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Yasuhiro Takei

"Watch yourself, or I will."

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a character in “Project E.N.V.Y.”, as played by Cittycat100




“Watch yourself, or I will.”

Name: Yasuhiro Takei
Nickname: Yasu, Takei
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese

Client: Kaede Roux
Agency: Neverland

Hair color: A bright, unnatural and dyed blonde
Eye color: Dark Hazel
Height: 6’2
Weight: 140 Lbs

Scars/Tattoos/etc: A Black tattoo on his left shoulder.
Distinguishable Facial Features: None
Physical Description: Yasuhiro has a lean build, with broad shoulders, and toned muscles to go along with them. His facial features are sharp, like his personality.

-His client
-Classical music
-The indoors
-Small animals
-Amusing trinkets

-Loud music
-The outdoors
-Annoying people
-Sour flavoured things

-Losing his client: “I lost my first client due to my own stupidity and naivety. I will not lose my second due to the same reason.”

-Failing himself, his father and his client: “I want to succeed. Mainly for my father (who was in the same business) and for Kaede, who deserves nothing more than act her heart out.”

-Drowning: “This is most of the reason why I hate the outdoors. My father drowned when his plane went down on its way to Japan.”

He has developed feelings for his client over time, but refuses to acknowledge them or react to them.

-To help himself and his client succeed.

-To have his client become a model as well as an aspiring actress.

-To overcome his fear of drowning and his hatred for the outdoors.

Crush: Kaede Roux
Relationship Status: Single
-Managing: “It’s my profession. I’m good at what I do.”

-Playing the piano: “I was taught to play a while ago, so I’m a little rusty, but I’m sure I can get the hang of it.”

-Cooking: “I was raised by my widow mother for the past eleven years. Her cooking sucked so I chose to take over for her.”

-Housework: “Apparently, she can’t clean either. I live alone now, so I’m still responsible for my own mess.

-Acting: “Little does anyone know, but I’ve been working on my acting skills. I keep it a secret from most, but whenever Kaede needs help with a part and she needs a fill-in, I help her.”

Quirks/Habits: He runs his hands through his hair and also pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose a lot. He takes off his glasses and massages his temples when stressed of upset.

Personality: Yasu is a sensible and mature man, who is not afraid to discipline or scold others, as well as praise them when necessary. He is strict towards his client, mostly because he needs to be. But, he is also strict and harsh towards her because if he is not his feelings for her will become obvious. He is generally well-mannered, and will only speak his mind if he finds he needs to. Yasuhiro is clever, strong-willed, and witty. He tries his best to defend his client and be gentle to her when needed, but doesn’t cross the line so not to confuse her with his feelings.

Biography: Yasuhiro started his career at the age of 20, following his father’s footprints and coming into the managing department. His first client was a youthful female musician. She was pretty and the same age as himself. So, naturally, he fell for her. She taught him how to play the piano, and in exchange he taught her how to cook. However, after half a year of being together (not to mention being distracted from work), her sales fell and she fired him. Learning from his mistake, Yasu got back into his usual rhythm, and began to look for new clients. That is when he found Kaede Roux, a young actress, who was nothing like the youthful musician, who was loud, outgoing, and ridiculous. Kae was timid, clever and sweet. At first, his goal was to get her to open up, and to have her express herself in order to become famous. But after she stayed the same his new goal was to watch her, protect her and to raise her to the top as not only the best actress, but also as a model. He knows it would be unfair if he were to tell her his feelings, because she’d either become confused and awkward around him, or she’d develop feelings toward him as well. They have been working together for three months now.

So begins...

Yasuhiro Takei's Story