed her to keep running, knowing full well they'd be using silver bullets. She couldn't afford to get shot now, not when they were so close to making it. But apparently someone else would be the one slowing them down. The scent of blood overwhelmed her senses, and immediately she began following it to its source. Sybil was hoping against hope that one of them had just gotten a hit on one of the soldiers, but a sinking filling in her gut was telling her the very opposite. It wasn't long before she caught sight of four silhouettes, her night vision making it easier to see that it was the others.

Khee, Colette, Joah, and Camael. And it was clear that Khee was the one who had been injured.

"Shit." Sybil kept her distance from them. If there was any sign of trouble, she wanted to be the one to see it first. She would distract if she'd have to, if it meant increasing their chances of escaping. This really is the worse case scenario. She stayed crouched in the forest underbrush, hidden from immediate sight. They were taking far too long to sort this out, and it was starting to make her anxious. She wanted nothing more but to get as far away from this place as possible, even if it meant leaving the rest of them behind. But they had all made a deal together, and she was going to do her best to stick to it. It seemed silly, especially to someone usually only concerned with their own self preservation.

The crunching of leaves in the distance seemed all too loud to her ears as they drew closer and closer to the group. There were multiple footsteps. A group of soldiers had found them. Staying as close to the ground as she could, she did her best to flank them.

"Tango this is Team Two. We have eyes on some of the supernaturals, edge of Charlie Sector. One looks injured, talking abo-"

She tackled the one with the radio first. The other two took aim with their weapons and managed to fire off wayward bullets that made no contact, but they soon went down as well. No need to kill them, but they'd be unconscious for a while.

Sybil was lucky to have the element of surprise on her side, and she made sure to take the batteries out of the radio so that it would no longer be of use. There was no point in trying to be subtle now. The other soldiers surely would've heard the gunshots and might've already started heading towards their direction. They were operating on a now further limited amount of time now. She approached the rest of the group, making sure to keep an eye on the rest of their surroundings.

"We need to get moving; more of them are going to be coming soon. Figure something out and keep going."


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Joah Newbold || daemonium || 004

#908732 || #665f1f

Joah blinked at Kheelan. It was a point he hadn't considered—that Colette might hurt or even kill him if she had to spend that long surrounded by the smell of blood. She was almost definitely the strongest of those gathered, but it wouldn't mean anything if she lost control. As precious seconds sprinted by, however, Joah felt the trees move in on them.

"We can fix it," he said quietly. "As soon as we get out of here."

"I can carry you. I'm stronger than I look,"
the angel said. Joah gave him a dubious look. It was hard to believe something so delicate could carry even its own weight.

Two shots ripped through the still air of the night and pulled his head toward the sound. Mere seconds later, Sibyl appeared out of the trees with the brutish look of a warrior fresh from battle.

"We need to get moving," she said; "more of them are going to be coming soon. Figure something out and keep going."

Joah's eyes snapped back to Kheelan, blood still flowing unhindered down his leg. It didn't show any signs of stopping, and it probably wouldn't until the bullet was removed. They were running out of time. Each second was another chance for them to be killed or captured, and at the moment, Joah didn't know which would be worse. He looked at the angel.

"It's you or me, Bird Bones," he said to Camael. "You choose, but do it fast. The rest of us are going to have to forge the path and head off any other unwanted attention."