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Freya Mackenzie

0 · 438 views · located in Washington D.C.

a character in “Project Soldier: Winter Storm”, as played by Belynta




Name: Freya Mackenzie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Abilities: Telekinesis- The ability to manipulate the molecules in things thus moving the object with her mind
Telepathy - The ability to read thoughts from other people's minds, she can pick up surface thoughts from anyone within range but for a deeper read she would need to be touching the person.
Weapon: She dislikes using guns but carries a pistol for emergencies, she also has knives in arm and leg sheaths that she can throw with deadly accuracy. She prefers to combat from a distance with either her mind or knives. If forced in one on one then she relies on speed since her small lightweight figure is not very strong.
Personality: Freya is an introvert at heart and is therefore quiet and shy, she prefers her own company and as such finds it difficult to socialise with others. Being kept asleep for decades has not helped her social skills any and she always feels awkward and clumsy in social situations. Perhaps because of this she is quite a thoughtful, serious person who spends a lot of her time puzzling things out in her head, she likes nothing better than problem solving and this is another talent she is useful for. She is not always a shy wallflower however as she was trained to be a soldier and that training cancels out her naturally awkward personality. As such when she is in a stressful or combat situation her training takes over and she becomes a lot more confident and self assured. She is quite cunning and uses her head to think of ways to outsmart her enemy. Due to her small stature, especially in comparison to the other soldiers, she has no choice but to try and out think her enemy as in a straight up fight everyone is bigger and stronger than her. The one advantage of this however is that she is always being underestimated and she uses this to her advantage.


So begins...

Freya Mackenzie's Story