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Jack Lockwood

"It's okay to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave."

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a character in “Project: Diamond”, as played by PutAnotherX


Name: Jackson Cassidy Lockwood
Nickname: Everyone calls him Jack. He rarely mentions his full first name.
Familiar's Name: Maverick, Mav for short
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Familiar's Gender: Male
Role: Lab-created pack, best friend of the leader of the escapees, older brother of Boo
Mutation | Abilities: Jack is a Pack. As such, he has the ability to sense where people are and what they are doing. Occasionally he can even sense particularly strong emotions. He can bend emotions to his will and read thoughts that pertain to him. Although he isn't the fastest mutation, he can run for long distances and is quite strong.
Family| Jack would do anything to protect his loved ones, including putting himself in harm's way.
Dependence| As a Pack, he is very dependent on having others around. If his support system is gone, so is his will to live
Stubbornness| He has a tendency to always think he's right, and once he makes up his mind it is nearly impossible to dissuade him
Foolhardiness| Although he is cautious when it comes to the well-being of his friends and sister, he tends to throw that out the window when it comes to his own life and health.
Rigidity| Jack can be a bit uptight. He is very principled, and he believes everyone should have the same principles as him.

Jack has light skin and an angular face. His eyebrows are naturally curved in a way that makes him look perpetually concerned, and the left brow sprays up in the middle. He has thin lips and a bump on his nose. He has wavy brown hair and brown eyes that match. He is 5'8" tall with a slim build that belies his true strength.

Despite what he seems, Jack is a very warm and friendly person. He loves to be around people, especially "his" people. He is caring and charismatic. Although his past has been traumatic, it doesn't change his sweet and loving nature. He can also, however, be obsessive and overprotective. He's brave to the point of foolishness, and his rash actions have gotten him into trouble more than once in the past. He constantly seeks the approval of others, and often goes a little too far trying to obtain it.

Familiar Personality:

Relearning life outside the lab

Being out of the loop
Losing control

Losing his sister
Getting captured again
Being rejected, especially by the Revolution

When Jack was born, his mother was told she would never have another child. His life was charmed, yet uneventful until his parents adopted Brookelle when he was three. At first, he rejected her. He didn't like not being the center of attention anymore. But over time, he realized that having a new sibling was an opportunity to have a built-in best friend. Ever since then, the two became inseparable.
Jack was 10 when the plane crashed. He and his sister were the only two survivors, but no matter how many times he asked for her in the hospital, the doctors and nurses wouldn't let him see her. After two months of recovery in the children's hospital, he was transferred to another facility. This time, a lab. There they changed him. He was transformed from a normal human boy to part wolf. He spent months alone in a tiny, sterile white room, watching and rewatching the same movie, Top Gun, over and over and over until Maverick manifested. All this time, he begged his captors to let him see his sister. He knew she was still alive, but they would not relent. Until a year had passed since the crash. When they brought him to her, they kept mutant security guards nearby in case he tried anything.

She was tiny, even smaller than he remembered her in a steel cage like an abused animal. When she said his name, her voice was weak. He broke down crying, holding her through the bars and trying to calm her obvious fear and anguish with his new abilities. When they tore him away from her, they put him in a new living space. There he met Max, and they became fast friends. Every day before dinner, the scientists would allow him to see Boo for forty-five minutes. In that time, he would tell her about Max and how when all of the bad things were over, they would find somewhere safe to be together with Max and her little brother. If he saw her outside of that time, it was for the scientists to hurt her in front of him to force him to obey them or even just for their own amusement.

When they escaped, he promised her and himself that he'd never let anything bad happen to her ever again.

So begins...

Jack Lockwood's Story