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Victor "LTL" Stellianos

"Can't help but be the center of attention."

0 · 668 views · located in Capetown, Texas

a character in “Project Oddity”, as played by Quakernuts



"You all look like you could use someone like me to be around!"


Victor Stellianos

LTL (Larger Than Life). Prefers for the name to be spoken as L-TEE-L, but people often mispronounce it as ‘Little’.



Sexual Orientation

Birth Date
June 5th





Body Build
Athletic build bordering on muscular.

Notable Scars
On the lower left side of his face are three claw like scars that seem to be done by an animal of middling size.

Piercings and Tattoos
Victor has a couple of tattoos. On his right bicep are the names of his immediate family: Carlos, Mariah and Joseph Stellianos. They are embellished with a little curvature flair but otherwise plain and simple. On his right breast is a small but intricately done clockwork heart, black and white but otherwise impressive considering the amount of detail in the small piece of art no larger than the size of one’s fist.

Casual Wear
A word that would describe Victor would be flamboyant. His clothing seems to change according to his mood, which always points to ‘excited-something’. As such, most of his clothing is loose and layered. T-shirts covered with overshirts covered with jackets, jeans that, despite having a belt attached, seem to sag but never seem to get to that ‘ass hanging out’ status that a few others have dropped below. He wears bandanas, hats, toques, or anything that he thinks might get a laugh out of people on his head, and not necessarily one at a time as he will often wear a hat with his bandana underneath. He seems to always have a pair of shades on him, along with cigarettes that he never seems to smoke unless the situation calls for a ‘touch of cool’ according to him.

”Hero” Wear
Much like the man, LTL’s hero wear is flashy and designed to attract attention. Grey and white, skin tight and made with a interwoven hyper density mesh, the suit provides more protection than one would assume. A single white band runs down each limb, all connecting on his chest into a single white orb. The mask has a mouth guard similar to Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, as was his intention when asking for it to be built. The rest of the mask is much like the suit, skin tight with refractive slots for his eyes to allow him to see clearly while preventing anyone from looking at his eyes directly. They were shaded white as well to match the rest of the uniform.

Victor is very much a ‘live life to the fullest’ kind of person. He’s loud and sometimes obnoxious, but no one can ever claim that he’s boring. Every party he walks into shortly starts to revolve around him as he simply grabs every piece of attention he can get. He smiles and makes friends as easily as someone breathes, and in this way can sometimes be suffocating to be around. His presence often smothers the quieter people, making it seem like he’s pressing into their personal space even when he doesn’t mean to be. Now with a temperament like this, your natural assumption would be that he is slightly scatterbrained, and you would be correct. Like a crow seeing a shiny object, Victor is easily distracted by new information, things and people to the point of sometimes acting like the hyperactive puppy. He’s always striving for that next ‘moment’, you know the one, the one that sticks in your memory for years after the fact? It’s almost like an obsession with him, pushing all other goals to the wayside in order to get to that specific point in time.

Victor isn’t a bad person, and can be incredibly kind, generous and sympathetic, but he often comes across as if he wasn’t because his attention can shift in an instant to the next, new and exciting thing. Friends of Victor know that he can’t really be relied upon for the little things, to pick something up from the store or to pay a bill on time. He’s not that kind of friend, he’s the person you call when the party has grown stale or you need a little pick-me-up after work in the form of someone who’s just excited to see you. Although a number of people will say that, despite often forgetting the little things, he seems to keep certain things in mind. He remembers birthdays when others have forgotten, he’s been around when one of his friends was going through depression, and ultimately is extremely good about the big things. He’s the kind of guy who will pull you through the fire and sit with you through your treatment, only to forget to pick up the bread you need or borrow your charger for an insane amount of time.

Victor isn’t without his own demons though, and those who truly know him know that he’s suppressed so many things they’re surprised he hasn’t collapsed inward. When his family was killed and he was shuffled around before finally getting a new home, he never seemed to change, like the shock of what had happened didn't even register with him. He never stopped smiling and laughing, even as the world around him seemed to crumble and change. People are waiting for him to cave, but have yet to witness any signs of him doing so. He doesn’t talk about his family, and bringing them up in a conversation sees him change the topic entirely. He hasn’t shared with anyone his true feelings about that particular aspect of his life, but when asked he smiles and says there’s no need to bring the room down.

His Hero form’s personality is very akin to his natural persona. LTL is someone who craves attention, and goes about doing it in a very flashy way. He’s the kind of person who stops mid fight to sign autographs or pose for the cameras. He’ll pause mid rescue to go hit on the beautiful bystander or end up in a discussion about what breakfast place is better with the person currently trying to kill him. He’s all about the attention, even though he doesn’t go as far as ‘at all costs’ about it. He enjoys saving people and beating up villains because not only does it make people recognize him, but it gives him a deep sense of satisfaction.

  • Upper: Victor is a naturally upbeat person who is capable of bringing people up to his level even if they don’t necessarily want to. His smile and personality exude an aura of happiness and excitement that can’t help but make people around him happy that he’s there.
  • Good about the Big Things: Victor can’t say that he’s the greatest friend around, but he won’t stop you from saying that either. Whenever you truly need Victor there, really truly need him there, he’s present...even if you never asked or gave him any hint that you did.
  • Adventurous: Victor is always looking for the newest and greatest thing to create a memory that will last a lifetime, and as such is always open to doing anything and everything at least once. This makes him a great person to have around if you’re going to try something but you’re unsure about it. Even if it ends up sucking, Victor will find a way to make it fun.

  • Easily Distracted: Excluding the really important things, of which he will fully dedicate himself to, Victor can easily be pulled away from whatever he’s currently doing by waving a tempting offer in front of his face.
  • Attention Hog: Victor, either on purpose or not, will do everything he can take the attention of everyone in the immediate area. He doesn’t mean to be malicious about this, but sometimes he can come across as arrogant, obnoxious and downright rude when he does so.
  • Overbearing: You definitely need a certain mindset when dealing with Victor, and unfortunately not everyone can handle that. To those who are more withdrawn or shy, Victor can be downright scary in his insistence on talking to you and getting you to open up or pay attention to him.

Power Name
Matter Constructs: By touching any surface, LTL can rearrange the structure at a molecular level, creating brand new items and objects that are only limited by the amount of material he has at hand.

Powers Classification
Mover 0: LTL can use his power to create slides, ladders, and even incase himself in material and move through the world that way (Although doing so often causes mass amounts of collateral damage and as such he only uses it as a last ditch option)

Shaker 3: LTL’s ability allows him to change the terrain around him and shape it to his will. While he can’t use sentient organic material or intangible elements such as fire or shadows, his capability to almost immediately transform the environment is impressive and essentially only limited by his access to materials. What he can create is only limited by his imagination and the fact that he can’t create working machinery without the proper materials and blueprints, which for someone like LTL, isn’t going to come quickly or easily.

Brute 1: LTL can also use materials around him to form a natural armor around himself that has different properties depending on the materials used. Nearly all forms seem to slow him down to some degree, while protection is entirely reliant on what was used to create the armor. He can seemingly create this shell at will and with a fair amount of speed if provided with adequate materials.

Striker 6: LTL’s construct ability is entirely touch based, and while he can’t manipulate sentient organic matter, your clothes and weapons are rarely made of such. For those who use guns, despite his inability to recreate the gun, he could easily turn it into a puddle of goo if he so chose if he got a hand on it. He could rearrange your clothes to temporarily bind you, although they would be of the same material they were originally made of. He could turn your weapons into useless hunks of metal. The only exception to this rule seems to be those who manipulate previously intangible elements as weapons. Dark or Light users can use their weapons without any repercussions as, even though he can touch them, it’s as if his power doesn’t know what to do with them. Fire, air and mental weapons are also invulnerable. Water and elements like it are a tricky situation. They are tangible, and therefore fall under his realm of control but he has a distinct lack of capability over it, the fluidity of liquids makes it difficult for him to create anything coherent out of the material and as such he usually simply throws waves at people when presented with fluids.


Early Life
Victor was one of those kids who couldn’t contain his curiosity at the world around him. Even from a young age, he was constantly exploring places around his house, the hills he could see in the distance, or what was possibly in that tree. His family was happy, if somewhat on the lower end of the middle class spectrum, and he wanted for nothing save for the next big adventure. His mother and father, Mariah and Carlos Stellianos respectively, were loving parents if somewhat distracted with their constant need for work in order to support their family. Joseph Stellianos, Victor’s older brother by two years, was essentially Victor’s best friend and somewhat of a protector. Sure, they had all the issues that all brothers have where Joseph would tease and pick on Victor from time to time, but it always came with the rule of ‘Only I can pick on him’. There were fights sure, but come supper time they were always forgotten and the two of them were off to play more games and explore some more.

Victor’s personality allowed for a lot of easy friendships, and so when he came to school, he quickly became one of the more popular children, often surrounded by people who wanted him to lead them on their next adventure. More often than not, these little escapades would end with a teacher reprimanding them for leaving the protection of the school or performing dangerous stunts in the name of fun, but it never deterred them. While this may have caused Victor to not hang around with his older brother as much, their bond endured and they remained close for the remaining years to come.

Trigger Event

Victor’s family were travelling cross country to visit some of his parent’s friends up north one summer when the event happened. While rounding a corner, a large truck opposite of them was either drunk or not paying attention as it drifted into their lane. Victor’s father, who had been driving, had been distracted by Victor and his brother having a playfight in the backseat. He didn’t notice the truck swerving into their lane until Mariah screamed and they collided. Everything went black for a moment as the collision caused the two vehicles, who were going a fairly decent clip, to essentially become tangled and roll several yards. When Victor came to, his mother was breathing but unconscious and his brother was bleeding from several injuries and trying to wake up his parents. Victor slowly came to, his brother giving him a once over and it was the only time Victor had seen Joseph so filled with fear. While Joseph was trying to wipe up some of Victor’s blood, they both smelled something at the same time.


Victor didn’t fully understand at the time what that meant, even if he did note it. Joseph did however, and immediately set about trying to get out of the car, ordering Victor to try another way as he pounded on one of the windows. Victor did his best to try and open the door, but he couldn’t get it to budge, it was smashed shut. Victor looked back at his brother, seeing him in a near panic as he attempted in vain to use his child body to break a window fully in order to get out. If his brother was this afraid, than that really meant they had to get filled Victor with panic too as he redoubled his effort, essentially doing his best to shoulder charge the door with everything he had, the idea of getting out filling his mind with utter dread.

Until one moment, he fell through the door as if nothing was there. He fell a couple of feet onto the pavement and rolled, when he finally looked back up there was a Victor sized hole in the door where he had been pushing against. Victor didn’t understand what had happened, looking at his hands as he saw Joseph’s head peak through the hole. Joseph didn’t seem to understand what was happening, but the hole was smaller than he was and was a tight fit. He looked at Victor, urging him to run and get help. Victor nodded, knowing that his brother knew best right now, and took off running away from the vehicles. This probably saved his life as a couple seconds later the car exploded and instinctively Victor looked back and threw up his hands to protect himself. The concrete reshaped and formed a wall in front of him, taking the blast and protecting him from the explosion.

The next few moments were of other people arriving on the scene to help. Police, ambulance, fire department, even random civilians were doing their best to put out the fire and help those trapped inside but it was all in vain. Even at that age, Victor knew they were already dead, sitting with a random EMT who was trying to patch him up and make sure he was ok. Victor just sat there, unmoving and not talking for the longest time. They didn’t allow him to see the bodies, and to this day he wasn’t sure if he wanted to or not.

While his parents didn’t have any siblings and all his grandparents were passed on, Carlos and Mariah did have some fairly good friends. One of which lived in Capetown, and opted to take Victor in. His name was Brian Prodd, a DJ who worked at several clubs around town. He was the only one who was free and financially stable enough to care for Victor as the others all had families and money troubles themselves. Brian was fairly successful and living with him, Victor actually had more access to the pleasantries of life. They lived in a penthouse apartment almost constantly surrounded by people as Brian lead a very active social life.

Victor, despite his traumatic event or maybe because of it, didn’t seem entirely phased. In fact, more than a few people were worried about Victor when he didn’t seem to act like he registered the deaths of his family. Instead he resumed being the Victor he had always been, filled with life and adventure almost to an overbearing degree. As a child growing up with his ‘Uncle Brian’, he was the adorable centerpiece at their parties. When he started entering his teenage years, he became part of the parties proper, and often took the floor by storm.


Victor’s grown up into a respectable, if somewhat audacious young man. He works with his Uncle as a DJ, either working alongside him or hosting his own gigs. He’s also become a decent breakdancer and has generally embraced the nightlife for what it is. He still lives with his Uncle, but considering his Uncle has only just turned 38, it often times looks and feels more like they’re roommates. Besides, adding his income to his Uncle’s has only increased their way of living, meaning that their apartment has essentially become a party time central.

Whenever he gets the free time, Victor dons his costume and becomes LTL, or Larger Than Life. A name he grabbed from the saying people would use to describe him most of the time. Not a typical cape name, but he likes it even if people often pronounce it as ‘Little’. He corrects them of course, not angrily considering he can understand the confusion. His Uncle is well aware of what he does, and uses his connections to find him materials, doctors and general information about everything that goes on in Capetown. In many ways, Brian is his eyes and ears throughout the city.

Victor/LTL isn’t officially recognized by the HLA as a member, even if Victor unofficially calls himself one. He’s one of the good guys, goes out of his way to protect people and look good doing it. A showboat, notorious flirt and often times narcissistic, LTL has become somewhat of a celebrity in the sense that his sightings are never boring.

So begins...

Victor "LTL" Stellianos's Story


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Character Portrait: Victor "LTL" Stellianos
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There was no alarm blaring, no birds singing and no coffee pot bubbling with a freshly brewed liquid filled with the ability to awaken even the dead from pure slumber. Instead there was a single man who walked around the apartment in black and white checkered pajama bottoms and nothing else, scratching at his head as he sorted through the assortment of junk on the counter looking for a clean cup. Beer cans and bottles rolled around on the floor, with wrappers for different kinds of food and candy helped fulfill the look of a pig sty. Stains of differing variety covered the marble countertops and hardwood floor. Upon finding a cup that was only partially dirty, he went to fill it up with water only to find that the sink was filled with...some kind of liquid. There was a hint of disgust on his face as he reached through the muck, which was somehow thick and creamy, to drain the sink before allowing himself to grab a drink of water and scrubbing his hand down.

A snore erupted behind him as he took a large gulp, looking over to the living area. Once again, there was litter of every size, shape and color but the only body was a kid in his early twenties who slept like a contortionist. His feet were high up on the brown leather couch, easily slipping over the top as he lay vertically on the sofa. Somehow he was fast asleep, his clothes wrinkled and showing signs of a long night. The man stroked his black beard, contemplating his possible actions and all of them involved throwing something at the kid. Looking at the ground, he picked up an empty beer can, and with surprising accuracy, threw it directly into the kid’s face. The kid woke with a start, rolling off the couch and landing on the floor with a mixture of a thud and several crunches as cans and wrappers were crushed beneath him. “Rise and shine Victor.” The man stated, turning his attention back to the kitchen.

“Fu-Dickbag!” Victor cursed as he slowly stood up, holding his head slightly as he looked back to his Uncle. He looked around the place, grimacing at the mess but ended up smiling because of the memory that was created last night. His Uncle rummaged around the fridge, probably looking for something to start cooking while Victor took one look at his clothes and spit out his tongue. “How did...did I spill beer on myself?”

“Nah, I think is was...Vixen? Whatever she was calling herself that night.”

“Right? There’s no way that was her real name.” Brian gave a shrug as he pulled out a carton of eggs.

“If it was, her parents must have wanted her to grow up as a disappointment.” Victor winced before giving a smile.

“Harsh man, real harsh.”

“Truth stings like bactine. Go clean yourself up, you look like shit.” Victor ignored him, instead flipping through the couch and loveseat cushions to find the remote. Instead he found a number of drug packets and at least one used condom.

“Dude...did someone pork someone on your loveseat?” Brian looked up before rolling his eyes.

“One fucking rule, and everyone breaks it.”

“ ‘fucking’ rule.” Victor laughed before another beer can smacked him in the back of the head.

“I said go clean yourself up! Stop looking for evidence that someone got luckier than you.”

“In a mo mo man, I want to catch up with current events!” Victor stated as he continued to search the immediate area.

“Why? Looking for another villain for you to go parading yourself in front of?”

“Maybe...also want to see what caused that blackout yesterday.” Brian paused from his preparation of breakfast long enough to remember that event.

“Huh, yeah. I can count on one hand how many times this building has lost power.”

“Yeah, I’m just glad it didn’t happen during the party...could you imagine all those people in here without music or lights or anything?”

“It would be like herding cats...drugged out and horny cats.”

“There’s another sex joke in there somewhere.” Victor said as he continued to search.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, and cmon, if you can’t find the remote then go cl-”

“Found it!” Victor exclaimed as he flipped the tv on and flopped onto the couch, wincing as he pulled a couple of cans out from underneath him. There was an exasperated sigh from Brian as he switched channels to find the local news until finally the familiar news anchors were in front of him. It took a number of minutes before they got around to talking about the blackout, and while Victor knew it affected a large chunk of the city, the news confirmed that it was indeed caused by a cape. Victor snapped his fingers several times at the revelation, standing up and spinning around a couple of times before stopping and pointing directly at Brian. “Called it.” There was a pause as Victor stared at the screen for a few moments longer, mention of a bank robbery that happened yesterday by what appeared to be a shapeshifter with a mind for the grotesque. Victor stared at the screen as some footage appeared from the battle, and he made a gagging sound at the sight of it all. “Man...really? I mean, congrats on taking on a whole bank by yourself but do you have to look like something that was puked up by a sick dog? Do you see that Brian? That has to be more than a little fucked up, right?”

“How do you have this energy when you were dead asleep no less than a few minutes ago?” Victor walked to the kitchen and sat down at one of the stools lining the standalone counter.

“Filled with life, vigor, and more than a little spite fueled by my epically grumpy Uncle.” Brian glared at Victor as he held the frying pan filled with eggs. Victor let his tongue hang out, pretending or maybe not to salivate at the thought of food before his Uncle’s hand grasped his entire face.

“I said clean up, you’re not getting food until you have a shower and look presentable.”

“You’d make a great mom someday.”

“Fuck off and get your shit together.”

It took a number of minutes for Victor to get fully cleaned up, filtering through his room which was a disaster area on it’s own to find something that was partially clean after having his shower. Once that was done, he returned to the main area to find that Brian had cleared off the eating area at least. There sat a plate with eggs, toast and some orange juice. “Lorietta is coming by today right?”

“She’ll be here at noon. I’ll probably have to give her a bit extra today, this place looks like a tornado went through it.” Victor shrugged, sitting down beside his Uncle and immediately launching into his food.

“Such are the hazards of hosting your events in your own home, besides she likes getting the extra money.”

“ what are your plans for today? Do you have your own gigs lined up?” Victor peered over at the DJ setup that Brian had for his own events. A top of the line rig set up in front of the dance floor they had installed so that Brian could make his home his workplace.

“I have one in a couple of days down at Buckshire, but until then not really. Was just planning to cruise, see what trouble I could get up to.”

“You mean see if any villains happen to spark up beside you.” Victor gave a smile, pulling up his backpack and placing it on the counter.

“You know me so well. Tell me, what am I thinking about right now?”

“Probably about dicks...lots and lots of dicks.”

“Going straight for the jugular...I like it.”

“The joke or the dicks?” Victor slugged Brian across the arm, earning a smirk from his legal guardian. “There’s been no decent mentions of criminal activity among the clients, so I don’t have any leads for you to chase down.”

“Eh.” Victor replied, wolfing down the rest of his breakfast with amazing speed. “It’s alright, sometimes just spontaneously coming across something is more fun! How could they expect me if I didn’t even expect me!”

“That sentence is a whole lot of stupid.”

“You’re stupid.” Victor shot back as he grabbed his backpack. “Anyways, say hi to Lorietta for me!”

“Stop off at the bank!” Brian yelled at him, causing Victor to stop mid-stride.

“For what?”

“Your part of the rent.” Victor slapped his forehead.

“Right, I knew that, I have the rent, you got it...but the bank got robbed yesterday.”

“There’s more than one bank Victor…” This earned a smile from the airheaded teen.

“You’re quick on the take this morning Bri Bri. Fine, I will stop by the bank and get your part of the rent.”

“I mean it Victor, I will bitch slap the bills out of you if I have to.” Victor continued walking towards the elevator, which acted as the front door to their penthouse.

“Naw, I got this! Get money, pay my pimp, got it.”

“Did you just call yourself a whore?” Victor paused for a moment.

“I didn’t think that one through.” Victor shrugged, giving a two fingered salute as the elevator doors opened and he stepped inside. “Whatever, I’ll go get your money and shit sir! I got this!” The doors closed, leaving Brian sipping at a cup of orange juice and doing his best to not throw something else at his charge.

The door to the underground garage opened and Victor drove his yellow 2015 mustang out from the doors, taking the corner a bit sharper than he probably needed to as he accelerated to the speed limit as fast as he could manage. The window was down and his arm was hanging out the side, douchebag style. As he drove, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his iphone, opening the internet app and navigating to PHO. His eyes shifted between the phone and the road as he continued, constantly flipping through articles to see what was being talked about, giving an upvote or downvote to people who deserved it. While he didn’t post as often as he would have liked on the site, he enjoyed reading the discussions and pestering cape haters whenever he got the chance. Once he read enough, he flipped his phone to music and started blasting it through his car stereo and placed it in his cupholder.

A constant smile was plastered on his face, his default setting, as his stomach growled. Even though he had just had breakfast, he was still hungry. First stop would be somewhere to grab some more to eat, and after that would be the bank...unless something more interesting came up.


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Character Portrait: Victor "LTL" Stellianos
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“Mocha Capuccino for a Victor?”

“Yo.” Victor stated, pushing through the crowd in the coffee shop with a sandwich already in his hand. As he reached the barista, he gave a wide smile and grabbed the cup from the guy who looked like he could use at least 4 more hours of sleep. The barista immediately moved on to the next order as the line up was a bit ridiculous this morning. Not wanting to make himself a nuisance in the crowded store, Victor left the building and hopped back into his car, taking another sip from his drink and placing both his sandwich and drink in the cup holders. With little flair, Victor took off down the road trying to figure out where exactly he had to go this morning. He did have to go to the bank, but that could wait. He could see what was going down at the park, maybe take a walk around there. He could also head towards the shadier parts of town and hope for something exciting to happen. That seemed like the best idea so far, mainly because he didn’t really have anything else going on.

So with that in mind, he set off at a cruise speed, sipping on his drink and watching everything around him carefully for any signs that LTL would be needed. Granted, LTL was needed at all times of the day but to admit that to the public would be egotistical...better that they say they need him than him broadcast it. After a short while, Victor came up to a light and noticed that the line was a bit long. Craning his head out the window to see what was holding them up, he could see an accident in the middle of the intersection had caused traffic to come to a standstill. “Bunk.” Victor said, noticing that he was already blocked in and would be here awhile. He propped his arm on the car door and placed his head in his hand. He had things to do, places to go...well not really but anywhere was better than here.

It was then that the sound started blaring.

Air raid sirens? His phone started buzzing and the message that came across the screen was enough to freeze Victor’s blood...and get it boiling at the same time. When he looked back up, he saw cars literally bashing into each other to try and get anywhere but gridlock. People were sprinting down the streets, either heading to the shelters or attempting to get as far away as possible. Victor gave a smile, grabbing his backpack and pulling out his costume. His clothes melted away onto the car seat and within a couple of seconds he was fully donned in his silver and white suit. He stepped out into the street, smiling beneath his mask as cars rammed into each other with all the grace of a bumper cars track. Victor gave a ‘tsk tsk tsk’ sound as the clothing around his feet receded long enough for his bare skin to touch concrete. With a bit of overly dramatic flair, concrete barriers started raising between the troublemakers of the lot. “You idiots trying to act like you’re in a derby!” Victor yelled, using the concrete beneath his feet to raise him to a level so he could properly project his voice. “Get out of your cars and run to the nearest shelter. You’re doing nothing but being a nuisance and potential hazard to everyone here!”

He wasn’t sure if they could hear him over the sirens and general panic, but seeing as they were now blocked in the people got out of their cars and started running with the rest of them. Now, the next immediate question...what was he going to do about his car? He raised a hand to his chin, thinking for a moment before he summoned a massive hand out of concrete and picked up his car as carefully as he could. Looking around, he spotted a rather narrow alley and managed to slid his car in there. Once that was done, he put a hand on one of the buildings, forming a barrier around his vehicle. People might say he was worrying to much about material possessions, he’d tell them to fuck himself. He loved his car, had put a ton of work into it and wasn’t about to see it destroyed because an Abhorrent decided to come and wreck his life. With that done, he brushed off his hands and started running towards the HLA HQ.

It was only once LTL was within eyesight of the HQ, which was surrounded by capes of varying affiliation that he pulled out his phone. Immediately he noticed that there was several missed calls from an assortment of people, but the only one to repeatedly call him was Brian. Such was the life of having the best of the best, Victor had to assume that the lines were flooded to hell with incoming and outgoing calls, but they didn’t pay for the best service because they ‘felt like it’. They were prioritized over a ton of people, and while that made him feel guilty for still being able to call people when others couldn’t, it was simply the fact of life. With a flick of his thumb, he hit redial and held the phone up to his ear. Nearly on the first ring, his uncle picked up the phone. “You shit!” He started, although it sounded like he was a bit out of breath. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you! Don’t you know what’s going on!”

“Of course I do, it’s why I’m at the HLA HQ, along with what looks like hundreds of other capes.” There was a brief pause from Brian.

“Don’t do this…” Brian stated, his concern easily coming across the phone. “There are plenty of other capes there, they can handle don’t need to be going against the Abhorrent.”

“And turn down the opportunity of a lifetime? LTL going up against a monster the size of a city? It’s what my name means!”

“This isn’t a game Victor!” Brian yelled. “That thing can’t be stopped...can’t be stalled. What can you possibly do? Just...get out of there alright?”

“Can’t do that Bri Bri.” Victor stated, looking at the mass of crowds push and run in a nearly blind panic. “If every hero did that, we’d already be extinct.”

“Vic, don’t make me beg.”

“I’ll give you a call when the fight’s over. For the time being, make sure you’re safe and do your best to keep your head down. I have to go, everyone’s starting to gather.” Victor hung up the phone, hearing Brian complain about it for a second before the call was done. His Uncle was understandably worried, and to be honest, Victor would have been more scared if Brian wasn’t panicking slightly. At least it made the situation real, because Brian was very much someone who didn’t like wearing his emotions on his sleeve. It showed he cared at the very least, even if it did make Victor feel somewhat guilty with going through with this.

After a few more moments of thought, he took a breath and pushed his way through the crowd to the gathering of capes in front of the HLA HQ.


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Capetown, TX. 09/20/2017, 10:36 AM. 73°F,
Partly Cloudy. Arc 4: Abberance.

Chaos. It was indescribable as anything other than complete chaos and pandemonium. The English language could try in vain, but there's no describing the utter devastation that was going on before Jasmin's eyes.

..... "Everyone is coming together." Jasmin Lehtinen spoke her thoughts aloud, in awe. All around her was a mass of capes, and more poured in, from around the world, like ants. There was a crowd of hundreds now, almost entirely made up of foreign aid and support groups from around the world. A large chunk was the United States' own HLA and THA teams from all around the country. The building's parking lot was large, but it could hardly accommodate the crowd that was forming. Jasmin looked at the HLA's headquarters building. You'd expect a team of heroes to have a tower or a skyscraper somewhere, maybe letter-shaped and on a perfectly-sized island nearby. Instead, Capetown's HLA HQ was more like a police station, no more like a fire station. There was a section of the building that was obviously large and box-shaped, like how you could always point out the gymnasium at a school. Probably a training room, Jasmin thought. The parking lot was also large, large enough to accommodate a lot of emergency response vehicles. Even so, the group swelled past the parking lot's perimeter, and into the empty streets. On the edge of the crowd, more capes arrived, through portals, flying vehicles, or carried by Speedsters. it was surreal. Capes of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, colors of suits, villains, heroes, people made of fire or earth, capes with things floating around them, or Tinkers in suits of armor. Changers that look like monsters or animals, capes hovering above the head-line, or capes flying about. The murmuring from the surrounding crowd made conversation nearly impossible.
..... Until up ahead at the HQ, a large, flashy-green portal opened up. The portal threw out swirling green sparks at the edges of the portal-way, almost like Dr. Strange's portals. From inside the portal came a blinding white light, infront of which Jasmin could make out four dark silhouettes. Immediately, Jasmin knew who these four were, and in the same way it did when she heard the air raid sirens start up, her heart paused for a second. The Triumvirate.
..... The first to step out of the portal and come into focus was Legend. Leader of the Triumvirate, and aptly named, Legend had a blue suit with silver and red accents and a red cape. Legend, Jasmin knew, had a nigh-invincible body, could fly, and had mind-boggling strength. The next to step through was Hero, who, in Jasmin's opinion, was a lot less aptly named. He looked more like a villain, like Dr. Doom, than one of the most renown heroes in the world. Hero's powers' specifics weren't fully public knowledge, but it's known that he has access to virtually any power in the world that he wants' and is limited to three to four at a time. The next to step through, and last of the Triumvirate, was Suit. Jasmin didn't know much about his antics and tactics, but she knew he was the most impressive Tinker on the planet. Like a mixture of Rick Sanchez, Tony Stark, and Batman, he had a gadget for literally everything. Jasmin looked at him with the most interest, as he was possibly the most mysterious of the Triumvirate to her. Suit has never been seen outside of his suit, like Master Chief, no one knows what he looks like or even his skin color. He's known as the most powerful and versatile Tinker in the world, due to being able to copy a Tinker's specialty once he comes across another Tinker. As a result his gadgets are so much more complex and magical than even the most powerful Tinkers Jasmin has heard of. Suit's suit itself has thousands of different gadgets and things invisibly embedded into it, and the suit can morph between several different styles and looks, each with different specialties and functions. He has specific suits for specific Abhorrents, and today, he was in his Tangle suit. The last silhouette, though not officially part of the Triumvirate, was a famously strong cape named Synergy. Synergy was known to commonly accompany the Triumvirate during major threats like Abhorrents. Synergy, Jasmin knew, was a seriously powerful Trump cape with the power to copy the powers of other capes that he touches, up to two at a time. When he copies a power, he has the power's full potential unlocked as the original cape could possibly have. So, say there's a cape that isn't experienced with their power but has potential to learn a lot, Synergy, after copying the power, would use the power like a master. Synergy also has the ability to synergize two copied powers and have them interact in unpredictable ways outside of the scope of the original two powers. This combination makes him an extremely powerful cape.
..... These four were the veterans of the veterans, and while their being here did calm Jasmin a little bit, it also filled her with a sense of dread knowing that the situation she was in was very, very real. Jasmin watched ahead as soldiers began to flood out of the portal that the Triumvirate had walked out of. PCRT? That was the most likely answer, but they didn't have the normal black face mask and red-accented body armor that Jasmin was used to seeing, these soldiers instead had bulkier clothing with blue accents and half-gas-mask-like half-night-vision-like goggles.
..... "-and those are PCRT Abhorrent response members. Their suits are Tinker-made, specifically to resist Tangle's radiation, laser-beams, and his plant minions' attacks." Ray said, as Jasmin realized she had speaking to her this entire time, as Jasmin hadn't been paying attention. As Ray finished her sentence, Jasmin noticed that up at the front of the crowd, Suit took a large sleek black box reminiscent of a suitcase off of his back. He got on a knee and placed it on the ground. Immediately, it started coming apart as if made of hundreds of boxes that were seamlessly each a part of the original box a second ago. Then, rotors popped out of the tops of the black boxes, each perfectly smooth and the size of a rubix cube, and they began flying around the crowd of capes. Drones, Jasmin thought, as one flew to her and hovered in front of her. Jasmin looked next to her at Ray, and noticed that Ray had put her left arm outstretched in front of her, and the drone landed on her wrist, and began to transform, reconstructing itself into a wrist band, about two inches wide and an eighth of an inch thick. Jasmin did the same, and though the wristband seemed to be made of some sort of black metal, it felt curious to her, as she felt literally no paths of connection to it through electricity. For the first time in her life, Jasmin felt something she couldn't shock.
..... "Some kind of power-resistance material, probably made by some Tinker who is the only in the world who can make it. Besides Suit, I guess." Ray spoke again, confirming Jasmin's suspicions. Jasmin moved her arm around and was surprised that this amount of metal on her arm felt completely weightless. Jasmin looked to Lucas and Mark, or Chrysopoeia and Sandstorm as they were in costume, and they also had the wristbands. Systematically, every cape in the crowd began accepting the drones onto their arms. Legend, up at the front of the crowd, began a noble-sounding speech about how everyone here was doing a great service to humanity. Suddenly, Jasmin became aware that her face was naked, without her iron-shavings mask. Jasmin pulled out the bottle and unstoppered it, magnetizing the shavings to her face, conscious of the spiky configuration they fell into along the magnetic field lines. Ray, or Seraphim, wasn't in her portal-costume, but it was understandable as the armor of portals would be dangerous in this crowd of close bodies.

Jericho flinched, partially out of reflex and partially because he wasn't paying attention, when the sparking swirling amalgamation of green light and energy abruptly popped into existence ahead. His eyes narrowed, focusing in on the 'gateway' as it were, taking in every possible detail about the quartet of capes before opting to change his eyes into those that normally belonged to a raptor. Minute details, tiny features, everything possible to see with 'mundane' sight opened up for Jericho. Suit was taller than Jericho expected, and Legend was... Almost everything that the Changer thought he would be, and maybe a little not so.

It was Hero that Jericho immediately distrusted, if only because the costume that he wore was one that made Jericho think of villains from comic books and similar. Hero made the Changer... suspicious, but for no good reason, seeing as how the man put himself through harms gauntlet day in and out when it came to the Abhorrents.

His gaze slid over to Synergy, or at least the man who held the name, and studied him for a time. Tall, dark, bald and with a posture that seemed to scream “Regality.” Jericho was reminded of a lion when he looked upon the man. His attention shifted back to Jasmin and the rest of his ‘friends’. Multiple eyes sprouted into existence upon his skull, ink flowing and then fading into nothing as pupils contracted and dilated on each recognizable face. Jasmin, Vic-Nobody, The Gunman, The girl who stepped out of light, the ‘not-a-batman’, and then a blondie who seemed to arrive just a little bit later than everyone else on a disk of turquiose light. Jericho’s eyebrows rose at the somewhat familiar form, before furrowing in concentration as he tried to piece together where he may have seen the unknown cape from.

His attention was again yanked away, his focus turning towards a small scuffle between a man who dressed himself like some sort of medieval ranger, with a bow and arrow to tout, and a man who wore nothing but a body suit marked with digital numbers. The body suit man had the ranger held up by the collar of his cloak, and a small circle had formed around the two. Several other capes watched on warily, and as some others from the edge began to push to break the two apart, Jericho noticed a familiar woman making her way over.

A black, silver and magenta colored cape floated over to the two scuffling, their words and voices growing louder and a little more heated. The cape’s mask covered their face, adorned with with the magenta markings that covered their- her- whole suit. A helmet that was remniscent of a hawk’s head, along with a visor that covered everything except for the bottom half of her face. From mid breast and upper sternum, her suit was silver and seemingly armored, with two markings on her stomach and upper groin glowing with hot pink light. Her voice was nothing like her suit led Jericho to believe: firm instead of soothing, authoritive, and pissed. “Hey! Hey! Pull yourselves together. Don’t break the unspoken rules.”

It was those words that caused the commotion to come grinding to a halt. ‘Don’t break the unspoken rules.’ Every cape within hearing distance, even some of those who only heard the ‘...rules’ stood a little straighter, gritted their teeth- all manner of stress reflex. ‘The Unspoken Rules’ were rules between capes that were exactly as they sounded: unspoken rules that every known and unknown cape followed. To break them was to vilify yourself against quite actually every other cape in the area. Maybe even the continent.

The two scuffling capes separated themselves, one looking cowed and the other looking almost as if his pride had taken a direct hit. Jericho, on the other hand, recognized Laser Hawk the moment she began speaking. His mind flew back through time to the aftermath of the bank heist: an HLA woman who turned her hands into magenta light and essentially dissolved matter. A breaker who was... Scary to say the least. Respected to say even less. She had flight as part of her kit, but from what Jericho saw of her, not very fast flight. He could outrun her, probably... She only flew as long as her hands were glowing, maybe a part of her power?

He was nervous all the same, a minutely guilty part of his conscience poking its dirty, dirty hands into his emotions. The Changer hummed to himself, reflexively shuffling away from Laser Hawk and the group of capes around her. He bumped into Jasmin, muttering sorry in his passing as he disappeared just a little deeper into the crowd of capes. There were plenty of people around to take attention off of him, right? “Fuck.”

It was only after a short moment of getting into a comfortable enough space- (read as getting distance between himself and Laser Hawk) that Jericho turned back towards the ‘front’. A drone was in his face, and as he reached out, the automaton landed and formed into the bracelets everyone else was receiving. Legend was going on about something or another, Jericho wasn’t paying attention, far too interested in the metal bracelet around his wrist.


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Capetown, TX. 09/20/2017, 10:40 AM. 73°F,
Partly Cloudy. Arc 4: Abberance.

Jasmin Lehtinen caught a glimpse of something that made her heart skip a beat. A familiar sight, familiar capes. Myrlyn, Jeu, Drow, Alchimyst, and the rest of the Adept Mages bunched together. Curiously, she only saw two heads of white hair. Weren't there three brothers with white hair? Jasmin felt a moment's apprehension before remembering the Unspoken Rules. They were allies. For now. All of the local heroes were present in force. It wasn’t a surprising fact – skipping this fight, as a hero, let alone a team of heroes, would be unforgivable to the public. Jasmin was surprised that nearly all of the big villain gangs were all present. Gangs that brutally fought for territory and money, gangs with unbreakable feuds against each other.
..... That was the thing about the Abhorrents, Jasmin had learned. They were a much bigger threat to society, to humanity, to survival and extinction, than any amount of human-on-human hatred. It's why the Unspoken Rules exist. During Abhorrent attacks you take no opportunity against your fellow capes. Not to find out their identities, not to end their lives, not to bicker and fight. You focus on the common enemy. Or else.
..... "-all should know your chances going into this battle. Given the statistics from our previous encounters with Tangle, a ‘good day’ still means that at least one in three of the people present will probably be dead before this day is done. Tangle is an antediluvian horror capable of killing each and every one of us. The odds are likely not going to be as good as a 33% death rate."
..... This jolted Jasmin into listening to Legend's speech. It seemed to have caught the attention of the rest of the crowd, as uncomfortable shifting and a quiet murmur rippled through the crowd. Everyone knew that it was dangerous being here. But hearing numbers brought unease. One in three dead as a best case scenario. And that's not counting life-threatening or life-altering wounds.
..... “I’m telling all of you your chances now because you deserve to know. We're all humans here, we all have the right to live. We so rarely get the chance to inform those individuals brave enough to step up and fight these monsters. The primary message I want to convey, even more than briefing you on the particulars of his abilities, organizing formations and battle plans, is that I do not want you to underestimate Tangle. I have seen too many good heroes, rogues,” Legend paused for a fraction of a second, “And villains, too, die because they let their guard down.
..... “Tangle is the fifth and final Abhorrent to have shown up. I won't give a full history lesson, but his first attack was in 1992. At 75 feet tall, hes the shortest of the Abhorrents, but his body is shaped like a snake's and his tail trails for several hundred feet. Though he looks like a plant, his biology is something entirely alien to us. His body is made up of intertwines 'vines' similar to how a large rope looks. Each of these vines is layered like an onion, with the outermost layer being as hard as aluminum, the next one as hard as steel, the next tungsten, etc. until it quickly reaches harder than existing materials. Materials so strong virtually no one's powers can harm them. Though Tangle looks like a plant, he is not mindless. Do not underestimate him. The extent of his intelligence, and whether he is sentient, is unknown. But he can prioritize target, and has shown tactics and skill, as well as usually having an apparent specific location or target when he's attacking a city.
..... “As for abilities, Tangle is fast. Not speedster-level, but he can accelerate to 75 miles per hour in half a minute from a standstill. He's even quicker when he's already moving, turning, or thrashing. He has two auras. Two hundred feet out from him, all metal capable of rusting will immediately start to rust all of the way through. Not just a rust layer on the outside, but all the way to the center. Steel bars will be reduced to rust as weak as a sand castle. About a hundred feet out from him, a radiation aura starts. Getting inside this aura is an immediate death sentence within 2 weeks. Getting close enough to touch Tangle is enough radiation to kill you before the fight's over with. It's more dangerous than standing next to a melting reactor. If you aren't immune, don't get close.
..... “Tangle also has macro-scale control of both light, or electromagnetic radiation, and plants. He will shoot you with lasers. He will flashbang everyone. He can turn invisible. He can make you blind. He'll hit you with radiation blasts without you even knowing. His application of the control of light is extensive. After battle, everyone present should go through cape-powered healing and/or radiation therapy. Lastly, he can grow plants in seconds, and make them strong enough to constrict and crumble concrete. He also has minions made entirely of plants, that he likely controls like the command center of a hive mind."
..... As if the timing were rehearsed, as soon as Legend finished the speech, a loud crashing-crunching-explosion-like sound similar to a concrete building being thrown into another building was immediately followed by the sound of gasps and screams. Jasmin whipped her head to look behind her, and she felt the entire crowd do the same. Down the street, a giant mass of writhing and whipping tentacles coming out of a large snake-shaped form had just crashed into a building, failing to do the 90-degree turn at the intersection. It immediately turned, whipping its 'head' to stare at the crowd of capes.
..... Tangle's 'mouth' looked like a green bulb of a flower yet to bloom. Like the bulb on the Pokemon, Bulbasaur's back. Slowly, it peeled open, revealing a pink petal-like inside. And a maw inexplicably lined with teeth. Then a glass-shattering, ground-shaking shriek emanated from it.
..... Panic. Jasmin couldn't think as the massive abberation raced down the street towards the crowd. Already, capes were rushing forwards, providing a line of defense, whilst others ran in the opposite direction. Fight or flight. There was a third option, seizing up in the middle, as Jasmin was currently doing. The primal fear was something she'd never felt before in her life. It was similar to that time she had been 10 feet away from a mountain lion while camping five years ago, the heart-sinking deer-in-headlights feeling, but it was deeper, worse. The fear was not just the primal fear of a predator or a deadly situation, it was also the fear of the unnatural, the eldritch, the alien. Tears welled up in her eyes as her disabled mind and body were unable to react to the primal panic swirling in her brain. Jasmin's powers began to take over, switching to her electromagnetic vision, she could immediately see the electrical impulses lighting up like fireworks in the brains of other capes. Adrenaline. Hers came too, and suddenly, as her body tensed to jump, she was swallowed up by Jericho's shifting form.

Jericho’s heart dropped into his feet, maybe even fell out of his chest outright and onto the pavement below. Splattered like a water balloon or something. Panic flooded his system, his mind froze, his skin prickled with needles of numbing cold... Then he shoved it all out of his head, reflexively going so far as to begin shifting and morphing then and there, ink flowing around him as he took the biggest form he’d taken in... ever.

Long, moose-like antlers rose from the back of his skull, as his body shifted forward, his legs remaining about the same position as they were, his torso shifting and moving forward as flesh rapidly began extending backwards from his buttocks. His body swelled with flesh, muscle and bone, skull disappearing under a swirling vortex of ink for a moment before reappearing in the shape of an elk’s fleshless head.

From his waistline down, Jericho grew himself into a centaur-esque shape, flesh and muscle just barely obscured by a thin, thin layer of gray fur. It was more predatory, if only because of the paws with short, thick, blunt claws. His torso grew upwards just a faint amount more, and from just behind and below his original arms, grew a second pair. All four arms grew thick and furry, muscled and capable, as the rest of his body proportioned itself out a magnitude better.

His lower half was relatively horse sized, his upper shaped as if someone took a body-builder and made him both hairy, monstrous, and with a ‘crown’ of antlers thick enough to put an actual moose to relative shame.

Jericho reared back, twisting to reverse his position as his forelegs passed over the heads of the nearby capes easily, planting back onto the concrete below as a small space formed around him, he reached out, moving quickly as he shuffled some people out of the way, grabbed Jasmin, Seraphim, Chryssopea, and Sandstorm up into his arms, setting Chryssopea and Seraphim on his centaurid half as he turned and shouted with a voice that roared into the following silence of Tangle’s own screeching. The word hissed during the beginning, like a serpents’ call before rumbling and roaring out clearly despite the non-human maw it leapt from.


Before making past anyone else in his way, getting the five of them as far back and away from tangle as possible. He took a sharp left turn once he cleared the parking lot, once he cleared the buildings directly adjacent to the crowd, ducking behind a three story and stretching his arms upward to knock out two second story windows with a branching pair of bone-clubs that sprouted from each radii, latching the appendages there and holding on tightly. The clubs then became hands, swirling with ink during the short transformation, before grabbing the bottom of broken window sills, more hands and arm like structures sprouted and grabbed the other edges. Secured. The hands that held Jasmin and Sandstorm stretched higher still placing them on the roof of the building while Jericho’s torso turned around entirely and spoke to Chryssopea and Seraphim. “Up? Yes or no? I’ll leave this body here as a stairway regardless... If Tangle doesn’t come here.

He didn’t wait for an answer, choosing instead to focus on the entirety of the form he was utilizing. Every muscle, bone, fiber of hair, nerve, ounce of fat, all of it he dedicated to memory. He dedicated it to permanency, before a portion of his torso fell over and to the side, his hind legs bending so that the farthest back end was sloped towards the ground. A relatively normal sized, human torso sized, bulge moved through the bulk of the centaurid half. A human sized Jericho stepped out from the still straightened forelegs, before shifting into a smaller, eagle-sized form. Skyblue and white feathers sprouted into existence, before being replaced by a sporting of plumage that seemed to shift color spontaneously.

He took off, rising up into the air before continuing to soar higher and higher still. The crowd of capes back at the HQ had indeed done what he had shouted, and as he focused on the scene below him, Jericho relaxed. If only for a short moment, before remembering that Tangle was an absolute threat. Something that he knew, deep in his core, in his very being, he couldn’t hurt. Nothing he had, nothing he could’ve thought to grow or utilize, would actually hurt the Abhorrent. He couldn’t get close, he couldn’t stay far enough away... He was helpless and useless.

..... Jasmin, or Sähkö as she was now wearing her mask, stepped onto the roof of the building that Jericho had brought her to and surveyed the scene with quiet horror, throwing up the hood of her blue hoodie. She watched as capes that presumably could survive close proximity to Tangle rushed forwards down the street, in attempt to stop the beast before he rushed into the crowd of more squishy parahumans. Then, a white line seared across her vision, leaving a black-fading-purple blind spot in her eyes. Immediately, she heard an artificial-esque feminine voice, similar to Siri or Alexa, speak from her new wristband, "Laser Hawk down." Sähkö whipped her vision over to where Capetown's HLA team had been huddled. Already Cosmic's spheres and Tendril's tentacles were being thrown up as shields, but Sähkö could clearly make out a place where molten concrete was. Presumably, Laser Hawk had been standing near. Elicitor was also right in the middle of the molten concrete, though Tendril was already lifting him up and out of it before any secondary damage could be done.
..... The female artificial voice started naming off more names, before Jasmin could even react to Tangle rushing forward and swiping his tail through a building and into a crowd of capes, like massive steel pipey-wires, destroying all in the tail's path. "Intellast down. Pluto down. Kuro-Yūrei down. Thirty-seven in critical condition. Two-hundred-and-ten capes with radiation poisoning." Jasmin balked at what she had just seen go down, and they were only a minute into the fight. Sheetrock, bricks, rust, and dust rained down on the crowd as the building collapsed. Jasmin noticed that concrete everywhere was crackling and crumbling as creeper vines sprouted, pushing cement apart. Metal streetlights instantly turned into rust, and crumbled like sandstone Jasmin used to crush with her hands at playgrounds when she was little. Loud explosions rang out as Suit and hundreds of other tinkers launched rockets and threw bombs. Lasers bounces off of tangle, but plasma and particle beams seared a paper-thin layer of the beast's skin. An unimaginable amount of cape attacks were being launched at range, with a few capes immune to his radiation aura closing in for close-combat.
..... "What can I even do to help?" Jasmin asked to herself, incredulously.


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The atmosphere was anything but pleasant. Even as someone who could influence others emotions on a mass scale, this was something that put even Kayle on edge. Everyone looked ready to fight, but not necessarily the Abhorrent. Glances, deliberate stares, feigned insults and threatening physical postures. Villains, vigilantes and heroes alike all crowded into a space with their potentially worst enemies outside of genocidal monsters of nightmares. Already people were feeling the friction, emotion taking over logic in a bid for immediate satisfaction. Kayle’s eyes floated over them, watching as the fight was broken up and only barely paying attention to the briefing that the ‘best of the best’ were giving them. In fact, it took him longer than he would have liked to notice the box floating in front of him with what appeared to be a bracelet of some sort. Looking around, he saw nearly everyone donning it, lawful and evil alike. He didn’t like the idea of wearing anything made by someone who, on any other day, would most likely be hunting him down, but this was a different situation.

Once it attached itself to his arm, he rubbed it slightly but didn’t find that it was heavy or otherwise in the way. It did seem to be a mixture of tracking and communication device, which made Kayle even more uneasy, but considering the chaos that was about to unfold, he couldn’t fault them for wanting some way to coordinate with the superhumans here. Looking back at the four ‘veterans’ so to speak addressing the crowd, he couldn’t help but feel some anxiety. Now, he had been asked more than a few times in a couple different situations, ‘Aren’t you afraid?’. Even in a situation like this, where death was more likely than survival, and survival was not technically ‘alive’, he couldn’t say that he was. Anxiety, impatience, a small amount of anger, but fear? He couldn’t say that he was afraid of the abhorrent, more akin to annoyed by it. Which struck even Kayle as odd as he reflected inwardly for a moment.

He remembered the conversation he had with the changer just moments ago, and found himself wondering why, at this specific time, he had chosen that route over outright ignorance? Maybe he was more prideful than he liked to admit. Why, at this specific time, he looked at others with contempt rather than compassion or understanding. Maybe he was more closed off than he liked to admit. He closed his eyes for a moment, breathing slowly and bringing himself back in line with his mentality, that of someone who would take that extra step when no one else would. Morality be damned, he had a job to do.

When Legend started talking more about the abhorrent, he realized his chances of being able to do something to the creature itself dropped to zero. With the radiation threat, not only would his chains refuse to manifest in any proper capacity, due to a weakness to radiation he found out a couple years ago against a particularly nasty villain, but with a limited time frame to find his doc after contact, the radiation itself would most likely kill him before he could do anything. Everything else was more or less in the realm of possibility to deal with though. The ability to control light made things a bit difficult, but if you were 75 feet tall with a tail spanning several dozen city blocks, being invisible didn’t really help much.

Kayle cracked his knuckles, one at a time out of a sense of keeping his hands busy. He wouldn’t be able to fight Tangle directly, but he could keep the plants at bay, prevent collateral damage and escort any potential injured capes or civilians away from the fight. He would have to be mindful of the radiation aura though, the closer he got the less effective he would be. That could be said for any number of capes, but for him especially. To be honest, having heard about it now, Kayle couldn’t help but feel a sense of uselessness wash over him as he realized he wasn’t going to necessarily be part of the effort pushing Tangle back. He bit the inside of his cheek a bit, more out of indignity than anything else.

As if the whole thing had been rehearsed, the moment Legend was done filling them in, the sound of destruction forced everyone’s head to whip to the source. There, somehow appearing as if from thin air, Tangle sat like a budding flower filled with murderous intent. Like some scene out of a monster movie, it turned to face them, unleashing a shriek that made even Kayle wince in pain at the thought of it. Instantly capes were moving to perform whatever tasks they thought they could do, while Kayle was part of the group running away. His chains burst from his form, impacting the ground and lifting him into the air as he propelled himself away from the conflict. Not necessarily because he was afraid, but because as he thought earlier, the radiation would render his abilities useless.

As he was floating through the air on his spider leg chains, he noticed that while some were rushing forward, others were running away, there was a group of capes standing still and not doing a damn thing in any capacity. Normally, Kayle would have chastised such behaviour. Villain or hero, this kind of thing came with the territory, but not even Kayle could fault them for being shocked into a standstill at the sight of Tangle. In fact, it was the very changer that Kayle had insulted and essentially mocked that made the first move. Picking him out of the crowd wasn’t hard as his ability to shift was...not exactly pleasant on the eyes. Having picked up some people, screaming at them to scatter. Whatever his opinions on the man, he wasn’t wrong.

Being someone capable of doing something in that instance, chains launched themselves towards the group that was still watching Tangle with nothing but either shock or fascination, grabbing as many people as he could before moving all of them a few blocks back. There was no preference in his actions, simply taking anyone who was standing still. Once he placed everyone down, he launched himself into the air again. This time, he took up a stance at roughly 4 stories, watching the ensuing chaos with a sense of anxiety once more. He wanted to do something, but like always, his logical side won out as he found himself simply watching for an opportunity.

It was then that a voice came from the bracelet. Looking over, listening as it listed names and statuses. So that’s what it was for. A way for people to realize just how powerful, and fruitless, this was ultimately going to be.

You didn’t need to have an empathy aura to know this wasn’t going to inspire confidence.


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Maxwell watched as the chaos unfolded in the streets. The battle, for all intents and purposes, was not going well. Capes, Villains, Vigilantes, they all got batted away like flies. "So much for the unspoken rules." He smirked, though more out of disdain for the concept, but it soon faded. No sense in endangering himself over the matter. As the chaos ensued though, something caught his eye, over on the streets. At first it looked like two children, but in a mere moment it became only one. The little girl laid there for a moment, Maxwell felt a slight sensation of... Pity? Or perhaps just familiarity, but he felt it all the same.

"Poor thing... Still a mere child and the world has already robbed you." He contemplated going down to help, but his thoughts were quickly put aside. The... 'Thing' from the TV, or so it seemed to be it, had dropped down to the pavement to quickly grab the girl and run off. "This... May be a more interesting day than I had originally expected." A slight grin grew on The Shape's face.

The windows beside Maxwell exploded as a shower of glass was thrown across the room, a brief moment of colorful bliss as the sun glinted off the fragments. The Shape had thrown himself to the ground, rolling back as far away from the windows as he could, looking back up just in time to see a piece of sidewalk fall from the window frame, down to the ground below. Turned out Tangle had a pretty good throw too. One more thing to keep in mind. Before anything else got thrown his way, Maxwell quickly made his way to an exit door, and quickly made his way down the stairs within. Elevator would be a death trap at this point.

Once he was back on the ground level, Maxwell burst through an emergency exit door and started running. He stuck to the back alleys for now as he tried to get an idea of what direction that thing from the news was running in.
"Gotta close this gap quick, before he makes any more distance." He didn't know much about whatever he was chasing after, but he knew that it could be fast, much faster than most humans on foot.

There. Maxwell managed to catch a glimpse of the thing turning down another street, so Maxwell ran out of the alleys and back onto the main streets. Some of Tangle's minions were running around, some engaged with capes, but others were not. No time to waste. Both his 87's were quickly in hand as Maxwell began to run through the crowd, careful not to get too close to the plant creatures. One of them jumped up towards him, too quick for him to get a shot immediately. He braced against the thing with his left arm, letting it grab him as he lifted his right up to put the barrel against the thing's head. One shot and it's head was burst apart, sending the thing to the ground writhing and flopping around.

Maxwell kept moving.

A few began to run towards him, two on his left, and one on his right. Aiming at the left two, he opened fire on their bodies, letting the bullets rip their flesh up till moving became impossible. Clicks sounded letting him know he needed to reload. Not enough time just yet. When the right one got close enough he dropped the pistols, flicked a knife out from his coat, and let it jump at him. The blade made it's way into the creature's neck, and Maxwell, started carving his way through. It kicked and flailed madly at him, almost knocking him to the ground, but he managed to decapitate it before it could overpower him. The Shape quickly picked up his guns again and kept moving, ejecting the magazines from his firearms before quickly reloading them. This time he moved even faster, he'd lost too much ground with the thing he was following, and couldn't lose any more.

In a few brief moments, The Shape had made it to the alley he'd seen the thing turn down, and upon rounding the corner was immediately met by a cape and some nightmarish looking creature. It was the thing he had decided to follow, and it... Had the girl inside of it? She seemed unharmed, but he was confused nonetheless. The cape there was a woman, a little taller than typical, wearing what appeared to be a motorcycle helmet.

Maxwell gave a slight nod to the group.
"Looks like we're all getting our workouts today huh?" He spoke with a slightly friendly tone, but despite the attempted joke, his voice carried more somber sympathy than anything else.