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Teri Alistair

"Don't think we're friends all of a sudden... because we're not! Screw off! Outta my face!"

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a character in “Project: T.E.A:M.”, as played by Rann


Teri Alistair



♠Role Pawn 3
♠Gender Female
♠Nickname(s)/Alias(es) Ri|Teri's called this by her best friend, Sadie. This is also her name as a fighter on the streets.
♠Age 17
♠Face Claim Uiharu Kazari | Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


♠Height 4'9"
♠Weight 96 lbs
♠Build Petite, no curves, beginnings of breasts
♠Hair Color Dark Brown
♠Eye Color Hazel
♠Scars/Tattoos/Piercings Scars from the street fights she used to get into, as well as small puncture scars from injecting herself with E.
Although Teri looks not a day older than thirteen, she certainly doesn’t even remotely act her age these days. She’s almost gaunt, with bags under her eyes, and has a cold, yet forlorn look in her eyes. The way she nervously toys with her armband is a hint that she’s hiding something underneath. She looks like a girl with a lot of grief, who’s eyes are faded and dulled.
♠Preferred Clothing
The most notable thing about Teri's wardrobe is that he always wears the headband of fake flowers on her head, given it's a gift from her deceased friend, Sadie. After that, you'll see that her closet is littered with many simple, but cute clothes, like flowing skirts, or colored blouses. The primary colors are white, blue, and green. Also a staple of her outfits are a black armband on her left arm, obviously there to hide the scars from injecting E.


What singing? Sh-shut up!
| Although she enjoys singing, Teri has trouble admitting it to others when she gets overheard. It's a humiliating and embarrassing activity for her, so it's easier to just run for it and hope for the best.
Wh- uh. What just happened? | Sure, this may simply be a part of the ecstasy withdrawal, but it's odd nonetheless. Teri has moments where she simply goes into a weird daze, even if in a conversation or in the middle of a sentence. When she snaps out of it, she'll be confused and apparently have lost memory of what she was doing moments before.
Ehehe. Yes, just a little closer... | Even though her best friend is dead, it hasn't killed her childlike love for pulling pranks on others. She already has millions planned, and her new target this time is her older brother.
Nuh uh! I beat you, so you lose! | Even when she was obviously beaten by someone, Teri's hardheadedness can lead to her adamantly claiming that she actually won. She even sounds as if she totally believes it. This helps her save face in front of Sadie, if Sadie ever out-pranks her, and it also helps her line up the winning punch in a fight.
Heh, got beat by a girl? | Street fighting was originally just a way to vent off frustration, and gain cash in order to buy more drugs, Teri eventually grew to genuinely love it, getting the same gleam in her eyes as when she's prepared to prank someone in a particularly vexing way. With her experience, she knows how to read an enemy's stance and moves, and go for pressure points for a quick KO, or for the ankle to cripple them. Lacking power, Teri makes up for it in agility and precision.
Five things at once? No sweat! | Teri is an expert at the art of multi tasking. Her mind can rapidly switch back and forth between up to five things at once, with little to no lag time in between. It's not uncommon to see her cooking, cleaning, studying, browsing the internet on her phone, and uphold a meaningful conversation all at once, with the only downside being that whatever she cooks inevitably ends up tasting like dried boot.
Ecstasy is so fun! | What not to like? When on this drug, it's almost like being hit by a frag grenade of positive emotions. Teri gets all bubbly and emphatic, and loves every person she sees while high. There's no way this could go wrong, right?
I'm just a little girl... who'll tear you apart! | Since she's small, as well as female, most people she chooses to fight underestimate her. This is thrilling, for some unknown reason, as Teri uses that to her advantage to score good hits, and dodge attacks. By the time her victim realizes that he needs to get serious, it's already too late for him to recover from her rapid careful strikes at his weak spots. Seriously, Teri loves to fight. And she's good at it.
Um. Do... re.... mi... Teri likes to sing. She's okay, you could say, since she has good enunciation and emotion, as well as a strong vocal range. Her voice lacks raw power though, and Teri will probably never break out of the 'girly, but cute' voice type unless she grows and develops more. Still, singing to her is one of her ways to cope when she feels the urge to take ecstasy. It helps to some degree, so she's grateful to and enjoy singing.
Ecstasy killed my best friend. | Of course things can go wrong! After things started getting hairy between the girls, and whatever group their dealer came from, the stress made Sadie overdose. So as much as she loves ecstasy, there's nothing Teri hates more than E. She curses it's very existence, but unfortunately, can't completely kick the habit just yet.
Those squiggly things? | Worms. Just worms. Those squiggling slimy monsters are demons from hell as far as Teri's concerned. It's not really a phobia persay, it's more of a vile hatred. She can't help but stomp on and crush any worm she finds.
Um. Uh, y-yeah. See you later! | Although she's capable of making friends, Teri always keeps a barrier around her core self now. There's no way she'll allow anyone to replace Sadie in her heart, since it's her own fault Sadie got into drugs in the first place. While her brother is already beyond that barrier, he was there before it came up.
I hate it. Don't tell anyone, got it? | The most shameful part of her past is the fact that she ever used drugs. And the fact that she's not strong enough to fully quit, either. It's humiliating and traumatizing, and no one needs to know except for Momo.
Androphobia. | Fear of men. To a mild degree, Teri's afraid of men, ever since seeing how they can be. She hides this, however, underneath her fighting persona, and hopefully it'll never surface.
Ouranophobia | Fear of Heaven. Because Sadie will be there. And Teri's not prepared yet to hear what her best friend has to say to her, so this worry grew and became intense enough to make her fear the afterlife altogether.
♠Sexuality Heterosexual.
Teri, in general, is a sociable, if not devious girl. She can't resist the pull to do something potentially horrible to someone, and most people try to stay under her radar at school, in fear that they'll be the next victim. Sure, single pranks are amazing, but on the other hand, it can't possibly match up to someone who fights back with pranks. This primal thrill is the only real reason why Teri and Sadie got along so well. Once this urge has been dealt with, you'll find a girl who still can't let go of her best friend, months and months after her death. She fully takes the guilt of the whole thing, but can't stand the pity she gets from people, leading her to skip school more often than not. She also developed authority problems, just barely resisting punching the teachers out like she does the people she challenges to fight. But they keep poking and prying and trying to get her to at least talk to someone about it, or get some sort of counseling. But Teri refuses, of course she refuses. She can't trust the clinical types, after all. She also, oddly enough, values loyalty above all else, and will stick with anyone she considers worthy, making a grand total of two people. Sadie, and her brother, Morgan. She hates pity though, and will never let anyone see her cry or mourn for her Sadie, and there's no one who knows about the guilt inside her heart, knowing that she was the one who started the girl's demise.


♠Relationship Status
Dad | Father | ? | ? | < Will fill in later
Mom | Mother | ? | ? | < Will fill in later
Morgan Alistair | Elder Brother | 23 | Living | Currently living together. Teri loves her brother a lot, and shows her warmer side to him. In fact, you could consider her to be dependent on him, but regardless, they share a good relationship. He’s painfully aware that the only time Teri’s eyes regain their old sparkle, however, is when she's about to pump herself up for a street fight. There's also the problem of her clinging to him physically when she can.
♠Personal History

For her whole life, Teri had a weird connection to her older brother, Morgan. It seemed like his very presence soothed her. This first showed up as a baby, in that touching his nose was the only way for her to stop crying. Her crying as an infant was so bad, that it forced her mother to buy sleeping pills just to manage a little bit of sleep. Eventually, however, the solution was found. Their parents installed bars to the side of Morgan's bed, and let Teri sleep beside him, and barred from accidentally rolling off.

Her attachment to her brother was so severe that she'd have panic attacks whenever he left to go attend school, and it only worsened when she had to start attending school herself. That was where she met Sadie Reinhardt. At first sight, the two girls hated each other, and they'd constantly start fights in class, and pull pranks, and essentially try to ruin the other's day. It exceeded childhood pranks for now though, the most common was hair-pulling, name calling, pushing, or putting worms into the other girl's lunch. The worst of it was when they wore skirts. Sadie managed to pull down Teri's skirt one day, so Teri of course, retaliated. In front of everyone, even the male First Grade teacher. After that, Teri would wear another skirt purposely, to dare Sadie to try pulling again. The bait worked, and she successfully pulled poor Sadie's shirt up, and then stripped her bottom down: underwear as well as pants. That was when they were finally given a serious scolding. That was when both girls exchanged mischievous grins, and bumped fists just like old friends. The pranks and fights continued, but now they had the air of friendly extreme competition, instead of any ill will.

Everything changed, however, once both girls reached eighth grade. This time, in the middle of a spree in order to be braver than the other, the girls ended up trying out marijuana. Neither wanting to back down, they took their first huff, and it turned out that they couldn’t really just not do it the next day. This would escalate into harder things, even LSD at one point, but both girls decided upon Ecstasy as their upper limit. And they both loved it to bits. Money eventually became a problem, though, and while Sadie came from a rather rich family, Teri didn’t really have that option. Instead, she’d make bets with men on the street that she could beat them in a fight. At first she lost every time, and would come home with scratches and bruises all over, but eventually, Teri realized she was getting stronger. And that she could read the patterns of the men she chooses to fight. And eventually, Teri found herself winning.

Things would eventually start spiralling downwards from here on out though. One night, when purchasing their drugs, both girls were witness to a terrible and intense rape, where it ended with the girl lying prone on the ground, trembling and sobbing, with a bottle so far inside that she couldn’t manage to remove it. This traumatized both Teri and Sadie, and they ended up needing a much higher dose to try and block it out.

They were slowly introduced to darker and darker part of the underworld, even narrowly dodging recruitment as strippers one day, with two well-aimed punches from Teri. And the worse things happened to the girls, the more drugs they needed. What was once fun and games turned into desperation and nightmares, and it climaxed around Christmas of Teri’s sixteenth year, where she got a call that Sadie was hospitalized after being found convulsing in a pile of her own vomit.

She died that night. And with her, a part of Teri also died.

The rest of the year went on in a total blur as Teri was blind to the world. She was almost made to go to a rehab for her addiction, but that was when Teri counter-threatened with running away, and managed to retain her freedom. Her depression was so bad that she had to be sent to move in with her brother on her seventeenth birthday. And the strange soothing feeling from him brought her back to reality, at least a little bit at a time. And life remained like that, with the giant gaping hole in Teri’s heart until one day, she accidentally downloaded an unknown program onto her laptop…


Dark Horse Teri!| After being the runner up in an underground fighter ring, Teri gained the attention of quite a lot of people in different gangs. She's gradually become well known as a fighter, and some even want to recruit her to fight for them in other fighting rings, in exchange for drugs.
Who cares bout a buncha numbers anyways.| Her grades used to be excellent, even after becoming addicted to E. They only dropped when Teri gave up and stopped trying, because there's no real point in trying to get awesome marks if her best friend Sadie isn't there to try and get even awesomer marks.


So begins...

Teri Alistair's Story

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Zachary woke to the sound of fighting. While he had been fading in and out of unconsciousness, he had at least heard enough to understand the basics of what was going on. They were all trapped inside a virtual reality and had to find a way to fight it out and get home alive. Zachary sighed, how had it come to this? The last he remembered he had been playing around on his computer, trying to find a new game that was worth his time. Next thing he knew, he was here. It was strange to say the least. Zachary sat up and put his finger to his lip, puzzling.


BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Thwack! Zachary sighed, sitting up slowly and rubbing his eyes. He yawned and stretched, thinking about nothing more than the ritual of the day. He rolled out of bed and put on his bathrobe. After tying a knot securely around his waist, Sachary went downstairs and made himself some breakfast. It was pretty standard, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, jam, orange juice, rice, a grilled fish, and some fresh fruit. While Zachary was small enough to be a ten year old, he ate like a sixteen year old, never seeming to get any fatter or taller. He quickly gorged himself before taking a shower and getting dressed in his business casual. He wore a nice white collared shirt, a black skinny tie, black slacks, shiny black shoes, and a red, argyle, v-neck sweater. Finally, before leaving his nice little flat, Zachary grabbed his suitcase and his train pass, locking the door on his way out.

The rest of Zachary's day passed relatively mundanely. He did his office work, tested games, went to meetings, had lunch with his co-workers, wrote coding, and filled out paper work like normal. While the days were long, they were exciting. Zachary loved the challenge and the thrill of creating a world that someone could immerse themselves in. To be entirely truthful, the reason Zachary was most excited was that his newest idea for a game, Monster Hunter(tm), was going to be out through! He had spent weeks, months even, creating the world in which his game would be played. The most exciting part was that all his co-workers, even his boss, loved the idea. It was the first time in history that an intern had ever made a game that would actually go on the open market. Zachary was so happy. If his game was successful, he could quit boring college and go straight to work for the company, he'd even have his own office instead of a boring little cubicle. He was so happy.

While he wanted to stay at work during the night, even requesting that he not be paid overtime, the boss kicked him out at quitting time anyway. While Zachary's enthusiasm was appreciated, the boss didn't want him to run himself into the ground over it. Sustained effort was what was required for game creation, you couldn't go balls to the wall right away. Regardless, Zachary took the train home, made himself a feast to celebrate, and then went right to his computer to do, "research". Zachary played all his favorite games online, and posted to his blog about the success of the game he's created. While he couldn't spoil the game itself, he did release that it was an RPG for the latest system. Content, Zachary was just about to go to sleep when a pop-up caught his attention. Bored, sleepy, and just a little curious, Zachary clicked it.


Zachary didn't know where he was, but he could tell a game-like setting when he saw one. In front of him were presents. One of them must have been his. So, Zachary got up, feeling a tad embarrased that he was wearing Pokémon pajamas, but walked over to the boxes. Sure enough, there was one with his name on it. Smiling, Zachary opened the box and found a black robe, black gloves, black boots, black pants, and a black shirt. He put the clothes on, secretly removing everything but his undergarments from the safety of the robe, and put on everything else. Sure enough, as he was struggling with the boots, Zachary stumbled and fell into his box. Rubbing his head, Zachary looked up to find that there were more presents in his box. There were a pair of spiked wheels. Whatever they were, they looked awesome, so Zachary grabbed them too, placing them on a neat little clip on his left hip. Thinking to himself, Zachary placed his pajamas into the box, smiling as the whole thing disappeared with a blink. He nodded. "We're actually in a game." Zachary said, trying to get everyone's attention. "Zachary didn't believe it at first, but it appears to be true. In that case, Aachary thinks that the only way to get home alive and claim the prize will be to work together. Isn't it always the case, that video game villains try to split up te party? If we fight amongst ourselves, the chances of all our survival drops quite rapidly. Zachary doesn't know about the rest of you, but he want's to get home soon." Zachary finished. "It makes the most sense to work together. That way, we can all team up on the final boss and have a much better chance at winning."