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Project Oddity

In 1979, the first parahuman, a human with "super powers", appeared. It is widely believed that they did not come out of hiding, but simply started existing then. Today, roughly 1 in 7,000 people on the planet are a "parahuman."

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"If there are two and a half words you don’t want to hear from a person who can see the future, those words are ‘I’m sorry’."


1979 was the year humanity brought physics to it's knees. Before then, many may have thought the atomic bomb to be the greatest physics-bust of the 20th century, that is, until a man flew over New York City and threw fireballs into the sky, wearing nothing but green and red tights and a cape. Something about humanity changed that day, June 26th, 1979. No longer were superpowers kept in comics. Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, or at least people with similar abilities, became real.

To this day, scientists still don't know exactly how or why powers came to be, but they're almost entirely sure it's man-made, and not a natural event. Others declare it an Act of God (or gods). Whatever the case, something happened to change humanity on a fundamental level. Since that day, humans around the globe have started having what are now called "Trigger Events," a trigger event, is the moment a parahuman gains their superhuman abilities, and a trigger event is usually a very traumatic experience, resulting from injury, life-changing embarrassment or stress, torture, or other forms of trauma, both mental and physical. When someone goes through a trigger event, there's a change they become a parahuman and gain supernatural powers. The science behind it all is still being researched, but one thing is for sure; society will never be the same.

The discovery of parahumans altered the history of Earth as you know it. By 1979, the space race had arguably been won, but the Cold War was still going on, and the world powers' governments began "recruiting" the few parahumans that were popping up in the early days. Eventually, by the 1990's, parahumans were not only publically known, but also starting to be publically accepted. During the late 80's, riots began, demanding parahumans be put under a tight legal leash. You see, due to the usually traumatic upbringing of parahumans, villains began to outnumber vigilantes and heroes 20 to 1. The heroes that did gain public fame did so tentatively, as society is a vicious beast ready to tear apart anyone that doesn't conform.

With the advent of the internet, and around the same time the original parahumans started having children, there was an explosive growth in parahuman population, from a couple thousand around the world to almost a million by 2000.

But with the advent of the parahumans, came something more. Five giant "beasts", named The Abhorrents, each causing cataclysmic events whenever they attack, seemed to have awakened also. On September 11th, 2001, New York City was devastated by one of them. Afterwards, the HLA, Heroes League of America, was founded to help draw in a larger supply of hero's for public need, along with the PCRT, Parahuman Containment Response Team, to help deal with terroristic threats.

Welcome to Capetown, Texas; a booming city in West Texas with a great economy because of an oil boom helped by parahuman fracking. The town, with a population nearing 400,000 people, is a hotspot for rich and working class alike, drawing in villain groups and gangs, and hero's and vigilantes after them, missions to be had, memories to be made, and stories to be told.


"Make the mountains twice as tall and the chasms twice as deep, and things start crumbling."

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3.) Combat - People get hurt in combat. Do not join this roleplay expecting to never be touched, and do NOT join this roleplay if you have the "I must win every fight" mentality. Make you combat and injuries interesting for the sake of the story. Not saying you HAVE to get hurt, but once again, do not join with that "I have to win at the roleplay" mentality.

4.) Please navigate to the "Forum" tab and click the "World Information" topic. This roleplay is loosely based off of Worm, and it's premise is similar, but it is it's own setting. Power classifications, ect, will be almost identical to Worm, but if you've never read Worm, fear not. The important information will be where I told you to navigate, and once more, this roleplay is it's own setting that is just LOOSELY based off of Worm. You do not have to have read Worm to know what is going on.

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Taking place in...

Capetown, Texas our primary setting

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!

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Alexander Dalton

Everything seemed to blur together for a bit. The speech had barely registered in his brain as he had tried to struggle with the near crippling amounts of worry and dread he was feeling. He knew the statistics, he did the research. Hundreds always died in Abhorrent attacks. sound became distant as he glanced around him. How many people would die? Who would fall first? who would be forced to suffer agonizing pain from radiation poisoning or being torn apart by bloodthirsty plants? The idea of even attempting to fight a living disaster seemed impossible. He couldn't be the only one thinking it.
Alex was pulled from his thoughts when the drones had swarmed around strapping themselves onto every capes wrist. Easier to identify the bodies when all is said and done I guess. He frowned. why was he thinking like this? wasn't there a chance they could drive tangle back with their numbers? There were dozens of heavy hitters here. a small smile had been starting to form on his face as he tried to grasp at the idea.

The universe decided it was time for its sick joke to play out however. A loud churning of concrete and metal had blasted from behind. That's when all hell broke loose.

He didn't remember when he had started running. Maybe it was when that damn plant reared its ugly head, or when someone had boomed out for everyone to scatter. It didn't mater now. Alex was tearing his way through the crowds, street and sidewalk cracking under his heavy steps as he ran full tilt with one destination in mind. There was no fighting that thing. The stream of names his bracelet continued to rattle off reinforced this fact in his mind. What could he even do? his barriers would shatter like glass against that genocidal plant, and his body would die within seconds of being meters away from tangles main body.

Alex only slowed down after almost running straight into a building. Windbreak Down So many already. Devilmask Down. He had to keep moving he had to- he stopped. Another cap nearby was desperately trying to defend another man on the ground bleeding heavily from what was left of his right arm and leg. A couple of Tangles plant minions were trying to get to her now, the frost blasting from her hands just barely keeping the writhing garden horrors away. Alex clenched his fists and swallowed hard. He couldn't just leave her or the man to their fate. looking around quickly, he realized there were at least a half a dozen other caps around him. He had to choke back bile at their mangled forms. Why? Why do so many have to die? how can anybody expect a bunch of low level caps to even survive any of this for more then a second? The league always does most of the work anyway.
Throwing his hands outward. Two aqua colored spheres enveloped the man and woman. Alex then yanked back his hands, causing the two to fly towards him like a pair of giant yo-yo's. The bubbles reached him in less then two seconds before popping. Alex turned his head to the woman and pointed to the man, His eyes now glowing the same light blue as his barriers behind the lenses of his makeshift knight helmet. " Get him to a healer NOW! he might be able to be saved. I'll cover you!" Alex turned his head and threw his arms back up again, generating a wall between the three of them just before the plant minions had time to rush in and attack. the wall gained some thickness after the plants had started to form cracks in it from their wild thrashing. The sound of footsteps quickly moving away was the only indication that the woman and the man had left. Alex didn't risk looking away to check and just hoped the man might make it.

As the minions were about to try going around Alex's wall, he shaped it to encircle the two and quickly seal the things in a bubble. Not wasting anymore time, He mentally pushed with all he had and flung the sphere several blocks down before letting it pop. Would rather not get into hand to hand with any of those. Best to just pluck and trow like they are a bunch of weeds. very deadly weeds. Satisfied with his plan of . . . attack, Alex began sprinting off again. Making sure now to try his best to either pull people out of danger or fling any minions he came across. A chime from his pocket caught his attention. Who was trying to contact him in all of this?! Then it hit him like a freight train. Dean, had to be. Skidding to a halt and pulling out his phone, a glance at the now somewhat cracked screen made his blood run cold.


That was one of several messages that Alex had somehow missed from Dean. all asking if he was ok or if he could find a way to get him some help. Aqua energy formed a disc next to Alex as he hopped on. flying would be faster. there was no time to loose if he wanted to get there before he was found. the sound of Tangle's rampage in the other direction gave Alex a grain of hope. he sped off through the air as fast as he could mentally push himself. pretty sure that there would be a massive headache and a nose bleed happening in a few minutes from the strain. Damnit why am i so slow?!? All the while he continued to hear a somewhat steady pass of cap named being rattled off to him by the wristband. He gave it a quick glance and scowled. For some reason it was starting to make him angry, like they needed a way to track the bodies. The thought drove him forward though, he wasn't going to let himself or Dean become a statistic. " We. Are. Not. Cannon fodder." Alex huff in frustration before continuing on. There was time to be angry later, Tangle was being fought, the other caps were become somewhat more coordinated as the moments passed. Alex had only one thing on his mind though. His friend needed to be rescued.


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Capetown, TX. 09/20/2017, 10:45 AM. 73°F,
Partly Cloudy. Arc 4: Abberance.

After the blinding light-show died down, Chrysopoeia watched as Sähkö held her pose for a second, then two. The side of her body faced Tangle, her body and feet pointing at a perpendicular angle to his direction. Her arm outstretched towards the Abhorrent, and her head followed down her arm, gazing at the beast. Then, she slowly turned her head to look at her teammates. Her mouth formed a small 'o' shape, her jaw loose, her eyebrows were knit forward, and tears were in her eyes.
..... She was surprised? That didn't seem right to Chrysopoeia. She couldn't have been so cocky in her power that she thought she could do damage to the Abhorrent that other, stronger, capes couldn't.
..... Ah, then it clicked for him. She was surprised at her own immense power. She'd probably never discharged that much energy in her life. Sähkö never flexed her powers. She was afraid of hurting others.
..... Then her knees buckled, and she fell slightly, before re-straightening her legs, trying to catch her balance. The use of her power must've weakened her. Adrenaline is the only reason she hasn't fainted.
..... Then, suddenly, a cold chill went over Chrysopoeia as a tingle ran up his spine. He turned to face Tangle, and realized the Abhorrent had turned its head to face... them. It was 'staring', though it had no eyes, at Sähkö. The fight had only been going on for a few minutes, but Chrysopoeia knew that when Tangle faced someone like that, it meant lasers.
..... "Seraph!" he barked immediately, and dinner-plate-sized portals began to open up in a wall, between them and Tangle. The portals were all a hair from touching each other, but they were circular. This created a pattern of diamond-shaped holes, openings between the portals. Seraphim had control over the shapes of her portals, why'd she do that? It must've been a split second error, because the portals began quickly turning into hexagons, one by one. Not quick enough though, and their world turned white for the second time in a single minute.
..... ...and they were still alive when the whiteness faded, though in pain. The air around them had heated to as hot as an oven, and several diamond-shaped patches on each of them were burned, badly. Smoldering clothes, and blistered skin. Still, the portals had drastically reduced the surface area of the beam, saving them from a worse fate.
..... Then, bright white searing light flashed again, but this time, instead of at them, Tangle drew a line in the building, bisecting it. Whilst they stood on it's roof. Chrysopoeia felt the concrete roof below them buckle and crack as the building destabilized. If the building came crashing down, they might not survive the rubble. Chrysopoeia touched one of the scales on his suit, and touched the building below him, transmuting the entire building into a giant building-sculpted block of steel. The building stopped rumbling.
..... "Man, Tangle was not happy you did that, Jaz." Chrysopoeia joked. No one laughed. In fact, he heard Sähkö suck in a breath, a gasp.
..... "Guys..." She weakly said, and lifted her arm, pointing.
..... Chrysopoeia looked up and his stomach dropped. Like a rattle snake, Tangle had lifted part of his tail high into the sky.
..... "Sandstorm, dome-shield, now! Chrys, go get Sähkö." Seraphim ordered, and Chrysopoeia immediately dashed five feet away to where Sähkö was barely able to keep herself standing. He picked her up, princess-style, and began dashing back to the small dome-shaped tomb of sand Sandstorm had erected. It was a common tactic of The Congenial's. Sandstorm would create a dome-shaped shield over them, and Chrysopoeia would transmute it into something stronger, like steel or titanium.
..... Then in a split second, Chrysopoeia noticed something terrifying. Tangle's tail was dropping, already. And fast.
..... Sandstorm's dome wasn't big enough for them to even stand in yet. Much less, for all four of them to fit into. Sandstorm and Seraphim were already standing in it. They could fit if they ducked down. "Guys, duck!" he screamed, and curled Sähkö into the fetal position and ungracefully threw her into the dome, falling to his knees as he did. Then, he touched the dome of swirling liquid sand, and it became titanium.

"Chrysopoeia down."

Capetown, TX. 09/20/2017, 10:47 AM. 73°F,
Partly Cloudy. Arc 4: Abberance.

"Chrysopoeia down."
..... No. Sähkö denied, in her head.
..... There's no way.
..... And yet, in the darkness, she could only feel Seraphim and Sandstorm's costumes. And by 'feel', she didn't mean with her hands. She was laying on top of them. The metal of the dome was dented at the top and pushed flat against her chest, pinning her, and underneath her Ray and Mark lay in rather uncomfortable positions, as they were sitting of crouching before she was thrown ontop of them.
..... And they were stuck. Pinned inside the dome, unable to move. Unable to destroy the dome without hurting themselves. The floor beneath them was solid steel, and the dome was solid elemental titanium. Both at least two feet thick.
..... They were trapped.


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The woman thanked Devon for the warning and made an attempt at pronouncing his cape name, he never minded it too much if they screwed up his name and it wasn't even that bad. She introduced herself as Hush while he took a moment to look around the others gathered there. An odd assortment of people to say the least, but that wasn't uncommon for any grouping of capes to turn into.

Hush then formulated her plan for a search and rescue operation. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, Protection for those doing the rescuing, an extraction point to bring the evacuees to and even a gtfo option just in case they attracted Tangles attention or he wandered into their direction. They'd be able to operate much closer to Tangles zones of control than most other rescue crews would dare or even be able to.

The masked man was the first to give his opinion of the plan, fully understanding the nature of this battle as one of attrition. He then suggested to make contact with more capes to get more rescue teams and some recon/communications going. It sounded like a valid idea, but unless they were lucky enough to find more capes capable of providing the same gtfo capabilities any of the other teams would be in significantly more danger and he wasn't too fond of that idea. Having a contingency plan to evacuate the rescues and the triage people to a safer location when things get too hot there however was a near necessity and he doubted the fact that whomever was there would have the capabilities to get all the injured out of there and to a safer location on moments notice.

"Until we find more capes capable of warping a group of people out of Tangle's path I think we should put the idea of splitting up into multiple groups on ice, or they should should stay much further from the damn thing. I wouldn't feel comfortable asking people to take that big of a risk, greater good or not. But I agree we should try to recruit any other capes we come across." He said while keeping an ear and an eye on the interactions eldritch cape and the little girl had.

Moments later both of them pitch in on the conversation, the little girl explaining her curious powers and her willingness to act as a shield for the others. While he would have easily accepted such a statement from someone who looked like they could take an artillery barrage and ask for seconds with a smile, hearing those words shyly come from the mouth of a little girl it just felt so very wrong.

Then the eldritch ink artisan pitched in humbly mentioning that he'd be good for heavy muscle or as a mount and not that much more. It seemed he thought too lightly of his own capabilities in this situation, honestly if he helped evacuating injured people before carrying them out of harms way presumably then he'd already be more useful than half of the HLA capes stationed at Capetown. Devon turned to Wendigo. "HLA gave me special piercing ammo designed to have the most armor piercing capability in a single bullet imaginable, all I could do with it was put a teeny tiny hole in Tangle's outer layers of armor. Doubt he even realized they were there before it regenerated. If you've helped injured people evacuate, you've already been much more useful than I can hope to be. I'm just a human sized battle tank that can fire a couple special effects, if I ever move into the metal decaying zone of tangle for more than a few seconds any and all worth of me as a cape just vanishes into thin air."


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Nobody plummeted head first towards the ground at five hundred feet. She didn't let out a sound. Her body was limp, her arms flailing in the wind at her sides. To the untrained eye she appeared a falling corpse. Through her squinting eyes, she could see the blinding light of the sun reflecting on the skyscraper's glassy exterior and a sliver of blue.

"Dr. Mosquito down. Black Frost down. Vipera down."

Her bracelet rattled off monotonously, fighting to be heard over the rush of air in her ears. The wind was inviting her.

"Incognito down. Atomic Angel down."

She shut her eyes and sighed. Thirty more feet to go until she actually was a corpse. Always time for a game of chicken before the end times, as they never say.

Nobody vanished less than a meter from the ground. It looked like she'd smacked the bottom so fast she'd been obliterated into nothing. The wave of wind that spread from her landing certainly felt like it. Then, a hard, direct gust blew through the chaos from where she fell, knocking all in its path either towards or out of danger. Nobody frankly didn't notice or care. She didn't even pay the carnage any attention. She was just a breeze.

When Vic changed, the lines that defined her became blurry. Sometimes, they felt non-existent. She was was part of everything, her molecules intermingling with the atmosphere. Where did she end? It was a sensation she couldn't try to describe to someone without seeming like some massive stoner, and it wasn't one she could do justice with words anyway. Sometimes she wondered if she could stretch her consciousness out. Make the atmosphere of this world a part of her, not just becoming a part of it. It was in this form she truly was Nobody. In this form, she whooshed through the battlegrounds to Tangle.

A vine smashed down before her, wiping out - whatever, Nobody didn't look. She just rushed through the rising vine, feeling herself part around it. Finally, she reached her destination, and came to a halt.

Nobody wasn't afraid to look danger in the eye. That's what she was here to prove. Unfortunately, she literally couldn't, given that this time danger didn't have any. She hovered before Tangle's maw, staring at its otherwise featureless face. She could feel the radiation here, sense it. It couldn't harm her, but the air was sick with it. She watched the fight close-up, attacks not managing to pierce it or the damage immediately regenerating. It was hard to believe what she was seeing was real, even with all the crazy shit that went down in Capetown on the daily.


... It was awesome.

And, being here. In the open. As one of the many capes here. The many that Tangle was just killing indiscriminately, without vendetta or personal investment... mindless...

"It's not as bad, old man." She thought. Triumph swelled in her. She glared Tangle down in spirit. "You're not enough, Tangle. Not even you."

She turned from her impulsive decision to get a closer look, about to fly back over the battle, when Tangle... breathed.



"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..." Nobody thought as she was sucked back, too stunned for a second to think of wrenching herself away. A second in which Tangle already chomped down, trapping her in complete darkness.

"... Shit."


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The sensation of crawling panic wasn't fading...

Jericho stared around at the assembled group for a little longer, nodding politely at Freischutz for his... Reassuring sort of words. His attention shifted to Hush- (though he didn't know that was their names) and his crocodile-rumble-voice leaped into the air once more. "My name is Wendigo... Though most of you know that. I have a secondary name of Ghoul. You can also call me Jericho. I'll answer to all of them," And up came the arm with the bracelet-band, "I think we can ping and communicate using these... Dunno if they have a like, range on them... Hm."

The arm was lowered, and Jericho stood minutely taller, stretching his third arm outward and upward as the massive paw-mit of the appendage swirled with ink and then shot off into the air. It took the form of a finch, though the feathers were a brilliantly colored blue and white-gray. It rose, and rose, and rose up into the air, flapping its wings with an otherwise unnecessary fervency. A cord, maybe as thick as an expo marker, stretched from where the orifice for digestive waste would have normally been for a bird, down to Jericho's still upheld arm. From it, he regained his bird's eye view of the battlefield, just in time to witness Tangle retaliate towards... Someone?

The monstrous plant shifted its body, turned away from Legend- poor bastard wasn't even denting it -And instead focusing on a relatively familiar building. A laser blasted away at the rooftop of the parking garage, blinding the finch for a moment before the retinas were repaired from below. A rolling pulse of ink ran through the cord and into the flying bird, Jericho grunting unhappily as he 'wasted' what negligible mass was needed to repair the eyes of the finch. Another pulse of ink was sent not even moments later as another laser bisected the building. The eyes came back into focus once again, with Jericho muttering "Like a shitty fuckin' camera..." on the ground below. The parking garage was all of a sudden shiny, bright metallic gray, and tilted at an incredibly incorrect angle. Tangle's tail was in the air, and before Jericho's (really the finch's eyes) a small dome of metal formed and then was impacted with violent force. He watched as the tail came away, left a scarlet... smear... and the words: "Chrysopoeia down." echoed tonelessly from the bracelet around his other arm.

The panic coils in the heart...

His voice, quick and panicked, rumbled out to the others whilst a secondary mouth forms half way up his forearm, two conversations carrying at once. The first rapidly telling the others that "Tangle just blasted a building with his lasers... We should move behind him. We're about... Two, two-and-a-half streets away from him." While the second whispered hurriedly into the open air. "Open a line to Sähkö!" before pausing and waiting, hurriedly speaking as the band notified him that the 'Connection Established.' "Hey. Are you okay? Chrys- Your- Your friend's name just came off the bracelet," He waited a heartbeat... "Grunt if you're not okay?"

A tiny, nearly inaudible grunt echoed from the bracelet in response.

"Grunt if you're trapped in that dome...?" A short moment paused, and Jericho's heart squeezed with worry and fear before- "Help. Trapped. Hurry? Probably not a lot of air." -leapt forth from the bracelet. "I'll... I- uh- I'll see what I can do! Hold on." His head rose some, the finch continuing to flit and flutter about high above them giving him the view of the battle he needed. And then, his body shifted forward, haltingly moving past the group- Even with the girl on his head- before pausing and turning back towards them. "Well... We- We gotta- Fuck- We have to go help other people too. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Hush you can- You can make portals right? Fuck me. Um." He paused, twitching as the sound of rustling ... Matter, made its way into his eardrums. A quiet gasp of 'God... Fuck you.' left Jericho's lips, before he reached out and began moving as an almost spider shaped plant-mass crawled up and over the rooftop of a nearby building. He tilted his head up towards the creature, before jolting and pausing as a silent beam of light seared through the middle of the creation.

A bright, cobalt blue butterfly fluttered by his face as the girl holding onto his antlers stared the charred 'corpse' down. The mass fell, and one of Jericho’s arms reached out and laid flat on a limb of the plant-monster, ink spreading out over the entirety of it before ‘melting’ and seeping down through the matter. A soft sigh echoed from the changer, as over a period of at most, maybe thirteen seconds, the plant limb was absorbed up into his body as extra, usable mass. “Okay… Okay. Let’s go save some people, and after I’ve gotten some away, Hush, I’ll need you to teleport me to Jas- Sähkö. Please…

He didn’t wait for an answer, pausing and thinking for a moment before he lifted the arm with the band and murmured into it. “Um… Ping nearby incapacitated capes, please?” He shifted forms as he waited, listening as the band went silent for a moment before listing off several names of capes within (what Jericho didn’t know) a good 90 foot radius around him. His hind legs changed as it kept listing names, and even as the sound of a quiet, chiming ‘viung vieng’ made itself audible from down the alleyway they were gathered in.

They now had a direction, and as Jericho began moving towards the sound, he felt-

Stress. Boiling under the surface. Useless futile fear.


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#, as written by fate0013
Alexander Dalton

Ten to fifteen minutes had past by. The sound of broken glass, cracking concrete and and groaning metal filled Alex's ears constantly. Only periodically being being cut through by shouts and screams. of civilians or capes? He honestly couldn't tell anymore. The city seemed to be half in ruins now from the "reclaimer's" rampage. Now and again a stray plant minion would try and leap at him as he flew past. said plants were always met with a sudden wall of telekinetic force to whatever could be considered a face. He could barely recognize some of the streets as he flew past. He was nearly a block away from Dean's workplace now. The fact that it had taken so long was infuriating. Took long enough. God I hope he was able to keep his head down. The only shred of good news he had been getting was the stream of texts from Dean showing that he was ok.

Help is on the way just hang in there please! >

< Jesus dude are you ok? The city sounds like it's a out to fall apart!

I'm fine, just try to hold out, I'll explain later trust me >

< In all of this??! Dude you'll get yourself killed!

I said trust me. I'll be ok. >

< Bro are you saying what I think you are????

No time. Block away. See you soon. >

The building was looking worse for ware but somehow in one piece for the time being. the thought of relief never crossed Alex's mind as he looked down and saw what had to be close to at least a dozen of Tangle's creeps scouring the place. Pulling apart brick and stone and breaking down anything that seemed man made to make way for the coming growth brought on by the abhorrent that spawned them. He Scowled. Why and how were there even so many in this spot? Didn't really matter now, he had other priorities in mind. "Time to do some gardening, then grab Dean and get him out of here. sounds easy enough" He released the barrier disc he had been riding on and dropped straight down onto the street with a load crack of the asphalt, gaining the attention of the shambling creatures. What had looked like a dozen quickly became more daunting as he soon realized that each one was considerably larger then himself. Gulping hard and cracking his neck, he waved tauntingly. Well? come and get me!

As if on cue, the minions scrambled together and surged towards the lone teen. Alex quickly flexed his powers and formed a thick dome around himself. With his defenses raised, he threw his arms out towards the minions charging him and sent walls of flying psychic energy to slam into them. While some were able to evade the walls easier then Alex though, he was able to snag a few. Any that happened to slam into one of his walls were quickly bubbled and flicked into the air a couple of stories and held in place as they flailed. He would release them before any actually broke his barriers.
With things more in his favor and a lot more wiggle room to work with, Alex made one of his solid bubbles in his hand and considered it for a moment. Blunt force against plants is probably not going to get me anywhere quickly, so maybe... He focused on the bubble and mentally flattened it out into a more convex shape, making the edges into as fine a wedge as possible before giving it a nice spin. Hope this works, or its back to chucking. He launched the spinning disc that had gotten to close to his liking. Alex's hopes were answered as the disc bit into plant fiber and shredded further into it. "Ok, now this is going to be fun. A wide grin spread across his face as he made a few more of these sharp discs and eyed the other minions. The dome and bubbles all popped before Alex rushed in.

The last minion not sliced to shreds tried one last time to do any sort of damage to Alex before getting cut vertically in half, both halves being flung apart afterwards. Glad that's over with. A quick scan of the area confirmed the lack of any other mobile or moving plants. Might need to be careful with this one in the future. he made a small sharp disc in his palm before dispelling it. He looked back to the building and ran over to its side. The front didn't look too bad sure, but from the side it was made apparent that a good portion of the building had collapsed. as panic set in, Alex rushed over and began chucking pieces of rubble away.


The sound of shifting and scuffling could be heard not too far away. "Alex? That you?" A hushed voice called out. Yep, that was him. Alive and hopefully well. Jogging over to where the voice came from, sure enough, Alex found his best friend crawling out of the rubble. most likely having had tried his best to hide and wait for help.
Alex pulled off his helmet and got a better look at him. Dean's left arm was not in the best of conditions at all, and he looked to be limping. Dean looked at Alex with a form of awe on his face. "Fucking hell man, why didn't you say you were a cape? I mean i know why you didn't say anything I'm not stupid but come on bro you could have at least said something did I mention myarmreallyfuckinghurtsrightnowOUCHFUCK!! Alex Rushed over and gave his friend some support. Realizing that Dean's arm was broken in more then one place. "I was gonna tell you eventually man, now suck it up for a little bit longer. I'm gonna get you out of here. Dean gritted his teeth and nodded.
Alex looked down at his wristband and decided now was as good a time as ever to try calling for someone. He lifted the arm with the band and spoke clearly into it. "This is Aegis trying to get Quickfoot, I got a wounded civilian that needs to get to safety and have medial treatment done right away! There was a pause before the band sprung to life. "Copy that Aegis, i'm pinging you now and am on my way, good to hear your still breathing out there. Alex smiled a bit, having worked with Quickfoot in the same neighborhood harassing splatterblood's crew, he knew he could trust the speedster.
A few minutes passed, Dean asking questions about Alex's powers and life as a cape as a distraction from the pain before the sound of rushing air heralded the arrival of Quickfoot. Alex didn't miss a beat and scooped up his friend and handed him over. "keep him safe, I . . . I gotta get back out there. Don"t worry. I'm not planing on dying." He slipped his battered helmet back on and nodded to Quickfoot and gave Dean a thumbs up. "Ill be holding you too that man. No way i could tell your gramp's you went and got done in by some stupid overgrown plant."
Alex snorted and turned around, waving behind himself. He knew he would have a lot of explaining to do once Dean was a lot more lucid and you know, not in severe shock and pain.
A new barrier platform formed under his feet and sent him off towards the sounds of the Tangle fight, hoping he wouldn’t be too late to lend a hand to any stragglers trying to get away from the fight. If he couldn’t help fight at least he could do some extraction.

It felt like it took less time to get back to the front then it had trying to save Dean. He caught glimpses of Tangle as he made it into the main "danger zone" It was worse then he had imagined. Ruts, plants and rubble everywhere. If he looked to hard he could make out the corpses. He shook his head sadly and moved on, trying to stay away from the open and keep himself from drawing any sort of attention from the Tangle fight. Lifting his band, he called out to anyone still around. "This is Aegis calling out. Anyone need a hand out there?

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Capetown, Texas

Capetown, Texas by NethanielShade

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!

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Capetown, Texas

Capetown, Texas by NethanielShade

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!

Capetown, Texas

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!

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