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Dani Hunter

"Sure, I would love to lend you a hand. Unfortunately, I'm fresh out."

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a character in “Project Dragonfly”, originally authored by Byte, as played by RolePlayGateway



“We all desire a life without hurting-- For our mind to stay frozen in that singular, purest state of ecstasy.”

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

You Need A Friend :: Frenzal Rhomb
Frozen :: Celldweller
Feelings :: The Offspring
I Hope You Die :: Bloodhound Gang
Shoot Him Down :: Alice Francis

Identity Code
F-03-1999-AU: 0-153

Danielle "Dani" Hunter, Anodyne



Sexual Preference
Bisexual, although feels a specifically strong attraction towards independent women.


Coroner and pathologist

Face Claim
Mayday :: OC by deadbear

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“What'd you expect, a wanna-be barbie doll? Pssh...

Hair Color
A deep amaranth with vanilla-blonde highlights.

Eye Color

Skin Tone

5'3" :: 160 cm

93 lbs :: 42 kg

Being a kid entirely used to fend for her own scraps in this godforsaken universe, Dani is somewhat fit and noticeably toned though not on a wholesome extravagance. And more on endurance than strength, really. But in all honesty, she looks the spitting image of the typical underfed college student/recent graduate-- budget-strained, baggy clothes, disinterested expression, and exhausted body language in all. Outside of the obvious... obviousness, she has a conspicuous wild mane of amaranth that is usually smothered under a mixture of flashy hats, caps and hoodies or other, a mesh of things that says she don't care much at all. That crucial first impression you get from her? It's probably right. But as far as things go, Dani isn't too hard to approach (and she's not too hard on the eyes, either). Just expressively unkempt and introvert-like, is all.

Other than all that, Dani quite evidently has a shaggy crop of hair where the side-bangs are kept at a sort of mid-length, and has slightly unnerving, typically bland brown eyes. She eerily smirks more than she smiles, and is a little frosty at the edges sometimes. She can be expressive sometimes, which seems awfully stiff and forced. Anyway, the dragonfly tattoo on her shoulderblade is devotedly hidden under a sloppy mess of bandages and band-aids, and a few fading jagged scars are carved on the expanse of her ribs. Nothing particularly special or noteworthy, but then again she's not very fond of being showy with the others -- hence, a reason for the drab garb of baggy clothes.

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“I'm not paid to kiss it all better-- So don't expect a gentle treatment just because you've got a boo-boo, sonny.”

Positive TraitsNegative Traits

A strange plethora of surprisingly colourful, but inevitably blandly shaded attributes that make Dani both impressive and unimpressive at the same bloody time. While it would be misinformative to dub her a misanthrope and pessimist, her callous and disinterested nature in the face of everything this bleak existence has to offer usually forces skewed expectations on anyone anywhere in- or near her social circle. However, Dani may be a lot of things, but she's definitely not hard to figure out: She treats everyone more or less the same, as long as they extend the same manners to her.

In a friendship or similar relation, Dani is fairly down-to-earth and casually witty; not the least bit serious. However you will find that she enforces a specific five-foot pole distance, which is as much a quirk as a defensive mechanism to withhold others from getting in contact with her powers. Because she is somewhat careful with the usage of her powers, Dani usually deals with favours if it all-- and that's only if she likes you. This kid will not stage fight willy-nilly if she can help it, it is well out of her comfort zone.

A few words of wisdom, Dani is insurmountably skeptical of favours unless she asks for one. She deals very poorly with compliments which more often than not cause her to raise a single, disbelieving eyebrow. Last but not least, people shouldn't expect Dani to go soft on them just because they're her patient. In fact, Dani makes it a point to be as rough as she possibly can without causing them to pass out from the pain.

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“Do you always ask people for a how-to, or is being a nosy cunt the only way you can get your jollies?”

Coffee, black no sugarClever clogs/narrow-minded people
Sarcasm/wit/humourHigh-strung, duty-fulfilling individuals
Unconditional acceptance from peopleHeadaches/pain of any kind
Doing things at her own paceWasting time
Plentiful spaceExpectations and blind optimism
Performing autopsiesCigarette smoke
Unpredictability (challenges and people)Intrusiveness

Impractical and unnecessary at best, Dani persistently claims to have about as much fear as she has care, which has proven to be true on many occasions. Apathy doesn't leave a whole lot of room to be afraid of anything. That being said, complete psychopathic nut-balls and, on a lesser note, brawny grunts do unnerve her more than she likes to admit. Being the size of an ant compared to most people makes it difficult not to be aware that there are plentiful people capable of lifting you up with their pinkie-toe. Dani also seems to be particularly phobic of physical contact and excessively gracious people.

For her self-entertainment, Dani actually partakes in many hobbies that require to participation of others. She isn't too shabby at competitive games-- digital or otherwise, and wouldn't refuse the opportunity to play alongside a potential challenging individual, granted that they don't get to comfy and social. She has also recently taken it upon herself to brush up a decent level of skill in hacking, and occasionally inquires Kira about some tips and tricks whenever the lass isn't about ready to jump back into the nearest rabbit-hole.

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“I know of fifty-two ways to administer pain to your body, and keep you awake to feel every single excruciating sting.”

Dani was forcefully, although somewhat willingly, taught an abundance of medical and surgical practices and has become a fairly accomplished doctor. Aside from that, Dani has trained in hand-to-hand combat and knows a couple of torture techniques that, in conjunction with her power and medical knowledge, make her a useful asset whenever the team needs credible information post-haste. She has also recently gotten into acquiring a sufficient level of skill in hacking, although she isn't a quarter the expert Kira is for sure.

On the other hand, Dani is most certainly not a powerhouse-assassin. Her short, flimsy stature isn't fit to succeed in a frontal assault and she's very aware of that, nor is she an individual who would sneak around when it doesn't seem necessary. To be frank, she fails on most, if not all aspects of a proper assassin. Safe for maybe a jack-of-all-trades level in quickly capturing and tranquilizing subjects without accidentally killing them in the midst of an adrenaline rush. On top of that, Dani is content with doing things at her own pace during a contract if she obliges to participate at all, More often than not causing large frustration for her colleagues.

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“You might be desperate for a sedative, but I'm not desperate enough to deal with a migraine-bombing the magnitude of a Hiroshima-nuke.”

Dani possesses the uncanny ability to release her own neural impulses into others via physical contact. By doing so, she is free to force the body of her victims to accurately recreate the physical and mental reaction to certain emotions. To elaborate, Dani can force various states, such as anxiety, happiness, depression and a long list of other "feelings" in order to subdue her victims and make them easier to persuade. Another quality this ability possesses, and what is perhaps Dani's most commonly used feat, is the ability to numb the nerves and effectively suppress pain of any kind -- Of course, with the added effect that the subject will feel excessive... happiness, similar to a sedative drug. Last, but definitely not least, is perhaps a more gruesome attribute and a direct coin-flip from the previous application: The ability to cripple. To force victims to feel actual pain, while no injury or damage is given to the body. Effective, and leaves no clear trace of what actually killed the subject.

Headaches :: Dani is prone to violent headaches regardless of usage, but is usually just tired/mentally strained on a typical day. Nothing severe, but migraines are a bitch to deal with, especially ones that won't simmer down no matter how many pills you scarf down.

Contact :: As stated before, Dani requires physical, skin-on-skin contact to use her ability. Even a sliver of fabric, or any foreign- or non-organic substance for that matter completely neutralizes and makes any transferal ineffective.

Limited Targets :: Dani can only subdue one person at a time, or at least so she believes. After all, why push beyond your capabilities when it isn't wanted or needed? However, she is quite certain that her control wavers with more than one subject, let alone what such a straining on her powers may do to her own well-being.

Art credit to - deadbear@DA

“You ready for an ass-grabbing so hard that you'll walk around with a permanent wedgie?”

Quite frankly, Dani has a great chemistry with Dragonfly and its devotion to make every single freakazoid birth a potential sacrificial-pawn in their plans to take over the world and everything. Yep, a great chemistry alright, in the sense that she hopes they dissolve in acid. No, Dani's loyalties lie with them if only for the fact that she hasn't got any other place to go, you may thank to messiah-tastic government for that yet again. Can't believe they didn't just go ahead and brainwash her as well. Y'know, literally erase any existence of her family instead of just capping them in the head and call it another productive day at work. Fucking cunts.

Not that Dani remembers much of her parents, she was only about three years old until the project swept her up like they did with so many special children. Taken to that dreaded training camp in order to master your anomaly, your mutation, your oh-so special talent. And if you did well in class, and didn't burn the whole place down because you weren't submissive enough, you got a big fat stamp on your shoulder that made you an official military-dog. You were finally part of your real family, the Dragonflies. Come on! Spread your wings! Go wherever you like! As long as you don't think of snapping our necks, you're as free as a bird in a gilded cage. Choo-choo, all aboard the fucking fun train.

No, Hell-fucking-no. It wasn't fun, it was complete and utter bat-shit on a sandwich baloney that made your life seem much more colourful than it was. Rosy cheeks, sunny days and grins-and-smiles all day long to hide the obvious fact that everything in your life was as bleak as a black-and-white photograph. Yep, Dani has some shit to complain about, but wisely chooses to keep quiet and go with the flow because she doesn't feel liquidation is a must-have on her bucket-list of things to do before she seizes to be. Besides, what else would she do? It's not like you could go into business-school once you've mastered several means to break someone without murdering them on the first try.

Elaborate stories aside, it would be a lie if Dani said she hates this life. While clearly forced down her throat like vegetables in a toddler's gob, she doesn't hate having to distribute medical care, she doesn't hate performing autopsies and subsequently forge the deaths of any dead Dragonfly victims that may or may not make their appearance on her autopsy table. Their freedom may be limited, but so long as she isn't tied with a ball and chain Dani will bow to Dragonfly Project's every whim... for now.

So begins...

Dani Hunter's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa

It was a quiet Saturday morning, more like time for lunch but since Vincent had not felt like getting out of bed when he woke up the first time he was still in there. It was not because he was tired, it was more like his whole body was protesting so he was not that urged to move. He felt a bit bruised, most likely because he had got a bit beaten up at yesterday’s mission. Still there was no bruise to be found on his body, it was only a play of his mind - since he was aware of the fact that he had gotten extreme amounts of metal in him. The part that was the worst was getting them out of the healed wounds however, because that was not something the body did by itself and sometimes the projectiles do get stuck in there. The operations to get them out was not something Vincent would recommend to anyone. It was mostly ripping the metal out of his body before the opening had closed up again. And now he felt exhausted after spending the first hours of the night on the operation table.

But after a couple of more moments of hiding his face in the softness of the pillow he crawled out of bed like a sloth. When he was done stretching out his stiff body, waking up the body before even consider dressing himself. But hey, it was his room and no one was allowed to enter it like he avoided to enter the other rooms. As the body started to wake up he stepped over to his closet and started to dress up, putting on his usually black jeans, and taking out a white t-shirt and leather jacket that he carried with him out of the room. Sure they shared a big house, these so called "siblings", but no there wasn't bathrooms attached to every room and that was why Vincent walked around bare chested inside the house without the slightest shame.

It wasn't a long way from his room to one of the bathrooms and when he was inside he took a shower before dressing up completely. As he left the room he couldn't help but notice that someone had tampered with the decor and as he walked pass it he fixed it so it looked like it usually did. When done he went down the stairs and even if there was people around the house he didn't bother with greeting them. He just walked inside the living room over to the bookshelf and started to inspect the content. Controlling that it still was the way he had left them before going away on the mission, this was not his books it was those the whole family shared. Or you could call it a cover and things the organization had left them so that they had things to play around with when they weren't working. And so Vincent picked out a book after choosing wisely and left the room. He had been indoors for such a long time - in his opinion. As long as it wasn't too sunny outside he preferred to outdoors, more space between him and the other's then. More space for him to be alone in. Inside the house it was almost impossible not to have people breathing down his neck if not being locked up inside his personal room.

As he walked down the street outside the house he started to read the first page of the book, heading over to the square to sit down on his bench. Yeah, Vincent had claimed on of them in his mind. And as he arrived he sat down under the tree and continued to read his book - alone. The way he wanted it.


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Ginger continued to snore as the morning passed around. It had been another late, almost all-nighter, party again. To celebrate another mission well done. She hadn't even bothered to change out of her all black leather pants and vibrant purple shirt before falling asleep on her messed up bed. Her hair was spread out around her making her look as though she had been electrocuted, ironically. Her arms and fingers tingled, with this last mission she had pushed herself a bit further than normal and now there were new scars that leafed out, marking her veins.

The only reason she got up that morning was because of the sudden aching in her stomach, another side effect her power, uncontrollable hunger. She bolted up right and stared down at her traitorous stomach.

"Fine," she grumbled, stumbling out of bed and dragging herself to the kitchen, a complete mess from last night and yet in her usual clothes of baggy jeans, elbow-length and finger-less gloves, and a black, sleeveless shirt with the saying "Make me purr" in white letters. She opened the cupboard and the fridge seeing what was left. While she cooked pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grilled tomatoes she ate a bowl of cereal, fruit, and some leftover croissants while having at least four cups of dark, French coffee. She barely noticed people stumbling in and out of the kitchen grabbing whatever food she hadn't already consumed or was't cooking. Normally she would have been happy to say hi and start a conversation, but come home from a party that was the same night as a mission that she overworked herself on and that had ended at an hour that was anyone's guess, only to be awaken only an hour or so later by hunger pains. Making this normally energetically happy woman cranky not only from sleep or overexertion, but a hunger that has driven many to cannibalism.

It wasn't until she made her way to the "gaming room", as she fondly called it, with her plate stacked high with food and yet another cup of her dark roast coffee, that Ginger was in a decent enough mood to interact with others safely again. So she sat down on the floor, putting her food next to her, and grabbed a controller starting up the game she started a year ago on Call of Duty. She loved this room best as it only had a few windows that she could cover with heavy curtains to block out all sunlight and the comfiest couch you could ever find yourself sitting on, not to mention the latest gaming system that she could find and carpet that was a close second to the couch. You would't even want to get her started on the actual television itself and the sound system that came with it.

And thus the yelling and swearing began as she turned her game on.


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#, as written by Byte


“You look like shit. Feel like shit. Yet you still argue that I shouldn't bother capping you in the knee and drag you to the medical ward? That's rich!”

No. It's quite alright. You don't have to say good afternoon, asshole.

Dani walked passed a grouchy and sauntering Vincent, who looked like he had just woken up with the worst hangover imaginable. Not wholly deviating from his usual zombie-look, but Dani was nothing if not observant and noticed that her "leader" seemed even more exhausted than usual.

Y'know, because Vincent was so obviously the guy to be radiating with new-found energy and optimism every morning.

The medic eyed the half-naked Hunter with interest somewhat, though mostly to confirm that last night's operation hadn't left any scarring (because why else would you be gawking at a shirtless guy, right?) on the torso at least. She couldn't tell about the rest, and it didn't look as though Vincent was willing to be dragged in for a check up. His lack of response to her prior attempt at making small talk made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to speak- or for that matter; be spoken to.

As tempted as she was to interrogate for further details, however, Dani wasn't keen on receiving a misplaced frown from Vincent, lest she'd have to surgically turn it upside down. And with a confirming nod, the Hunter woman resumed her initial occupation to take stock of the remaining medical supplies, and from that determine if she had to ask Issac for another shipment (thank God for the Dragonfly Organization covering that particular expense) and complementary lecture for not having mentioned it earlier. Joy, oh joy.

Clearly excited, this one is.