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Project; Sword of the Fallen



1: Rules
2: Story
3: Blank character sheet
4: Example character sheet
5: Other infoformation
6: Q & A

1: Rules

1: I have the right to refuse profiles and I ahve the right to give members "Moderatorship" in this (Profile accepting and plot advancement if needed). This roleplay is a free-flowing roleplay so plot is made up as it goes.
2: You only control your character and ONLY your character you can not take control of another character (Excluding NPC's they are universal characters and anyone can use them) without that persons permission.
3: For your character Bio I want a story none of this "He does not know anything becuase he knows nothing about his past" or "Unknown" bullshit! I will accept Amnesia BUT and this is a huge BUT you have to explain how he gets amnesia and state if you plan on the character regaining his memories.
4: Swearing is allowed so go crazy but I do not want "Fucking shitting hell you fucking whore go fuck off and die you fucking slut" thats a major no-no. Remember there are minors reading this and I don't wish to make them curropted with foul language before they hit adult-hood
5: Romance is optional if your wanitng to get your pixels all hot and sweaty take it PM's I will not tolorate cybering in this Role-play.
6: Most vital rule; This is a literal RP I want everything in details (if possible) I do not want "-Bob walked in stat down- hai gais! -he lit a smoke and went to sleep" If you want to take part and your not good at writing 2 paragraphs (Minimum 6 lines, use "Preveiw" when posting to count lines) then I suggest you leave this topic now.
7: Just post your profiles here I will read them and if I like them I will say "Accepted" if not then I will point out the parts I don't like/Areas that need imporvement once you edit/improve these areas the disapproval will be changed to an approval.

2: Story

The year is 2015, the technology of the future was quickly advancing. With that technology, came the game that can change your life forever.

It started as an idea, by Ronald Zowinski. As his idea grew bigger and bigger he decided to start a recruiting site, in which 4 co-owners and 6 Admins have been hired to help in the project named "Project: Fallen Sword."

The 4 co-owners helped in programming, music, maps, design, lay outs, and most of all, the battling system. When they finished, the beta testing began with 6 people, who later came to be known as Admins of Fallen Sword. As the 6 people gave the game a thumbs up, RonZ thanked the six of them and rewarded them an Administrative job, all 6 accepted and are now the Admins of their respective realms.

As the crew was finishing the project, Ronald hired a man to create a virus to see if they could have the ability to Debug and eliminate the virus. But as soon as the virus was released, it started to cause a small breakdown of the game, damaging it. Immediately, Ronald, after finding out that the virus could kill players if it hits them, fires the man and the crew log on to try to stop this virus. Though all of the Admins and co-owners was severely damaged, they managed to imprison the virus and locks it away in another place not known by anyone, after that Ronald was sure it wouldn't happen ever again...

As Ronald put the finishing touches on the Project, he started putting advertisement for the disk coming soon and thanked all of the people who helped in this project, 2 years later, Fallen Sword was released worldwide along with this technology: A headset with a mic. and Virtual Reality Visor...

A few months later, a group of hackers came to the game to release the virus and spread it throughout the world, Ronald became worried about that, but couldn't do anything, if he went out there, the hackers could follow him and make him or his crew prime targets...

But then a few users signed up and when they encounter the hackers, they know that it's more than a game...

3: Blank character sheet:

Name: Your characters rela name (Bob smith)
Username: Your "In-game name" (Elite SMG)
Appearence: (May Use a picture or description)
Class (in game): (Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, Thief, Rouge)
Abilities: (This depends on your class. 5 Levels Max)
Personality: (Can be brief, if you want it to be)
History: (Mainly how did you get the Fallen Sword CD. If you alignment is Evil, How did you join or be evil)
Occupation (In Game): (A co-owner or an Admin, if not occupied type in User.)
Alignment: (Good or Evil)
Login Location: (Place you would like to live in while using this game)

4: Other information

For the story to advance I need 4 people to play as "Co-owners" and 5 more people as "Admins".

I also need 5 Hackers to advance. and 1 to be leader of hackers, PM me if you want the position of head hacker.

If you're signing up as an Admin, pick one of these realms...


Purplecave is a usual hangout for most users of the game. Though it's a cave, it is not obscured with darkness. It is considered the home for Rouges and Theives. Who use this town as their starting point after they surpass NOOBCenter.


MetalCity is also a hangout for most users of the game. The realm consists of many scraps of steel and is famous for their shops of Weapons and Armor. Warriorsuse this town as their starting point after they surpass NOOBCenter.

Realm of Light- Admin- Sun-Tse

R of L is loved by many White Mage users. The realm is colorful and beautiful and is known for it's bright moonlight. White Mages use this town as their starting point after they surpass NOOBCenter.


The TriRealm if famous for it's symbol, a triangle with little symbols on each corner, Ice, Fire, and Thunder. The realm is also known for constant weather and climate change. Black Mages use this town as their home town when they surpass NOOBCenter.


BattleCity is best for all kinds of battles and special tourneys. BattleCity looks like an advanced and futuristic version of Times Square, NY and is also consisted of special battlefields


Originally created as a joke, it proved to be really helpful. Users start off here, as they are introduced by a holographic view of Ronlad. He guides newbies as he teaches them how to fight monsters, buy things, and other stuff. If there are issues with other towns/areas all players get teleported tothis town and are locked in untill the issue is resolved. Admin's enter this twon at this time to run events while they wait.

Important characters:
Co-Owners (InGame):
4 x Open slots

Ming, Xiang - Sun Tse Realm of Light Admin
5 x open slots

Hacker Leader:

5 x open slots

5: Q & A;
Note: All character references will be done using Ming, Xiang (Sun Tse).

Q: If I got as a Hacker can I infect monsters with a virus to make them do what I want?
A: Yes but you only ahve limited control over them for example you take control of a monster you can tell it to attack but only in a set direction (Compass point directions) and it will go in a rampage in the general direction you tell it to attack. The infected will attack monsters, players and towns it encounters.

Q: How do you determine if an infected monster is still under a hackers control?
A: We flip a coin or a roll a 6 sided dice Heads or Even numbers is "Controllable" and tails or odd numbers is "Goes berserk" when you lose control of a monster you can not regain control as it has entered a berserk state of mind.

Q: How do you or we know that the coin toss/dice roll is fixed?
A: Depending on who is online (In terms of Co-owner/Admin players) asking the presently online members to all roll a dice/coin toss and which ever is the most occuring is the result. (So say there are 3 admins and 2 co-owners online 2 admins coin toss and the remaining 3 roll a dice, you get both a heads and tails from the coin toss and from the dice you get 2 odd 1 even the results would be the monster goes berserk.) Or if your very trust worthy and with the approval of the owner of the roleplay you could ask to post the results of a single dice roll script (Found by Googling "Random dice roll") and quoting the results of the dice in an "OOC" or at the start of the post so we knw the results.

Q: Are the Classes in the Profile tempalte all the classes?
A: No they are just base examples you can create your own class and type up all the information you desire on it or pick a base class and pick a branch off that classes tree (Like Sun Tse is a Warrior - Martial artists he does what a warrior does but uses different weapons, fightning styles and armor to that of the average warrior).

Q: What are abillities?
A Abillities are your characters skills in order to make it fair on everyone for each level of skill (Levels 1-5) requires a use of a stance-like skill to use the next level of skills as a form of skill spam prevention n the PvP aspect of the roleplay (After all it would be unfair if you go into a fight with antoher player and they use their ultimate skills from the start).

Q: How do we level up when "in-game" in the roleplay?
A: I haven't quite perfected this idea but I was thinking of going with either (A): Characters don't require leveling or (B): Each level requires 1,000 exp to level and fighting monsters as you play the "Game" give 25 - 50 exp per kill (Depending on the level difference) though killing the really low level monsters will result in no exp to prvent idiots abusing the system but here is the exp - level difference: Equal to your level 50 exp, 5 levels below your character = 25 exp. Anything above or below the 5 level gap results in no exp. (Thus done to prevent "power leveling"). Also to level fighting things above your level gives 50% bonus exp (So say a monster your level gives your 50 exp you will gain 75 exp instead for killing something higher level than you). But this bonus would only occur wiht monsters that are 5 levels higher than you. In order to gain the exp bonus on any monster that is more than 5 levels above your level will require a working party/sqaud.

Q: Can we fight bugged/infected monsters if they are in the level range?
A: Yes though they have a HP value of near infinate and you will require the help of an admin or co-owner (Admins can only get contact with the co-owners) in order to get in touch with an admin you need to be out of combat or in a town. during bugged/infected monsters fights admins have the option to abuse their power to get the job done. If one admin can not defeat the bugged/infected monster they must contact the other admins/co-owners to help (Depending on the severaty [not sure on spelling for that] of the situation).

Q: Is there a pary system "in-game"?
A: Parties can consist up to 4 players and a squad can have up to 6 players with a full squad you activate double exp but lose the 50% bonus. (Unless taking out boss-type monsters then you still get it) but in a full party you gain double exp AND the 50% bonus but only when taking out monsters that are impossible to solo. fighting monsters you can solo just results in normal exp gain.

Bosses can not be solo'ed and require a perfect party (4 members thast are experianced and know their responabillities) or a squad (6 memebers that don't quite know all their responsabillites but eventually get the job done). Being in a party/Squad is the only way to get exp from monsters that are 6 levels or more higher than you.

Thank you and enjoy!!!

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Character Portrait: Ming, Xiang (Sun Tse)


Character Portrait: Ming, Xiang (Sun Tse)
Ming, Xiang (Sun Tse)

I observe everything inside my domain, make on false step and you will surely fall into the darkness.


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Re: Project; Sword of the Fallen

That's great! How many players do you need? Is the role of Lead Hacker still available?

Re: Project; Sword of the Fallen

ArgoYamato wrote:Is this Roleplay still happening?

It can but I need to get more players still and to see if any of the older players who wanted to join.

Re: Project; Sword of the Fallen

Is this Roleplay still happening?

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

That could work, good idea :D Still I believe he should do it in order to make friends with the others by defeating them. It would work out for his plan.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Keep the skill, I was just expressing an opinion about it (@,@) Waita minute!!! Cubia could be the one that infects monsters with the virus maybe?

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Yeah, sorry about the shortness, I might add a bit later, but for now I can't think of anything else. I used what Cubia was trying to do in the manga, well adapted it of course. With the Data Drain, should I erase it, or keep it? But helping I ment, Cubia uses it to destroy the monsters. The only thing about it erasing PCs is that he's a virus and needs something which would cause trouble XD He wouldn't use it on PCs though, it would mess with his plan. I'll change the thing about login and occupation now though.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

A bit on the short side, You can ignore login location since your character is a perm in-game only and doesn't exactly login from anywhere in the real world. And his technical occupation would be "User" since everyone in-game would think he is just a nomral player since NPC's are either generic background players or shop assisstants. Other than that I see no porblems. I do however as my opinion wouldn't use data Drain to help others as it would attract unwanted attention from other players and even the admins if they are on their "hunting characters". Speaking of whihc I should add that in somewhere taht Admins/Co-owners get a second character for normal play/hunting cheaters in game.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

I need to know if Cubia is okay, I was wondering about the background, I can change it if it won't work. It was either that or Cubia wanted to be able to live in the game as a normal PC. But that sort of didn't make sense, anyway, tell me what you think and if anything needs changing. I also can't think of any abilities.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

XD I've only read the manga, .hack//XXXX and .hack//G.U.+

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Truth be told I have only read some of the .HYack novels but I have played the four part series on hte PLayStation 2 if that counts to anything?

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Glad you like it, i'll write his application now. I have no idea why but I love Cubia so much, too bad he's only really in .hack//XXXX, his PC form is awsome.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

-Nods- I like, I like...go with it since it has peeeked my interest what would happen.

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

I was going to use Cubia as a result of the virus or a manifestation of the virus, so that they have to kill it to make the virus go. Do you think that's a good idea or should I change it?

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Sure, Cannons .hack are more than welcome. Just remember to follow the rules

Edit: This never happened when I jsut whacked it all in the one post (0,0)

Re: [OOC] Project; Sword of the Fallen

Yay .hack roleplay, Cubia has to be my favrioute character (his PC form in .hack/XXXX), is there any way I can use him?

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