Jericho Hansen

"Live for the moment, for yourself, and only yourself....even at another's expense."

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a character in “Project: Winters Raven”, as played by Roku Mushabuki


Name: Jericho Hansen

Code name: Malice. Jericho has always had a mean streak before the trials, but him gaining powers truly brought out his brutality. Whenever the experimenters set a challenge up to face him, he met them with merciless cruelty.

Ability: Ability of Shifter. Area of Personal physical. Subject shown to be able to shift ones own personal physical being, and in some cases, others. Able to shift and mimic animals, and if in hold of said persons DNA, human forms as well. Able to shift his own, as well as others, blood and bone state. Able to heal others. Side effects show to be mental and physical exhaustion, it's intensity depending on what was done and how much energy was used.

Age: 20

Orientation: Heterosexual

Potential Romantic Interest: TBA

Appearance: Jericho stands at 6'4'' and is slim with lean muscle. He has dirty brown hair that is rarely washed but he likes to style it until he eventually needs to wash it in order to keep styling it. He wears dirty ripped jeans, a T shirt, a light jacket, and tennis shoes.

Face Claim: Asher Book

Personality: Jericho is a cold and ruthless boy. In his mind there is nobody else who is more important on this green Earth than him. As such the only important people to him are those that he thinks makes his life more enjoyable. He often makes sarcastic, smart, or rude remarks even if he does not realize it at times. He never beats around the bush as he is very impatient when he waits for an answer. He will also try to pick a fight with anybody for any reason even if the reason is boredom.

He becomes much more aggressive and elusive when he shifts, however. When he shifts into anything, Jericho will occasionally forget about what he is supposed to be doing and become distracted. He becomes wild and often times dangerous, especially if he is a predator of some sorts.

Likes: Hunting, fighting, killing things, brass knuckles, eating, nature, meat in general, tropical fruits, money, clothes, new car smells, and the warmth.

Dislikes: Vegetables, chores, being by himself, people who hurt animals (hunting is fine), drug dealers, drug addicts, the "rich", guns, cars, boats, planes, waiting ,Southern Accents, people in general and school.

Fears: Being alone.

Weaknesses: Planning, keeping his temper under control, being nice, playing nice, using weapons (both firearms and melee).

Strengths: Fighting, "cooking", creating makeshift bombs, pick pocketing, and improvising.

History: Jericho was born near Minot, North Dakota. His father was an abusive drunk and his mother was a stay at home mom. He had three other brothers and a younger sister as well. They lived on a ranch that raised a few cattle but what they really did to raise profit was cooking meth. Everybody in the family knew how to make it but it was Jericho and his brother Mitch who sold it when they became old enough. The work was steady, money came through pretty easily, and occasionally he and his brothers would buy some ammo or traps and hunt some rabbits.

The profits soared through the roof when the oil industry came to Minot. Suddenly the population skyrocketed and there were oil riggers demanding meth. Not only there but in Fargo and even Bismark too. They were filling up their pockets from all the demand and running the drugs all across the Midwest. Jericho even got enough money saved up and stored away that he planed on going to college once he turned twenty one. It was only a matter of time until a rivaled lab popped up and started a conflict. The two labs battled it out for a bit until the Feds became involved and arrested or shot most of his family. Jericho was given a choice from an odd man in a suit: Either go to jail (probably for life) or volunteer for a certain project. Jericho figured that anything was better than prison, so how could this Project be any worse?

Theme Song: Artillery-Infected Mushrooms

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