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Mikasa Illina

"I really don't like working with others but I guess I'll have to... Only to get out"

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a character in “Project: T.E.A:M.”, as played by Iezobel


♦ ♦

If You Wanna Get Out Alive | Three Days Grace
♠Image Song
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Pawn 3
"What?! Did you think I was a man?!"
" Taken from the end of Mikasa. You know Mikasa... Duh"
"Does age really matter here..."
♠Face Claim


Mikasa is quite tall at 6ft.
"Being tall isn't as good as you think.
"I think that's alright... Isn't it?"
Tall and skinny. She is stronger than she looks. She does have the build of a model but she isn't into modelling much.
♠Hair Color
Bright red
"Hey it's hardly my fault. It is actually this color"
♠Eye Color
Also a very bright purple.
No... I don't wear contacts,*small sigh*, stop assuming everything is falsel
Double ear piercing
Long scar along right arm and smaller one on right leg due to a biking accident.
"Do I have to talk about it? As you can imagine it did hurt"
Mikasa has bright red hair that flows down to her waist. People often seem drawn to her bright purple eyes. Red hair and purple eyes seemed a strange mix but she doesn't die her hair or wear colored contacts. She is naturally like this. She has pale skin and has no freckles, spots, etc.
♠Preferred Clothing

Mikasa having a gothic style mostly wears a white, black or dark purple top, black or navy jeans and long black knee length converse or her high-top white converse. In her double pierced ears she wears studs in each and in one(usually the bottom right) she wears an ear cuff. Mikasa is always seen wearing a dog collar with a white and black pendant on it. This necklace never comes off. She got it when she was twelve from uncle before he died.


Mikasa doesn't have any really. She rands to twirl her necklace when she is nervous.
Climbing. Before she could walk Mikasa was climbing on everything. Sofas, chairs and tables. This led to trees which led to cliffs. She hardly, if ever, falls.
Music, mostly rock but sometimes she will listen to pop.
Art, Mikasa loves designing things and painting in her free time.
Computers, any type of technology.
Old fashioned games. Things like Tetris and pac man.
People who think she wears contacts or dyes her hair.
Crowds, she hated the loud noises and being crammed in tight places with others breathing down your neck.
Large cities, too noisy and crowed

Insects and spiders. Hates all of them. Even butterflies.
"Thy fly around you and get in you hair and keep you awake and... They are just so creepy.
Small spaces.
"What if all the air runs out or you can't get out"
"Elevators kill more people than sharks a year."
Mikasa is not really the calm and quiet type. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind. If she doesn't like you, you will know. She will ignore you when possible and she always has a smart remark ready.
Most people think that she isn't scared of anything but there is one thing. She is afraid of her friends being hurt. Mikasa can be angered easily and may lash out at those around her. If she is annoyed or angry you do not want to get in her way. She can become annoyed at the smallest things. Strangely she is very honest and has never told a lie once, she just flexes the truth.
She always thinks before she acts and never goes head first into a situation. She is also able to tell much about a person by their body language and the way they talk about different things.


♠Relationship Status
Single. Mikasa isn't really into dating.
Mother | Rosaline | Deceased
Father | Michael | Deceased
Uncle | Joseph | 37 | deceased
Aunt | Jane | 45 |
♠Personal History
Mikasa's parents died in a car crash a year after she was born. Her mothers younger brother took her in as he and his wife could not have children. Jane, her aunt, didn't like Mikasa. Mikasa never found out why but her uncle, Joseph, raised her like she was his own child.

At the age of 12 Mikasa was excelling in school. She enjoyed art a P.E. She had many friends and was quite happy. Then her Jane decided that the had to move to the city. Joseph attempted to persuade Jane to stay but they had to move. Mikasa was no longer the kind young girl. She had changed. She didn't like talking to people or working together. No one knows what caused this.

When Mikasa was 15 her uncle died tragically in a fire in his work place. This drove Jane into a deep depression and Mikasa couldn't stand it. As soon as she got a job she dropped out of school and left Janes house.

Mikasa ended up renting an apartment but she struggled with her small income. Then she began selling her art work. Since then she has sold her paintings and designs to many companies.

Then one day, when she was online, looking for artistic inspiration there was a pop up. Mikasa didn't turn them down. She sometimes found inspiration in the strangest places. Then she was sucked in.



So begins...

Mikasa Illina's Story

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Zachary woke to the sound of fighting. While he had been fading in and out of unconsciousness, he had at least heard enough to understand the basics of what was going on. They were all trapped inside a virtual reality and had to find a way to fight it out and get home alive. Zachary sighed, how had it come to this? The last he remembered he had been playing around on his computer, trying to find a new game that was worth his time. Next thing he knew, he was here. It was strange to say the least. Zachary sat up and put his finger to his lip, puzzling.


BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Thwack! Zachary sighed, sitting up slowly and rubbing his eyes. He yawned and stretched, thinking about nothing more than the ritual of the day. He rolled out of bed and put on his bathrobe. After tying a knot securely around his waist, Sachary went downstairs and made himself some breakfast. It was pretty standard, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, jam, orange juice, rice, a grilled fish, and some fresh fruit. While Zachary was small enough to be a ten year old, he ate like a sixteen year old, never seeming to get any fatter or taller. He quickly gorged himself before taking a shower and getting dressed in his business casual. He wore a nice white collared shirt, a black skinny tie, black slacks, shiny black shoes, and a red, argyle, v-neck sweater. Finally, before leaving his nice little flat, Zachary grabbed his suitcase and his train pass, locking the door on his way out.

The rest of Zachary's day passed relatively mundanely. He did his office work, tested games, went to meetings, had lunch with his co-workers, wrote coding, and filled out paper work like normal. While the days were long, they were exciting. Zachary loved the challenge and the thrill of creating a world that someone could immerse themselves in. To be entirely truthful, the reason Zachary was most excited was that his newest idea for a game, Monster Hunter(tm), was going to be out through! He had spent weeks, months even, creating the world in which his game would be played. The most exciting part was that all his co-workers, even his boss, loved the idea. It was the first time in history that an intern had ever made a game that would actually go on the open market. Zachary was so happy. If his game was successful, he could quit boring college and go straight to work for the company, he'd even have his own office instead of a boring little cubicle. He was so happy.

While he wanted to stay at work during the night, even requesting that he not be paid overtime, the boss kicked him out at quitting time anyway. While Zachary's enthusiasm was appreciated, the boss didn't want him to run himself into the ground over it. Sustained effort was what was required for game creation, you couldn't go balls to the wall right away. Regardless, Zachary took the train home, made himself a feast to celebrate, and then went right to his computer to do, "research". Zachary played all his favorite games online, and posted to his blog about the success of the game he's created. While he couldn't spoil the game itself, he did release that it was an RPG for the latest system. Content, Zachary was just about to go to sleep when a pop-up caught his attention. Bored, sleepy, and just a little curious, Zachary clicked it.


Zachary didn't know where he was, but he could tell a game-like setting when he saw one. In front of him were presents. One of them must have been his. So, Zachary got up, feeling a tad embarrased that he was wearing Pokémon pajamas, but walked over to the boxes. Sure enough, there was one with his name on it. Smiling, Zachary opened the box and found a black robe, black gloves, black boots, black pants, and a black shirt. He put the clothes on, secretly removing everything but his undergarments from the safety of the robe, and put on everything else. Sure enough, as he was struggling with the boots, Zachary stumbled and fell into his box. Rubbing his head, Zachary looked up to find that there were more presents in his box. There were a pair of spiked wheels. Whatever they were, they looked awesome, so Zachary grabbed them too, placing them on a neat little clip on his left hip. Thinking to himself, Zachary placed his pajamas into the box, smiling as the whole thing disappeared with a blink. He nodded. "We're actually in a game." Zachary said, trying to get everyone's attention. "Zachary didn't believe it at first, but it appears to be true. In that case, Aachary thinks that the only way to get home alive and claim the prize will be to work together. Isn't it always the case, that video game villains try to split up te party? If we fight amongst ourselves, the chances of all our survival drops quite rapidly. Zachary doesn't know about the rest of you, but he want's to get home soon." Zachary finished. "It makes the most sense to work together. That way, we can all team up on the final boss and have a much better chance at winning."