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Marie Chaput

"I'm an acquired taste. Don't like me, acquire some taste."

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a character in “Project Dragonfly”, originally authored by Fredalice, as played by RolePlayGateway



Identity Code: Female | 2006 | France
Name: Marie Chaput
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Normal Human/Exchange high school
Face Claim: Ryōko Ōkami


Negative Traits: -Short tempered: She may not get angry at every little thing, but those things that annoy her send her temper flaring almost immediately and it has been known that when her temper flares she becomes over-dramatic and borderlines onto childish.
-Mischievous: Sometimes seen as being cute, but this is the number one reason Marie gets in trouble; with authority; with her friends; at some point or another her pranks get Marie into trouble in some way or with someone.
-Mean: For this particular attribute, Marie doesn't do it on purpose, in fact it usually catches her off guard. It'll usually comes out in some comment that takes a playful banter too far or could possibly be what started as rough-housing between friends that turns sour. Even with the fact that Marie doesn't intentionally do these things, she has developed the reputation of not apologizing for being mean regardless.
-Proud: This is the root cause for her not apologizing. Marie hates being wrong, she hates having her mistakes spotlighted, and most definitely hates losing. She rarely apologizes, her askings sound more like a demands, and if she is belittled in any way Marie will lash out in some way.
-Jumpy: Marie is a highly paranoid person especially at night and even more so while she's alone. While in either situation she often gets antsy and twitchy, a sickening, sinking feeling deep in her stomach that makes her start to hyperventilate.

Positive Traits: -Strong: This is directly towards the strength of Marie's will. It takes a lot to deter Marie from doing something she has already set her mind to. She can undergo the strenuous of situations, both mentally and physically, in order to achieve her goal. This can go to an unhealthy level in that she is thinking more about the end goal rather than herself, however it has only gotten to that point once or twice and even then things seemed to turn out well enough.
-Witty: Marie has a quick comeback for everything, she can think on her feet easily making the best of rash decisions that can be made. It's hard to catch her tongue off guard it seems meaning that banters and arguments will usually leave her the winner. What also comes along with this disposition is her silver tongue, getting her out of tough situations without so much as a bat of an eye on her part.
-Outgoing: Marie is definitely a people person, in the sense that she feels most comfortable in large crowds. She gathers the energy from those crowds to help her out. They make her feel comfortable enough to do her best thinking and calm enough to keep her temper more at bay.
-Expressive: She wears her heart on her sleeve and never tries to hide it, sometimes her heart actually controls her more than her mind. Without this trait Marie would most likely be friendless as when her tone or words fail her and make her seem mean, the expression on her face can usually indicate to the other person that she didn't mean to say or do what offended the person; though no apology will escape her lips it will show on her face.
-Creative: Marie is a writer, a word-smith. When actions fail her, she turn to language. She often times things outside the box and sees people or situations in a new light that can not only help her, but whoever is being scapegoated or blamed. Sometimes her actions may not make sense, but after a while it will come when one can look back on them and just realize that what she had been doing was a creative way to get common outcome.


Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual
Likes: Hot chocolate, writing, Autumn, pranks, reading, Jazz, candles, ACDC, jokes, cooking (especially French food, the food she grew up with), hiking, camping, rock climbing, white water rafting (you get the idea), crowded areas, and owls
Dislikes: spicy food, early mornings, cars, horror/thriller stories or films, Halloween, the dark (though this can be love hate; sometimes she loves it and sometimes she's just too paranoid), being wrong (though being human this happens quite often), the idea of someone stalking/"hunting" her, and when people tap/drum while they think
Fears: Her more mild fears involve the dark, the feeling of someone following her, and embarrassingly monsters under the bed/closet/etc.; her more major fears are the thought of being eaten alive, being alone, and silence

Strength: -Word smithing: She has a firm grasp on both English and French making it so that language is not only a means to communicate, but a thread to be spun. Something that can be creative and expressive, something that can determine the outcome of a certain situation, change the minds of others, help or destroy lives and after years of practice, she has become master of this art.
-Pulling pranks: Her name "Marie" when split in the middle becomes the French Ma rie translating into "my laughter". Marie thinks that her parents are geniuses as she loves to make people laugh and to laugh herself. Pulling pranks has become almost an art form for her, each prank is meticulously planned out, down the hair, and executed with such skill that rarely do things go wrong (at least in the sense of the prank itself, the reactions to pranks however can be quite unpredictable). Because of this skill she has become quite the little spy; sneaking around; gathering hidden information; getting out of trouble in some way either before or after getting caught.

Weakness:-Sense of direction: Marie gets hopelessly lost when she doesn't have a map, GPS, or another person with her to help. No matter how many times she tries, or how many tricks she learns to help; if she's completely by herself with no help at all she can get lost in a matter of seconds, so fast that many people don't understand just how she does it.
-Weapons: Marie, by any means is not a fighter. Yes, she can fight, but only in the same way that a territorial or threatened animal "fight" when they lash out. She doesn't have any skill in wielding any kind of weapon (not surprising as she has had not training being a normal high school student). It's the difference of she could possibly take a person down if it's just her fists, but put a weapon in her hand and she will most likely hurt herself before even getting close to the actual target.


Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos/Markings: several small scars on her knuckles and fingers most being severe paper cuts and some random scars here and there that Marie has long forgotten how she even got them
Weight: 52 Kl
Height: 152 cm

Career: High school student and barista at a coffee shop
Hobbies: Outdoor and high adrenalin activities, writing, reading, people watching, pranking and joking, travelling, and drawing (more as a past-time)

Biographic History: Marie was born in 2006 in Paris, France. Her biological parents were separated and couldn't afford to bring up a child, so a week after her birth Marie was adopted by Pierre and Thomas Chaput, moving to Loches where she grew up. Her family was a happy one, Pierre (papa) worked at home as writer and Thomas (dad) worked mostly in Paris as a lawyer. Thomas was gone most of the week, either leaving early in the morning and coming home late or even just staying in the city for the night, but weekends was their family time. They always seemed to be going on one adventure or another; when she was a kid they would often times run around the older part of Loches pretending to be knights or drive out to the country for a picnic and adventures as woodland creatures. During the week however Marie and Pierre would continue with their adventures; Marie was home schooled as a child which when it started seemed like a bad idea as she didn't want to learn, but rather play, but once she learned the lessons of silence and focus. One of the major things that Pierre had taught Marie was how to write and the joys of literature. These lessons were hard won because Marie had the dream of having a career in something active and outside, however after years of forcing her to sit and read Marie eventually fell in love with literature and she decided to become a writer just like her papa.
When Marie turned 15 Thomas lost his job, he wouldn't tell Marie how, and so they lost a lot of their money, they had to move to a smaller house, so small it had proven to be hard to have three people living there. Pierre and Thomas also ran into the trouble that they could no longer pay for Marie's schooling. So they made the plan that Marie would go and live with Thomas's sister, who has become her temporary guardian until her fathers are able to get back on their feet. Marie has lived with her Aunt Robin for two years now, her fathers coming and visit for holidays and her birthday, while she and her aunt go and visit them on their birthdays. Even with this Marie still misses her fathers and she finds living with her aunt to be difficult. There's more rules; she has a curfew every night of 9 pm; she must be up at precisely 6 pm; she does more of the chores than her aunt and always the ones that people tend to avoid for as long as possible; she was forced to get a job and so she's working at a coffee shop in the downtown area; and most importantly she isn't allowed to have to get a grade below a B. Even with all these rules Marie still manages to to have time to go to parties, have plenty of friends, and still get into trouble.


Power Description: N/A
Power Weaknesses: N/A
Notable Skills/Abilities:​ Writing/weaving words; it goes far more beyond a silver tongue, according to her papa she has very much surpassed him in the art of story telling, her stories often take people away from their troubles and from where they are currently standing or sitting and bring the characters alive. Her fathers always say that she has a true gift and try to help her in becoming the writer they know she is meant to be.

So begins...

Marie Chaput's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa

It was a quiet Saturday morning, more like time for lunch but since Vincent had not felt like getting out of bed when he woke up the first time he was still in there. It was not because he was tired, it was more like his whole body was protesting so he was not that urged to move. He felt a bit bruised, most likely because he had got a bit beaten up at yesterday’s mission. Still there was no bruise to be found on his body, it was only a play of his mind - since he was aware of the fact that he had gotten extreme amounts of metal in him. The part that was the worst was getting them out of the healed wounds however, because that was not something the body did by itself and sometimes the projectiles do get stuck in there. The operations to get them out was not something Vincent would recommend to anyone. It was mostly ripping the metal out of his body before the opening had closed up again. And now he felt exhausted after spending the first hours of the night on the operation table.

But after a couple of more moments of hiding his face in the softness of the pillow he crawled out of bed like a sloth. When he was done stretching out his stiff body, waking up the body before even consider dressing himself. But hey, it was his room and no one was allowed to enter it like he avoided to enter the other rooms. As the body started to wake up he stepped over to his closet and started to dress up, putting on his usually black jeans, and taking out a white t-shirt and leather jacket that he carried with him out of the room. Sure they shared a big house, these so called "siblings", but no there wasn't bathrooms attached to every room and that was why Vincent walked around bare chested inside the house without the slightest shame.

It wasn't a long way from his room to one of the bathrooms and when he was inside he took a shower before dressing up completely. As he left the room he couldn't help but notice that someone had tampered with the decor and as he walked pass it he fixed it so it looked like it usually did. When done he went down the stairs and even if there was people around the house he didn't bother with greeting them. He just walked inside the living room over to the bookshelf and started to inspect the content. Controlling that it still was the way he had left them before going away on the mission, this was not his books it was those the whole family shared. Or you could call it a cover and things the organization had left them so that they had things to play around with when they weren't working. And so Vincent picked out a book after choosing wisely and left the room. He had been indoors for such a long time - in his opinion. As long as it wasn't too sunny outside he preferred to outdoors, more space between him and the other's then. More space for him to be alone in. Inside the house it was almost impossible not to have people breathing down his neck if not being locked up inside his personal room.

As he walked down the street outside the house he started to read the first page of the book, heading over to the square to sit down on his bench. Yeah, Vincent had claimed on of them in his mind. And as he arrived he sat down under the tree and continued to read his book - alone. The way he wanted it.