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Silex Vitrum

Glass is always fragile; but that which is fragile is not always glass.

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a character in “Project Zero: Escape”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock



Name: Silex Furvus Vitrum

Nickname: Subject Number 45277

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Mutant; Aurora

Role: Escapee

Physical Description: As according to his file, Silex is five feet and ten inches tall, weighing a modest one-hundred and sixty-five pounds. His Caucasian heritage, due to years without sun, has become a ghostly white. Though pale, his body is comparatively layered with lean, true muscle. His shining midnight-black hair, laying as if it was gelled without product, compliments his eerie eyes, black irises creating a permanent wide-eyed effect. Everything about him is sharp, defined, and shining, in the most uneasy natural of ways.

When transferred into his 'in-between' form, he is like a lit shadow, just a mere shape of a man in obsidian, his glossy surface making the only reason to be able to see him. As he continues to transform towards his "Familiar Self", the man makes way to the natural beauty of earth as it melds with the destructive nature of humanity. Obsidian spikes covering his being, flaking off to protrude points and edges. An aura surrounds him, seeming to simultaneously absorb and reflect all light from all and every angle, making him both an eyesore and a beauty to behold.

In both forms, the chest seems to protrude in par with the sternum. This is due to Silex implanting a medium gem into his skin, insuring that he would never be without his power.

Personality: Like the gemstone that he was infused with, Silex's wit and tongue are as sharp as glass, and his cool demeanor can make him seem as if he does not care. However, this is to hide the fact that he is actually quite easy to break. Enough continual pressure will cause him to slowly chip away his defenses, and a hard enough blow to his psyche will crumble him away into a metaphorically empty husk. Unlike many Mutants, Silex does not hate humans as a whole; rather, he wishes for peace between the species.

This, of course, is the case with his more human nature. When transferring towards his "Familiar Self", his defenses become stronger as his humanity becomes more and more hidden, reaching its peak at his star-like wonder. In this final form, he seems almost like a black hole, uncaring as to things such as mercy and mortality, preferring to opt for easier raw emotions like love and revenge.

Familiar: Obsidian [Unlike the other Mutants, whose Familiars are almost a different creature all in itself, Silex, as an Aurora, rather has a different side to his personal self that is infused with the nature and spirit of his gem]

  • Shatter: Somewhat self explanatory, this is Silex's ability of chipping shattering when taking damage, which renews itself after some time. In addition, the parts that shatter off of Silex may be used as projectiles and/or weapons.
  • Glitch: This power seemingly allows Silex to create illusions of the world changing around him; however, it has been noted that these 'illusions' are sometimes actually carried out. Examples include short-range random teleportation, creation of multiples, and minor time manipulation. This specific power is at its most powerful in his 'in-between' form.
  • Mirror: Silex is able to transform himself into the image of any other person, as well as reflect certain abilities. However, images are only that--images--and reflection cannot be controlled easily, as it is as literal as it can sound.

So begins...

Silex Vitrum's Story


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"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. . ."

Her mother's voice sings softly, the child lullaby sounding hauntingly familiar. When she was a child, Bree's mothers would sing this song just before she went to sleep. Sunshine was a nickname her mother gave her, with her golden locks.

"You never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take, my sunshine away."

Was it a coincidence that those were the last words she had ever said to me?

The sirens started first. Flashing red lights reflecting off the glass of the tubes the Others were all kept in. The thick glass between them and the scientists kept each of them away from the frantic hustle and bustle. Papers were being thrown around, armed security officers running around, things being locked away and computers being shut down.

Many officials kept glancing back at the contained Others, worried looks on their faces. Turning, Bree noticed the rest of the Others as confused as she was. Never in her many years at the Institute had anything happened quite like this. Of course, there were times when the doors were doubled locked, windows shut, but shutting down the computers? Even after the building was dark and quiet, the only humans on the premises being the guards, the computers are always on, constantly running some kind of program.

Curiosity killed the cat, her mother would always say. As a child she would never help herself, taking the extra step to see what would happen. Once the step had her falling into a lake. Gazing around at the scientists, it seemed Bree was the only one who noticed light spilling from the bottom of one of the window shades. It wasn't bright, perhaps not noticeable for the humans, but her keen eyes could see it. Tilting her head, her brows scrunched in confusion and wonder as it grew brighter, shining off of the metal walls. Unconsciously, she stepped forward.

The wall exploded, bricks and pieces of metal shot in every which way. Humans fell, others ran, and some even were thrown forward from the blast. A stray piece of brick hit her capsule, shattering the glass and breaking the barrier the small other had. A gasp escaped her lips a moment before she fly backwards, hitting her back and head against the wall. Dizzily, she fell. Slowly, she pulled her arms, legs, and head in under herself, trying not to expose herself. Metal, papers, and bricks hit her repeatedly, and unwillingly Bree's eyes started to droop the dizzier she became.

"Please don't take my sunshine away. . ."