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"I'm a monster, I know it already, so stay away or maybe I'll accidently chew your face off."

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a character in “Project Dragonfly”, originally authored by Lyysa, as played by RolePlayGateway





Identity Code
M 01 1998 RU 7125

Vincent Hunter



Field agent

Face Claim
Heine Rammsteiner


Negative Traits
- Sadist, Vincent is in love with blood and violence. If there is something he truly enjoys it's to deal other's great pain, it gives him such a satisfaction that nothing can be compared to it. He loves everything from ending other's in just one second to watch how they struggle to stay alive for hours. There is nothing compared to it, well the only thing that could get close to it is the feeling he gets as he gets hit.
- Antisocial personality disorder, Vincent has never cared much for what other's think. What the norms says doesn’t touch him the slightest and neither does other's rights either. He cares about himself and himself only. He doesn’t feel guilt and neither does he have the emotion of sympathy.
- Unfriendly, If he don't like you he won't be playing charades just to put up a facade of friendliness. No, he doesn’t bother with things like that, if he dislikes you he will show it.
- Negative attitude, There isn't much that Vincent thinks positive of. No most of the time you will wind him muttering about how bad everything is, at least those time he's forced to leave those things he cares about.
- Cocky, In the world of Vincent he is the king and everyone else is peasants. Even if he isn't such a big talker there is one thing he likes to talk about - himself. Most of the time it's bragging about how great he is, mostly to hide the fact that he hate himself most of all. He tried to fool not only himself but all the others that he is the greatest monster alive.
- Trust problems, Vincent has an extremely hard time to trust new people. He always suspects them to stab him in the back, not that it would matter much, but he's afraid of getting hurt again and that is why he hides behind extremely high walls. Inside those he's just that small child crying after someone to actually like him.

Positive Traits
- Confident, Even if this is the only charade he ever plays is mostly to protect himself. Because on the inside he's too insecure about everything. But on the outside you will only see someone that believes in themselves.
- Loyal, If you gain his trust you will have it forever. Vincent is the most loyal friend you could find, he will stand by your side through it all and do anything to protect you. As long as he don't see you betray him with his own eyes he will never believe the tales, he will label it as false because your words are all he believes in.
- Organized, Vincent doesn’t like chaos when at home. When being normal he wants everything neatly put on shelf’s in alphabetical and color order. He would clean the house by himself if he must. He likes to surround himself and his thoughts with order.
- Brave, There isn't much for an almost indestructible man to fear. He would rush head on right into a bullet storm if he had to without even blinking.
- Calm, Vincent doesn’t get worked up over much things in his ordinary life. He prefers a calm state of mind and that is why he keeps too it, people can scream or cry all they want he wouldn't join them. His calmness could be taken as apathy too. And it probably a little bit why he don't get worked up over small things.
- Reliable, Even if you haven't gained his trust you may have gained his approval which means that he will be there for you to some degree. At least when at work. He would never obey order's if he hasn't lost his mind and even if he has most of the time he acts reckless just because there is someone that gain from it - no, most of the time not Vincent himself. He would protect most teammates, at least as long as they keep themselves on his good side.

Sexual Preference
Demisexual- bi

- Guns
- Candy
- All types of animals but favorite must be hamsters
- Reading
- Red
- Pain, both causing and receiving
- Roses
- Blood spill
- Alone time
- Clever people
- Starry nights

- Humans
- Death
- Himself
- Sunny weather
- Childish behavior
- Monster movies/stories
- Being the leader of the group
- Footballs
- White
- People calling him by his so called surname

- Death, not his own because well he believes he's invincible, but the death of other's. His teammates which he cares for. It always hurt when you lose a valuable comrade, at least those time Vincent has grown to like them.
- New people, when someone dies they always get replaced. Vincent fears that also. The new people that will join the team, you never know who will show up. If they are experienced at all or if they are freshies. Sometimes the new people bother Vincent a lot, their personalities and such. But he comforts himself with the thought that they will soon be gone anyway.
- Suffocating, Vincent's one true weakness. His body can't make up for the loss of air, that is not something the body can create by its own. He fears the feeling of not being able to breath, to know that he's not that indestructible as he may think. The thought of entering a different world he doesn't know of scares him a lot.
- Large crowds, at least without his guns. It makes him feel vulnerable, it makes him remember how it was before. He start's to feel small, despised, different and like he is going to cry. It makes him turn into what he once was, that little crybaby being labeled as a monster.

Close range combat, preferably with his guns but if not he takes what he got. Even his own teeth if it comes to that.
Extremely brutal
Aroused by pain, both receiving and dealing. When getting hit it will only make Vincent a fiercer enemy, it makes him enjoy the moment even more. So don't get surprised if you find him smiling at times like that.

Lack of trust
Unwillingness to work together, at least with the people he finds disturbing.
Solo act, if he gets to lost in the moment - aroused, he can make some rather reckless decisions. Even if they weren't a part of the plan from the beginning.


Hair Color

Eye Color
Icy blue

The only tattoo he has is the mandatory dragonfly tattoo and it's rather obvious that he hasn't got any scars because of his ability.
He has both ears pierced though, four in the right and three in the left.




Unemployed - not really putting any effort into the search either.

- Guns
- Story telling
- Exercising
- Collecting books
- Gardening

Biographic History
Birth name: Иван Драгомиров (Ivan Dragomirov)
Vincent was rather old when he joined the organization, actually he was seven years old. How you ask? Because his powers didn't show, it's not like they cut in the newly born baby and saw how it disappeared. Because sometimes the virus the organization plant doesn't work – they hasn't figured out why yet. So when they watched Vincent they just thought he was one of them who didn't get any powers.

Because of his appearance he wasn’t that popular with the kids. He was bullied, the kids thought he was scary with his white hair and crystal clear blue eyes. They called him a monster and he grew up thinking he was one. He didn't have any friends, he was weak at time and a big crybaby. He was just so different and no one could understand his feelings. The parents knew about his powers but they choose to ignore it, it was scary and something unknown, how were they supposed to act? It was their child, but he didn't look like them and he was different from all the other. He was a freak but they had no idea that there were more of them. Vincent always knew they also thought of him as a monster deep down at the darkest places of their hearts.

When he was five he got proof of that, he got a little brother. And the parents loved him, Vincent? They forgot about him and he hated that little ugly thing. He was completely alone, that’s when his hate for humans started. Because he wasn’t human, the kids had always told him that and his family looked at him with the same gaze as the kids. And if he was a monster, why would he like the humans that despised him? No he hated them, and that hate just grew and grew until he couldn't think of anything else.

But how did the organization find him? When he was seven, he was still bullied by the kids his age. Actually he didn't exist in his class, his classmates treated him like air. But one day some boys from his class just couldn't stand him anymore – or why they did it he doesn’t know, but he likes to think of it that way. But like all the lunch breaks Vincent was by himself, just kicking his football at the wall when those boys came up to him and started shouting. They called him things and just kept on yelling, when he didn't respond one of them took the football and threw it out from the schoolyard. Vincent who had bought it on his own panicked and ran after to catch it. Guess what? Yeah the school had a big street beside it and just when Vincent had caught the ball in the middle of it a car came around the corner and it hit him really bad. Everyone thought he was going to die, an ambulance was there just a moment later but something was strange. He didn't look that bad like the crying person on the phone has described him. And when he arrived at the hospital he had only bruises.

That’s when the organization came to the rescue, they told the hospital lies, they told so many lies. Actually, Vincent never saw his parents and little brother again. He never had a chance to say goodbye or even give them one last hug – not that he cared about that. The organization told the parents that Vincent had died in the accident, of course they cried but deep down it was a relief. Finally the family’s big secret was gone, they could live like normal people do again. And Vincent? He was raised within the organization and the fact that he woke up in a new strange world didn't make him like people more. No he knew he still didn’t have a place where he belonged, this was not a family. He didn't like it.



ImagePower Description
Vincent is what you can call a fast healer, it doesn’t matter how much you hurt him his body heals itself much faster than how it is for a normal human. How fast the body heals itself depends on how grave the damage is however. If you cut him with a knife you won't even manage to finish the damage before the skin is already back to normal. When it comes to bullet wounds they usually take half a minute to vanish, if it's the vital organs that have received the damage it does take a bit more time however. A clear shot to the head right through the brain takes about half an hour to get back to normal, as the body recreates itself he is unconscious.

Power Weaknesses
You may think Vincent is immortal but he's not. To kill him you must choke him, drown him or crush his body completely turning him into a bloody soup. Burning wouldn't actually work since the body would persist to heal the wounds the fire would create but that would be extremely painful for him because there would be no end to it until the fire has died out.

Notable Skills/Abilities:
Almost indifferent to pain – When Vincent experienced his training it was mostly to make him be able to heal faster which means that he would get to experience a lot of wounds every day. Experiencing that terrible pain day after day made him almost numb to it, he feels it but it doesn’t make him feel bad. Instead something got a bit lose inside his head which makes him a bit unpredictable when receiving it, he don’t get sexually aroused but he do get aroused. It makes him go a bit insane, at least those times it great damage.
Gun usage – Vincent owns a white Mauser C96 pistol connected to his belt by a long chain attached to the base of the grip. He often uses the chain for close range combat, choking or restraining opponents with it. And the other one is a black Luger P08 pistol, without a chain. Both of them is semi-automatic.

So begins...

Vincent's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa

It was a quiet Saturday morning, more like time for lunch but since Vincent had not felt like getting out of bed when he woke up the first time he was still in there. It was not because he was tired, it was more like his whole body was protesting so he was not that urged to move. He felt a bit bruised, most likely because he had got a bit beaten up at yesterday’s mission. Still there was no bruise to be found on his body, it was only a play of his mind - since he was aware of the fact that he had gotten extreme amounts of metal in him. The part that was the worst was getting them out of the healed wounds however, because that was not something the body did by itself and sometimes the projectiles do get stuck in there. The operations to get them out was not something Vincent would recommend to anyone. It was mostly ripping the metal out of his body before the opening had closed up again. And now he felt exhausted after spending the first hours of the night on the operation table.

But after a couple of more moments of hiding his face in the softness of the pillow he crawled out of bed like a sloth. When he was done stretching out his stiff body, waking up the body before even consider dressing himself. But hey, it was his room and no one was allowed to enter it like he avoided to enter the other rooms. As the body started to wake up he stepped over to his closet and started to dress up, putting on his usually black jeans, and taking out a white t-shirt and leather jacket that he carried with him out of the room. Sure they shared a big house, these so called "siblings", but no there wasn't bathrooms attached to every room and that was why Vincent walked around bare chested inside the house without the slightest shame.

It wasn't a long way from his room to one of the bathrooms and when he was inside he took a shower before dressing up completely. As he left the room he couldn't help but notice that someone had tampered with the decor and as he walked pass it he fixed it so it looked like it usually did. When done he went down the stairs and even if there was people around the house he didn't bother with greeting them. He just walked inside the living room over to the bookshelf and started to inspect the content. Controlling that it still was the way he had left them before going away on the mission, this was not his books it was those the whole family shared. Or you could call it a cover and things the organization had left them so that they had things to play around with when they weren't working. And so Vincent picked out a book after choosing wisely and left the room. He had been indoors for such a long time - in his opinion. As long as it wasn't too sunny outside he preferred to outdoors, more space between him and the other's then. More space for him to be alone in. Inside the house it was almost impossible not to have people breathing down his neck if not being locked up inside his personal room.

As he walked down the street outside the house he started to read the first page of the book, heading over to the square to sit down on his bench. Yeah, Vincent had claimed on of them in his mind. And as he arrived he sat down under the tree and continued to read his book - alone. The way he wanted it.


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Ginger continued to snore as the morning passed around. It had been another late, almost all-nighter, party again. To celebrate another mission well done. She hadn't even bothered to change out of her all black leather pants and vibrant purple shirt before falling asleep on her messed up bed. Her hair was spread out around her making her look as though she had been electrocuted, ironically. Her arms and fingers tingled, with this last mission she had pushed herself a bit further than normal and now there were new scars that leafed out, marking her veins.

The only reason she got up that morning was because of the sudden aching in her stomach, another side effect her power, uncontrollable hunger. She bolted up right and stared down at her traitorous stomach.

"Fine," she grumbled, stumbling out of bed and dragging herself to the kitchen, a complete mess from last night and yet in her usual clothes of baggy jeans, elbow-length and finger-less gloves, and a black, sleeveless shirt with the saying "Make me purr" in white letters. She opened the cupboard and the fridge seeing what was left. While she cooked pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grilled tomatoes she ate a bowl of cereal, fruit, and some leftover croissants while having at least four cups of dark, French coffee. She barely noticed people stumbling in and out of the kitchen grabbing whatever food she hadn't already consumed or was't cooking. Normally she would have been happy to say hi and start a conversation, but come home from a party that was the same night as a mission that she overworked herself on and that had ended at an hour that was anyone's guess, only to be awaken only an hour or so later by hunger pains. Making this normally energetically happy woman cranky not only from sleep or overexertion, but a hunger that has driven many to cannibalism.

It wasn't until she made her way to the "gaming room", as she fondly called it, with her plate stacked high with food and yet another cup of her dark roast coffee, that Ginger was in a decent enough mood to interact with others safely again. So she sat down on the floor, putting her food next to her, and grabbed a controller starting up the game she started a year ago on Call of Duty. She loved this room best as it only had a few windows that she could cover with heavy curtains to block out all sunlight and the comfiest couch you could ever find yourself sitting on, not to mention the latest gaming system that she could find and carpet that was a close second to the couch. You would't even want to get her started on the actual television itself and the sound system that came with it.

And thus the yelling and swearing began as she turned her game on.


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#, as written by Tartha
ImageThe Pirate Pies foodcart was in its “weekday-daytime location” at the junction between a small pedestrian square which connected a residential district with Greenwood City Park. In the center of the square was a small fountain, and along the edges were concrete benches made to look like stone to match the fountain (which was thankfully more quant than garish). The day was partially-cloudy, but not actively raining or sun-shining and in Gil's opinion: the perfect temperature for layers. Greenwood City Park was a nice little patch of green grass, complete with a small poorly-cared for flower garden and a shallow creek that had a single wooden bridge across it. There was some older, unused playground equipment at the far end of the park (currently unoccupied).

ImageIt had been a relatively slow morning (after the usual breakfast "rush"). Gil had cleaned the cooking area, he had inventoried the inventory, he had polished the menus, scrubbed the windows, and was left at wits' end. Gradually, he slumped forward onto the high counter--his chin resting against the cool plastic as his eyes followed the world outside of his small prison.

Gil watched the white-haired young man meander over to the square and sit down, he appeared to be reading a small paperback, and as Gil watched, he started to lazily skim it. Gil considered the young man from his position in his ‘cart. He could call out, maybe entice the man with a succulent pie... But the punk was giving off especially potent, "Fuck off" vibes today, and Gil had an ounce of self-preservation. Sometimes. Once in a while. ...Just an ounce really. When it suited him. Kinda. Alright, not really.

Gil grabbed his--now orange--hair in one hand and tugged on it as he considered the "kid" across the square. Gradually, his expression changed from one of extreme consternation to one of excited energy. He dove under the counter for the small oven (he refused to acknowledge that it may have one time been an "easy bake ®" oven), and then began to excitedly clutter his once-clean counter with jars, bags, and tins. As his hands moved easily amongst the myriad ingredients, his gaze returned again and again to look at the shock of white hair, the open book, and the brooding expression. He began to smirk happily to himself as he worked. The tiny pie--no more than two inches wide--began to take shape. In his excitement (and with that renown self-preservation), Gil completely forgot himself and shouted across the square at the subject of his intense scrutiny,

"Hey, do you like black licorice? 'Cause I don't really, but I need something black--and I think if I used dark cherry it'd end up being sorta red, and I don't really want it to have a mottled or bruised thing going on, but if I use coffee ... actually coffee might work. I just need to make sure that I balance out the flavor with..."

Gil's eyes went wide, and his mouth snapped shut abruptly. He looked down at the small masterpiece in his hands and then back over to Vincent Hunter, and then back down to the pie. Slowly, carefully, he set down the unbaked pie and smiled sheepishly. He ran a flour-covered hand through his hair and shrugged minutely.


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#, as written by Byte


“You look like shit. Feel like shit. Yet you still argue that I shouldn't bother capping you in the knee and drag you to the medical ward? That's rich!”

No. It's quite alright. You don't have to say good afternoon, asshole.

Dani walked passed a grouchy and sauntering Vincent, who looked like he had just woken up with the worst hangover imaginable. Not wholly deviating from his usual zombie-look, but Dani was nothing if not observant and noticed that her "leader" seemed even more exhausted than usual.

Y'know, because Vincent was so obviously the guy to be radiating with new-found energy and optimism every morning.

The medic eyed the half-naked Hunter with interest somewhat, though mostly to confirm that last night's operation hadn't left any scarring (because why else would you be gawking at a shirtless guy, right?) on the torso at least. She couldn't tell about the rest, and it didn't look as though Vincent was willing to be dragged in for a check up. His lack of response to her prior attempt at making small talk made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to speak- or for that matter; be spoken to.

As tempted as she was to interrogate for further details, however, Dani wasn't keen on receiving a misplaced frown from Vincent, lest she'd have to surgically turn it upside down. And with a confirming nod, the Hunter woman resumed her initial occupation to take stock of the remaining medical supplies, and from that determine if she had to ask Issac for another shipment (thank God for the Dragonfly Organization covering that particular expense) and complementary lecture for not having mentioned it earlier. Joy, oh joy.

Clearly excited, this one is.