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Project Omni

Project Omni


In a universe where advanced technology and unbelievable magic live in nigh harmony together, almost everyone seeks a gauntlet that can warp reality.

830 readers have visited Project Omni since Grimpunker96 created it.


Long ago, a powerful alchemist created a powerful gauntlet that could warp reality. He wished that magic and technology could work together perfectly. His wish was granted, creating magitek. After that, he disposed of it, fearing it would fall into the wrong hands. Many years in the future, people began to abuse magitek, such as creating demonic cyborgs and making black magic weapons. The universe constantly shifts from safe to in danger. People do whatever they can to find the gauntlet, and bend reality to their desires, whether good or bad.

People have taken up occupations involving magitek. The most famous being the Neo Exorcist profession. Neo Exorcists are assassins who used magitek usually for the purpose of altering their DNA, although, they could also use it for weapons, as well. When their DNA is altered, they gain special powers, such as invisibility, teleportation, illusion casting, energy projection, regeneration and so on. Neo Exorcists often adopt codenames, and go by that. Also, they work in squads of three. Each squad is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet. When a member dies, a new one can apply to that squad.

There are many other occupations, though, but Neo Exorcist is the most prominent. The first Neo Exorcists were created by an experiment named Project Omni funded by a shadowy organization known as the Illuminati.

Now, there are things called the homunculi. These are the result of combining demon, human, and sometimes clone DNA together via experimentation. These may also become cyborgs. And some could just be altered humans and not contain any foreign race DNA at all (What I mean by foreign race is demons, clones, other homunculi, etc.)

There are two known types. The first type of homunculus is sort of a super soldier or a robot. These are usually humanoid (they may also look like someone else, if the creator wants them to. In other words, a clone). These are usually silent, except for maybe some grunts or so, and also very strong and durable. These are called Doppelgangers, since most of them will look the same as the others. They may also know how to use simple weapons or even magitek.

The second type are far more dangerous. These are similar to zombies and mutants, and considered failed experiments. They are known as Fallen. There are different classifications for these. Each having different weaknesses, powers, and appearances. Some are not listed, because they haven't been discovered yet.

The first, is dubbed the Spectre. Image

These attack by using their claws and sometimes tentacles. They can also climb on walls and ceilings, and turn invisible, hence the name Spectre. They often hiss, and their eyes stay visible, giving away their appearance.

The next type is known as Cryoids. Image

These are amphibious creatures (imagine they have skinny, finned legs) who can resist the coldest of temperatures. These are surprisingly peaceful, but emit a gas that instantly freezes anything it comes in contact with, when provoked. These creatures are very weak, however, and can be killed by even your fists.

The third type are Venomex. Image

These are very dangerous. They have poison tipped spikes, which they can shoot at enemies, and they can also breath a poisonous gas. However, they aren't good at defending themselves from long ranged attacks.


These Fallen are Fungals. These have the ability to control fungi and root themselves and others into the ground. These are one of the hardest to get rid of, because they are strong and durable. However, at least one root has to be in the ground, or else they will wither away. Destroy the roots and the creature is doomed.


These are currently the most intelligent Fallen, Polaryx. These feed off of electricity, can use to to fight, and they can also manipulate magnetism. They can even turn bullets around while they are in midair. However, its red eye is it's weak spot, and also, if an attack gets passed the magnetism, the Polaryx has few options of protecting itself.

Other terms you should know:

Psyblade: An energy blade conjured up by the user, that can slice through anything, except another Psyblade. It can be any color the user wants, and can even have certain effects, such as draining lifeforce from the opponent.
Nanobots/nanites: Tiny robots that have many uses, such as power instilling, healing, or poisoning. Scientists are working on a liquid nanite armor symbiote that can allow the user to become a human weapon.

And last but not least, the form (For Neo Exorsists. That's what I would prefer you guys' characters to be):

Appearance (pics or description):
Squad (pick a Greek letter):
How long have they had powers? (Usually, people are born with them and destined to be a Neo Exorcist):
What is their opinion on the Illuminati?:
Powers (up to four):
Do they desire the gauntlet?
Do they get along with their teammates?:

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Character Portrait: Zero Ragnarok
Zero Ragnarok

"I'll get the gauntlet, and make this universe better! And I won't let anyone get in my way!"


Character Portrait: Zero Ragnarok
Zero Ragnarok

"I'll get the gauntlet, and make this universe better! And I won't let anyone get in my way!"

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Character Portrait: Zero Ragnarok
Zero Ragnarok

"I'll get the gauntlet, and make this universe better! And I won't let anyone get in my way!"

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