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Samantha Maria DiCaprio

"I pity humans, all we do is to cause others misfortune for our own win. But yet, I'm just as bad as everybody else"

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a character in “Project Paradise”, as played by Robbhus




"Did I ever tell you that I hate humans?"

Samantha maria DiCaprio, more commonly called Sam or Sammy, though the latter is only used behind her back.




Maria is often seen as quite the ironwoman, a serious and mysterious female individual, making quite many curious of her drives. On the outside, she appears to be thinking primarily of efficiency and practical use, though of course, there's something attractive about that as well.

Her black hair is cut to neck-length to avoid being in the way, and has never been seen passing her shoulders. Her eyes normally hold a golden brown color, though an urban legend says that they turn blue and red when angered, though no-one has been able to prove it, countless attempts has ended in failure because she understands what is going on too quickly.

Her body is built very strongly for someone born in Paradise, with strong bone structure and hard muscles from early on. She stands only 5'6 foot tall, but she makes up for her height by her hard personality, often making people feel shorter and intimidated.
Samantha has two sides of her, one that is seen more frequently than the other. Seeing that she owns and runs a bar near the center of New Moscow, her normal personality appears as quite cheerful. She holds a steady poker face and appears as a very welcoming and happy woman, loving to see happy faces and to make people's day a bit brighter in their world of despair.

The rumor of her shifting eye color comes from the times she's gotten angry, normally because a fight started in the bar etc. People say that her eye color shifts with her personality, but as mentioned, nobody has been able to prove it, as she hasn't hesitated with physically throwing people out in the cold and shutting the doors after them.

The final thing known of her is that she holds her little secrets tightly to her chest. She knows which cards to play to win people's trust, and therefor holds on to all her cards till she needs one of them. She is quite the business talent despite her young age and is making a good living for herself through the bar, through methods people has yet to understand how works.

Samantha currently owns a rather big bar near the center of New Moscow. Despite being the only employee, it is doing marvelously good and she is making some serious profit. She is not very well liked in the bar community of New Moscow though, because she buys up very large amounts of liquids whenever they are found in houses, making her own a big part of the market-share of different liquids. She uses her knowledge from Paradise to simply outmatch the other bar owners, not more complicated than that.

The bar itself is a three-floored building very close to the center of New Moscow. The bottom two floors are used as barspace, while the upper floor is used as her private quarters. The bottom floor is used mainly as a storage unit, but holds one of her pretty little secrets as well. The reason the bar is so popular is both because it is easy to get to, it has the widest selection of liquids and because, to everybody's surprise, it holds a steady 20-30 degrees Celsius inside. Nobody knows why, yet nobody complains either. It's warm, why would you complain? She also has some soft-drinks (Aka. Soda) which she managed to get her hand on even after most of it got ruined when the ice came.

Town Of Origin

"It is humanity That is bringing itself down. Feel free to throw in the towel, I already have"






Samantha's life started out quite gracefully compared to the people of the north. She was born healthily in Paradise, no birth traumas exactly. While her parents weren't rich, they weren't poor either and earned enough to stay in paradise and still live quite decently in a large apartment. Her father worked as a peacekeeper in the large city while her mother was a scientist earning good money to the family.

Samantha's quick reflexes and high reaction time started to be seen in quite the young age. She had a talent for sports and wasn't dumb either. She was quite the outstanding individual really, though she had no idea how outstanding she'd end up as.

Despite her good grades, the young girl eventually decided to follow in her father's footsteps. After finishing all standard schooling, she continued onward to a camp training peacekeepers and was challenged by many others matching or overthrowing her physical strength. However, she still made it through the schooling in one piece, with a high lack of physical scars, just a couple mental ones.

It was in the following years that she discovered her hate for humans in general. While up till then she had been quite neutral towards other humans, she started to see how bad the world really was and started to slowly despise the human race more and more. What made her realize how much she disliked humans was when she was forced to throw one of the Paradise citizens out in the southern wastelands without giving him any time to prepare things he would need. She knew he would die, but yet, she still played ball and did what she was told. The world was really a corrupt place, and Paradise was undoubtedly one of the worst places to be when it came to unbalanced power.

A couple years later and countless lives thrown aside for the advantage of the rich and almighty, a fatal day came when one of the men assaulted her out of desperacy and she didn't react quickly enough. He managed to hurt her eyes fatally before she got a good slice in, splitting his body into two halves in a single cut. Yet, the damage was still done.

It didn't take long before she got in contact with a surgeon who wanted to attempt to fix her eyesight. He took a lot of money though, more than she really had. If she decided to go through the operation, she would have to leave Paradise for not being able to pay the monthly costs. Regardless, if she couldn't see, she would still be thrown out a month later, without any eyesight to protect her. She got her parents to pack as much useful equipment as possible. After her operation, she was pretty much instantly thrown out, as it was already obvious that she wouldn't be able to pay for the next month. She was well prepared unlike many of the men and women she had taken out in the wastelands herself.

She was brought north, which was weird really. She had been expecting the south as most people died almost instantly after arriving in the south. However, she assumed that they were being nice to her considering that she had been in service for a good while. She had a lot bigger chances of making it in the North than the south, seeing that there was one place where people stayed. She got in contact with some people from back in Paradise, and she was given a place to stay till she could afford a place to live.

After a couple months, she had built up both a plan and enough money to execute it. She bought one of the houses closer to the center of the city and made it into a bar over about two weeks of hard work and opened a couple days after that again. It went pretty mediocre at first, but she finished another project and made the bar a lot more welcoming by offering the heat of the old world. people were skeptical at first, but after entering, they realized she spoke the truth. She made large amounts of profit during the first week and the success continued. Countless people tried to steal her secret, though nobody managed to actually find out what it was that gave her this advantage over everybody else.



  • Drinking - "It's natural, I own a bar, what'd you expect?"
  • Death - "I don't like humans, so why would I cry over someone dying?"
  • Smoking - "No comment"


  • Humans - "I don't like people, pigs in human clothing if you'd ask me"
  • The north - "I'm not from here, I'm not a polar bear like them"
  • Corruption - "Corruption is what makes humans wretched pigs, so why not strike at the source?"


Samantha's main strength lies in her training for the peacekeeper position she had for several years before she was thrown out. She has high knowledge in both maintaining and using most firearms, though preferably a sniper rifle or a shotgun would be her thing. But, since ammunition was limited, she was trained in blade combat as well and still has the sword she had in her time in Paradise. The blade reminds a lot of a rapier, but is thicker to be more suited for slashing. That, along with a steady combat knives, are the blades she rely on.

So begins...

Samantha Maria DiCaprio's Story


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#, as written by Robbhus
The day was going surprisingly well and Samantha didn't have any troubles with scoring big at the alcohol auction. The system worked surprisingly well really. Scavengers that dug out new tunnels to find houses brought what they fund of alcohol which were then sold in large amounts to the bar-owners in the city. The reason it was sold in bundles was to avoid the average worker to buy with him a lot of the liquid that was found, breaking down the business for the bar-owners. Now, in auctions like that, there was only one rule. The winner takes it all. And that was exactly what she did. She spent big to earn even bigger. Russian water was common find because it didn't freeze up, so there was no process melting it at the right temperature to maintain the taste.

Bringing the liquid back to the bar was a bit of a harder task, as it had to be carried, since there were no cars as far as she knew that was allowed to use to avoid polluting the inside air. Therefor, she gave a bottle of vodka to a nice, largely built Russian man who then carried it under the arms. It was a cheap price compared to having to walk with it all in her hands. She could easily have paid him four or five bottles, but he didn't want more, so it didn't matter at all.

The bar was still nice and clean, and the front door still had a working lock. She turned it before stepping inside, following the rule-set the bar had and took off her shoes immediately when entering. It stood on a paper held up by a stand found in a restaurant and said that all shoes had to be taken off before entering to avoid damaging the floor. A lot of people walked around with spiked boots which would almost immediately leave nasty marks on the floor. It didn't matter though, the room was almost thirty degrees warm anyways. So she took off the heavy leather boots and stepped up the two stairs so she entered the actual barspace. A spacious room with several tables with thin walls between them. It all had a bright wooden color apart from the seats, which were red cushions. Besides this, there was the barbench of course, with a large bookshelf in a dark wood with all the different liquids that were in at the moment. There was no price list though, it was always ask and then get. Besides this, there was a register which she kept all the money she got in. Close to the entrance were weapon lockers. There was a no-weapons rule as well, but there were a set of storage boxes with locks that had the keys hanging in them, so if someone had a big gun or two, they could throw it in and lock the locker.

The final notable thing was the trapdoor behind the barbench, which leaded down to the bottom floor where the real amounts of liquid was as well as her reliable power source. Soundless, efficient and constantly running was the keywords. Not to mention that it didn't pollute at all. It couldn't be done in a large scale of course, but it was efficient and that was what mattered after all. Besides that, there were several crates with nametags on them for whenever she needed more liquids for the guests. There were always a lot of people late at day after all.

After getting all the liquids in place, she opened the register and pulled out a pair of cigarettes and stepped outside, leaving the door open to not freeze to death. She wasn't a polar bear like all the others, she didn't have the advantages they had. She lit one of the cigarettes while leaning up to the wall behind her, sighing before taking a long pull, blowing out the smoke after a short short while. It felt good, better than anything in Paradise had.


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#, as written by Robbhus
When the toxic cigar was burned out, Samantha stepped in the door and picked up an ashtray standing by the window and stumped it, rubbing the filter down into the blue glass. There were about twenty other stumped cigarettes of about the same length. It wasn't cheap, tobacco wasn't found all too commonly and filter-smoke was even more uncommon. However, with money, one could buy anything after all. Love, power, longer life, protection. It didn't bother her wallet too much that she could stroll through a 20-pack in a day, not at all. If she ran out of money, she'd simply have to get more, not more complicated than that.

After returning the ashtray to its spot in the windowsill, Samantha hung up the "Back soon" note on the door before walking into the house, up to the third floor. The three-shot rifle was still there, along with the military blade. There was one more box of 50. Caliber shots as well. The shotgun was under the barbench, but it was already loaded and had two more boxes filled with slugs for the weapon. The rifle however, it was hard to get ammunition for because of the high caliber. Most hunting rifles were 31. Cal. because it was liter and more commonly found, plus the bang from the gun wasn't as loud, making hunting easier. It was only the ones that hunted the really big prey that would carry the heavy, long and unpractical 50. caliber rifle, and those hunters barely ever caught anything in a month, but when they first caught anything, they had money for a long time. While she didn't hunt for animals, or maybe she did. Could humans be counted as animals really? Regardless, the rifle either tore off an arm or a leg, or instantly killed the victim, which was the sheer beauty of it.

Before throwing the beautiful, modified gun over her shoulder, she picked up a longer coat, a black one that reached her down to her knees, as well as a fedora in a similar color. As well as that, she switched over to a pair of jeans with a woolen inside she got sewed by a fellow soldier from Paradise. It had been his trick for managing the cold temperatures, and it was hers as well now. Having the handicap of not having bodies created for the cold, other techniques naturally had to be made to not die instantly.

It was colder outside than it had been when she was smoking, or maybe it was just the cigarette that had been heating her. Regardless, it was cold now while it had been warm then, which was a terrible feeling really. The rifle was nearly touching the ground as she walked, due to the long barrel length. However, it didn't touch it, which was the most important after all. Her hands hid in the pockets of the black coat for the heat they provided, though that wasn't a lot.

She quickly made her way through the city and found the place she was looking for. While she really despised saloons in general, she wasn't there for seeing half-naked girls dancing or to get drunk. If I wanted to get drunk I could just get drunk at home and if I wanted to see half naked girls, a quick stroll in what could be counted as the red light district of New Moscow (Without the red lights of course) would have given the same thing.

Samantha entered the room and see at least one half-naked girl, or a Cabaret dancer would probably be a more correct term, by the barbench of the place. It was almost embarrassing to encounter the girl, but then again, there wasn't much else to do. She was after all the only arms dealer she knew of in the city, and despite never having contacted her, she had seen pictures of the girl, and a rough sketch decent enough to tell that it was the correct person. And as well as that, she knew the codeword as well. It'd feel really dumb asking for a private show seeing that they both were females, but there wasn't much else to do really.

"Care for a private show?" She asked with her wallet drawn out, pulling out a bit of "Small change". In other words, it wasn't exactly small bills she was holding in her hand. She put them back in the wallet though and put it aside, looking at the girl with a pretty dead look really, there was practically no emotions in it whatsoever, though that was her real self after all.


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A hour or so later there were more regulars than stragglers, an outside of the music and joyful dancing of a few couples the atmosphere was calm enough that Ara would prop herself up on a stool and begin to read an old story her boss, Boris, kept insisting was a classic - Anna Karenina.

"Women...." Ara muttered with a soft laugh as she reached the end of a chapter and closed the book, when she looked up she'd see a group of men dancing to the Traditional Russian tune Boris and a couple others were playing on the small stage. She couldn't help but laugh at the mens horrible attempt at dancing.

"You should take lessons from your wife and son!" she'd shout out to one of the men before pointing to his young child and Wife, who were right in step with the tempo. Someone suggested putting the boy up on the table so all could see, and within seconds the table was rocking back and forth with the boys movements until the song was over, and applause came from nearly everyone watching.

As a new song started up Ara hopped off her stool and poured herself a glass of Vodka - minus the ice. Outside of a few bad drunks and the large crowds that sometimes got a little rowdy she really enjoyed the often jubilant people and hardworking families that frequented the Saloon, it had become like a new family to her, one that she preferred much more than her biological relatives.

"Ey!" one of the other dancers said to her, dropping the "H" off her greeting like most of Russian decent did, as she made her way behind the bar dressed in pair of leggings and a white fitted sweater that matched her furry boots.
"Aren't you suppose to be off now?" the girl asked as she began to search the shelves for something a customer requested.
"Yes, but it's just boring in that empty dark thing I call a home. However I do have some delicious Salmon waiting for me at Hilbito's...."

After finding what she was looking for the girl scurried over to the table she was servicing and Ara made her way back stage, where she'd slide on a pair of jeans, back knee-high boots, and the thick winter coat she brought along with her from Paradise.

"Poka!!" she'd call out to the crowd when she walked from backstage, and the people quickly yelled bye back before she disappeared behind the counter one last time, in a bid to find her backpack.

As she was knelt down Ara heard the door open, and after she grabbed her bag she'd stand to sling it over her shoulder - where she'd come face to face with the bar's latest customer - someone she didn't recognize, but she would still give a slight nod of acknowledgement to the girl before zipping up her coat.

Ara wouldn't take more than two steps to leave before the woman now sitting in front of her muttered "Care for a private show?"

An expression of puzzlement deliberately made it's way on Ara's face as she flipped up her hood. Each customer had their own way of asking for what they wanted but the woman before her was missing a word, which might be acceptable from someone she's familiar with but since the woman wasn't a familiar customer Ara's natural lack of trust kicked in.
"A private show, from a woman?!" she asked with a small smirk. "I'm sorry, you've got the wrong kind of establishment. I can offer you a drink though if you wish. If not, there's a shop with some food that has my name written all over it."
As Ara fiddled with her coats buttons a young teenager came over and asked for a set of napkins, which she gladly handed over. However when he stepped back from the counter his eyes would widen as he looked down.
"Nice! What is that, a shotgun or a rifle?" he'd say, before his date called him back to their table.

Interest peaked Ara would hop up on her stool and peer over the counter.
"Now what is a pretty young woman doing with such a weapon?" she asked as she sat up from the counter. "Never mind don't answer that, innocent faces can be deceiving I suppose....."

There was no one else at the bar at the moment so she felt there was no issue in talking rather bluntly.
"Okay so tell me, what exactly are you looking to do with that?"


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#, as written by Robbhus
"A private show, for a woman?!" The woman wasn't half bad, at the very least, she had a functioning tongue. First impressions were important after all, though the dancer apparently took it quite serious. Either that, or she was drunk, either worked. The words hit pretty hard and it made Samantha bite her lip in anger, though she calmed herself down rather quickly and decided to not make a big fuzz out of it and pull the woman by her shirt over the barbench. It was almost too tempting, but she managed to calm down.

"Now now, I thought prostitutes worked for those who payed, but I was apparently wrong"

She sighed and rested her elbows on the barbench, leaning forward, her fingers intertwining, letting the girl continue. "I'm sorry, you've got the wrong kind of establishment. I can offer you a drink though if you wish. If not, there's a shop with some food that has my name written all over it" Samantha sighed once again, annoyed. She didn't have all day, she wasn't one for the bullshit and would much rather cut past the idioticy and get to the point.

Good grief, even some damned kid came and bothered her, she was really close to losing her temper and slapping the girl in front of her. However, it would be taking a hasty decision, there was probably some logical explanation as to why she had gotten the reaction she got. It was the right person, no doubts. However, what she started doubting had to be the words she had used. However, she could just recall that she was told to request a private show. It didn't matter though as people soon started leaving. Samantha closed her eyes and sighed one last time before starting to talk again.

"You're lucky I was in a good mood today, it would have been a pity if such a pretty dancer suddenly had a couple dislocated bones. I'm not here for any sort of fucking show, I'm not by far interested in dancing in general. I'm here because of this" She put a sarcastic pressure on the word "Pretty" as one last form of mockery before getting serious again.

She pulled the rifle off her shoulder and put it on top of the counter. There was no visible magazine input upon first look, which was weird in one way since the base of the rifle was a semi-automatic rifle. Samantha put her hand on the rather small pull and pushed it up before then pushing it forward, down, and then back. There came a click sound from the rifle and she pulled out the three-shot circular magazine, loaded. She flipped it around and pulled out the bullets from it, holding them in her hand to let the girl see.

"It isn't exactly unknown what puts some extra cash in your wallet you know. Even if this shit-hole closed down, you'd still make a living, wouldn't you?"

Samantha smiled before loading the magazine again and placing it back, and pulling the locking mechanism back into place so the magazine was locked. "I came here wanting bullets, but since you're apparently not interested, I'll just leave. It would be fun if this place suddenly couldn't get any more alcohol either, wouldn't it? You might not know it, but alcohol isn't as easy to get anymore. There is less to find, and those who have the money rule the market. I hope you're happy" Samantha said with a smile before throwing the rifle back up on her shoulder. "There's a dealer down the road as well, right? Hopefully that one got some respect for others" It was pretty apparent that she was just teasing her. Samantha didn't show any signs of getting ready to leave, and the rifle was only back on her shoulder to avoid taking up the bar bench. "Now, you have some toys for me or not?" Samantha finished, smiling.