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Zachary "Zac" Lutjens

"Tch, you haven't seen that show? What an idiot... Oh well, Zachary guesses it can't be helped, Zachary will educate you."

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a character in “Project: T.E.A:M.”, as played by XShishioX


Zachary "Zac" Lutjens



♠Role: Pawn 2
♠Gender: Male
♠Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Zac, only Zac. He doesn't let just anyone call him that though. Only close friends are allowed to call him by his simple nickname.
♠Age: 20 years old, though he looks much younger. He has often passed as a child and is very good at doing so.
♠Face Claim: Miharu Rokujo


♠Height: Zachary is short for his age, just barely 4' 6". Being as short as he is comes with equal amounts of pros and cons. He can fit into tight places, pass as a child, and often get the jump on unsuspecting people. However, when his age is revealed, the vicious teasing commences, after all, he's tiny.
♠Weight: 107 lbs He wants to be a little beefier, and have big muscles. He'd also like to be taller, be dating a super model, and be a professional video game tester, but not all of those things will happen.
♠Build: Zachary is skinny, not scrawny and has a good bit of muscle on him for his size. He's deceptively strong, but it doesn't count for much in a fight. Zachary would much rather just play games anyway.
♠Hair Color: Jet black and shiny. He has often been told by the few girls he knows that his hair is enviable. It's very smooth, has a natural shine that isn't greasy, and is very soft.
♠Eye Color: His eyes are a very sharp, piercing shade of green.
♠Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None, too afraid of needles to even get close to the parlors, and he thinks piercings are ugly. He does have quite a few scars though. They can be found on his back, his thighs, his upper arms, and even his chest are marked with thin, white scars. He got them from bullies.
♠Description: In short, if you'll pardon the pun, Zachary looks like a child. He has big, round eyes and appears very sweet. His hair is a bit long, so he often pulls it back into a ponytail, or will put a clip in it to keep it out of his eyes. His features are sharp, like an adult's, but still retain some child-like softness. His hands and feet are just a little large for the rest of his body, but they don't get in the way of his everyday tasks, in fact, it makes most of them easier. He can often be seen sporting an apathetic, or uninterested, expression. He doesn't smile often, but when he does, it is very sweet, and childish, as if he were smiling from the bottom of his heart.
♠Preferred Clothing: Zachary can either be seen dressed sharply, in nice slacks, a collared shirt, a tie, a vest, and a jacket, or in much more casual clothes, like pajamas or a track suit. He only ever dresses nicely when he's going to his job at the video game company, otherwise, he doesn't go out often, and remains in his pajamas or relaxing clothes all day.


♠Oddities: Zachary speaks in the third person, calling himself "Zac." He always carries a small charm with him in the form of a bracelet around his left wrist. The bracelet is just a simple silver chain, but the charm is a bird, a little swallow. Zachary doesn't look at people when he talks to them, he's always looking at other things that interest him, like the floor, or something out the window, or perhaps something on a tv screen. Zachary always jumps to touch the top of the door frame when he goes through a door. Zachary is a clean freak. When he sees that something in his house is dirty, he becomes, what he himself calls, "The Bodhisattvas of Scourging." Needless to say, his eyes go blank, he condescends to all things that are dirty, and he attacks the dirt with a single-minded ferocity that makes tigers looks like kittens. He has minor OCD and ADD. He is a perfectionist.
♠Skills: Zachary is very good at game design. It's what he's wanted to do since he was five, it's what he went to school for, and it's what he's currently doing for a job. He is very good at puzzles, he is an excellent strategist, and he enjoys nothing more than to play a game at its hardest difficulty and win flawlessly. He is also an excellent cook. He got tired of eating cup noodles while in college and managed to create delicious meals for himself every night while on a student's budget. He is an excellent mathematician, and he possesses a small amount of skill in the actual coding of games. Lastly, he is very good at passing for a child. While it brings back horrible memories, he does admit that it's good for getting into places for cheap if he goes with a friend who can pretend to be his brother or uncle.
♠Likes: Playing games of all types and varieties | eating | sleeping | designing games | watching anime | writing silly stories | telling puns | cooking | riding amusement park rides | sweet things | small furry animals | magic | logic | math | science | fiction
♠Dislikes: Being bored | games that are too easy | mornings | smelly things | dirt | being made fun of for his size | things that don't make sense | uninteresting characters | spicy things | bitter things | slimy things | non-fiction | people who are mean for no reason
♠Secrets: Was bullied as a child. He's told no one, not even his parents. He is afraid that no one will ever love him because he's so short. While he plays off love like it's stupid, he wants it more desperately than anything he's ever known. He was responsible for helping to make the most recent multi-million dollar game, but he doesn't want people to know so they ask him for copies. He owns a massive collection of manga, games, figures, and novels; the ultimate otaku. His parents are dead.Image
♠Phobia(s): Spiders, the darkness you can't see through, being afraid, being unloved for his whole life, and being alone.
♠Sexuality: Pansexual, he just wants to be loved.
♠Personality: Zachary, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than a quiet otaku with a penchant for cleaning. This assumption, that he has no life whatsoever, would be almost entirely correct. He lives alone, having moved out of his parent's house last year, and is generally pretty apathetic. He appears to take little interest in the world around him, and the few things he does take interest in aren't the type of things you talk to just anyone about. He's an otaku at heart. He loves games, manga, anime, and all forms of creative media. He gets very riled up when talking about, or playing something, interesting and turns into a sort of freak when he gets on a roll. He becomes very condescending to others who care little for games, calling them stupid barbarians and not wanting to talk to them anymore. However, truth be told, he only does so to get a rise out of those people so they'll talk with him more. Despite his past and observed lack of interaction with others, Zachary is actually a very kind, generous, and loyal person. He enjoys making other people smile and is a very nice person to be around. He'll do anything for a close friend, even if it means dressing up like a little girl and sneaking them into a video game store before the official pre-release has happened. That being said, he's more than a little awkward around people he hasn't met yet and has an odd habit of speaking very directly and with a bluntness not often see in those of the real world. He's more than a little cold at first, as he has trust issues due to his past, but once he's warmed up to you, you can expect no greater friend.


♠Relationship Status: Single, he doesn't like the idea of blind dating, and he thinks internet dating is stupid. He's tried asking girls out in college, but they all laughed at him and called him short.
♠Family: Mother ~ Anita Lutjens, elementary school teacher (deceased), Father: Roy Lutjens, businessman (deceased).

♠Personal History: Zachary was born in the normal way. His parents fell in love and had him, bringing him into a loving home. That's where the normalcy ends. He was born prematurely, resulting in his short stature and childish demeanor. The doctors gave him a week, his father didn't buy it, said he had his grandfather's strength. The doctors were surprised to find his vitals were near perfect, he was simply small. Zachary grew up normally, albeit less so. He was always small, always pale, and always childish. This was not to say he was immature, far from it, his eyes and his abilities always made him seem older than he was. He was a very precocious child and incredibly intelligent. He established lifelong habits when he was only five, habits like brushing his teeth, cleaning his plate, exercising, and getting dressed without his mother's help. While this shocked his parents, they didn't stay surprised for long, he continued to impress them with his maturity and his intelligence. Around the time Zachary was becoming an elementary student, he discovered gaming. He immersed himself in the far off worlds and stories. He was enthralled by them. He begged his parents to let him play as often as he liked, and persuaded them to do so by doing copious amounts of chores and behaving well. His parents were thrilled. Not only was he helping out around the house, but the games he was picking were strategy and logic games, which only served to bolster his intelligence.

In elementary Zachary was far ahead of his class. Thanks to his games and his own innate intelligence, he was far above the level of the children in his grade. He could read like a third grader when he was six, he could do math like a sixth grader when he was eight, and he could write and analyze like a high school student by the time he was only ten. Needless to say, his teachers and parents were ecstatic. They loved his good behavior, his natural thirst for knowledge, and his ability to perform. He would go to all the best schools, be in business, and really make something out of himself.
That, however, is where the joy and happiness ended. Just after Zachary entered high school, his mother died in a car accident. The other driver was texting and didn't see that he'd run the red light. Both drivers died in the crash. Zachary took her passing very hard. He immersed himself in his games, his manga, his anime, and his stories. Anything was better than living in the real world where his mother was dead. After that, it only got worse. He made very few friends in high school, and his feminine features made him a target or jealous girls. They cut his hair, destroyed his belongings, cut his body with scissors, and ruined any chances he might have had to feel better about himself. Instead of telling someone, or transferring schools, Zachary endured. He let them hurt him, he let them wreck his possessions, and he let them torture him. In those sessions, he felt a release like he had never experienced. Zachary began cutting himself. The feeling of nothingness was overpowering, it made him forget his pain, it made him realize that crying over a dead mother would do nothing for him.

So, Zachary stopped taking it. He logged onto a school computer and found every homepage of every girl who had ever been mean to him. He found every embarrassing picture, every horrible thing they'd ever done, and every single scrap of evidence as to their wickedness and publicized most of it. Enraged, the girls found out it was him and cornered him after school. Instead of taking it, as he had before, Zachary spoke. He said he'd been kind to them. He'd only published half of his findings and that he'd put the rest up if they ever bothered him again. Needless to say, the girls instantly left Zachary alone as if he were plague-infested. Zachary spent the last of his high-school days in solitude and relative happiness. After graduation, Zachary enrolled in a prestigious liberal arts college that specialized in graphic design and computer programming. He's been going there for two years now and has been scouted by a prominent video game company, who offered him an internship. He intends to work for that same company after he graduates from college with honors.


So begins...

Zachary "Zac" Lutjens's Story

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Zachary woke to the sound of fighting. While he had been fading in and out of unconsciousness, he had at least heard enough to understand the basics of what was going on. They were all trapped inside a virtual reality and had to find a way to fight it out and get home alive. Zachary sighed, how had it come to this? The last he remembered he had been playing around on his computer, trying to find a new game that was worth his time. Next thing he knew, he was here. It was strange to say the least. Zachary sat up and put his finger to his lip, puzzling.


BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Thwack! Zachary sighed, sitting up slowly and rubbing his eyes. He yawned and stretched, thinking about nothing more than the ritual of the day. He rolled out of bed and put on his bathrobe. After tying a knot securely around his waist, Sachary went downstairs and made himself some breakfast. It was pretty standard, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, jam, orange juice, rice, a grilled fish, and some fresh fruit. While Zachary was small enough to be a ten year old, he ate like a sixteen year old, never seeming to get any fatter or taller. He quickly gorged himself before taking a shower and getting dressed in his business casual. He wore a nice white collared shirt, a black skinny tie, black slacks, shiny black shoes, and a red, argyle, v-neck sweater. Finally, before leaving his nice little flat, Zachary grabbed his suitcase and his train pass, locking the door on his way out.

The rest of Zachary's day passed relatively mundanely. He did his office work, tested games, went to meetings, had lunch with his co-workers, wrote coding, and filled out paper work like normal. While the days were long, they were exciting. Zachary loved the challenge and the thrill of creating a world that someone could immerse themselves in. To be entirely truthful, the reason Zachary was most excited was that his newest idea for a game, Monster Hunter(tm), was going to be out through! He had spent weeks, months even, creating the world in which his game would be played. The most exciting part was that all his co-workers, even his boss, loved the idea. It was the first time in history that an intern had ever made a game that would actually go on the open market. Zachary was so happy. If his game was successful, he could quit boring college and go straight to work for the company, he'd even have his own office instead of a boring little cubicle. He was so happy.

While he wanted to stay at work during the night, even requesting that he not be paid overtime, the boss kicked him out at quitting time anyway. While Zachary's enthusiasm was appreciated, the boss didn't want him to run himself into the ground over it. Sustained effort was what was required for game creation, you couldn't go balls to the wall right away. Regardless, Zachary took the train home, made himself a feast to celebrate, and then went right to his computer to do, "research". Zachary played all his favorite games online, and posted to his blog about the success of the game he's created. While he couldn't spoil the game itself, he did release that it was an RPG for the latest system. Content, Zachary was just about to go to sleep when a pop-up caught his attention. Bored, sleepy, and just a little curious, Zachary clicked it.


Zachary didn't know where he was, but he could tell a game-like setting when he saw one. In front of him were presents. One of them must have been his. So, Zachary got up, feeling a tad embarrased that he was wearing Pokémon pajamas, but walked over to the boxes. Sure enough, there was one with his name on it. Smiling, Zachary opened the box and found a black robe, black gloves, black boots, black pants, and a black shirt. He put the clothes on, secretly removing everything but his undergarments from the safety of the robe, and put on everything else. Sure enough, as he was struggling with the boots, Zachary stumbled and fell into his box. Rubbing his head, Zachary looked up to find that there were more presents in his box. There were a pair of spiked wheels. Whatever they were, they looked awesome, so Zachary grabbed them too, placing them on a neat little clip on his left hip. Thinking to himself, Zachary placed his pajamas into the box, smiling as the whole thing disappeared with a blink. He nodded. "We're actually in a game." Zachary said, trying to get everyone's attention. "Zachary didn't believe it at first, but it appears to be true. In that case, Aachary thinks that the only way to get home alive and claim the prize will be to work together. Isn't it always the case, that video game villains try to split up te party? If we fight amongst ourselves, the chances of all our survival drops quite rapidly. Zachary doesn't know about the rest of you, but he want's to get home soon." Zachary finished. "It makes the most sense to work together. That way, we can all team up on the final boss and have a much better chance at winning."