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Surrey Dontan

"Oh, I'm happy to have new neighbors. I wonder what they're like."

0 · 604 views · located in Eastford

a character in “Project Dragonfly”, as played by slimmyjimjim





|| Name ||
Surrey Dontan

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Tsumugi Kotobuki // K-on


|| Negative Traits ||
naive // dim // dishonest // trusting // over passionate

|| Positive Traits ||
kind // loyal // generous // creative // spontaneous

|| Sexual Preference ||

|| Likes ||
jazz // sweets // plush blankets // tea // dogs

|| Dislikes ||
cats // swimming // loud noises // rap // grease

|| Fears ||
losing other senses // drowning // never seeing again

|| Strength ||
optimism // inner strength // other senses

|| Weakness ||
blind // uncertainty // physical activity



|| Hair Color ||
Sandy Blonde

|| Eye Color ||
Deep Blue

|| Tattoos/Markings ||
Scar on her left hip

|| Weight ||
119 lbs

|| Height ||
5 foot 3 inches


|| Career ||
Tea shop employee

|| Hobbies ||
reading {braille} // making new flavors of tea // playing violin

|| Biographic History ||
Surrey was an only child living in the city so when she suddenly went blind at the age of four her parents lost it, sending their daughter away to live with her grandparents in the country as she adjusted to her new circumstance. The doctors said that there was no cause for her blindness her eyes simply shut down, but they also said that her sight might return to her in time and even though she hasn't gotten it back yet she's still hopeful.

She has since moved back into her old home but with her parents divorce and her mother already remarried with their own kid, things are a bit different than she remembers. But walking around her home and neighborhood having the smells and sounds comfort her she is beginning to feel right at home. Only just recently some new neighbors moved in next door and though she is very curios of them her mother warns her to stay away.

|| Notable Skills ||
Because of the lose of one of her senses Surrey more than makes up for it with her others trying to get as much joy out of each of them as possible, using each of them to the point where it's hard to even tell that she can't see. Surrey can also brew a mean cup of tea.

So begins...

Surrey Dontan's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa

It was a quiet Saturday morning, more like time for lunch but since Vincent had not felt like getting out of bed when he woke up the first time he was still in there. It was not because he was tired, it was more like his whole body was protesting so he was not that urged to move. He felt a bit bruised, most likely because he had got a bit beaten up at yesterday’s mission. Still there was no bruise to be found on his body, it was only a play of his mind - since he was aware of the fact that he had gotten extreme amounts of metal in him. The part that was the worst was getting them out of the healed wounds however, because that was not something the body did by itself and sometimes the projectiles do get stuck in there. The operations to get them out was not something Vincent would recommend to anyone. It was mostly ripping the metal out of his body before the opening had closed up again. And now he felt exhausted after spending the first hours of the night on the operation table.

But after a couple of more moments of hiding his face in the softness of the pillow he crawled out of bed like a sloth. When he was done stretching out his stiff body, waking up the body before even consider dressing himself. But hey, it was his room and no one was allowed to enter it like he avoided to enter the other rooms. As the body started to wake up he stepped over to his closet and started to dress up, putting on his usually black jeans, and taking out a white t-shirt and leather jacket that he carried with him out of the room. Sure they shared a big house, these so called "siblings", but no there wasn't bathrooms attached to every room and that was why Vincent walked around bare chested inside the house without the slightest shame.

It wasn't a long way from his room to one of the bathrooms and when he was inside he took a shower before dressing up completely. As he left the room he couldn't help but notice that someone had tampered with the decor and as he walked pass it he fixed it so it looked like it usually did. When done he went down the stairs and even if there was people around the house he didn't bother with greeting them. He just walked inside the living room over to the bookshelf and started to inspect the content. Controlling that it still was the way he had left them before going away on the mission, this was not his books it was those the whole family shared. Or you could call it a cover and things the organization had left them so that they had things to play around with when they weren't working. And so Vincent picked out a book after choosing wisely and left the room. He had been indoors for such a long time - in his opinion. As long as it wasn't too sunny outside he preferred to outdoors, more space between him and the other's then. More space for him to be alone in. Inside the house it was almost impossible not to have people breathing down his neck if not being locked up inside his personal room.

As he walked down the street outside the house he started to read the first page of the book, heading over to the square to sit down on his bench. Yeah, Vincent had claimed on of them in his mind. And as he arrived he sat down under the tree and continued to read his book - alone. The way he wanted it.